QUIT RENTS 1791–1895 for Ludshott Manor

Doc 185 and following. The Ludshott Manor MSS in the Hampshire Record Office include lists of Quit Rents for 1791, 1792, 1795, 1807, 1811, 1827, 1833, 1876 & 1895, plus a notebook entitled, A Survey & Particulars of the Tenements held of the Manor of Ludshott, taken at a Court of Survey held Nov 21st, 1792, by T. Clement, Steward’ [on the same day as the Court Baron printed as Doc. 179]; the notebook gives pre-1792 details for some holdings. The information in the lists and notebook is summarised below, for each tenement’ (ie tenancy) in turn. Odd comments on Quit Rent lists which couldn’t be incorporated in the summaries are printed as Docs. 204–6 below.

Lists of 'small rents' etc. for various years between 1832 and 1838 are Docs 209212

Identification on the map, in the Tithe Award 1845, &c. of the various holdings listed below is proving difficult [for main holdings see Farm Index]. The Millers bought out some smallholders – the Macdonalds continued the process (see below) and began grouping the mediaeval farms into larger units; by 1845 their Ludshott land, apart from a long list of ‘cottage & garden’ holdings, lay in three large holdings (502 acres ‘in hand’ and two tenants with 451 and 160 acres; 5 smallholders held 25 acres between them). The surplus farm-houses became labourers’ cottages (often subdivided).

HRO references:– 1791–1833 are IM36/14–21, 1834 IM36/25, 1876 IM36/30, 1895 IM36/31. The 1792 Survey (from which descriptions & comments come) exists in 2 copies, IM36/9 & 10; IM36/10 is better written & has later jottings. QR = Quit Rent.

185A. Thirty Acres of land called Pryors. [Centred on SU851351?]. QR 2s. ‘Qu if a Freehold in Mr Kent. Mr Darlington says it is a copyhold held under Magdalen College, of Selbourne or Priory Manor’ [Magdalen held it, after Selborne Priory, till c1766, see 178/12]. 1776 Nicholas Kent, 1792 Arthur Kent (sublet to ‘Farmer Chalcraft’), 1795 & 1807 Nathaniel Kent (‘late Darlington’), 1811 Benjamin Kent, 1827 Nicholas Kent, 1833/4 Thos. Butler, 1876/1895 Hy. Chas. Butler.

186. Lands called Beales [in Burgh Hill Lane] + Other lands called Beales late Robt. Boxall’s + Gentiles Coppice, QRs 6d., 2s., a red rose. 1791–1811 Henry Gill. 1827 H.J Frankland, 1833 Trustees of Sir A.K. Macdonald [ie. it is ‘in hand’ – and so remains in later lists].

187. Bignolds. QR 7s. 1791/2 John Bennifold, 1795/1807 Mrs Bennifold widow, 1811 Holbrook [erased?], 1827 James Holbrook, 1833/4 Thos. Butler, 1876/1895 Hy. Chas. Butler. [The 1792 book adds below Bignolds, ‘Mrs. Bennifold. A House & 40 or 50 Acres of Land in Ludshot, in the occupation of Rich. Butler. NB. This lies near Ludshott Farm surrounded by Sir Thos. Miller’s Land’. Then 2 later notes: This was included in exchange between Sir Jas. Macdonald & Nicholas D. Kent in 1825 and the quit rent released’ – and 4 Sept. 1913 at [Manor] Court. Mr. Butler made a claim for this property as it was conveyed by Kent with the right of Pasturage. The Homage could not admit this claim without further proof that the property was now within the manor’].

188. [Passfield House Farm] A Freehold in Mr. Trimmer’s Three Estates, viz. One Field opposite Strudwick’s House, a little farm near Richard Trimmer’s House – and the premises where Mr. Trimmer lives. QR. £1.2s. 1791–1827 Richard Trimmer, 1833/4 Thos. Butler, 1876/95 Hy. Chas. Butler.

189. Newmans. QR 1s.9d. 1791 John Pocock, sold to the Lord [ie. Pocock was paid to surrender the lease]. Remained in hand.

190. Warlands. Two portions. QR 3d., 2 lbs. cinnamon. ‘ Qu. – what is their tenure? It is supposed to be a freehold in them’. 1791/1833 Dean and Chapter of Chichester Cathedral, 1833 Trustees of Sir A.K. Macdonald, ie. in hand – and so remains.

Dean and Chapter are always shown in the Rolls as tenants of Warlands – but Chapter records treat it as their property from at least 1556, probably because they were ‘free tenants’ of Ludshott manor and always sublet to a Ludshott Farmer. Dean and Chapter don’t appear in 1845 Tithe Award as owners or tenants of any land here.

In 1556 they describe Warlands as: ‘All their lands and grounds named Warlands in Bramshott [parish], Hants, now in the occupation of John Fisshe … of which grounds two crofts or closes thereof lie together, one containing 5 acres between the lands of John Fisshe to north, lands of Thomas Colps [read Colpas] to east, the little lane leading to the said lands of Thomas Colps to south, the highway from Spersfilde [Passfield?] to Hedley to west, and one other heath croft or close thereof lyeth near Gentils Cross, containing 3 acres between the lands of the said John Fisshe to south and west, the highway in the heath there leading from Gentils Cross to Hedley to east and north’ [Cap. I/27/1, f.1]. In 1683 and onwards the property is described as ‘Woodlands alias Warlands in Spersfield in Bramshott, viz. a Close (2a.) lying between Heatley Common to north, highway from Bramshott to Frinsham to east, and a close (4a.) between Spierfield Lane to south and west, and Hoelands and Harlands [= Hurlands?] to north and east’ [Cap. 1/27/5, f.109r, Dean and Chapter renewing lease of c1625 to Henry Streater, two closes, rent 13s.4d p.a.].

191. Garden and Piddle [=small plot] of Land (a Purpresture) at Edge of Parcefield Common. QR 1s. 1791 Robert Gamble, 1792 Eliz. Gamble, 1795/1811 John Strudwick, 1827/34 Mrs. Gamblin – paying 2d only for ‘encroachment’, 1876/95 Devisees of John Ellis.

192. Purpresture (cottage & garden, 1 acre). ‘Cottage … & outbuildings and garden ground & 1 Close adjoining containing by estimation 1 acre now in possession of John Canner … abutting eastward on Lidshot Common, south and westwards on Weavers Down & northwards on 2 closes called Shotfield & Kilnfield belonging to … Pitt Esq. and all ways, waters, Commons, Common of pasture & Turbary, Profits, Commodities, Inclosements, Rights, Tenements, Hereditaments & Advantages &c. QR 6d. 26 Dec 1757, a Feoffment from John Canner to Thos. Levett in Fee. [If cottage was S. of Shot Field and Kiln Field, it lay on Passfield Lane, at S. end of present line of cottages facing the Passfield Oak. Ref. to Weavers Down in ‘bounds’ is bizarre – Woolmer Forest is meant? even that is far-fetched]. A note [by the steward in 1792?] reads: ‘this appears to be a purpresture taken out of the Waste many years ago and holds under no Lease or Deed. As this was stolen from the Common it should not be entitled to Right of Common – [initialled] T.C.’ 1791/95 William Stilwell, 1807 John Newman, 1811 ?, 1827/34 Wm. Warren (of Passfield Paper Mill), 1876 Devisees of Wm. Warren, 1895 Andrew and G.R. Warren.

193. A New Cottage and 4 rods of Ground adjoining Canners Green taken out of the Waste about 5 years ago [ie c1787], no lease. QR 6d. 1791/1807 John Cover, 1811/33 John Cover (son), 1834 James Cover, 1876 Henry Carpenter, 1895 Harriet Carpenter.

194. A cottage and 5 acres at Hollywater, a Freehold, right of Common of pasture, not of Turbary. Chief Rent or reserved rent, 2s. Purchased of Sir Hy. St John in 1785, 1791/2 John Eade, 1795 purchased by the Lord [thereafter in hand].


195. Cottage and 1 acre land adjoining to a parcel of Land called Old Land [usually ‘Old Lands’] in the occupation of Edward Chitty senior, yeoman, as the same premises are now in the occupation of Abraham Newman, with all Commons Commodities & appurtenances. QR 1s. [1792 notebook heads this entry “Freehold Lease’ but groups it under Leaseholds, as in 178/2, 180/2 &c.]. A note says that Pawlett St John granted the tenancy 20 Dec 1745 for 3 lives to Abraham Newman the elder [then 35, d. about 1785], John & Abraham Newman his sons [then 5 & 2 – died Aug 1824 & Feb 1825], tenants’ covenant to repair and pay taxes. 1791/1807 John Newman, 1811 Jn. Bartholomew erased, 1827/76 Jn. Bartholomew, 1895 Chas. Taylor (grocer S. Harting ). See 195A.

195A. In 1792 notebook, on the page belonging to the above entry we read: ‘Wm. Grover of Elstead, Surrey, yeoman, same premises (as 195) and also the cottage and garden adjoining in the occupation of George Lemon part of which garden and the land on which the said last cottage stands were taken from Parcefield Common. 1 acre, QR 1s. Nov 3, 1802 Sir Thos. Miller received £50 [50s.?] from Wm. Grover for adding 3 lives to 2, viz. Jemima Grover daughter of Lessee, Wm. and John Hunt sons of Jn. Hunt of Headley, aged 12, 12 & 10’. The Quit Rent lists don’t mention this holding.

196. Cottage and 1 acre adjoining Old Lands, with all Commons &c. QR 1s. A note that Pawlett St. John granted tenancy to Thos. Levett 16 May 1759 on surrender of former lease – grant was for lives of Jn. Levett junr, then 21, died c1784/5, John Elstone junr, then 25, d. 1802, & Jn. Baker junr, then 16, d. Lady Day 1810. Clause of re-entry on non-payment of rent, tenant to repair and pay taxes. 1791 Thos. Levett, 1792 Eliz. Levett, 1795/1807 Jn. Levett. In hand from Lady Day 1810.

197. Cottage and 1 acre, with all Commons except Timber Trees &c. Chattel Lease, QR 6d. Sir H. P. St. John granted 99 yr lease 29 Sep 1778 to Robert Lemon [bur. 22 July 1788 aged 74] for lives of his 3 sons, Robert [27, died 21 July 1825], Henry 22 & John 17 [all living 1812]. Clause etc. as 196. 1791/1795 Robert Lemon, 1807/1811 Robert Lemon, son of lessee who assigned to Wm. Moss of Conford, edge-tool-maker, 3 Oct 1812; 1827/1876 Wm. Moss, 1895 Caleb Moss.

198. Cottage and 10 rods of Land, with all Commons except Timber Trees & Bodies of Pollards &c. Liberty of Ingress &c. QR 6d. Sir H.P. St. John granted 99 yr lease 29 Sept 1778 to James Lemon for 3 lives [his ch. James 18, Ann 16. Thos. 12]; tenant to repair and pay taxes. QR 6d. 1791/95 James Lemon, 1807/11 Thos. Lemon, 1827/33 Geo. Buss. This or No.201 apparently divided by 1876 between Jas. Toop, Henry Envis & Sam. Greenway.

199. Cottage and 1 Acre, freehold lease, all Commons except Timber Trees. QR 6d. Sir H.P. St. John granted 99 yr lease 29 Sept 1778 to Geo. Chandler for 3 lives [wife Elizabeth 40, d. 1793, sons George 8 and Thos. 4; Thos. at least d. 1793], tenant to repair and pay taxes. Wm. Moss, edge-tool-maker, m. lessee’s daughter and devisee 1807; Sir Thos. Miller granted him reversion of the lease for 2 lives [Wm. Moss then 40, his son David 9] 26 Nov 1808, for fine of £20. [A further note says Wm. Moss held a cottage, smith’s shop & garden by lease of 29 Sept 1779 [1778?], bounded by Ludshott Common on all sides. 1791/1795 Geo. Chandler, 1807/1827 Wm. Moss, from 1833 in hand.

200. Cottage and 1 Acre on the Waste, freehold lease, all Commons except Timber and Tops; Bodies of Pollards, egress and regress. Sir H.P. St. John granted 99 yr lease 29 Sept 1778 to Geo. Belton for 3 lives (son David dead by 1792, wife Mary dead 1790/91, son or g/son George 4). Re-entry if rent not paid, tenant to repair, 1791 George Belton, 1792/1807 David Belton, 1811/76 George Belton, 1895 Fred. Moss and Wm. Rapley.

201. Cottage and 1 Acre on the Waste, freehold lease, all Commons except Timber and Tops; Bodies of Pollards, egress and regress. QR 6d. Sir H.P. St. John granted lease 29 Sept 1778 to John Swetman for 3 lives (self aged 50, d.1802, sons John & James, 20 & 18); tenant to repair and pay taxes. 1791/1834 John Swetman [father & son]. This or No.198 apparently divided by 1876 between Jas. Toop, Henry Envis & Sam. Greenway.

202. Cottage & Garden and ¼ acre adjoining Parcefield Common. QR 6d. Sir H.P. St. John granted lease 29 Sept 1778 to Thos. Small for 3 lives (self aged 40 in 1792, sons Geo. & James Small, 21 & 16 then). Cottage burnt down (by 1792) & lease with it – rebuilt and freehold lease granted 25 March 1807 by Sir Thos. Miller for same 3 lives, now aged 62, 36, 32 [sic]; Sir Thos. agrees that Smalls should assign lease to James Tilbury, papermaker of Headley [ie worker at Paper Mill, Passfield]. 1791 onwards, Thos. Small; 1807/27 James Tilbury; 1833 or earlier in hand.

203. Freehold. Messuage and yardland called Gores + ditto + Half a Yardland called Atwells. QRs 10s, 1lb pepper or 1s.6d, 7s.6d – total 19s. p. a. 1792 ‘Wm. Burgess, 1ate Lord Rivers’ – Gores [or all 3?] being then sublet to Wm. Andrews, Wm. Burgess to 1811. By 1827 in hand. [Pitt was the family name of Lord Rivers & ‘George Pitt’ appears as free tenant for Gores & Attwells at 178/12; 1739 estate map shows family a1ready holding two blocks of land: (1) opposite present Passfield Oak (2) in High Hurlands/Gentills area – also (3) Sheep Grove Coppice].

Note at foot of 1827 QR list reads: ‘See Mr Kent’s letter annexed. He (Kent) has purchased Shipgrove [aka Sheep Grove, SU835348], a part being Lot 1 of the Sale’; Shipgrove was presumably part of 2nd block mentioned above; Kent is arguing that the 19s QR should now be paid 2s. by him ‘for Lot 1’, 14s. by the Lord for Lots 2 and 3, and 3s. by John Chalcraft for Lot 4. The whole 19s. seems to have been reckoned against the Lord thereafter. For Sheep Grove see under ‘Gores’ in Main Farms Index.

Data from Quit Rent lists not incorporated in Docs. 185–203.

Doc 204. QR list 1791. ‘Thos. Goatley will be obliged to Mr C. Clement at the next Court to assist Mr Strudwick in gathering the above [rents] & will allow Mr Clement &c. two shillings in the pound. Dogmersfield 20 Nov 1792’. [‘C. Clement’ should be ‘T. Clement’, ie the Steward then?].

Doc 205. QR list 1795. 3 years rent collected (1793–4–5). R. Trimmer and Wm. Andrews amerced 1s. each for cutting turf on Parcefield Common. For Trimmer see 188; Andrews was at Gores? – see 203. For turf, see 180/13.

Doc 206. 1827 List. Two cols. show ‘rent due to Sir T.C. Miller at M’mas 1825 when he sold to Sir Jas. Macdonald’ – Gill owed 34 yrs, Benifold 9, all others for 14 yrs.

Doc 207. Notes on certain Ludshott Properties.

Undated but apparently a rough draft by Rev. Sir Thos. Miller or on his behalf about the time he sold the Manor & estate to Sir James Macdonald (1825) – possibly in reply to queries by the Macdonald side. NB. The four farms listed had been regularly let together by the Millers.

Ludshott (Place) consists of the Mansion House Barns Stables Outbs. Yards Gardens and Farm Buildings. Also a Cottage near the above in 2 Tenements occupied by John Newman and George Woods.

Waterside – consists of a small Farm House (occupied by James Cole & Rd. Bridger labourers) with Barn Cowpens &c. & 2 new Fuelhouses. [The present large Waterside of to-day is then not the house of 1825 – maps confirm this; it is in fact mostly 1921].

Passfield (Farm) – consists of a Farm House with Barn Stable & Cart house; the House is occupied by Geo. Beagley and Thos. Snelling labourers.

Thornhill – There are no Farm buildings to this Farm; there used to be a House and Barn &c. Mr Deacon [tenant from c1816 – long wrangle with the Millers] pulled down the Barn and also removed the House to another part of the Farm nearer Ludshott – now occupied by Edward Paice. [Cp.210].

1. Bookers Cottage – pulled down long ago, when Mr Deacon there Banks of the Buildings & Piece of Ground stands [sic] – which he levelled and threw the ground to Thornhill Moors [ie included it in T. Moors].

2. Shrubbs – occd. by D(aniel) Draper (taken from Waste).

3. Chiverton’s piece of Land laid to [added to] Thornhill Moors.

4. Porters was built and repaired by one Silvester who used it with the Land. He sold the Cott. to D. Frost who occupies it now. The Land is planted with Firs called “Goodyers” by late Sir Thos. [Miller, Lord 1791–1818] and lays open to Ludshott Common. Incroachment from Waste.

No other Cott. as stated in parcels but a piece of meadow Land (part of Waste) near Wakeneres Wells rented by B(enjamin) Butler of 7 Thorns [pub on A3, now called the ‘Spaniard’] in Ludshott Manor.

Note 4 Fish Ponds – only one at Wakeners Wells, one at Holywater [sic] occd. by Draper, one near Ludshott called Spring Pond – all part of Waste.

Doc 208. Accounts for 1836 (IM36/32).

Sir James Macdonald d. 1832, leaving a son of 12; the house was let till 1849. The accounts appear to be those of the bailiff or estate manager (for the area still ‘in hand’).

Total amount paid for labour                                                 331   5    2¼

Total Amt Paid for Rates                                                       71     8    9½

Total Paid for Tradesmen, Bills for Outdoor Concerns           85     3    3½

Total Amt Paid for Corn and Seeds                                       51     8    0

Total Amt Paid for Hay                                                          7      10   0

Total Amt Paid for Manure                                                   30     9    0

Total Amt Paid Live Stock                                                    82     0    0

Total Amt Paid Sundries                                                        3      10   0

                                                                                            £662 14   3¼

Total Amount Received for Corn                                           £158 1    0

Local Stock Taken in to Feed                                                1      14   0

Total Amt. Miscellaneous Sold                                              127   15   8½

Total Amt. Live Stock Sold                                                   180   6    3

                                                                                            £467 17   5½

Total Amount of Lime used for Repairs 1½ Kiln Drawed and Burned at £10
                                                                                            £15   0    0

To ½ Kiln of White Lime 9£                                                  4      10   0

To Keep of a Pony one year                                                  7      0    0

To Keep of a Donkey one year                                              5      0    0

To Loss of Straw used in Coach Stable, the Dung afterwards go into Garden from June 3 up to Oct. 13
                                                                                             5      0    0

To 2½ days Work with 5 Horse 2 Men 1 Boy Drawing Turf for Hot House @ 20s.
                                                                                            2       10   0

To 19 Days Drawing Material for Lady Macdonalds Hot House and Drawing Back to Godalming and Drawing Materials for Hardings & Putticks & Gambles [or Gauntletts?] Turfhouses [ie sheds for storing peat as fuel] Carting Timber out of Woods at Selborne and Woolmer This work does not in any [way] Concern the Farm – 2 Men and 4 Horse each day at 15s.
                                                                                            14     5    0

Damage done by Rabbits and Game to Corn and Clover and Turnip during Winter & Summer if valued correctly would not amount to less than £100   

                                                                                            100   0   0

                                                                                            £153 5    0

                                                                                            467   17   5½

                                                                                            £621 2    5½

                                                                                              41   11   9¾

Money Paid as regards The Farm                                          £662 2    3¼

Money recd as regards The Farm                                          £467 17   5½

                                                                                            £194 16   9¾

The Manager is arguing that true loss on the farm on the year is not £194.16.9¾ but only £41.11.9¾ (farm costs less farm revenue and credits due to farm a/c for non-farm work on repairs, hot-house &c.).

Doc 209. SMALL RENTS 1832–33–34.

These Macdonald rental lists (209–211, on same MSS) are printed here mainly as of possible interest to economists & genealogists; they may include some holdings outside Ludshott Manor. HRO refs. are IM36/20, /22, /24. Where no dates are given, information applies to all 3 years.

Wm. Moss 1832 £3, 1833/4 £3. 10s.

Rich. Carpenter £2.

Woodbourne. 1832 £3.10s. 1833 Saml. Woodbourne ?30s. 1834 same, £3. 10s.

Ed. Pace 1832 £1, 1833/4 £4.

Jas. Cover 10s.

Jas. Petworth 10s. – + from M’mas 1833 50s. for his cottage.

Jn. Kinchott 10s.

Chas. Gibbs 1832 10s.

Jn. Belton 108.

Wm. Small 10s.

Jas. Small 10s.

Wm. Lemon 10s.

Thos Stilwell 10s. ? read ‘Thos. Stillaway’, who replaces him in list 1832/4.

Jn. Loe 10s.

Che5. Burrows. 10s.

Jas.Tilbury 10s., plus from M’mas 1833 50s. for his cottage.

Jn. White 1832/3 10s.

Samuel Carpenter 1833/4 10s.

Chas. Bicknell 1833/4 £3.

Hori Kemp 1833/4 30s.

Jn. Small 1833/4 30s. [or, 1834 John Amey 30s., late Small].

Thos. Bridger for cottage 1833/4 £2.10

Richard Bridger ditto 1833/4.

A note to 1832 list says that various persons will have to pay £2.10s p.a. for their cottage from Michaelmas 1833. Some are included above, but 3 persons mentioned don’t appear in the 1833/4 lists, viz. John Newman, Jas. Fullick & James Cale [Gale].

Doc 210. ‘LIST OF SMALL TENANTS AT THORNHILL FARM, LATE DRAPER’S’, 1836–7–8 (HRO refs. IM36/27, /26, /28).

Thorn Hill marked on 6" sheet, SU 8123 3336; in Ludshott Manor; in 17/1800s it lay in 2 blocks here, N. of the Hollywater road.

If no years are given, details apply to all three years.

Daniel Draper, for land £7
Wm. Harding, cott. & land £7.10s.
Ed. Pace, cott. & land 1836 £6. 10s, 1837 late Pace, now his daughter.
— Bartholomew, for land 30s.
Jn. Toop*, for land 30/-
Thos. Fullick, 1a., 17 rods 30s.
Jas. Cover, ¾ acre 18s.
Jn. Kinchott, ¾ acre 18s.
Wm. Trussler ¾ acre 18s.
Thos. Silvester 1836 ¾ acre, 18s. 1837/8, ½ acre, 12s.
Ed. Sole, 1836 ¾ acre 18s. 1837/8 Split between Hy. Marshall, ½ acre, 12s, and Stephen ?Coombs, ¼ acre, 6s.
Jn. Beagley, ½ acre, 12s
Jn. Belton, ½ acre 12s.
Sam. Carpenter, 1836 ½ a., 9 rods* 14s. 1837/8, ½ acre 12s.
Wm. Lemon, ½ acre 12s.
Henry Elstone do.
Richard Elstone do.
Geo. Belton * do.
Wm. Beagley do.
Wm. Tilbury do.
Gilbert Lemon do.
Edward Budd, ½ acre 12s.
Daniel Budd, do.
Wm. Livett 1836/7 do. 1838 6s.
Jn. Livett do. do.
Chas. Woods ½ acre 12s.
Robt. Puttick do. 1836/7 only
Edward Chase 1836 ½ a., 1837/8 split; Jn. Howard, Hy. White, ¼a. each, 6s. Edward Chase also gets ¼ acre, 6s. 1837 only.
‘Old Eade’ 1836, ¼ acre 6s.
Dan. Eade 1836, ¼a., 6s., 1837 12s, 1838 6s.
Thos. Eade 1836, ¼ acre 6s, 1837/8 9s.
Richard Chase 1836 only, ¼ acre, 6s.
Henry Small 1836/7, ¼ acre 6s., 1838 9s.
Wm. Belton ¼ acre 6s.
— Gale 1837, ¼ acre 6s, 1838 Wm. Gale do.
Thos. Moss 1837, ¼ acre 6s, 1838 18s.
Rich. Gardener 1837/8, ¾ acre 18s.
Richard Budd 1838, £3.10s.
Wm. Moss 1838, 23/-
Chas.Woods 1838, ½ acre 12s.
Jas. Beagley and Thos. Small 1838, ½ acre each, 6s. each.

*Note to 1837 list: (1) ‘Deduct Carpenter’s 9 rod of ground – Toop & Harding has it as they when [read ‘went’] 9 rod short of their measure’. (2) ‘Geo. Belton was put down twice in last year’s acct of small rents’ [only one entry has been printed here].


A Macdonald rental. On same sheets & with same HRO refs. as Docs. 210 & 212.

Fir Grove house, built late 1600s by Streeter’s, stood on Bramshott Court site. Black Field (see the Tithe Map 1845/6) covered what is now the open space or ‘village green’ between the Passfield Oak PH and the Passfield shop and present houses, plus roughly the area of the present houses + gardens; in Ludshott Manor. Perhaps ‘black’ from the amount of cinder &c in the soil, from the ‘Hammer’ which stood at the Mill site nearby c1580–1684. If no years mentioned, the data are correct for all 3 years.

Jn. Loe 1836, ¾ acre land, 15s. 1837/8 £1, late Petworth & Beagley.
Chas. Burrows ¾ acre, 155.
Jas. Small ¾ acre, 15s.
Wm. Small do.
Thos. Stillaway, ½ acre, 10s.
Widow Petworth, ½ acre, 10s.
Robt. Page 1836, ½ acre, 10s. 1837/8 ¼ acre, 5s.
Jas. Beagley 1836, ½ acre, 10s.
Jas. Boxall, ½ acre, 10s.
Robt. Budd, 1836 ½ acre 10s., 1837/8 15s.
Wm. Moss junr ½ acre, 10s.
Jas. Tilbury, ½ acre, 10s.
Jn. White, do.
Chas. Bridger, ¼ acre, 5s.
Sam. Carpenter , do.


[Macdonald rentals; same MSS & HRO refs. as 210–211; not clear if these are at Black Field, as 211, or not].

If no year is mentioned, data apply to all 3 years.

Wm. Moss for Land £3
Thos. Bridger for Cottage £2.10s (owed 4 years by 1837), 1838 assessed for ¾ year
Widow Petworth do. £2. 10s.
Chas. Bicknell do. £3.
John Amey for Cottage £2.10s
Hori Kemp for land 30/
Jn. Loe for cottage 1836 30s. for ½ year, 1837 ‘late Mrs Petworth’ £2.10s. 1838 ass’d for ½ yr [because cottage burnt? see Note 2 below].
James Tilbury for cottage £3.
— Woodbourne 1836 for land £3. 10s. 1837/8 he is Samuel Woodbourne.
Richard Carpenter 1836 for land £2.
Joseph Carpenter 1836 ½ yr’s rent cottage 25/-, 1837/8 full yr, £2.10s.
Geo. Buss for cottage £4.

TOTAL 1836 … £83. 15.0. – plus Quit Rents £1. 10. 2.

1838 list only:–

Wm. Harris £10, Richard Hack late Swetman £5, John Bettesworth jnr £3.10s., Geo. Gauntlett keeper 30/-

Notes: (1) In 1837 Wm. Moss, Sam. Woodbourne & Hori Kemp are listed separately as ‘tradesmen’. So the others were agric. labourers?

(2) Note to 1838 list reads: ‘Mr. Lister will have to receive from Fire Office the loss of rent of Cottages on Passfield Common, John Loe Half, year 25/-, Thos.Bridger ¼ year 12/6 Jas. Beagley who is coming into J. Bridger’s and will receive the 12/6 as loss of Rent: [total] £1.17.6;

(3) Further note to 1838 list reads:

Potatoes planted at Conford at John Bettesworth’s, 20 bushels at ls.6d         £1   10   0
W. Harding, labour in planting Potatoes 11½ days @ 20d                                    19   2
A Boy 3 days at 6d.                                                                                             1    6

W. Harding & Wm. Britten digging 102 Bushels Potatoes @ l½d                         12   10½
The potatoes are sold to Messrs. John Harding and John Bettesworth at 102 Bushels @ 12d
                                                                                                                    £5   2    0
                                                                                                                     3    3    6½
                                                                                                                     1    18   5½
Edwd. Budd’ s rent                                                                                             10   0
                                                                                                                     2    8    5½

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