Wallis Hay Laverty on his graduation


Wallis Hay Laverty in more mature years

The Pastoral Notebooks of Wallis Hay Laverty,
rector of Headley 1872–1928

  • Introduction

  • Book 1 – Address book

  • Book 2 – Old notebook (most of the contents transferred to subsequent Books) – and info on Registers, etc.

  • Book 3 – pp. 1-199: Starts recording details of his parishioners here through to the end of Book 11 – in no particular sequence

  • Book 4 – pp. 200-399 (dated Xmas 1877 on inside cover)

  • Book 5 – pp. 400-599 (dated 1879)

  • Book 6 – pp. 600-800 + Index 1 by surname starting at p.700: seems to be compiled earlier than that in Book 12 which has more entries; but some in here are missing there

  • Book 7 – pp. 802-999

  • Book 8 – pp. 1,000-1,189

  • Book 9 – pp. 1,202-1,387

  • Book 10 – pp.1,400-1,773

  • Book 11 – pp. 1,800-2,125

  • Book 12 – Index 2 by Surname: seems to be compiled later than the Index starting at p.700 in Book 6 – has more entries, but some from Book 6 are missing here.

  • Book 13 – Historical calendar


Wallis Hay Laverty was rector of Headley for over 30 years, from his induction in July 1872 to his death in December 1928.

It has been noted of him...

"This brilliant young mathematical Fellow of Queen's wanted to get married when it was not permitted, and therefore decided to be ordained. He had no vocation in the ordinary sense, but he was intensely conscientious. The village could set their clocks by him, setting out to visit on his bicycle at 2pm, or maybe 2.30, and he visited every house in the parish twice a year. The visits were brief ones and he often left tracts about such things as sleeping with open windows etc. He could not face sick visits, and used to send the daughters to visit the sick with baskets of eggs and more tracts.

"No Bishop was allowed in the church and no churchwarden in the vestry! The Rector pocketed the collections and paid all the bills, and such was the esteem in which he was held that no one had any doubt but that he was out of pocket."

A photograph in one of the parish registers shows him as a small man who normally wore a knickerbocker suit and a black or speckled straw hat and, in his later years at any rate, a grey beard.

In his notebooks (transcribed below), which contain short biographies of his parishioners, there are also many instances of the practical help which he gave to those who had met with misfortune.

See also Surrey History Centre 'marvels'

We have added here an entry, in the same style as he might have made, about himself and his family:

LAVERTY Wallis Hay - Rector of Headley 1872-1928.
Born at St Helier, Jersey, 23 May 1847
Father John Nicholas LAVERTY, RN - died 1 April 1857 of sunstroke aged 39 years, three days after departure from Singapore.
1864: gained a scholarship to Queen's College, Oxford aged 15, from the Royal Naval School, New Cross.
Joined the Oxford University Rifle Volunteer Corps - this photo of him is inscribed on the back: "Affectionalely yours, Wallis Hay Laverty, Serg 1st O.U.R.V.C."
1870: gained the Senior Mathematical Scholarship open to all Bachelors of Arts of the University.
Published: 1872 'Examples of Conics & Curves' (see example page); 1889 'The Laws of Motion' (see example page) - see also Newspaper Cutting below.
Rector of Headley 1872 at age 25, and for the next 56 years.
Married 12 June 1872 at St Mary's Twickenham, Bessie Geraldine DELAMOTTE, who died 24 April 1937 [MI=233].
Her father was Professor Philip Henry DELAMOTTE
- Muriel Delamotte, born 14 Apr 1873, d. 2 May 1960 [MI=233]
- Cecil Hay Delamotte, born 17 Sep 1877 (announced in The Times); went abroad; d. 1955 in Australia (seems to have been the 'black sheep' of the family - see below)
- Gladys Fitzgerald Delamotte, born 19 Jan 1886, Rectory; d. 24 Jun 1961 [MI=233]
See family photo 1908 (which along with WHL, BGL & Gladys includes Cecil just before he emigrated to Canada) & family photo 1912
Died 27 December 1928 aged 81 [MI=233]
Probate London 7 Feb - Effects £1,105 2s 4d to widow Bessie Geraldine.

Cutting: From the Hindhead Herald 1921.
In a lately issued 'Mathematical Gazette' there is an interesting reminiscence of the Rector of Headley. It is an account of the Mathematical Association of which the Rector was, and still is, a member. The writer speaks of half a century ago, when the Association had just been formed, and says, "Resolutions were passed approving certain details or principles to be adopted in any syllabus. The matter which gave most chance of a fight was a list of proposals drawn up by the Rev. W. H. Laverty. The most important of them was as follows: That the separation which has hitherto been maintained between the methods of algebra and geometry is artificial. That it is useless to draw a distinction between commensurable and incommensurable quantities, seeing that by the use of infinitesimals, incommensurables may be brought under the same methods of proof as commensurables"!!

LAVERTY Cecil Hay Delamotte
Born 17 Sep 1877, bapt. 7 Oct 1877, d. 1955 in Australia aged 78
Son of Wallis Hay LAVERTY (above)
1893: 30th March: Confirmed at Charterhouse, Cecil Hay Delamotte LAVERTY, aged 15
1893: 27th Oct: Cecil LAVERTY sails for the Cape, aged 16 [Diary of his grandmother, Ellen Maria DELAMOTTE]
1896: He fathers an illegitimate daughter?
Undated on Anglo-Boer War website: LAVERTY CHD - Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls - Native Labour Corps (which started in 1899)
1900: 3rd Sept: Cecil Hay Delamotte LAVERTY, age 22, marries Agnes RYAN, age 21, in St Cyprian's Church, Durban [Source: Marriage certificate supplied by Craig ALLAN] — presumed son, Wallace Ryan LAVERTY, age 37 (so born 1903), marries Eva RADEMEYER (née BERMAN), age 40, in Durban on 24th April 1940 [Source: Marriage certificate supplied by Craig ALLAN]
1900: 1035 Trooper, Served in 1st Kitchener's Fighting Scouts. Joined Durban 29 Dec 1900 recruiting only Discharged Durban 23 Aug 1901 (LAVERTY Cecil Hay Delamotte) [Source: Nominal roll in WO127 Kitchener's Fighting Scouts].
1908: In Headley (see photo with family)
1908: 1st March: Arrived Halifax, Nova Scotia and Portland, Maine, from Liverpool, age 30 (Cecil H D LAVERTY) [Source: Canadian Passenger lists].
1910: 31st Jan: Arrived Liverpool, from New York, age 32 (Cecil LAVERTY) [Source: UK incoming passenger lists].
1910: 26th March: Arrived Sydney, from Liverpool, age 32 (Cecil LAVERTY) [Source: Victorian Passenger list].
1914: Cecil Hayclif LAVERTY and Maggie LAVERTY, cook, in Maffra, Victoria [Source: Electoral Roll].
1931: Cecil Hay LAVERTY, chef, and Margaret LAVERTY, home duties, in 6 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, Melbourne [Source: Electoral Roll].
1932: 22nd Oct: On a charge of robbery with violence Cecil Hay LAVERTY, aged 41 years [sic], chef, of Regent street, Fitzroy (Melbourne), was found guilty by a jury and was sentenced to imprisonment for 12 months by Judge Foster in General Sessions yesterday. Accused conducted his own defence. (Sentence was quashed next month) [Source: Newspaper item].
1936: Cecil Hay LAVERTY, chef, in 117 Beach Road, Victoria [Source: Electoral Roll].
1942: Nov - Cecil Hay LAVERTY in court again [Source: Newspaper item].
1954: Cecil Hay LAVERTY, nil, in 310 High St, St Kilda, Victoria [Source: Electoral Roll].
1955: Cecil Hay Delamo [sic] LAVERTY died in Victoria in 1955. [Source: BDM database, gives his father and mother as 'unknown'].
[Thanks to Geof WATTS in Australia for much of the above information on Cecil]

The notebooks are held physically in the Surrey History Centre, Woking reference PSH/HED/24/1-11:
Provenance: Deposited by the Rector and Parochial Church Council between 1965 and 1984.
-/24/3-7, 9-11 and 13 were deposited by Mrs P Steveney, great niece of the Rev WH Laverty, in March 1976 and May 1979

Note: In the entries below, Mr Laverty's original words are shown in BLACK
– additional notes shown are in BLUE for the personal memories of Joyce Stevens; or in GREEN for information gleaned subsequently from censuses and other archive sources. Entries we are unsure of are in RED. [If you have better information, please let us know]

Mr Laverty was recording till Sept 1928, but p.2113 is the last page in his writing. The rest is Miss BURRELL's plus cuttings.

Please do remember when using information from these books that Mr Laverty wrote the entries as 'aide-mιmoires' for himself, not necessarily to make sense to others!

He sometimes finds himself recording the same family twice (or three times!) on different pages - he usually realises this and puts links from one to the other. Sometimes it is a complete rewrite of a previous entry, sometimes just extra (usually more recent) information.

There are several terms and abbreviations that he uses which are not necessarily obvious to the new reader.

Note in particular:–
· 'Banned' doesn't mean excluded, it means having the Banns read in church for your forthcoming marriage [example p.9]
· He noted people's 'Special grievances' [example p.302]
· Code, eg esjolt (drinks) [example p.497]
. 'Bank of England' or 'Bank' refers to the name of a public house which was once situated at the Bordon fire station crossroads [example p.86]
. A woman's maiden name is normally written in brackets after her Christian name, eg. HEATHER Harry & Alice (KINGSHOTT)

Unanswered questions:
· What are the 'Q' numbers? [example p.46] - Ans: On the first page of Book 12, WHL writes "Q.34 numbers like this refer to the original visiting books." Generally used as a reference by WHL to entries which were NOT transferred from his Book 2 to another later book. ('Q' numbers from Q.126 to Q.162 seem to refer to pages in Book 2. We are not sure what 'Q' numbers less then 126 refer to)
· What is 'Bull's Book'? [example p.240] - see p.365 for possible answer
· What is 'B&B' (births & baptisms?) [example p.260]
· What is a 'sponsor'? [example p.266] - Ans: same thing as a Godparent
· What was his 'Red Book'? [example p.1697] - another name for the Victoria County History?
· What does he mean by a Greek phi Φ symbol? eg:
-- Used to take many Φ prizes [p.1218]
-- Sent Φ in 1909 [p.1590]
-- Out 17.3.1916 when left Φ [p.1734]
-- Kicked by a horse at our Φ [p.1624]
· What does 'Omitted entry' mean? [example p.1745]
· N.26 on map - what map? [example p.930]
. What is 'a G.F.S. girl'? [example p.1091] - Ans: Girls' Friendly Society

Our conventions when transcribing:
· All references to WHL's page numbers, however they were originally written, have been transcribed in format 'p.999' to allow computer searches more readily.
· Entries such as [MI=999] refer to our archive of Monumental Inscriptions, ie. gravestones in the churchyard.
· Surnames are in CAPITAL LETTERS where we are sure they are surnames. This is not always applied where, for example, somebody's surname becomes the name of a house or road.
· Where we could not interpret his handwriting, we either made our best effort in red or added question marks in red (eg. Takes no interest in Fl. ????). Please be careful if using our interpretation. Best you check with the original if the information is important to you.
· Mr Laverty was not always consistent in his spelling of places (eg. Baijeant's or Bageant's for Baigents) or names (eg. COURTENAGE & COURTNAGE) we have added a 'normal' spelling in green where necessary to aid computer searches.
· We have also added in green to some of his abbreviations where we felt these needed explaining (eg. Parish House Bottom for PHB) and also where we have included information from other sources such as the censuses (eg. Mrs Mary Ann MOORE).
· Many of his simpler family Pedigrees have been transcribed in text for others which seemed to defy transcription we have linked to a photograph of his page.
· Where we have found pages on the internet relevant to a subject, we have added a link. Please let us now if you find any more which we could use.

Book 1 – Address book

Unlikely to be transcribed.

Book 2 – Old notebook (most contents transferred to newer ones) – and info on Registers, etc.

Cover of book 2 reads:
Vol 2
126 —
"Q.162" means "Indexed"
Visiting Book etc
Church Books information
Daily Journal II

Most entries in Book 2 were crossed through and marked "Transferred" by WHL & for these we show the relevant page number (eg p.570) where the transferred information can be found. It is not always precisely the same, so it's worth reading both.

Some entries in Book 2 were not transferred, and for these this is the only entry.

Book 2 - microfilm begins at page 126 - previous pages are referred to, but we do not currently know whether they still exist.

p.126 Book 2 AYLING Thomas & Sarah & 1 child. Marr 1/4/1871
Live at Fullers Bottom. Daughter of Will COOMBES.
Wife came asking for help. Bad hand. Came on 20.11.1872. Always lived in Headley
Elizabeth Ann COOMBES illegitimate daughter.
Reference to p.570 page 113.
"Transferred": Note that p.570 is in Book 5, and that that entry refers to this one as being "in my book".

p.126 Book 2 HARRIS William & Fanny (BOXALL)
Young people live at Barford where ALDERTONs lived
Mrs used to wash for us
Lost her first baby along with another (31.12.1875)
Has Jan 1879 three children. Husband had always worked under Mr PARKER, now under Mr BETTESWORTH (ie. under Mr PHILLIPS with S??) owing to the dividing up of Mr PARKER's farm.
Referred to p.364. Sister to p.104.
- 1876 Harriett
- 1877
- 1878.
Transferred to p.450.

p.126 Book 2 GLAYSHER Frank (bapt Francis 1.7.1827) & Elizabeth (BURROW, bapt 20.4.1831)
Entry dated 19.3.1873
Married 17/2/1855.
Live at Barford, lower S
Out on 19/3/1873 when called
Brother to p.127B (in this Book, see below), cousin to p.131 in this Book.
- Annie, bapt 17/6/1855 - referred to p.260
- George, bapt 4.10.1857
- Mary, bapt 24.6.1860
- William, bapt 17.5.1863
- Jane, bapt 2.9.1866
- James, bapt 6.2.1870 - this is not right - what becomes of this James?
Transferred to p.287.

p.127 Book 2 GLAYSHER Thomas & Mary Anne (MAIDMAN) & children
Married 1827
Father & mother of p.128 (in this Book, see below)
Got so?? ?? foot, not been about for long.
Had young woman (daughter?) with her
Both good-looking & clean.
Apparently keep shop. He referred to as 'old N'
Live in Barford.
Entry marked "Dead" & not transferred to later books as far as we can tell.

p.127B Book 2 GLAYSHER Charles & Anne (MULLARD) & child
Live at Barford lower N
Brother to p.126 (in this Book, see above) - cousin to p.131.
Nice woman. House belongs to them.
Live in Hammer Lane at bottom of Louis PHILLIPS' lane ie.
Gone out of the parish - information 'old N' above.
Again come back.
Wife's father lives with them.
She sister to Mrs ROOKE p.21 & to p.3 bottom.
- Ellen 4
- Allan, bapt 7.8.1870.
Transferred to p.285.

p.128 Book 2 GLAYSHER George (bur 31.10.1870) & Lucy (bur Dec 1872) & children
Husband's foot dropped off 3 years before 1869
He himself lingered & died 1870
Mother of p.129 (in this Book, see below)
Referred to as 'old S'
She now lives at Barford all alone
Mrs TILBURY (mother of p.6) did live with her (see p.2) but Mrs TILBURY always found fault.
Taken ill after I left her, died Monday following.
- William, bap 29.3.1824 - marr 22.5.1872 to Anne NORTH
- Frank, bap 1.7.1827 - marr 17.2.1855 to Eliz BURROW
- George, bapt 24.4.1831 - marr 27.10.1860 to Jemima BURROW
- James, bapt 20.7.1834
- Anne, bapt 30.7.1837 - bur 26.11.1837
- Mary, bapt 4.8.1839 - bur 5.9.1841
- Charles, bapt 2.7.1843.
Entry marked "Dead & Gone" & not transferred to later books as far as we can tell.

p.129 Book 2 GLAYSHER George (bapt 24.4.1831) & Jemima (BURROW) & children
Married 27.10.1860
Son of p.128 (Book 2, above)
Referred to as 'young N'
Live at Barford
a number of children
With them lives wife's father, old Master BURROW.
- William, bapt 3.3.1861
- Charles, bapt 6.12.1863
- Alice, bapt 7.4.1867
- George, bapt 6.3.1870.
Transferred to p.292.

p.130 Book 2 SMITH Mr & Mrs & children
Live at Barford N (Whitmore Bottom)
Mrs very ill, decline etc! Sometimes prayed for release - kept on groaning!
Saw Mr SMITH at gate 14.3.1873. Irish.
Was sailor (man of war) & got pensioned off.
Special grievance: Broke up land round cottage, but only had it 14 years when Commission came, so he had to give it up.
Left Navy - splinters in leg - gratuity, no pension.
Transferred to p.330. 'Irish Will'.

p.130 Book 2 TRIGGS John (bapt 3.4.1823) & Anne (LANGFORD bapt 17.4.1825) & children
Married 12.10.1845.
Live in Headley Street. Mind GULLY's children.
Wife sister of LANGFORD p.28.
He not brother (see Marriage Register) of p.154.
- William, bapt 22.2.1846
- James, bapt 5.1.1851
- Kate Elizabeth, bapt 12.2.1852
- Eva, bapt 1.1.1855
- Emmeline, bapt 16.1.1859.
Transferred to p.466.

p.130 Book 2 Charlotte ALDRED married 13.10.1835 George MARSHALL & the following children were baptised.
- Samuel 30.7.1837 - marr 25.1.1862 Hannah SHRUBB (p.133 in this book, see below)
- Mary 1.9.1839
- Harriett 20.11.1842
- Sarah 21.9.1845 - buried 12.3.1849
- George 20.2.1848 - marr 27.3.1869 Jane HACK (p.11)
There are no further recorded but George MARSHALL either died or disappeared; Jane (p.107B) was born illegitimately and afterwards mother married ___ SHRUBB.
Transferred to p.331.

p.131 Book 2 GLAYSHER Charles (bapt 29.5.1831) & Rebecca (ROBINSON bapt 28.5.1837) & children
Married 2.6.1862.
Live at Barford. Young S.
Son of p.127, cousin to p.126 & p.127B (pages in this book).
Wife daughter of old Mr ROBINSON p.95.
Mrs very agreeable on 19.3.1873.
Met old Mr ROBINSON there, also GROVES p.3.
Old Mr ROBINSON now lives with her.
- Ellen, bapt 16.5.1863 - bur 29.2.1872?
- Kate, bapt 1.9.1867
- Henry Charles, bapt 3.4.1870.
Transferred to p.284.

p.131 Book 2 Charlotte SHRUBB (MARSHALL née ALDRED 21.2.1816 - see p.130 above) - marr 13.10.1835
SHRUBB Mr & Mrs & wife's father (Mr ALDRED)
Live in Parish House Bottom [inf:
Old Mr ALDRED got blanket 1.1.1874.
Mrs SHRUBB came for it early, works at BETTESWORTHs.
Transferred to p.331.

p.131 Book 2 Short pedigree of ALDRED
James WILSON = Susannah ALDRED
- James ALDRED, bapt 9.4.1794 marr 26.3.1815 Hannah WHITE (she bur 9.8.1866 aged 75)
-- Charlotte, bapt 21.2.1816 - see p.130 & p.131 above.

p.132 Book 2 ALFORD Will & Eliz & children
Live at Standford Hill (tinker)
Never married [inf: Mr CAMPBELL]
Came to church but spent the money at Holly Bush.
- Sophia
- Eliza
- Johnnie
- Mary A, 7.6.1868
- Rose, 1.1.1871
- Will, 29.6.1873.
Transferred to p.586.

p.132 Book 2 SHRUBB William & Martha (PARFECT) & children
Live at Parish House Bottom. House their own? [inf: SPEAKMAN]
- Ruth, 14.8.1859
- Grace, 8.12.1861
- Edith Nora, 27.12.1863
- Albert, 1.4.1866
- Augustus, 5.1.1868
- Martin Henry.
Transferred to p.667.

p.132 Book 2 TUCKEY James & Mary (MESSINGHAM)
Married 30.4.1826.
Mr & Mrs TUCKEY (senior)
Live at Parish House Bottom [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Not transferred?

p.132 Book 2 TUCKEY James bapt 8.2.1829
Mr & Mrs TUCKEY (junior)
Live at Parish House Bottom [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Transferred to p.669.

p.133 Book 2 MARSHALL Sam & Hannah (SHRUBB bapt 28.3.1841) & children
Live at Parish House Bottom (not in Bull's Book) [inf: SPEAKMAN]
See p.130B & p.131B in this Book.
Sister to Mrs James GLAZIER (GLAYSHER) p.104 in this Book?
Baby Sarah christened 3.3.1878
Sister to William SHRUBB the butcher, at least in looks, & to Mrs LOE p.105 in this Book?
Referred to p.290 & p.307 & p.331 & p.438.
- George, 20.7.1862
- Will, 24.4.1864
- Harriett, 7.5.1868
- Sam, 2.10.1870
- Harry, 25.3.1873.
Transferred to p.654.

p.133 Book 2 COURTENAGE John & Philadelphia (BOXALL) & Phoebe (aged 14 in 1871)
Living at Beech Hill [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Brother to George (Hollywater) p.8 in this Book?
Father to Mrs James MARSHALL p.138 in this Book.
Phoebe to be married 1879 to ROE p.93 in this Book?
Transferred to p.547.

p.133 Book 2 BELTON James & Eliza (BURROW, née COURTENAGE)
Mr & Mrs & Luke BURROW (son by 1st husband)
Live at Beech Hill [inf: SPEAKMAN & TWB]
Transferred to p.224.

p.133 Book 2 SMITH James (bapt 11.10.1823) & Mary A (MESSINGHAM bapt 12.10.1823) & children
Entry dated 6.1.1874.
Married 18.10.1846.
Son of Seely (Celia) p.27 in this Book?
She Rose SMITH's mama.
Live at [crossed out=>Hilland]
Retired Fullers.
Went with BGL (WHL's wife) 6.1.1874.
Esther had been to service at PETARs, but come away.
With them lives Eliza PARFECT's illegitimate child*, the father of the child being her cousin the schoolm's son. Grandmothers will have nothing to do & mother has gone away & no one knows where. Putative father pays 1/6 a week towards support.
Mrs SMITH sister (same mother) to BARKER p.119 in this Book?
- William, 17.1.1847
- Rose, 25.12.1853
- George, 15.6.1856
- Esther, 3.7.1859
*Henry Ernest, bapt 6.2.1870.
Transferred to p.333.

p.134 Book 2 MATTHEWS Mr
Brother to Mrs BENNETT - lives at Hilland
Mrs BENNETT has been married twice [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Mrs BENNETT used to live in Bramshott House.
Transferred to p.632.

p.134 Book 2 HOLDEN George & Emma (BARNETT) & children & Mr GILLEN?
Entry dated 9.2.1874.
Married 17.2.1855
Is a shoemaker, has whole of house [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Went with BGL twice her 9.2.1874
31.7.1872 abused BULL - but 9.2.1874 praised BULL.
- Mary 8.7.1855 (at Mr KNIGHT's? Parish House Bottom)
- John 23.8.1857
- George 30.12.1860
- Will 3.2.1867
- ?Henry 3.2.1867.
Vide (see) page 3
Transferred to p.384.

p.134 Book 2 DEANE Edward & Harriett (COURTENAGE)
Married 25.2.1871
Live at Parish House Bottom above Andrew SHRUBB [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Wife sister (same mother) of Eliz MARSHALL (see below)
Daughter of old COURTENAGE p.100
- Jim, bap 20.8.1872
- Edward William 1874
- Jesse 1876
- Alice 1878.
Transferred to p.527.

p.134 Book 2 SHRUBB Andrew
Lives at Parish House Bottom [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Has the end (a small portion) of DEANE's house.
Referred to p.576.
Transferred to p.655.

p.135 Book 2 ALDRED Charles & Eliz (MARSHALL bapt 19.12.1830)
Married 6.3.1853
Live in Parish House Bottom (BGL met her)
Wife had same mother as wife of Edward DEANE p.134 in this Book
Son of old ALDRED p.131B in this Book.
Referred to p.527 & p.300.
She daughter of Mrs COURTENAGE p.100, sister to BARKER's wife p.119 in this Book?
He buried 19.2.1875 aged 45, plot 6-52.
- Arthur 18.5.1853 - bur 3.10.1854
- James 1.7.1855
- Henry 14.2.1858
- Sarah 16.9.1860
- Harriett 7.6.1863 - bur 25.11.1864
- Will 4.6.1865 - bur 8.3.1867
- Alice 7.7.1867
- Charles 1.8.1869
- Walter 1.8.1871
- George 30.3.1873.
Transferred to p.528.

p.135 Book 2 BURROWS Rob
Live in Parish House Bottom [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Has his honed tree in front.
Vide (see) page 25.
Transferred to p.432.

p.135 Book 2 MARSHALL Charles (20.2.1842) & Jane (MOORE 7.1.1844) & children
Married 13.10.1862
Live in Parish House Bottom [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Daughter of p.103 in this Book?
Referred to p.396 & p.433 & p.435.
- Eliza 7.8.1864
- Will 3.11.1867
- James 4.9.1870
- Richard 29.6.1873.
Transferred to p.696.

p.135 Book 2 MESSINGHAM George (12.3.1820) & Sophia (MARSHALL 8.6.1821) & children
Married 2.5.1844
Live in Parish House Bottom [inf: SPEAKMAN]
- Sarah 11.5.1845
- Ann 17.1.1847
- Harriett 2.10.1849
- Jane 19.10.1851
- George 4.10.1853
- Eliza 24.6.1855
- John 4.4.1858 - bur 2.10.1865
- Kate 17.6.1860
- Will 4.5.1862
- Henry 3.7.1864.
Transferred to p.352.

p.136 Book 2 COVER John & Emma (FYFIELD) & children
Married 6.2.1858
Live behind MESCEL's [inf: SPEAKMAN, nothing in TWB]
Wife daughter of old master FYFIELD [inf: Mrs KNIGHT]
Sister to widow BURROW p.125 in this Book.
Referred to p.347 & p.354.
- George 23.1.1859
- Mary A 5.7.1863.
Transferred to p.563.

p.136 Book 2 STAPELEY Sam & Mary A & children
Live behind Post Office, Arford [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Went to take coal ticket 27.2.1874
- Will 15.4.1849
- Noah 26.1.1851
- Owen 17.10.1852
- James Henry 24.12.1854
- Frederick 31.5.1857 - been in service at Brighton but had rheumatic fever & had to go to hospital
- Mary A 30.10.1859
- Albert 2.11.1862
- Walter Will 7.5.1865
- Thomas Sam 5.7.1868
- Frank Richard 7.5.1871.
Transferred to p.558.

p.136 Book 2 BARNETT James & wife
Live at Barley Mow Hill bottom [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Work for FRASERs.
Transferred to p.356.

p.137 Book 2 ELSTONE Mr & Mrs
[Crossed out=>Live at top of Barley Mow (or Beech) Hill is beyond FRASERs [inf: SPEAKMAN, TWB]
Live in Headley Street, SUTER's south cottage.
Transferred (we think) to p.562.

p.137 Book 2 BLANCHARD James & Harriett (MATTHEWS)* & children
Live on Barley Mow Hill
Husband transported 1873 (doubtful as transportation from Britain/Ireland officially ended in 1868)
Mrs works for me in cleaning schoolroom.
See MATTHEWS pedigree p.1864.
- Edwin (8)
- Katie 3.2.1867
- William 6.2.1870.
Transferred to p.335.

p.137 Book 2 ALDERTON Andrew & Mary A (MATTHEWS)* & 2 children
Live near DIXIE; gardeners at Arford House (live at 'Woolmer Forest' in 1871 census)
Son of old master ALDERTON, page 1 (in this Book?)
*Note made 1920 - these two were sisters, nieces to Mrs BENNETT, see MATTHEWS pedigree p.1864.
- Annie 3.7.1863 - bur 8.7.1863
- Eva 6.11.1864
- Albert (2)
- Levi 11.12.1873.
Not transferred.

p.138 Book 2 GALE Stephen & Charlotte (buried 10.2.1868) & children
Married 14.5.1848
Live at Fullers Bottom
I'ANSON complained about children.
- James 8.10.1848
- Hannah 30.1.1853
- Mary 31.1.1858 - bur 10.2.1870
- Jane 26.1.1862
- Will 1.1.1865
- Frances Eliza 1.12.1867.
Transferred to p.238.

p.138 Book 2 GATES George & Harriet (BURROW)
Married 3.7.1873
[Crossed out=>Live at Fullers Bottom (re????) [inf: SPEAKMAN]
[Crossed out=>children ?James, Will & S???? Sarah TWB]
Son of the shoemaker.
Daughter of p.125 in this Book.
Gone now in front of Sophie PAGE's
Entered Clothing Club Dec 1877.
- Edith, born 17.12.1873, not baptised
- Minnie 1875, not baptised
- Kate, bapt 3.6.1877 (bapt by SIMCOCK).
Transferred to p.354.

p.138 Book 2 MARSHALL James & Charlotte (COURTENAGE or BOXALL) & child
Married 15.8.1868
Live at Parish House Bottom (at crossing)
Washed a short time for us, bad ironer.
She daughter of Mrs John COURTENAGE, Beech Hill p.133 in this Book.
Referred to p.435 & p.547.
- Matilda 1.11.1868.
Transferred to p.653.

p.139 Book 2 SILVESTER
Lately (Jan 1874) come to Fellmongers
Apparently been in Headley before
Apparently not good characters.
Not transferred?

p.139 Book 2 GAUNTLETT Will & Sarah (HEARSEY, bur 18.4.1862 aged 56)
Married 13.10.1827
Lives in the Parish Houses
Father of GAUNTLETT & BARNETT, Picketts Hill (below)
Came to ask for flannel 2.1.1874
- Will 5.1.1833, married 20.12.1857 Louisa MOORE (below)
- Henry 14.2.1836, married 13.10.1860 Emma COURTNAGE
- Frances 22.7.1838, married 13.10.1858 Will BARNETT (below).
Crossed 'deceased' - Not transferred.

p.139 Book 2 GAUNTLETT Will & Louisa (MOORE) & 3 children
Married 26.12.1857
Live at Picketts Hill, further cottage
Son of old GAUNTLETT (above) [inf: old GAUNTLETT (above)]
Out 5.1.1874.
Her rheumatics.
Saw her 14.2.1878 - wants to join Clothing Club
Told her Rednad Interest [ie. 1/-]
Referred to on p.207 & p.234.
- Andrew 24.1.1858
- Kate Adeline 11.11.1860
- Will 27.12.1863.
Transferred to p.433.

p.139 Book 2 BARNETT Will & Frances (GAUNTLETT 22.7.1838)
Married 13.10.1858
Live at [crossed out=>Picketts Hill, nearer cottage] [crossed out=>Hilland] Standford with father, old BENNETT
Daughter of old GAUNTLETT (above) [inf: old GAUNTLETT (above)]
Out 5.1.1874.
- Lavinia Kate 13.10.1861
- Harry 6.12.1868
- Child born dead 27.6.1875.
Transferred to p.644.

p.140 Book 2 CHANDLER Benj & Eliza (FULLICK) & child & James RANDALL (ref p.520)
Married 8.10.1870
James RANDALL is grandfather of wife (see below)
Wife daughter of p.147 (in this Book) bottom.
Come back to Linstead.
Referred to p.520.
- Ruth 1871
- Ben George 1872
- Edith 1874
- Minnie 1876
- Ruth (4).
Transferred to p.623.

p.140 Book 2 COLE Mr George & Mrs Fanny (FULLICK) & children
Come in place of CHANDLER above.
Wheelwrights from WOODBOURNEs at Kingsley
She sister to Mark p.221 & Fred p.258 (referred to on those pages) [inf: Charles MILLS]
- Minnie 1871.
Transferred to p.633.

p.140 Book 2 BETTESWORTH Edmund & Mary (MILLS)
Live at Bayfields Farm (farmer & people's churchwarden)
Sister to page 44 (in this Book) & below.
Referred to p.278, p.578 & p.576.
Transferred to p.597.

p.140 Book 2 SMITH Mrs
Lives at Prospect Hill, near BETTESWORTHs.
Was housekeeper to late Rector of Bramshott Mr BELLAS.
Property belongs to two Miss DRAKEs (as were)
Orphans left coming from India, Mr BELLAS very fond of children, therefore he took them.
Finds it lonely (BGL and I called 2.1.1874).
Transferred to p.666.

p.140 Book 2 MILLS James & Harriett (HARDING) & Charlie
Entry dated 5.1.1874.
Married 25.10.1840
Live at Saunders Green (BGL & I called 2.1.1874)
Used to live at Lindford. Damp. Came up to try & save lives of two younger, but no good.
He brother to Mrs BETTESWORTH p.597.
Charlie MILLS in my choir 2.1.1874.
- Anne 18.7.1841 - wife of George CHANDLER p.617
- Charles Harding 17.11.1844
- Jane 30.7.1848 - marr 15.8.1872 Walter PICKETT (by me)
- Will 10.11.1850 - bur 10.3.1870
- John 2.11.1856 - bur 2.5.1870.
Referred to p.599, p.617, p.619 & p.633.
Transferred to p.656.

p.141 Book 2 RANDALL James & Olive
Gone into Union Michaelmas 1878.
Had children -
- Sarah 2.12.1821 - marr 22.8.1841 James FULLICK p.147 bottom in this Book & see below
- Hannah 18.4.1824
- Eliz 29.10.1826.
Not transferred.

p.141 Book 2 FULLICK James & Sarah (RANDALL)
Married 22.8.1841
Had children Emily 15.10.1843
- Eliza 12.10.1845 - marr 8.10.1870 Benjamin CHANDLER
- Matilda 5.3.1848 - marr 21.11.1868 Thomas HOWICK
- Jane 14.4.1850
- Fanny 9.5.1852.
See repeated at p.147 bottom this Book.
Transferred to p.520.

p.141 Book 2 LANGRISH Walter 1.4.1836 & Mrs & children
Live at Saunders Green (farmer)
Brother to page 84 (in this Book?).
Referred to p.645.
Transferred to p.618.

p.141 Book 2 WOODS James (5.10.1838) & Mary (FYFIELD 4.12.1842) & 5 children
Married 14.11.1863
Live at [crossed out=>Headley Park] Bank of England (Mrs Agreeable) No.17.
2 children come to Headley school
Tis here Annie WOODS lives - page 64 top (in this Book?)
Son of Daniel WOODS page 56 in this Book (the sexton)
Had to leave Headley Park to make room for George COOMBES.
- ?Mary
- ?George
- Anne Eliza, 3.1.1869
- James, 4.11.1870
- William, 1873.
Transferred to p.251.

p.142 Book 2 CRAFT George & Mrs
Entry dated 5.1.1874
Live at Headley Park mill. Keeper to Sir Henry KEATING.
Mrs pleasant - no children (going to?)
House smokes - complains of it - therefore never enjoys good health.
Been there three or four years
Used to housekeep for Sir Henry before Mrs ____ came.
Transferred to p.625.

p.142 Book 2 PEARCE Charles & wife & 4 children
Entry dated 6.1.1874
Policeman - live in Headley Street
Two boys go to school
Two children in 14 months
- Charles
- Ambrose.
Not transferred? - see p.439.

p.142 Book 2 BLACKMAN Richard (bur 28.8.1860) & Eliz (COURTENAGE) & James GALE
Entry dated 21.1.1874
Widow. Lives between PETARs & HOWICKs & keeps house for James GALE (bapt 11.5.1834)
James GALE is nephew to Stephen GALE page 138 this Book.
Always comes to church [inf: Mrs BLACKMAN]
Mrs BLACKMAN is Allen-ite "quite safe"
Taken biblicals for me to read to her
Was minding the youngest NORTH p.143 this Book.
Mother to page 72 & 71 (in this Book?) also of p.155 top in this Book.
Sons & daughter all live at Deadwater except one, a gentleman's servant in Wales.
Transferred to p.270.

p.143 Book 2 NORTH Sam & Eliz (EVANS) & 6 children
Live between PETARs & HOWICKs, Headley Wood Hatch.
Out 21.1.1874 when called [inf: BLACKMAN above]
Three children died in 3 weeks of fever.
One girl now at Mr PARKER's.
Son of old Mrs Dinah NORTH page 96 (in this Book?)
- John 1.4.1849 - bur 5.1.1865
- Martha 27.4.1851 - bur 12.8.1870
- Sarah 4.3.1855 - bur 19.1.1865
- ?James 1857 - bur 30.12.1864
- Harriett 23.10.1859
- Samuel 22.9.1861
- George 22.2.1863
- Joseph 1.2.1865
- William 6.10.1867
- Elijah 2.7.1871.
Reference to p.291.
Transferred to p.663.

p.144 Book 2 BARNETT Mark & Emily (WHATLEY 16.4.1843) & 2 children
Entry dated 23.1.1874
Married 10.10.1868.
Live at Headley Wood.
Son of page 91, brother of page 19 (in this Book?)
Woman nice, little boy 2 years & 4 months.
Chapel. Children baptised by poor Mr DYKES.
- William Charles 5.9.1869
- Walter B 5.11.1871.
Transferred to p.593.

p.144 Book 2 MARSHALL Will & Harriet (WOODS) & children
Live at Standford
He comes to church (according to sexton).
- Charles 8.3.1857
- Jane 13.7.1862
- Alice 1867
- Edith 1873.
Transferred to p.657.

p.144 Book 2 CURTIS Henry & Sarah (CHANDLER) & 5 children
Married 6.12.1864
Live at Standford, back of old post office (north side)
Chapel [inf: Mrs W BARNETT page 91]
Children are not baptised.
- Elize (or Jane?)
- Tom 1867 - came to school 322 times in 1877
- Harriett 1869 - came to school 254 times in 1877
- Louisa 1872
- Emma 1874.
Transferred to p.343.

p.144 Book 2 WHITING
Lives old post office, Standford
Came there from Hollywater Dec 1877.
Transferred to p.370.

p.145 Book 2 GATES Stephen & Sarah (BARNETT)
Married 3.5.1841
Live at Standford old post office [inf: W BARNETT page 91]
Wife sister to W BARNETT page 91.
Called March 1875.
Only one child now at hone 1877 (Adeline).
She gone to hospital Nov 1877 [inf: BARNETT]
- Stephen 8.8.1841
- George 25.12.1844
- Mary 24.7.1844
- Susan 26.9.1854
- Fanny 18.11.1855
- Adeline 29.8.1858.
Transferred to p.594.

p.145 Book 2 EAGER EGGAR Edwin (15.3.1831) & Anne
Live at Standford post office (with 2 children) [inf: W BARNETT page 91]
Both Edwin & son are papermakers in 1871 census
- Parsons (17)
- Alice Anne 18.9.1859.
See p. 556 (also p.309).
Gone. Not transferred.

p.145 Book 2 BURROWS Elizabeth
Entry dated 23.1.1874.
Widow & son Jim
Live at Standford
Can just get to Headley & back
Son to church
Was washing & ironing - rather nice
Was left with seven to bring up.
See page 61 (in this Book?)
Transferred to p.595.

p.145 Book 2 CHANDLER
Old CHANDLER [wife formerly on West's Charity but died in 1877]
Lives now up in Mr ALLEN's yard.
Transferred to p.629.

p.146 Book 2 SUTER William & Eliza (20/1/1871)
Entry dated Jan 1874
Live at Standford Mill & is foreman.
Showed PHD and me over (Jan 1874)
Is a good churchman. Buried wife 1871.
Transferred to p.510.

p.146 Book 2 TAYLOR Daniel (9.7.1826) & Harriett (JEFFERY 27.4.1825) & children
Entry dated 23.1.1874
Married 1.7.1848
Is groom to Mr ALLEN
Children obliged to go to ALLEN's school
Wants kitchen maid's place for Margaret
Anne Alice being 8 years in London (in Place-S)
- William 21.2.1849
- Anne Alice 7.3.1850
- Rosanna 9.1.1853 - bur 6.11.1854
- Margaret 15.6.1856
- Fanny 7.8.1864.
Referred to p.403 & p.1556 Pedigree.
Not transferred?

p.146 Book 2 Mrs Lydia WARREN
Entry dated 25.1.1874
Old - Lives at Standford in house with PIGGOTTS p.147 below.
Is step-mother to Andrew & George WARREN
Went with Bess to see her 25.1.1874
Is Bible Christian
Is sister to CAMPBELL's 1st wife
Came to Communion Xmas 1880.
Referred to p.480.
Transferred to p.670.

p.147 Book 2 PIGGOTT John & Mrs
Entry dated 25.1.1874
Live at Standford in house with Mrs WARREN above
Mrs keeps school.
The BONEs go there - also KNIGHTs (below).
Referred to p.642.
Transferred to p.662.

p.147 Book 2 KNIGHT Will & Emma (JEFFERY) & children
Entry dated 29.1.1874
Married 14.6.1851.
Live at Standford Corn Mill
Children go to Mrs PIGGOTT's school above
PHD here goes a fishing
BGL & I called 29.1.1874 - Mrs not at home.
- William 24.6.1855
- George 11.4.1858
- Sarah A 8.3.1863
- Emma 2.9.1866
- John 7.3.1869.
Transferred to p.642.

p.147 Book 2 FULLICK James (17.1.1819) & Sarah (RANDALL 2.12.1821) & 2 children
Married 22.8.1841
Live near LICKFOLDs. Out 25.1.1874 when called.
Wife dau of p.140 in this Book
- Emily 15.10.1843
- Eliza12.10.1845 - married 8.10.1870 Benjamin CHANDLER p.140 this Book
- Matilda 5.3.1848 - married 21.11.1868 Thomas HOWICK
- James 14.4.1850 - gone mad Jan 1881
- Fanny 9.5.1852
- Eliza 27.4.1854
- Anne 1.1.1857
- Mary J 10.3.1861
- Alice 8.3.1863.
- one of the bottom two daughters married to Walter LICKFOLD (p.148 this Book) by whom one child (boy) born before marriage - probably
Transferred to p.520.

p.148 Book 2 LOUCH Mr & Mrs
Live at Headley Mill - is saddler & keeps shop
No children - gave Bess some cyclamens
Came to Headley in 1866 from London
Came for benefit of health
Brother apprenticed here, now at Bramshott
Not much opinion of Headley-ites
Rather nice but I fear "savon"-y.
Transferred to p.476.

p.148 Book 2 LICKFOLD John & Anna & child
Live at Standford - out on 29.1.1874
Tenant of Glebe. Formerly at ROGERS shop.
- Emily 18.2.1829
- Sarah A 19.9.1830
- John 2.8.1832
- Edward 22.7.1835 - bur 6.6.1870
- Eliz 13.9.1837 - bur 8.10.1856
- James Frederick 25.12.1840 - bur 8.5.1843
- Walter 4.5.1843
- Fred James 1.2.1846 - bur 24.2.1865.
Referred to p.392 & p.520.
Re-entered at p.540, but this info not transferred.

p.148 Book 2 CHANDLER Tom & Eliza (MORGAN) & 4 little children
Entry dated 29.1.1874
Live at Standford across LICKFOLD's water, ie. at Mill Chase?
Walter was minding baby - boy with nice eyes
Walter quieter, Lucy sharp as a needle
Asked if would like to go to school - yes! & knew ABC.
- Walter 5.3.1865
- Mary A 3.6.1866
- Harriett, 1868 - bur 11.4.1868
- Lucy 7.11.1869
- Ann 25.2.1871 - bur 1871
- Clara 29.9.1872
- Florence 1.11.1874
- Thomas Fred 1.2.1876.
Transferred to p.627.

p.149 Book 2 VALE Mr & Mrs
Live at Chase Farm (½ way up WARREN's road)
He was coachman to Mr WATNEY, therefore now keeps Mr WATNEY's horse at Eveley.
She is laundress.
Not transcribed.

p.149 Book 2 COOMBES with 4 children live at Bulls Farm - going away across Whitmore
Oct 1875.
Not transcribed.

p.149 Book 2 VOLLER Mr & Mrs & one child
Live at Grayshott, near Grayshott Farm
Only been there 4 or 5 months 6.3.1874
Nice little woman, child 7 months 6.3.1874 - Henry?
Came from Hindhead; been under Mr BAKER
Now work on Grayshott Farm
Nephew to old master VOLLER
Gone. Q.149
Not transcribed.

p.149 Book 2 MATTHEWS old & MATTHEWS Charles & Phoebe & children
Live on Beech Hill (wanderers)
Had child Joseph christened 22.2.1874
Out on 6.3.1874, but saw girl in van (pleasant)
- Caroline, bapt 4.12.1870
- Joseph, bapt 22.3.1874.
Transferred to p.658 & p.659.

p.150 Book 2 BAXTER George
Farmer & ____
Live at Lindford nearly in the Chase (white house)
Niece aged 34 married 23.10.1873 to Edward FIELD (by licence).
Transferred to p.602? (but it's John BAXTER there; George is nephew in 1881 census).

p.150 Book 2 ALDERTON John & Harriett (BELTON 24.6.1832) & 6 children
Married 10.7.1854
Live at Barford behind Mrs HARRIS
Brother to old master ALDERTON page 1.
Got 7 children, one at service (3 out of 10 have died)
Was baking on 13.3.1874 when called.
Out of 12/- a week, pays 1/- for rent then 10/8 for flour, then has 4d left for schooling, then nothing else.
Referred to p.283.
- Jane 27.4.1856
- Frank 1.2.1862
- Maria 4.6.1865 (crossed out)
- Charlotte (8)
- James (5).
Transferred to p.588.

p.150 Book 2 VINEY Mr & Mrs & son (out in London)
Entry dated 13.5.1874
Making a house on Beech Hill
Is a cabinet maker
Came in 1868; slow work with the trees.
Transferred to p.442.

p.151 Book 2 BARSBY Mr & Mrs & one child
Keeper at Land of Nod
BETTESWORTH says won't stand no nonsense
Out when called
Boy comes to school.
Not transferred.

p.151 Book 2 SMITH William & Mrs & children
Entry dated 9.6.1874
Miller at Barford
Came there Mich 1872
Saw Mrs on 9.6.1874 - very pleasant & chatty - asked me in, nice little room, piano.
Been at other mills, last one had a farm but rent too high, couldn't make it pay.
Not much water since they have been there.
Not transferred? William CHALCRAFT & family (p.351) there in 1881 census.

p.151 Book 2 PACEY Susan, born in 1801
Widow. Lives at Barford, sub-tenant of No.8.
Told me 9.4.1878 that p.260 (WOODGER) had been very kind to her.
Husband died quite lately (this is Jan 1875)
She has just come home from Frensham.
Came for coal on 28.1.1875
Has lost the use of left hand, old master ROBINSON comes in the morning to help her put on her gound.
Special grievance: Dr WOODS charged 8/6 for attending to her hand.
Mother of p.521.
Referred to p.260 & p.521.
Transferred to p.677.

p.152 Book 2 BAKER Mr & Mrs & 3 children
Live at Baigeant's Bridge. Kingsley people.
Parents of page 76.
Live under Mrs CLEAR.
House once belonged to old Mrs NORTH, page 96, but was sold to farmer CLEAR.
Went to see her 9.2.1875, took some coals.
Has nine children, one lives as below.
[Crossed out?=>Two under 12 at home, one bigger]
Transferred to p.255.

p.152 Book 2 KEATING Sir Henry
Headley Park.
House kept by an old person & also a daughter of the BAKERs above, this daughter being about 30.
Transferred to p.626.

p.152 Book 2 BARNETT Edward & Frances (HILYER) & 4 children
Live [crossed out=>Arford behind M????RS] or Quarry
Church people - she cleans church.
Daughter of old master HILYER (see below).
Mrs came for coal 13.2.1875.
- William John 3.2.1867
- Charlotte Maria 1.11.1868
- Ernest
- Kate 29.6.1873.
Referred to p.384.
Transferred to p.604.

p.153 Book 2 HILYER HILLIER William
Old master HILYER [inf: grandchild]
Lives at [crossed out=>Parish House Bottom] Quarry.
Father of Mrs BARNETT above
Went & came back March 1880.
Transferred to p.605.

p.153 Book 2 BUTLER John & Jane & 5 children
[Crossed out=>Live at Bank of England …]
Now live at Hollywater.
Come from beyond Basingstoke
Husband sells brooms
Children go to ALLEN's
CAMPBELL & I went 23.2.1875
Had allotment land at old parish but new squire
Saw Mrs & Charles (aged 18 wants work) - seems decent woman
Saw her & children on 30.6.1875. Husband had just got into some difficulty about cutting ?? over ?? sticks (with Mr DIXON) £1/19/- on a month in Winchester.
Mr ALLEN very good during winter.
- Charles
- (4 more unnamed).
Q.153. Not transferred.

p.153 Book 2 SHRUBB Benjamin & Amy (ERLE) & 6 children
Married at Alton.
Live at Lindford at the crossroads
Says she comes to church
Perhaps not properly married (Amy EARLE is Head in 1871 census, children's surname EARLE, Benjamin SHRUB is Lodger)
Benj SHRUBB married 25.11.1854 ?? to Eliz FULLICK
- Fanny born 1861
- Walter born 1864, bapt 25 Jan 1863 from Headley Wood, Amy written as Emma in register
- Alfred born 1865
- William born 1868
- Charles born 1870 (according to 1871 census)
- James bapt 25.5.1873. Amy marr June 1873 to Benjamin SHRUBB in register
Gone out of parish.
Q.153. Not transferred.

p.153 Book 2 COOMBES James & wife
In place of SHRUBB above.
Married in 1875 or 1876.
Formerly of Bank of England, then at Batts Corner [inf: Mrs George FULLICK]
See p.219.
Transferred to p.219.

p.154 Book 2 WEEKES James & Anne (CHANDLER) & 5 children (in Feb 1875*)
Visit dated 15.2.1875
Married 21.11.1857
Live at Lindford Chase at end on right [Map No.35]
Went to take her some coal on 15.2.1875 because pay a little tithe & had child baptised.
* Now (Mar 1878) 6 children at home & 2 out
Seems a nice (good looking) woman
He a stout sandy-haired man
Baby Clara at 4 months old with very little (light) hair.
- Anne bapt 1.1.1860
- Sarah Ann bapt 25.1.1863
- Eliz Mary bapt 5.11.1865
- Charles bapt 2.2.1868
- Caroline Fanny bapt 5.6.1870
- bapt 1874
- Clara bapt Jan 1878.
Transferred to p.513.

p.154 Book 2 TRIGGS George & Anne (BOXALL) & [crossed out=>wife's father Henry BOXALL]
Visit dated 15.2.1875
Married 1.2.1849
Live at Lindford Chase [Map No.36]
Went with CAMPBELL by mistake thinking it was James W (above)
Saw chapel rules on wall.
Old BOXALL used to live in Headley Street
Were gardeners (page 11) now (Feb 1875) live
TRIGGS not brother of Headley Street p.130 in this Book.
Reference to p.500.
- Mary Anne bapt 10.3.1850
- William bapt 14.3.1852
- Harriett bapt 22/1.1854.
Transferred to p.661.

p.154 Book 2 BOXALL Henry & Hannah (COLLINS, bapt 31.12.1809)
Married 21.5.1831
She buried 2.6.1849 aged 39, living at Sleaford Toll Bar
Parents of Anne above, & he living with her.
- Hannah (actually Ann) bapt 17.6.1832 from Headley Park - m. as above
- John bapt 5.4.1834 - bur 11.8.1844 aged 10
- Harriet bapt 22.12.1836 (in censuses 1841 & 1851)
- William 2.12.1838 - bur 30.8.1865 aged 26
- James bapt 5.4.1840
- Henry bapt 12.12.1841
- Eliza bapt 22.10.1843 - bur 7.1.1844 aged 3 months
- Hannah bapt 19.4.1846 - bur 31.1.1863 aged 16
- Elizabeth bapt 30.4.1848 - bur 17.3.1868 aged 19.
Not transferred?

p.155 Book 2 BLACKMAN George & Anne (STACEY) & children
Married 2.11.1861
Son of p.142 bottom in this Book
Lives at Lindford Chase north of little bridge (been there 2 years, this 2.3.1875)
Information from Mrs GARDNER (below)
Daughter of below. Sells fish at times.
He asked me about more parish pay for old people. Not able to pay out till he took them in.
- Alice barn 1868
- Annie born 1869, bapt 4.7.1869.
Transferred to p.273.

p.155 Book 2 STACEY James & Mrs
Parents of above
Live next to daughter at Lindford Chase
Receive relief from Harbor for Bramshott.
Transferred to p.268.

p.155 Book 2 GARDNER Richard Samuel & Mrs & children
Lives at Lindford Chase, just by dangerous footbridge.
Went to see footbridge & Mrs GARDNER on 31.3.1875
Some people have fallen in.
- Samuel born 1862
- George born 1867
- Anne born 1868
- Adelaide born 1869
- Rhode born 1871 or 1872.
Transferred to p.637.

p.155 Book 2 BURROWS Richard & Mrs & five children
Live at end Lindford Chase Road on left
Information Mrs B on 22.1.1875.
Paper for pig to them on 17.12.1879
- Thomas
- Harriett
- Ellen
- John.
'T.W.B' marked against children.
Transferred to p.596

p.155 Book 2 LEMON George
Live at end Lindford Chase on right.
Information Mrs BURROWS above
Son of old master LEMON (page 59 = p.259)
Mrs always at home, takes in sewing (pleasant).
- Mary
- Henry.
'T.W.B' marked against children.
Transferred to p.355

p.156 Book 2 ROSE Mr & Mrs & 4 children
Live at Chase Farm, Standford (where VALEs lived)
In there for Mr CHALCRAFT, have their firing pound & so have plenty.
Came from Oakhanger Xmas 1874
Two boys come to school sometimes, third is a girl, 4th a baby not very well.
Not transferred?

p.156 Book 2 ADAMS Mr & 5 children
Live at Chase Farm, Standford
Came from Bramshott early in 1875.
Eldest girl keeps house for them.
Some of the children come to school
Recommended to go & see them by CAPES (Rector of Bramshott).
- 1869 Albert.
Transferred to p.587.

p.156 Book 2 HOWICK Thomas & ?Matilda (FULLICK 5.3.1848) & children
Married 21.11.1868
Live at Standford [crossed out=>old Post Office] old Farm, north side.
Gardener to Mr ALLEN.
She daughter of p.520.
- Annie, bap 2.1.1870.
Transferred to p.638.

p.157 Book 2 CARPENTER (the children of Eli died 1877, bur 13.8.1877 aged 55, & Harriett (PIGGOTT) died 1874, bur 17.3.1874 aged 50) - married 18.6.1846, his father George
Live on Standford Hill opposite chapel
Eldest son at home is Noah, born 1847 (no baptisms registered, presumably dissenters)
The boy at CURTIS's is one son.
Saw 29 Aug 1877 - two daughters, the youngest very ill.
Q.157. Referred to on p.1525.
For Harriett, see p.697.
Entry crossed with word 'Gone'
Not transferred.

p.157 Book 2 POOK L
Lives at Standford [cottages south of BARNETT]
Transferred - to p.665? - entry there is for a William, & in 1881 census.

p.157 Book 2 BUDD William & Mary (TILBURY) & 3 children
Came from Conford 3 years ago (viz in 1874)
Children not baptised [Allenites?]
She sister to TILBURY, our old gardener.
Live next to POOK at Standford.
- Annie 1872 (Mary Anne in 1881 census)
- William, born 1.7.1875.
Transferred to p.591.

p.158 Book 2 GATES Mr & Mrs (shoemaker)
Live at [crossed out=>Beech Hill quarry encroachment] Bank of England S???? House
No relation to the other GATES. Works for Mr GAMBLEN [inf: old ALDERTON]
Transferred to p.344.

p.158 Book 2 VALLER Mr & Mrs & 5 children
Live at Bull's Farm, Grayshott. Q.158.
Came there October 1875. Has a helpless boy.
Was confined April 1875 when the boy had whooping cough & was not properly attended. Four months afterwards he (after gradually getting weaker) took to his bed & has been there ever since. Dr WOODS says never get any better. Child very nice & friendly. She clean & respectable. Husband underkeeper & trapper to Mr PHILLIPS.
Two of the children go to I'ANSON's school.
Entry crossed with word 'Gone'
Not transferred.

p.158 Book 2 HEATHER Arthur & Kate (GROVER?)
Married 18.11.1871
Live at Long Cross. WOODTHORPE's cottage in village.
Referred to p.425 & p.514.
Transferred to p.559.

p.158 Book 2 PARFECT George
Live at Long Cross.
Transferred to p.214?

p.159 Book 2 PUTTICK Mr & Mrs
Live at Bank of England
Married by me on _._.1874. (George & Ellen nιe HEATHER m. 3.4.1875 - he and his father Thomas both 'lathe cleavers')
Entry crossed with word 'Gone'
Not transferred.

p.159 Book 2 BRITTON
Building a new house at Bank of England No.26.
Transferred to p.508?

p.159 Book 2 WAKEFORD Noah & Anne (KEELING) [inf: SPEAKMAN]
Live at Deadwater Hill
Had child buried (without church) in 1877
Wife is sister & daughter to the murder & suicide (see alphabetical list of Burials opposite KEELING)
Transferred to p.247.

p.160 Book 2 BARNETT Thomas & Martha (FRY) [old Pat]
Married 25.10.1821
Lives at Picketts Hill.
- James 21.4.1822
- Sarah 6.1.1824
- Benjamin 25.12.1825, bur 19.5.1826
- Elizabeth 15.4.1827, marr 4.10.1851 Thomas HACK
- Mark 2.8.1829, marr 17.10.1850 Eliza TUCKEY
- Luke George 8.4.1832.
Transferred to p.208.

p.160 Book 2 FISHER old John & Mrs [crossed out=>Jane GROVER]
Lives at Deadwater [inf: bottom p.41 of this book]
He now (Jan 1879) in Union. She lies about anywhere.
- Mary Anne 30.4.1820 (dau of John & Jane FISHER in register)
- George, was married 2.8.1873 to Rosetta FOARD.
Transferred to p.451.

p.160 Book 2 HEATHER Fred & wife & children
Live in Headley Street, middle cottage down lane.
- William - comes to Sunday school
- Fred - comes to Sunday school.
Transferred to p.254.

p.161 Book 2 HARDING Albert & Anne (BRIDGER 18.2.1844) & children
Married 29.10.1869
Keeps a shop at Lindford opposite Royal Exchange
Very troublesome about Tithes & Rates
Married a daughter of Joe BRIDGER (below, Hatch House)
- ?Horatio F, born 1870 (Bull).
Transferred to p.474.

p.161 Book 2 BRIDGER Joseph & Anne (died) & daughter & illegitimate granddaughter
Live at Hatch House
Daughter had an illegitimate child (Eleanor Elvina) Feb 1876
Father of Mrs HARDING above.
- Henry, lives at Hilland (p.93 in this book)
- Ann 18.2.1844, marr 29.10.1868 Albert HARDING, above
- Mary 14.4.1850 - mother as above.
Transferred to p.589.

p.161 Book 2 BONE George & Elizabeth & children
Live at Lindford (near Hatch House) - is farrier
Strong chapel-ites (Headley Chapel)
She teaches in Chapel Sunday School
Send their children anywhere but to Headley.
- Ellen 15.6.1862
- Agnes 6.11.1864
- Naomi, born 1869 or 1870.
Transferred to p.590.

p.162 Book 2 HIBBARD … & … & 4 children
Live at Bull's Farm, Grayshott (front)
Came there summer 1877. Saw her 31 Oct 1877.
Children used to go to Headley school, will now go to Grayshott.
Children have whooping cough.
- Ellen 1869.
Now 1880 gone to Simmonstones.
Entry crossed with word 'Gone'
Not transferred.

p.162 Book 2 CANE James & Jane (ALDERTON) & 1 child
Live at Bull's Farm, Grayshott (back)
Came there summer 1877. Saw her 31 Oct 1877.
Married at Churt in July 1876.
Transferred to p.346.

p.162 Book 2 PERKINS … & … & 1 child
Live at Grayshott Hall Lodge (gardener)
Came in early summer of 1877.
Mrs came from Devonshire; finds this wild.
He was in London; left on account of health.
Entry crossed with word 'Gone'
Not transferred.

This was the last page that WHL used for recording people's details in Book 2.
He then transferred most, but not all, the above details into other books of his.

Further information recorded in Book 2 is as follows:—

Information from the registers

Register No.7:-
Page 82: Mr James FOORDE, Vicar of Farnham married (here in Headley) 15.8.1710 Elizabeth MUGGLESTON of the parish of Farnham
Page 85: Benjamin LANGWITH, Dr of Divinity, Rector of Petworth married (here in Headley by licence) 2.11.1734 Sarah GREGORY of Dorking (Surrey)
Page 86: Note that 20.10.1629 John VANDEL of Passfield gave to the poor £10, To Mr William COX (Rector), John BAKER of Stream, William VALLER of Eveley, William MILL of Barford.
Page 20: The repairs of Huntingford Bridge with attorney's Bill for lawsuit.
Page 0: Securities & certificates given by out-parishioners.

Register No.8:-
Page 47: Banns proclaimed by Clerk!

Register No.9:-
Page 41: Wife of Transported man forbidden to marry by the Bishop.
Mrs Sarah FULLICK (informant - see Book 4, p.315) living at Cook's Farm, Barford: COOK was butcher & (because he drank) farmer too - still alive (July 1873) but in the workhouse? (COOK not found in Headley censuses)

Book 3 – Mr LAVERTY starts (or restarts) recording details of his parishioners here through to the end of Book 11 – in no particular sequence

p.2 FORD (FOARD) George (b. 1855) & Anne (GLAYSHER) & 1 child
[Crossed out => Frensham Pond House]
Live at Deadwater [Crossed out => Back of ???]
He son of James p.516. She d. of p.379
For his alleged perjury see p.516
For his threatening his uncle Aaron WOODS see p.272
To be distinguished from p.16
4 children and then he died
- Harry 1881 - soldier (cavalry) in India to 1910
- Bessie 1885 - Mrs E KELLY. RAF
- Jemima 1887 - Mrs Ralph WARD - m.1908 to ex-soldier (S. Staffords)
- Lydia 1889 - Mrs Wm BORROW - m. 6.9.1913 - who went 1925 to Le Court.
They were married October 9, 1880
17.2.1882 privately baptised
He died 20.12.1889 (of Bright's [kidney] disease, aged 33, buried Xmas Day, plot I5) and she (1904) m. John BLACKMAN (p.1429)

p.2 Cutting Dec 1885: HEADLEY - Serious robbery of pheasants - At the Petty Sessions at Alton on Tuesday before W Wickhan Esq (in the chair) and JG Wood and AF Jeffreys Esqs, George FORD was charged with stealing 47 pheasants, the property of Mr Henry Howard ALLEN of Headley. … He was defended by James MOWATT (see p.194)

p.2 Cutting Jan 1886: (Before WCD Esdaile Esq and other Justices) Charge of stealing pheasants at Headley. George FORD, 29, labourer, was charged with stealing 45 tame pheasants, value £20, the property of Henry Howard ALLEN, at Headley on 7th November. … The jury immediately returned a verdict of Not Guilty.

p.3 SUTTON Jane b. 12 May 1861 [sister of Mrs Mary Ann SUTER, 1891 census]
Lives 1881-1882 in Street with p.511
Has twitchings - Dr Leslie recommends hospital
Wrote for her 23.3.1882 to St Bartholomew's
"Every 5 minutes" her right knee twitched
Came to me again about her Jan 1884
She had been better but is again worse
Seems to come on end of each year
After months hospital, better for 9 months.

p.3 VERSTAGE J W (né 1845) & … (RIPPEN?) & daughter (is Mrs MARTIN with a child née 1910)
- owner for some years by inheritance of Barford Mill. Came to live there 1911
Won't pay his little T.R.C.
Has some business in Godalming
She died Nov 1931.
[Kelly's for Churt 1895 - Barford Mill: VERSTAJE, John William, Flock dealer]

p.4 VALLER Widow
[Crossed out => Field House (North side)]
Keeps house for BAKER (see p.5)
Came from Frensham.

p.4 KING … & … & 2 infants
Shoemaker came 1911 to Barford Upper Mill

p.4 BUGGINS Albert Sam & Alice Maud KIRK née 1884
Stoker 1911 at Electric Station, Bordon
Lives on Hendon Road
The Albert Sam married 1910 to Alice Maud KIRK of Paddington
One child only by end of 1916, and returned from war with Cork Reg.
- Hilda Alice Ethel née 7.10.1911 is in 1920 at Birdingbury School
- Lilian Maud née 21.6.1917 is 1920 at home
1920 Mrs BIGGINS is in Hants asylum (would go out naked)
1920 he is "Switchboard Attendant" at Bordon.

Single man living down near Barford stream
House kept by …
Made a lot of money (Inf: Mrs COVER 5.1873)
Came from Frensham.

p.5 BOLTON … & …
Married 1910. In the Firs, Deadwater 1911
Theatrical people (?manager).

In a canteen opposite Deadwater Row 1911

p.6 TAYLOR Daniel & Anne & family
Field House (South Side) gone now - see p.402
TAYLOR Daniel, bap 23/9/1835?
5 children:
- William bap 5/11/1865
- Anne bap 5/1/1868
- James Edwin bap 5/2/1871
- Ellen bap 31/8/1873 [bap reg]
- Alice bap 6/5/1877 [bap reg]

William & Anne go (Xmas 1875) to Mrs Parfect's school.

p.6 QUINELL William Charles & Alice Emma
A dealer (lately from Oakhanger)
At late WREFORDs April 1911
1925 at Chestnut Villas, Lemon Grove, Whitehill
Father & son both in RFA in Great War
Wm Charles & Wm Mark
- Leonard was missing in the war
- Frances Cecilia was married Xmas 1921 (I gave character)
- Kathleen Alice married 7 Oct 1925.

p.7 HUTCHINGS Charles (born 1849) &
New baker (1882) at Headley Mill
Senior Beadle of Foresters - p.535
An Insurance found for his life came Dec 1887 from Prudential Assurance Co
For Miss? SHOTTER see p.177.

p.7 WALLER Richard George - photographer 1911 at Hardings Deadwater.

p.7 HALL
A cycle man 1911 at Hardings Deadwater with a shop on main road.

p.8 HAYDEN George* & Alice (b. 10 April 1861, d. 1903) [WARREN]
Live at [Crossed out => Linstead] Foley's Lodge
He from Winchester, mother died two days before marriage.
Son of Daniel
Come 1895 to Plaster Hill
Then married "Polly HOLDEN"
She died & he married Cook from (in 1912 in London) Sir W NAPIER. (Not sure if date relates to her death or his marriage)
Married by me to Alice WARREN 1 April 1882
- 1884 dau Mary Beatrice married by 1913 to a keeper in Wales. Tall very in 1900 (Not sure if this last phrase relates to Alice or Beatrice)
- 1886 dau Gertrude Alice - died 1919
- 1891 son Frederick G - died 1916
- 1894 dau Elsie Helene - was in service July 1913 - died 1920.
[Rewritten on p.1963]
* of Daniel's sons (see p.456) Alfred p.669 is eldest & above George is 2nd.

p.8 Cutting: Jan 1884 - Henry HEATHER was fined 20s; George HAYDEN 15s; and Charles HEATHER (p.271) 5s, besides 18s6d costs between them, for trespassing with guns on land belonging to the Hon J DUTTON and Headley - The fines varied according to previous convictions.

p.9 WARE John & Rosina (HEDGER)
Living at Robin Hood
Banned June & July 1882
Strangers then living at JANNOWAY's (p. 244)
Received Sept 16, 1882 a letter from Mr Francis FLOWERS (schoolmaster), Merlin House, St Helen's Park Crescent , Southsea claiming Mrs WARE as his wife.

p.9 Letter from a Francis FLOWERS, a schoolmaster whose wife had left him 5 years before and gone through 'marriage' at Headley Church to a man called WARE on 1st July 1882. Rosina HEDGER living at Robin Hood with Mrs FROST.

p.9 PARFITT & … & 3 children
New Chauffeur 1911 to Broxhead House
Two girls née circa 1900 & before, tall
One small boy
Left Broxhead & in Somerset Avenue in March 1912.

p.10 YOUNG … & … & baby
Live at Arthur WHITE's new (1882) house at extreme Greyshott Bottom
Strangers to this parish
Red hair, nice & nice little baby, 1882
House still very damp August 28th
1883 gone.
Probably not same as p.124

p.10 AVENALL Moses & Naomi & grandchild Arthur
plus 3 adult children in 1911 census
New carter 1911 in Harry HEATHER's place
Lives at Stream Cottage.

p.11 NORTH … & … & …
Live at Baj's [Baigents] Bridge, not old
Tried for Dissenting Funeral for nine months child on Sep 12, 1882 but Mr CHIN would not do it as being the first.
Supposed not to be relations of other NORTHs.
Eldest son said to be mixed up with the same case of p.654 & to have thrown spade at keeper.
James see p.175.

p.12 SUTTON John (1852) & Jane (1853) (KING)
Live at last house on right Hollywater
Married by me Sept 16, 1882
She from Leytonstone. He son of Mrs William (p.338)
Saw her 2/3 1885 at Hollywater, oldish looking
Glad to see when passing.
Saw him Dec 12, 1885. Useless sort of looking chap. Tall
He died and widow now (1889) lives with George MARSHALL (p.438)
Not married in 1890
Married Xmas 1890 to one WINTER of Liphook - oldish man.

p.13 BIDWELL Mrs
Old lady (80) living at Stream with Mrs MARSHALL (p.14)
Grandmother to Mrs MARSHALL
Young Mrs came for mutton Nov 7, 1882
The mother died when Mrs B was 10 months old.

p.13 BOND Wm Alf & Alice M (SULLIS) (GULLIS?)
Came as bachelor 1911 to Saddler's in Street
To be married shortly to Aldershot girl.

p.14 MARSHALL … & … & children
Live at Stream Cottage
No connection with the previous MARSHALLs
She granddaughter of Mrs BIDWELL (p.13).

p.14 MULLIGAN T & wife
Came 1911 to Kenton House. Baptists
Married in 1909. He né circa 1865, she younger.

At new (autumn 1882) house in Grayshott between CANE's & top of bottom (Inf: SPEAKMAN)

p.15 ADAMS Francis Percy
Living 1911 at Headley Mill
Gas (works) manager.

p.16 FORD George & Ann &
Gardener etc (1882) to Mrs VINCENT
Child Lily Rose Christened 19 Dec 1882
To be distinguished from p.2.
Children are:
- 1874 Elizabeth
- 1878 George
- 1879 Annie
- 1882 Lily Rose.

p.16 DOWE Ernest Stanley
Came 1911 on Standford Hill from Staines
Clearer of meters for gas works
Calls it Staines Cottage.

p.17 VINCENT Mrs Charlotte Ella & Lily & Miss Isabella VINCENT
Widow lady occupying (1882) the house built by Mr I'Anson and called The Châlet - "Swiss Cottage" - Headley
Very anxious (Xmas 1882) for us to have an organ in Headley church,
Miss VINCENT (one of the daughters mentioned below) living at "Headley Hill" 1882.
Mrs V is widow of Capt Francis Charles RN.
See also p.804.

p.18 Pedigree of WHITINGs

p.19 WHITING Alfred & Louise (BOULDEN) - builder
Live at Bank of England
He son of George at Baigeants (p.479)
See pedigree p.18.
p.420 & Alfred each lost a child Dec 1882
She probably a sister to the Annie PEARSON in this newspaper cutting [about Concealment of Birth at Kingsley]

p.20 GIBBONS … & wife & one child
Moore House (south end)
Gone now & (1882)
Saw Mrs 22/2/1876. Tidy and respectable
Came from … Oct 1875. Was schoolmistress? there.
Husband was groom to parson. Left, did not like the new parson whose wife drinks!
Sorry that she is so far away from "means of grace"
Kept school for little children till 18/2/1876
Mrs DAVIS (p.22) did not know why not now.

p.20 CROWHURST Miss Elizabeth
At back of 1 Pickerings Bungalows 1911
Banned 1911. Works at laundry and married Aug 1911 to Wm WELLS.

p.21 FROST Mrs
Housekeeper to Mr DOREY, Moore House (p.698)
Had measles when she was carrying "her baby". People said the child would never have them, but had them badly when about 6 or 7 years old.

p.22 Moore House (middle house) - WHITE
Moore House (north end) - BONE … & wife & 4 children
Baby baptised on Oct 1, 1876
Visited here on Oct 3, 1876
Rather good looking woman.

p.23 THREADWELL John Kisby & Mary Ann
Bailiff 1882 at Grayshott Park
Dau. Rosa Elizabeth a certified mistress who at times plays Grayshott harmonium
- m. Oct 23 1884 Alfred LEATHERLAND, an engine driver.

p.24 Cottage (between Moore House and Huntingford)
IFOULD (or FYFIELD?) … & wife & (Oct 1875) 4 children
- (girl)
- (boy) about 6 (Oct 1875)
- (boy) about 5 (Oct 1875)
- (boy) about 2 (Oct 1875)
Only came into beginning of October - went to see them Oct 11th 1875 - came from Bramshott, where they had been working at Mr CHRISTMAS's - girl will come to Headley school; but two little boys will go to Moore House where Mrs … [presumably GIBBONS p.20? - JOS] is likely to open school.

Live at Alton
See one of the 4 Miss PETARs p.532

p.25 Cutting Jan 1887: G H SWANBOROUGH of Chawton fined £6 for keeping a carriage without a requisite licence.

p.26 Des BARRES Capt EA
[Crossed out=>Huntingford Farm]
Live at Deadwater
Name from CANE's paper for cow to which he gave 5/-

p.27 JEAL … & … & family
Gardener 1882, 83 at Oaks
Family late at school.

p.28 POINTER … & …
Live at George PARFECT's small cottage.

p.29 COVER James & widow Jane COOMBES
Brother and sister living at Grayshott (1st new house Rt. on Rt. Road) (Inf: Mrs ROBINSON)
Wm COOMBES killed from cart about 1880
- she stranger to parish - he formerly lived at POOK's - he brother to Reuben, Stephen, etc.
- see p.108 for Mrs WINCHESTER.

p.29 Cutting Jan 1888: James CULVER [COVER?] of Grayshott, Headley, was summoned for assaulting James MOORE at Grayshott on 26/12/1887 - MOORE was fined!

p.30 WHITE Wm & Hannah (LEMON)
Rock Bank Cottage (beyond Huntingford Bridge)
- married 5/10/1872
Hannah born 21/9/1851
This is his second wife: 1st wife dau of FULLICK, Cook's Farm, V.830
2nd wife dau of old Mrs LEMON of Fellmongers, III.526.
1st wife died 21/10/1871; marr to 2nd wife 5/10/1872
Saw her Oct 1875 at her mother's cottage; going to have another child. Church people so far as Christening, etc.
See also p.289.

p.31 BARRETT Alfred & wife Mary Elizabeth (she 'beer retailer' in Kelly's Directory 1895)
From London - building 1883 at Grayshott on left of Rt. hand road beyond the left Mrs SMALE's.

p.31 Cutting Sept 1890: Mrs Alfred BARRETT of Grayshott, Headley, was charged with allowing a dwelling-house at Headley, her property, to be occupied before she had obtained a certificate from the Rural Sanitary Authority that there was provided, within a reasonable distance of the house, an available supply of wholesome water. The defendant's husband appeared & explained that he thought the well belonging to another house of his wife's about 50 yards distant, was sufficient.

p.32 HEATHER George & wife & son
Shoemaker living in Grayshott Bottom, formerly a farmer - ?failed.
Plenty to say - pleasant people. Board up "Heather & Son. shoemakers"
Report by people that they kept George GLAYSHER's son that died 1883 too long out in cold - "conscience clear"
HEATHER John - nephew of above, shoemaker at Grayshott 1898 - has a German workman.

p.33 HALE's children - living at left-hand house on Huts Road.
He spirit merchant with 13 children - so a number live down here (Inf: HEATHER)
Is to build on land N & W of HEATHER.

p.33 HALE … & … & 3 children* - son of the above, came 1914 to Whitmore
* Boy né circa 1898; girl née circa 1905; girl née circa 1908.

p.34 LEGH Edwin Corbet & Mrs
Live at Pound Cottage; has pension; been in china; brother a parson
Came in 1882.

p.35 WHITAKER né 1858 Alexander Ingham - new purchaser 1883 of Grayshott Estate - ?past proprietor of Ingham's marsala
- his sister Mrs CHRISTIAN - p.1416
- m. at Headley 6/6/1895 Miss Bertha Catherine de PURY, niece to Miss C I'ANSON
Sold the Grayshott Estate at end of 1927
Died in Belgium & bur. at Grayshott, Sept 1933.

Loose notes:
WHITAKER - on the 29th June 1883 at Pylewell Park, Lymington, the wife of W Ingham Whitaker of a son.
Grayshott Hall Estate: 1,800 acres; rental £605; price £42,500; timber £8,094; fittings £380; Total £50,974 - Mr Wm Ingham Whitaker of Pylwell Park, Lymington
Cantilever principle
Cutting: WHITAKER - on May 5, 1956, peacefully at Redcroft, Grayshott, Berthe Catherine, beloved wife of the late Alexander I Whitaker.

Old lady living (1880) Lindford Chase
Mother to George p.617 [inf: BOXALL]
Visitors with her July 1883 when called
Went to son & Mich 1884 back to Lindford Chase
Real name Mrs LEMON, she having married again.

p.37 CHIVERTON Samuel & …
New (1883) people at Moore House
Brother to Thomas p.234
Child Christened by BROWN July 1883.

p.38 CHITTY James & Mary Ann - live Grayshott Bottom, Bramshott further end - child Christened 5/8/1883 George - been in Headley since Xmas 1882.

p.39 PONT James & family
Live in Eveley Cottages (furthest from chapel) [inf: Valuer's List 1882]

p.40 MADGWICK - Came Mich 1883 to new house Grayshott Bottom [inf: SMALL & SPEAKMAN]

p.40 FULLICK Augustus Joseph & Ada Lucy (KNIGHT) née 1881
dau of p.41, son of Wm p.500
Married 14.9.1907.

p.41 KNIGHT James (né Xmas 1851) & wife Mary Anne (COOMBES) née Mich 1856
Live at Deadwater: allotment cottage
Son of Wm (miller) p.642
Married at chapel in 1879 or 1880
dau of Dan COOMBES p.240 [bapt reg says dau of Wm & Lucy]
The two daus are on these 2 pages.

p.41 MATTHEWS James & Mary Mabel (KNIGHT née 1887) d of above.
He ex soldier & working 1908 in Camp
Married 1907 at Reg Office.

p.42 TITFORD … & wife
[Crossed out => Headley Park (cottage opp. Chapel Cottage)]
Live at EADE's house Deadwater Hill
Formerly bailiff [Crossed out=>Alexandra Park] cottage near Lord Selborne's
Now jobs about [inf. STRUGNALL]
No children - she short & tidy, fairly pleasant.

p.43 CHANDLER Harry & Harriett (TULL)
Live at Hollywater (at Late Common)
She Dr PLUMMER's servant
Son of Charles p.341
Old Mrs George COURTNAGE gone to them
Nov 1888 at old school [at Hollywater] (Mich 1884) which Mr ALLEN would have liked to buy back for Iron Room, but Mr GREENWAY will not sell.
He 2 years keeper to Capt DARVALL his brother Charles (p.366) being keeper.
John WINDIBANK (p.191) would have liked it but not enough courage.
Married 22 July 1882.

p.44 COLLYER Sam & Ellen Elizabeth & 6 children
[Crossed out => Headley Park (The Lodge)
New people come from dist: March 1883 to Trottsford
Live near Farm (in Hampton's place) [inf: Mrs James COOMBES]
She pleasant, tall, with 2 projecting teeth
4 children at Kingsley school - saw 2 others younger very fat & fine on 2.5.1884, elder of whom has leg bound up to prevent its growing crooked.
He held pony 22.9.1884; sturdy pleasant little man. Told me if I did not get kilty layer, collar might break her wind.
- Fred (worked for GAMBLEN) married Mrs WHITE & 1926 at Passfield
- 1871 Eliza Jane m.1900 & in 1922 Mrs STRETCH, 13 Rushes Rd, Petersfield - m. 8.12.1900 to widower James STRETCH, 30, engine driver of North Bradley
- 1879 William - died 1895
- 1885 Emily
- 1887 Victor Henry
- 1889 Clara
- 1891 Kate (in Croydon asylum 1922)
- 1892 Ada (died 1894).

p.45 FREEMAN … & sister
Live in Wagners Wells Cottage - he a clerk (or ?) in Merchant Taylors?
Come for benefit health.

p.46 GAUNTLETT George & Anne & family
Live at Hollywater where lived Wm GAUNTLETT
He a foreman to a builder with 10 men
A considerable family [inf: Mrs Jas GAUNTLETT p.548]
House came to this George on his paying out his brothers, etc.
She Dec 1883 ill
Son of Abraham.
See also Q.23
Are these children theirs?
1872 Ada - yes
1873 Florence - yes
1876 - I think so.

p.47 WHITE Luke & Sarah & family
Man of 30 or 35 come 1883 to last house in Grayshott Bottom - exchanged with Madgwick (inf: p.577)
Having had warning on account of a robbery at a person's in Frensham of name of ROGERS - very likely not rightly accused, but suspected.
His connection with George FORD (accused 1885 of pheasant stealing) p.2
A son aged 20 bur. here 1893
He came to live with son at Eashing Cotts in 1913 end
- Alfred, bapt. 22/3/1885
- William Percy, bapt. 1887 at Shottermill
- Annie Victoria, bapt. 7/10/1888
- Christopher, bapt. 1/2/1891, bur. 1892
- Marjery, bapt. 29/12/1895.

p.48 MOORE Louis & Elizabeth (ALDERTON)
- to Bulls Farm, Mich 1883 (inf: BETTESWORTH)
- she churched 30/3/1884, at Grayshott - this (I told 1923) his 2nd wife; the 1st perhaps was Rose HARRIS m. 30/5/1875 - 1st wife bur. at Churt & he bur. at Churt, March 1923
For his evidence against WINCHESTER, see p.584
One son in Grayshott 1923; another killed in War
- Child Rose, bapt. 6/4/1884;
- Elizabeth Eileen, bapt. 8/2/1887;
- Minnie May & Murray Morris (twins) bapt. 4/1/1891
One of the sons in 1897 at the Bothy.

p.49 EDWARDS Edward
New cottage "inside" MATTHEWS on Deadwater Hill (1884)
Cottage bought (Mich 1885) by WHEELER (p.120) and Edwards gone.
1884 Reginald, died 1884
1885 d.

p.50 CHALCRAFT William & family
No text written, just a cutting: Funeral of W CHALCRAFT at Bramshott
Wm Hy CHALCRAFT, the son, né 1842 or early 1843.

p.51 KNOTT
At "late LAILEY"
Parents to Charles p.310
She died Feb 16, 1884 - buried at Worldham
A great big roughish looking man.

p.52 GREEN Mr Bentley - Entertainer who came 187?, 1882, 1884
No text written, just a short cutting about one of his visits to Headley.

p.53 KNIGHT John & Charlotte (COLLINS)
Live at [Crossed out=> Saunders Green] Hearne
Formerly farming Alton way
Came early in 1883 to Saunders Green
She elder dau of & like Mrs COLLINS (p.612)
Dau Martha is at James CURTIS in village & in 17.6.1901 married James Thomas BEARD p.1112
Saw her at Hearne 18.7.1884 - very trampish (see below).

p.53 BEARD James Thomas & Martha (KNIGHT) & family
Lived on Stone Hill, then Barford & now 1921 near Saunders Green
She trampish.
James died in Guildford 1921 after operation on poisonous foot.
Alice Davis m. 1924 to Frank CASWELL
Gladys Gwendoline m. James ANDERSON of Scots Guards by Presbyterian CF at Headley Chapel third week in Aug 1927.

p.54 ALDERTON Frank (b. 1/2/1862) & …
Crossed out=>Trottsford [in Cottage near]
Crossed out=>[at present thrown into p.56]
-Young people at Barford (penultimate left) - just married - he son of p.588
(inf: Mrs SMITH, next door)

p.55 SAWYER & wife & 1 child
Coming 1884 to Chapel House
Bought (& about to build on) BRAKE's land
Commercial traveller
She hurt (fell down stairs) in 1884.
Cutting: Gave footlights for an 'entertainment' in Schoolroom

p.55 Letters: from Mr PATEY of Redhill about his only daughter, Ethel, and Mr PHILLIPS of Hilland whom she was to marry. A strange & melodramatic story, Mr LAVERTY refusing an invitation to visit, obviously because he didn't want to offend Mr PHILLIPS.
See p.63.

p.56 & p.57 missing on microfilm, but subsequently photographed

p.56 CHIVERTON George & Elizabeth
Trottsford [West Cottage near]
[at present thrown in with p.54]
- Samuel bapt 23.10.1859
- Alice bapt 25.12.1861
- George bapt 14.2.1864
- Henry born 20.2.1866
- Emma bapt 3.4.1870
- Albert born 23.7.1872.
Live near Trottsford; work under CLEAR's. Chatty & agreeable. Only saw DYKES twice & curates twice & this in 15 years (special grievance) - [But if she was as often out as I have found her, then no wonder]
Whole family out on 12.10.1875.
Parents to p.34.

Living on Deadwater Hill.
Bought some of BRAKE's land & about to build.
With him lives "COLE"-like person SAMPSON whom Mr CAMPBELL & I saw in May 1884.
For the pieces bought see p.184.
Said to be trustee for 2 children.

p.58 THOMSON Lady - bought (1884) KEMP's house at Deadwater.

p.59 MOSS Henry & Annie (GATES)
Live with wife's father (p.596) at Standford
Married 5.4.1884 at Chapel
She dau of Stephen GATES p.594.
Had dau 13.3.1885 not christened by Jul 1885
Her brother William GATES coachman, etc came back about 1910 & to have OAP Summer 1911 - lodging 1911 with James KNIGHT (Deadwater).

p.60 CLARKE … & wife & young children
Lives at Grayshott (in Bramshott) opposite to Luke WHITE
Mr I'ANSON's new (1884) gardener - formerly gardener at Rectory
Looked over our garden on 2/5/1884 when he came down for mother's (p.61) relief.

p.61 CLARKE Mrs - mother to p.60 & lives with him
Seeks (May 1884) for parish relief to be repaid by Godalming people.

p.62 LEE Henry & wife
Sleaford [New Inn]
Called with CAMPBELL Oct 19, 1875, saw Mrs, a thin little woman, saw us in the passage but did not press us to go in. Husband has been very bad for 3 weeks but is now better.

p.63 PATEY JGW & Madame & Ethel
Coming 1884 to Pound Cottage - he music publisher (Patey & Willis, 44 Gt Marlborough St), she the singer (contralto). Son of a parson, brother to p.928.
Left March 1888 for Blindley Heath near East Grinstead.

Several cuttings here

p.63 Cutting May 1888: A marriage has, it is stated, been arranged between Miss Ethel PATEY, the only daughter of Mr PATEY and Madame PATEY (the celebrated contralto), and Mr Walter PHILLIPS of Wrecclesham. See correspondence p.55 for story.

p.63 An exceptionally interesting newspaper cutting about Madame P (1888). Very pleased with herself?

p.64 Sleaford Farm (N side)
CHAPPELL - just come on 12 Oct 1874 - two little children (inf: p.66) [Page crossed out, endorsed 'Transferred']

p.65 MANT William - The King of the Forest
Used to say "Must go off now or poachers will be about"
A poacher, etc. Lived about anywhere.
'Tis said that his mother was sister to the mother of Mrs COVER (p.563) otherwise no relations about.

p.65 Cutting: William MANT found dead in a stable at LICKFOLD's mill, under the manger. (Dr PLUMMER) No date given.

p.66 AYLES - Sleaford Farm (S Side)
No Children Wife daughter of old FULLICK who used to live at Bayfields Road. Mrs FULLICK died there & then old FULLICK went and lived with his daughter, 1st at Lodge House before Sir Henry came & then (after he was come) at the New Cottages at Picketts Hill. Always been brought up & likes to go to Headley church. Called on her 12/10/1879 - she knew me. Pleasant. Washes at times for Mrs Hoare, to Mr H farm belongs. Sleaford farm called in letters Sleaford Cottage. She keeps Mrs Hoare's ducks for her. Complained that when her father died, Dr WOODS though sent for on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings never came till Friday morning when her father was dead. [Page crossed out, endorsed 'Transferred']

p.67 HAYDEN John (died Jan 1937) & Eliza [COOMBES or HEATHER] (Died 2 Mar 1934)
Live at right (end of) Lindford Chase
Married by me 5.6.1884 (she only 19)
When I ask him his age "Both of same age"
Son of Daniel (p.456)
Daughter of Fred (p.254)
His son William married Polly DOPSON - see p. 436.
See cutting with obituary.

Mr FOLEY's (The Hoys) (HOAREs?) - see also p.218
Does not like the place at all & wants to get back to where he came from; & thinks he shall; been here since July. Just turned off FULLICK and another for bad trenching. Short determined little man; likes Mr Fitzalan FOLEY very much.
Remained on however.
Badly hurt by accident June 1884.
"Elizabeth MORLEY" had son 10.3.1885 - not christened by Oct.
She gone away.

p.68 Cutting dated 1886: The Headley Child Case - Elizabeth MORLEY was brought up in custody charged with having killed her illegitimate child, aged 11 months, at Headley, on February 6th. She was remanded until Saturday, when the case will be gone into.

p.68 Further long clippings attached on the trial.
For the perjury arising out of this case see p.209.
Dreadful story of a young abandoned woman, Elizabeth, daughter of MORLEY, a farm bailiff, who let her child die of neglect and was already pregnant again. Sentenced to 2 years hard labour, 1885. Sister, Mrs STILLWELL, lived at Broxhead.

p.69 LEGG George & Maria
New policeman come 1884
Lives at Arford in SPEAKMAN's Cott (behind pond)
Child christened June 1884
Considered rather sharp.

p.69 Cutting from Bentworth: … if this man (PC LEGG) keeps on as he is going at present, sir, this country will soon be as bad as it is in Ireland. (Mar 1883)

p.70 & p.71 Pedigree of BARNETTs - amended from 1695-1795 Register - many others impossible to connect.
I think that William & Sarah came out of Bramshott after the birth of James; & going first to 'Broxhead' whatever that may mean ultimately settled down at Lock's Farm, the place between Linstead and Headley Wood, which is now pulled down. James died at Chawton.

p.72 The Club, started 2 June 1884 by Mrs [Charlotte] VINCENT - with the assistance of subscriptions from herself, her sister-in-law, Mr WRIGHT, Mr FRASER & others.
Committee 2.6.1884: Charles MOSS (p.297), William HARNETT (p.200), George FORD (p.16), George HOLDEN Jnr (p.384), NORTH (p.11), George MARSHALL (p.438), James HACK (p.537)
Had a supper 2.6.1884. The committee cut the 20lb beef in half & had their supper first at Mrs VINCENT's (she not at home). They more than half emptied a nine-gallon cask, though the rules (copied from Rake) limit each member to 2 pints. P.11 [NORTH] when he came down to receive the new 8 members was very ill! The committee wished the new members to pay for all the beer! Ultimately they settled it by paying 1½d a pint for what they had had.Two or three of the committee did not turn up at the second dinner (For Mrs M's remark on this evening see p.435).
On the previous Friday there was to have been a meeting. Several went, but MOSS who had the key did not turn up. He had been (all the time?) at the Crown!!!
p.73 The eight members who joined (paying 6d each) 2 June 1884 were:
Henry GAMBLEN (p.457), John HOLDEN (p.384), Edwin? BLANCHARD (p.335), MOSS (p.297), MOSS (p.297), John VINEY (p.442), Fred BURROWS (p.391), Thomas? STAPLEY (p.558)
[Was this Club over Longcross House, or over The Crown? – Joyce Stevens] [No, it was at Windridge – Judith Kinghorn]

p.73 Two Cuttings about an Entertainment in Headley, Dec 1885

[Crossed out => Coming June 1884 to Arford Cottage]
Nov 24th 1884 gone to Birdsnest
Said to be son of clergyman - born about 1825
Said to have been Headmaster of Stoke Newington Grammar School
Wrote 14.11.1884 to Blomfield JACKSON - no such grammar school, name not known - so some mistake. [But there was a Stoke Newington Grammar School according to Google]

p.75 DUTTON, Hon J T
Lord of the Manor of Broxhead - gave (through his agents Bailey, Morrison & Brown) £5 each year (to 1884) towards the school and C.C. [clothing club]
Died 1884.

p.75 Cutting: Alresford, June 1884: Death of the Hon J.T.DUTTON - We have to record with much regret the death, which took place on Sunday last at his residence, of the Hon John Thomas DUTTON, of Hinton House. Mr DUTTON was son of the 2nd and brother to the present (3rd) Lord Sherborne, and was born in 1810; he had therefore attained his seventy-third year.…

p.76 Blackmoor Vicars:
1868-187? George JELF
187?-188? William Waltham HOWARD
188?-1884 JS WARMAN
1884-1891 E Denison LEAR
1892-1898 Richard AC BEVAN
1898- FG EYRES + St Mary's, Southampton

p.76 Cuttings: Blackmoor Vicarage: The Earl of Selborne, patron of the living, has presented the vicarage of Blackmoor to the Rev ED LEAR, BA. The income is stated at £220 per annum, a large proportion of which is contributed by Lord Selborne, who also built entirely at his own expense the handsome church of the parish.
Jan 1885: Blackmoor: Marriage of the Vicar (ED LEAR) to Miss JA MILLAIS
Dec 1891: Blackmoor: The Rev E Denison LEAR, vicar of Blackmoor, has accepted the rectory of Mells, Frome, Somerset … Mr LEAR has held this living, which is in Lord Selborne's gift and is worth £208 a year, since 1884.

p.77 DENNING Rev Charles & Mary
Dissenting minister thrown from trap June 1884
Mrs DENNING died in 2 hours - he survived but much scarred.
She eldest sister of the CURTIS' p.614 & p.615.

p.77 Cuttings: Jn 1884 - A fatal carriage accident happened in Chepstow on Monday night. The Rev Charles DENNING, a Bible Christian minister, with his wife and two servants, was driving home in a pony-carriage from a tea meeting in Caldicot. When at the top of Mount Pleasant a white cat crossed the road and the pony dashed off down the hill and ran against the terrace at the bottom. The carriage was smashed to pieces. Mrs DENNING sustained a fracture of the skull, and she died two hours after the accident. Mr DENNIING was in a critical condition, his head and face being terribly cut. The late Mrs DENNING formerly resided at Standford (near Liphook, Hampshire) and was the daughter of Mrs CURTIS of that place, being also a relative of Messrs WARREN, paper manufacturers. She was married to Mr DENNING some few years ago but does not leave any children. We are happy to be enabled to report that Mr DENNING is progressing favourably. The deceased lady's remains were brought to Liphook on Wednesday evening and subsequently conveyed to Standford to await their interment at the parish church, Headley [plot 5-47, stone No. 327 engraved DENING]. Mr DENNING was a former Pastor of the Liphook District in connection with the religious denomination to which he belongs and much sympathy is expressed at his sad bereavement. [No mention of what happened to the servants!]

p.78 BLAKE
[Crossed out => Bank of England] - [The are several pages around here where Laverty has written Bank of England as an address and then crossed it out – as far as we know, 'Bank of England' was where the Bordon old fire station crossroads is now]
Rock Cottage, S end
Pensioner Army Pay Department
[living on Quarry]
(£75 a year) came July 14, 1884 to have paper signed
Says he is living with Mr & Mrs JEFFERY.

p.79 JEFFERY Walter James & Mrs
Living at Rock Cottage, S end - ie. UPPERTON's on Quarry
A child born (HARBON's list) 22.8.1884
One born in about 1882
He an unsatisfactory-looking young man, this in 1884.

p.80 FUDGE [FUNGE?] Uriah & wife
Keeps Cricketers Inn at Passfield
Her summary of Fred GAUNTLETT, see p.678.
[See Arthur FUNGE, Liphook Lives, p.31 – the family name is definitely written FUNGE there]

p.80 Cutting: July 1884 - Club Anniversary: The annual demonstration in connection with the Good Samaritan Friendly Society held their 21st anniversary at the Cricketers Inn, Passfield on Friday … The members, to the number of about 130, assembled for the purpose of attending service at the Bible Christian Chapel, Standford, preceded by a brass band, marched in procession, the Rev J BASSETT, Pastor of the Liphook Circuit, preaching an admirable discourse. The society then perambulated the neighbourhood and, adjourning to a field kindly placed at their disposal by Mr CHALCRAFT, sat down to an excellent repast provided by host FUDGE, at which the Rev J BASSETT presided, supported by Dr PEARSE (the late Surgeon), Dr BARRY (the present Surgeon) and other friends. The Society had more than £500 invested in good security, which speaks well of the management and more particularly for its Secretary (Mr C NEWMAN) who has held the office since its formation, but who contemplates resigning in January next. It is hoped however that he will before then reconsider his determination.

p.80 Cutting: July 1884 - Gaming in a Public House: Uriah FUDGE, of the Cricketers Inn, Passfield, Bramshott, was summoned for allowing gaming in his licensed premises. Charles WEST and Thomas BURROWS, labourers in the employ of Sir Archibald MACDONALD, were called by the police as witnesses. They prevaricated, denied, and then unwillingly admitted that they did play for beer on the French bagatelle board. The defendant's wife told Inspector ADAMS they asked for the board simply to play for ½oz of tobacco.…

p.81 SMALL William & wife
Come to small high cottage by LICKFOLDs
- very young people
Asked her 15.7.1884 if 'it was her father lived there' - 'no, my husband'
For Mr and ½ Mrs, see p.1528.
[Crossed out => Probably the Walter SMALL whose child born 14.2.1885 was not Christened.]
This SMALL is son of a Mrs SMALL living paralysed on Passfield Common more than 6 years by 1894, she being sister to the late paralysed Charles CHANDLER - page 610; and to a young CHANDLER who died of a stroke many years before 1894.

p.82 Letter from C PARISH to Laverty: 22nd March [no year] - text concerns the disputed marriage of Mrs STRUGNELL aka Mrs WALKER aka Mrs CHANDLER - no reply filed.

p.82 DAVIS … & wife
New people at Lindford Laundry
People of about 40 to 45 - no family
Came from Bristol
Saw him 16.7.1894 - strong accent.

p.83 AVIS, Mr & Mrs
Live at "Model Farm" ("or Lindford Chase"), BAXTER's house, Lindford Chase
Information: John HAYDEN (p.67)
He large and jokey, she small & Mrs Speak-nanny
Have a son-in-law "sharp"
Wrote in Nov 1891 from 38 Friern Road, East Dulwich to say had failed in business & asking for testimonial as gamekeeper, etc.

p.84 SMITH Mrs & son
Live at Rock Cottage, N end
Come from Portsmouth - he is a little chap.

p.85 LEMON George & wife
Live on White Hill - woodyard [Where was this? - Joyce Stevens]
Rents my occupation roads: 2/4 to Mich 1884 for a year; paid 2.8.1884 & receipt sent
? Blacked K's eye July 1884 (wfc)
He died Nov 1919, burial Blackmoor.

p.85 Letter to Laverty from George LEMON, Contractor & Timber Merchant, Steam Saw Mills, White Hill, Blackmoor, Petersfield, Hants: May 10th, 1888 - Dear Sir, I beg to ask if you would be so kind as to let me about ½ acre of your piece of waste adjoining my Timber yard. I want it for the purpose of storing timber on. I would pay you a small rent for it, say 5/- every Michaelmas. Your answer by bearer will much oblige, or at your earliest convenience. I am Sir, yours obediently, Geo LEMON.

p.86 KNIGHT George & Mary (MESSINGHAM)
Underkeeper at Wishanger (see p.87)
Banned July 20th 1884 to Mary Ann MESSINGHAM (p.205)
Married August 1884
Live beyond Parish Boundary - see p.171
Now (1889, 1890) live at Bank. 1911 and before at Lindford.
Brother to Mrs Reuben BARNETT (p.357)
Grandchild BUXEY born in India, baptised 1928.

p.86 Cutting: May 1890 - The Rabies Order - George STURGESS of Alton, George JEFFERY of Ropley, Charles HEATHER of Headley and George KNIGHT of Headley were convicted of allowing their dogs to run at large without being properly muzzled. With the exception of KNIGHT all were fined 5s each, including costs. KNIGHT, who threatened the constable when he was served with the summons, was fined 10s.

p.86 Cutting: Oct 1891 - Trespassers - George KNIGHT, Henry HEATHER and Frank MESSINGHAM were charged with trespassing in search of rabbits on land belonging to Mr H DUTTON at Headley on October 11th. The case was proved by William COZENS; and the defendants were fined 13s each including costs. [Do these cuttings also relate to p.271?]

p.87 HENDREY - Keeper at Wishanger (information SPEAKMAN)

p.88 HOCKADAY F & wife & family
Come to their newly-built cottage at Deadwater - behind.
Saw her (chatty) Sept 16th 1884
He lately a porter at East India Docks
Three or four little children, one born end of 1883
Built the cottage out of savings?
Trade dull in London so come down here.
Had in fact enlarged liver (told us this Jan 7th 1885)
Says should like a church of England service (but evidently had not been to church - did not know me)
"BRAKE would give the ground" he says. For the pieces he bought see p.184*.
Cottage sold & in 1895 in possession of the Misses SAINSBURY
60-62* is I think Shamrock Cottage where Mrs READ now lives.

p.88 Cutting: May 1886 - A small freehold cottage for sale with suitable outbuildings and large garden. Apply to F HOCKADAY, Deadwater, Headley, Hants.

p.89 KINGSHOTT Daniel & Laura (FORD or FOARD)
She sister to Mrs WILLIAMSON or MARKS, Hollywater, p.2100
Live at Deadwater, 1st house over bridge
Married August 1884
She dau of Jemima, p.516
Saw her at her aunt's 7.10.1884 - very good-looking
- a dau 28.6.1885 not churched or christened
- a dau Esme Dorcas KING née 1884 - see p.2113.
He came 14.1.1887 with a paper (horse £4.10.0) written out by WARREN's. It said that the horse had died of starvation. I gave 0 "as I had refused previous papers to members of our congregation". He said he usually had attended Iron Room but "that ought not to make any difference to Christianity"
Nephew to Isaac KINGSHOTT , p.1885.

p.90 BROMLEY & 2 children
Going Mich 1884 to Stone Pit
Taken ALLDEN's meadows in Fullers Bottom
Brother to a publican (see p.1163) who stayed at the Crown in the summer of 1884
HOARE liked them very much and gave each of his daughters 10/-
Wife died (consumption) Nov 1884 - been married 6 years.
Shortish, dark, thin man
Seen with him, baby with grandmother.

p.90 Letter from R BROMLEY to Laverty: Dec 13th 1887 - address: Park House, Burgess Hill -
Revnd Sir, I take this early opportunity of returning my sincere thanks for the kind recommendation which you so kindly forwarded to Mr FOSTER.

p.91 HEBBERD Mr & Mrs & children
Live at small house at Wishanger
Came summer 1877 to Bulls Farm - when 1880 to Simmonstones
Saw her at Wishanger 26/9/1884, pleasant & chatty.

p.92 SNELLING … & Mary Anne (BURROWS)
Man & wife & 2 children at Elliott's Farm [S] - (inf: Mrs Henry FULLICK)
Came there (?) early in 1884 - very poor, better now.
She came for rag (Oct 11th 1884) - he had cut his hand chopping and poisoned it.
Eldest dau of Hen-Woman (p.231)
Twice married - 1st time to George FORD 18.6.1853, coachman to BRANETTES of Thursley.
- by FORD 6 children [of whom 4 dead in 1884]
- by SNELLING 7 children [of whom all or 6 alive in 1884], 2 at home
He now dead
Mother to Annie SNELLING servant at Holly Bush.
Mother to Mrs CRAFT (p.963) & to Mrs MOREY (Annie?), married June 1889, (living in Bramshott under Mr MOWATT).

p.93 STRUGNALL Charles & WALKER Mrs (née CHANDLER)
Live together at Elliott's Farm [N]
He son of George (p.248)
She daughter of Mrs Eli (p.269) - separated from her husband ? owing to his (her?) drink.
She washes for ALLDEN at Moore House
He afterwards married Mrs FRANKLIN (p.520) & lived on Passfield Common, & 1904 came to Hollywater & living 1912 (or before) at Deadwater.

p.94 Starvacre Corner - is the corner of the wood where the path branching to Mr BUTLER's (Downland) Wagners Well branches from the path from Fullers Bottom to Grayshott (Wagners Wells)

p.95 SMITH widow Andrew (née Thirzah BARNETT)
Lives 1884 with mother at Standford.
The husband scared? to death in 1882.
She dau of William BARNETT (p.582)
He son of Celia SMITH (p.227)
Banned Oct 1884 to James HOARE & married to him Nov 9th - see p. 111
See page Q.19 [not sure what page that is]

p.95 Paper given in by Mrs Thirzah HOARE at her marriage to show her name and age. "Phurse Hage 37 years"

p.96/97 Pedigree of WOODS - starting with Richard WOODS bur 4.2.1733 & Jane bur 15.3.1749
Note: William WOODS (bapt 1812) joined in sheep stealing Wordham way & ran away in 1839 or 1840 (when Mrs Jemima FOARD was 15 or 16) to Guernsey. (The accomplices were transported) He took his mother's name [WALTHAM?] badly spelled [as WALTON?].

p.98 ALBERY (ALBURY) Edward & Jane (PIGGOTT)
Come Michaelmas 1884 to the first Hollywater Cottage (late old PIGGOTT's)
He & p.340 (2 brothers) married two sisters.
She dau of old Mrs PIGGOTT - p.337.
Children are:
- Caroline - b. 6.3.1869 - now Mrs ROBINS, housekeeper 1913 to p.1681 - had twins: Ada Kate & Emily Jane, b. 27.5.1895 - she died suddenly (at Hindhead?) end Nov 1925
- James - b. 31.1.1871 - married Alice Matilda FIGG & LIVED Standford & Hollywater, p.810
- William - b. 2.5.1874 - see p.1526
- Walter - b. 27.12.1876
- Harriett & Anne (twins) b. 6.4.1881 - Anne married Harry SMALL, p.100.

p.99 DAWES William né 2.6.1837 & 5 children
Live in Headley Park where Tom COOMBES lived
Came from Batt's Corner [inf: Mrs CHIVERTON, Picketts Hill]
Widower - home kept by eldest daughter - pale, little woman.
2 children go to Kingsley school; 1 lives with aunt at ? Batt's Corner
Brother to p.112
Married 1887 to Ellen BARKER (p.319) - she died (suddenly, see below) in 1890.
See p.1067 for Ellen D (now Mrs ALDRED)
He ultimately married 20.4.1895 Eliza RAVENHILL (see p. 1360) who had been nurse at Headley Park.
Has a wife Eliza age 60 in 1911 census, living at Fern Cottages, Arford.

Wm Geo BURROWS [Don't know what this list of names on the same page refers to]
1872 - Geo DAWES
1875 - Kate DAWES - m. 6.10.1900 Frederick HEDGES, 25, police constable of Camberwell
1880 - Alf DAWES
1879 - Kath MESSINGHAM
1878 - Caroline DAWES

p.99 Cutting: Dec 1890: Binsted - Shocking case of sudden death - The Coroner (Mr Henry WHITE) held an inquest on Thursday at Bentley Park Cottage on the body of Ellen DAWES. On the previous Tuesday afternoon the deceased, who was the wife of William DAWES, in the employ of RS WRIGHT Esq at Headley Park, was walking with a friend (Mrs Alfred CRANHAM, of Farnham) who had spent the day with her, to the Bentley Station when, at about 4.30, opposite the Holt enclosures, she said she felt ill, immediately fell, and expired before Mrs CRANHAM could touch her. Mr W KAY, surgeon of Bentley, on arrival pronounced life extinct; and the body was conveyed to the husband's home at Headley. Mr KAY attributed death to heart disease; and the Jury returned a verdict to that effect. The deceased was 45 years of age.

p.100 PALMER George
Now (Oct 1884) at New Inn
Formerly Miss LUSHINGTON's coachman.

p.100 SMALL Harry & Annie (ALBURY)
Live at Hollywater - married March 1906
He son of p.1351 - she dau of p.98
See p. 1528.

p.101 BAKER John & wife & dau & son born 1860?
Just come (Mich 1884) to Sleaford Farm House - a man of 70.
Younger dau at home (between 20 & 30) - only ½ there - saw dau 31.12.1884 & information J HOARE
Perhaps same as p.255.
Formerly lived under HOARE at Dockenfield. Some row ?about labourers' union
He dead.
And now 1893 with them lives a grandson WILKINSON (born 1890 or 1891)
The child's father George WILKINSON (not a very steady man) married a BAKER who died early in 1892 when last child 5 days old, leaving 6 children of whom the baby is at Kingsley and the above boy here.

Lodger (Oct 1884) with Henry COURTNAGE (p.530).
Eldest son of BARTHOLOMEW p.103
A pensioner who fools his quarter's money away in 2 or 3 days.
Called 9.10.1884 by Mrs BARKER (p.319) John BATTIMER.

A Bramshott small farmer - she wife of p.417, dau of merchants (CHANDLER) p.629
Sell in geese at times (eg. Mich 1884).

p.104 BURROWS James b. 5/4/1840
Single man lodging with John MOORE (p.574)
Leg broken (drunken row) Oct 1884 - [Feb 1885 letter from WHL asking for donations - signatures of donors inside - watermark: A. Pirie & Sons 1884]
Son of Robert BURROWS (p.432) - a light-haired man same style as Mrs BARKER.

p.104 Letter from Laverty asking for donations: Feb 2nd 1885 - James BURROWS, who is still out of work owing to the breaking of his leg, asks for donations to help support him until he can obtain light work in the spring. Donations may be sent to Mr Laverty, or may be given to the bearer. [Then follow 3 pages of donations, starting with 5/- from Laverty - total £4.3.0]

p.105 OLIVER William & Alice Maud & children
Youngish people living (1884) Chase Farm - only young children (inf: SPEAKMAN)
She nice - child born Jan 1885 (Hugh Allcorn) - to be christened & churched Mar 1885
Came from Sussex about Xmas 1883.

pp.106/107 (loose page) Pedigree of WOODS - "in Parish mags April, June & July 1901" [see also pp.96/97]
"The first time that the name WOODS occurs in our registers is at the death of a Thomas WOODS in 1682… Our present families are descended from Richard & Jane WOODS who died in 1733 & 1749 respectively …"

pp.106/107 Pedigree of COOMBES - page blank

Coming to live at house opposite William HILL's in Grayshott Bottom, or "with" James COVER (p.29)
All her broom stuff is (Oct 1884) brought to COVER's
Has the house (1895) now that COVER is dead.

Father to Mrs WINCHESTER
Coming (Oct 1884) to house opposite William HILL's in Grayshott Bottom (Inf: Mrs ROBINSON)
Nov 1887, gone & a young LAWRENCE (p.849) come here.

Can these [pp.108 & 109] be identical with William HILLIES & Mrs WINCHESTER p.605?
If so, she is sister to 'dirty' Mrs BARRETT p.604

p.110 COURT … & wife
Come summer 1884 to live in Whitmore Bottom (at CANE's house, opposite William CRAWT [or CROTT])
Had not been there 3 weeks when he died suddenly (Inf: Mrs ROBINSON p.280)
She gone back to Thursley - no doubt a relation of p.1806.

p.111 HOARE James & Tirzah SMITH (née BARNETT)
Live at Standford - for her see p.95
He brother to p.1052 - said to be no relation to the others.

p.112 DAWES … & wife & 3 children
Live at Picketts Hill - saw him (thin nose) [includes a drawing of the nose!] 10th Nov 1884
Brother to p.99.

p.113 GREEN Mrs Rosina (née 1871)
JANOWAY's dau (p.244) living there. Says she is deserted by husband, who is a baker at Havant. Came with her to her father's, went off Monday morning 3 months ago (this Nov? 1884) & he won't send anything for her support - odd story.
She born about 1863.
Married 13.3.1884 at Havant Registry ("aged 18") to Fred William GREEN (aged 23) and left him in August same year. Married (bigamy) at RC church Portsea 26.8.1889 to Jeremiah James MAHONEY. MAHONEY went to Gibraltar 1889 to 1893 & she went to service.
MAHONEY took to drinking & result was bigamy case at Petersfield in Nov 1894, brought on, some say, by her father who "thought MAHONEY would get the punishment".
MAHONEY lodging Mar 1895 at Royal Oak.
Mrs MAHONEY at Deadwater 1906 (see p.1496 & p.1436) with son Ralph MAHONEY né 14.2.1898.

[written at bottom of previous page] A son James Henry MAHONEY died in Canada aged 15 - born I think in 1892?
Jeremiah J MAHONEY was a shoemaker. He was said to have gone off with another woman in 1897, and this woman reported to GREEN later that he was dead; but date & place of his death not known.
Another son Ralph MAHONEY (see p.1436) né 14.2.1898 - K A [killed in action] 1917.

p.114 BURNETT Solomon & wife
Live at Hollywater in late Ironmongers.
Pensioner from Artillery Farrier Sergeant B 267, 2/3 a day
Come for health - 14 years in East Indies, once in Delhi - ?Sun stroke in summer 1884.
Very tidy woman - came 11.11.1884 about postponing Tithe Payment.
Good-looking respectable man - came 1.12.1884 for paper signing.

p.115 HARRIS William & Marion (SMALL)
Living (Nov 1884 with 1 child) in Whitmore (Wm CRAWT's cottage)
- nice round, plump little baby
- she dau. of Master SMALL (p.643)
- he son of widow HARRIS (now CANE) p.326 - brother to George p.446
See pedigree of HARRIS p.163.

p.116 BARNES F Charles
Lives in Wigmore Street
Bought 1881 a small piece of land from Tom MARSHALL (p.504).

pp.117 & 118 appear to be missing - p.115 is facing p.119

p.119 LOE George (né 27.3.1852) & Eliz Mary (PRATLEY) aged 25 on 2.8.1880 when married
Just (Nov 1884) come to Parish Houses.
Been groom & gardener (in Dockenfield) - "Too much night work & Sunday work"
They were married 2.8.1880 & (Nov 1884) have one child.
He son of Daniel (p.576) - she dau of Mrs MESSINGHAM (p.378 & 352)
She died 22.5.1928 age 73 - he died July 1937.

p.120 WHEELER Richard? & Ann? (HOARE) & daughter
Deadwater Hill (single house Main Road) - coming there Nov 1884. House belongs to him.
Saw them 7.1.1885 (been there fortnight).
She sister to Mrs EADE p.209 - "always pleased to see you"
Daughter like BURRELL's daughter something.
Lived for 35 years herdman to ___ between Aldershot & Guildford.
Husband's native place is Bramshott. (If the Richard & Ann on 1891 census, then Binsted)
p.372 is, I believe, his brother.
Bought (Mich 1885) Edwards Cottage (Deadwater Hill) - see p.49.
Brother to Mrs Richard BURROWS (p.596)
She had the money. Uncle to p.193.

p.121 ELSON Henry & Eliza Ann (PACEY)
Live at Hearne with her parents.
Married by Chorley 1st Nov 1884.
He son of widow ELSON (p.524) - she dau of PACEY (p.521)
She died in Hammer Lane
[Sons below]
Now (1924) living in Churt with Mrs DUDMAN? & a soldier son is with him.

p.121 ELSON Charles, his son, is also in Churt but not living with father.

p.121 ELSON Henry junior & Alice Edith (HARDY)
Married by me 23.4.1910
Live 1911 with Mrs PACEY in Hammer Lane, his grandmother p.521
She dau of Stephen p.1308.

p.122 CORBETT Mrs Ann (born about 1835) - age 56 in 1881 census
Lives at Standford
Mrs ALLEN's parish nurse. Nursed when younger a family of 2 girls & 1 boy.
One of these girls married, had 1 child in 1876, another in 1881, died with the last & asked Mrs CORBETT to come and look after these 2 children. Husband married again and new wife doesn't care for them, so Mrs CORBETT been with them 1881-1884. [inf: Mr GATES next door]

p.123 ANGEL Arthur
Come 19/12/1884 to Wagners Wells - clothier of Guildford
He & wife - there are married daughters, but these by a 1st wife?
A son born 1 July 1885 (not christened Oct 1885)

p.124 YOUNG … & wife
Live at Grayshott below HILL's old cott.
Tall young couple - she very good looking & pleasant - he after the EADE style (p.209).
Son to p.160.

p.125 CALDECOTT Randolph
The artist, lives at Frensham.
Cutting (Dec 1884): Frensham - Mr Randolph CALDECOTT - The World's "Celebrity" this week is Mr Randolph CALDECOTT the artist.… (Lives at 'Broomfield')

p.126 BURROWS Samuel & …
Came Xmas 1884 to live at Hollywater.
Brother to "Mrs Charles BURROWS' husband" but which Mrs Charles B?
I suppose one then alive as a widow (this written in 1900) & so Louisa (Mrs FYFIELD) p.565.

p.127 WHITING … & … (TAYLOR)
End of Jan 1885 come to BRITTON's cottage S at Bank
In place of the Deadwater WHITING returned to Deadwater Hill.
There from Kingsley (inf: Mrs LANGFORD)
Saw her Feb 9th 1885 when been there a few days.
She 1st cousin to Charles TAYLOR p.264.
- was 6 years at Headley School under Mrs William PARFECT.
- superior person rather. Long nose.
He brother to George (p.479)
Pedigree p.18.

p.128 & p.129 Pedigree of HARDING

p.130 CUMMINGS children
Children (two Jan 12th 1885) living with Farrier BONE (p.590)
Children of vet surgeon of Farnham (killed 1883), one (born 1877) rather good-looking.
Some relation to BONE.

p.131 WARNER Henry & Clara (CARTER)
Keeps Holly Bush. Son of p.385.
She dau of a Kingsley publican (see below - cutting relating to Mr John CARTER of Kingsley being fined for permitting drunkenness on licensed premises).
For his Bayfields action, see pp.136 & 852.
They went away in the 1890s & he died.
[Crossed out=>She re-married and again became a widow]
Then 1908 married W HEATHER (p.271)
Daughter Alice Maudie Mrs HEATHER P.903
Child Daisy May WARNER 27.7.1895 now Mrs SMITH p.903.

p.131 Cutting: April 1885 - Cricket Club - Mr Henry WARNER is, we hear, getting up a Cricket Club. The Rector has kindly given up, for matches, a glebe field which is being put in the necessary order.

p.131 Cutting: July 1885 - Headley - Foresters' Fete - On Tuesday this picturesque village was en fete , the Foresters' anniversary being always a red letter day. But this year opportunity was taken by combining two events, the Horticultural Show with the Foresters' anniversary.…

p.131 Cutting: Dec 1889 - Headley - Tradesmen's supper - A supper took place om Wednesday evening, in connection with a series of Smoking Concerts, at the Holly Bush when between 40 and 50 members sat down to a well-served and substantial meal. Credit is due to the host (Mr H WARNER) for the efficient manner in which the table was served. An 'extension' of two hours had been obtained; and a harmonious evening was spent. Mr A SPASHETT was the chairman and Mr F WAKEFORD vice-chairman. The loyal toasts were given and some capital songs were sung by Messrs J POWELL, brothers VINEY, A KING, A SPASHETT, F WAKEFORD, K LICKFOLD, W JEFFRIES and others. Mr BUDD's recitation 'The Fireman's Wedding' received great applause. The health of Mr & Mrs WARNER was drunk with hearty cheers.

p.131 Cuttings: Various relating to the Foresters & Cricket Club.

p.132 Hele & Co of Plymouth - Builders of our organ, 1884.1885. Plus cutting from Jan 1885.

p.133 TAYLOR James
Living since 1883 with old old James (p.265)
Now (1885) has Sally FISHER (p.451) there
& in 1887 has Sally FISHER at Lindford.
Commonly called Tizzy TAYLOR - 'never been much use'.
Brother to Charles p.264.

p.133 Cuttings (Aug 1887) James TAYLOR was ordered to pay £1.1s.4d arrears of poor-rate due from him to the Headley parish official (Mr SPEAKMAN)… (Dec 1887): James TAYLOR of no regular occupation but formerly a small farmer at Lindford, Headley was charged with keeping a dog without a licence…

p.134 MACDONALD Sir Archibald Keppel, Bart
Text all in Cuttings: Summary - opened a school at Fir Grove, Bramshott, primarily for Catholics, but Protestants allowed too.
Owner of Headley Mill Farm, working it with Mr W LICKFOLD as bailiff.
Mar 1891 - wells dry, then heavy snow. His snow plough pulled by 4 horses worked on 5 miles of road - sheep & lambs had to be dug out.

p.135 COURTNAGE Walter
Lives (Feb 1885) with SMITHs (p.314) at Barford
Son to late Charles - p.529
Came Feb 1882 for outpatient letter to Guildford - been ill about 3 weeks.

p.136 WENTWORTH D'Arcy
Lives 1884 at Wishanger Lodge
Wrote Oct 1884 for sub to 1d Dinner - no answer.
For the poaching on his land see p.529 & in account below.
[For HILLS see p.852; Henry WARNER p.131 & in account p.852.]
Cutting: Important claim for compensation - At the Aldershot County Court before Judge LUSHINGTON, the claim of HILLS v. D'Arcy WENTWORTH was heard. Henry MILLS, the plaintiff, is the occupier of Bayfield's farm, Headley, and he sued Mr D'Arcy WENTWORTH formerly living in the same locality for 6s 6d damage for wrongful seizure of a spade and other articles, and £48 for damage by digging on the farm. He also sought to restrain the defendant from again entering on the land. Another claim arising out of this was brought against the defendant by Henry WARNER of the Holly Bush, Headley for wrongful seizure of a gun, ferrets, rabbits nets, etc. Both cases were heard together with the consent of the parties.… [WENTWORTH was fined a total of £11 with costs]

p.137 WOODS Mahalath (MOREY or MOOREY)
Living (1885) with JETTON (p.217, p.460) Bank.
Came begging Feb 1885 - gave nothing.
Not heard of 'Mo' for years [Wife she is of Moses WOODS, brother to Aaron p.272]
Relieved by me in old times on Nov 12th 1872 - then lived in Hollywater - recognised her again.
See WOODS pedigree p.96.
Cutting: A warning to female smokers - Mahalah WOODS, 61, a tramp, was charged with setting fire to a stable whereby it, with a quantity of hay, six sets of harness, a chaff cutter and three horses, the property of John KNIGHT, landlord of the Queen, Greatham were destroyed.… The prisoner appeared to be strange in her mind and the Magistrate dismissed the charge…

p.138 LEADBEATER Rev C Webster
Curate of Bramshott 187?-1884.
Nephew of Mrs CAPES (who née LEADBEATER)
Cutting: Liphook - A clergyman converted to Buddhism - The Rev CW LEADBEATER , a literate, formerly Curate of Bramshott, who went out to Ceylon in the same vessel as Mdme BLAVATSKY, has embraced the Buddhist faith.…
Cutting (Mar 1885): A convert to Buddhism - An extraordinary report is current that the Rev C Webster LEADBEATER, formerly in 1881 curate of Bramshott, has become a convert to Buddhism.…
Several other cuttings to the same effect…

p.139 BURRETT George (Thomas in 1891 census) & Eleanor
London leather seller ('dresser') opposite Parish Houses.
Bought house & land of William BURROW (p.230) & (1885) built a new house on property.
Until 1890 had staying with him an interesting little gardener 'Tommy' who in 1890 went to his father a leather-dresser 159 Long Lane, Bermondsey, SE.
To this address I sent the Sunday school prize earned in 1889-1890.
Long illness & after wife's death house kept by Mr BURRETT's sister's husband, a Mrs SHUTT.

p.140 BENNETT Emily
A housemaid in 187? at Grayshott hall - very ill, but recovered
Letter: From Mrs PHILLIPS via Mr SPEAKMAN
My housekeeper Emily BENNETT is very ill and she has just expressed a wish to be prayed for in Church this evening. Will you please name this to Mr LAVERTY. Yours Truly, Mrs PHILLIPS, Greyshott, Sunday 5.40pm.

p.141 WHITE Arthur & …
Young couple (married 1885?) at CANE's, Whitmore - just come March 1885
He from Churt, she dau. of p.583
Building a cottage (1894) on Stone Hill.

p.141 WHITE Arthur & Florence May (DENYER)
Live at Ringmore Villas, Stonehill
Babies '½ baptised' July 1911 & April 1912 (the 8 months child). [What does '½ baptised' mean? - Joyce Stevens]
He son of Fellmongers, p.289 - she dau of p.1473.
3 children of ___ come to them in 1927
Moved to Shingle Cottage, Beech Hill.
Son Arthur Sep 1936.

p.142 ANDREWARTHA Thomas Tomlen & wife & 2 children
Late engineer RN living on Quarry
Came 2.4.1885 to have pension signed.
Thinks himself let in with the poultry, etc.
Wife a somewhat slatternly, short-haired woman.
Daughter long & gaunt (young).

p.143 COLLETT Dr & wife
Lives at 9 Kent Road, Southsea.
The owner (1885) of George PARFECT's cottage opposite to Mrs William
Two daughters at home are Daisy & May - the younger (b. 4.6.1881) dances.

p.144 GOULD … & wife &
Mr WHITAKER's gardener, Land of Nod.
Came end of 1884 to Hearne
She a buxom dame - saw her 20.5.1885 - came from Norwood.

p.145 RUTHERFORD Robert & wife [Margaret] & 3 children
Mr WHITAKER's bailiff at Wishanger - came Spring 1885.
Was teacher 7 years at Cirencester.
When leaving had gold watch & purse of sovereigns
Indian plate also to come
Children fell ill with measles soon after arrival
Parents to Mrs ERMINSTOME (HERMISTON) - p.823
One of the daughters appointed 1891 instructor to a travelling dairy in connection with Yorkshire College, Leeds
'The no. of pupils is 30, and they find Miss R not only an adept at butter-making but a clean & unassuming instructress.'
- Margaret RUTHERFORD,.22, marr 10.4.1893 in Headley to John PUNCH of Sedbergh, Yorkshire - Robert & Helen RUTHERFORD were witnesses
- Agnes Wilhelmina RUTHERFORD, 27, marr 18.12.1895 in Headley to Arthur Richard BIDE, nurseryman of Hale
Cutting (June 1890): Death of Mr Robert RUTHERFORD - By the death of this gentleman after a very short illness, Farnham market will miss one of its most regular attendees and supporters. Mr RUTHERFORD had the reputation of being one of the best farmers in the district, and was generally esteemed by all who knew him. The interment took place in Headley Churchyard [plot 8-13/14] when a large number of the parishioners of Headley and residents in the district were present, among whom the deceased's respected employer, Ingham WHITAKER Esq, to pay the last token of esteem to one who was so deservedly popular among all classes in the neighbourhood.

p.146 RAWLES Edward (né 6.11.1832, died early 1922) & wife & …
Gardener spring 1885 to Mr KENNEDY (p.147)
She died and he married a RAVENHILL (p.1360)
They living 1903 at Lindford
Both wives buried here
He with a dau beyond Brighton, still alive 1.11.1920
Her daughter Clara HEWITT was at Headley Park for some time, then with Lady SELBORNE & in 1910 married a soldier - this I expect is (below)

Living at RAVENHILLs & sponsor 1908 to HELLIER's baby
They had no children by 1921; were in service together & he died suddenly in Nov 1921 - valvular disease of heart.

p.147 KENNEDY Edward B & Mrs & 3 children
New tenants (1885) of Arford House.
He is a sportsman, tall, not unlike Edward Harold BROWNE [written underneath: GH Winton]
Cutting (A&N Stores circular, early 1886): To be let unfurnished for 3½ years, an attractive old-fashioned stone-built residence situated in the midst of lovely country near the favourite Haslemere district four miles from Liphook station; close to the church, village and post office, two posts daily. House contains three sitting and seven bedrooms, garden, tennis lawn meadow and pine wood, in all about fifteen acres; coach house, stabling, five-roomed gardener's cottage. Rent 80 guineas per annum or would be let furnished for £130 per annum - EB KENNEDY, Headley, Hants.
Cutting: Son died in 1939 when Rawlpindi was sunk by Germans SE of Iceland.

p.148 DODD & wife
New gardener (1885) at Mrs VINCENT's (p.17) - see p.164.

p.149 STENT James - started at Liphook something on Stones principle.
Cuttings: June 1885 - About his bankruptcy

p.150 POLLARD John - come June 1885 to Plaster Hill
Banned July 1885 to p.151 below.

p.151 JACOB Caroline Matilda - come June 1885 to Plaster Hill
A widow. Banned July 1885 to p.150 above.
Not a pleasant face because pulled about by disease?

pp.152/153 missing on microfilm but later photographed

p.152 COOK Henry & Jane (aged 70 & 73 respectively in 1891 census)
Deadwater Hill, live on (inside Tom CHANDLER)
In new house; from London; late from Whitehill
For his particular allotment see p.184.
Fined 12/- early in 1886 for not having certificate.
Married man - a paperhanger.
Saw him 11.5.1886, slithy-looking cove
Has had work at Bramshott R, and for KEMP.
With him lives some DREW
??? his married daughter.
Lily Eliz DREW born 29.5.1878 (granddaughter aged 12 of Henry & Jane COOK in 1891 census)
came 22.5.1892 for GFS.
Sold his place in 1896 to two "artisans?" named HISCOCK & ARMSTRONG who had bought a good many plots.
This one (arrow to HISCOCK) with wife & child in long clothes living there early in 1897. Engineer from Greenwich.

p.153 CHANDLER … & … (MARSHALL) & …
At Barford, where the HARRIS' lived.
Now (Mich 1885) WHITAKER's woodman.
She came (rather ragged jacket) Oct 31, 1887 to beg for clothes for children. "Never begs" but had been to WOODTHORPEs (this 3 on Miss W's round). Gave her some old bits of Cecil's.

p.154 AYLING … & …
Just (Mich 1885) come to Barford - last home before the stream.
Just married (Mich 1885).
There is a John & Edith AYLING at 4, The Barracks, Barford in 1891 census.

p.154 HEATHER Harry & Alice (KINGSHOTT) - see p. 156
Had children:—
Kate née 7.12.1885 Mrs WILLIS died 1916 - & Ernest WILLIS died 1928 in Churt
Emmeline 8.2.1887 Mrs … at Conford in 1928
Thomas 11.3.1888 Died 1890
William James 12.1.1899 'Willie' on voting list 1928 At home
Ruth 6.10.1901 at Sir Stephen RENSHAW's 1928 Mrs ALDRED
Alexander Frank 28.9.1903 'Frank' on voting list 1928 At home
Albert Percy 13.6.1905 'Bert' on voting list 1928 At home
Mildred Maud 29.5.1907 At Miss TOOGOOD's in 1928.

Unnumbered loose page headed WINTER
1724 William, child of William & Letitia
3.5.1772 Thomas, child of Elizabeth W, d. 1773
7.12.1774 Richard, child of Richard OVER & Anne W
10.3.1775 James, child of John MILLS & Eliz. W
27.3.1778 Thomas, child of John MILLS & Eliz. W
13.12.1778 May, child of Anne W
1.1.1779 Thomas, child of Thomas & Ann
4.2.1781 Charles, child of John MILLS & Eliz. W
7.4.1782 George, child of Anne W
6.5.1787 John, child of Anne W
1.11.1792 Sarah, child of Anne W
5.1.1794 Hannah, child of William & Eliz.
16.10.1795 James, child of William & Eliz.
Was it this Eliz: WINTER who became Mrs HARRIS (she is called GOODYEAR)

p.155 CROUCHER James & wife
Come (summer 1885) to Wheatsheaf.
George CROUCHER's dau Mary (our cook in 1915) called this 'Uncle Jim', so he was brother to below —

p.155 CROUCHER George & Elizabeth Maria (BURROWS) - see p.229
Living 1915 at Standford, working at Eveley. See above.

p.156 HEATHER Harry & Alice (KINGSHOTT) - see also p.154
Live at Headley Street - married in Bramshott (?1885)
Son to William HEATHER, Barleymow (p.425)
She was living at Hollywater when I came in 1872, as she told us in 1914; she being 1914 a widow living in Headley Street, our char & the church cleaner.
Mother to Mrs Charles SMALL (see p.157).
Kate née 7.12.1885 married in 1913 Sidney J WILLIS (p.1951) son of Jonah.
- she died 1916 aged 30. [plot 20-52]
See details p.145.
Also came to them hopping 1892 her father James KINGSHOTT (?born 1825) who was living in Hollywater when I came - see p.542.

p.157 GARDNER George (b. 1867?) & Sarah
Live at last on left Lindford Chase - just (Oct 1885) married.
Son to Richard Samuel GARDNER (p.637).
George GARDNER died of cancer in London in 1926.

p.157 SMALL Charles & Emmeline (HEATHER) - married 1915 at Register Office
Brother to Sam (Tulls Lane)
Daughter of Harry opposite (p.156).

p.158 PIGGOTT - new landlord (1885) of Robin Hood
'From Kensington'; 'a forester' - see also p.161

p.159 BERNARD Rev E.R & Mrs (NICHOLSON) - Vicar (1885) of Selborne.
Married the daughter of Mr W NICHOLSON, Conservative (converted Liberal) candidate in 1885 for East Hants.
Cutting: Oct 1885, relating to the succession of President of Magdalene College, Oxford.

p.160 YOUNG (senior) - lives at Grayshott opposite HILL
- came there Mich 1885 - father to p.124 (next door)
- he died and she 1887 to be married to George COOMBES p.855
- they have a lodger.

p.161 PIGGOTT (PICKETT?) Walter & Jane (née 1848 MILLS)
Come 1885 to Robin Hood
He son of Stephen, nephew to John (p.662) James (p.337) & Mark (p.621).
She dau of James MILLS (p.656)
- see HARDING pedigree, p.128 & p.129
They were married 15.8.1872.

p.162/3 Pedigree of HARRIS - according to widow George HARRIS - see also p.820

p.164 OLIVER Harry Matthew & Annie (CLARK)]
Started Aug 1885 as general dealer in Arford - everything 'remarkably cheap'
Some row about £1 between him and DODD (p.148)
'Harry MATTHEW' & Annie married 20.3.1886 by Licence
Annie CLARK dau of William CLARK, publican of ?Whitechapel
- her mother (a widow) wrote 24.3.1886 from Liver___, Goswell Road (there is a Goswell Road in London or a Goswell St in Liverpool) to ask if they were married on Thursday 11th March. Wrote that HMO & AC were married at this church.

Cutting: Oct 1885 - A dear sparrow - Henry OLIVER pleaded guilty to a charge of trespassing on lands at Headley in search of game on Sunday, October 18th. George KNIGHT (P.86), a gamekeeper in the employ of Mr WINKWORTH (p.196), proved that he heard the report of a gun and saw defendant and a boy come out of the woods, but did not notice if they had shot anything. The defendant stated that he was a stranger at Headley and that a gentleman named GAMMON (p.457) had given him leave to shoot over his grounds. He did not know he was on Mr WINKWORTH's land. The only thing he shot was a sparrow. Fined £1, including costs.

p.165 SELBORNE Earl - Builder & landowner of Blackmoor church.
Letters & Cuttings: Agreeing to be president of the Horticultural Soc, 26 April 1886. Death of Countess. His parrot. 2 letters.

p.166 HAWKSHAW Sir John - the eminent engineer, living at Hollycombe
Died June 1891.
Cuttings about funeral.

p.166 Cutting dated March 1891 - Liphook - Perambulation of the Boundary of Bramshott Parish
Description of route.

Young man (born about 1850) lodging (being so since 1873?) with ROBINSON p.280 - this in 1885
- only distant relation (if any) to p.108
- bur. 27 Sep 1900, Headley, age 48.

p.168 ?ADDISON - with bro-in-law p.169, building wooden house at Grayshott 1885
- an engraver - building with their own hands.

p.169 BROWNE - with bro-in-law p.168 building wooden house at Grayshott 1885
- a china shop keeper - they wanted "too much for lease renewal" so he "gave up business".

p.170 WINKWORTH - Gardener (1885) at Oaks.

p.171 BLANCHARD ? Edwin & wife Caroline (née MARSHALL)
Son to Mrs Harriett B (p.335) & lives with her.
Wife niece to Charles MARSHALL (p.696) & granddaughter to 'Queen' (p.435) daughter to 'eldest son' George.
Cutting undated: Drunkenness - Edward BLANCHARD, William MATTHEWS and George KNIGHT, all of Headley, were charged with being drunk & disorderly at that village on April 23rd [St George's Day]. Police constable LEGG deposed that he was on duty and he saw the three defendants drunk on the highway. They wanted to fight a man named WAKEFIELD who, they said, had sold them some stinking fish.…

p.172 LAWRENCE Thomas Charles & wife & 2 children
New 1885 painter to FAULKNER (p.381)
Lives at Lindford, next Wm WHITING
Born about 1855.
Wife of Thomas Charles LAWRENCE (9.4.1886) of a son, not churched or christened by August 11th.

p.173 WOLFE
Living 1885 at Deadwater allotments in corner.
Came down & 1st took Mrs VINCENT's house (p.17)
Turned out he took Ratclif house
Turned out he has taken this for 5 years - owner is one WOODS, brother to Mrs FORD p.516.
Has no furniture, not even a bed.

p.174 NORTH Samuel & Sarah Ann (ALDRED)
Live in the village.
Son to old Samuel p.663 - brother to p.950.
She dau to p.528, sister to p.950.
He no relation to James NORTH (see p.175).
Contribution to father's support - see p.663.
These two before marriage stood godparents to Harvey & Mary FOARD's 1st baby. 'If you don't mind, I said to them', said Mrs FOARD to me in 1890, 'but if you go to the font together you never go to the altar together.' 'Oh, I don't mind,' said Sarah ALDRED. 'And they are married after all, tho' they have no children.'
Married 26.2.1884.
He died - the widow engaged 1902 to James HURLOCK - see p.1406.
Cutting: The dog regulation - Mr CHRISTMAS appeared to answer a summons charging him with allowing a dog to run at large without a muzzle at Selborne. The defendant, who pleaded guilty, said the dog was a harrier belonging to Mr MATTHEW's kennels. He was fined 1s and costs 7s. Samuel NORTH, of Headley, was summoned for a like offence and was fined a similar sum.

p.175 NORTH James & Alice (ALDRED) - live in Fullers Bottom
Son to p.11 - she dau to p.528, sister to p.174.
He no relation to p.174.
Married 5.12.1885.

p.176 DAWDY Mr & Mrs & Charlotte Alice (now Mrs Wm CANNON, p.1010)
Come Mich 1885 to Hollywater - 'Ironmongers'
Mother (partly thro' fire) out of mind - came 14.12.1885 to say owing to paying tithe mother would have to go without necessities.
Come from Portsmouth.
He a gardener & would like work.
Daughter's illegitimate child (?by deformed CANNONS as married dau told Mrs SPEAKMAN) buried aged 3 days on Aug 6th 1887.
Married 1888 to this CANNONS & a child born Nov 1888.
Father 1892 at Colchester.

p.177 ALLEN Henry Howard (né 1828) & Mrs [Grace] (née circa 1842) - was a bride of 18 when Mrs SMITHERS (p.948) about 12 & this was about 1860.
The Plymouth Brethren leader - lives at Eveley.
Very friendly - his pheasant stolen, see p.2.
Scotch property came to grief & sold & he not well off - 1889.
His niece married John Master of Arbuthnot who was born in 1843 - she, I believe, left her ALLEN money to the ARBUTHNOTs.
Some considerable sum might still, 1904, come to him if another nephew died.
He is cousin to Sir Henry Albury FLETCHER.
He born July 1828
Her niece Grace Anne HILLIARD churchwoman staying with her Sept 1909 - the only one of her family who has not turned R.C.
Was informed 1907 that his foster-mother Mrs or Miss SHOTTER lived and died in part of Headley Mill House while HHA (Henry Howard ALLEN) at Eveley and was buried at Petersfield (this in the time of Mr HUTCHINGS, p.7) - see Q.40.
Cutting: ALLEN fined for unmuzzled dog May 1890.
Letter: Dear Mr Laverty, I feel it to be my duty to inform you that if I had known that the show of vegetables, etc, would have been held in connection with a Foresters' Fete then I should not have sent any donation to it. Yours very truly, H H ALLEN.

p.178 TAYLOR … & wife & children
Come (1885) to Moore House (S middle) from ?
One boy comes to school.

p.179 ALLEN John W & Eliz
Formerly 1884-5 looked after stone pit for Mr BRAKE.
Came Jan 1886 with a petition to which Mrs & Miss VINCENT had given - gave nothing as out of parish.
Same, I find, as p.196, but nothing to do with Albert ALLEN living at Stone Pit 1890 (p.973).
She churched 30.5.1886 but the baby not here christened.

p.180 COOMBES William & Tryphena (COVER) born in Bramshott 18 Dec 1860 but see p.181 (here below).
[Note on next page: Tryphena COOMBES age - she says born 18 Dec 1857 or 1856, but at her marriage 26.10.1881 she gave her age as 21.]
Live next to Wheatsheaf.
He son of Edward p.410 - brother to Mrs SHRUBB p.422, nephew to William p.512, Peter p.220, Mrs FYFIELD p.347, Mrs Robert BURROWS p.432.
She daughter of Mrs PINK p.361, sister to Mrs Fred BURROWS p.391.
Father to Sidney John (né 1902) - p.2046.
Daughter Ethel Kate RICHARDSON - p.1883.
Elizabeth Anne COVER 25.5.1879
William Godfrey COVER 31.7.1882
James 3.5.1884 (died)
Edward (see p.2045 & see below) 7.2.1886 - m. 24.12.1906 at Alton to step-dau of Welcome LAURENCE
Florence Jane 25.11.1888 - became Mrs FRANKLIN - he died & she in 1911 ran away with & married a soldier Harry LEE (Sherwoods) at Plymouth & a child William Henry was born at Stonehill 13.9.1915.

p.180 COOMBES Edward & Sarah Anne (WHITE)
Married Alton 24.12.1906
Son of above - she step-dau of p.1119.
Live 1921 at Ockley
And her brother William G WHITE (200yds Road in 1928) married at Alton 1921 to a girl at JELFS Laundry.
See pedigree p.2011.

p.181 APTER Mr & Mrs - new (1885) Grayshott Schoolmaster.

p.182 AUSTIN William - "Linchborough Lodge, Standford".
Came Mar 5th 1886 for paper of pension signature reminding me (when I had forgotten him) that he had already been, on which occasion I sent him with a note (to identify him) in to Mr CURTIS. I accordingly signed.
Quartermaster Sergeant RE 2/9 pension, occupation 'warder'.

p.183 FISHER Rev? - Lives at CURTIS House
New dissenting minister (1885) - they like him.
Nov (1887) at Washford.

p.184/5 List of holders (p.184) & Plan of plots (p.185) at 'Pettar's' Allotment, Deadwater, March 1886. Mostly London addresses. Many had a large number of plots. Heathcote Road, Pinehill Road & Hendon Road shown on plan. 220 allotments, 180'x20' = plot (= 12 rod)
[Top half is where the Forest Centre, Bordon is now]

p.184 Addresses of Holders March 1886
ALLSOP James, River Bank House, Wandsworth (see p.57) 1-12, 27, 51-55, 66-75, 76-80 209-211
BENHAM W.F. 8a New Inn, Strand, W.C. 115-118
BLACKBURN G.H. 3 Merton Rd. Victoria Rd, Kensington 90-93
CHAPMAN F (address not known) 137
COOK Hy, 209 Walmer Rd, Nottinghill (see p.152) 145-150, 151-153
CRONAN W. 15 Newton Rd, Page Green, S. Tottenham 102
DENVERS C.L. 62 St Aubyn Street, Devonport 101, 104-114
DODD Isaac, Perseverance Cottage, Palmerston Rd, S Acton (see p.877) 212-220
EYLES W 43, Gonsalva Rd, Wandsworth Rd, Battersea 138-140
FOARD Harvey, Mill Chase, Headley (p.516, p.967) 41-42
GAY J. Drew, 135 Fleet St, E.C. 131-135
HARRIS A.J.H. Sussex Villa, 124 Elgin Crescent London 103
HOCKADAY Fred, Headley (p.88) 39, 40,43-46, 60-62
HYSLOP Geo, 2 Mount Place, Whitechapel (p.959) 164-179, 181-207
LAWRENCE Mrs Mary, 2 Regents Cottages, St Johns Rd, Battersea 119-122
LUYKEN R.W. 9 Gayhurst Rd, Dalston Junc. (1892) 63-65
MILLS Jack, 14 Russell Rd, Stamford Hill, London (p.960) 141-144, 160-163
ORGAN Anne Mrs, 1 Ann Terrace Regents Lane, Victoria Docks (p.198) 50-59, 154-159
OXENDALE Jas, 16 Geo Terrace, Prince Regents Lane, Custom House, London 47-50, 123-128
PRESTON C.H. Police Station, Hyde Park, London 81-82
PRESTON J.E. Mrs, Lyndford Rd, Farnborough, 85-89
PRESTON J.E. Lyndford Rd, Farnborough 83-84
RHODES Jas, 4 Oxford Terrace, Balchin Rd, Peckham, 30-31
ROBINSON J.B. 17 Dagmar Terrace, Upper Street, Islington, 180
SPEARING R.W. 96 Sun Street, Bishops Gate, EC 129, 130, 136

p.185 Allotment Plots
STEPPING in 1904 gave about 180 feet by 20 feet for each plot, or about 12 Rod
Allotments between Heathcote Road, Pinehill Road and Hendon Road
Plan of position of Allotment Plots

p.186 Written diagonally: "Don't write here"!

p.187 HARRIS Mrs, 2 daus & sons
Came after Mich 1886 to live at Lindford
Husband (?Capt P&O) died 1884 or 1885.
Came from Twickenham
?Let in (as to Valuation) by former tenant.
Sons Dudley & John Stewart, daughters Margaret & Lilian (born before & after 1870)
Afterwards on Alexandra Park (see p.351 for Mrs CHALCRAFT's comment on them).
Servant 1896, 1897 is MULLARD from Kingsley. Strained in 1894 from lifting weights - curvature of the spine.

p.187 Cutting: Dec 1890 - J VINEY sang in a Glee. F VINEY and G VINEY were 'jury-men' in the Trial from Pickwick. Cecil LAVERTY was 'Foreman'.
p.187 Cutting: Mar 1892 - Unionist political meeting - W SUTER present.

p.188 PALMER William George & Jane (HARRIS)
Live at Huntington [sic] Farm - he 'loader' at LICKFOLD's (Headley Mill).
They married at Worpleston by banns 27.4.1886.

p.189 SOUCH John& Harriett (GLAYSHER)
Live on Deadwater Hill - Married 24.4.1886 by me.
He son to p.543 - she dau to Spider p.379.
He heavy as father & sister.
He died & widow married George COOMBES - see p.444.

p.190 TANNER - lives on Quarry (where ANDREWANTHA lived) overlooker (1886) of the new watercress bed.

Live at Hollywater with Charles CHANDLER - P.34She dau of p.341
Married Feb 1st 1885 (by Registrar) when the bridegroom's "teeth were knocked out by young Faulkner (p.381) & young Gauntlett (p.678) because he would give them no beer."
Brother to Mrs William KNIGHT - p.970.
Nov 1885 - Baby boy (not christened by 27.4.1886) - she not churched.

p.192 WOODROW ?Rob & wife
Come 1886 to Irish Wills' small cott. in Whitmore
Wife of Rob: WOODROW 24/3/86 of a daughter - not churched or christened by August 11.
Mr J.R. PHILLIPS had a keeper WOODROW whose son was the New Inn publican (p.1649) & whose g-dau. is Mrs WHITE of Hearne p.1894.

p.193 GLAYSHER George & Harriett (BURROWS)
Going (1886) to live in late Jack BOXALL's.
He son of Frank p.287 - she dau of Richard p.596, niece to p.120.
A child before marriage which died, on which said the grandmother "they can do as they like they are free".
Mrs GLAYSHER died (I think) in 1899 & this George living 1927 with daughter in Council Cottages, Churt (so said his dau Mrs Victor HACK)
He died 13.10.1927.
Married 24.10.1885
She died & house kept 1905 by Kate ____ m. 1904 to Alfred DEADMAN (né 1880)
Came in distress, no food Feb 1912.
Working when called up 1918 at Mrs STALLARD's.
Bertha née 1896 - Mrs Victor HACK p.1760.

p.194 MOWATT James - né 3/8/1843
Building (1886) a large house at Kingswood Firs
Defended George FORD (p.2) in 1885 - a barrister & a radical
A row 1886 with Mr I'ANSON as to the water in Grayshott Bottom
Mrs Fanny MOWATT died aged 82 - funeral 2.30 on 29.11.1926 at Bramshott.
Letter 5 May 1886 to Press from MOWATT about Mr Gladstone's Irish Policy (against it)
Cutting: Sad carriage accident Aug 1890 - Mrs Margaret BELL killed at MOWATT residence

p.195 MAUDE Colonel
Newcomer (1886) to Deadwater Hill, Whitehill Chase
A good deal of wire fencing & enlargement. - Said, however, not to like the place.
Son born 6 Sep 1890
Became in 1904 Viscount HAWARDEN & was killed early in Great War, 1914.

p.195 KNOWLES Mrs VB & 3 children
Came here Whitehill Chase (Middlesex Regt) in 1914.
He [Arthur Yalden] went to France and was killed.
She subsequently bought Whitehill Chase.
Very fond of church-going.

p.195 PILKINGTON Eliz: - from Lancashire
Cook here, communicant in 1896.

p.196 ALLEN John & wife Elizabeth & 6 children
Newcomers (1886) to Hollywater
From Shottermill. Heavy relief case.
He rheumatic fever. She confined.
Mr GREENWAY employs boy 3/- a week out of which he deducts 2/- for rent!!
Girl at service at Mr Richard CURTIS' part of 1885, in fact for 9 months up to illness.
[Same I find as p.179].
Wife delivered of a daughter 3.5.1886 - churched 30.5.1886 - not Christened by Aug 11.

p.197 WARREN
An artist living 1885-1887 in Arford Cottage.
Son of Albert WARREN an engraver "whose crotchety ways & bad temper drive the children from their home. The sister, a governess, never goes home".
Mr DELAMOTTE gave him some work once which he did well & cheaply. A second time it was bad & dear & returned. This put Mr AW into a rage.

p.198 ORGAN Mrs Anne
Coming (June 1886) to Deadwater Allotment Corner.
"We haven't told anyone but the fact is her husband died the week before last," young Mrs FORD on May 31st 1886.
Been here before - and ?(sold up). Proprietor of some Pettar's Allotments (p.184).
Mother to arrow to p.199.
Has 10/- a week. "Her daughter, wife of a plate-layer, died so she did no more to her allotments. Bad luck all round with the allotments. So much better if some would come," Henry COOK, Oct 1890.

p.199 MEYERS Mr & Mrs & 6 children
Coming (June 1886) to Deadwater Corner.
Daughter of Mrs ORGAN arrow to p.198.
MEYERS a sailor (inf: FORD next door).

The following entries were found previously by other researchers, probably looking at the original documents, but not found on the microfilms:—

p.16 FULLICK George Mrs and six children
Lindford Can read. Husband transported for seven years.
Mrs William HEATHER Husband transported 3 child (Arford)
Stephen FULLICK (Arford) wife and five child. He can read.
William FULLICK (Arford) wife and 5 child. Can read.

p.17 1887 Queen's Jubilee & 5th anniversary of Foresters. E WOODTHORPE Esq of Grayshott House had had the honour of being close to her Majesty when she was proclaimed queen - 'a more charming and amicable little woman he never saw in his life.' He had been in the village off and on for 74 years.
A large marquee in the Rectory Meadow - free dinner for 100 aged, as soon as the Foresters had finished theirs (which started at 2pm) - a free tea for 400 children - torchlight procession, bonfire, fireworks, medals, roundabout, swing boats.

p.18 John FULLICK an old man and widower (Lindford)
Thomas PARFECT wife and 4 children daughter of JF can read a little.
Charles FULLICK wife and 2 children
Lindford - can read.

p.22 FULLICK Thomas wife and seven children Holywater

John FULLICK wife and 2 children Huntingford Bridge. Can read.
LEMON George wife and 2 children. Broxhead Common she can read.

p.26 FULLICK William wife and 1 child Barfield. Can read a little.

p.56 CHIVERTON worked for CLEAR at Trottsford 1875.

Transcription of Book 3 completed by Jo Smith

Book 4 (dated Xmas 1877 on inside cover)

p.200 HARNETT William b.1847 & Susannah (POWELL b.1844, married 1868) & children
Mrs WINDUS' gardener
Gone 1885 to Vicarage at Kingsley.
- 1870 Emily Jane
- 1872 Willie (see below)
- 1873 Annie
- 1875 Lucy
- 1876 Blanche
- 9 Jan 1879 Harriett (see extract from Headley Miscellany)
- 22 May 1883 George Powell
Reported March 1886 that this boy (William) HARNETT sent to trial for this fire, never got over it - and died [Crossed out =>March 1886] of a broken heart.
From Headley Miscellany Vol 4: "Hartie" - Harriett Rowswell, 1879-1965 by Cherry Forray:– "Tragedy struck the [HARNETT] family in 1886. William, the oldest son and namesake of his father, drowned at Buriton. He was 14 years old."

p.200 Press Cutting dated 1884: ALLEGED ARSON AT KINGSLEY. James CARTER, 13, and William HORNET, 13, labourers, were charged with setting fire to furze at Kingsley Common, the property of Mr Dutton, on August 17th. Mr GREENWOOD prosecuted - Police-Sergeant CARPENTER saw the fire at 9.30 p.m.; and from inquiries he made, he interviewed the prisoners. They both admitted that they set the furze on fire. CARPENTER acknowledged he did not caution one of the lads before asking questions, as his father was present. HORNET said they lighted the furze, became frightened, could not put it out, and ran away. Mr COUSINS, the bailiff, said the damage done was small. The fact that the prisoners were at the fire was not disputed. The defence was that they did not mean to set the Common on fire. CARTER had a capital character, and HORNET was also a respectable lad. The Judge disapproved of CARPENTER's questions.

p.200 Press Cutting dated 1884: SETTING FIRE TO THE COMMON AT KINGSLEY. The two lads James CARTER, 15, and William HORNETT, 13 were brought up, on remand, charged with maliciously and feloniously setting fire to certain heath and furze on August 17th. They were committed for trial at the Assizes at Winchester. Bail was allowed.

p.201 MARSHALL William & wife Esther & 5 Children.
Live at Wishanger where IFOULDs lived (Moor House in 1881 census).
Children Maria & George want trusses, therefore do not come to school, offered to help.
Parents to p.204 [in club]; calls herself sister-in-law to Mrs (Charles?) GLAYSHER, Barford
Children's aged Xmas 1877: 14 James; 12 Sam; 9 Maria; 6 George; 2 Jane
William MARSHALL used to work for WEDGWOOD? in years gone by at Grayshott Farm.

p.201 Slip of paper inserted p.201:
Wrote 18.3.1926
2 are going from here, probably more, but I do not think so.

p.202 MOSELEY Luke and wife Anne (GALE) and 3 children.
Young. Live at 1st cottage at Hearne.
She a daughter of GALE p.238.
Left a Parish Magazine Jan 23, 1878.
- Luke, born 2/5/1874
- Alice J, born 2/7/1876
- Anne Beatrice, 3/11/1878, died 24/1/1879
- James, 19/4/1880.

p.203 SMITH. Richard (born 11.4.1827) and wife Mary Ann (HAMMOND).
Live at PARKER's cottage at Wishanger.
Real name is WOODGER and son married Feb 1878 in the name of WOODGER see p.260.
Carter [a person who tends the horses] to Wishanger Farm.
Left them a Parish Magazine February 13,1878.
One daughter married 1878 to JOY (Batt's Corner).
He died in 1879, leaving her with one child. Another son is James (Beech Hill) p.683.
She sister to Mrs TILBURY p.551 and Mrs LARBY of Churt.
Grandmother to Mrs COVER (née WHEELER) p.573 (Mrs COVER's mother being born Jan 1847).

p.203 LARBY (widower) [crossed out=>wife] came end 1897 to Upper Mill at Barford and died in Churt, buried 6.3.1907 aged 77.

p.202& p.230 HAMMOND, CHUTER, TILBURY, WOODGER, LARBY pedigree at bottom of pages

p.204 MARSHALL. William & Alice. Young without children, gone [crossed out=>live at Moore House, Hearne].
Son of MARSHALLS p.201. In c.c.1/- Ints System.
Out, Feb 13, 1878 when called at Moore House.

p.205 MESSINGHAM Daniel (23/12/1821) & Anne nιe SPOONER (MARNER in marriage reg) and children
Live down Lindford Lane [Etherington's Farm].
Bad managers "Missed Mr DYKESs very much".
When we first came, little boy rang and ran away and confessed - "wouldn't tell a lie to save a man hung".
Mrs came from Bramshott, originally from Kingston. Hates Headley. Called her last baby "May' after Nellie
Brother to wife of p.333 and to BARKER (p.319).
This is Dan MESSINGHAM's second wife. By 1st (Mary HARRIS) he had William*: 24/12/1848 & Anne 13/8/1854 [for Harris pedigree see p.163].
He married 1st wife 22/11/1848 and 2nd 26/4/1857.
Mr M's father transported in 1826, she says on account of riots but query.
May came 15.2.1884 to ask for some mutton for "Mrs William SHRUBB of Lock's, bad cold, was not in bed, hasn't seen the doctor". Gave her 1/- worth. Asked William SHRUBB; he never sent. Went to Mrs MESSINGHAM's found her at dinner, mutton was for her she said. May made a mistake!!!!!! I pulled the door to pretty roughly and came away!
- George, 18/10/1857
- Mary A, 9/10/5189 (banned July 20/1884 to George Knight p.86)
- James, 19/1/1862, bur 18.12.1880 aged 19 - 'Jim' on coffin; consumption; plot 10-6
- John, 25/10/1863
- Frances Kez, 4/3/1866
- Eliza, 7/6/1868
- Fred, 6/3/1870
- May, …/…/
*William MESSINGHAM (son of Daniel) died at Fareham Asylum at 11 years of age. Bewitched by an old woman (when a baby) to whom they refused something, - which said old woman asked after him the day he died and herself fell down dead the same day on her way home.

Live at Rock Barn Cottage [Inf : Mrs COLLINS, Huntingford].
Left them a January Mag on Feb 14 1878.
Strangers came lately (Feb 1878) from Batt's Corner.

p.206 HACK William John & Mary née LARBY [Crossed out=> ?née HARRIS?]
Came 1910 to live with father from Churt. She sister to LARBY at Shrubb Cottage.
He died June 6 1933 aged 67. She died Oct 31st 1934 in Alton infirmary.

p.207 HACK William* and Mrs (Eliza Barnett) & children
Live at Pickett's Hill Farm House.
Allen-ites [inf Mrs GAUNTLETT p.433].
Children come to school.
She daughter of p.208; married 4/10/1851.
Parents to Mrs COOMBES [Headley Park] p.444.
Eliza BARNETT 1st married Thomas HACK who died in 1856; she then "married" his brother William and had children.
William HACK 1st married his brother's wife and then married his brother-in-law's wife.
See p.1914 & p.1915 Pedigree of BARNETT and HACK - Eliza BARNETT m. Thomas d. 1856, then 'married his brother William' - when she died, William married Eliza's sister-in-law; bur 17 Jun 1882 age 55, Picketts Hill
*William HACK was born circa 1835 at Washford. He helped to enclose the Free Piece outside the Park under Sir Henry KEATING. They said July or Aug 1837 in early 1915.
He has now (1897) returned to Headley Park having married a Batt's Corner woman (sister in law to 1st wife); She was a PAGE (niece to Hen Woman p.231) before she became Mrs BARNETT; and was mother before marriage of Tom PAGE of Standford Hill (p.260); a mother by BARNETT of J T BARNETT (Taylor's Lane) who married Mrs LICKFOLD's sister.
-1852 Eliz., Mrs George COOMBES (p.444);
-1859 Charles
-1861 Annie (it was Annie not Ruth who married Mark PINK, below, according to the Marr Reg)
-1863 Ruth 2/5/1863, Mrs PINK - married 18.2.1882 Mark PINK (but see above) at Upper Bourne, Farnham in March 1910 and she I think just died. Daughter came for marriage certif.
-1865 William John - see p.206
-1870 James Luke: Fell from wagon, top of Tulls Lane, a cross for long time marked spot. Bur 28.8.1882 aged 12 - "fell from a waggon, the wheels passing over his head"; plot 9-1.

p.208 BARNETT Martha (née FRY) - bur. 23.2.1880 aged 85, plot 9-2
(Old Pat) lives with daughter (p.207) at Picketts Hill.
Her husband (Thomas) and she married 25/10/1821.
A Thomas BARNETT buried 26.1.1865 aged 87, of Alton
Had children:
- James 21/4/1822;
- Sarah 6/1/1824;
- [Crossed out =>Benjamin 25/12/1825, buried 19/5/1826]
- Elizabeth 15/4/1827, married as on p.207
- Mark 2/8/1829, married 17/10/1850 to Eliza TUCKEY;
- Luke George 8/4/1832.

p.209 EADE John ?25.12.1831 and Caroline (HOARE)
[Crossed out=>Live above Alexandra Park at farther cottage] Gone to Whitehill.
Son (see p.472) came 16/2/1878 for me to buy brooms. Touched his hat profusely. Lives (in Blackmoor) now Deadwater.
Children come or came to school but not regularly.
A clean-looking [Crossed out=>oldish] man [like Clifton and Rugby WILSON]
Son of Mrs STACEY (p.268) before marriage. Probably baptised 25.12.1831 [inf: herself]
Brother (½) to Mrs BLACKMAN (p.273)
She sister to Mrs WHEELER p.120
- Richard see p.472
-1864 John 27/3/1864 - for whose perjury see paper (MORLEY's case is on p.68)

p.209 Cutting Sept 1880: PETTY SESSIONS - Tuesday, Sept 1880: Before Messrs W WICKHAM (chairman), J G WOOD, Capt STEPHENS and M G KNIGHT. House Breaking. William SMITH, who described himself as a discharged soldier, was charged with breaking into the cottage of John EADE at Headley, on Thursday Sept 23, and stealing a coat, vest, slop, knife, scissors, needles and thread, and 3s in money. The articles were valued at 12s 10d. John EADE labourer deposed that on Sunday Sept 19, he with his wife and son, fastened up the premises and went to Wyck to be ready for hopping the next morning. On the following Thursday, in consequence of what he heard, he returned home about 8 o'clock in the evening and found a part of a pane of glass taken out of one of the bedroom windows and the back door open. The house is all on the ground floor. He found a box very much rummaged over, and missed his son's coat and waistcoat and a white slop. His son lost his knife, and his wife her scissors, which had been in the family for many years. The police produced a slop, which witness swore to, also coat, waistcoat, and a pair of scissors. Witness could not swear to the knife, because so many are alike. Caroline EADE, wife of prosecutor, corroborated the last witness, and added that she missed a florin, a shilling, and a few pence which she had left wrapped up in an old handkerchief in her box. Similar coins were produced in court found on the prisoner. Robert MORLEY of Headley said he met prisoner on 23rd Sept, a little after one o'clock, who offered him a slop for sale, saying he was hard up on the road. Witness bought it for 4d. In consequence of what he afterwards heard he took the slop to EADE, who identified it as his. The slop produced was the one. PC H KIRK, stationed at Forest Side, stated that having received information of EADE's house having been broken into, he went in search and found prisoner sitting by the roadside at Greatham. He had a bundle tied up in a handkerchief by his side. He said he had nothing but what was his own, and witness was welcome to look. Witness looked and found the coat and vest produced. Witness remarked that they were too small for him, and prisoner said he had brought them from London for his brother who was on board ship at Portsmouth, and he was going there to join him. Witness took him back to EADE'S house, and there was no one at home to identify the property. He found foot tracks under the window corresponding with prisoner's boots exactly. He took him into custody on the charge of breaking into the house, and found on him a purse containing a florin, a shilling and 5½d in coppers, a pair of scissors, and a knife. Witness told him he should take charge of them to see if they were stolen. Prisoner then said he had only taken the coat and waistcoat. He was committed for trial.

p.209 Cutting June 1886. ALTON. The late manslaughter of an infant - charge of perjury. At the Petty sessions at Alton on Tuesday, before J G WOOD and A J SCOTT, Esq and Captain STEVENS, James HOARE and John EADE, two young men of Headley, were charged by Police-Sergeant J CARPENTER with having committee wilful perjury before Henry WHITE Esq, County Coroner at an inquest on the body of an infant named William James MORLEY, held at Headley on February 11th, and, after adjournment, on February 27th. A young woman Elizabeth MORLEY had an illegitimate child, which was found dead after having passed the night with its mother in a shed. At the inquest, The Coroner committed the mother for manslaughter through neglect. She was tried at the recent Winchester Assizes and sentenced to two years imprisonment with labourer. The two prisoners, HOARE and EADE, were witnesses at the inquest and also at Alton, when the mother was charged before J G Wood Esq, a magistrate of the County. Mr Henry White, one of the Coroners for the county of Hants, now deposed that he held an inquest on the 11th and 27th of February 1886, on the body of the illegitimate child of Elizabeth MORLEY. The child's name was William James MORLEY. The inquisition was held at the "Royal Exchange Inn", in the parish of Headley, which was within his jurisdiction. His commission as a Coroner authorised him to administer an oath. James HOARE and John EADE were sworn by him and gave evidence at the inquest named. Witness always administered the oath himself, and the deposition which he held in hand were his in his own handwriting. The names James HOARE and John EADE were both written in his presence after the depositions had been read over to them. In witness's opinion the material portion of the depositions was to the effect that the two prisoners were not with Elizabeth MORLEY after seeing her at the "Bricklayers' Arms" on the night the child died. Charles J HOLT, of the Magistrates' Clerk's Office Alton, deposed that he was at the Assembly Rooms, Alton on February 27th when Elizabeth MORLEY was charged with the manslaughter of her illegitimate child; and he read the depositions of HOARE and EADE. Witness was also present in the court when Elizabeth MORLEY was sentenced to two years' imprisonment. He had read the depositions of HOARE and EADE made by them before the Coroner, Mr White having lent them to him for the purpose. Witness now deposed that the depositions made before the Coroner at the inquest were at variance with those made before the Magistrate at Alton. The variance in the depositions was: The prisoners at the time deposed that they did not spend the night in the shed with the girl MORLEY when the child died; and at another they swore that they did spend the night with her. The latter statement they now say is the truth. Sergeant J CARPENTER of the Hants Constabulary, stationed at Forest Side, Headley, deposed that on Tuesday, 27th May, he apprehended EADE and read the warrant to him. The prisoner then said "I say now as I said before, I should not have done so had she not asked me to do it." When the Sergeant apprehended the prisoner HOARE, he made no reply. In reply to the Bench, HOARE now said, "I am very sorry. I own I was there with her. I was over-persuaded to say what I did before the Coroner at Headley." The prisoners were committed for trial for wilful perjury at the next Assizes at Winchester. Bail was allowed. EADE was fortunate enough to find two sureties, his father and brother, in £25 each; but HOARE could not get sureties in court, and was removed in custody.

p.210 FROST Widow (MERCER).
Lives at [Crossed out =>Arford, this side Crown]. Huntingford Bridge in 1871 census?
Once washed for us; now for Mrs PETAR.
Came Feb 18, 1878 for her daughter to be housemaid. Mother of p.211.
Sister to Mary MERCER who is in Fareham Asylum and about whom I wrote to Dr MANLEY in 187_ and on 2/3/1878.

p.211 FROST David & Mary & children
Keep Robin Hood & Little John, Standford. 'Coach Wheelwright & Publican' in 1881 census.
Son of p.210 who lived sometime with him.
Bapt. 9 Aug 1840, Farnham [see 'Peeps from the Past', 23 Sep 2005]
Children come to school, one got prize at Xmas 1877.
Child born early in 1872 is blind (a girl)
She is a good looking woman (?cheeky) (?or perhaps only short-sighted)
Came to me 15.5.1879 about the school for indigent blind, St George's Field, Southwark when I had some correspondence with Lady ERLE who is a subscriber. But children must be 10 (or at least 9) years of age.
- Ernest D, 1868;
- Herbert S;
- Isabella Kate, 1872 - 'from birth blind' age 9 in 1881 census.

p.212 COLLYER John and Jane & [Crossed out=>children] Frank in 1892.
Live at Lindford (north of stream) near laundry.
Come from Kingsley to mind LUSHINGTON's Laundry.
Came over [Crossed out=>Midsummer] March 1877 (Inf: BOXALL).
Saw her Feb 21/1878; Mrs WALK: had given magazine.
Rather deaf & running at the eye.
Child outside seemingly rather stupid. This the Johnny COLLYER of p.463.
Not really at the head of the laundry. The head is Mrs FLOWERS (p.581).
He died Nov 1883, neglected by her according to Dr P.
She now (1890) living this side Lindford Bridge. Mother to p.908.
Frank 1892 worked at Headley Mill.
- 1868 Lavinia*;
- 1871 Frank - both attended regularly Kingsley School in 1877, she 338 times, he 265 times.
As she lives (1891 and has for some time lived) next Dan WOOD's daughter at Lindford, probably her husband was John COLLYER who married in 1844 Hannah WOODS (or some relation to him) [see WOODS Pedigree p.96] - but in 1881 census John COLLYER is shown at Lindford married to a Jane.
*Lavinia 1892 cook at Folkestone. Wrote to her mother Xmas 1891. No answer. Mother's "time or change of moon."

p.213 KNIGHT Thomas & wife Mary in 1881 census.
Keeps the New Inn. Used to work for LICKFOLD.
He listed as "victualler, New Inn" in 1878 Directory of Headley, and as "Farmer of 20 Acres" at New Inn in 1881 census.

p.214 PARFECT George & Caroline* & children. *according to Bapt register for Miles.
Live at Parish House Bottom opposite William PARFECT.
Also (Xmas 1877) Mrs DAKIN wife's mother and wife's sisters (who come to school)
Cottage is his own (or his mother's [arrow pointing to Mrs Edmund PARFECT p.215] )
- 1874 Miles William George.

p.215 PARFECT Mrs Edmund (Mary Ann née MANSELL)
Keeps a shop at Arford. Shop now kept by M LONG p.699
Mother of George PARFECT opp: (p.214)
Husband brother to William PARFECT deceased.
She was married 2/12/1844.
Lent her £25 in 1873 to start shop
[For lodger see p.325]
- George, baptised 11/2/1849 - see opp: (p.214)
- Eliza, baptised 6/1/1853*
- Harriet, baptised 19/3/1854 - see p.699
- Margaret, baptised 2/11/1856
- Anne, baptised 28/8/59 - Banned 1882 January
- Walter, baptised 10/8/1862 - Died.
- Henry, baptised 2/7/1865
- Edmund R, baptised 4/7/1867.
* Henry Ernest (son of Eliza), baptised 6/2/1870 - lives with Mrs SMITH, Fullers Bottom.
For Pedigree of PARFECTS see p.359.

p.216 HOARE William & Anne (PAINTER)
Live at [Crossed out =>Bank, Small Cottage (No 18) to S] Deadwater, Beale's Cottage.
On Aug 20/1872 wished little boy could go to school.
Parents of Fred opp [p.217] & Mrs BONE p.302 [Crossed out=> (p.5?6) now left Parish]
Also of Mrs James COOMBES p.219; & of p.235.
Brother to James (Crown) p.490
She died in Blackmoor. He at N.I. Turnpike Jan 1890
- Fred: married see p.217
- Eliz: married William BONE (gone to Whitehill)
- 1852 Hannah married 6.11.75 Thomas BIRMINGHAM (BURNINGHAM?) p.235 - see also p.1711
- Harvey
- 1856 Ellen married Oct 1876 to James COOMBES (p.219)
- 1867 James, for whose perjury see p.209.

p.217 HOARE (or y) Frederick & Eliza (MORLEY) & 5 children.
[Crossed out =>Live at Bank Cottage (no. 21) to N.]
He son of p.216; she daughter of p.218. They were married at Alton I believe.
Living now in Mr FOLEY's Lodge, Broxhead (Oct 1881) and hold also Griggs' Cottage at Hollywater.
He died suddenly at Scammell's Mill (see p.534), April 1884. Bur. 2 May 1884 in Bramshott.
She married again October 1884 (by Registrar) to one STILLWELL [Crossed out =>really JETTON], see p.460, and gone out of Parish; Came back Nov 1884 to Bank.
- Frank 1/7/1877;
- Matthew 4/11/1877;
- Fred William 4/12/1881, working 1898 for Titford;
- Eliza 8/1/1883.

p.217 Cutting Apr 1884: SUDDEN DEATH. On Monday afternoon, as Frederick HOAR, in the employ of Mr SPARSHOTT, miller, Bramshott, was pursuing his customary daily rounds in delivering bread, and having nearly completed his journey, he was seen suddenly to jump from off his wagon, and fall upon his face. Those who were near rendered what assistance they could, and medical aid was sent for; but before this could be obtained life was extinct. The death occurred upon a part of Woolmer Forest nearly two miles from Liphook. The body was conveyed to the "Deer's Hut" Inn, where it awaits an inquest, which will take place before the Coroner today (Friday). The deceased, whose age was but 35, and who had but recently with his family removed from Headley, having only been in the employ of Mr SPARSHOTT three weeks, leaves a widow and five children who are totally unprovided for.

p.218 MORLEY Mr (Matthew) & Mrs (Mary Ann) & children?
Live at Mr FOLEY's Lodge, Broxhead (see p.580)
Short man; showed me over house in 1877. Parents of Mrs HOARE p.217.
Eliza MORLEY had illegitimate child 10.3.1885. Not christened in July 1885. See p.68 for her trial on baby's death later in the year.
He died in some Union.
Previously his wife died here (bur. 22.2.1886 aged 59); murdered some people declare; with the result that the house is haunted; with the unmade fire poking, & stumping about. So that (1896) servants will not stay.

p.219 COOMBES James (3/9/1854) & Ellen (HOARE) & child
Live [Crossed out =>At Lindford lane next LAILEY? or at Bank of England N.16 at New Inn Turnpike - was not there Feb 1879]
At Sleaford in 1881 census.
?Trottsford Jan 1884.
He son of Peter COOMBES (p.220). She daughter of HOAREs p.216.
Child baptised by SIMCOCKES 3/6/1877
They were married 21 October 1876.
Mrs HOARE came for mother's confinement Nov 30/1878. She a tidy good-complexioned woman.
Sister to Mrs BONE, Deadwater, p.302 & also to p.217 & p.235.
See Q.153.
- Edward 3/6/1877;
- Alice 1878.

p.220 COOMBES Peter (2 years older than brother Edward [p.410] who died in 1899 aged 75; therefore Peter born 1822) & Anne (SHRUBB b. 7 Mar 1824)
Live [Crossed out =>at Eggar's Cottage in Bottom Road (Bank of England) Deadwater Hill] Headley Street down lane
Used to live at pulled-down cottages at Bank.
George in 1873 wanted to go to sea, but mother forbade it.
Sister to p.331 and p.316.
Parents of p.219; also of Mrs FULLICK p.221.
She daughter of Eli SHRUBB p.311; met her 25/7/1878 at Mrs Dan MESSINGHAM's [p.205]; remembers the riots (of November 1830) and how the soldiers came up in force; she was then at school where CURTIS' shop is (Churchgate) - schoolmaster was ATTFIELD; they pulled the blinds down when they saw the soldiers.
He brother to Edward [p.410], William [p.512] and Mrs Charles FYFIELD [p.347] & Mrs Robert BURROWS [p.432].
She sister to William SHRUBB [p.316], Edward SHRUBB [p.331] and Mrs Henry FULLICK [p.582].
CURTIS turned them out May 1882, he having deserted her (see p.428) and she not paying rent.
- Fred, 29/10/1848 - at home Feb 1879 - this Fred COOMBES perhaps living 1926 in Collins Barns. Good walker but asthmatical and cannot lie down. Never married. Died March 1932.
- Emily, 21/4/1850, married to Mark FULLICK p.221
- Mary Ann, 4.4.1852, conf. of boy (George Bartholomew) Jan 1879, married to John GROVER p.428
- James, 3/9/1854, married to Ellen HOARE p.219.
- George, 3/8/1858, p.1593
- Albert, 9/9/1860, at home Feb 1879.

p.221 FULLICK Mark & Emily (COOMBES née 21/4/1850) & 2 children
[Crossed out =>Live at Saunders Green] gone to Binsted? but still in choir.
She daughter of p.220.
They were married.
He is in choir (1878) fairly regular. Brother to Fred (p.258), Mrs COLE (p.633) & Mrs HALE (p.242)
FULLICK pedigree p.837.
- 1874 Olive Hannah
- 1877 Edith Everland.

p.222 JETTON John & PICKETT Margaret
Live at [Crossed out =>Fellmongers, Fullers Bottom] S End High.
At Sleaford in 1881 census, he aged 26, she 22.
Son of Mrs HARRIS by first husband.
[He a pensioner; papers signed Jan 1878 [Crossed out=>or perhaps] this is his brother. [Crossed out =>It is p.460] ]
Brother or ½ brother of Mr Mark BURROWS p.225.
Gone off [June 1878] in the night [inf. Mrs LEMON].
She born in London, lived at Dorking, been living (Feb 1881) 3 years with JETTON, not yet married.
Married at Alton 1884 (or previously), Mrs ALLEN finding the money [inf. Dan WINTER on 8.9.84]
See p.456 for an assault on John JETTON.
- Maria PICKETT 18/2/1881 - private baptism. Another baptised at Farnham April 1883.
She ran away Mich 1888 with only remaining child. He July 1889 broke blood vessel having previously tramped the country (as far as Cardiff) to try and find her.

p.222 Press Cutting, undated c.1883 - MALICIOUS WOUNDING
John JETTON (28) labourer, was indicted for maliciously wounding Gilbert GREGORY, at Binsted, near Alton on the 23rd of September. Mr Greenwood prosecuted.
Prosecutor said he was a labouring man, hopping at Binsted in September. On Sunday, the 23rd at 10.30pm he was with Hezekiah FRANKLIN. At the cross road leading to Kingsley he met prisoner and his brother, who were strangers to him. Prisoner told him he had more sovereigns than witness had shillings, and he replied that he had enough for himself and missus. Prisoner thereupon hit him on the nose with the right hand and stabbed him on the left shoulder with a knife. Prisoner's brother went off before he was stabbed. After stabbing him prisoner ran away round the corner, telling him if he would come up the road he would stick him in the throat. By prisoner: they did not come along the road from Binsted together. By his Lordship: He had a few words with prisoner's brother. Prisoner was a stranger to him.
Hezekiah FRANKLIN, of Frome, Somerset, said he was a hopper and in company with the prosecutor on the night in question. He saw by the moonlight the knife used. He had never seen prisoner before Sunday. His lordship referring to the depositions said he found witness stated he saw prisoner at the Cedars the Sunday previous to the assault, and at the kiln on the same day. Witness denied that he said so. By prisoner: They did not stand talking at the cross roads for a quarter of an hour.
Arthur PRAGNELL, basket maker, of Tadley, said he slept at the kiln about 70 yards from the cross roads when he was aroused by hearing Gregory called that he was stabbed, and a voice "If you'll come up here I'll stab you again".
Henry PONTING, living at South Hay, said he heard prosecutor callout that he was stabbed, and ran to his assistance and on his pulling off his coat prisoner ran away.
P.C. BUDDEN apprehended prisoner on the following Tuesday who said "they can't say it's me as I ran away and so did my brother." He found a knife upon prisoner there was no blood upon it.
Dr J F WRIGHT said he found a wound on the back of prosecutor's left shoulder, two inches in extent. It was quite impossible for the wound to have been inflicted on prosecutor by a person standing in front of him with his left hand.
For the defence Thomas JETTON brother of prisoner was called and said, that up to the time he and his brother went away together no blow whatever was struck. By Mr GREENWOOD: His brother came away from prosecutor.....

p.222 Cutting Dec 1885: John JETTON, of Binsted, was charged with trespassing on land at Binsted, in the possession of Henry DUTTON, Esq. James SPIERS, game-keeper, deposed to seeing the defendant on December 8th in the act of setting and examining rabbit wires. The defendant said he had permission from Mr NEWMAN to take rabbits. There were seven wires set. The defendant denied having se the wires, and also having picked up any. It appeared that the defendant was of no occupation, and he lived close by the spot. The Bench, in the absence of any proof that the defendant had authority to tae rabbits, fined him 2s. 6d. and 10s. Costs, four days being allowed by payment; and, in default, seven days' imprisonment.

p.222 & p.223 Note written across the bottom of pages 222 & 223.
Oct 6, 1880. Dear Mr WICKHAM, an old man named WINTER has a stepson called JETTON, a worthless fellow, who endeavours to live upon the old people. JETTON's wife is about to be confined and, a week ago, went to the Union. Last night however she and JETTON reappeared at the old man's cottage, and at present are in his outhouse and refuse to turn out. It is a very unfit place to live in (much more to be confined in). Is there any summary method by which the JETTONs can be ejected? The old man's cottage itself has no room for them. Yours sincerely W H Laverty.

p.223 HARRIS or WINTER Daniel & Wife Elizabeth [Crossed out illegible text]
Old people living [Crossed out=> Fullers Bottom, Allen's cottage - has now (Xmas 1877) her son (JETTON) by 1st husband living with them. He is a pensioner & seems to have his papers signed early in Jan 1878]
At Sleaford in 1881 census.
He a Headley man but away from 1867 to 1874.
Brother to Mrs James FULLICK p.501.
She mother (first husband) of p.222, p.460 (see below).
She aunt to Mrs John FULLICK p.902.
Formerly lived in Mrs WINDUS' (pulled down) cottage.
She [Crossed out =>mother or mother in law] stepmother Mrs Mark BURROWS* p.225.
p.460 lives (Oct 1880) with them South End.
[Crossed out =>Now (Feb 1884) at above New Inn Turnpike House.] Gone to get clear of sons [inf. Mrs George FULLICK p.321]
Now (Nov 1881) at Bank small house.
Father to Mrs John CANE (p.681) of Barford
[Crossed out =>Clearly a sister] to Mrs George WHITING (née STILLWELL) p.479. See p.902.
*JETTON had (by his first wife) 2 children, Mrs Mark BURROWS and another girl.
Betty LONGSTOCKING had (before marr) 1 child, Thomas STILLWELL (p.460) married MORLEY's daughter.
JETTON and Betty LONGSTOCKING (after marriage) 1 child, John JETTON (p.222) married PICKETT.

p.224 BELTON James (17/11/1811) and Eliza [Crossed out =>9/5/1830] (BURROWS née COURTNAGE) & Luke BURROWS 2/2/1851 see p.492
Older people living on Allotment land Parish House Bottom.
Squatted in about 1848, not dispossessed and therefore claiming the land as their own.
They were married 31/10/1857.
She mother (by 1st husband, George b.5/11/1856) of Luke (above) & Mark BURROWS (p.225) & aunt to Mrs William BURROWS (p.228), & sister in law (by 1st husband) to James BURROWS (p.228) and to William BURROWS (p.230). She sister to Charles (p.300) John (p.547) and George (p.546).
He brother to Mrs BURCHETT.
She died Oct 18, 1889 ("aged 74").
See pedigree p.1515.

p.224 BURROWS Noah & … (JETTON?)
He as on p.225. She sister to Mrs Mark, married 1904 and come to Bracken Lodge.

p.224 SAWKINS Alf & Rosie (née BURROWS p.225) and 3 children.
Married here. She had twins, then a girl and died in childbirth 1876?
Was at Fred's funeral just before she died. Who was Fred?

p.225 BURROWS Mark (24/9/1845) & Mary (née JETTON) 14.8.1848 & 3 children
Lame man living in Parish House Bottom
Some while ago went to hospital for leg. Came back and was apprenticed to GAMBLEN by the parish. Now shoemaker and field labours.
He son (by 1st husband) Mrs BELTON p.224 and 1st cousin to Mrs William BURROW (p.228).
She daughter or daughter in law of Mrs HARRIS (Dan) p.223. Therefore brother or half brother of JETTON p.222.
They were married at Headley August 27th 1870.
He [Crossed out =>relation of] 1st cousin to p.228, brother to p.492.
Nephew of old William BURROW (opp: PH p.230)
Shed burnt down August 1887 with loss of tools and firewood to the value of £2. Paper given. Shed insured by owner Mrs Richard MARSHALL.
She re-married 1904 at Alton to Samuel [Crossed out =>Stephen] COOPER (son of Henry & Eliza) now at Deadwater Bridge. Né at Alton 24.9.1859. Mrs COOPER died Oct 1932.
- Mark 2/4/71. 1904 lives at Wrecclesham; 1914 at Meonstoke, and came Mar 1917 to Headley Mill Farm. He died 19 April 1921.
- Noah 17/12/73 - see p.224
- Rosie (SAWKINS) 1876 - see p.224
- Tom 1.9.1878 - at ROGERS in 1928
- Alice 1882 - married 16.4.1904 to James STEELE of Easton, Winchester
- Clari/Clara 10.3/1884 - see p.1499.

p.226 SMITH Mark 4/4/1832 & Martha 25/5/1834 (BRIDGER) & children
Keep small shop at Hollywater. Now (1879) where BENHAM lived.
He son of p.227. Brother of Will (p.317), James (p.333) & Emily (p.237).
Married Nov 11 1852.
Gave them 3 grocery orders Christmas 1877.
[For her HARRIS pedigree see p.163]
She daughter to Mrs James FULLICK p.501.
Parents to William SMITH p.1048.
- George 21.8.1853 (living 1903 at Hollywater with Mrs SHORT) See p.512. Died 21.4.1927 (legs) in Union.
- Walter 25.10. 1861 - married 1887 to Sarah A WEEKS - see p.822.
- 1865 William - married 1888 to Mary Ann BURROWS
- 1870 Ann
- 1871 Jane
- 1874 Alice - (in 1903) Mrs SORASE at Partridge Green, Sussex.
- 1877 Pollie (there is a Mary age 3 in 1881 census - no Pollie).

p.227 SMITH Celia. Widow
Old lady living at Hollywater. Never in. Works at the paper mill. This only up to 1880.
Mother of p.226 (Mark), p.317 (Will) p.333 (James), p.237 (Emily).
Husband James buried 12/12/1867. Lives now in same house (next Pink) with PARFITT p.237.
About as old as the century [age 48 in 1851 census] Her father was killed at Waterloo.
Buried in Headley 10 Mar 1890 age 90, plot 10-9
Has had children:
- James 11/10/1823 married MESSINGHAM p.333
- William 31/5/1826 married COVER p.317
- John 5/4/1828
- Mary A 22/8/1830 married William BLACKMAN
- Mark 4/11/1832 married BRIDGER p.226
- Hannah 12/1834
- [Crossed out =>Jane 30/4/1837 buried 30/6/1839]
- Charles 13/10/1839. Living 1897 at 6 Ebury Mews Chester Sq SW under the name Charles BAKER, he having kept a turnpike for a number of years and never taken down the name of the previous keeper.
- Emily 18/12/1842 married George PARFITT p.237
- Andrew Albert 28/9/1845 see p.95.

p.228 BURROWS William 4/8/1839 & Esther (BURROW) 8/12/1837 & children
Lived at Hilland - there in 1861 & 1881 censuses (formerly at 3 Ten in Fullers Bottom - there in 1871 census).
She 1st cousin to Mark BURROWS p.225 and to Luke p.492.
He brother to Charles and to Andrew (p.232) and to Jane CHANDLER (p.299).
Married November 3, 1860.
He principal applicant for Allotment ground.
Son of George (Hen Woman) p.231.
- Harriett 6.11.1864, bapt 7.10.1866
- Sarah bapt 3.11.1867
- Minnie Louisa bapt 24.11.1872 - marr. 17.8.1896 Arthur William FEBEN, 28, Joiner - she Cook at Headley Grange.
With them lives wife's father, James BURROW
Brother to Mrs James BELTON's (p.224) 1st husband. Not born in this parish [Inf: Mrs BURCHETT].
Brother to (Parish House Bottom Will BURROW) p.230 & to Caroline MARSHALL p.435.
Uncle to Mark BURROWS (p.225) and to Luke (p.492).

p.228 Loose page
William BURROWS has for a long time being suffering from diseased bone in the foot which has rendered him permanently lame and unable to follow his usual occupation. He has been to a London Hospital but the only thing that could be suggested was to cut off his foot. He is in a club, and the club has now consented to give him special allowance and to allow him to earn his living. He is sexton at the church but he cannot do his labouring work and ?????? if he can obtain....

p.229 Letter dated Feb 25 1885
East Worldham, Alton
Dear Mr Laverty
A young woman named Mary Ann BURROWS left her place of service in this parish last week to return to her house at Hollywater in your parish (I believe) in order to attend her mother's death bed, and I understand she is likely to remain at home for some time. I take the liberty of writing to you about her because I have been attempting to prepared her for confirmation, and thought that perhaps you might like to know of it and would continue her instruction.
Here extreme ignorance makes the preparation both difficult and tedious, for she can scarcely read at all and cannot write; but she is anxious to learn and I think well disposed. I think she can repeat after a fashion the Creed, the Lord's Prayer and the X Commandments, and has some faint notion of the Baptismal vow, but I am very doubtful of her ability to give an intelligible account of any of them.
Pray believe me to be yours sincerely, L C EDGEWORTH

p.229 Piece of paper [corner torn so some words missing] written in an uncultured hand: … would you hask …im to give mother … of mutton to make her some broth
miss lir holley water
Note written below by WHL: This is Mary Ann BURROWS daughter of Charles "Mary Handbarrow"

p.229 Letter dated Feb 27th, 1885.
If you please Sir. My wife wishes to take the Sacrament. And the doctor says it is right for her to have it. The doctor wished us to come up and get you this afternoon.

p.228 Letter dated Dec 14 (1886?)
Binsted Wyck, Alton, Hants.
Dear Mr Laverty
I now and then as you know trouble you on some parish matters and so write to ask if you think Marianne BURROWS has been [Hollywater, Petersfield] going on nicely and steadily while keeping her father's house since she has lived at home owing to her mother's death? She now wishes to go one again and asks me for a reference. She says she can now leave home again. Do you think she is stronger? Could I for instance take her again. I fear they are "Chapel people" and a long way from you. Still I remember you knew all about her before and should be much obliged if you would write to me about her now. Yours very truly, Sophia Emma WICKHAM.

p.229 BURROWS Charles (23/4/1837) & Frances (BELTON) (28/1/1838) & children
Lived at further Stone Pit Farm
[Crossed out =>Relation of Mark BURROWS p.225] Brother to Will p.232 & to Andrew p.232, and to Jane CHANDLER p.299.
Son of George & Sarah (Henwoman) p.231.
Had a large family but many died.
Dirty people; she works; he drinks?
They were married Dec 12th 1859 (looks like Oct 12th in Marr Reg).
She niece to Mrs BURCHETT p.368. Buried in Headley 7.3.1885 aged 47.
Children alive are
Before 1864:
- Mary Anne - had a child christened 2.5.1887. Now Mrs William SMITH p.1048
- Tom 4/10/1868
- George 1873 - Got out of the army through ill health; & trying Jan 1896 to be a stoker in the navy
- Albert 1874 - A letter 16.5.1894 from Mr SCOTT of Havant (family of Mary COLLINS) asking whether Albert BURROWS (this one I presume) & Eliz: Jane HAMMOND in Feb 1894. (Not clear exactly what he's asking)
- Eliz Maria, b. 5 Oct 1876, Fullers Bottom - now Mrs George CROUCHER, living at Standford Hill. He a first cousin to p.1620. See article by Ann VINEY in Headley Miscellany

p.229 Press Cutting dated March 1881: STEALING POTATOES. Frances BURROWS was charged with stealing potatoes to the value of 6d, the property of William ALDEN [see p.519]. The prosecutor farms some land at Headley, and the woman while in his employ filled her pockets with potatoes from a heap in the garden. She was fined 10s including costs.

p.230 BURROWS William
Bachelor; living opposite Parish Houses.
Nearly or quite 70. [Inf: Mrs BURCHETT]
Brother to James BURROW (Hilland) p.228 and to Mrs James BELTON's (p.226) 1st husband, & is uncle to Mrs William BURROW (Hilland).
The rather surly looking old man that works on the roads.
Uncle to Mark BURROW (p.225) & to Luke (p.492).
?Brother to Robert BURROW p.432
Brother to Mrs Rich. MARSHALL (p.485). Saw him at her house Sept 19, 1884. She at hopping.
Wants to sell his house at £100 [inf: Mrs Tom MARSHALL). Lives on the produce of his place.
Died 22.2.1885 aged 78 in burial register.

p.231 BURROWS George (17/7/1808) & Sarah (PAGE)
Old people living in [Crossed out =>Lindford Chase] Fuller's Bottom.
Hardworking though inclined to complain. (He 'broom maker' in 1851 census)
Parents of Will (p.228), Charles (p.229) [Crossed out =>Henry] Andrew (p.232). Also of Jane CHANDLER (p.299), Rich (p.596).
She sister to Sophie PAGE (p.233).
Have had an enormous family.
Grandparents to young Fred CHANDLER (p.296).
Mother-in-law to widow BURROWS p.595.
Banned Jan 1831; married 17.1.1831 at Frensham.
Her age sent up as 79 in February 1884 & 79 in Nov 1884 (said to have been born 28.8.1804). (In 1881 census, age 76, born Dockenfield)
Parents to Mrs SNELLING (p.92)
Particulars stated in 1885: Petitioner is old & she & the husband (who have lived in holy wedlock 54 years) & have brought up a large family) are quite hard work.
- Mary Ann 1/7/1832; married 18/6/1853 to George FORD.
- Jane: 26/8/1834; married to Arthur CHANDLER p.299
- George: 30/10/1835
- Charles: 23/4/37 - see p.229
- Will: 4/8/1839 - see p.228
- Eliz: 2/5/1841
- Rich: 12/3/1843
- David: 23/6/1844
- [Crossed out =>James: 3/5/1846. Buried 16/6/1846]
- Henry: 20/10/1850 - see p.232
- Andrew: 8/2/1851
Her brother was grandfather to Thomas PAGE p.860.
She buried 25 Aug 1898 age 93 from Alton Union, late Headley Mill.
He buried 7 Feb 1890 age 86 from Lindford

p.232 BURROWS Andrew & Mary & 1 child
Young people living at [Crossed out =>Lindford Chase] and of [Crossed out =>Fullers Bottom]
Next to his parents (p.231) (In 1881 census, he 'Ag Labourer' at Fullers Bottom; in 1891 census, has 'Dealer shop' at Land of Nod)
Brother to Will (p.228), Charles (p.229) & Jane CHANDLER (p.299).
Mrs LYONS knew her and thought she had by no means bettered herself by her marriage. They were married near London (in 1876?) (In 1881 census: she age 36 born Cirencester; he age 29 born Headley)
- Annie Verena, bapt 3/3/1878
- Gertrude Mary, bapt 3.9.1882
- Elizabeth, bapt as Isabel 4.7.1886, age 4 in 1891 census
With them living 1889 at Land of Nod, the old father of Mr ROGERS (p.481)
Lodging with them 1904 and walking out with daughter is _ O'CONNOR.
Andrew died (of sunstroke) 10 Jul 1904 aged 52, plot 9-45, stone No.320. [According to burial register, Edward WAKE of Whitmore died of sunstroke at about the same time]

p.233 PAGE Sophie
Unmarried and lives at Arford.
Very deaf - on the (Frensham) Parish. (In 1881 census: born Batts Corner, age 61, Handicap deaf)
Cleans out the schools & Hawks.
Sister to Mrs George BURROWS, p.231 but, I believe, they are not friendly.

p.234 CHIVERTON Thomas (né 18.8.1853; died 2.4.1927) & Henrietta (WAKELING) & 1 child
Young people living at Pickett's Hill Cottage S.
Married by me on August 22, 1874.
He born 18.8.1853; she 1854 - daughter to p.1312.
Brother to Samuel p.37.
She subject to fits (inf: Mrs GAUNTLETT next door p.433) and baby born 1887; seems to inherit the fits.
Strongest of children is boy born 1886? who was brought up on bottle (rest were breast).
Took William BARNETTS place (see p.644) at Picketts Hill farm 1875.
Henrietta CHAPPELL (Mrs HITCHCOCK) there in 1928.
One child in Feb 1878 and another expected.
- 1875 Frederick - baptised 7.4.1878, né 12.12.1875
- 1878 George - 7.4.1878, né 23.2.1878 - m. Bessie HALL of Kingsley in 1900 & emigrated later to Canada, see p.1432
- Samuel né 16.12.1881 - married 16.4.1906 to Mabel BURRIDGE (BURRAGE of Fairview in P. Mag)
- Elizabeth née 11.1.1884 - Mrs Henry J STEVENS. Married 12.9.1907
- Frank né 4.6.1886 - married 25.2.1910 to Mary BROOMFIELD.
- Alice née 28.10.1887 - married 2.1.1915 to Robert James WISHART - he died in war - see p.1681.
- Emily née 3.2.1890 - married Henry CHAPPELL see p.239
- Ruth née 13.10.1892 - married 26.12.1910 to Alf James HAYDEN
- Charles né 20.6.1895
- Rosa née 25.2.1899, died 22 June 1899 [whooping cough - source: Headley Burials] - and, sadly, she was included in the 1901 census!

p.235 BURNINGHAM Thomas (1849) & Hannah (HOARE née 1854*) & 1 child
*From Somerset House in Feb 1920. She daughter of William & Ann HOARE of Kingsley née 8.4.1854.
Live at [Crossed out =>Trottsford remote cottage] Bank S.E.
[Crossed out =>Carter to Trottsford Farm]
Works for MORLEY.
She daughter of p.216. He of Burial: Reg: No. 1287.
They were married by me Nov 6, 1875.
1886 at Stream. (At Stream in 1891 census, but don't seem to be in either 1881 or 1901 censuses for Headley)
Brother to p.989 (see also p.320)
He died summer (?1917) at Ash.
She (a widow) in ARNOLDs with Separation Allowance 6/10d from son Tom
See p.1711 bottom.
- Frederick George, b. 2 Sep 1876, near Trottsford Farm, bapt 1/10/1876
- has (Nov 1917) 6 children.

p.235 Press Cutting dated 1887: PETTY SESSIONS Tuesday. Before J C WOOD Esq (in the chair) and A J SCOTT Esq.
DRUNKENNESS. James GARDENER, an Army pensioner, pleaded guilty to a charge of being drunk and disorderly at Chawton on August 3rd. Police-Constable COOPER proved the case. The defendant was fined 5s and costs 6s.6d. Richard BIRMINGHAM, a labourer, was charged with being drunk and creating a disturbance at Headley. Police-Sergeant JACOBS proved the case. The defendant was fined 1s. And costs 7s. Moses PIERCE who did not appear, was charged with being helplessly drunk at Selborne, on July 18th, while in charge of three horses and a loaded wagon. He was fined 5s. And costs.

p.236 HAMPTON : James & Martha & [crossed out=>3] 4 children
Live in cottage close to Trottsford Farm
Pleasant woman, red face; child frightened of Cross's dog.
Gave her Jan magazine on Feb 21, 1878.
She was churched 10/12/1876.
They came (in 1875?) from Binsted.
Mother died (father left for drunkenness).
- Anna Maria b. Alton 1874
- Emily Jane bapt 4/2/1877
- Ellen Kate born 31/10/1878, bapt 5/1/1879 - had a child at Basingstoke in April (or earlier) 1894.
- Edwin George born 7 Aug 1880, bapt 3/10/1880.

p.236 Letter loose dated 5 April 1894
55 Church Street
April 5th, 1894
Dear Sir
Would you oblige me by extracting from your registers the date of the baptism of Kate Ellen HAMPTON, who is about to be confirmed here and thinks she was baptized at Headley as an infant? She was born on Oct 31, 1878 so it should be somewhere about that date.
We like to verify the baptism in case of mistakes, and if possible to secure the exact date.
Apologising for troubling you.
I am faithfully yours,
Curate of Basingstoke

p.237 PARFITT George & Emily 18/12/1842 (SMITH) and children.
Live at Hollywater with Celia SMITH p.227
She daughter of Celia (p.227), sister to Mark (p.226), William (p.317) and James (p.333).
They were married by me 12.1.1878, she being 35 with two illegitimate children, he a soldier (for 20 years) with a pension £18.4.0.
Good working man, works for Mr GREENAWAY.
The family makes a lot of money as the women work at the mill, and he has a pension, and works. [Inf: Mrs PINK]
Signed his pension 11d a day 1 March 1885.
Children illegitimate:
- SMITH Andrew Charles 5/2/1871 (PARFIT in 1881 census)
- SMITH William James 2/5/1875 (PARFIT in 1881 census)
said to be the children of the HOARE (p._) banned 1884 to widow SMITH
After Marriage: 12.1.1878 (no further children in Headley bapt reg, bur reg or census).
She bur. 11.5.1896 aged 53, plot 12-7 'Hollywater, lungs'
He bur. 13.7.1896 aged 63, plot 11-17 'Alton Union, late Hollywater; rupture'

p.238 GALE Stephen 10/10/1824 & Charlotte (FULLICK) & children
Widower living last house on right Fullers Bottom.
Father of Mrs MOSELEY, p.202.
Wife (Charlotte) was buried Feb 10 1868.
She was sister to GAMBLENs 2nd wife, p.457.
They were married May 14, 1848.
Brother to James GALE p.270 (Headley Wood Hatch)
- James 8/10/1848
- Hannah 30/1/1853
- [Crossed out =>Mary 31/1/1858]; Buried 10/2/1870
- Jane 26/1/1862 -m. James FULLICK, 36, lab of Barford
- William 1/1/1865 - this William's poaching p.571
- Frances Eliza 1/12/1867 see p.945.

p.239 AUBREY James & … (PIGGOTT) & 1 child
Live on Deadwater Hill, above Alexandra Park.
Said to be church people. He a bricklayer.
No relation to p.340. Saw her 28/2/1878 (see p.246)
He ? & KNOTT p.310 married sisters.
- 1876 Daughter.

p.239 CHAPPELL Harry Davis (late R.F.A.) & Emily (CHIVERTON née 3.2.1890)
She daughter of Thomas (p.234) and died.
Two of her children are with grandparents p.234, viz. Henrietta CHAPPELL née 23.3.1907 & Hilda CHAPPELL née _.9.1914.
Emily CHAPPELL née 14.9.1914 at Bayfields Cottage in 1928.

p.240 COOMBES Dan & Lucy (BARNETT née 22.9.1824) & daughter [COOMBS in 1881 census]
Live at Deadwater west of Allotment Land.
She sister to George BARNETT p.241 and to James p.356
Took a deal of trouble when Mrs BARNETT was ill.
And for some time had the baby with her.
They were married Nov 2, 1844.
Daughter is now (Feb 1877) home with abscess in neck.
Mary Ann "poorly" in Bull's Book.
Children were baptised simultaneously at chapel.
- George 10/12/1845; buried 18.1.1849 aged 8 weeks, therefore born between 12.11.1848 and 20.11.1848.
- 1851 Mary Ann, Mrs James KNIGHT p.41.
- 1856 Thomas, buried 6.8.1857
With them (Dec 1891 & in 1891 census) is lodging Charles WEEKES (p.515).

p.241 BARNETT George 21.9.1832 & children
Widower living at [Crossed out=>1st house over] shop house on Deadwater Hill
Wife (Elizabeth DUCKETT) died aged 37 in 1873 near Bank of England
She sister to Mrs MOSS p.297.
Brother to Mrs COOMBES p.240.
Took 2.1.1878 Albert's school prize to Mrs COOMBES.
Married Oct 1878 to Mary A HEATHER.
His new wife (1878) was baptised as HARDING 5.7.1828 - married 22.12.1849 to James CANE & 3.2.1866 to Fred HEATHER.. See HARDING pedigree p.129.
Mother to John CANE (Lindford Ch: style) p.415; also to Mrs George KNIGHT p.1112.
She (when Mrs HEATHER) sent for me (very ill) on Dec 26, 1873. "Breaks bread with Mr ALLEN, therefore no sacrament". "Felt safe but afraid of mother's safety"
Brother to James p.356.
Following three lines all crossed out:-
- Jane 1862
- Thomas 1867
- Albert 1870
Then by their side is written:
Rather, George BARNETT's children (by Elizabeth) are:
- Mary Jane, bapt 22.9.1861, married 1897 at Liss (seems to have married aged 31 to George WAKEFORD 8.10.1892 at Headley) - I think this is the Mrs WAKEFORD who gave evidence at the enquiry over the suicide Aug 1921 (Godalming way) of James Thomas BARNETT.
- William 27.3.1865, bur. 27.3.1865
- Albert 7.10.1866 - at Worthing 1897
- James Thomas 1870 - at home 1897.
Daughter came to me Dec 1884 about succession duty payable by Mrs BARNETT on death of Lucy P KEMP.
Her 2nd husband was brother to Mrs Tom MARSHALL (p.504) & to Charles HEATHER (p.271) & to Henry (p.505).

p.242 HALE [Crossed out=>AYLES] William & Jane (FULLICK) né 14 July 1840 (him or her?)
Live at Sleaford Farm south side, called in letters "Sleaford Cottage".
Married in 16.9.1860. No children.
Wife daughter of old FULLICK, the sieve maker, who used to live at Bayfields' Road; there Mrs FULLICK died and then old FULLICK went and lived with his daughter first at Lodge House, before Sir Henry came, and then at the New Cottages at Pickett's Hill.
Always been br: up and likes to go to Headley Church.
She knew me when I called 12/10/1975. Pleasant.
Left her Jan magazine on Feb 21, 1878.
Washes at times for Mrs HOARE; and keeps her ducks.
Complains that when her father died Dr Woods, though sent for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, did not come till Friday when the old man was dead. From this it would seem that her father and mother were: William, died (age 70) June 1872 at Pickett's Hill, and Hannah (TAYLOR) died (aged 61) Jan 1871 at Bilford's.
(FULLICK Pedigree is p.837)
Name really HALE (we assume WHL means 'as distinct from AYLES')
She sister to Mark (p.221) and Fred (p.258) FULLICK and to Mrs COLE (p.633).
Now (1886) keeping Headley Wood.
Uncle to Mrs GARLAND p.1037.
In 1905 with Mrs ANKERS - see p.1448 .

p.243 CHAPPELL Harry & Harriett (DAWES)
Live at Sleaford Farm, north side.
Usually out, saw her Feb 21, 1878.
Apparently rather cross.
Children go to Kingsley School
Two children 12/10/1895. Informant p.242.
They came October 1875
[6 children April 1884. See p.478]
Sister to Ann GROVER (New Inn case p.478)
Came to me Feb 7, 1885 to ask whether give her paper to collect 1 guinea to have tumour taken away by Dr LORIMER of Castle Street, Farnham by whom her father had one taken out. (See letter below)
- 1869 Caroline age 10 in 1881 census. Attended K. 80 times in 1877
- Albert age 8 in 1881 census
- George age 5 in 1881 census.

p.243 Letter dated 14 Feb 1885
Headley Rectory
Feb 14, 1885
Mrs CHAPPELL of Sleaford is desirous of having removed a tumour which has grown at the side of her face. The operation (with the after treatment) will cost more than she is able to afford and she asks for help. Subscriptions may be sent to Mr LAVERTY or given to the bearer (turn over).
T S HAHN 2/6
Mrs WINDUS 1/-
Mrs & Miss VINCENT 3/-
M & C E FRASER 4/6
Mrs White NEWMAN 2/-
E H 1/-
Mrs CLEAR 2/-
Andrew WARREN 1/-
S J W 1/-
Mrs WARNER 1/-
William ROGERS 1/-

p.244 [Crossed out =>GINOVERY] JANOWAY [JANAWAY in censuses] Jonathan and Eliza (SPARKS) [she born in East Indies in censuses] & 2 children.
Live at Hollywater (next PIGGOTT's)
A hawker [wrong in the nose] and 'Handicap deaf' in 1881 census.
Son grown up (in 1878) see p.544 and daughter born about 1863?
Both children called SPARKS.
She came to me 11/5/1881 to sign a hawker's application.
[For their strangers who were banned, see p.9]
Daughter now (1884) Mrs GREEN (very Jewish appearance) - see p.113 for further details of Mrs GREEN.
Mrs JANOWAY died Feb 1904 at Conford. He in Jan 1904, blind as well as deaf (inf: Mrs William SMALL).

p.245 HUNT John (14/8/1831) & Elizabeth (FYFIELD 18/9/1831) & family
Live at Hollywater; 1st house on footpath.
Short little woman, nice; boiling peas for pigs 7/8/1872.
Husband used to let house, but tenant neglected it.
Own COURTNAGE's House (p.530)
They were married 9/1/1859.
Susannah servant at (p.495) Headley Grange 1880
& Mary Ann afterwards at Headley Grange.
- Susannah bapt. 12/6/1860
- Mary Ann 8/5/1864 - see p.986 Mrs Henry MESSINGHAM
- William John 4/10/1868
- Henry George 7/4/1872.

p.246 FITT Arthur & Jane (GOODENOUGH) & 2 children.
Live above Alexandra Park (young people)
Went there in 1872, and then very young looking.
"Too far to any church & therefore nowhere"
Saw in at No.5 (p.239) of map on 28/2/1878
She became a widow 1893.
- Arthur buried 29/11/1873
- 1874 Alice
- 1876 Catherine
- 1884 Ernest - meat for E. May 8/1890.

p.246 GOODENOUGH - Her father coming Michaelmas 1894 to live with her.
On the Parish.

p.247 WAKEFORD Noah (25/12/1830) & Anne (KEELING) & children
Live above Alexandra Park.
Mrs WAKEFORD in Alton slightly deranged - inf: Mrs FORD (p._) whom I met in No.5 p.239.
Daughter Adeline (7/10/1855) is married to Serg RICE of 2/21; ordered to the Cape in Feb 1879 - Gone in transport City of Paris.
She came with paper to be signed 24/2/1879.
Had child buried without church in 1877.
She sister and daughter to the murdered & suicide
See article on this in Family Tree Magazine, June 1994.
(see alphabetical list of burials opposite KEELING).
He brother to p.267.
- 1853 Anne
- 1855 Adeline
- 1858 William - m. 24.5.1894 to Charlotte KNIGHT

- 1861 George - 1894 at Greatham married (aged 31 to Mary Jane BARNETT 8.10.1892 at Headley)
- 1863 John - 1894 at Aldershot
- 1867 Noah - 1894 at home & also William. In 1908 at Mrs KINGSHOTT, Washford
- 1870 Mary - in 1908 at Mrs KINGSHOTT, Washford
- 1873 Janet
- 1875 Elizabeth - buried 16/4/1877.

p.247 Press Cutting dated March 6, 1874
Thomas STRUGNELL and William WAKEFORD, both of Headley, were summoned by Robert MORLEY for trespassing in search of game on land in the occupation of the Hon. Fitzallen FOLEY, at Headley on the 15th of February, by sending a lurcher dog after a hare and catching the same. Defendants denied sending the dog after the hare, but admitted taking it from the dog and subsequently eating it. STRUGNELL, who had previously convicted, was fined 17s and WAKEFORD 10s, and costs 7s, each to be paid at once. STRUGNELL paid, but WAKEFORD said he would "tread it out". Later in the day, however, he altered his mind, and paid the money. Alton Paper.

p.248 STRUGNELL George & Eliza (CANNON) bapt 31/12/1819 née 3.12.1819
Live above Alexandra Park; south cottage of 2nd lot.
A tailor, used to live by Lindford-Bordon style.
Louisa‡ called me to baptize Jane WEEKS p.514.
Wife sister-in-law of Daniel WOODS p.249.
One ill: child before marriage† (he died aged 24)
They were married 24/7/1843.
Charles (below) living with Mrs WALKER at ELLIOTTs
In red are Births etc from an old bible shown me 6.3.1919 by Mrs Louisa TRUSLER
(We are not showing them in red here on the website)
- †George CANNON, 14/5/1843, né 23.1.1843, buried 25/5/67
- Maria, 25/2/1845, née 12.2.1845, died 26.9.1869
- Elizabeth, 22/11/1846, née 24.8.1846, died 26.9.1855
- William, 26/11/1848, né 21.10.1848, buried 31/12/1855
- Thomas,* 14/5/1850, né 16.2.1850, going to live 1895 with Mrs SUTTON as lodger
- Charles, 7/11/1852, né 16.11.1852 [see p.93]
- Henry, 25/12/1953, buried 18/6/1857
- John, 27/4/1886, né 10.3.1856, died 17.6.1856, buried 21/6/1856
- Louisa,‡ 24/10/1858, married 1882 to Thomas TRUSLER (TRUSSLER) of Bramshott - see p.1033
- Joseph, 4/6/1865, né 1.5.1865, died 10.8.1865, buried 16/8/1865
Eliza STRUGNALL was bur at Headley aged 61 on 19.5.1881, plot 13-56 - died of cancer.
* See extract from Alton paper previous page (p.247).

p.249 WOODS Daniel
Widower living this side Lindford Bridge.
Sexton to church. Works for Mr BETTESWORTH.
Married 1836; wife (Mary CANNON) died Nov 1869.
With him live daughter & son-in-law and grandchild p.250
Brother-in-law of Mrs STRUGNALL p.248
Brother to Mrs ROOKE p.348
1st cousin to Mrs WARNER (Lindford Bridge) p.385
See pedigree p.96.
*George's son s. of w. sent November 1926 for George's Baptism cert. for OAP
- Anne 2/4/1837 - married 1872 to Eli SHRUBB (p.250)
- James 5/10/1838 - married 1863 to Mary FIFIELD (p.257)
- [Crossed out =>Will 27/12/1840, buried 8/9/1848]
- Richard 4/10/1842 - Married 6/1/1866 to Esther LOE. Working 1879 in London with Uncle, a cornchandler
- Mark 27/10/1844 - see p.853. Working 1879 in London. Married
- Daniel 24/7/1847 - in 1879 at the Straits at Kingsley. Married
- George* 10/5/1850. Working 1879 at Petersfield. Married
- Charles 22/2/1852. Working 1879 in London. Married. Formerly a blacksmith; but a piece of steel put one of his eyes out; and he got frightened and works now at milk carting or charging (for Mr AMEY?).
- Sarah 6/8/1854
- Maria 8/3/1854
- Mary 27/11/1859 - born 31 Aug 1859; m. Arthur Remington SURRETT, 25 Dec 1884, Highbury; died 10 Dec 1900 age 41, Upper Holloway [inf: Keith Foster]
- Fred 1/6/1862 - Working 1879 for Kingsley CLEAR. Unmarried.

p.250 SHRUBB Eli 12.7.1839 & Anne (WOODS) née 20.2.1836? (baptised 2.4.1837) & children.
Basket maker living this side of Lindford Bridge with Dan WOODS (sexton)
He son of Mrs FYFIELD before marriage. p.252
He nephew of Sarah FROGLEY p.253
She daughter of Sexton WOODS, p.249.
They were married March 2, 1872, she having had two illegitimate children*
The property has now been bought by Mr HARDING [see p.474] who advised them not to pay Tithe.
For nephew's common burning see p.853.
- Florence* WOODS born 4/2/1863, baptised 8/3/1863
- Edith* WOODS (or William) born 14/8/1865, baptised 1/10/1865
- Eliza SHRUBB baptised 7/7/1872, married 1905 to William LEGG (see p.1485)
- Daniel SHRUBB** baptised 30/8/1874
- … SHRUBB baptised 1875 (not in bapt Reg)
- John SHRUBB baptised 8/11/1876
- George SHRUBB baptised 10/1/1879
** employed illegally 1886. See p.489. Living 1919 with Mrs Alice Mary DENYER and married to her (when divorced) at Alton 26.4.1923.

p.251 WOODS James 5/10/1838 & Mary (FIFIELD) 4/12/1842 & children
Live near Bank of England.
Son of Sexton WOODS, p.249.
She (5/1/1874) agreeable.
Married Nov 14, 1863
Used to live in Park; moved to make room for COOMBES
- Mary
- George
- Anne Eliza 3/1/1869
- James 4/12/1870; lives Spring 1889 with grandmother - p.252
- William 1873
- Walter 1876.

p.252 FIFIELD Mrs Eliza (SHRUBB) & Grandson
Widow living with her sister by Lindford Bridge
Her husband (George) buried July 27, 1866.
Mother (before marriage) of Eli SHRUBB* p.252
Mother? of Mary WOODS p.251.
With her lives her grandson James WOODS, born 14/9/1870 and also her husband's ?mother, Mrs George COURTNAGE (p.546) who however would not bide because of the swearing.
- Eli* SHRUBB 12/7/1839, married Sexton's daughter. See p.250
- Maria FIFIELD 15/8/1841, married 11/1/1862 Fred COOMBES
- Mary FIFIELD 14/2/1842, married 14/11/1863 to James WOODS p.251
- William FIFIELD 25/2/1844, married
- George FIFIELD 10/5/1846, buried 26/1/1849.

p.252 Press Cutting dated Aug 1888
PETTY SESSIONS, Tuesday. Before J G WOOD Esq. (Chairman), M G KNIGHT, Esq. And A J SCOTT, Esq.
CRIMINAL ASSAULT. James WOOD, aged 17, of Headley was brought up in custody charged with an assault on Teddie BEERE, a little boy aged six years next September, son of Walter BEERE, farmer, residing at Broxhead Farm Headley. Maria BEERE and Walter BEERE having given evidence, Police Constable BUDDEN, stationed at Kingsley, deposed that, on June 28th, he received a warrant for the apprehension of the prisoner. Witness found him at Lindford, in the parish of Headley, and read the warrant to him, telling him to listen to every word, as it was of a serious nature. In answer, the prisoner said, "Yes, that's right: I did it"......
SHOCKING OFFENCE AT HEADLEY. James WOOD, 17 cowman, was indicted for committing a shocking offence at Headley, on 23rd June. Mr GREENWOOD prosecuted; and Mr HERRIES defended. The prisoner who was found guilty of the attempt only, was sentenced to two years' imprisonment with hard labour.

p.253 FROGLEY Sarah (SHRUBB)
Widow living with her sister this side Lindford Bridge.
She was married (to Dan FROGLEY) 7/2/1830.
He died ? [1875 - according to burials record]
She very deaf, had a fit in February 1878
Her clothes caught fire and she was nearly burnt.
Has Parish Relief.
Aunt to Eli SHRUBB p.250.

p.254 HEATHER/COOMBES Fred, born* 30/8/1840, baptised 18/10/1840; & Maria 15/8/1841 (FIFIELD) & children
*by Somerset House
Live in Headley, street down the Lane.
She daughter of Mrs FIFIELD, Lindford Bridge p.252
He illegitimate son of Elizabeth COOMBES (his father [crossed out =>said to be] William HEATHER p.425) wife of transported James.
(Mrs Elizabeth COOMBES died in 1847 and Fred was brought up by grandmother Maria COOMBES, see p.504)
They were married January 11, 1862
Lived 1st at little house now pulled down on/near w entrance to Stone Hill under name of COOMBES. Often called HEATHER
& Henry COOMBES (see p.255)
- Maria Alice, 23/11/1862 - mother to Henry : born 2.6.1885 - his whereabouts said not to be known in 1897, and supposed drowned.
- Frederick 13/3/1864
- Eliza 4/11/1866 - married 1884 John HAYDEN (p.067)
- William 1/11/1868
- Minnie 6/8/1871 - see p.910. Married 1889 to Joseph NORTH
- Alf Ernest 1873
- Ann Maria 1877 - see p.1057. Married 1893 to Elijah NORTH
- Walter 1877
- Frank 1872 - grave digger 1926 lodging with Mrs CHESHAM.

p.254 Press Cutting: DRUNK BUT COULD NOT HELP IT. Frederick COOMBES, Alias HETHER, was charged by Sergt SCOTT with being drunk and incapable at Headley. Defendant: I was not drunk. You said I was and I said "Well, then, I can't help it. Fined 6d and 6s costs.
For non attendance school see p.313.

p.255 COOMBES Henry John & … (see a simple pedigree on p.2058)
Living 1909 at Reynold's Cottage
Child Gladys Anne Katherine née 15.1.1909; baptised at Conford.

p.255 BAKER … & … & 3 children
Live at Bageant's Bridge
Kingsley people; parents of a Sir Henry housemaid.
Parents of the BAKER formerly in cottage near Park.
Live under Mrs CLEAR.
House once belonged to Mrs NORTH p.291 but was sold to Farmer CLEAR.
Took her some coals 9/2/1875.
Have nine children.
Not able to wring washing (March 1878) owing to rheumatics. Clothes wrung therefore by p.256.
? Same on p.101.

p.256 STYLES … & … & 3 children
Live at North end of Bageant's Bridge
Saw her March 1878, pleasant and strong. Came from Worldham.
Wishes, Oct 1879, little boy to come to school. Will come with Mrs HACK's boy p.207.
- 1873 William James
- 1871
- 1875.

p.257 BRYNING G W & wife & …
Newcomers (Xmas 1877) to Beech Hill Cottage.
He wants to borrow money; offers 8%
Is said to be proprietor of Baths in London. Says Turkish Bath is better than any doctor. Doctors, he says, are all hums.
Says he has been compared in public press with Mario & Sims REEVES.
Went January 1878 to see him with church warden CAMPBELL. Mr CAMPBELL (imprudently) asked him to sing at our Readings.
Wife is younger than husband.
We offered Parish Magazine but they take it in.

p.258 FULLICK Fred (born 29.2.1846) & Anne (DEADMAN, née 23.5.1849 - as Charlie D said 1917) & 3 children
Young people living at Cottage near Park.
She a granddaughter of DEADMAN of Churt.
Born in Frensham? Married 31/7/1869.
Home smokes. She pleasant, singing to baby 13/4/1875.
He a maker of baskets.
He and one child ill March 1878.
Brother to Mark (p.221) & Mrs COLE (p.633) and very like him and to Mrs HALE (p.242)
FULLICK Pedigree p.837
- Minnie Maria 1872, married 18.9.1897 marine Thomas Balmer READ of Gosport (profession 'RNLI')
- William 1874, married sister to Frank's wife. She left him*. He died 1910.
- Herbert Andrew 1876
- Edwin 1878
- Alfred Henry 1880 (see below)
- Frank 1882 - married (see above)
- Alice 1884
- Charles 1887
- Mabel 1889, died 1889
- Annie L 1890
*story being that owing to India Fever she swamped the bed on the wedding night. He died 1910. She did not come to funeral.
Written on p.256: Mrs Fred FULLICK is Ann daughter of Eliza DEADMAN and was born 23.5.1849 at Dockenfield. I got the Birth Certificate Sept 1917 from Somerset House; and sent it then c/o Mrs ELLIOTT, 5 Tower Road, Liphook.
Preliminary paper came 5.2.1919 from Mrs A FULLICK, 12 Beaconsfield Road, Portslade.

p.258 FULLICK Alfred Henry, 1880 & Kate, WINDIBANK née1878 MAIDMAN (died Jan 1934)
Has brother William - now at Llanover p.647.
Married 1909 (at ? Batt's Corner). She a Widow.
Live in Headley Park
She daughter of p.109. See letter on p.261.
Baptised 4.12.1909 probably the 12 child of this marriage.
Has 3 children of 1 marriage, born circa
- 1891 girl - in Canada in service in 1909.
- 1895 Albert Charles - Drowned 31st Jan., 1918, aged 23. HMS Dolphin. Married
- 1907 girl.
This entry also on p.261.

p.259 LEMON Sarah née FULLICK afterwards ROBINSON.
Old widow lives at Fellmongers
The Fellmongers on east side of road (nearly opposite to Wheatsheaf) which leads up to Parish House Bottom. Called "Rotten Row" from its tumble-down condition. On the name cf. the extract from Fareham 1890 (which seems to have no relevance other than it mentions that a man named in the extract was a fellmonger).
Mother of p.289.
Husband George died 1875. Oldish.
Lived with Bank; then at Rock Barn with p.289.
Her maiden name FULLICK & first marriage in 1827 to Will ROBINSON.
Old LEMON father of p.355 by first wife.
Baptised 1808.
Married 13/10/1829 to William ROBINSON
Married 22/11/1847 to George LEMON
For the FULLICK Pedigree see p.837
See p.926
They have had children:
- Catherine* baptised 31/1/1847 buried 18/1/1869
- Hannah baptised 21/9/1851 see p.28?
*George (son of Catherine) … [text covered by news cutting].

p.260 WOODGER William*, né 8.1.1853, & Annie (GLAYSHER), 1855
Young people living on Barford High Road.
Son of p.203.
Daughter of Frank GLAYSHER p.287. She had illegitimate baby in 1873 (which died).
Married by me in February 1878 (actually 26 Jan 1878).
Very kind to Widow PACEY p.677 (live next door) March 1878. She niece to William GLAYSHER (p.288) James (p.290) George (p.292), Charles (p.285)
?His brother is James (Beech Hill) p.683.
Saw her February 1899 at mother's
Lives February 1899 3 miles to east of Churt.
In 1905 at Barford near stream (Lower Bridge)
All children in B&B
- Fred George 2 Feb 1879, married Grayshott 1906.
- John see p.1375
- Amy married to Jesse DEANE, p.526
Killed in War was
- Allan né 3.8.1887 at Churt for whom I got a Somerset House certificate [S.R. 12255] dated 20.2.1920
*Son of Richard & Mary Ann, né in Churt. I sent Oct 1920 to Farnham for Birth and received certificate. Son of Richard & Mary Anne (née HAMMOND) see p.203.

p.261 HOLDEN … & … & children
Live in ALLEN'S West Cottage by Iron Room.
Mr ALLEN's coachman. Preaches at times.
Boy and Girl go to Mr ALLEN's schoolroom
- 1868 Emily
- 1870 Thomas.

p.261 FULLICK Alfred Henry & Kate (WINDIBANK née 1878 MAIDMAN).
Transferred here from p.258
Married, she a widow, (at Batts Corner).
Live in Headley Park [and niece there in 1924, when their eldest child Gladys E Mary WINDIBANK*, dite FULLICK, went to America].
She daughter of p.Q109
Has 3 children of first marriage born circa
- 1891 Girl
- 1895 Boy [Albert Charles; Drowned 31st Jan., 1918, aged 23. HMS Dolphin. Married]
- 1907 Girl post-mortem
- *Gladys Eva Mary (really WINDIBANK) cf 1921, née 15.12.1906
- Fred Charles Alfred FULLICK né 3.12.1909
- Ivy Louisa née 22.9.1911
- Elsie Fln. Hilda née 14.5.1915.

p.261 Letter (presumably the one referred to on p.258, though found near p.268, and relating to a Frederick)
Headley Rectory, Liphook
February 12 1885.
Frederick FULLICK of Headley Park having lost a sow desires your kind assistance towards the purchase of a new one.
Please turn over
On reverse side of letter - donation of £5 from WHL and a total of 13/- from 8 others.

p.262 GORDON Alexander & Annie 18.5.1844 (THOMSON) & children
Live at East Iron Room Cottages, nearest chapel
Mr ALLEN's Butler
His evidence as to pheasant stealing (p.2)
With them lives Annie SUTTON, the grandchild of William SUTTON (senior), p.338
- Grace Annie 2/2/1874, went to New Zealand 1892 (see below)
- Marion 12/12/1874, Died 1891
- Son (James) 4/3/1876
See in B&B p.263
Living 1911 at the Roundabout Cottage at Standford with
MATTHEWS … & Gracie Annie née GORDON (she 'Widow' In 1911 census)
a daughter from New Zealand who has called the cottage Mataôra which is Maori for "pleasant place"
One daughter is Mrs Catherine WEBB Dec 4, 1891. Married 1910.
Another is Mrs Christina M WEST whose child was baptised April 1912
Another is Mrs Jessie BALCHIN whose husband, a postman, went wrong in 1912 at Guildford.

p.263 WAKE John W & Jane
Live behind Charles CHANDLER at Hollywater.
She one of the mistresses at Mr ALLEN's school.
[Mrs WAKEFORD, Lindford, p.267, being the other.]
[This in April 1878. Inf: Young Lath cl: CHANDLER] ?p.489.
With her lives her orphan nephew, James ABURROW - see p.397
She died 1891 aged 53.
A sister (gn: niece) of hers Carry HODKIN had a bastard male child who died on 16.3.1891 aged 18 days.

p.263 GORDON Elrington Leith, 23.7.1892, & Emily Louisa
Live 1920 at Mataôra; dit "neighbour"?
Son of p.262
Pater Leith né 26 July 1920 and others in B&B.
She churched - but children baptised elsewhere.
Afterwards at Mount Pleasant, Lindford. But ?gone by May 1928. See p.2101.

p.264 TAYLOR Charles & Jane (RANDELL)
Keep grocer's shop on Lindford/Standford cross roads (presumably hence Taylor's Lane?)
Mrs was cook at the Rectory.
He used to bring vegetables.
He cousin to Mrs WHITING (Bank) p.127.
Son of old James p.265. Parents of p.266
Brother to Tizzy p.133.
They were married Aug 1. 1865.
He to Xmas 1881 Mr ALLEN's Bailiff:- then owing to some little excess at a sale Mr Allen had a great meeting with a gentlemen from London who decided that he should no longer be allowed to come to chapel. Harry GAUNTLETT (p.678) and TILBURY at the Duck Pond on the way to Liphook, said to be the great Allenite advisers.
Children have been by 1st wife (Jane ?) died 10/7/1863.
- Alfred 24/1/1844
- Eliza 14/3/1847
- William 7/1/1849, buried 28/2/1849
- James 28/4/1850, see p.266
- Agnes 9/10/1853
- Elijah 17/5/1957, buried 14/2/1862
- Caroline 15/12/1861
It is said that TAYLOR got £1 a week, and £100 every five years, as bailiff.
C.T is said here to have set off things sold at shop?

p.264 Press cuttings: Feb 1882 - UNJUST SCALES. Charles TAYLOR, grocer, of Headley, was fined 1s. and 9s. costs, for having in his shop scales 4ozs, against the purchaser. The scales had become unjust through neglecting to clean them.
Apr 1884 - EMPLOYER AND WORKMAN. Charles TAYLOR was sued by C JETTING for 7s 6d., claimed for work done. Ordered to pay 7s 6d and 4s 6d costs.

p.265 TAYLOR James & Ann
Old people living on Lindford-Standford Cross Road.
"Mr DYKES mean when he first came - Afterwards took prejudice, & never went near them"
The old man chatty; perhaps rather a humbug.
Father to p.264; grandfather to p.266.
Have had children:
- Charles 26/6/1825, see p.264
- Esther 22/12/1826
- Mary 13/7/1828, married 30/11/1853 to Dan SHRUBB
- Jemima 18/9/1829
- Sarah 12/6/1835, buried 26/3/1831.

p.266 TAYLOR James né 1849, & Eliza née 1844 & 2 children*
He died Jan 1933
Live at [crossed out =>Allotment Ground Bordon at Deadwater] at Hollywater
She stout very & masterful.
Son of p.264, grandson of p.265
This his second wife.
1st wife was Emma HONESS; married by me 10/8/1878 and buried by me (aged 38) 14/10/1874.
By 2nd wife:
- Eva 9/1/1878, Mrs WARNER p.947
- Charles James 25/1/1880
- Harriett Agnes 8/8/1881, Mrs ELLIOTT, p.268
- Thomas Ashford 9/7/1883, confirmed 1901, died 1910
- William James 18/4/1885, baptised 1899, p.268
At bottom of page
*- Ada? Jan 1877, Baptised / /1877
- Eva Baptised 3/2/1878, Mrs WARNER; p.947
A child christened at Blackmore Jan 1882.
Harriett Agnes married 1915 Fred ELLIOTT, Sponsors 1919
Ada, married William Herbert NASH. A son né 1907, baptised 1920, & the son in motor bike accident on Deadwater Hill Whitsunday 1927.

p.267 WAKEFORD Harriett, born April 1814
At Lindford next CHANDLER's shop.
She (with Mrs WAKE p.263 teaches April 1878 at Mr ALLEN's school at Hollywater)
Had as lodger in 1881 Julia CHANDLER (p.489)
Widow of a man (William) who died in hopgarden who was brother to Noah WAKEFORD p.247.
She now housekeeping for one POLE
POLE up to 1887 worked for Sir Archibald MACDONALD
She still 1887 keeps the house on.
Lost one eye some years ago, and now January 1891 blind.
Gave her order for Guildford Hospital January 27, 1991.
Now 1891 in Petersfield Union.

p.267 WAKEFORD Daniel 5.4.1829.
Brother to William (above) and Noah (p.247)
Came into the churchyard on Headley Fair 1892. Lame, lost his leg apparently about 1840; it buried in Headley Churchyard. A member of Rowledge choir, a radical churchman & strong teetotaller. Married 1850 to Sarah HILL. Through Surgical Aid Society has now in 1892 a cork leg but "went 50 years" without.

p.268 STACEY James & Frances (EADE).
Old people living at Lindford Chase next to their married daughter (BLACKMAN) p.273.
Receive relief from Harboz for Bramshott
Mother before marriage to John EADE p.273.
Grandmother therefore ("my grandson") to Dick p.472.

p.268 TAYLOR William James & Lucy Annie (NEWNHAM) & children.
Married by me.
She servant to Dr CROWTHER-SMITH
Son of p.266. Brother to below miller Standford Mill.
Have children:
- Robert 30.10.1917
- James 11.1.1920.

p.268 ELLIOTT Fred & Harriett Agnes (TAYLOR)
Daughter of p.266. Sister to above
Came (with Old TAYLOR) Nov 1927 to Wellfield.

p.269 CHANDLER Eli 1804 & Eliza 1815, née COOPER & Son*, 11/2/1821**
Old [crossed out =>people] lady living at [crossed out =>Herne Farm (late Dyer's)] at Moore House, middle. See p.336.
(Widow at Hearne, Style age 65 in 1881 census)

She used to wash for us.
Came from Frensham in 1868 [crossed out => married in 1868], therefore children born in Frensham.
Parents to Mrs William FYFIELD p.277.
She daughter to old Mrs COOPER p.295.
Mother to Mrs WALKER living with Charles STRUGNALL at Elliott's Farm (p.93) and to Benjamin CHANDLER p.623.
**As I found in May 1902 at Frensham

*CHANDLER Harry, 27/05/1862 & Jane Maria [crossed out =>PACEY] BUDD 18/5/1862
Live with above on Stone Hill 1903.
Married here.
He born at "Whitmore, Frensham" by Registrar's Certificate got Nov 1924.
I wrote saying her age at marriage would be right.
She was married here aged 31, in name of PACEY, but as a fact her name was BUDD (illegitimate).
Living at 'Weetie', Headley Down during WW1 - son Henry Eli was killed.

p.270 BLACKMAN Widow Elizabeth
Lives[crossed out => between PETARs and HOWICKs] at Deadwater with son Andrew. p.419. See pedigree p.827.
Husband (Richard) buried 28/8/1860, aged 69.
Her maiden name Elizabeth COURTENAGE.
Allen-ite. "Quite safe". [21/1/1874]
Sons and daughter all live at Deadwater 21/1/1874, except one a gentleman's servant in Wales.
This one (who was was a soldier) married William HACK's (p.207?) sister
The old lady died Jan 25, 1881.
Children Baptised:
- John 6/10/1822
- Esther 18/6/1826
- Caroline 21/12/1828, married 1849 Charles HEATHER p.271
- William 22/8/1830, married 1850 Anne SMITH
- Henry 24/2/1833, married 1866 Jane BAGGS (formerly kept Red Lion) see pedigree p.827
- Eliza 21/1/1838, married 1854 Aaron WOODS p.272
- George 16/2/1840, married 1861 Anne STACEY p.273
- Andrew, married 1866 Lucy HILL, p.419.
Note (written on page 143 of Book 2) that Esther & Caroline are entered as children of mother only
father transported 1823 to 1829.

p.270 GALE James, 11/5/1834
Mrs BLACKMAN (above) keeps house for him.
The only brother of Stephen GALE, Fullers Bottom (Re-entered p.1921)
He always comes to Church (inf. 1874 William B p.238) and now 1879, 1880 is the Sexton.
He has never been married [inf: Stephen GALE April 1880]
Married 15.1.1881 to Jane WHITE. See p.358.

p.271 Piece of paper:
Tear up this Paper if used for Begging Purposes.
7 August 1872
James GALE having received Relief at St George's Hospital, near Hyde Park Corner, desires to return most humble and hearty thanks to Almighty God for the same.
N.B When the patient takes this to his place of Worship he is desired to write down his place of abode.
[written in left column] 1 Kings 18, Romans 9-19
[written in right column] 1 Kings 19, Matt 22

p.271 HEATHER Charles, 29/8/1820 & Caroline (BLACKMAN), 21/12/1828 & children
Live down Lindford Chase down muddy road.
She daughter of p.270 (born however 1828 during father's transportation) - see pedigree p.827
They were married June 17, 1849. (She widow in 1881 census)
Went on 20/1/1873 to see after Confirmation Candidate
Wife sister (but by different father) of former keeper of Red Lion, and of George (p.273) & Andrew (p.419) & Mrs Aaron WOODS, p.272.
He brother to Mrs Tom MARSH (p.504) & to Harry H (p.505)
Sons William (né 20/9/1856) and Harry; fined for poaching Sept 1882.
One son (Harry - see p.902) living 1887 with Mrs John FULLICK p.478.
- Ellen 23/12/1849 - Mrs PULLICK
- Emma 11/5/1851
- Freda 2/12/1852
- Will* 15/10/1856 - Married 1908 Harry WARNER's widow. p.131
- Charles** 18/7/1858, né 6/6/1858, see p.86
- Henry*** 1/5/1864 - see p.902
- Sarah 7/6/1868
- Alice J 6/8/1871 - Mrs WEEKS - m. 26.12.1900 to William WEEKS, 28, gardener of Washford, Headley
*The dealer, né Sept 1856
**work 1893 on roads - Bu?? found at Odiham
***Does little or nothing.

p.271 Press Cutting: Dec 1884 - AN OLD POACHER - H HEATHER was charged with trespassing in search of game at Headley. Police Sergeant CARPENTER, stationed at Headley, deposed that on Wednesday, the 26th ult., he was on duty on the highway leading from Sleaford to Headley. He saw the defendant with two dogs on Brockhead Common. The dogs were hunting, and the defendant was beating the bushes. The defendant saw witness, and then came into the road, ran away, and called off the dogs. The defendant was fined £2 and costs. He had been committed for poaching on several occasions.

p.271 Press Cutting: Poaching 1884 - George HAYDON, C HEATHER, and H HEATHER were charged with a similar offence at Brockhead Common. HAYDON was fined 15s; C HEATHER, 5s; and H. HEATHER, 20s; and 18s 6d costs between them.

p.271 Press Cutting: 1882? - BETTER THAN HE EXPECTED. William HEATHER, dealer, and Henry HEATHER, labourer, of Headley, were charged with trespassing in search of game on lands occupied by Mr H MATTHEWS, at Oakhanger, the property of the Hon. John DUTTON. William COUSINS, gamekeeper, deposed to seeing defendant chase what he thought was a hare on Sunday, the 27th August, on the above lands. They had a lurcher dog with them. He afterwards saw P.C. BUDDEN and they then went after them. P C BUDDEN proved overtaking defendants and finding upon one the barrel of a gun and on the other a rabbit. When charged with the trespass the elder one said he supposed he should not be fined more than £100. The defendants now denied the offence, saying they were looking for their pony. The chairman said taking game on a Sunday was a very serious offence. They might have been fined £5; but they would be … costs, 12s between them.

p.271 Press Cutting: April 1887 - ASTRAY. William HEATHER, for permitting a horse to stray at Lindford, was fined 1s, and 4s costs.

p.272 WOODS Aaron, né 7/3/1834 & Eliza (BLACKMAN), 21.1.1838, née 20/12/1837 & children
Live at Deadwater beyond bridge.
She a daughter of p.270; he a cousin of Dan, p.249, the Sexton. Brother to Hannah p.517, Mrs FOARD p.516.
They were married 4/11/1854
Came for coal Feb 20, 1875;
Said she was churchw:, really is Allen-ite.
Children were christened at chapel
She sister to George (p.273), Andrew (p.419; see pedigree p.827), Mrs HEATHER (p.271).
He brother to Moses WOODS (see p.137)
Grandparents to Mrs Jim FOARD (née YARNEY) p.966
- Ernest
- Jane, born 1858 - m. 19/6/1880 to William YARNEY
- George, born 1860
- Elizabeth, born 1862
- Eliza, baptised 4/12/1864
- William Aaron, baptised 4/11/1866
- James, born 1868
- Harry, born 1870
- Baby born 1874 - This is Sarah (wife of David R.F.A.) COOK; come to look after Mrs CAIN in her jaundice Jan 1916 (from S????) Has girl of 14 in since & 2 younger children.

p.272 Press Cutting: PETTY SESSIONS. Tuesday. Before W WICKHAM Esq. (Chairman), J G WOOD, Esq., M G KNIGHT, Esq., and Captain F STEPHENS.
POACHING. James GOOD and Henry WOOD, two lads were charged with trespassing in search of game at Headley. Henry WOOD was discharged; but James, who had been previously convicted of poaching, was fined 10s including costs.
[written in Laverty's hand] This should be I think James & Harry WOODS.

p.272 Press Cutting: May 1886 - IN BODILY FEAR. Aaron WOODS, of Headley, applied for an order for sureties for the good behaviour towards him of George Ford, also of Headley. The complainant deposed that he went in bodily fear of FORD, who, on April 19th, came to him while he and his wife were at work in their garden, and pulled off his coat, challenging him to fight. The defendant had threatened to stab him, and to shoot him in bed. The quarrel had arisen out of a pheasant robber which came before the Bench some time back. The defendant was the complainant's nephew. Walter CHANDLER, a witness for the defence, said he heard WOODS use threats against FORD, the latter not being present. The words used were, "FORD, I could give you some punching." The defendant was bound over to keep the peace for three months, himself to be one surety in £5, and on other in £5.

p.273 BLACKMAN George & Anne (STACEY) & children.
Live at Lindford Chase; on path to Deadwater.
He a son of p.270; she a daughter of p.268.
They were married November 2nd, 1861. She widow age 39 in 1881 census, paper bag maker.
Lived at Lindford Chase since 1873.
At times he sells fish.
Thought the old people (p.268) should have more Parish Pay.
Brother to Andrew (p.419), Mrs Aaron Wood (p.272) and, by different father, Mr HEATHER (p.271). See pedigree p.827.
Sister to John EADE p.209
They were married 2/11/1861.
- Alice born 1867 [baptised 3/3/1867]
- Annie E born 1869 [baptised 4/7/1869]
- Edith born 1870, died 1870.

p.273 Press Cutting: May 1883 - SHOPLIFTING. Ann BLACKMANN, a hawker, was charged with stealing certain ribbon, &c.,valued 1s. 3d., the property of C G ENTICKNAP, grocer of Kingsley. P C BUDDEN produced the stolen property of which there was enough to fill a bushel measure. Mr ENTICKNAP deposed to having for some time missed a deal of his stock-in-trade, and Mrs ENTICKNAP identified the stolen property. Eliza FULLICK deposed to prisoner calling at her house and selling her some of the property produced. Prisoner, who pleaded guilty and had nothing to say, was committed for six weeks' hard labour.

p.274 BOXALL Charles, born 1.3.1834 at Midhurst, & Eliza (HAYDEN) & 2 daughters*.
Keep small shop in Lindford Chase Road.
Preaches at chapel (to small congregations) on 19.1.1873; five in chapel besides his family [Inf: p.271].
They were married May 30, 1857.
For some time he drove a pony to Liphook every day except Thursday & Sunday, for the Post & Parcels. Gave up post because ordered to empty the "Street" box.
Often has WARREN's people lodging with him (see next page)
e.g for Mrs JEFFRIES see p.639.
Wife died 1870. She was sister to 1st Mrs GAMBLEN, p.457.
He widower age 47, grocer, living at Headley Mill with 16-year old daughter Amelia in 1881 census.
Married 2nd time a servant to Mrs HARRIS, a girl from the neighbourhood of Twickenham.
2nd wife died Aug 1889; the day after the return to London of 4 boys down for a brief holiday, sent at 5/- a week by the Ch: Org: Society.
*Elder daughter: Ann Maria to be married end of 1878 to Arthur EDGAR HODGKINS [of Stoke Damerel, Devon] a schoolmaster in the army & a nice-ish fellow.
Younger daughter.

p.274 Cutting: [May 1885] LINDFORD. BIBLE CHRISTIANS. At the anniversary of Bible Christian Chapel on Sunday two sermons were preached to good congregations by the Rev. J HICKS of Southampton. [rest covered by another cutting]

p.274 Cutting: [August 1889] HEADLEY. SUDDEN DEATH. The Coroner (Mr H WHITE) has held an inquest at the Royal Exchange, touching the death of Charlotte BOXALL, aged 33, a married woman. Charles BOXALL, grocer and postman, deposed that the deceased was his wife. She had been weakly but was not medically attended. She had latterly had a cold; and on the previous Thursday night she went to bed early. She did not get up until 1 o'clock on Friday afternoon and went to bed again about 4. Early on Saturday morning she called him, and he got her something to eat. She complained of her throat being sore, and he wanted to send for a doctor, but she would not let him do so. When he went out to his work he left her in charge of a neighbour; she was then very cheerful. Maria PIGOTT, the wife of Mark PIGOTT, a neighbour, said that when Mr BOXALL went on his rounds, he left her with the deceased, but he did not ask her to stay. The deceased was quite cheerful. Witness gave her an egg and some tea, and went out about a quarter or half-past 8. She returned at 9 o'clock; and the deceased was then dead in bed, lying on her back. There was no one else in the house. Mr C J PLUMMER, surgeon, of Headley, said he was called about 9 o'clock, but the deceased was then dead. There were no marks of injury. The appearances were those of a weakly woman, and syncope was the probable cause of death. The Jury found accordingly.

p.275 FRANKS
WARREN's Shopman; lodger Jan 1878 with BOXALLs.
Came to Servant's Park, January 30, 1878.
Comes to Church (Jan 1878).


p.276 JEFFERIES William & Ellen M, 1860 (CURTIS)
Lives 1881 in Bramshott.
Warren's Ruler. Lived Xmas 1887 at BOXALLS, p.274.
A (sham) letter was sent (Jan 1878) as if from him to Miss Dore JOLLIFFE (Nora?), making violent protestations of love. A hoax.
She daughter of James CURTIS p.616.
He died 15.1.1921. Buried here 19.1.1921.
They were married 15.7.1880.
Muriel JEFFERIES went 1922 to be trained for medical and surgical nursing to St James infirmary, Balham, S W.

p.276 JEFFERIES Leon Stanley & Amelia Caroline (COLE)
Married Nov 1912 at Registry Office & working together in house at Dr BROWN's p.1671.
He son of above. She youngest daughter of George, p.633.
Nov 1913 on Stone Hill (late LEGGATT's), see p.635.

p.276 JEFFERIES Kathleen Maude. See p.1701.

p.277 FYFIELD William & Martha (CHANDLER) & children
Live at [crossed out =>Plaster Hill] Bulls Farm E. (see p.526)
She daughter of p.269. He son of p.278.
Married by me in 1872.
Mrs came for coal 29/1/1875
Brother of p.279.
For pedigree see p.275.
Before marriage
- 1868 James CHANDLER
Married 1/9/1872
- 1872 Kate Louisa now Mrs BREEDAN (see p.281) married**, *** to horse-soldier and to be confined June 1892*; afterwards Mrs EFFER.
- 1873 Ellen - ?m. 13.6.1896 Alfred John FRY
- 1875 William Eli
- 1877 Augusta - see p.1410, Mrs LEMON.
*[transcribed from p.281] I got (birth) certificate from Somerset House, January 1925:
23 July 1892, Florence Ellen Fifield, Girl, Albert BREEDEN, Kate BREEDEN formerly FIFIELD.
**A letter came Jan 1916 from Donald W. GREENE "in charge of Christ Episcopal Church, Gloversville NY, USA" asking for Baptism of Kate L EFFER.
***Not really married. Given the child to him 12.3.1895. Came to me for copy of Certificate of Baptism.

p.278 FYFIELD Keziah, old dame. Born Jul 1804.
Lives with son George (p.279) at [crossed out =>Rook's Cottage]. Spring 1881 gone out of Parish.
Minds children & also the children of p.277.
[crossed out =>There also living here Mrs COOPER p.295.]
These last nearly set fire to themselves when left alone in their own home (early in 1878)
She born at beginning of century (July 1804). Formerly at Hearn, then Field House, then Fellmongers.
Uses expression "Same to you, Sir" in answer to Good-day.
[crossed out =>Her husband (George) born 27/6/1816.]
Her husband Henry died (26/10/1867?)
Has had children - Right by comp: with marriage Register of Sons
- George p.279
- [crossed out =>William] p.277
For pedigree see p.275
? John baptised 11/4/1841
? William 21/5/1843 see p.277
? Henry 17/10/1847
[crossed out =>Has had children:
- Maria 15/8/1841 married 11/1/1862 Fred COOMBES
- Mary 4/12/1842 married 14/11/1862 James WOODS
- Will 25/2/1844 married 1872 Martha CHANDLER
- George 10/9/1846 buried 26/1/1849]
[crossed out =>I think it likely that] Keziah COOMBES baptised 23/9/1804 married Henry BETTESWORTH (Mr BETTESWORTH's uncle p.597) 19/2/1926; [crossed out =>and that Henry B died; & that the widow married (after 1837, for Henry & Keziah BETTESWORTH had children up to 1837)]. She told me that she was born in 1804; & also something about her being Mr BETTESWORTH's aunt, or perhaps rather it was that Henry BETTESWORTH's real name was FYFIELD. (Ticked, we assume to show to show this is correct)

p.279 FYFIELD or BETTESWORTH George, 30/8/1837, né ?/7/1837, & Fanny, 10/9/1845, née (FULLICK) 9/7/1845, & 3 children.
Live at [crossed out =>Rook's Cottage] Hearne next to Mrs BELTON
Son of p.278 [crossed out => who lives with them and minds the children when they are out to work]
Came (?from Churt) in 1877; but have lived in Headley before.
She daughter of FULLICK's p.315 (Cook's Farm).
They were married 9/12/1865. Sister of p.314, & to p.326, & to p.582.
Brother to William, p.277.
[Her FULLICK Pedigree p.836]
See pedigree p.275.
They were married 9/12/1865
- Arthur James, born 18/1/1866, 14/3/1866 (eldest goes to work [in 1878])
- George, born 25/10/1873 (second goes to school [in 1878]) Married 1902
- Harry Harvey, 1875, died 1885 (according to burial register, died of consumption)
- Ellen, born 22/10/1880 5/12/1880
- John, born 1/11/1883, died 1884
- Emily 25/12/1886
- Minnie, born 23/8/1889, married 1.2.1914 to PC Herbert James EDWARDS. No children by July 1927 except 1 illegitimate.

p.279 Press Cutting: Feb 1882 - PETTY SESSIONS, Tuesday. Before W WICKHAM, Esq (Chairman), J G WOOD, Esq., A J SCOTT, Esq.
ALLEGED DAMAGE. Mary BETTESWORTH, and Jane KNIGHT both of Headley, were charged with damaging, to the value of 6d., a fence belonging to G ALDEN (p.575), of the same parish. The complainant admitted he had not examined the fence, but supposed 6d. was the value. The case was thereupon dismissed.
Handwritten by WHL: This should be Fanny Mary BETTESWORTH & Hannah WHITE p.289.

p.280 ROBINSON Henry (born 28/6/37) & wife Hannah & children
Keep a little shop in Grayshott Bottom. Now, 1885, a better shop at Crossway House, Upper Grayshott.
This his 2nd wife, married in 1873
[1st wife Charlotte GARRETT married 1860. Died 1869 Their children: Henry William died (age 1) 1867; Mary J died (aged 9) 1864.]
Land did belong to father, but sold £400 to Mr I'ANSON, and young man is now the tenant.
Son of p.281; brother to p.284 (Mrs GLAYSHER); half brother to Mrs GROVES, p.282.
Perhaps the 2nd wife's name was MOORE - if so she had children:
1864 Mary Ann MOORE
1869 James Archibald MOORE
With them lodges John WINCHESTER p.168
Son James MOORE a butcher 1891 at Grayshott; March 1892 about to be married; marr (as Archibald James) 6.6.1892 to Elizabeth FILMER.
The ROBINSON's children were:
1. Peter George né 3/8/1875, married at Grayshott 28/8/1906 to Annie HOULIN;
2. Ruth née 18/11/1876.

p.280 Cutting [Jan 1884] THE HEADLEY WATER CASE (MOSS v ROBINSON) was again before the Bench. Mr J B BLAKE, the Sanitary Inspector, stated that ROBINSON had now completed his well. The case was adjourned for a fortnight to enable the defendant to apply for the usual certificate as to a sufficient supply of water. Mr Blake asked for expenses, as he had had several extra journeys to Headley to inspect the well.

p.280 Cutting PETTY SESSIONS Tuesday. Present: W WICKHAM esq., J G WOOD, Esq., and A J SCOTT, Esq.
THE RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY v ROBINSON, OF HEADLEY. This case came on again, and was adjourned for another month; Mr J B BLAKE, The Sanitary Inspector reporting that the defendant had sunk a well to the depth of 120ft., and had reached the rock. It will be remembered that the case is one of erecting a house without the requisite sanction of the Sanitary Authority, the water supply being the main point.

p.280 Cutting [Feb 1884] PETTY SESSIONS. Tuesday
Before W WICKHAM (Chairman), J G WOOD, A J SCOTT, and M G KNIGHT, Esqs.
The defendant who had delayed in complying with the order to supply sufficient water to his house at Headley, was ordered to pay 6d fine and 19s 6d costs. The order had now been complied with. Mrs Francis SMYTHE, also of Headley, was summoned by Mr J B BLAKE, the Inspector to the Rural Sanitary Authority, for having failed to provide a sufficient supply of water to her cottage at Headley. The inspector stated that the defendant lived quite alone, she had purchased the ground, which was 40 feet by 40 feet, and built a house somewhat like a soldier's hut, covered with corrugated iron and asphalt, with guttering round it which carried the rain water into a beer or paraffin barrel. This mode of water supply was not complying with the requirements of the Act. The house contained one living room and one bedroom. It appeared the defendant had been told that a town was to be built on the common, and she and her sister each bought ground in hopes of earning a living there. The sister had since left. The defendant knew nothing about sanitary requirements when the ground was bought. Defendant said she considered there was sufficient supply of water, and if not her neighbours would give her some. The Chairman said that might be so, but they could not accept such an excuse. Would she undertake to have a tank of suitable size built. Defendant after having been informed of what the law required expressed herself willing to comply with it, and the case was dismissed.

p.281 ROBINSON Henry 19/2/1792
Old man living with daughter p.284 on Barford High Road.
Father of p.280 (above), and Mrs GLAYSHER p.284.
Stepfather to Mrs GROVES p.282.
Used 1872-1876 to come to church regularly, but now (1878) finds it too much.
Thinks Battle of Waterloo "a wicked war" nothing to fight about; only for sake of fighting.
There were no Headley men there but one John TRIGGS on Frensham side, Whitmore.

p.281 Piece of paper between p.280 and p.281:
Letter received
Signed: Pte PARKIN W.H.
Date: 26th July 1926
Thanking you for Wishes.
More envelopes for sending ???
I have none left.

p.281 Letter:
4 Field Court, Gray's Inn, W.C.,
Telephone 2525
Telegraphic Address: "HUNTSMOOR, LONDON"
20 April 1888
Dear Sir
You may have heard from Mr WRIGHT that we have been obliged after all to abandon the claim by Daniel HARRIS to the fund in the Court of Chancery.
We find that Letters of Administration were taken out to the missing Legatee's Estate many years ago by Henry HARRIS who described himself as the cousin of the missing legatee. If this were correct that is to say, if the missing legatee's father was legitimate, David HARRIS' share would be a few pounds only and to prove that it is incorrect requires an action in the Probate Court which would exhaust the whole of the fund.
We beg to thank you for the assistance you have so kindly given us in the matter.
We are, Dear Sir,
Yours faithfully,
R S Sayle & Son & Humphreys
To: The Rev W H Laverty
Headley Rectory

p.281 Letter:
Robin Hood, Standford
Reverend Sir,
Mrs FROST wishes to return her sincere thanks to the Rev W H Laverty for the kind letter he wrote on behalf of her daughter. I am happy to say she is accepted and will join the home after Christmas Holidays.
Yours respectfully

p.282 GROVE James & Mary (MARSHALL) and niece.
Live at Barford (Lower Road).
Met niece at Charles GLAYSHER's p.284. Mrs GROVES & Mrs GLAYSHER ½ sisters.
Half sister to Mrs GLAYSHER p.284 and to ROBINSON p.280.
Step-daughter to old Master ROBINSON p.281, who left her £15 when he died.
Parents to GROVEs p.283.
Went with J.C. 1.3.1875 to see about Tithe.
Place belongs to ANSELL. They pay rent to him, thro Mrs LARBY, farm on left giving to Churt Church.
WOODTHORPE says over 60, but Mrs says born in 1819.
He now (1880) in Lunatic (Fareham) Asylum.
She queer. "Was herself for 3 years in an asylum"; and during all the time never shed a tear. Directly she shed tears she was all right. [information Mrs HARRIS p.449]
He uncle to Mrs William HEATHER, p.425.

p.283 GROVES David & Matilda (BELTON or ALDERTON) 25.6.1854 & children.
Married 4.11.1876.
Live at Barford last house on left.
Son of p.282; granddaughter of ALDERTON, p.312
Daughter of ALDERTON's (Churt Barracks) before marriage (p.588).
See niece to p.313.
Application for O.A.P. - I wrote: this will be the Matilda who was baptised here 25.6.1854 and whom I married to David GROVE 4.11.1876 and knew as long as I was in the parish.
She has not resided out of the U.K. [1924 at 10 Heath Cottage, Beacon Hill].

p.283 MULLARD Emma widow (née HARRIS - some relation (sister) to Mrs HALL goitre) & Mrs BIRCH* & baby (Alfred George) né 1908.
Mother and daughter came 1908 end to Lower House, Barford. She sister-in-law to p.285.
MULLARD died suddenly in Churt in 1907? (George according to Marr Reg 21/10/1871)
It is not known (?) where BIRCH is.
She sister to Charles HARRIS (p.448) and Mrs James CANE (p.681)
Same as at Barracks. See p.628.
*Mrs BIRCH suffers from eyes (? or teeth) and gone to service in 1910.
Several sons at home March 1913.
- Ernest or Dr Gray.
- Jim or D: Smith, married Minnie TRIGG, see p.497
- Another at Mr John GROVER's
In April 1919, Mrs BIRCH not been heard of for 3 years, and daughter Mrs MULLARD asked for help with her boy Alfred George BIRCH né March 1915.

p.284 GLAYSHER Charles, born 26.4.1831 & Rebecca (ROBINSON) born 1.5.11738 & children
Live last home on Barford High Road.
She daughter of old ROBINSON (p.281) who lives with them.
To be carefully distinguished from Charles GLAYSHER (p.285).
Brother to Mrs Jonas SHRUBB (shop), p.286
Cousin to William (p.288); George (p.292); James (p.290)
Cousin to Frank p.287 and Charles p.285,
They were married 2/6/1862.
?Sister-in-law to Mrs MARSHALL p.201.
She ½ sister to Mrs GROVES.
- Ellen 16/5/1863, Burial 29/2/1872
- Kate 1/9/1867
- John 1872
- Thomas 1874
- Sarah A 7/1/1877.

p.285 GLAYSHER Charles & Anne (MULLARD) & children
Live at Barford (Bottom house Phillips' Lane)
Brother to William (p.288); Frank (p.287); James (p.290); George (p.292)
Cousin to Charles, (p.284) and Ellen (p.286)
House belongs to them. Nice little woman.
Sister to Mrs ROOKE (p.303) and to MULLARD at Barracks.
Niece to p.301. Her father died with her in 1878.
One daughter is Mrs WALKER, wife of a 'pipe-fitter' who is to take the house when mother leaves in November 1894.
Married 1.6.1868 at Churt (the 1st marriage there)
Sister-in-law to (p.283).
- George 1869, buried 10/4/1969
- Ellen, born Churt before marriage. Wife of Edward WALKER*
- Alan 7/8/1870, see p.1364.
- James 1872, married 29.11.1913 Lily Kirton JENKINS. She died in Churt Nov 1923
- Minnie 1874
- Jane 1879
- Willie GLAYSHER 1881, married 1905 Clara (p.1470) GIRLING late servant to Mrs PRITCHARD
- Mary 1885.
*Their child Oscar Edward WALKER (born 1891) living with grandmother. Baptised August 1900.

p.286 SHRUBB Jonas & Ellen (GLAYSHER) née 28.5.1836, & children.
Keep shop at Barford (High Road)
Sister to Charles, p.284 [The ROBINSON one]
She cousin to William (p.288), Frank (p.287), James (p.290), George (p.292), Charles (p.285).
He brother to James SHRUBB (p.294)
They were married 4/6/1864. His 2nd wife. See p.504.
It is curious how Jonas SHRUBB pronounced in the usual drawl becomes John A SHRUBB (see cutting below).
[crossed out =>With her] lives her brother, Thomas GLAYSHER p.904; "Gentleman GLAYSHER" who has saved some money as [crossed out=>a butler & curio hunter]; and signed at his niece's marriage in 1887. See p.904.
- George* 4/2/1866 married 18.4.1912 at Church, Louise WELLAND
- Alice** 7/7/1867, died 1919
- Walter 6/6/1869
- Minnie 2/4/1871. The bulk of her Uncle Thomas' money to come to Minnie after her mother's death. See p.904. And mother died May 1921, leaving his house Minnie SHRUBB & Zella MULLARD, daughter of Alice, who became Mrs YOUNG, end 1923, and her baby born 28.5.1926
*George in 1912 and ante keeps Crossways Inn, Churt.
**This is Mrs MULLARD, who I think, gets 0 (zero) under Uncle's will; she died 1919.

p.286 Cutting: [December 1881]. PETTY SESSIONS. TUESDAY
John A SHRUBB of Headley, was summoned for having a scale in his possession 3½oz short. Defendant pleaded guilty, saying it was the first case in 30 years and he was very sorry it happened. He hoped the Bench would make the penalty as light as possible as he was a very poor man and would take care it did not occur again. Fined 15s. and costs.

p.287 GLAYSHER Frank né 1.6.1826 & Elizabeth (BURROW) née 31.3.1831
Live on Barford Lower Road.
Brother to William (p.288), George (p.292), James (p.290), Charles (p.285).
Cousin to Charles, p.284 (the ROBINSON one), and to Mrs Jonas SHRUBB (p.286)
Parents to Mrs WOODGER p.260.
They were married 17/2/1855.
- Annie baptised 17/6/1855, married 26/1/1878 to James WOODGER (see p.260)
- George 4/10/1857 (born 5.9.1859 by Somerset House), married 24/10/1885 to Harriet BURROW p.193.
- Mary 24/6/1860
- William 17/5/1863, married M. MOORE & died 25.9.1890 at Churt. See p.1135.
- Jane 2/9/1866, married 18/2/1886 to Fred BONNER
- James 6/2/1870, died 1871.

p.288 GLAYSHER William, 29/3/1827, & Anne (NORTH), née 4/5/1829, 28/6/1829.
Live on Barford High Road.
Wife's mother (p.291) lives with them
Brother to Frank (p.287), James (p.290), George (p.292) Charles (p.285.
Cousin to Charles (p.284) and Mrs SHRUBB (p.286).
They were married 22/5/1852.
Sister to Samuel p.663.
- Mary Anne 17/7/1853 (in Service) Mrs BOWYER* †
- James 13/6/1858, see p.1380
- Ellen 18/7/1861, died unmarried 1902 having been 26 years (at Folkestone) in 1st and only service.
Wrote 17.3.1885 to Duke of C.
* Married October 2nd, 1880 to Corporal Thomas BOWYER of 41st Regiment. Came to have paper signed on June 16, 1881 for payment of £1.
41st Regiment is 1/Welsh. They were married at Chatham and went to Gibraltar till 18 April 1881 when he went to Cape and she came home.
[especially harder that some have been allowed to marry at Cape]
Still in Headley (husband in Africa) March 1882
Still in Headley 3.3.1883 - wrote to War Department same day.
† Mrs BOWYER's husband died Dec 1892 of Erysipelas.

p.289 WHITE William & Hannah (LEMON), 21.9.1851 and 3 children
Live at [crossed out =>Elliott's Farm near Barford] Hearne.
(Formerly at Rock Barn and then at Moore House - see p.30)
He married twice (1st wife Mary E FULLICK, buried 1871, eldest daughter of Harry FULLICK, Cook's Farm, p.315)
Married to Hannah LEMON (b. 21/9/1851) on Oct 5, 1872.
First wife daughter of p.315.
Second wife daughter of p.259.
Third child is ruptured (1878) and has been so from birth.
For her turf-cutting see p.279 and below.
For her FULLICK pedigree see p.837.
Eldest George LEMON married 1897. See p.1410.
Children are:
- William WHITE 25.1.1874, married 22.7.1899 to Sarah Ann WOLSTENHOLME
- John WHITE 28.5.1876 see p.1552, married 13.4.1899 Matilda HOTHER
- James WHITE 5.1.1879, in artillery 1905.
- Eleanor WHITE 6.11.1881, married. Mrs George HARRIS p.1377
- Fred WHITE 25/5/1884, 11th Hussars 1905 (deserted once but voluntarily surrendered)
- Martin WHITE 5/12/1886, 8th Hussars 1905
- Robert WHITE 25/11/1888, p.296
- Arthur WHITE 10/1/1896, p.141
- Walter WHITE.

p.289 Cutting: A NOISY PARTY. Two women named BETSWORTH and WHITE, Headley, were summoned for damaging a fence, the property of Mr G ALDEN. The two defendants in a running chatter persisted that they had only walked through a hole in the fence, and caused considerable amusement by their cross-examination of the complainant, who admitted he had not gone to see what damage was done, but should say 6d. Upon this the case was dismissed, the defendants being cautioned that they had no right on Mr ALDEN's ground.

p.289 Cutting: NON-ATTENDANCE AT SCHOOL. Thomas COOPER was charged with not sending his child Matilda to school, and was find 3s. William CRANSTON was charged for a similar offence; but as his child was now attending school, the case was adjourned for one month. James TOWELL was also charged with neglecting to send his child to school, but the case was adjourned for a fortnight. Harry SANDELL, for a similar offence, was fined 5s. William WHITE, was fined 2s 6d on conviction for a like offence. (Inspection 1885.)

p.290 GLAYSHER James, 20/7/1834, & Sarah (SHRUBB) 17/5/1835 & children
He lives on top Barley Mow Hill, their own house. (Hence Glaysher's Hill?)
She is (more or less insane) in asylum.
Brother to William (p.288), Frank (p.287), George (p.292), Charles (p.285).
Cousin to Charles (p.284) and Mrs Jonas SHRUBB (p.286)
They were married 9/1/1858.
Sister to Mrs LOE (p.596) & Mrs Sam MARSHALL (p.654) and to Andrew SHRUBB (p.655)
On 11 April 1910 I made a will for James GLAYSHER (baptised 20.7.1934) leaving £8-10-0 to each of the children (William, Lucy, George, James, Ester, Mary A, John) who had helped to clear off the mortgage on the cottage.
The cottage and garden is to be sold at GLAYSHER's death, the £8-10-0 paid to each of the above 7, & all the rest of the estate and effects are to go to Fanny. In the presence of the 2 witnesses (Butler WEBB and gardener WOOD), I had the old man asked (he is deaf and blind) what he wanted to do with his property; and he said all to Fanny and she had earned it. W.H.L 12 April 1910.
- Fanny 28/3/1858
- William 16/10/1859, see p.931
- Lucy 24/11/1861, Mrs William GAUNTLETT p.433.
- George 10/1/1864, see p.1007
- Sarah A 4/2/1866
- James 2/2/1868, p.1380. Died Dec 1927
- Ester 2/10/1870
- Kate & Mary Alice 30/4/1873, both unmarried 1910
- John 1875, married Annie TURNER a late housemaid of Mr W PHILLIPS & 1905 he and his wife live at Miss HORROCK's Whitehill.

p.290 Cutting: [Feb 1887]: HEADLEY.
A MOST SUCCESSFUL TREAT was given on Tuesday last by the ladies of the parish to the children attending Headley School. Including twenty invited from Grayshott school there were present 210 children; and after tea they were made merry by the clever eccentricities, conjuring, and ventriloquism of Profession DU CANN. Two of the boys, John GLAYSHER and George ALDRED* were called to the platform and were the cause of much merriment, as, for example, when the former seemed to cut a large piece out of Miriam MOORE's handkerchief. The professors' Anthropophaginian, some excellently sung school songs, and three cheers for the many ladies present, concluded the entertainment.

p.290 "ENTERTAINMENT. A capital entertainment which was a very great success, was given on Monday evening. The large school-room was filled to overflowing, nearly 300 being present. E WOODTHORPE, Esq., presided. Professor DU CANN provoked immense laughter; his ventriloquism was pronounced excellent. The following is the programme: …"

p.291 NORTH, Dinah (née NASH)
Old lady living with daughter (p.288) on Barford High Road.
Mother of p.288 and of p.663 (Samuel NORTH).
Used to live and own Bageant's Bridge Farm (p.255)
Died April 21 1879
David NORTH (born 1789, died 11/4/1871) & Dinah NASH were married 23/2/1811.

p.292 GLAYSHER George* né 31.3.1831 & Jemima (BURROW) & children
Live on Barford High Road.
Wife's father (p.293) lives with them.
Brother to William (p.288), Frank (p.287), James (p.290), Charles (p.285).
Cousin to Charles (p.294) and Mrs SHRUBB (p.286).
They were married 27/10/1860.
For the burning of her brother see p.1019.
When she came to Mr DYKES to put up her banns, "BURROW" he said "your name is legion" - "No Sir, its Jemima".
*Born same day as Mrs Frank GLAYSHER sister to [arrow pointing to following page]
- William 3/3/1861 married DOPSON p.1219
- Charles 6/12/1863
- Alice** 7/4/1867
- George 6/3/1870
- James 1873
**Gave for Alice (living at Farnham) our patient letter for Guildford Hospital, July 1886. Swelling or breaking out under left arm.

p.293 BURROW John Baptised 15.4.1804.
Old man living with daughter (previous page).
Suffers (1879) from abscess (on arm?)
Burning of his little boy William (see p.1019).
A daughter of above was
MARSHALL Richard & Anne (BURROW) 17.8.1826
Richard was killed (run over by wagon) and buried 31.1.1868
Widow in 1909 is married to (or lives with) at Bramshott, one STEPHENS and died early July 1910 and buried at Bramshott.

p.294 SHRUBB James, 1/4/1821, & Charlotte (WHITE née BELTON)
Widower & widow living [crossed out=>on Lower Barley Mow] 1881 opposite Fellmongers.
They were married 8/11/1877.
He brother to Jonas p.286.
She a laundress, Allenite, industrious person.
[His 1st wife Elizabeth WINTER died 1856 aged 37.]
A bricklayer inclined to drink they say.
Father James died from fall off schoolroom in 1872.
Grandfather died in a similar way.
[Her 1st husband, Thomas WHITE buried 15/2/1869 aged 76.]
Aunt to Charles GARDINER p.676
Her pedigree in part on p.676.
JEFFREYS (see the pedigree) left money to nephew SAUNDERS which never claimed (?) and they think should come in part to above.

p.294 WHITE Thomas & wife and 1 child lodging there Oct & Nov 1894. Plasterer. Will work directly for Harry GAUNTLETT. Now on p.301.

p.295 COOPER Widow Jemima (FAIRMINOR) born 4.5.1797, baptised 21.5.1797.
Lives at [crossed out=>Rook's Cottage] Arford behind SPEAKMAN.
[crossed out=> Being done up for her June 1878]
Mother to Mrs Eli CHANDLER p.269
Lived with her for a time, but could not agree [inf: Mrs LEMON]
Something like her daughter to look at.
Mother to Churt Barracks COOPER p.628
Left her husband to live with PHILLIPS (or PHELPS) at Plaster Hill (father to p.569, p.612)
Children of Charles & Jemima COOPER found at Frensham by me on 2.3.1891 (she lived then at Church Barracks) are:
- Eliza baptised 11.2.1820
- William baptised 18.5.1823
- Eleanor baptised 10.7.1815
- Jane baptised 14.4.1833
- Martha baptised 20.7.1834
- Emma baptised 25.4.1838.
Née FAIRMINOR, married Charles COOPER of Hartley Mauditt by licence by Mr William COBBOLD (of Riot fame!) at Selborne 31.12.1817. Witnesses Hori Hale, Benjamin Nash.
Mrs Eli CHANDLER (p.269) is her eldest child and was born in 1820 at Frensham; Mrs COOPER was born 18th Century and is still alive 1891. Born 4.5.1797 at Forestside Selborne. Baptised 21.5.1797.
Mrs COOPER is daughter of John & Mary FAIRMINOR.

p.296 CHANDLER Fred & Bess (MOSS)
Young people living in [crossed out=>Lindford Chase] Deadwater Hill.
Married by SIMICOCKES in May 1878.
He in the choir and son of Arthur (p.299)
She daughter of MOSS p.297 and was cook to Mrs WINDUS (Arford House).
He grandson of the Hen Woman (p.231).

p.296 WHITE Robert & Alice Mary Theresa MOORE. Married 28.6.1915.
He son of Widow WHITE p.289 and in army.
p.297 MOSS Charles né 28.4.1835 & Mary Ann née 26.5.1834 (DUCKETT) & children.
Live [crossed out=>at Stone Pit Farm, Fuller's Bottom]. Then at Woodthorpe, then at Deadwater; in village behind Pond.
He brother to Mrs BRINDLEY (p.298).
Some trouble with them in 1877 owing to non-attendance of children at school.
Son Henry, married to A GATES see p.59.
She sister to the 1st Mrs BARNETT, p.241.
Bought a piece of the Deadwater Common and gone (Oct 1885) to Bramshott.
Very hard-working woman, brought up her family well. He bows little finger.
The girls DUCKETT, came into this country as servants. One was at Headley Wood.
Father to p.1032.
- Anne - Mrs CHRISTIAN, died May 1919 in Isle of Man leaving 3 girls.
- Henry - p.1036 (19 on 1881 census)
- Joseph p.1032 (17 on 1881 census)
- 1866 Charles, see p.1004 (15 on 1881 census)
- 1868 Alice*, married at Bramshott 24.6.1893 to George PHILLIPS.
- 1870 Jane Maria, 1st STAPELEY 2nd KNIGHT (married Oct 1902). p.1407
- 1872 William p.1364 (9 on 1881 census)
- Ellen, Mrs Webber p.1564 (7 on 1881 census)
- Emily (5 on 1881 census)
- George Alfred 4/11/1877, buried 7/3/1878.
*At Woolmer 1913 with one son only aged 19.

p.298 BRINDLEY Samuel né 26.2.1837 & Mary Ann (MOSS) née 20 Mar 1841, died 1924.
Live at Arford, part of Mrs KNIGHT's house behind Elstone.
Was a carrier, but borrowed money of a lender and was sold up in May 1878. (Baker in 1881 census) Did drink.
She sister to p.297.
Applied for Old Age Pension 1909 as BRAMBLEY.
They were married 14 March 1865 - not here.
Went to School at Conford with Mrs R S GARDNER, p.637.
- Annie Parsons 11/5/1865
- Herbert Henry 24/10/1867, baptised 5/1/1868, buried 8.1.1869
- Harriet Louise 18/1/1870,baptised 3/4/1870
- Samuel 24/9/1873 baptised
- Charles Bennett BRINDLEY 1881/82, m 1918 Sarah Elizabeth NORTH - see p.910.

p.299 CHANDLER Arthur 16/10/1831 & Jane (BURROWS) 26/8/1834 & children
Live at Lower House Farm, Headley Mill.
She daughter of Henwoman p.231, and a "beggar" like her
A story is told that while earning large wages she applied at the Union for help.
Parents to Fred (p.296)
Sister to Will BURROWS (p.228), Charles (p.229), Andrew (p.232).
Brother to Charles p.341.
Parents to Mrs Robert WHITE (Mary Ann) who had her child baptized here 2 Oct 1881.
Gladys CHANDLER (daughter of Martha) lived here until 1897 when Mary WHITE** took her place and her shoe club card.
- Frederick 18/3/1855, married 1878 to Bess MOSS (p.196)
- Mary Anne* 26/10/1856, married to Thomas WICKS. See above ** Mrs WHITE.
- Samuel 2/2/1861
- Martha, who is ill a good deal
- James 24/4/1864
- Alice Jane 6/5/1866, Mrs STACEY, a widow in 1891 with one child.
- Ellen Edith 5/4/1868, buried 15/1/1869
- Harriet 6/6/1869
- Anne 3/10/1871, in service 1891, lives near Alice Jane.
- Sarah Amelia 4/10/1871, married June 1893 to George MOORE of Wimbledon
- Willy 6/5/1877, born 30/1/1877, see p.301.
*Came home from service in 1877 with child having married a policeman who was already married. The child was baptised 20/8/1877 and died June 19, 1878.

p.300 Charles COURTENAGE Charles & Lucy (MARSHALL)
Old folk living in own cottage on Barley Mow
Parents to Charles p.529; Henry p.530; Mrs ALDRED (only mother?) p.528; Mrs DEANE p.527.
Nice old boy; has been according to accounts a regular old fighting cock.
Met her first time at son Henry's (p.530).
Brother to John p.547?
These were before marriage:-
- Eliz MARSHALL 19.12.1830 - Mrs ALDRED
- Sarah MARSHALL 24.4.1833 - Mrs BARKER p.319
They were married 14.11.1835 and had:-
- Mary 12.11.1837 - Mrs ELSTONE?
- Henry 27.6.1841 - m. Charlotte HORNE p.530
- Charles 28.1.1844 - m. Anne BELTON p.529
- Daniel 7.6.1846
- Anne 8.10.1848 - ?mother to Matilda 4.11.1866
- Harriett 23.5.1852 - m. Edward DEANE p.527

p.301 MULLARD James & wife (Kate in 1881 census)
Live by chapel on Standford Hill (Inf: HARBON)
He had accident to leg in August 1878.
Daughter is married & away; came for confinement. Only dau (only child) born at Conford.
Uncle to p.285 & p.303.
He died; she went to Mrs Charles GLAYSHER née MULLARD.
& (paralysed) went in 1905 into Alton Workhouse.
She died at Union 7.4.1906.

p.301 CHANDLER William & Flor. Ad. Jane (HAMPTON)
Married 11.9.1915 at …
Son of p.299, & living Deadwater.
Children (transcribed from p.303):-
- William Leonard, 21.3.1917
- Arthur, 2.9.1919
- Fred James, 22.1.1921
- Gladys R M, 15.3.1923
- Flor Winifred, 11.6.1924
- Beatrice M, 30.9.1925.

p.301 WHITE Thomas Edward & Mercy (PETO)
Plasterer. Came here as lodgers in 1894 & not properly entered (on p.294).
p.294: Lodging with James SHRUBB Oct & Nov 1894 - will work directly for Harry GAUNTLETT.
- Clara May 4.5 1894
- Fanny Eliz 2.6.1895 - m. 1921 to Stanley WILLIS p.1951
- Mercy Olive 16.8.1896 - m. 1921 to Daniel JONES
- Lucy Isabella 28.1.1898 - (1st bapt here) m. 1923 to WC WOODFORD p.2062
- George Edward 1.8.1899 - see p. 2091
- Emily Magdalene 29.8.1901
- William John 19.8.1903
- Avaery Rachel 29.11.1904
- Henry Thomas 30.12.1905.

p.302 BONE William & Elizabeth (HOARE) & children
Live in FISHER's house at Deadwater.
Used to live near Bank of England (to 1876?) then went to Whitehill & now again in Headley.
Mrs's grandmother's house struck by lightning.
Special grievances "Inclosures", though allowed to cut turf.
Private bapt William 5.3.1873 - child been in hot bath - ruptured. Went 2.6.1873 to see why not bapt publicly.
Dau of HOAREs p. 216. Sister to p.217, p.219, p.235.
- Rosa 1867
- Henry 1869
- Anne Eliza 1871
- William 5.3.1873 - buried 26.5.1875
- ?Kate 1875
- Harriett 1876 (age 5 in 1881 census).

p.302 Cutting undated: Drunkenness - Willam BONE of Headley charged with being drunk while in charge of a horse … was fined 1s and 9s costs.

p.302 Cutting undated: Blackmoor - Inquest - An inquest was held at the Red Lion Inn in this village on Thursday afternoon by Mr H WHITE, county coroner, on the body of Kate BONE aged 15 months. A sister was nursing the deceased when … convulsions and died in less than ….

p.303 ROOKE Peter & Jane (MULLARD) & children
Live at south end Whitmore Bottom.
'Rather pretty woman' stood at door 14/3/73: "Be ter'ble afeard o dogs" (à propos of son)
Sister to MULLARD in Churt Barracks & to p.285; niece to p.301.
He nephew to p.304.
Gone into Churt (before 1881 census) - home now CARPENTER's laundry - see p.533 & p.524.
- Henry James ?1866 (see p.1083)
- William, bapt. 5/1/1868, bur. 13/6/1875
- Peter, bapt. 6/3/1870 (see p.1274)
- Ernest Edwin, bapt. 2/6/1872
- Edgar 1874
- Alfred 1876.

p.304 ROOKE John b.1804, bapt. 1/2/1807
Widower living west side of Whitmore Bottom south, in same house with Richard CANE (p.305).
Uncle to p.303.
Is this the husband of Elizabeth, m. 14/3/1837, bur. 6/5/1871? - Yes.
He was born 1804 on his own information. - Christened 1.2.1807 "Aet 2" (= "Aetatis 2"; at the age of 2)
Father to Mrs Jack BOXALL p.529 & Mrs JAQUES formerly in Headley.
Died 1891 in Union - see p.348.

p.304 & p.305 Pedigree of CANEs
In 1792, Richard CANE (no.1) married Mary ROOK & had children:-
A. - Richard (No.2) 15.10.1796 - m. 28.5.1820 Mary BOXALL [plus some info crossed out]
  - John (No.2) 19.9.1799; died 1809
  - Anne (No.2) 19.7.1801
B. - Eli (No.2) 11.4.1803; died 1873 - father of p.328, p.327, p.363, p.364
  - William (No.2) 3.7.1805; died 1864
  - George (No.2) 31.1.1808
  - Hannah (No.2) 14.1.1810
C. - James (No.2) 20.9.1812- m. 22.12.1849 Mary A HARDING - died 1864
A. In 1820 Young Richard (No.2) m. Mary BOXALL & had an only child, Richard (No.3) born 12.11.1820 (see p.305)
B. Eli CANE (No.2) m. Maria (or Anne or Martha) at Alton (she died 19.11.1848) & had children:-
- James (No.3) 15.12.1833 - not married - see p.328
- John (No.3) 27.12.1835 m. in Bramshott - see p.364
- Thomas (No.3) 18.3.1838 not married - see p.363
- Mary (No.3) 3.5.1840 m. 26.12.1861 Edward MANSELL - p.327
- Eli (No.3) 8.1.1843; buried 16.6.1847
- Richard (No.3) 9.2.1845 - see p.1614
C. James CANE (No.2) m. 22.12.1849 Mary A HARDING & had children:-
- Charlotte (No.3) 13.10.1850; bur 1.11.1857
- Mary Ann (No.3) 5.9.1852; bur 25.4.1866
- Sarah (No.3) 11.3.1854
- John Harding (No.3) 25.10.1857
- Lucy (No.3) Easter 1860
- Jane (No.3) 20.7.1862
He died 1864 - on 3.2.1866 the widow married Fred HEATHER - p.241.

p.305 CANE Richard (No.3) 12.11.1820 & Maria (HARRIS née FULLICK) 25.9.1827
Live at Whitmore Bottom. Cousin to p.328, p.363, p.364 & Mrs MANSELL p.327.
Father to p.346 & p.681.
Some talk as to whether he was born in wedlock. If not, the cottage he lived in would go to his cousin James p.328.
He suffered with a frightful face (cancer?) in 1880 & died Dec 1919.
He 1st married Eliza … who died 3.6.1851
She 1st married on 1.7.1849 Henry HARRIS who died 3.11.1870.
He married to Maria at Farnham summer of 1878 - see p.326. They had children:-
- John (No.4) 12.11.1843 m. 8.10.1870 Mary Anne HARRIS - see p.681
- Mary A (No.4) 20.12.1846 m. 8.3.1873 Charles CHANDLER - see p.1754
- James (No.4) 20.8.1848 m. 1896 Jane ALDERTON - see p.346.

p.306 COOPER … & wife & niece
Live at EGGAR's (p.306 - should be p.309?) House, Deadwater Hill.
She very sickly; he brother to the man who lived in KEMP's house, where Miss LUSHINGTON's school was.
Went to see her 6.9.1878 on Mrs WALKER's wish - very clean & tidy; nice and agreeable.
Her brother & his wife being dead, niece lives there.
Tried for out-relief for child in 1877 but failed to get it.

p.307 SMITH James & Jane (MARSHALL) & children
Live at Hearne, back of CHANDLER's
[Crossed out=> BETTESWORTH's cottage on the Hill; back of Style House, Hearne; Fellmonger's]
Formerly at Hearne & then Bulls Farm
To be carefully distinguished from p.314 & p.332
He son of p.333.
She dau. of p.331 & sister to George MARSHALL p.438 & Sam MARSHALL p.654.
Married 30 Sep 1871.
He came for beef 23.2.1881 - a large-eyed fat-faced man, not very tall.
Note made 1928: This must be 'dirty Jenny'. They two buried in B.33. For dau. Rosetta PASSINGHAM see p.1075.
- George bapt. 31.8.1873 - see p.1408
- Charlotte (called after grandmother?) 27.11.1874 (½ bapt)
- Matilda - see p.1462.

p.307 Cutting dated July 1885 - James SMITH, Headley was summoned - Rose SMITH his daughter had not attended school since 1882 - Fines 2s.

p.308 FULLICK James & Phoebe (CHRISTMAS) & children
Live at Hearne where GLAYSHERs used to live [Formerly lived at ROOK's Cottage]
Son of p.315.
Married in 1861; her name CHRISTMAS.
Have a knack of locking up children in cottage.
Fullick pedigree p.836.
- George
- Arthur
- Albert Edward, 2.12 1866
- William, 1.11.1868
- Anne Ellen, 1.1.1871
- Walter Henry, 25.5.1873
- Matilda, 1875.

p.309 EGGAR John b. 4/12/1825 & Anne (PINK) b. 23/5/1819
Lives at Standford Hill behind Chapel.
Builder of cottages in which live COOPER p.306 & KNOTT p.310.
"Old EGGAR* was natural son of some gentleman Bentley way; suddenly the natural father died and left him £10,000; he was using the trowel at the time; 'No more of this,' said he & he retired there and then."
One son Edwin used to keep Post Office at Standford. Left it in 1873 or 1874. father to p.556.
Sister to John PINK (Hollywater) p.434.
Brother to Mrs DAVID p.555.
Pedigree of EGGARs p.557.
They were married 9.8.1856 & had children:
- Emily Anne, 11.9.1859 - married 1883 to James GAUNTLETT
- James John, b. Whitsun 1861; bur. 7.6.1861
He died 1894 leaving a Will dated 20.8.1891 leaving household furniture & effects to wife absolutely; also whole income of estate (less repairs & insurance) to wife for life, and then (for life) to daughter (separate use and no power of anticipation). After her death all to be sold & money to be divided among the grandchildren who marry or reach 21. On death of daughter without such grandchildren money to be divided equally between nephews and niece who survive the daughter. [No provision for great-grandchildren] John Robert NASH of Farnham & W GAMBLEN (p.457) are executors.
* Old John & Sarah EGGAR had children:-
- Johanne - Mrs W GAMBLEN of Guildford
- Sarah, 18.1.1818 - see p.557 for granddaughter's lawsuit
- Andrew, 3.9.1820
- John, 4.12.1825 - m. 9.8.1856 Anne PINK (see above)
- Samuel 31.8.1828 - m. 28.10.1855 Esther BENHAM
- Edwin, 13.3.1831 - m. Anne (see p. 556)
- Jane, 31.3.1833 - see p.555
- William, 21.12.1837; bur. 20.3.1838.
Sarah: née PARSONS; m. 21 Aug 1815 at Saint Mary's Portsea, Hants and both are buried at Bentley, John on 12 Jun 1875 at 79yrs and Sarah 15 Mar 1866 at 73 yrs [inf: Melva Robbins]

p.310 KNOTT Charles & … & children (son 1876)
Lives in front part of EAGER's cottage, Deadwater Hill.
He & AUBREY (p.239) married sisters.
Now (1879) taken Whitehill public house.
Son to p.51.

p.311 (see also p.894) SHRUBB Eli (bur. 23.5.1881 aged 83) & Mary (SIMS) 2.11.1822; died 15.10.1875 aged 77
Old man living by Headley Wood at Lock's farm, now pulled down.
A butcher in old times; now on the parish.
He has been a very successful pig killer, but (see p.492) a hard drinker.
Very chatty. Father of p.220 & p.331.
Son William (p.316) & his wife & child live with him.
Children have been:-
- Ann, 7.3.1824 - m. 3.10.1847 Peter COOMBES
- Daniel, 28.1.1827 - m. 30.11.1850 Mary TAYLOR
- Andrew, 24.11.1828 - bur. 19.2.1832
- Edward, 31.7.1831 - m. (reg off) 'widow' (of transported) MARSHALL (p.331)
- Benjamin, 29.9.1833 - m. 25.11.1854 Eliza FULLICK
- Martha, 15.3.1835 - m. 24.12.1853 Henry FULLICK (p.582)
- Emma, 20.8.1837 - bur.?11.5.1852
- Esther, 1.3.1840
- William, 30.10.1842 - m. 1876 Emily PARFECT (or WHITE) p.316.

p.312 ALDERTON [Crossed out=>William] George (really) d. 1887 & son George
Old widower living at Barley Mow Cottage - now (1881) gone to Fullers Bottom.
Himself built the cottage and saved £75; which £75 was lost in some collapse.
Has had 7 sons & 1 daughter (Elizabeth, see p.313)
Special grievance: "Turn 'em all out" said by Mr DYKES when his sons were growing up.
[George bapt 20.9.1840 lives with him: "Downright good son"]
He father also of the ALDERTON in Churt Barracks (p.588)
Grandfather of p.383 & p.346.
A son 'Solomon' the eldest (born about 1830) living 1888-1890 with James COOMBES Fullers Bottom (p.571)
The youngest (or one of the youngest) Henry is p.1020.
Of the children, none seems to have been baptised here.

p.313 BOXALL James & Elizabeth (ALDERTON) & children
Live with wife's father in Barley Mow Cottage in 1881 census (see above, p.312)
Aunt to p.283.
Lost two children (to measles) in summer of 1877.
Came from Churt in 1875 or 1876.
- Ann 1871
- Ellen 1873
- James 1875; bur. 23.7.1877
- George 1876; bur. 23.7.1877
- Henry, born 19.11.1883.

p.313 Cutting dated July 1884 - Non-attendance at School - James BOXALL and Frederick HEATHER (p.254) of Headley fined 2/6d each for neglecting to send their children to school.

p.314 SMITH James & Jane (FULLICK) & 3 children.
Young people living [Crossed out=>with w. mother at Cook's Farm (see p.315)] next Mrs CRAY? at Barford.
He son of p.330 (Irish Will); she dau of p.315.
Was in Club for a time but not now (1878)
To be carefully distinguished from p.307.
Sister to p.279, p.326 & p.582.
[With them Feb 1885 Mr COURTENAGE p.135]
Her FULLICK pedigree, see p.836.
- Catherine Anne 1871
- Ernest William 1874.

p.315 FULLICK Sarah [whole page crossed out with words "Died December 1878"]
Widow (old) lives at Cook's Farm, Barford.
Husband (Henry) died in May 1877.
Have had 18 children, 10 dead.
Father & mother of p.308, p.289, p.314.
Mrs querulous and wants linen for legs.
[For Cook's Farm see Parish History B.]
Daughter & her husband in same house (see p.314 above)
Mother to Mrs George FYFIELD p.279 & Mrs HARRIS p.326.
- May E - m. William WHITE (see p.289)
- Maria 25.9.1827 - m. 1.7.1849 Henry HARRIS (see p.326)
- Harriett 9.8.1829 - bur. 18.8.1833
- Eliza 3.4.1831 - bur. 15.8.1832
- George 6.5.1832 - see p.1291
- Henry 18.9.1833 - m. 24.12.1853 Martha SHRUBB (p.582)
- William 15.2.1835 - bur. 13.5.1835
- Eliza 13.3.1836 - m. 15.11.1854 Benjamin SHRUBB
- James 16.4.1837 - bur. 29.12.1839
- Stephen 25.7.1842 - bur. 29.7.1842
- Charles 10.9.1843 - bur. 11.2.1844
- Fanny 10.8.1845 - m. 9.12.1865 George FYFIELD (see p.279)
- Eli 25.4.1847 - bur. 26.2.1848
- Jane 7.1.1849 - m. 26.11.1870 James SMITH (see p.314).

p.316 SHRUBB William 30.10.1842 & Emily (WHITE) & child
WHL has written 'died' under each of William & Emily
Live with father Eli (p.311) near Headley Wood.
Brother to p.220, p.331, p.582.
She dau of Mrs PARFECT (p.358) before marriage.
They were married in 1876 (April 1st)
Old man gets drunk at times, which son likes not.
- Mary Jane 1877 - "Pollie", has tinman's children
- Kate Emily 1880 - rvffs (queer)
- William 1882 (see below)
- Annie 1886 - married - son born 1914, husband at war
- Henry James 1888 - at home 1915 - see p.2026
- Ethel 1892 - to be Mrs MARDEN?

p.316 SHRUBB William & Harriett Louisa (CLEVITT)
Married 1909 & live next father at Headley Wood Hatch.

p.317 SMITH William 31.5.1826 & Harriett (COVER 18.3.1830) & 3 children
Live at Fullers Bottom, last house L before pond. To be distinguished from p.332.
He son of p.227; brother of Mark (p.226), James (p.333), Emily (p.237).
She sister to p.563 (COVER).
Clean & tidy family. Used to live at Hearne. If had remained "Home would not have been burnt."
Mrs lost her eye out gathering fern.
Married 24 Jan 1857.
She after his death housekeeper & (1893) legatee to Tom MARSHALL p.504.
She died at Aldershot 1894.
- George 6.9.1857
- James 18.12.1859 - bur. 18.8.1864
- Thomas 22.2.1863 - bur. 7.10.1864
- May Ann 4.2.1866
- Jane 6.3.1870 - marr 30.3.1891 age 21 to Arthur Chuter BULL, paperhanger of Aldershot [Marr Reg].

p.318 STEELE Henry & Sarah & child
Live on common near Trottsford (west side)
Bapt (private) child on Oct 4th in evening. Walked over in moonlight with Bond.
Came to present house in March 1878.
He works (gardener?) for Mr BARRATT.
- Herbert B 14.10.1878.

p.319 BARKER Charles 21.6.1828 & Ellen (BURROWS 17.8.1845)
Living at Beech Pond.
Brother to wife of p.333 & of p.205.
Calls himself BARKER, really MESSINGHAM (as in censuses).
[Father transported 1826, mother lived with BARKER]
He married to Sarah MARSHALL 4.1.1852, who died 19.5.1862, she being a daughter of COURTENAGE p.300.
He married again in 1878 to Ellen BURROWS. This new wife a dau of Robert BURROWS p.432 & a niece of Mrs Charles FYFIELD p.347.
He was married as MESSINGHAM.
New wife a sister to Mrs GARDINER of Trottsford p.431; to Fred BURROWS p.391; & Mrs George WARNER p.350.
He father to Mrs Hack p.537.
He died (Sept 1885) & she remarried 1887 (see p.99).
Children with Sarah MARSHALL:
- George 14.5.1854
- Sarah Ann 11.2.1858 - see p.537
- Alice 1.7.1860 - Mrs SHEPHEARD, bur. 27th June 1904 (Plot 4-16; Gravestone No.227).
With Ellen BURROWS before marriage:
- William George 1873.

p.319 Cutting dated July 1885 - Charles MESSINGHAM was summoned for non-attendance of his child at school. The child had only been to school 50 times since January - Fined 5s, as this was the second offence within twelve months.

p.320 FULLICK Thomas or Albert 6.10.1850 & Mary (BURNINGHAM) & 1 child
Live [Crossed out=>at Bank] behind PIGGOTT's, Lindford. Young people, married April 1878.
He son of p.321. She sister to p.235?
Probably same as p.989.
- illegitimate Mary BURNINGHAM 2.4.1876
They married 13 April 1878.
Thomas died mid July 1907 of heart disease - first report being that he killed 'by a grove' with hay fork.

p.321 FULLICK George 25.1.1813 & Mary Ann (PARFECT) & daughter
Oldish people living at Lindford.
He works on road; she used to wash for us 1872, 1873.
Cousin to Dick p.322, Henry p.323, William p.324.
Father to Tom p.320 (alias Albert). Brother to James p.345.
They were married 10.9.1839 & had children:
- Sarah 11.4.1841 - m. William ROY, 13 Draycott Place, Camberwell. One son in police at Camberwell in 1901; came to see me in 1902. Mrs F PAYNE of 153 Southampton St, Camberwell sent a wreath for sister 1915 which I took to be one of ROY's daughters. Yes Edith PAYNE is her name, but see opposite (on p.320, shown here below)
p.320 Mrs ROY having died Dec 1920, there came a wreath Dec 1921 to the memory of Father & Mother from Edith PETTY or PETHY who seems to be the same daughter (bapt Nov 1887) remarried.
The wreath came Xmas 1925 from Mrs PETTY, 45 Gordon Dwellings, Camberwell SE5.
Letter is appended.

- Jane 29.5.1842
- George 24.12.1843
- Henry 4.1.1846
- William 26.11.1848
- Albert 6.10.1850 - see p.320
- Frances 6.10.1850- bur. 4.7.1857
- Elizabeth 26.2.1854 - Mrs KNIGHT see bapt Oct 1887 - now at home - married to a soldier, works at mill - see p.639 - I think it must be this one [This line confused]
- John 2.3.1856 - see p.478
- Mary Ann 13.6.1858 - m. 25.11.1877 Jesse VOLLER
- Rose 16.2.1862.

p.321 Cutting dated 11 Dec 1880 - This paragraph taken from the Alton & Petersfield Observer, refers to old George FULLICK & his son (John I think, p.478) -
"Obstructing the highway - Two men named FULLICK were charged with this offence at Headley. Supt. WATERS said he was passing through Headley on 27th November where he found the road blocked by heaps of stones on one side and a van belonging to Mr HALL on the other side, from which the two men were unloading beer. He asked them to come out of the public house and level the stones, but they refused, nor would they give their names. The Bench reprimanded them for their incivility, but dismissed the case as they thought the superintendent ought to have asked them to remove the van as well."

p.322 FULLICK Richard 28.9.1827 & Eliza (TAYLOR née 21.6.1839) & children
Live at [Crossed out=> Fullers Bottom] Headley Street. Married 12.2.1861
Brother to Henry p.323 & William p.324. Cousin to George p.321.
Dick's father Henry (bapt 26.12.1801) is still alive June 1878 & our Kingston Parish. Once had 2 stoppages inside and gave himself up to the doctors to clear him. They opened him and saved his life [inf: Dick]
There was some hitch about the marriage with Mr DYKES & in consequence they refused to be married until their 1st child was born.
Handyman work gardening jobs.
Is now (1878) coming 5 days to us & 1 to Mr V CAMPBELL
She 1st cousin to Daniel TAYLOR p.402.
She sister to Mrs LEMON p.355 [inf: Mr GAMBLEN]
See pedigree p.403.
- Anne - ?died autumn 1925
- George 13.10.1861 - works for us 1925; in London 1927
- Rose 25.10.1863 - ???? at ???hurst 1925
- Ruth 1.10.1865 - Mrs WAKEFORD, died 1925
- Fred 2.5.1869 - at Hilland 1925
- Ellen 25.8.1872
- Louisa 1874 - Mrs GARDNER.

p.322 Cutting 1 dated Sept 1887 - Felonious Assault - George FULLICK aged 25 was charged with feloniously assaulting Mary LOE (p.576) aged 70 at Headley. Cutting 2 relating to the same event: Mrs LOE aged 61, who lived with her husband at Hearne was on the day in question engaged in hopping at Mr WATTS's farm, and she left to go home a little before 4 o'clock. On her way down to Hearne the prisoner accosted her and, it was alleged, committed the offence. … It being hop-picking time there were of course many strangers about the locality, but the prosecutrix swore positively that the prisoner was the man. When arrested the prisoner said he had been drinking and had got into trouble. … He was acquitted - mistaken identity.

p.322 Letter dated 17 Sept 1887 from London and South West Railway to WHL - Rev Sir, With reference to your letter of the 15th inst re George FULLICK who was in my employ for some time, I can only say that during the latter part of his time here his conduct was anything but satisfactory, in fact his discharge was for drunkenness and insolence to his superiors. I regret I am not in a position to give a more favourable account of his character during his time here. I remain sir, Yours faithfully, C LAMPORT.

p.322 Cutting dated May 1888 - Indecent Behaviour - George FULLICK, a young labourer of Headley, was brought up in custody charged with committing an indecent assault on Ruth TILBURY and Hannah TILBURY , two sisters residing with their parents at Headley, on the evening of Monday, April 30th. Ruth TILBURY, dressmaker, deposed that on the evning in question she and her sister, after doing some shopping at Mr CURTIS's in Headley proceeded through the fields towards Standford. While walking through the fields, the prisoner overtook them and passed them without speaking, going on towards Standford. At the end of the seventh field the prisoner met them, having turned towards Headley. When the prisoner came up to them he put his arms round them both and threw them down, falling upon Hannah TILBURY. Witness did her best to pull him off her sister, and both screamed 'Murder!' They also called out: 'Oh, here comes Will!' The prisoner also took hold of witness's leg and used foul language. He then left them and went off. … The two sisters then ran to their sister's house in Standford and reached there in about 2 minutes. It was then about 20 minutes past eight. … Mrs BUDD, wife of William BUDD of Standford, deposed that Ruth & Hannah TILBURY were her sisters. Both came running into the house screaming. They were much frightened and had their hats in their hands. Hannah's hair was hanging down her back, and both elbows of her jacket were dirty. There was also dirt on her back. The back drapery of her dress was ripped and dragging on the floor. Witness said: 'Oh Hannah, your dress is all torn!' Both girls clung round there sister's neck. Ruth was very much excited and witness found dirt on her clothes and on her stockings, and a hole in the knee of her right stocking. Henry WARNER, landlord of the Holly Bush Inn, Headley, deposed that he saw FULLICK about ten minutes past eight standing at the blacksmith's shop door adjoining the inn. Ross ROGERS, shop assistant to his father, Mr William ROGERS of Headley, deposed that he was leaving Standford about eight o'clock on his way to Headley. He met the 'two Miss TILBURYs' and FULLICK at the end of the furthest field from Headley. … Witness shortly after met William SHRUBB and while talking to him heard screams of 'Murder!' which continued several minutes. He put down his fishing rod and ran in the direction of the screams but saw no-one. Witness knew FULLICK; they had spoken to each other on passing. William SHRUBB, labourer of Headley, deposed that he was at work in a field between Headley & Standford. Shortly after eight o'clock he left off his work and met Ross ROGERS at the stile. While talking with him he heard screams of 'Murder!' … George RAWLES, groom of Headley, deposed that he was going down Harford (Arford) Hill from the cricket ground (then in the Rectory Field) at about a quarter to nine when he saw the prisoner who came down the hill behind him. The prisoner came from the road leading to Headley Grange and overtook witness about halfway down the hill. They walked on a bit together, and the prisoner said he was going to the Reading Room. …

p.322 Cutting dated July 1888 - Indecent Behaviour - George FULLICK, 25, labourer, pleaded guilty to an indecent assault on Hannah TILBURY at Headley on April 30th.. There was a second and similar charge as to the girl's sister (Ruth), but this was not tried. He was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment with hard labour.

p.323 FULLICK Henry b. 2/11/22 & Elizabeth (née WIRRELL, afterwards COOMBES) b. Mar 1815
Live in Whitmore Bottom south end
Used (1873-1875) in Grayshott Farm to mind it
Fell off haystack when I first came here
Dau Harriett had illegitimate child Emily, bapt 15.6.1856.
Brother to William p.324, Richard p.322; cousin to George p.321.
With them lives John ROOKE p.304 (brother-in-law in 1881 census)
She (Feb 14th 1885) complained she was being robbed & "husband is in it" - bought 10cwt coal , took away 8cwt same night, & FULLICK must have heard them, also her tea was going.
This Henry's father, Henry FULLICK was born exactly 5 years before Mr Henry KNIGHT (see p.640), viz on Nov 27th 1800. He died at Kingston 30.6.1890.
Her granddaughter is (1896) a grandmother. I am doubtful whether either of the dates above are right.
She had her first child by first husband (so FULLICK said in Nov 1856) when she was 17; FULLICK married her when that girl was 15; & this was in 1846. But I fancy he has got something wrong.
She was m. to COOMBES, a soldier & transported. Some years after she took up with FULLICK.

p.324 FULLICK William 19.1.1825 and Elizabeth (MORRIS) & children
Live at Lower House farm near Headley Mill
Married 25.8.1845
Went 1873 to see whether agreed for boy (George) to go to sea.
Brother to Dick p.322, Henry p.323; cousin to George p.321.
- Elizabeth Clark MORRIS 15.6.1845 - the 'Esther' who was killed in 1857
- Fanny 16.12.1847
- Emily 9.12.1849
-Richard 25.12.1851
- Elizabeth 11.9.1853
-William 29.4.1855
- Morris 5.4.1857 - bur. 8.3.1864
- George 10.7.1859
- Charlotte 12.5.1861 - Mrs MILLER; tried at Odiham 1924 for Birth Certificate but couldn't be found (surname DURBRIDGE in 1891 census?)
- Anne 1.2.1863
- Jessie Mary 5.6.1864
- James Henry 6.1.1867
- Walter 1869 - character given 13.12.1887 for situation in a PO
- Fanny.

p.325 WEEKS [or WICKS]
Lodger at Mrs Edmund PARFECT's p.215
Clerk in WARREN's mill.
Came for meat for MULLARD (p.301) Sept 1878.

p.325 ALDRED James né 1792, died 1876 (referred to on p.331)
Married 1815 to Hannah WHITE.
Had children:
- Charlotte 1816 - m. George MARSHALL - p.1063 (?but that page is a George & Dinah)
- James 1819
- Hannah 1822 - m. Thomas BURROWS
- George 1825
- John 1827 - d. 1829
- Charles 1831 - m. Elizabeth MARSHALL - p.528
- Henry 1833 - d. 1849
- Eliza 1837 - m. Isaac KINGSHOTT - d. 1922 - p.1885
- Stephen 1841 - m. 1863 Eliz COVER - p.585.

p.326 HARRIS Maria (née FULLICK b. 25/9/1827) & children
Widow living in centre of Whitmore Bottom
Buried husband & several children
Has son (George) who has been to sea, "good lad" & works for her. Often called 'WINTER'.
See p.1336 for WHL's theories about HARRIS known as WINTER.
She dau. of p.315 & sister to p.314, p.279, p.582
Married to Henry HARRIS* 1/7/1849 - he d. 3/11/1870.
* This Henry was sister (sic) to Mary widow of Dan MESSINGHAM and there were no other children of this family (who grew up at all events); "No others when Daniel was courting Mary".
Married summer 1878 (Farnham Registry Office?) to Richard CANE p.305
Children by Henry HARRIS:
- George 31.3.1850 - see p.446
- Anne 13.6.1852
- Henry 12.2.1854 - bur. 5.5.1855
- James 24.2.1856
- Rose 21.3.1858 - m. 1875 Lewis MOORE
- Job 17.7.1859 - bur. 28.2.1868
- Sarah & William 23.6.1861 - William m. 1883 Marion SMALL - p.115
- Jane Eliza 25.10.1863 - bur. 10.1.1868
- Mary 6.6.1865
- Andrew 2.6.1867.
See pedigree of HARRIS p.163

p.327 MANSEL Edward & Mary (CANE b. 3.5.1840) & children
[MANCELL in censuses, MANSELL in Marr Reg]
Live at Barford (been there since 1861)
They were married 21 Dec 1861.
She sister to James CANE p.328 & John p.364 & Thomas p.363; cousin to p.305.
Live under ANSELL; work for LANGDALE.
Came to enter Club 29.12.1873. Pleasant enough.
- Henry 26.1.1862 - bur. 1.3.1862
- Mary Maria 13.9.1863
- George 2.9.1866
- Martha 2.10.1870
- Arthur 7.11.1875 - m. 17.5.1902 Emma KINGETT (& living 1907 et ante [and before] with mother)
- Alfred Edmund 1.6.1879 - m. Jessie & child ?during born May 1907 & died 1.67 at Churt [not quite sure who died or when] - Come Oct 1907 to live with mother vice [instead of] Arthur gone. Alfred died and she remarried 1912 to Frank WOODGER of Hearne.

p.328 CANE James 15/12/1833 & Thomas
Lives in own house at Whitmore Bottom
Along with him lives (1878) Tinker Bill (arrow across to William LAWRENCE p.329) to whom he is apparently very kind
Brother to Mrs MANSELL p.327; cousin to p.305; bro. to John p.364
With him lives his younger brother Thomas p.363
For pedigree see p.304.
Mrs Richard (brother) CANE (Churt side) does for them
James died 1908 - hurt by Luke B's pony. (Luke BURROWS?)
James & Thomas paid out the others (viz. Richard, John & Mrs MANSELL) when his father died.

p.329 LAWRENCE William - goes by the name of "Tinker Bill"
Lived with James CANE (opposite, p.328)
Seized 1/3/1877 with Par: stroke on his way to Farnham with his cart - another stroke Xmas day 1878
Talks profuse religion to the Parson.
[Crossed out=> Banns with Eliza BELTON were asked in 1850, when suddenly mother was confined of p.… & died in childbirth]
Died in Workhouse 1879
To be distinguished from Amos p.484.

p.330 SMITH William (& Mary)
Lives in Whitmore Bottom; wife (Mary) in Workhouse.
Commonly called Irish Will, and is a hawker.
Guardians have had much trouble with Mrs S.
Was a sailor (man-of-war) and got pensioned (splinter in leg - gratuity, no pension)
Broke up land round cottage; but only had it 14 years when Inclosure Commission came;
this is his special grievance.
Father of p.314.
She now (1878) dead; he gone out of parish.

p.331 SHRUBB Edward 31.7.1831 & Charlotte (MARSHALL née ALDRED 21.2.1816) her birth place? not known
Oldish people live at Parish House Bottom next to Tinker's
When 27.11.1874 I asked her her name she 1st said SHRUBB, then hesitated, then said MARSHALL.
Wife's father (p.325) lived with then till his death. Had blanket 1.1.1874.
Parents of wife of p.307 (but before marriage if any)
First married (to George MARSHALL) 13.10.1835.
Saw her present husband 11.1.1879. Looks & is younger than she.
After transportation (presumably c1848) of first husband she was married at Registry Office to Edward SHRUBB (inf: SPEAKMAN) but lived with him first for some time.
Mr DYKES wrote to New Zealand? for her.
Sister to Stephen ALDRED (p.585) & the late Charles (p.528)
He son of Eli (p.311), brother to p.220 & p.316 & p.582.

p.331 MARSHALL George & Charlotte (ALDRED, above) - married 13.10.1835
Had children:
- Samuel 30.7.1837 - m. 25.1.1862 Hannah SHRUBB - see p.652
- Mary 1.9.1839 - Mrs PACKMAN - address in 1909 for old age certificate at Holly Hill, Meopham
- Harriett 20.11.1842
- Sarah 27.9.1845 - bur. 12.3.1849
- George 20.2.1848 (born when father on trial & sent & brought up in workhouse - see p.438) - m. 27.3.1869 Jane HACK
After the transportation of George (presumably c1848), Charlotte lived with Edward SHRUBB, then a mere boy; he say 19 & she 34. They had 2 children of whom Jane the only one that lived:
- Jane - m. James SMITH of Hearne - see p.307
He had single truss right side 34" 1/9 from Union, which I paid for.
Attached at p.336 is receipt for 1/9d to WHL dated 25 July 1894 for "a single truss for Edward Shrubb, right side, 34 inches" signed Harry WILSON, Master of the Workhouse at Alton.

p.332 SMITH William & Harriett Mary (HACK 3.9.1854) & children
Live [Crossed out=>somewhere north of Bulls Farm at Grayshott, inf: WALTERS] at Fullers Bottom, retired
[To be distinguished from p.307 & p.314, the two James & Jane] - & also from p.317!
She sister to p.438 (Mrs MARSHALL by the pond)
Child (William Henry) aged 4 buried 10 April 1880 (plot 2-57) - then living at Bulls Farm
She in very delicate health, died 1880 (consumption, bur 9.8.1880 aged 26, plot 10-2).
He and daughter are living with father James (p.333) in 1881 census
Connection with Foresters p.535.
See bottom of p.333 [transcribed here…]
William a widower & daughter May Ann now (1903) live in Arford with old man
old lady died 1903.

p.333 SMITH James 11.10.1823 & Mary A (MESSINGHAM 12.10.1823)
Live at Retired Fullers Bottom.
He son of p.227 (Celia), brother of William p.317, Mark p.226 & Emily p.337
Parents of Rose SMITH (see below, Mr CAMPBELL's servant) & p.307 James of Hearne.
Presumably also of p.332 William, according to 1881 census.
She sister to p.319 (BARKER)
With them lives Eliza PARFECT's illegitimate son Henry Ernest, father of child being Walter PARFECT who pays 1/6 with whom grandmothers will have nothing to do.
- William 17.1.1847
- Rose 25.12.1853 - Mr CAMPBELL's servant - see below
- George 15.6.1856
- Esther 3.7.1859 - Mrs BEACH - she died 1891, he 1892. Esther formerly lived at Mrs PETAR's, then became Mrs BEACH, lived at Croydon, had to be sent to an asylum, obtained a light in the WC and burnt herself to death 1891; BEACH himself (a tall strong man) died 1892 leaving 4 little children born 1885 to 1891. Eldest is boy; one of the girls had hip disease & has short leg. Question Jan 1892 is what to do with children. Eldest is with Rose - temporarily (1893) with the SMITHs.

p.332 PARFECT Ernest & …
Live now in Arford - see p.1952 & p.1181 & above.

p.332 SMITH Rose - Mr CAMPBELL's (p.480) servant (at Hilland in 1881 census)
Married Jack BUDD, bro to William BUDD p.591
She died and he remained.

p.334 WEEKES … & … & children
A clockmaker who lives in part of Mrs BLANCHARD's (below) house
Come from Milland. Child received 1878.
Saw him 30.12.1878 at Mrs Henry FULLICK's p.323 where he was mending her clock.

p.335 BLANCHARD (alias BENHAM) James 23/1/1831 & Harriett (MATTHEWS - see pedigree p.1864) & children
Live on Barley Mow. Husband (professional beggar) often in prison.
I wrote 19.11.1884 to Governor Woking prison about BLANCHARD's coming out ill.
He brother to Mrs Charles CHANDLER (p.610)
His sister Mrs Harriett CHANDLER is a shop keeper (grocer)
She some relation to Mrs BENNETT (p.634)
Niece of the old Pound Keeper p.632.
His father owned Huntingford (p.619).
Mr BETTESWORTH (p.597) is one of the Trustees.
Married son (p.171) lives with her in 1885.
- Edwin
- Katie 3.2 1867
- William 6.2.1870.

p.329 Letter undated - From The Governor of HM Prison, Woking to Mrs Harriett CHANDLER, Grocer, Headley, Lindford, Hants - Please to request that you write to inform me as soon as possible whether you are able and willing to receive and take care of prisoner H844 James BLANCHARD if he were liberated from prison. Please reply at once.

p.335 Cutting dated Jan 1884 - A Convict's Property - Mr BETTESWORTH of Headley appointed to be curator of certain property belonging to one BLANCHARD, a convict, the latter having a wife & children destitute. The bench … made the requisite order on Mrs BLANCHARDS's request.

p.335 Cutting dated Oct 1886 - Failing to report - James BLANCHARD, alias BENHAM, of Headley was brought up in custody charged that he, being a person subject to the Penal Servitude Act, neglected to report himself to the Police….

p.335 Cutting dated May 1888 - Headley - A Workhouse Romance - A short time ago a man known by the name of COOPER died at the Farnham Workhouse and was buried. The Master … communicated with a lady living in the neighbourhood of Guildford with a view to finding the deceased's friends. It was then ascertained that the deceased's proper name was BLANCHARD, and that he belonged to Headley. It seems that Mr BLANCHARD was a man of money, but of eccentric habits; and on the facts of his death becoming known Mr DOWNIE of Alton promptly forwarded a cheque to the Union authorities at Farnham to cover the cost of maintenance, etc.

p.336 SYLVESTER Joseph & wife & children
The farmer who (Mich 1878) has taken Hearne Farm, and now holds the Wheatsheaf.
Been married 10 years & has 8 children - 2 have died out of the 8; one more Xmas 1878.
[Inf: Mrs Eli CHANDLER p.269]
- Alice 1869
- Ada 1870
- Isabel 1871
- Edwin 1873
- Emily 1874.

p.337 PIGGOTT James 31.1.1809 & Jane (SUTTON)
Live at Hollywater, married in 1834.
He a churchman & a communicant.
She a sister of, and 2 or 3 years older than, p.338; aunt therefore to p.339 [These the William SUTTONs]
Some years ago (this told me in 1872) they built the little low house (No.32) on Hollywater Maps, but had been there only 15 years when Mr ALLEN claimed it; said it was not fit for them; then they went to Mill Chase; but afterwards he built them their present house charging them a very low rent. This present house was built by Mr KNIGHT, and "all Mr K's cottages smoke."
Mother to the two Mrs ALBURYs p.340 & p.98.
Brother to Mark p.621 & the late John p.662, to George p.694 & Daniel p.695.
Uncle to Walter p.161.
see pedigree p.697.
Children have been:
- William 1.5.1836
- Emma 4.3.1838
- James 22.3.1840
- Ann 1.9.1844
- Martha 31.1.1847 - see p.340 - m. Thomas ALBURY
- Mark 18.2.1849
- Harriett 18.6.1852 .

p.338 SUTTON William & Mary A (COOMBES 1.3.1818) & 2 grandchildren*
Oldish (interim) people living at Hollywater. She a widow in 1881 census.
Parents to William SUTTON p.339. Married 13.2.1836.
He brother to Mrs PIGGOTT p.337.
Get parish relief for themselves & for Jane*
Like all Mr ALLEN's cottagers, only pay ½ rent.
Wife very stout; used to go to Paper Mill but now has bad eye (been bad 1885 for 7 years).
Mother to p.12.
A grandson works for D PLUMMER - see p.940.
* - Jane Matilda 3.5.1868 - illegitimate daughter of Mary A SUTTON - at convalescent home at Seaforth 1890.1891. Home 1892 to marry a brother of Henry FISHER (p.949) but broken off (Feb 1892). "He of a jealous disposition."
- Annie 1867 - dau of one of the sons (born in Bramshott), now living with Mr ALLEN's butler, GORDON p.262.
They (William & Mary) have children:
- Sarah 13.11.1836
- ?William 3.6.1838 - see p.339
- ?Thomas 18.10.1840
- George 14.1.1844 - this one at home July 1884
- ?Mary A 3.6.1855 - mother of Jane (above)
- ?Eliz 19.9.1858
- ?Jane 12.5.1861
- John 1852 - m. Sept 1882 - see p.12.

p.339 SUTTON William 3.6.1838 & Maria (ALBURY) & children
She dau of William & Ann, nιe 1.5.1842, bapt at Selborne 7.8.1842, died 5.10.1913 & buried at Hounslow.
Live at Hollywater next door to p.338.
He son of p.338; nephew to p.337.
She probably some relation to p.340.
Was (1872) Keeper to Mr WATNEY (Eveley)
Now (Jan 1879) working at Sir A COTTON's Forest Lodge.
Now (Apr 1880) working for Mr ALLEN.
Lived (till 1876?) at the old Pest house on the Hollywater common opposite William COOMBES.
On getting son out of Army, see p.397. Reference No. of letter on 15.7.1855 was 115 AR Artillery 1547.
- Anne Maria 29.11.1863 - the only one married 1893 - she died 1891
- Jane 2.12.1866 - marr 25.7.1896 Frederick HAMMOND, farrier of Paddington (same day as sister Martha below)
- James William 1869 - only son, enlisted end of 1887 - No. RA82967 Gunner SUTTON W, 'N' Battery RHA *
- Edith 1872, bapt 22.6.1890 - in 1891 at Capt PITMAN's, Hillside, Guildford **
- Martha 1874, bapt 13.4.1890 - short, ill 1893 - married 25.7.1896 Albert RAWLINGS, postman of Fulham & died, bur 18.9.1897, plot 4-10, & child died - he killed in Boer War.
Note: Esther Priscilla RAWLINGS of Broxhead was buried aged 3 months unbaptised on 13.4.1890
- Mary 1878, bapt 13.4.1890
- Lily 1881, bapt 13.4.1890.
* my friend only son, 2 married daughters, 6 unmarried aged 23-50.
** mother & sister (service in London, speaks most nicely) came 20 Jan 1888 to borrow balance of £10 wherewith to buy him out. The sister had raised £5. It would be more after 3 months service.

p.340 ALBERY (ALBURY) Thomas & Martha (PIGGOTT 31.1.1847) & children
Live at Deadwater behind where Red Lion was. (Where was it? - JOS)
She daughter of James PIGGOTT p.337
He probably a relation of Mrs William SUTTON p.339.
NO relation to p.239.
Allenites (ie. go to Chapel). Take magazine Feb 1878.
Brother to new (1884) ALBERY (ALBURY) come to Hollywater p.98 who & this one married two sisters.
A bricklayer working (Nov 1884) in some distant county.
One daughter is said (1887) to be on the Town at Aldershot. This daughter has a friend with a glass eye who came Tithe Day 1887 begging for help to go to London to get a new glass eye saying she was niece to Mrs ALBERY.
- Annie Lucy 3.1.1869
- Frank Thomas 2.4.1871
- Martin James 1873 - married in London Xmas 1895
- Kate 1875
- Alfred Ernest 1878
- Leonard Francis 1880.
He married at Alton Sat 21 Jan 1911 to Mrs George MARSHALL, Headley Fields p.1241, daughter of Ernie STONE p.1485.
Some notes p.2042.

p.341 CHANDLER Charles (b.14.8.1817) & Eliza (BARNETT 28.3.1819)
Oldish people living at Hollywater next Gospel Room. Married 21/7/1838.
Were kind in 1872 to widow PILGRIM.
Girls were servants to |Mrs PETAR.
He worked for Mr CAMPBELL when he (Mr CAMPBELL) worked Mr ALLEN's farm.
He cousin to Charles CHANDLER p.610.
Brother to Arthur at Lower House p.299.
Parents to James p.342, Mrs Henry CURTIS p.343 & Charles p.366.
One of the girls married early in Feb 1885 to John WINDIBANK when the bridegroom's "teeth were knocked out by young Faulkner (p.381) & young Gauntlett (p.678) because he would give them no beer." - see p.191.
Have had children:
- Mary Ann, 8.9.1839
- Eliza, 7.1.1842 - m. 1866 Henry GARDINER and had 1872 Delilah (the one that lives just in Bramshott at Hollywater) & 1876 Henry.
- Mary Ann, 24.4.1842 - NO, this is dau of William & Mary CHANDLER in bapt register
- Sarah Martha, 28.1.1844 - m. 1864 Henry CURTIS p.343
- James, 15.2.1846 - m. 1869 Mary SUTTON p.342
- Stephen, 16.7.1848
- George (or is this Charles?) 3.11.1850 p.366 (Charles in 1871 census)
- Levi, 13.2.1853
- Thomas, 10.6.1855
- Harriett, 28.2.1858
- Jane, 26.8.1860
- Henry, 6.12.1863 - see p.43 - m. Harriett TULL.

p.342 CHANDLER James (15.2.1846) & Eliza (FULLICK 29.5.1853) & children
Live at Hollywater opposite entrance to SUTTON's.
Married 17.4.1869 to Mary A SUTTON - this 1st wife died (aged 23) on 3.10.1870.
He married again 17.1.1876.
He son of Charles p.341, brother to Mrs Henry CURTIS p.343 & to young Charles p.366.
She dau of James p.345.
With them now (1889) lives Mrs George COURTENAGE p.546.
Child by 1st marriage: George - buried ? 13.6.1874 (there was a Charles CHANDLER of Hollywater buried then, aged 4)
By 2nd wife:
- George, 1877 - see p.1444
- Elizabeth Mae, 1878 - Mrs BEAGLEY p.1637
- Annie, 1880
- Charlotte, 1883
- Katie, 1887.

p.343 Letter to WHL dated 23 Aug 1880 - Dear Sir, As I passed through your parish this morning I went into a cottage at Hollywater & asked for some water to drink, but found that the only water they had was in a very dirty ditch. I asked the name of the people & found it was James CHANDLER. I noticed the little boy looked ill & told the woman that the child must be expected to have worms if such water was used. She told me that Dr WOODS said it was in consumption & that it was no use to give it anything & that blood had passed from it for a week. Would you kindly call & see if anything can be done to save the life of this poor child. If the woman would boil the water before the children drank it it would not be quite so bad. Too many children are bad from the parents not knowing what to do. Yours truly, P CHURTON. - Peter Churton, Manor House, Farncombe.
On next page WHL notes: Written Aug 22/1880 to say - 1. Under Water Act, sanitary authority may order owner GAUNTLETT to supply; 2. But river is less than 100 yards; 3. Alternatives, boiling, river; 4. Cottagers won't do either; 5. Will see if anything can be done.

p.343 CURTIS Henry & Sarah Martha (CHANDLER 28.1.1844) & children
Live at Standford, back of old Post Office.
Chapel - children are not baptised.
She dau of p.341, sister to p.342 & p.366.
Pretty good beggars & improvident at one time.
They were married 6.12.1864.
Parents to
- Jane, c1865 - p.940.
- Henry Thomas, 1867 - to our school 322 times in 1877
- Harriett, 1869 - to our school 254 times in 1877 - had child Winifred Frances 15.3.1888 said to be by Henry WHITE or PARFECT p.358 (in 1891 census as Winifred Frances OLD)
- Louisa, 1872
- Emma Flora, 1874
- Olive, 1877
- Mary Ann, 1878.

p.343 Cutting from Dail Mail in 1900 - Ladysmith's Death Toll - includes 1671 Cir-Sgt F CURTIS, 1st Manchester Rgt, enteric, March 7.

p.343 Letter undated c.1900? - from S CURTIS, Stream Cottage, Camelsdale - Dear Sir, Thanks for your letter, and I have enclosed the list of my family, and I thought perhaps you would like to know what my daughters husband belonged to. He belonged to the 2nd Grenadier Guards, and he was servant to the Hon DOUGLAS-PENNANT, son of Lord Penrin (Penrhyn). His name was Hawker. I am sorry to say my daughter is left with a baby 1 year and 4 months old, and I trust she will be provided for.

p.344 GATES James (10.10.1815) & Margaret E (PANNELL)
Live opposite Parish Houses, beneath ALDERTONs.
Shoemaker, blindish (1879), cannot see at night.
Born in Headley & (1879) over 60; [Crossed out=>so probably] one of the two baptised in 1815; for he brother to Stephen p.594 & Stephen was married as son of William, Though Stephen perhaps baseborn.
Special grievances in 1872: "Credit & no pay" "So far from road" [This was when they lived behind Mr WINDUS in the cottage which is now pulled down]
Went away for 14 years after marriage.
Parents to p.354 & p.607.
He bur. 3.8.1882 in Headley aged 65, plot 11-6.
She (a widow) July 1884 complaining that when the young ones (Stephen & Evelina) lived with her (winter of 1883.84) she did not like to go in by the fire and disturb them, so often sat in the cold & went to bed in cold; & so caught rheumatism.
Have had sons:
- James, died young
- William, living 1890 at Portsmouth & heir to the house left to his mother by her uncle Mr PANNELL of Haslemere
- George, marr 1873 to Harriett BURROW p.354
- Stephen, marr to Evelina WILLIS p.607
Mr SUTER came Sept 1890 asking for Register of Baptism of James & William but not here forthcoming.

p.344 Cutting dated Oct 1888 - Petty Sessions - Non-Payment of Poor Rates - The Rev WH LAVERTY of Headley was summoned for non-payment of poor rates amounting to £51 10s - The case was adjourned for a month - Margaret GATES of Headley, a widow receiving parish relief, was also summoned for non-payment of 15s poor rates. The defendant said she was unable to pay, and the Bench excused her.

P.345 FULLICK James (19.2.1821) & Charlotte (SMITH 8.1.1826?) & children
Live at Hollywater, over bridge, last L house.
Married 8.9.1844. Now (1881) gone.
Parents of Mrs James CHANDLER (p.342) & Mrs Eli BRIDGER (p._)
Went 22.8.1872 to remind of baptism.
Brother to George (Roadman) p.321.
- George 1.3.1846, bur. 27.9.1869
- Frances 21.1.1849, marr. 3.12.1870 to Eli BRIDGER
- Sarah Jane 22.6.1851 - mother to Mr CAMPBELL's servant?
- Eliza 29.5.1853, marr. 17.1.1876 to James CHANDLER p.342
- Harriett 7.1.1856
- Anna Maria 26.6.1859
- Henry James 29.6.1862
- Sophia 1.10.1865
- Charlotte 1868 (this a dau of Frances I think) bapt 7.6.1868
- Alice 1872 (not baptised here).

p.346 CANE James & Jane (ALDERTON) & children
Young people [Crossed out=>living centre of Whitmore Bottom] Barford Higher Road
Married at Churt in July 1876.
She came as housemaid in 1873(?) for short time.
Son of Richard CANE (p.305), brother to John (p.681).
She g-daughter of p.312, daughter of p.588.
- Charlotte Maria, born 19.1.1877 (see below)
- Solomon Peter, age 12 in 1891 census - [Solomon Peter CANE entered twice in 1891 census: here & as Nephew age 11 of John & Harriett ALDERTON in 1, The Barracks at Barford]
- James Edward, born 12.4.1878 (died)
- Eliza Harriett, born 25.12.1881 - Mrs KENWARD
- John, age 6 in 1891 census
- Frank age 4 in 1891 census
- Eliz. Mary, born 18.1.1889
- son (William), born 9.3.1891.

p.346 RAWLINGS Reuben & Charlotte Maria CANE (see above)
(Probably not married)
Living 1921 in Hogmoor Lane when their daughter Lena married Leonard HOLDITCH.
Reuben & (Charlotte) Maria had a row with SUTTON's keeper in Aug 1921.

p.347 FYFIELD (FIFIELD) Charles (29.4.1838) & Sarah (MOORE née COOMBES 4.12.1836) & children
Bricklayer living in Parish House Bottom near allotment ground.
Used to live at 5 Tenement House.
She sister to Mrs Robert BURROWS p.432 & to William p.512, Peter p.220 & Edward p.410. Aunt to p.350, p.319 & p.391.
She 1st married 2.8.1857 to James MOORE (or CHURCHER), who died (aged 32) 24.9.1867.
He son of p.564, brother to p.563 & p.565.
Children by James MOORE:
- Harriett CHURCHER 9.6.1861 - ?a child 10.10.1887
- James CHURCHER 1.1.1865 - now with Robert BURROW p.432.
Children by Charles FYFIELD (marr. 13.6.1868):
- Ellen 17.11.1869
- Frederick 1873
- Henry, born 8 Jul 1877.
Sarah died in childbirth age 45, bur in Headley 24 Aug 1880, plot 10-4 - infant buried with mother.

p.348 ROOKE John (22.4.1804 probably) & Sarah Ann (WOODS)
Old people living next to Wheatsheaf.
Parents to Mrs VOLLAR p.349
Lived when I 1st came at Bank, afterwards at Whitehill, and according to baptism book have lived at Standford, Arford, Land of Nod, Barford, Arford again, Lindford & Hollywater.
Mrs paralysed Nov 1871: "DYKES very patient withn her"
Mr got ill harvesting in 1869.
Special grievance: doctor's bill, 5/- a visit.
Son in 1872, only child, unmarried, worked at Hilland.
She sister to Daniel WOODS p.249 & 1st cousin to Aaron p.272, Hannah p.517 & Mrs FORD p.516.
Have had children (married 19.12.1828):
- Sarah 11.7.1829, bur 15.7.1829
- Thomas 23.4.1830, bur 27.4.1830
- Anne 23.10.1831, marr 1851 to Henry MOSS
- Mary 9.3.1834, bur 18.10.1838
- Jane 19.7.1835
- Emma 14.1.1838, bur 30.11.1838
- Harriett 19.10.1839 - a widow (COLLINS) & marr. again to George MARSHALL ("Dad") in 1892 or 3 (see p.438), & again to Thomas ALBERY p.340.
- George 1841 - marr. 14.1.1869 to Sarah BRIDGER
- Martha 10.7.1848 - marr. 13.11.1868 to William HARRIS, now Mrs DUDMAN p.1647
- William John 21.4.1850 - see p.1232
- Emily 1.5.1853 - marr to Thomas VOLLAR (p.349).
She buried in Headley churchyard, 26.6.1883, age75, dropsy, plot 10-8.
He in Blackmoor I expect, said to have died some years before 1891 - but, at the time, thought that he was being buried when really it was p.304.
One of the daughters a widow in 1891.

p.349 VOLLAR (VOLLER) Thomas & Emily (ROOKE 1.5.1858) & children
Live at [Crossed out=>Moore House Saunders Green] Barford under Mr Walter LANGRISH
In 1881 census both at Saunders Green with family; in 1891 census he alone at Barford.
She daughter of ROOKEs p.348.

p.350 WARNER George 15.6.1845 & Elizabeth 23.2.1851 (BURROW) - she died 1907
Live in the Street (1st cottage down lane [Appletree now - Joyce Stevens])
She niece to p.347, dau of Rob BURROW (p.432)
Used to have fits but seems better.
Sister to Mrs BAKER (p.319), to Fred BURROW (p.391) & to Mrs Jesse GARDINER (p.431)
He a shepherd. He son of p.385.
Married 16.11.1872.
- Kate, 1874
- Henry, 1876 - see p.1327 & p.1119
- Annie Louisa, 1879 - see p.1643 - Mrs SIME or SINE; he died 1908 & then Mrs …
- William George, 1882
- Ernest, 1885 - died 1886
- Ellen Lily, 1887
- Mary Emmeline Clara, 1890.

p.350 Cutting, May 1884 - Samuel MARSHALL, labourer and George WARNER, engine driver, both of Headley, were fined 2s each for similar offences (children non-attendance at school).

p.351 CHALCRAFT William & Sarah Jane & children
Has the Barford Flour Mill (1881 census).
Not unpleasant man, plays & sings.
Rather a worry at pushing his custom.
Went away & came back ?1888 to Deadwater Hill having lost money.
Obtained more money in 1890.
Some officers [Crossed out=>lodged] mealed there in capoptime 1891 & Mrs C did the grand: "William, there's Lady WRIGHT been there a fortnight and we haven't been to call. Will go there directly the new harness comes." Of course, not good enough for HARRIS (p.187) - "There's them blooming Harrises. Let's go another way" says Mrs C to Capt KING. "No wonder they cut you," wickedly says Capt K, "you haven't been to call."
His uncle William CHALCRAFT, a retired farmer, died at Witley, Surrey, in 1889. He was a fairly wealthy man and left William CHALCRAFT, the miller, £600 [Sue Coward].
See Chapter 5 of The Restless Miller by David Johnston for more on William CHALCRAFT at Barford & Deadwater, in which we are told that his daughter Eliza Emma Rosetta CHALCRAFT marr at Headley 17.11.1890 Robert Louden BARCLAY of Royal Scots but was tricked into thinking he was a farmer's son when in fact he was 'an Inverkeithing iron foundry labourer'

p.352 MESSINGHAM George b. 15.2.1820; bapt 12.3.1820 [& Sophia 8.6.1821 (MARSHALL) & sons] & late Mrs PRATLEY (said to be née 16.11 1831)
Live on right side, Parish House Bottom.
Not a brother (see p.353) to the others.
Youngest son came long to Sunday School & Choir.
Sne sister to Wheatsheaf? (p.435)
At end of 1880 his brother John came and died there 27 Dec 1880. A pensioner.
He was No.7/14 Hussars/17
1st wife died & he married again to Mary Ann, PRATLEY's widow. See p.378.
Sold his cottage 1897 to Mr John HUNT,
MESSINGHAM and his wife to live in it for 1/- a week for their lives - by an agreement stamped in 1905, a copy being in the iron chest.
Have had children (married 2.5.1844):
- Sarah 11.5.1845
- Anne 17.1.1847
- Harriett 2.10.1849
- Jane 9.10.1851
- George 4.12.1853
- Eliza 24.6.1855
- John 4.4.1858, bur 2.10.1865
- Kate 17.6.1860
- William 4.5.1862
- Henry 3.7.1864 - see p.986.

p.353 Pedigree of MESSINGHAMs
A. Richard* 17.8.1792 & Hannah (bur. 8.6.1853) had children
- Eliza 9.4.1820
- Daniel 23.12.1821 - marr. 1848 Mary HARRIS & 1857 Ann SPOONER p.205
- Mary A 12.10.1823 - marr. 1846 James SMITH p.333
- Maria 30.1.1825 - used to keep house for p.319. Died in 1875?
*Richard was transported in 1826. Hannah lived with Thomas BAKER (bur. 29.7.1854)
- Charles 21.6.1828 - marr. twice (see p.319)
- Henry 3.1.1830 - marr. 28.6.1851 to Hannah GALE (parents of the Frensham cripple Clara MASSINGHAM)
- Stephen 16.2.1834 - died Alton Union 21 Feb 1902.
B. John 25.7.1790 & Jane MESSINGHAM (bur 12.4.1820)
- Daniel 21.2.1813
- John 4.6.1815
- William 22.2.1818
- George 12.3.1820 - marr. Sophia MARCHALL (p.352).
This Richard & John are apparently sons of John & Mary (WHITE) married 2.5.1790.

p.354 GATES George (né 5 Nov 1846) & Hannah (20.12.1846 BURROW) & children
Live at Hilland in Mrs BENNETT's cottages
He son of shoemaker GATES p.344 - ?brother to p.607
She daughter of widow BURROW p.565; granddau of p.561; niece to Mrs COVER p.563
He left Headley when wife died & lived with (daughter) Edith. Returned & lived for some years with nephew Cyrus p.1385.
At Hilland Cottages in 1911 census, widower age 66, domestic gardener
Worked as 'boot boy' at Abbeydore 1930.1933. Died at Alton Infirmary 11 June 1933.
Married 3.7.1873:
- Edith 1873, not baptised - KNOWLES
- Minnie 1875, not baptised - m. 30.1.1897 Albert Arthur HEATHER, coachman at Belmont (son of p.559)
- Kate 1877 - UNDERWOOD.

p.354 Newspaper cutting (assumed June 1933) - Headley - Death of old inhabitant - Following a brief illness, the death occurred on Sunday night of an old inhabitant in the person of Mr George GATES at the advanced age of 86 years. Only three weeks previously the deceased, who took a keen interest in the doings of the local cricket club, was a spectator of the match between Headley and Rowledge in the Rectory field. In his younger days the late Mr GATES was an enthusiastic follower of the classic game and was known locally as the 'stonewaller.' He was also an underhand bowler of no small ability. On many occasions he had been responsible for leading his side to victory in the days when Mr CE FRASER, who has been president of the club for the past 40 years, captained the Headley Cricket Club. The deceased was for many years in the employ of Mr WT PHILLIPS, JP, of Hilland. He leaves three daughters in bereavement …
Further interesting info on the primitive way of playing cricket '60 years ago'

p.355 LEMON George & Hannah (TAYLOR) & daughter Mary
Live on right at end of Lindford Chase
Son of old LEMON (p.259) by his first wife.
Mrs always at home, takes in sewing (pleasant)
Saw him(?) in garden 9.3.1898 - surly-looking
She sister to Mrs Dick FULLICK & 1st cousin to p.402
See pedigree p.403
She niece to Mrs MOORE (or CHURCHER) p.396.
- Annis 17.3.1850 - m. 23.11.1874 William WHITING
- Mary 22.8.1858 - confirmed 1879; m. 21.11.1889 John WARNER - see p.385 & p.947
- Henry 2.11.1851
'T.W.B' marked against Mary & Henry.

p.356 BARNETT James 2.9.1816 & Jane
Oldish people living bottom Barley Mow Hill
She chars for us at times.
Was niece to the late rector of Bramshott (MONKHOUSE) who persuaded them to come from the north to keep house for him, & he would leave them his money; but he left them nothing, so late in life she married widower BARNETT.
He was first married 1839 to Mary COLLINS, who died 4.9.1861 - see COLLINS pedigree p.844
Brother to George (Deadwater) p.241 & to Mrs COOMBES p.240
She (Jane) born in the parish of Greystock, Cumberland
He son of William & Sarah, baptised at Bramshott 29.12.1816
His housekeeper 1897 - see p.1038
James BARNETT by his first wife had children:
- Reuben 15.11.1840 - see p.357
- James 18.5.1845
- William Collins 26.8.1849.

p.357 BARNETT Reuben 15.11.1840 & Eliza (16.12.1846 KNIGHT; d. May 1936) & children
Live at [crossed out=>Elliott's Farm, Barford] Rock Barn
He son to p.356 by 1st marriage
Been away from Headley, returned 1878
Entered CC (clothing club) in December 1878.
Her mother Mrs KNIGHT lives in Dockenfield & came for CC ticket on 1 December 1879, & now (1885) lives with them.
A widow (since 1878) a nurse but now unable at home off her head.
Her brother Arthur KNIGHT (m. 1883 to Eliz: daughter of old George FULLICK) fell from a chestnut tree, 35 feet, early in Oct 1893 & was much injured - he died away May 1924 & Mrs Reuben went to funeral.
Another brother hanged (Blacknest) for wife shooting
Another Fred (né circa 1851) RFA with 10d a day got me to apply for increased pension (1911) & then lodging at Laundry, Lindford & 1914 with Mrs HACK, F.T. having taken DEANE's place on Roads.
Another George - see p.86.
Children of Reuben & Eliza:
- Albert 1866 - registered though not baptised
- Reuben 1868 - see p.1305
- Annie 1872 - registered though not baptised - see p.1304
- Jane 1874 - Mrs DENNY - see p.1305
- Kate 1876 - died 1879.

p.358 PARFECT widow Mary (née 30.7.1821 WHITE) & children
Live in Headley Street, 3rd cottage down lane.
Jane WHITE came to offer for housemaid - wanted immense wages.
Before her marriage these were born:
- Jane WHITE 15.4.1849 - now Mrs GALE - see p.270
- William WHITE 18.4.1852
- Emily WHITE 25.12.1854 - m. 1876 William SHRUBB p.316.
In 23.1.1855 she married Charles PARFECT (b. 1803, d. 1855)
After his death there was born:
- Fred. Walter PARFECT 1.2.1865.
In same house is Henry PARFECT or WHITE (2.5.1869?) who would seem to be the illegitimate son of [crossed out=>Mary] Jane PARFECT - [crossed out=> a daughter of Mrs PARFECT's husband by his first marriage] am not sure. The boy is therefore a grandson of Charles p.359. Registered as WHITE son of Jane; christened as PARFECT son of Mary.
Said to be father of Harriet CURTIS's daughter (p.343).

p.359 Pedigree of PARFECTs
George PARFECT (d. 23.10.1831) & Martha CHANDLER (d. 8.1.1844)
were married 4.8.1798.
Before marriage:
- Eleanor CHANDLER
After marriage:
- Richard 20.10.1798 - marr twice - no children - dead
- Henry 22.3.1801 - died aged 20
- Charles* 2.7.1803 - father of Long Cross (p.360) by 1st wife; husb then of widow Mary p.358
- Harriett 5.10.180? - died aged 7
- Maria 12.3.1808 - now (1877) living in Bramshott - married
- William 6.10.1810 - husb of Rose Cottage (p.568) - dead
- Eliza 18.8.1813 - now living 1877 married
- Edmund 24.11.1816 - husband (dead) of p.215.
*This Charles married (elsewhere) Hannah DEADMAN (or COLE) she being the mother of Martha SHRUBB p.667 & of George PARFECT p.360 & of Henry M PARFECT. Then Hannah died in 1845. Charles 'picked up' with mary WHITE & had children, see p.348 above. Charles married Mary WHITE in 1855 & he died the same year.

p.360 PARFECT George (né 24.4.1843; bapt 11.6.1843; d. 12.12.1926) & Anne (AUBREY)
Live at Long Cross Hill. A carpenter, etc.
A son of Charles PARFECT (p.359) to whom widow Mary was 2nd wife.
Till 1878 her mother lived with them.
She (much taller than he) a nice clean tall woman who occasionally helps at Rectory.
He built the new pigsty in 1877.
Went away to public houses & returned (he in bad health) in 1885.
'Uncle' to Edith SHRUBB (p.667)
Children of George & Anne:
- Lily 11.7.1893 (once at Churchgate) is 1921 at the Cape - Mrs LOGIE
- Rhoda 22.12.1895 in 1921 is in Canada - Mrs AMOS
Have had a child who died
- Herbert George 27.8.1873, bur 26.11.1873.
1911 census says George is married to Emma Jane aged 50.

p.360 PARFECT Fred Oscar 4.8.1880 - the only one alive out of 8
Son of George & Anne above.
Married (?Helen) FISHER of Hollywater Clump & lives 1907 with father & step-mother.
He George P had married again 1889 to Emma ALDEN p.575.
For 2 of their children see p.1830.

p.361 PINK John & Harriett (COVER)
Born 28.2.1824, d. 1903
Live in Parish Houses
She mother to Mrs Fred BURROWS p.391.
Her 1st husband 'COVER' was transported and never returned.
He was brother to COVER p.374 [Inf: SMALL p.643]
Mother also to one Tryphena COVER who brought an illegitimate child Elizabeth Annie? to be baptised 25 Sept 1879. Tryphena now Mrs William COOMBES p.180.
Mother to Mrs OVERTON p.879.

p.361 MAXTED Martin ?1841 & Anne 1828
(Glaysher's Hill is called Maxted Hill in 1957 Electoral Register)

Married George ALLDEN's (p.575) sister I think & came here I believe about 1897.
She died Jan 1898 & he claimed old age pension in 1911 and died 1919.

p.362 AYLING Joseph & Harriett
Elderly people (he over 60) living at Hearne.
Brought there to work for Mr CHALCRAFT.
She tall (ladylike) woman with shaking head
Belong to my Clothing Club.

p.363 CANE Thomas
Lives with brother James p.328
Brother to John p.364 & Mrs MANSELL p.327
Cousin to Richard p.305; pedigree p.304.

p.364 CANE John 27.12.1835 & Hannah (BOXALL) & children
Live in Grayshott Bottom
He brother to James p.328, Thomas p.363, Mrs MANSELL p.327
Cousin to Richard p.305
For pedigree see p.304.
She daughter of 'BUDD of Starvacre' in Bramshott?
See pedigree p.1284
She apparently hard-working with large family
He works (1878) in Barnes' wood shop, Haslemere
She 27 Aug 1872 was making clothes: "Must go hopping, husband only makes enough for food, not for dress"
In house lives old master VOLLAR (see below)
Sister to Mrs PACEY p.521 & to Mrs HARRIS p.450 & to Mrs COOMBES (formerly Mrs YOUNG) p.855.
Married in Bramshott 12 Dec 1863:
- William?
- Mary A 4.6.1865 - Mrs HARVEY - in 1908 at 31 Salehurst Rd, Old Town, Eastbourne
- Emily 5.4.1868 - m. 28.3.1891 to Edmund HERON, Whitesmith, 7 Spring Vale, Dartford
- Maria 6.3.1870 - m. 24.8.1895 to James DIXON, 23, coalman of Wilmington
- Eli James 4.12.1871 - in 1908 at 31 Salehurst Rd, Old Town, Eastbourne
- Hannah Elizabeth 1874 - m.17.4.1897 Frederick BRITCHER, 23, postman from Dartford
- Ellen 1875.

p.365 VOLLAR James
Old man living with the John CANEs
A distant relation with a little money
Born about 1797 [T W BULL*]; died 3 Mar 1887 (aged 90)
Brother to Mrs Charles FULLICK p.498
Uncle therefore to Lizzie p.498, Edward p.636 & Walter p.500.
* Thomas William BULL, Curate in Marriage Register c.1867 - could he be the author of the "Bull's Book" which WHL mentions?

p.366 CHANDLER Charles (né 9.10.1850) & Fanny (née 1853 CHRISTMAS) & children
Live behind old Red Lion, Deadwater
He son of Charles (Hollywater) p.341; brother to James p.342 & to Mrs Henry CURTIS p.343
Information about christening from his mother, but George is down as bapt. 1850
Allenites (1879 child Annie buried unbaptised)
?His evidence in pheasant-stealing case p.2
Married (by me) 24.10.1874:
- Clara bapt 2.5.1875 - servant 1891 to Oaks
- Elizabeth 1876 - servant 1891 to Mrs CC KNOLLYS - Mrs JEAKINS; lost her husband (cancer, etc) in 1925, takes 5 nurse children
- Annie 1878 - not bapt; buried 28.1.1879
- May Ann 1880 - married 1905 at Godalming to Albert LIDBETTER
- Emily 1881 - still unmarried & at Haslemere Nov 1915 - to be Mrs RF REMNANT in 1921 & her address Coombe Lodge, King's Road, Haslemere
- Sidney Charles 1884 - died influenza at Birmingham 1918
- Edith 1886 - married 1905 at Blackmoor to William Jes. HARTNELL
- Margaret 1889
one daughter married to ___ CRAIG in 74th Field Batt. ordered to Cape Nov 1899. She died at Newcastle (Not clear if this refers to Margaret or some other daughter)
- Jessie 1891 - married at Guildford 7.11.1905 to a soldier AYRES
- Nellie Dorothy 1893
- Lily Maud 1895.

Live at Bank. Came there in 1879.
Came from Binsted(?) [Inf: from p.220]
Gone again on 13 April 1880 & been gone at least 3 months [Inf: p.418].

p.368 BURCHETT widow Frances (née BELTON) - aged 75 in 1881 census
Live at high Fullers Bottom.
Married George BURCHETT 1.3.1828
He died March 1859 - left the house well, dead in 20 minutes - special grievance
She aunt (mother's sister) to Mrs Charles BURROWS p.229
Marked infirm on Bull's List - querulous
More or less supported by nephew (George ROBINSON, below)
She sister to old Mrs BELTON (Waggoners Wells) p.525
See pedigree of BELTON p.1515.

p.369 ROBINSON George (aged 60 in 1881 census)
Bachelor(?) living with Mrs BURCHETT (above) - a nephew of Mrs BURCHETT's by marriage, his mother being a BURCHETT.
He is a thatcher and at times well off.
Working for him is James MARSHALL p.653.

p.370 WHITING James (né 20.5.1830*) & Elizabeth† (CHANDLER) & children
Live at [crossed out=>Standford, end of old post office] Deadwater, west side of Red Lion.
Came for Club counter-signature 12 Apr 1879
Came to Standford from Hollywater Dec 1877.
She a little small sharp-eyed woman. Obviously a daughter to Mrs William CHANDLER p.487.
He a very white-looking man.
Parents to William (Lindford Chase) p.420 & Fred (Lindford Lane) p.426.
Brother to George (Baigents) p.479 & therefore uncle to Alfred p.689.
Uncle to Sergeant Richard p.1439.
*Born a month or so before the Baptism on 20.6.1830 which was a Sunday
- William 13.3.1853 - see p.420
- Fred 24.4.1855 - see p.426
- Albert 6.12.1868
also p.372 for Pedigree.
†Elizabeth died suddenly - see Newspaper cutting below. Buried 18.9.1888, plot 9-10.
In 1911 census he at Deadwater Hill married to Jane, aged 63.

p.370 Newspaper cutting dated 21.9.1888 - Headley - Sudden death - Mr H WHITE held an inquest on Monday in this village on the body of Elizabeth WHITING, aged 60. The deceased was the wife of James WHITING, labourer, and with him had been 'hopping' from 6am to 7pm on the 14th inst. She had her supper and was undressing for bed when she commenced to bring up blood. On being laid on the bed, she said, "Jim, Jim, Jim; it's all over with me;" and in the presence of a neighbour she died in a few minutes from, according to medical evidence, an aneurism.
p.371 COOK George & Sarah (ELSON) & children
Live at Fullers Bottom (when not in prison)
Put to prison, both of them, Autumn 1878 for begging. Went round with false begging petition.
He imprisoned Spring 1879 for stealing at Edmonds' shop (on the way to Liphook).
She goes about ½ naked.
- Alma 1865
- Amy
- Elizabeth.

p.371 Four newspaper cuttings - relating to convictions, dated Sept 1881, June 1882, Dec 1884 & Jan 1885. One of them concerns stealing boots from Martha YULE, a servant at Groom's Farm, Dockenfield - committed for two months, the prisoner 'begged of the bench to give her three months.'

Live at Chase Farm, Standford.
A brother, I believe, to the new one (1885) on p.120.

p.373 SHRUBB Frederick & Charlotte & child
Live at Hilland (behind GATES p.354)
She formerly cook to Mrs STEDMAN (The Oaks)
He a bricklayer; intelligent person.

p.372 & p.373 Pedigree of William & Richard CHANDLER
p.372 has chart
p.373 has list as follows-

The family of Richard (died 1879) & Martha (died 1879) CHANDLER
Married 1832:
- Stephen bapt 28.3.1833, buried 1835
- Marner bapt 14.10.1835, buried 1835
- Alfred bapt 16.9.1837* - died before 1923
- Amelia bapt 27.1.1843* - at Hollywater 1923 with son Maurice; afterwards at Hookley on Liphook Road & died 1927
- Julia bapt 13.7.1845 - Mrs Robert ELSTONE - see p.1737
- Walter bapt 18.2.1849 - was on Passfield.
* (by error the mother's name is given as Maria instead of Martha).

p.374 COVER Stephen 1827 to 1881
Lives in [crossed out=>PHB (in front of GATES p.344?] Fullers Bottom
Returned 1878 from a long term of penal servitude "Attacking game-keepers, or something of that kind" [Inf: SMALL p.643]
Brother to Mrs PINK's first husband p.361
Three brothers transported at same time.
See pedigree p.1575.

p.375 ROBINSON Cyrus George b. 4/12/1852 & Mary (DEFRATES)
Live at Grayshott Hall Lodge
He coachman to Mr PHILLIPS
Often buys eggs from us [for Mr PHILLIPS?]
Banned 1878
Left PHILLIPS after the death of Mrs & went away (married to one READ) until 1907, when returned to The Mount.
Then went to Canada where wife died & came back in 1923.
Came to me about OAP April 1925.

p.376 GATES James & children*
Widower living at [crossed out=>small house at Bank] Deadwater Hill
Shoemaker used to work for GAMBLEN. Now 1879 works for a shoemaker at Kingsley.
Had the itch badly at one time.
Wife died (in 1875?) in a London hospital.
Complains that Mrs LAWES (p.652) is after him.
No relation (informs ALDERTON p.312) to p.344.
Gone Sept 1882 to Lodge with Mrs LAWES (p.652).
*- 1869 Susan (see p.903).

p.376 Newspaper cutting dated 8 Jan 1881 - Charge of Assault - F MATTHEWS of Headley, who was brought up on a warrant for assaulting J GATES, was also discharged under similar circumstances, as they had been "notorious friends" until this affair.

p.376 Letter to WHL, dated 17 Dec 1890 - Revd Sir, Knowing that you take a great interest in your Parishioners you will regret to hear of the death of James GATES late of Headley under very sad circumstances. A Mrs VINCENT of Simplemarsh, Addlestone, Surrey, in whose employ GATES had been for several past summers informs me by this morning's post that GATES walked into the canal at New Ham, Chertsey owing to the dense fog on Saturday last and was drowned and his body was recovered yesterday. His daughter is in the house and she was much grieved this morning to hear of the sad occurrence. Should you know of any one belonging to him at Headley will you kindly inform them of his death. I am, Rev Sir, your obedient servant, Harry WILSON.

p.377 SUTTON William & daughter
Lives in the Street [crossed out=>cottage next CURTIS] with daughter p.511.
A widower. Formerly kept the Robin Hood (p.211)
His wife Jane died May 1874.
Father to p.409; also to TILBURY's wife (see below); and p.511.
One of the girls is servant May 1880 to General BOILEAU p.452.
He died Feb 1881 when a brother came to the funeral - oh, so like him!
William & Jane SUTTON had children:
- Mary A 3.6.1855 - Mrs SUTER, see p.511
- Eliz 19.9.1858 - letter came for character 25.4.1879 from Mrs OGILVY, 105 Gloucester Road, Kensington
- Jane 12.5.1861 - see p.3
- Sophia - married 21.1.1871 to Henry BELTON who was "TILBURY" our gardener.

p.378 PRATLEY Thomas & wife Mary Ann (née 16.11.1831) & 2 daughters*
Oldish people [living at Land of Nod - came there 1877 & is Mr PHILLIPS' keeper].
"Dissenters"; "always at home" [Inf: BETTESWORTH]
Shot himself accidentally on 25 Feb 1880. Buried aged 52 in plot 9-4.
She married again to George MESSINGHAM (p.352).
*- Elizabeth - Mrs George LOE p.119
*- Mrs William TUCKEY p. 929.

p.379 GLAYSHER George & wife
Live on Bridle Road at Hollywater.
He a drunken fellow. Commonly called "Spider"?
"Told them at the Iron Room he had been drunk half his life"
Daughter came 2.5.1879 to me to go and "½ baptise" her illegitimate baby (then 5 weeks old). Dr WOODS said must not be taken out. Went down in the afternoon and found no-one at home except "Spider" drunk. This would be Anne, whose child William was born 27.3.1879 & died same year.
- Mary Anne - Mrs Fred WHITING p.426
- Anne 1858 or 1860 - Mrs FOARD - see p.2 - Mrs BLACKMAN
- Harriett - Mrs John (jnr) SOUCH (m. 25.4.1886) - see p.189.

p.379 Newspaper cutting dated Petersfield, March 1883 - Drunkenness - George GLAYSHER of Headley, a broom-maker, was summoned for being drunk while in charge of a horse & cart. He denied that he was the worse for liquor, and further alleged that he was not in charge of the horse as his wife was driving. From the evidence of PC SHARP of Liphook, his latter contention seems to be borne out, for it appears that he was so drunk that his wife handled the reins. He called at two public houses, but the keepers refused to serve him. The information was amended, charging him with simple drunkenness. He stoutly denied it, at the same time stating he had never before been summoned. Superintendent RANSOM here referred to a previous conviction for a similar offence. The defendant: It wasn't me. I never was here before. Oh! Except when I was asleep in my cart coming home from Buriton. I wasn't drunk then. I didn't do nobody no harm. I likes my beer, and I should like a drop now (laughter). He was fined 6/6d. The case created considerable amusement, for the defendant recounted the excellent deeds of his good wife in looking after him and his "hoss." She was in court, and appeared highly gratified on hearing her virtues thus extolled.

p.380 NASH Edmund
Lodged (early in 1879) at Robin Hood.
Elderly. Works for FAULKNER (p.381).

p.380 Newspaper cutting dated 29.4.1879 - Charge of stealing rum - Edmund NASH, an elderly man living in Headley, was brought up in custody charged with stealing a pint of rum, the property of David FROST of the Robin Hood Inn, Headley. Eliza FROST, wife of the proprietor, deposed that the prisoner was lodging at her house on the 21st April. On the 22nd she came down to the bar and found a two-gallon jar moved from where she had left it the previous night. There was about a gallon of rum in the jar, and her husband told her he had not touched it since they were together the evening before. She suspected the prisoner, there being no-one else lodging in the house. She went up to the prisoner's room after breakfast and it smelt strongly of rum. He seemed quite drunk. On his box by the side of his bed there was a jug which he said contained water. She replied it was queer water. She also found some rum in a bottle in a basket in the room. On measuring the jar she found a pint gone. The bar was not locked. The prisoner said he hoped she would not send him to Wincheater, and sfter she had given him in charge he asked her to take a shilling to make it up. The prisoner, in answer to the charge, said he had been drinking and he hoped the Bench would be lenient. Mrs FROST said she had no desire to press the charge and, as he had been locked up quite a week, she hoped the Bench would take that into consideration. The prisoner pleaded guilty and begged very hard for leniency, promising better conduct in future. A good character having been given him from his employer, and the Bench, having taken into account the time he had been in custody and Mrs FROST's desire not to press the charge, ordered him to be imprisoned for one day.

p.381 FALKNER (Not spelt with a 'U') Thomas (né 16.12.1841; d. Oct 1932) & Bessie (CRUMP) & children
Keep Smithy and post office at Standford.
Dissenters. Children since 1866. Unbaptised?
Grandchildren (daughters of Edward & ___ GALE) Elsie Muriel & Mabel Florence there in 1903, and at school.
- Frederick 2.2.1864 - see p.341, p.678 & p.530
- Martha 1.1.1865
- Mabel Sarah 4.2.1866
- Beatrice Josephine 1866
- Frank 1870
- Amelia Jane 1871
- Samuel George 1873 - see p.383
- Bessie 1874.
See pedigree p.382.

Restatement of above on p.382: Thomas FALKNER married Bessie CRUMP (died Oct 1902 aged 65 years) and their 8 children are:
- Fred, bapt 2.2.1864 - away
- Martha, bapt 1.1.1865 - died April 1904
- Mabel S, bapt 4.2.1866
- Beatrice J, bapt 24.12.1866
- Frank, bapt 28.5.1870 - in Voting List 1926
- Amelia J, bapt 19.12.1871
- Samuel George, bapt 12.10.1873 - in Voting List 1926, killed Oct 1927
- Bessie 19.12.1874
List gets a bit confused from here on!
his wife Jessie Emily Beatrice GODDEN - in Voting List 1926
Children of Samuel:
- Bessie, born 19.12.1874 (clearly not!)
- Hilda B, born ____
- Thomas J, born 1908.

p.381 Newspaper cutting dated Nov 1885 - Determioned suicide - On Monday night a man named FAULKNER, resident at Standford, commited suicide by cutting his throat. Note from WHL: This is Harry F, a sister's son, a pensioner.

p.381 WOODBOURNE of Kingsley used to be the Smith here (see above, Standford) - see p.1983.

p.382 RALPH George & Esther (BURRELL) & 2 children in 1879
Kingsley people living now (1879) above New Inn Pike.
"Wish you joy of them" Walsh
Called "RAFE" - "married a daughter of William BURRELL" (of Kingsley)
Her brother died of consumption in 1878
She having cod liver oil (unable) Sept 1879
Looks ill certainly.

p.383 SHERIDAN Charles & Julia & child Charles
Live at "Billy's Lookout", Wishanger (see also p.1027)
He brother to a Peer? & brother-in-law to a Peer? ie. his sister's husband
But married badly? therefore somewhat discontented.
Came from Churt in may 1879 [Inf: BETTESWORTH].

p.383 FALKNER Samuel George & Jessie Emily Beatrice (née GODDEN)
At Standford Hill 1908 with father p.381.
Their children then:
- Hilda Beatrice - pretty & tall in 1924, just left Petersfield School
- Thomas John Frank né 1.6.1908.
Only 4 bedrooms & TJF has to sleep in grandfather's room.
Her father … GODDEN died early in 1927.
See pedigree opposite (p.382 above).

p.384 HOLDEN George & Emma (BARNETT) & family
"Cordwainer" living at Arford.
On 31.7.1872 she abused Bull; but 9.2.1874 praised him.
Special grievance on 31.7.1872 "Bull's rage"
John used to work for us [See extract below]
George is afternoon postman in 1879
She sister to Edward BARNETT p.604; aunt to Richard BARNETT p.1087.
- Mary 8.7.1855 - with a child (Anne Kate born 4.8.1876) by Harry WARNER - see below & p.385 - was 1.4.1896 assistant in Infant School
- John 23.8.1857
- George 30.12.1860
- William 3.2.1867 - married 18?? - p.1373.

p.384 Newspaper cutting dated Jan 1884 (see also p.530) - Assault at Headley - John HOLDEN of Headley was charged with assaulting David FROST, landlord of the Robin Hood Inn, Headley on Saturday January 5th, at Headley. … David FROST deposed that he was returning from Frensham just after ten at night in company with F FAULKNER and F GAUNTLETT when he heard screams and cries of "Murder!" a short distance off. He went with GAUNTLETT to see what was the matter. FAULKNER remained behind with the horse, which he afterwards tied to a gatepost. The complainant found HOLDEN beating a lad named SHRUB on the ground. GAUNTLETT said, "Don't hit the little boy while he's down." The defendant replied that he would serve all of them the same if they came near him. The defendant then knocked GAUNTLETT down and, on the complainant remonstrating with him, the defendant came and knocked him down also. The defendant and GAUNTLETT then had a free fight. Albert SHRUB deposed that he was a printer living at Headley. He had been to Passfield, at the "Cricketers" Inn, and was returning. When FROST and GAUNTLETT came he was on the ground and HOLDEN was knocking him about. … HOLDEN was fined 3s and 17s costs for the assault on FROST, and 1s and 14s costs for the assault upon SHRUB. …

p.384 Letter from WHL dated 3 Dec 1887 - George HOLDEN, who carries the letters between Headley & Liphook, has had the misfortune to lose his pony. As he is in somewhat delicate health he will not be able to carry out his duties unless he can drive. Contributions towards the purchase of a new pony may be given to the bearer, or sent to Mr Laverty, & should be entered overleaf. A total of £3:13s was collected.

p.384 Newspaper cutting dated Aug 1890 - Stealing a Letter at Headley - George HOLDEN, 29, postman, pleaded guilty to stealing a letter and a £5 note, the property of the Postmaster-General, at Headley; and he was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment with hard labour.

p.385 OLIVER George & WARNER Hannah (née WOODS) & family
Live together (unmarried) at Lindford Bridge. He a Veterinary Surgeon in 1881 census.
She was married to Charles WARNER on 30 Nov 1840 & they had children - see pedigree p.96:
- Sarah Ann 11.4.1841 - aunt to DRAPER p.507
- Charles 4.6.1843 - buried 29.6.1854
- George 15.6.1845 - marr to Elizabeth BURROW p.350
- William 23.2.1847 - buried 29.6.1847
- Elizabeth Eliza 23.2.1847 - marr 1870 to John Lyddon CATTELL - she was housekeeper to OLIVER when he died 1906
The husband died in July 1848 since when she has had children (presumably by OLIVER):
- Henry 1855 (see extract opposite page [can't see one]) - dead before 1906
- John 6.2.1859 - see p.535 for connection with Foresters - supposed June 1882 to be m. to LEMON p.355, but not m. until 21.11.1889 - see p.?47
- James né 29.6.1861, bapt 15.9.1861.
When I first came in 1872, Mrs WARNER's mother, old Mrs WOODS (over 90) lived with them. There was much unpleasantness at first as, during Mrs WOODS' life, OLIVER refused to pay Tithe; however it is all settled now (1879). Old Mrs WOODS was born & bred in Headley; "The winters," she said, "are not as cold as they used to be."
Henry and his brother are colt-breakers and have with them at present (1879) one EARWICKER as an assistant.

p.386 CROTT (CRAWT) Stephen
Bachelor living with brother (p.387) at Whitmore Bottom
Brother to William p.388, Daniel p.389. Mrs COOMBES p.468.
Buried at Grayshott 24.4.1909 "aged 78 years."
- (charged with ill-treating a horse Nov 1891)

p.386 CRAWT John (brother to Stephen above)
This I think the correct spelling (CRAWT rather than CROTT)
Married a MANT
Her son Charles Henry MANT married here 27/12/1897 to Mary Annie COMBES, 26, of Bull's Farm.

p.388 CROTT (CRAWT) George b. 26/2/1832
Bachelor living with brother Stephen at Whitmore Bottom
Brother to William p.388, Daniel p.389, Mrs COOMBES p.468
He died 1912 (within a month of sister Mrs COOMBES) & buried at Alton & only survivors April 1912 are Daniel & a Sarah (born before 1832) at Alton.

p.388 CRAWT William (20/2/1825) & Eliza
Live in Whitmore Bottom
He brother to p.386, p.387, p.389, Mrs COOMBES p.468.
Has a sister Mrs VARNDELL living in Alton whose husband died July 1879; also a widow sister at Farnham.
Used to keep (1873 etc) a guinea pig
Nice woman
Lucy was servant 1876 etc to Mrs CLARK p.390.
Now (1890) living in School Rd, Grayshott & keeping house for the teachers p.965.
Children have been:
- Lucy 1860
- William Henry 1861.

p.389 CRAWT Daniel 21/5/1843 & Marian Eliza
Young married people live at College Land, Whitmore Bottom
Came there winter 1878/1879
Rent has been raised £7 to £8
He youngest son of old Stephen, the former tenant
Nice little woman. No children July 1879.
He brother to p.386, p.387, p.388, Mrs COOMBES p.468
- Marion Eliza b. 22/7/1883, married 18/4/1908 to Henry RUE
- Daniel John b. 26.12.1889, bapt 26/1/1890.

p.390 CLARKE Mrs Esther & 2 children
Widow. Certif. Mistress to Grayshott School.
Mistress (uncertif.) when I came in 1872
Obtained her Certif. In 1874?
Agreeable person. Plays harmonium at the Sunday afternoon service at Grayshott.
Had as servant, at one time, Lucy CROTT (CRAWT) p.388.
Married in 1886 to Mr CHILDS, the Grayshott male teacher.
Daughter in 1881 teacher at High School at Semlingham - school broken down.
- Ernest 1869
- Ada May 1871.
See Headley Miscellany, Vol 6 article by Mike Powell, whose grandfather Ernest had written down his experiences on coming to Grayshott in 1871. His grandfather's mother was Esther CLARK, the very first schoolteacher at Grayshott School.

p.391 BURROWS Fred (30.10.1842) & Mary Jane (COVER) & children
Live in [crossed out=>Parish Houses] Fullers Bottom
She his second wife & daughter of Mrs PINK p.361, sister to Mrs William COOMBES p.180
Used to live (1873) this side Wheatsheaf
Went to baptise infant 12.2.1873 - "Hasn't grown since it was born"
Husband's mother, Mrs Robert BURROWS (p.432) was there.
First wife died of cold after confinement.
The second wife married 11 June 1872.
He nephew to Mrs Charles FYFIELD p.347; brother to Mrs Charles BARKER p.319; & Mrs Jesse GARDINER p.431; & Mrs George WARNER p.350.
Junior Beadle of Foresters p.535.
By first wife (Mary ELSON or ELSTONE, m. 23.6.1865, d. June 1871):
- Mary Jane 1864 - not bapt in Headley (bapt in Bramshott) - now Mrs COOMBES p.809
- James 1868 - not bapt in Headley - a pensioner from Hampshire Regt in 1898. Called Stovold. 1903 married Annie HACK & (not clear if all these notes relate to James or not)
- Albert 1871 - buried 22.8.1871
By present wife:
- Elizabeth Ellen 12.2.1873
- Harriett 1874
- Edith Elizabeth (Edith Isabell?) 1876 - lives Nov 1903 at No.1 Fairview
- Amelia Jane 1879
- Lydia 1882
- William Frederick 1885
- Lily May 1888 - probably Mrs NASH p.1991
- Minnie 1890.
p.391 Letter from WHL dated 18 Mar 1892 - Frederick BURROWS of Fullers Bottom wishes me to write this note to say that his wife has died after a very short illness, and that he is unable to pay for the mourning clothes for his 6 small children, and that he would be grateful for help. Please enter kind donations overleaf; they may be sent to me or given to the bearer. WH Laverty. A total of £1:18:6d was collected.

p.392 OVER Emily (born c.1826 TULL) & boy Edward
Widow living at Hollywater.
Husband (Edward OVER) buried in 1873.
She broke her leg in 1871 jumping at a tree (special grievance)
Husband worked a long time for Mr LICKFOLD (p.___)
Mr LICKFOLD very good to her right up to his death.
"Don't like Iron Room" - "Husband never drinks" These in 1872.
Sister (p.393) living with her 1878, 1879.
- Fanny TULL - bapt 5.2.1843
Emily & Edward then married 25.12.1844 & had afterwards:
- Hannah 28.3.1847
- Edward 1865.

Living at Hollywater with Mrs OVER (1879)
Came to me 8.1.1880 for help.
Her husband sunstroked in 1877, & now in asylum.

p.394 WOODS … & … & family
Live at Moore House (since April 1879)
Four daughters at service
Four little boys at home - eldest George (b. 1872) got prize March 1880.
Went away Mich 1880 when CHALCRAFT gave up to ALLDEN.

p.395 MOSS Daniel & Elizabeth (HALE)
Live at Moore House. Married 1879
She formerly servant to Mr HAHN, The (Headley) Grange
Very useful there, used to groom the pony.
Afterwards cook at Arford House.
Went away Mich 1880 when CHALCRAFT gave up to ALLDEN.

p.396 MOORE John & Harriett (COURTNAGE)
Live in South end (but one) of Parish Houses.
Used to live at Style House, Hearn
Parents to p.574 & the late Mrs Charles MARSHALL p.696, also to Mrs GAUNTLETT p.433.
Old Mr COURTENAGE then lived with them [Inf: Miss DYER]
Afterwards they went to live in Mr Walter LANGRISH's new cottage at Saunders Green.
Now (March 1880) they have come to Parish Houses.
Go commonly by name of CHURCHER
In describing position of brother's (Henry COURTENAGE) grave - not quite sure, but overright the parliament house, not the end one but the next I think.
Aunt to Mrs LEMON p.355.
They were married 21.7.1826, she thinking now that she was then 30 as she had been long in service, and had children:
- Mary Anne 3.8.1827 - see p.927
- Harriett 20.12.1829
- James (aged 14 in 1851 census)
- Louisa (aged 12 in 1851 census)
- Andrew (aged 9 in 1851 census)

- John - see p.574
- Jane 7.1.1844 - marr. 13.10.1862 Charles MARSHALL - died 1878.

p.397 ABURROW James D
An orphan living with his aunt (Jane WAKE) p.263
Obtained a school prize January 1880.
Passed WRA 2nd Standard [Parish mag. March 1880]
1883 gone away.

p.397 On James William SUTTON's discharge from Army (see p.339)
Letter from Horse Guards 15.7.1895: 115 A.R.Artillery 1547
Letters to be addressed: The Adjutant General to the Forces, Horse Guards, War Office, SW.
The above letter said:
1. Only to be discharged by purchase;
2. and must pay his way home;
3. It is printed out that this soldier has already once been bought out of the Army.
4. Gunner SUTTON could afford to contribute to mother's support.

p.397 Letter from WHL dated 11 August 1887 - Mark BURROWS has had the misfortune to lose all his tools and a quantitiy of firewood inn a fire which destroyed a shed attached to his cottage. The shed itself was insured, but the contents were not insured. Any kind donations should be entered here and may be given to the bearer or sent to Mr Laverty. The origin of the fire is a mystery. The loss is estimated at about £2.

p.397 Letter from WHL dated 12 Feb 1890 - Mark SMITH of Hollywater having lost a valuable cow asks for help towards the buying of another. …

Transcription of Book 4 completed as follows:—
pp.200–299 Caroline Lemka
pp.300–399 Jo Smith

Book 5 (dated 1879)

pp.401 Flysheet:— Wallis Hay Laverty, Headley Rectory, Hants, June 1879

p.402 TAYLOR Daniel (23/9/1835) and Anne (CRANSTONE) and children: William (5/11/1865); Anne (Harriett?) 5/1/1868; James Edwin (5/2/1871); Ellen (1873).
Live at Field House. "Mr can't work much therefore Mrs goes out at times."
He 1st cousin to Mrs Dick FULLICK (322) and Mrs LEMON (395). Entered also on p.6.
Sister Harriett TAYLOR (Imbecile) is in the Union. She died 24.8.1886.
Two of Daniel's children are: Mrs James ALDERTON (Minnie) p.1259; Mrs Fred J. DOPSON (Alice) p.1259.

p.403 Pedigree of TAYLORS
Thomas TAYLOR of Kingsley married Sarah INWOOD 22/4/1782 and had children.
A. Thomas 25.3.1782
B. Jane 26.12.1786
C. Martha 24.4.1788
D. Maria 16.12.1790
E. Mary 4.12.1792
E1. John 1795 - died 21/1/71
F. Richard 26.2.1798
G. Will 24.12.1801 - married 26/7/1828 Sarah PIGOTT - died 10/4/1867
H. Elizabeth 7.11.1803
I. George 5.1.1806 - married 1831 Eliza BUDD.
J. Harriett 11.5.1807
Eli TAYLOR married Ann and had among other children Mrs Richard FULLICK p.322 and Mrs George LEMON p.355.
9.7.1826 Daniel TAYLOR formerly coachman to Mr ALLEN [so told in 1894] Inf: GAMBLEN.
William TAYLOR (G) married Sarah PIGGOTT and had among other children Dan TAYLOR (23/9/1835) p.402 and Harriett TAYLOR (12/2/1832) p.402. Inf: GAMBLEN.
See more detail p.1557.

p.404 JETTON John (1814-95) and Dinah or Diana (1804-81).
Old people living at Whitmore Bottom. She much older than he, and complaintful.
Met Mrs Dec 1872 at Greyshott [Grayshott], had taken sewing to "the Lodge"; meaning perhaps Mrs WOODTHORPE's. Frightened of WOODTHORPE's dog. - Saw her afterwards when she stood in her own door, and said cold affected her. So did not go in. He was mending step. Tea was laid [3 o'clock].
They rebuilt the house in 1871.
She has plenty to say for herself; has been a seamstress; but makes out she is grand needlewoman. Said that enclosing the common was the first stroke of a famine. Wishes for Books of Travel or Mrs SHIPTON's prophecies.
This her third ? husband.
By 1st MATTHEWS (see Pedigree of Matthews p.1864) p.405 and a daughter.
By 2nd one son living.
By 3rd No children? She is not married to Jetton. Census 1881
He is gardener both to Mr WOODTHORPE, Greyshott House, and Mr HAHN, the [Headley] Grange.
In April 19 1880, she said that she had a recipe given her a while ago for her complaint ("Erysipelas between the skins" she called it). - On reference to the recipe it was found dated 1815. "Ah! she said I've been failing a long time" - Humbug! -
His name was found to be John by his Parliament Claim 1880.

p.405 MATTHEWS Henry (né 15/5/1831) (called 'Long Canada') and Mary A (LOADER) (née 22 Feb 1830) and children.
Live in centre Whitmore Bottom. MATTHEWS pedigree p.1864.
He son of Mrs JETTON (p.404) by prev. husband.
Mrs a servant in London married a policeman. When 1st went to London had to go by stagecoach.
Got his discharge from ill-health (?).
She came from Blackwater. Works a deal at Mr WOODTHORPE's.
On March 14 1873 saw Elizabeth, Annie, Ellen. "3 nice children, go to school at Hindhead." "But too snowy on March 14 1873."
2nd daughter Elizabeth: ½ ish - dull.
Wants her 1882 to enter in Club.
Petition for house April 1883.
Nephew to John MATTHEWS (632) and Mrs BENNETT (634) & grievance 1912 that money left for his apprenticeship and never so used. Nephew also of a Churt Farmer.
1858 Mary Anne
1861 Elizabeth: dull
1863 William: Died Aug 1905 leaving girl of 15 and 5 others at Kingston
1866 Annie married to soldier Robert NICHOLSON - he served 21 years and is pensioned in 1907 - a shoeing smith - died 1912.
1868 Ellen married to soldier James WALKER, and died in India in childbirth August 1899. Her 1st child died at 11 months; then her second was brought to England Xmas 1898 and name is Nellie May WALKER - in charge of her aunt Annie, & 1914 with grandmother.
1874 Edward George (a soldier) See p.406.
This list right in 1881.

p.406 WHITE George and wife.
Live now (April 1881) at [crossed out=> Hollywater] Deadwater [crossed out=> behind Windsor Pond. Came there in 1879. 1881 in new cottage below ALDERTON's] .
His native place is Southampton; but he has not been there since about 1870; when he went to Texas. He was there 2 years but was obliged to come home owing to his wife's health. It was too warm. - "Are things dear in Texas?" "Dear? no cheap; meat 5 cents a pound; bread 5 cents a loaf; everything was 5 cents, even a single apple, because they had no smaller money, nothing but greenbacks; - you get specie in some other parts but not in Texas."
Then he came to London, settled at Wimbledon, where the owner (Tom MARSHALL's nephew) of the cottage lives. [Crossed out=>with him lodger]

p.406 MATTHEWS Edward George and wife Jenny (died 27.2.1927).
Son of Henry p.405 arriving Nov 1908 to Whitmore.
She invalided, no family
Married 1902. She rheumatic and indigestion - has been an iron-er.

p.406 NICHOLSON né 1866 Robert and Annie (MATTHEWS, née 1866) and Nellie M WALKER (née 1898)
Sister to above. See p.405.
Now (1912) in Hammer Lane.

p.407 HACK James and Sarah (BARKER)
[crossed out=> Single man living with White].
Live in Fuller's Bottom.
She daughter of Charles BARKER. Formerly housemaid at the Oaks.
Entered also on p.537.

p.408 SMITH Henry and Elizabeth (MATTHEWS)
Live at Standford. Old man. Mrs Elizabeth SMITH died March 1880 aged 82.
She told me 27/12/1873 she had rheumatics in head. I called to ask where William BARNETT lived.
With them (Mar 1880) lived married daughter (Jane see p.409).
They were married 26/4/1830 [Henry SMITH to Elizabeth MATTHEWS] and had children:-
Henry 14/11/1830 - Came 16/6/1886 for Baptism Certificate - charged 1/1. Like the old Lord Shaftesbury.
John 21/7/1833
Mary 3/5/1835
Will 12/1/1840
Jane 2/6/1844 married 26/9/1868 to James SUTTON (p.409).

p.409 SUTTON James and Jane (née SMITH, b. 2 Jun 1844) and children (James 1869 and George 1873) - married 26 Sep 1868
[Joyce STEVENS's gran's brother]
Live Mar 1880 at Standford with her father. (Information SPEAKMAN).
She daughter of Henry SMITH p.408
He son of William SUTTON (late Robin Hood) p.377 brother to TILBURY's wife; also to p.511.
The boy James should have had the prize which was given by mistake to James of Hollywater.
Cuttings: James (aged 17, labourer, April 1887) set fire to common belonging to Sir Arch. MACDONALD. Bound prisoner and grandfather each in £20 for his appearance. Mr WARREN gave him an excellent character. Had seen him in church that evening. A memorial of 100 signatures spoke well of him. (He spent 3 days in prison). Started by putting a lighted candle in the forge. Burning off the furze and gorse promotes feed for turned-out cattle and charred faggots for fuel.

p.410 COOMBES Edward and Harriett HARRIS (1/9/1828) and children.
Live at Barleymow. Broomsquire - and works a little ground. Best Brooms we have found, and cheapest: the birch brooms being 3/- a dozen.
Went there July 2 1873 with Don.
Brother to William (512) Peter (220) and to Mrs Charles FYFIELD (347) Mrs Robert BURROW (432).
He died 30 Sep 1899.
She sister to [arrow pointing NE]. Parent to p.422 and p.180.
Paper for house Nov 1884.
[Her connection with HARRIS is on p.163]
His assault by Henry COURTENAGE see p.530.
They were married 1851; and have had children.
Rose 3/10/1852 - Mrs William SHRUBB
Harriett 16/4/1854
William 12/10/1856 - married Tryphena COVE (p.180)
Edward 17/10/1858 - married M A BURROWS (p.809)
James 9/10/1862
Hannah Elizabeth 2/7/1865 - married George SWAIN, thatcher, 30.5.1885
Jane 6/3/1868 - ?same as (Greek alpha) 110 - Mrs BEAVIS in 1915 née 27.9.1867
Ellen 6/3/1870 - Mrs ACREMAN (m. 26.12.1899 to Reginald Daniel ACREMAN, 24, groom, of Bexley, Kent)
Martha 2/6/1872 - Mrs George COOMBES (m. 26.12.1899, same day as Ellen above).
Cutting (Summary): Jan 1887 Edward COOMBS of Headley summoned to show why he should not be bound over to keep the peace towards Mrs Charlotte COURTENAGE; case dismissed.

p.411 WINTER or HARRIS James.
Lives with sister at Barleymow Hill. "Proper name is HARRIS."

p.412 HOARE Hori and Amelia.
Live at Hollywater (where [Crossed out=>George COURTENAGE Mark SMITH lived).
No longer (1880) at Hollywater.
Cutting (Summary): Amelia HOARE charged with using language calculated to cause a breach of the peace towards Jane De Savor IRWIN; case dismissed.

p.413 STACEY George and Gabriela (BENNETT) and family.
Live at Hollywater north of Gospel Room other side of road.
He a shoemaker. Out on 15/8/1872 when I called.
In SIMCOCKES' list her Christian name is Satanella!
She away 11.11.1884. Rather good looking girl at home.
1858 Whitmore.
Ellen BENNETT [?Eleanor] born 1/6/1866.

p.414 CANNINGS [CANNONS in 1881 census] William born 23.5.1823 and Sally (OLIVER) and family.
Sally [Crossed out=> born 28.7.1823] told me 1903 born 28.1.1822, baptised at Harting 17.8.1823, illegitimate daughter of Hannah - died in Bramshott and then buried July 1913. See p.416.
Live at Hollywater, close to Mark SMITH's or late BENHAM's with 1 son and several daughters [Inf: SPEAKMAN Apr 1880]
Jane banned at Blackmoor Apr 1880 to William KEMP (see p.660)
Parents to Mrs John CANE, p.415 opposite.
Met Mr and Mrs CAMPBELL on the snowy day 22/1/1881 said "Like to see Minister out."
Parents to Mrs KINSHOTT p.542.
Sister to Mrs John TUCKEY who died 1870 in childbirth.
Mrs CANNINGS born before the mother's marriage. See p.1010.
She came 8.11.1880 to beg for clothes for son William "unwilling to apply to parish." Been a cripple for some 15 years; born about 1853 - see p.176.
Worked too hard in the great fire and his back worked out.
Edwin 1846 Edwin CANNONS [GRO index]
William 1851 [1881 census]
Emily 1855 see p.415
Walter 1858 [1881 census]
Mary Jane 1860 married Apr 1880 to William KEMP see p.660
They like CANNINGS or CANNING better than CANNONS.
A grandson on p.1934.
Unless he happened to have taken out all his money at the mill shop he'd as soon face the devil as "young George" when he had to be paid. "Can't bear to part with a 6d."
Mrs PARSONS (Selborne vicar's wife) told her that bishops were nearest to God, parsons next "Oh! I shall come a long way down, mum."

p.415 CANE John HARDING (now CAINE) and Emily (CANNINGS) died March '37 and child*.
She registered at Selborne as Harriet CANNON née 15.2.1855 - see p.416.
Young people living at Lindford Chase. Occupy both houses by style.
Owners? of the HARDING property or it will come to him at death of mother p.241.
She daughter of the CANNONS of Hollywater (p.414 opposite)
Son of Mrs BARNETT (Deadwater) p.241.
Sister to Mrs William KEMP (Chase) p.666
Parents to Mrs CLAY p.1617 & to Mrs BLOWEN (Harriett) & to Mrs Polly Anne RUSSELL p.2076.
Married by me Aug 3rd 1878.
* Walter bapt 1.12.1878 - see p. 1253.
Their child (son) born 3.9.1885 - not christened July 1885
[hidden by cutting] born 9.3.1886 - not christened Aug 1886.
Cutting: About Walter CAINE having his watch stolen.
Letter (in full): The School, Monday 2.2.1887
Revd Sir, You may have a visit from a Mrs CANE of Linford [Lindford], to tell you something about a note I sent to her, complaining of the dirty condition of Walter CANE. I have no doubt she will tell you he was perfectly clean. Had he been so, the other children would not have complained, and I should not have separated him from the rest of the class.

p.416 Certificate I got 1923 from Somerset House for Mrs CANE p.415 daughter of p.414.
Harriett daughter of William CANNON and Sally CANNON (née OLIVER) born at Selborne 15.2.1855.

p.416 BOXALL Luke - lives at end house at Hollywater. Came from Conford. Inf Celia SMITH 12.4.1880.

p.417 ELSTONE John and Jane (CHANDLER) and family.
Live at Hollywater. Used to keep the beer house, then went into Blackmoor, and have now (1880) ret.
Special grievance 7.8.1872 - WARREN's shop.
Parents to Mrs SPARKS p.544.
She is housekeeper 1884 to BARTHOLEMEW p.103. She daughter to West's Charity (p.629) and sister to a Mrs ELSTONE of Conford (2 sisters and two brothers with whom old CHANDLER going to live 1885?).
He April 1880 a little man with spectacles, decent face. Father to Mrs PAGE p.860.
He died Alton Union (cancer near eye) 22.1.1895 [very feint]
Daughter Louisa Emily, 27, marr. 12.7.1896 John TAYLOR, 34, coachman of Curdridge.
? Daughter Adelaide Elizabeth, 32, marr. 11.4.1898 George ALBERY, 33, bricklayer of Liss.

p.418 BERRY and daughter. Live at White Hill [Crossed out=>Bank of England]
An Irishman formerly at Hollywater, then at Fuller's Bottom. Clara the daughter (born 1866) is now 1880 a servant to Mrs WINDUS.

p.419 BLACKMAN Andrew (born 4.1.1843) and Daisy (HILL) (née 29 Jan 1846 or 1847, Lucy in Marr Reg & 1911 census) and family.
Live near old Red Lion at Deadwater Bridge. Children attend Mrs ALLEN's school.
Son of old Mrs BLACKMAN p.270 who now 1881 lives with him.
Brother to George p.273, and to Mrs Aaron WOODS (p.272) and to Mrs HEATHER (p.271). See pedigree p.822.
Married 4/3/1866.
1867 John married 1904 Widow FOARD and died 1937
1869 Tom
1870 Mary married 1889 John WEEKS p.1369
1873 Fred banned 1895 to Eliz. GEARY
1875 William died at Bloemfontein of Enteric 22.5.1900
1880 Harry

p.420 WHITING William (18.3.1853) and Annis (17.3.1850) (LEMON née 21.2.1850).
Live at Lindford Chase (where old George BURROWS did).
Son of Standford WHITINGs p.370
Brother to Fred p.426.
Married by me 28/11/1874 and all children now left are:
1875 Alice (4.4.1875)
1877 Fred
1884 Charles
Agnes' fiancé is DOUGLAS p.1744.

p.421 WOODGER and family.
Live in Stream Farm House. Came 1875 from Sir Archibald's to Moore House.
Old special grievance (Inf CAPES) couldn't go to church because of Sir Archibald's arrangements about milking.
Boy George (b 1871) made 391 attendances in 1879 and then left, he goes to Churt school.
Went away Michaelmas 1880 when CHALCRAFT gave up.

p.422 SHRUBB William and Rose (COOMBES) and children.
Young people living at Hilland. Up to 1879 lived next his mother, widow SHRUBB (p.423).
Child Harriett obliged 1881 to go away for health.
She daughter of Edward COOMBES p.410; sister to William COOMBES p.180.
She died aged 37.
He died at [crossed out=>sons] daughter's at Haslemere Nov 1927 accidentally gas poisoned.
Harriett 26/12/1875
Henry James 6/4/1879
Rose 10/12/1880 - Mrs MOOREY and Mrs SAUL p.1370
Ellen 1/4/1884
Frederick 3/10/1885 - see p.1953
William 22/5/1888 - killed 1916

p.423 SHRUBB widow Mary (née WHITE late DAWES, baptised at Kingsley 2.3.1817) and son George 25/12/1854.
Lives in Lindford Lane.
Blanket white from COOMBES' on Dec 31 1873.
Her first husband died of small pox in Alton Pest House. Buried at Alton. They then lived at Binsted; this in 1835.
She then came to Headley; was "single" 7yrs and then 16/10/1842 she married Will SHRUBB and had children.
[She sister to Mrs COVER p.573 Aunt to Mrs BELTON]
Her father and mother and all her family (except herself and her sister Mrs COVER) went to America about 1845, and are there still as small farmers (1880), old WHITE being still alive.
She born Oakhanger or Kingsley. See p.503
Sarah Ann 2/4/1843
Elizabeth 15/6/1845 - married 1862 to George ROBINSON who was transported
William 3/8/1847 - see p.422
*Mary 15/2/1852 [crossed out=> married] banned 1872 to Thomas CHIVERTON.
George 25/12/1854
Of the 2 children by 1st husband; one died 2½ yrs old the other 4 yrs old.
*[Written at bottom on previous page] [Mary] Left home for service in London, then to America, then back and married Atwell YORKE of Melton Mowbray at St James the Great, Bethnal Green. He went to sea and was lost - then Easter 1888 married Tom BARTLETT at St John's, Walworth Road. Address Mrs BARTLETT, 5 Little Mount Street, Camberwell Gate, Walworth Road, London.

p.424 SPEAKMAN William and Elizabeth and son William Henry.
Parish clerk and assistant overseer.
Lives in the village, opposite Mr KNIGHT. Was formerly the Postmaster.
W.J.'s dog-fining case. See p.612.
Cutting (Summary): Jul/Aug 1890: William SPEAKMAN tried to commit suicide - cut his throat and jumped in the river at Godalming. A note was found on him that he preferred death to dishonour. His son promised to look after him.
Connection with Foresters p.535.
Engaged to be married 1886 to Miss KELSLEY [not sure who is]
Family pedigree drawn.

p.425 HEATHER William (10/11/1816) and Emma GROVE (1820) and family.
Live on Barley Mow Hill. Excellent church people. Boys in choir.
She cousin to Widow BURROWS p.564 and to David GROVE p.283 (Inf herself).
Mother to Arthur p.559, Harry p.156. Sister to Mrs LEGG p.1038.
Said to be father of Fred COOMBES p.254.
Aunt to Mrs John HOLDEN p.1372.
They were married 2/4/1848.
Arthur 2/9/1849 - see p.559
Jane 18/3/1851
John James 22/1/1854 - probably a "William" buried 7.2.1856. Mrs Harry told me 1924 that there was a William who died, and she had never heard of a John James.
Emily 4/5/1856
Mary Anne 31/10/1858
Harry 20/1/1861 - married WINDIBANK see p.156
William 27/12/1863
Walter 3/2/1867
Albert Ernest 5/6/1870

p.426 WHITING Fred (24/4/1855) and Mary Ann (GLAYSHER).
Live [crossed out=>in Lindford Lane next Widow SHRUBB] (Inf Wid SHRUBB) [crossed out=>gone to White Hill] now at Lindford Chase.
He son of Standford WHITING p.370. Brother to William p.420.
She daughter of Spider GLAYSHER p.379 & applying 1928 (5 April) for OAP.
I did not marry them.
Sister to Mrs COOMBES (p.444) and Mrs George FOARD (p.2).
Have had all their children here christened.
2nd daughter (Harriett) m to Alf. LONGMAN p.987.
Eldest (Annie) m 1911 at Alton to a soldier
SEAGER [not sure who this refers to]
Nellie is Mrs BAXENDALE p.1908.
[crossed out=>Is this the WHITING now (next to Wm) in Lindf Chase]
SEAGER - living 1916 at 1 Arnold's
Parents to George WHITING - Hendon Road in 1922 - m. Jane PALMER - children baptised Sept 1923.

p.426 MALLETT - lodging 1916 with Mrs SEAGER.
Been organist in a Southampton church. Now 1916 playing at cinema.

p.427 MARSHALL Fred and Emma CRAY [CROY?] née HARRIS (4/10/1843) and children.
[Crossed out=>Live close to Barford Stream]
Gone to Frensham. She died in 1881 at Frensham. [Inf: Mrs COVER p.573]
She daughter of Mrs HARRIS p.449.
CRAY husband was a Sergeant Major R.E. He died suddenly at Aldershot and left her without pension.
Nice - she had nothing for support, and had 2 children, so married DYER's man MARSHALL.
Son of Mrs ALDRED p.528 by John MOSS who had Elizabeth COOMBES in child at the same time, and married the latter,
By Somerset House in 1925: William Rob CRAY was born 8.1.1867 and baptised son of William and Emma CRAY (formerly GLAYSHER) R E and this agrees with Mr Harbon List.
By first husband (CRAY):-
1867 William Robert CRAY
1871 Martha CRAY - born Aldershot. In service 1912 at Kelvedon Rectory Brentwood.
She married Fred MARSHALL March 1874 - probably still alive in 1902. Got into trouble over some goods belonging to the military.
1874 Alice MARSHALL
1876 Ellen MARSHALL - buried 30/12/1876
1877 George MARSHALL
- only these 3

p.428 GROVER John and Mary Ann (COOMBES) and children*.
Live at house [crossed out=>above Sleaford Turnpike, north end] at Baigents. Rt Feb 1881.
Daughter of Peter COOMBES p.220.
Sister to Mrs Mark FULLICK p.221, James COOMBES p.219.
He brother to Mrs HEATHER ("Kate G") p.559 and to late Mrs WEEKES p.514 and to Charles GROVER p.1218.
Their infant daughter (Louisa 9 months) buried Nov 1885 in same grave with grandmother Louisa GROVER p.559.
Working 1887 for Mrs KINGDON and dismissed in Autumn. "Tipsy and cheeky" 'tis said - "I needn't work for you" Very well, go in a fortnight.
*George B COOMBES 1879
- married 24.1.1880
Albert né 3.9.1880 - bapt 3.10.1880
William né 14.4.1883 - bapt 3.6.1883 - see p.429
Louisa née 15.1.1885 - bapt 8.2.1885 - died 1885
James and Fred (twins) né 24.4.1886 - bapt 16.5.1886
Alfred né 4.10.1887 - bapt 26.2.1888
Frank né 14.4.1890
Temporarily (June 1882) lives with them her father Peter (but not her mother).

p.429 WHITING live at home above Sleaford Turnpike, south end. Formerly at Hollywater, then at Fullers Bottom (see p.48 of old book).

p.429 GROVER William né 14.4.1883 & … & 1 girl née 1903 (if same as p.1593 this is Mabel conf.? Kingsley 1917).
Son of see p.428. At Barford 1906 Come to Simmonstone
[crossed out=>may be] Is same as p.1593.

p.430 CULVER T & … & family.
Live at house on Common by Trottsford west end.
Saw them April 15 1880. Considerable family. Children attend Kingsley school. Inf: WALSH. "I wish you joy of them" said WALSH.

p.431 GARDINER Jesse and Lucy (BURROWS) and children*.
Live at house on Common by Trottsford east end.
She daughter of Robert BURROWS p.432, niece of Mrs Charles FYFIELD p.347 and sister to Mrs Charles BARKER (319), to Fred BURROWS (391) and to Mrs George WARNER (350).
He a Kingsley man. Brother to George at New Inn p.554.
Three children in 1882, so entered in CC [Clothing Club] Xmas 1882.
*Married by me November 4 1877.
William George
1880 Fred
1882 Mary Anne

p.432 BURROWS Robert (1816*) and Mary Anne (COOMBES).
Live in Parish House Bottom at the house with the clipt trees.
She sister to Mrs Charles FYFIELD p.347 and to William (512), Peter (220), Edward (410) Parents as below.
Met her 12/2/1878 at son's, p.391. She had son's first wife's children after their mother died.
Brother to William (230), James (228) and Mrs BELTON 1st husband (224) and Mrs Caroline MARSHALL (435).
A sister of hers married John BRAMBLEY baptized 17.6.1827 and 1883 there lives with them their nephew James MOORE (see p.347).
They were married 3/11/1839 and had children:
James 5/4/1840 - (see p.104)
Fred 30/10/1842 - see p.391
Ellen 17/8/1845 - see p.319 (Mrs Charles BARKER)
Harriett 18/6/1848
Elizabeth 23/2/1851 - see p.350 (Mrs WARREN)
William 24/4/1853 - buried 23/11/1862
Lucy 6/1/1856 - see p.431 (Mrs Jesse GARDINER)
Sarah 1858 - p.434 (Mrs STILBY)
House bought by a Mr MAYNARD whose son (p.1239) came 1896 to live in it after death of Mrs BURROWS.
*In between George 13.12.1813 and Caroline 23.8.1816, I looked 4.5.1907 for Baptism at Frensham but it is not there.

p.433 GAUNTLETT William (5/1/1833) and Louisa (MOORE) and son Andrew.
Live at Pickett's Hill under Mr WATTS further cottage.
She subject to rheumatics as she informed Mr CAMPBELL and myself on 16/4/1880.
Have been on Pickett's Hill farm 25(?) years and in present cottages since they were built in 1870.
Son Andrew now 1880 working on Stream Farm.
She does not understand red: int: in Clothing Club.
She daughter of the MOOREs of Parish Houses p.396, sister to late Mrs Charles MARSHALL p.696.
Brother to Henry p.678 and p.644. As good & bible loving as Harry [arrow to brother Henry] audacious.
They were married 26/12/1857, and had children:
Andrew 21/4/1858 - married to E E COOMBES see p.499
Kate Adeline 11/11/1860 - Mrs Arthur HASLOP died at Carlisle June 1907 after 3½ yrs illness.
Will 27/12/1863 - married Lucy GLAYSHER in 1893 and lived here for some years and now at Lindford.

p.434 PINK John and Anne.
Old couple living at Hollywater. "Old man, (Poor man) near 70." [This in 1872].
Brother to Mrs EGGAR p.309 [Crossed out=>that used to keep Standford post office. Uncle to the wife of SMITH the Headley Postmaster in 1879].
"The young folks will come in for money."
They both died Xmas 1884. John EGGAR buried him; but (tho' he followed her) he allowed it to be a pauper funeral.
Her great uncle was John CHALCRAFT of Stream.

p.434 STUBBS Charles Joseph Martin and Sarah (BURROWS).
Married 6.5.1878 and sent for certificate for Post Office purposes 11.8.1921.
He in marriage son of George ARNELL and with Charles only as Christian name.
Certificate sent for as Sarah BORROWS. She daughter of p.432.

p.435 MARSHALL Caroline née BURROWS.
Used to keep the Wheatsheaf Inn. Lives in Parish Houses.
Married to Richard MARSHALL 6/10/1838; he died in 1879. The last act of the old man (or nearly the last) was to vote BETTESWORTH and LAVERTY as guardians in opposition to W H CHALCRAFT and Andrew WARREN.
He was brother to ?Mrs MESSINGHAM p.352 and to Tom MARSHALL p.504.
She sister to Robert BURROWS (432) and William (230) and James (228) and Mrs BELTON's 1st husband (224) - see BURROWS pedigree p.493 - and to Mrs WAKELING p.1312.
Grandmother to Mrs "Bob" BLANCHARD (p.171).
Has had children:
George 27/10/1839 - father to p.171 - left Headley in 1857.
Charles 20/10/1842 - see p.696
William 30/11/1844 - buried 29/4/1847
Jane 21/2/1847 - see p.653
Samuel 22/7/1849
Thomas [age 21 in 1871 census]
Harriett 11/5/1856 - see p.436. Mrs DOPSON
On the disgraceful opening night of the Club (p.72) Mr M remarked "if he" (ie Mr WRIGHT) "had divided it" (ie the £10) "out among a lot of poor old critters that wd have been a lending to the Lord; - this I call a lending to the Devil."

p.436 DOPSON Arthur Edward* and Harriett (MARSHALL) 11/5/1856 and children.
He baptised Farnham 23.3.1851 (né 11.2.1851). Son of William (a farmer) and Jane (formerly SMITH). Brother to Newman p.1171. *Name as shown by certificate from Somerset House received in Feb 1921. He died Dec 16 1933 aged 82.
Live in [Crossed out=>Fullers Bottom] Parish House Bottom.
She daughter of Wheatsheaf MARSHALL p.435. Afflicted child Caroline died March 14 1884. Came to me to countersign doctor's certificate for the witness.
1875 William
1877 Caroline - 1/4/1877 - died 1884 [see above]
1878 Mary - 6/10/1878 - married Henry Edward Richard ROGERS Sergeant Instructor Hampshires. Died of Trench Fever 7.7.1916 in Mesopotamia aged 32 yrs. She afterwards married William HAYDEN son of John p.67.
1880 James - 28/3/1880 - m. 20.4.1901 Ellen MARSHALL

p.436 Letter (in full): Ashdell, Alton, Hants - Jany 10 1882
Dear Mr Laverty,
In reply to yours we sold the Brewery nearly 5 years ago. So I have had nothing to do with it nor any of its houses since. I am sorry to hear there is any cause of complaint. I have handed your letter to "Crowley and co" our successors and have no doubt but that they will give it every attention for they must be anxious that all their houses should be kept in a tidy and respectable manner. I am very sorry not to have the pleasure of meeting you at the Board of Guardians now.
Sir, yours faithfully,
J W Crowley.
[Not sure how this letter is relevant to surrounding names?]

p.437 LAILEY George and Lucy (KEMP) and children.
Live at Lindford. Is a wood dealer. Came from Newbury. Came in 1863? for a job in these parts. Saw wife and so came ultimately to live here. Doing pretty well. Came here after 1870.
Is a great Dissenter. Children are unbaptized; Helped a [burial] service over one (Charles Spurgeon) in 1877. SIMCOCKES who conducted it pitched into them ? at the gate of the churchyard. However afterwards I only charged ½ fee for the stone that he erected and he is now friendly and voted for me at the Guardians election in 1879. [I saw him when he came to pay Tithe in 1873.]
1869 Annie
1870 Jane
1872 George Luther
1873 John Calvin
1875 Charles Spurgeon - buried 13/4/1877
Cutting (Summary): The Lindford Bridge Water Case Again - George LAILEY was the defendant in a case heard before the Hampshire Summer Assizes in 1881 to determine how far the plaintiff (Mr PETERS) had a right to "pen back" the waters of the River Wey at Lindford so that they flooded the defendant's land. Unlike the plaintiff, LAILEY was a man "in humble circumstances" with less than 8 acres of land. The court directed that the case should be referred to the Official Referee, but warned that the costs might be considerable. See p.532.
Cutting (Summary): By 1883, George LAILEY had spent so much (over £700) fighting and losing the "disastrous law suit" that an order for liquidation of his assets was made. LAILEY was committed for trial by Alton magistrates on a charge of selling a cow to his brother-in-law (Eli KEMP of Selborne) in an attempt to circumvent the order.

p.438 MARSHALL George born 20 Feb 1847 and Jane HACK born 25 Jan 1852 and child. Lived by the [Crossed out=>pond in the village] quarry. Brother to Sam p.654 and to Mrs James SMITH of Hearne p.307. Son of Mrs SHRUBB of Parish House Bottom by 1st husband p.331. She is the sister to Mrs James SMITH of Fullers Bottom p.332 (so that both he and she have a sister Mrs James SMITH). She sister to p.537.
With them living Easter 1886 girl COOPER from Greatham. More modern history on p.1241.
They were married 27/3/1869.
George Herbert born 29/9/1869 - buried 17/6/1871
[Crossed out line=>Sarah] [from a different family]
Charles Edward born 6/7/1872 - buried 28/11/1872
Harriett Mary born 14/9/1873 - buried 26/10/1874
James William born 1/6/1876
Frederick Lewis born 2/2/1879
Annie baptized 26/10/1880 - buried 8/4/1881
She died and he now (1890) lives unmarried with widow John SUTTON p.12.
In 1893 married to a daughter of John ROOKE p.348 (who had been a moln) and see p.340.

p.439 GILBERT Robert & Ellen & children.
Policeman (1880) living in Headley Street. Succeeded Daniel MOSS at the end of 1879. After a time went away, and LEGG came. Then GILBERT returned, finally retiring from the force in Spring 1892. [In Headley in 1881 & 1891 censuses]
1869 Alice
1875 Charles
Cutting (Summary): Report of a fancy dress ball held in the school room in February 1896. Many names, including GILBERT, with descriptions of costumes. There were 26 dances and refreshments were provided by the Holly Bush. This "most agreeable event" ended an hour or two before dawn with the National Anthem.
Aunt Edith (SUTER) helped to decorate the schoolroom for the fancy-dress ball. Windows draped in pink muslin tied with ribbon and illuminated with fairy lights. Aunt Edith was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. [Joyce Stevens]

p.440 AYLWIN Edwin? & Mary & grandson Freddy WHITE (b. 1872).
The Independent Minister of Headley Chapel. A nice old man.
Freddy WHITE is a comical one. Said he "Do you know how many lamps we've got in the chapel?" - "Seven - and sometimes they're only seven people!"

p.441 TIPPLER [TIPLER in 1881 census] Frederick & … & 2 children.
The coachman to General PARISH at The Oaks. Said not to altogether belie his name.
[Crossed out=>Now (1881) living at old Little School with p.491]
March 1882 in the middle Parish House.
1870 Arthur Charles
1872 Lydia

p.442 VINEY James Henry (b. 2 Nov 1831) & Charlotte (WHEELER b. 9.5.1837) & family.
Live on Beech Hill in a house which (except the four walls) he has built himself - he is a London cabinet maker. He came in 1868 "Slow work with the trees."
Parents to p.536, p.1080, p.1081 & p.1409.
John Henry - eldest son see p.536
1867 Charlotte - see p.1158
1871 Ernest? - [Ann VINEY in AD2012 says no evidence for an Ernest in the family]
1873 Kate [christened Elizabeth, always known as Kate]
1874 Ann - Mrs SELLARS p.1409
Joyce Stevens comment: the names above do not tally with 1881 census.
1881 census has children as follows:—
William, 18
Joseph, 16
Charlotte, 13
Elizabeth, 8
Annie, 6
George, 3

p.443 COOMBES Thomas (b. 3/1/1813) and daughter.
Live in Headley Park. Oldish man, father to George COOMBES p.444.
See p.2030 for pedigree.
On 27/10/1839 he married Mary COOMBES who died 6/2/1865 of scarlet fever "when also others died" and by her he had children:
- Charlotte 18/4/1841 - had illegitimate child Anne Charlotte 6/10/1867
- Mary Anne 25/12/1846 - married 1868 to [two names overwritten]
- George 9/9/1849 - see p.444
- Jane 25/12/1851
- Frances Elizabeth 12/10/1856 - see p.499 - Mrs Andrew GAUNTLETT. Had illegitimate child Edith Annie baptized 21/6/1876, which was buried 2/8/1876. This by a soldier who deserted her.

p.444 COOMBES (COMBES) George and Elizabeth (HACK) and widow Harriett SOUCH p.379 (see p.189).
Live in Headley Park. Son of Thomas COOMBES p.443.
Mrs pleasant and of a good colour.
Had a child by a former curate of Headley, whom she calls after the curate (see p.445).
Daughter to HACKs p.207.
With them live Randall WATERS and Fred HILL (see p.445).
Pedigree p.2031.
They were married 5/10/1873.
He (1925) in Alton Union and had been (end of May 1925) 2 months in bed and died there August 1925.
I cannot find when she died. See p.1593.

p.445 HILL Frederick (born 1875).
A little boy living in Headley Park with George COOMBES p.444 [April 1880] Information: Mr FILLIMORE.

p.445 WATERS Randall (born 1870).
Illegitimate child of Mrs George COOMBES apparently by a former curate of Headley.
Mrs COOMBES drops the proper surname of COOMBES and calls the boy WATERS only. He was christened when seven years old on March 4, 1877. [In 1881 census with surname HACK]

p.446 HARRIS George (b. 31/3/1850) and Eleanor Maria (SMITH) and children.
Young people living in Whitmore Bottom in home where mother (see p.326) used to live. Came to the house Nov 1879. Nice tidy little woman.
Brother to William (née SMALL) p.115
Son of Widow HARRIS (now CANE) p.326 who now (1887) lives with them.
[Pedigree of HARRIS p.163]
Lodging with them (1881) is George SMALL see p.509.
They were married by BOYS 15/11/1873.
1875 Arthur George - see p.1318
[two died in between]
1880 Walter - christened at Churt
1883 Andrew - christened 25/2/1883 at Grayshott
Wife of George HARRIS 11.4.1886 of a son [Charlie? - 1891 census]
not churched or christened by Aug 11
Their son above broke 188? Into JETTON's house and ?destroyed a watch. In 1887 he got into law hands I believe ?for stealing.
Letter (in full): Headley Rectory, Liphook - Xmas 1884
George HARRIS of Whitmore Bottom, having lost a pig six months old asks for help towards the buying of a new one. He has four young children. Kind contributions may be given to the bearer or may be sent to the Rev W H LAVERTY.
List of names of contributors follows, including: W H LAVERTY (5/-), Edward WOODTHORPE (2/-), Mr PHILLIPS (1/-) and Edward I'ANSON (1/-)

p.447 STRUDWICK Edward and Rebecca and children.
Live at [Crossed out=>Cooks Farm] Elliott's Farm (Spring 1881), Barford.
Came there in March 1880, in answer to an advertisement. Complain that cottage was advertised as Good Cottage. (Special grievance). And that 11/6 a week {13/- minus rent} is not enough. He came from Guildford she from Midhurst. Talkative little woman, not unpleasant.
?1873 daughter Ada 1881 census
?1876 son Charles 1881 census
?1878 son Stephen 1881 census
Flora Amelia 20/2/1881 [b. 24 Dec 1880, Cook's farm, Barford]

p.448 HARRIS Charles (28/9/1845) & Jane Elizabeth (HOLDEN) (1854) & children.
Young people living in Whitmore Bottom. He works for Mr LANGDALE, a pleasant man.
She is daughter of a "widow HOLDEN" of Bramshott. Very pretty.
He son of a Daniel HARRIS p.223 (HARRIS pedigree is on p.162).
He got ill and now (1899) he is in the Union and she living at Fairview with a lodger, Jack BONE from Churt way.
He still (1906) in Union and she at Stone Hill her lodger being John ALDERSON.
- Jane Elizabeth 1874
- Charles George 6/6/1876 - m. 3.4.1899 to Emily BELTON (p.957)
- James Allen 2/6/1878
- William John 7/3/1880
Living here with illegitimate child baptized 1906 is Alice WEST.

p.449 HARRIS Widow Harriett [Crossed out=>& son]
Lives at Barford.
Mother to Mrs MARSHALL (CRAY) p.427. Pleasant. Used to go out nursing.
(For her HARRIS connection see p.163).
George dead 9 or 10 years (1902) at Churt and Mrs George HARRIS at Hyde Farm Churt.
She was 1st married (?in Bramshott) to … HOLT and had one and only one child Harriett HOLT who was buried aged 13 on 15/6/1842.
9.9.1831 at Frensham married to George HARRIS (who died 1861 aged 53) and had children:
Martha 25/2/1832 - Buried 23/1/1833
James 18/6/1833 - married Sarah ETHERINGTON and died at Puttenham before 1861: had 2 little girls who died one née 1856 other 1859.
Mary 26/11/1834 - buried 25/7/1835
John 9/9/1837 - buried 6/5/1838
Elizabeth 1/9/1837 - married see p.1135
William 11/10/1840 - see p.450 - married Fanny BOXALL 4/11/1873 at Bramshott
Thomas 4/10/1843 - buried 11/2/1844
Henry 4/10/1843 - the only one alive in 1902
Emma 4/10/1843 - see p.427 CRAY-MARSHALL
Jane 9/8/1846 - married James POTTER and died at Elstead 1888. Mr James POTTER is (1902) at Pitch Place, Elstead.

p.450 HARRIS. William & Fanny (BOXALL) & children.
Young people living at Barford
She formerly our laundress.
Lost her first baby and now (1880) has them rapidly
Privately christened Henry on 20/4/1880;
Sister to Mrs CANE p.364 and to Mrs PACEY p.521
Daughter of "BUDD of Starveacre" in Bramshott
[HARRIS pedigree is p.163]
[BOXALL pedigree is p.1284]
Daughter Ellen married ELLIOTT 12/9/1908 & at 14 Newport Road, Reading.
- 1874 Mary Ann 12/11/1874; buried 29/10/1875
- 1876 Harriet
… (For fuller list of children see p.452)
- 1880 Henry
[Transcribed from p.452 as referred above]
Children of William & Fanny HARRIS
- Mary Ann b. 11/11/1874; Died 1875
- Harriett b. 3/2/1876 - Mrs ROSEWARN (m. 23.6.1901 to John James ROSEWARN, 24, builder's clerk from Bryanston Square)
- Ellen b. 18/6/1877 - Mrs ELLIOTT
- George b. 16/9/1878 - m. Eleanor WHITE
- Henry b. 1880 - widower in 1913
- Emma b. 4/8/1882 - not married 1913
- Rose b. 1/11/1883 - Mrs PERRIN (Farnham)
- Jane b. 7/5/1885 - Mrs CHENNELL
- Kate* b. 3/4/1887 - not married 1913
- Alice b. 13/11/1889 - not married 1913
*BURRELL, a sailor, wants or wanted to marry Kate.

p.451 FISHER Sally (Sarah in 1881 census) ?1809 [born 23/12/1810] (not married)
Old woman living about in various places.
During 1879 she lived in Liphook with BATT, a sweep, who promised to marry her - she came to me 23 April 1880, to say that BATT had turned his back upon her, and would I help her to "get the law on him" - "Supposing anything had happened to me" she said [she is about 70].
She and her husband John FISHER [born about 1800] formerly lived at Deadwater and had a donkey and cart. At the end of 1878, he went into the Union and she lived about anywhere. It is a great question whether they were married. Afterwards she shared Mrs William CHANDLER's house. A very dirty old woman.
[Now 1881 lives at side of Geoffrey FULLICK (p.231) Lindford]
Aug 1881 at Fellmonger's.
1886 1887 with Tizzy TAYLOR p.133.
Husband (John) died in Union March 1879.
Had two sons:-
- 1846 George - married 1873 to Rosetta FORD. Killed in railway - see p.516
- Thomas died 1887 in Kingston Union Surrey (I wrote for his clothes).
[Transcribed from p.450]
Mrs FISHER is said to have "no parish now". As a fact she was born at "West shops" in "Fish Lane" near Bognor; and these west shops and that end of Fish Lane have been washed away by the sea. These were in the parish of Pagham, which (Sussex Directory 1874, p.2731) has lost 100 acres in the "last 20 years". Her name was ROBINSON, her father well-to-do on the sea; in 1874 there was still a Joseph ROBINSON, master mariner. Her brother owned a vessel.

p.452 BOILEAU Major General & Mrs & 4 children.
Live in KEMP's house on Deadwater Hill. Probably only temporary residents. One of the SUTTONs is their servant (p.377).
Have a large light perambulator on 4 wheels and a curious trap like a huge bath chair.
- 1874 (girl)
- 12/11/1878 (girl)

p.453 BEARD, Thomas John & Mrs Emily Georgina (TYACKE) - she born in Ireland, age 30 in 1881 census
Live at the Chestnuts 1879-1880.
She said (by Gen. PARISH) to have a brother, a colonel in India and another a colonel in England.
He is going to the Cape November 1880, and his mother coming to be with Mrs BEARD.
Rather incomprehensible people; have taken up with the William LANGRISHs.

p.454 GUILLAN (GUILLAM, GILLAN?) William & daughters, Agnes & Elizabeth in 1881 census
Live at Pound Cottage.
Formerly a London baker.
This his correct Christian and surname.

p.455 SMALE Madame
Just come (1880) to one of the wooden huts which have been erected at Grayshott.
Calls herself a teacher of English & French
Has no water, & report says that she has agreed for Mrs ROBINSON (p.280) to take her up '2 pailfuls twice a week'
- a second 'SMALE' at other wooden hut.

p.456 HAYDON Daniel & Emma (FAITHFUL) & family
Keeper of the Royal Exchange public house
He brother to the first Mrs GAMBLEN (p.457)
Visited him first time 20 Jan 1873.
A son a soldier home November 1888.
See p.581
John LAWES, p.652, attempted to Bann himself with Mercy H. without her knowledge January 1882.
- Alfred (p.669) elder son,
- George (p.8) 2nd son
- One of the girls is Mrs COURT p.1206.
- 1864 John - married 1884 to Eliza HEATHER (see p.67)
- 1867 Mercy
- 1870 James
- 1872 Ann Maria - in 1902 Mrs HICKMAN p.505
- 1876 Thomas (see p.1340)
- 1880 Lucy
- 1883 Arthur.

p.456 Press Cutting dated 8 Jan 1881: Nuisance Removal Act. Mr D HAYDEN, of Headley was summoned for creating a nuisance under the Nuisance Removal Act, but on his promising to abate and paying £1.1s the summons was dismissed.

p.456 Press Cutting dated Oct 1887: A LANDLADY CHARGED WITH DRUNKENESS.
Sarah HAYDON, wife of MR HAYDON of the "Royal Exchange Inn" Headley was charged with being drunk on licensed premises. Police Constable George LEGG stationed at Headley deposed that while on duty there on Oct 6, he in company with police constable WEDGE went to Royal Exchange Inn and asked to see the Landlord. He was told that he was at Appleshaw Fair. Witness then asked to see the Landlady. They went round there and found her stupefied with drink. She staggered towards the constables and when they said they should report her to the superintendent she offered them beer or other drink and asked them not to report her. PC Wedge stationed at Forest Side collaborated his comrades evidence and was certain the defendant was drunk. For the defence Jane BARNET deposed that she was doing needlework all that day for the defendant and was with her in the back room. The defendant was not drunk. She drank only tea with her dinner and refused to take a portion of witness' stout when offered to her. Annie HAYDON daughter of defendant deposed that she served the customers all day and her mother went about her usual work bringing wood and turf. No one could get drunk without witness knowing it. The defendant did not have any intoxicating drink and was quite sober. The bench in the face of the conflicting evidence thought it would be best to dismiss the case.

p.456 Press Cutting dated 15.6.1888: EDUCATION ACT
Daniel HAYDON of the "Royal Exchange" Inn, Lindford, Headley was charged with illegally employing his son who ought to be attending school. Mr MOODY school attendance officer proved that the boy was not at school for 4 months but the defendant being able to tell the bench that he had now sent his son to school, magistrates discharged him with a warning that next time he would be fined.

p.457 GAMBLEN George & Eliza (FULLICK) & family*
Live at Long Cross. Shoemaker.
She sister to Stephen GALE's late wife (p.238)
Father to p.458. Parents to p.459
So connected by 2nd wife with GALE; by 1st wife with BOXALL, HAYDON
See pedigree p.825
* By 1st wife Eliza HAYDON (married 28/12/1846) sister to p.456 Royal Exchange, and see p.274 BOXALL.
- Emily 4.8.1850, buried 1873
- Oscar 5.6.1853 - see p.458 and p.1385
This wife buried 5/1/1855.
By 2nd wife Eliza GALE (writing obliterated by news cutting)
- William 21/6/1857
- Henry 24/4/1859
- James 15/6/1862
- Eliza 7/5/1865 - p.1385.

p.457 Press Cutting dated July 1884: Headley - Forestry - Court "Forget-me-not," A O Foresters, held their second anniversary on Tuesday. The brethren assembled at their Court House, the "Holly Bush" Inn, at ten a.m. and formed into procession, headed by the brass band of H Company 1st Hants Volunteer (Alton), four of the officers of the Court being mounted. We noticed the last Secretary (Mr. W. SPEAKMAN, jun) representing "Bold Robin Hood", the two Bros. GAMBLEN as "Will Scarlet" and one of his "Merry Men", and another brother in a similar costume. Master LAVERTY (son of the worthy Vicar) and Master ROGERS (son of the Treasurer) were also mounted on their ponies. These were followed by two beautiful banners, and the juvenile members in a carriage, under the care of Brother ROGERS attired as "Little John" …

p.457 Press Cutting dated July 1887: Headley.
There will be Jubilee festivities on Coronation Day in connection with the Foresters Fete. Tea will be given all day and Sunday school children living in the parish and to all the old people. Jubilee medals will be given to all the children and there will be a bonfire in the evening. The Jubilee service will be held in Headley Church on Sunday 26th when Mr & Madame PATEY will assist. Hymn books for the use of the poor and strangers are being placed in the church. Mr I'ANSON gives the hymn books, Mr WHITAKER is at the expense of the band, Mr WRIGHT of the old people's tea and Mr WOODTHORPE gives the Jubilee medals. Mr George GAMBLEN gives the poles for the bonfire.

p.457 Press Cutting dated Oct 1890: Headley - The Late Mr GAMBLEN
On Monday the remains of the late Mr George GAMBLEN were laid to rest in the parish churchyard in the presence of a large number of friends. The choir sang the hymn "For all thy saints who from thy labours rest" (BARNABY) and "Vital spark" (HARWOOD) and the "Dead March" from "SAUL" were played by the organist (Mr C H BECK). The service was read by Rev. W H LAVERTY, MA, Rector.

p.458 GAMBLEN Oscar and Fanny (neé 21/5/1848) and child.
Live at Arford.
Son of p.457; see for connections
She formerly cook at Arford House (Mrs WINDUS)
Half brother to p.459 opposite.
Fanny died December 1931.
- George Valentine born 14 Feb 1875.

p.459 GAMBLEN William (21/6/1857) & Hannah Mary (KEMP)
Live at post office at Long Cross.
Son of p.457; see for connections
She formerly housemaid to us, and then nurse. Half brother to p.458 opposite.
His executorship p.309.
Her brother (at Blackmoor) died April 1828.

p.459 GAMBLEN Alonzo Arthur &
Married 29 Apr 1912 at Bramley Common & living at Long Cross.
Postman, son of above.

p.459 Press Cutting (undated, but c.1933): Saw 2,000 Baptisms
From our own correspondent,
Headley Hants, Friday
Mr William GAMBLEN who has been connected with All Saints Church here for 60 years as chorister and Parish Clerk has participated in 1,000 marriages, 2,000 baptisms and 1,500 burials.
He is retiring from his office of Parish Clerk and village Postmaster at the age of 76 and the office of Parish Clerk now becomes extinct.

p.459 Page from parish magazine of August 1935 relating to a gift for the retirement of William GAMBLEN signed by J S TUDOR-JONES, Rector, G A McANDREW, H R CHUCK, R G HOOPER

p.459 Press cutting: A very great man of Headley - Nov 1935. Presentation to Mr William GAMBLEN

p.459 Long Press cutting dated 17 Jan 1942: Death of Mr William GAMBLEN - A Proud record. He could remember a time when if a Headley parishioner died in Alton Union, inmates dressed in white smocks walked beside the remains to Headley and after acting as bearers were given refreshments at the Rectory. After a short rest they then walked back. (16 miles in all)

p.459 Loose page: (List of Rectors)
Headley Parish
Francis COX - resigned 1597 - Patron not given (till BEEBY)
William COX - Sept 19 1596
William COX - June 30, 1626
Averie TOMSON - Jan 16, 1631
John BEEBY - Dec, 4, 1670 - Queen's College (to end)
William SYMPSON - Feb 7, 1673
William ROOKE - Aug 17, 1695
Robert RAILTON - Jul 3, 1717
George HOLME - Dec 24, 1718
William SEWELL - Oct 19, 1765
Henry SMITH - Jan 15, 1801
Robert DICKINSON - Oct 2, 1818
Robert DICKINSON - (again) Oct 19, 1822
James BALLANTINE DYKES - April 4, 1848
This certainly bears out your statement (signature)

p.460 STILLWELL Thomas.
Single man living (Oct 1880) with stepfather p.223.
But often "comes in to tea, and then goes off till next morning, lying about with the BELTONs" see p.523.
He is a pensioner see p.222.
Now married to Eliza HOARE (neé MORLEY) see p.217.
[with them 1885 lives Mahabath WOODS]
He is older than John (p.…) and is a love child (therefore STILLWELL). John is really JETTON.
In 1889 she died away in some workhouse (?Haslewitch …) near London.
Her children by first husband are: one at Crondall School, the next at Petersfield. His child is with old people.

p.461 OUSE (or HOUSE) Herbert & family
Widower come Mich 1880 to Moore House.
She died Christmas 1879 (inform: MARSHALL p.201)
On 7.10.1880, daughter no.2 (with fringe) was looking over the wall. (Laura according to 1881 census)

p.462 COLE James & Sarah & Family
Live at Lindford Bridge where Charles FULLICK lived.
A mechanic. "Peculiar" in religion. Inf: SPEAKMAN
Used to work in a coal mine? Inf: SPEAKMAN
She aunt to William KEMP p.660.

p.463 POTTER Tom & Rachel (HOWICK)
Keep HOWICK's farm on Lindford Common
When married he was a 'gamekeeper'
On 25 Feb 1881 Bess, B and I met an idiotic-looking boy on Lindford Common Hill who said his name was Johnny POTTER - who is he? Really COLLYER (p.212)
Dau of HOWICK p.553.
Married by me 29 December 1874
- Kate Leah born 20.10.1875.

p.464 BEAVES Mr & Mrs (Henry & Elizabeth on 1881 census)
Come Michelmas 1880 to house behind WINDUS' pond.
Some of his friends at Southampton call themselves BEAVIS
A letter 17 Sep 1881 from Charles Gay ROBERTS, Collards, Haslemere, asking if he is a satisfactory tenant. Answered yes, letter on file.

p.465 UPPERTON James & Sarah (TRIGGS) (born 22/4/1830) 23/5/1830.
[Crossed out=>Keep the Bush Inn 1880] (there in 1881 census)
Live on Barley Mow Hill (ALDERTON's Cottage).
Formerly kept the Crown in the village.
He rather deaf.
She no doubt sister to p.466. and to Mrs A GAUNTLETT p.549
Before he took the Bush, the previous tenant had taken in a piece of my frontage at the north side of the Bush; I grumbled and had some correspondence with Mr HALL (the brewer at Alton) to whom the house belongs, the result being that to this day 1880 I am paid 10/- a year for the small garden.
Aunt to Mrs Fred GAUNTLETT p.948, who was married from Mrs UPPERTON's house in Parish House Bottom.
They were married 8.10/1849
See TRIGGS Pedigree p.1121.
She lived when little girl at Hollywater in Andrew WARREN's property (late BENHAM's) where CANNINGS now live. Her great grandmother TUCKEY also lived there; was a very early riser and Mrs TRIGGS had also to get up to see she didn't fall. Clearly Jane TUCKEY who died at Hollywater 1840, aged 92.

p.466 TRIGGS John (2/4/1823) & Anne (LANGFORD) (17/4/1825).
Live up Parish House Bottom in I'ANSON'S entrance new houses 1882.
He (no doubt) brother to Mrs UPPERTON (p.465).
He son of Matthew TRIGGS, transported in 1831 for his part in the Workhouse Riot.
They formerly lived (1875) in Headley Street.
Certain of Capt GULLY's children used to be looked after by them.
Capt GULLY lived at Passfield Farm House. He was the son of the prize-fighting MP.
Wife is sister to p.567, and is hysterically ill (very queer).
He NOT brother to George p.661.
They were married 12/10/1845 and had children:
- William b. 22/2/1846
- James b. 5/1/1851 (see p.467)
- Kate Elizabeth b. 12/9/1852. Mrs HALL ('Clara')
- Eva b. 1/1/1855 [mother to Agnes, and to Gordon p.536]
- Emmelina b. 16/1/1859 (Mrs VINEY) see p.536 [baptised in the Barn when it was fitted up for Service during the alterations in the Church - info from James LANGFORD, June 1896].
Convalescent Feb 1883 from severe anaemia and very irregular action of the heart, and ?ishfore to go to Eastbourne convalescent hospital for which I sent his certificate to R. Douglas POWELL Esq an M.D. 82 Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, W
[note to the side: at 10/- a week].

p.467 TRIGGS James (20/11/1850) & Emily (HORLOCK, b. 13/2/1850) & 1 child
Live up Parish House Bottom (previously lived with p.466 and in new houses)
He son to p.466, nephew to p.465 and p.567.
She came to me 29/10/1880 about C.C. [clothing club]
She sister to p.816 HORLOCK of Stream
Also sister to Rev. G HORLOCK, St Saviours, Southwark, and to James H (p.1406)
And in 1906 there lives with them a great niece Gladys Ethel HARRISON née 1/3/1900.
Pedigree of TRIGGS p.1231.
The transported Matthew p.1231.
They were married 19/5/1877 and had only Willie, born 13/4/1879 [William Langford TRIGGS, born 13.4.1879 - Langford after his paternal grandmother's maiden name - Inf: Ann VINEY]

p.467 MORSE … & wife
Young coachman at Belmont in 1903 to Brigade Major FITZCLARENCE.

p.468 COOMBES (COOMBS) John & Mary (CRAWT) 13/12/1840 & Family
Live at Whitmore Bottom (late CANE's house). (Formerly at Bulls Farm, Grayshott).
She sister to p.386, p.387, p.388, p.389.
Asked to enter Grayshott C.C. [clothing club] Christmas 1880.
Information as to age of children from Mrs CLARK.
She died and buried in Petersfield, early 1912 about the same time as her brother George.
They were banned in 1867. Lived out of the parish until 1880?
- 29/3/1868 - John bapt 3.5.1868
- 30/8/1870 - Mary Ann - ?m. 27.12.1897 to Charles Henry MANT, 24, of Stoke next Guildford
- 25/9/1872 - William
- 6/10/1874 - Henry
- 26/3/1876 - George - ?m. 26.12.1899 to Martha COOMBES (p.410)
- 2/5/1879 - James Edwin

p.469 BRAZINGTON Thomas George & Annie & 2* children
Mrs I'ANSON's gardener from Michaelmas 1880.
I privately baptised child, Alfred James, Nov 28, 1880; one day old - bur 4 Dec 1880 age 2 days, Grayshott Park Lodge.
*Other child George Henry, 1 year old in 1881 census.
Apparently nice little woman (as seen in bed).

p.470 HAWES Philip James & Jane & family
Gamekeeper (Mr Phillips) living at Bulls Farm
Child Miriam Elizabeth christened at Grayshott 5/12/1880 by Jenner HILLIER.
p.471 WARDEN Mrs Louisa (née QUINTON) & child (niece Ada Louise age 4 in 1881 census).
Sister to Mrs FILLMORE (see p.477) living Dec 1880 at School.
Been deserted by her husband.
The other three children are in a workhouse.

p.472 EADE Dick (Richard) & Elizabeth (MATTHEWS)
Lives now Xmas 1880 in new house on Deadwater Hill.
Son of John EADE p.209. Information Mrs CHANDLER p.296.
Grandson of MRS STACEY p.268.
I think still alive at Whitehill July 1914 & father to p.1614.

p.472 Press Cutting dated Feb 1890: ASSAULT - to do with Richard EADE of Whitehill assaulting William MATTHEWS* of Headley, his brother in law. *See p.686.

p.472 Press Cutting dated Sept 1890: PETTY SESSIONS, Tuesday. Alleged drunkenness on licensed premises. James DEWEY was charged with permitting drunkenness on his licensed premises, the Prince of Wales Inn, at Whitehill, Selborne, on October 17th. … It appeared that a man named EADE was noisy in the house, and excited on account of "rough music". The landlord and his wife deposed to the man's being quite sober, and to his being put out for making a noise just as Police-Constable KING was entering the house. After considering the case, the Bench decided to dismiss it; but the Chairman told the defendant that it ought to be a warning to him, as it had been a narrow escape.

p.473 KIRK & wife
Live (Christmas 1880) at KEMP's house, Deadwater Hill
Till recently (?Nov 1880) Blackmoor policeman. Suddenly dismissed.

p.474 HARDING Albert John (né 1840 as he told me July 1877) & Ann (BRIDGER) 18/2/1844, & family
Keep shop at Lindford opposite Royal Exchange.
She a daughter of p.589, sister to p.475
He most troublesome about tithe and rates (hidden under cutting)
Loves to defy all authorities: Thus 1880 summoned to provide water for some new cottages (at Farringdon) and even not providing it after being fined, and see again below in 1882 (below = multiple news cuttings).
A child born in 1884 and died at a month? old and buried in Mr H's piece of Woolmer enclosure* on 5/5/1884 in the presence of the Constable and Sergeant of police, Dan Wo??? (hidden under cutting) doing the sexton.
*about 250 paces south of the Bank of England corner.
Children listed but hidden by press cuttings other than the following:-
- 1870 Horatio Farringdon?
- Twin girls (Lily Ann & Rose Alberta, 6 months old in 1881 census).
Albert HARDING advertising secularist burial plots on his land 'in the forest.'

p.474 Press Cutting dated March 1884: DAMAGING A FENCE AT HEADLEY. John R HARDING of Lindford, Headley, charged Stephen BAKER and Selby BAKER With doing damage to his hedge at Headley, on or about February 8th. The case adjourned from last Petty Sessions for the production of additional evidence. The complainant valued the damage at £3. John BRITON, horse dealer, of Brockshead, said he was near the allotment of Mr HARDING, when he saw the two defendants and another man measuring the allotments which belonged to Mr HARDING. While witnesses was speaking to Stephen BAKER, Selby BAKER and another man broke down the hoop iron from the stakes, and removed them, and put them down for marks where they had been measuring. Witness saw Selby BAKER knocking with a hammer or piece of iron and unnailing the hoop-iron from the fence. The stakes still stand where they were put for marks …

p.474 Press Cutting dated Jan 1887: BURGLARY AT HEADLEY. Henry HOUNSON was charged with having burglariously entered the premises of Albert John HARDING, grocer and baker, of Lindford, Headley, and stealing therefrom a leg of pork, on December 23rd. The prosecutor deposed that on the night of December 23rd, between eleven and twelve o'clock, he went to his stable, which is attached to his dwelling, and found a man lying under the manger. He got him out, and at once recognised the prisoner. Under where he had been concealed the prosecutor found the leg of pork produced. The prosecutor afterwards discovered that the leg of pork had been taken from his cellar, which was entered by a door in the stable. The prisoner had previously been in his employ, and knew the premises well. Police-Constable PACEY, stationed at Forestside, deposed that he apprehended the prisoner on December 24th, at Lindford, when he admitted the charge and said he should not have done it had it not been for drink. The prisoner was committed for trial at the next Assizes. [acquitted].

p.474 Press Cutting dated Feb 1887: PETTY SESSIONS … CHARGE OF BURGLARY AT HEADLEY. Edward HOUNSHAM was charged with burglariously entering the house of Albert John HARDING, shopkeeper of Lindford …

p.474 Press Cutting dated Feb 1887: ASSAULTING A TAX COLLECTOR. Albert J HARDING Headley, was charged with assaulting Thomas Fred STUBBIN, Collector of Land Tax in the Parish of Binsted …

p.474 Press Cutting dated April 1887?: THE RURAL SANITARY ACT. Mr A J HARDING, Headley, was summoned for contravening the provisions of the above act. Mr W TRIMMER appeared for the defendant. From the evidence, it seems that the defendant failed to obtain the certificate from the authorities to show that he had secured a proper supply of good water for certain cottages he had built at Kingsley … fined £2. 10s and costs.

p.474 Press Cutting dated April 1887?: GONE HUNTING. W WAKE, farmer Medstead was charged with removing three calves from Surrey to Hampshire contrary to Contagious Diseases Act. Fined 2s 6d. A J HARDING of Headley was convicted of a similar offence. Both defendants said all the magistrates at Farnham had gone hunting …

p.474 Press Cutting dated April 1887: BURGLARY AT HEADLEY. Edward THOMSHAM, 32, labourer, pleaded guilty to a burglary, in the house of Albert John HARDING at Headley on February 18th, and stealing 30s, his money. The prisoner knew the premises, as he had worked for Mr HARDING. Mr GREENWOOD prosecuted. The prisoner's weakness was a fondness for public-houses. He was sentenced to eight months' imprisonment with hard …

p.474 Press Cutting dated April 1887?: THE KNIFE. A boy named MATHEWS, about nine years of age, was charged with stabbing another boy named HARDING. The two lads had a quarrel in the course of which MATHEWS who was the smaller plunged a pocket knife into HARDING's back, with such force that the blade was bent by coming in contact with the blade bone. The Bench ordered that MATHEWS should receive six strokes of the birch.

p.474 Press Cutting dated June 1888: THE REPAIR OF A COTTAGE AT BLACKMOOR. An order was made on Mr Alfred John HARDING of Lindford, Headley to repair, within 14 days, the roof, etc of a cottage belonging to him at Blackmoor; and in case the order were disobeyed, the cottage would be forthwith closed as unfit for human habitation. … The Bench further ordered Mr HARDING to pay the costs, amounting to 10s.

p.475 BRIDGER Henry (& Ann COLLINS) & family
Farmer living at Hilland. Decent people, very.
She died (in childbirth) 1880. Was daughter to Mrs COLLINS (p.612).
Son of Joseph, p.589, brother to Mrs HARDING (p.474) and to Pollie BRIDGER p.589.
See p.684.
H. HINKLEY Green Field Farm, Dane Hill, Lickfield, wished 1881 to come as housekeeper. Very fat I am told. She did not come.
He subsequently married Miss Sabina GUILLAN p.454.
- William Joseph, born 1/2/1867 - see p.1224
- Minnie Louise, born 11/2/1869 - married 1.6.1895 to Henry David CARD, 27, customs clerk of Newhaven
- Rose Annie, born 30/11/1870
- Henry George Martin, born 13/10/1872
- Kate Ethel, born 2/2/1877 - see p.1224
- Alexander Guillan, born 25/4/1883.

p.475 Press Cutting dated Oct 1885: PETTY SESSIONS. STRAY COWS. Henry BRIDGER, who did not appear, was charged with allowing five cows to stray at Headley …

p.476 LOUCH Eli (né 17 Feb 1831) and Mrs Jane Elizabeth
Live 1880 in Headley Street (opposite church gate).
Formerly kept the shop at Headley Mill.
No children. Gave Bess in 1874 some cyclamens.
Came to Headley in 1866 from London. Came for benefit of health.
Brother (see below) apprenticed here.
"Not much opinion of Headleyites". This in 1874.
"Rather nice but I fear 'savon'-y", also in 1874.
Used to sit in LICKFOLD'S pew. When old John died in 1879 Mr WOODTHORPE had the pew. They (offended?) no longer came. Ask Michaelmas 1880 for a sitting which we gave them but up to now Dec 18, 1880 they have not used it. This really owing to Mrs LOUCH's illness. She died 13/11/1881 aged 52, plot 8-16. He remarried and now (1887) is an attendant.
His dog-fining case (for unmuzzled dog, fined 6s), see p.612.

p.476 Press Cutting dated 17 Dec 1880: PETERSFIELD. On Tuesday night a fire broke out upon the premises occupied by Mr J LOUCH, Bramshott, carrying on the business of grocer, draper and ironmonger, but it was not until about 2 o'clock in the morning that the inmates first became aware of anything unusual occurring. Having retired at their usual times assured that everything was safe, the inmates were awoken by a noise of something falling. Simultaneously father and daughter met upon the passage, leading from their respective rooms, and discovered a great deal of smoke proceeding apparently from the shop. On the father opening the shop door, a flame met him. Raising an alarm for the other inmates, they at once attempted a rapid retreat with whatever they could save, but before doing so, the fire had assumed such magnitude that they had hastily to retire with only such garments as they could seize. They had scarcely left the house when the floor fell in with a great crash. Upon giving an alarm to their neighbours, some little assistance for a time was obtained. W MOORE, blacksmith, and others endeavoured to assuage the flames; but finding their efforts futile, the former proceeded to Haslemere, a distance of four miles for the fire engine, calling upon his way at the residence of Mr W CHALCRAFT, who with his sons were soon on the spot, rendering every assistance possible. The engine, with the brigade, by some circumstances, did not reach the scene of the fire until nearly 8 o'clock; of course, then, too late to render much assistance. The Brigade, however, with their captain, Mr SIMMONS, did their best in removing the debris, and playing upon a part of the premises, thus preventing further mischief. As it was, the fire proved a disastrous one, for the shop, with all its contents, was utterly destroyed. So, too, were the room adjoining and the bedrooms. The roof and floors also fell in, so that little from the latter rooms could be saved. Mr Louch is much to be commiserated with upon his loss, particularly as he had provided and stocked his business with a larger supply of goods than usual, owing to the approach of Christmas. He has now to replenish, to meet the requirements of his customers. His business is for the present carried on in his store opposite. Mr Louch is postmaster in connection with Liphook district, and the business of the office is carried on in a cottage near. The efforts of Mr CHALCRAFT and his family in providing suitable clothing for those who had so suddenly lost their own have been much appreciated. Mr Louch is insured in the Royal Assurance Office, of which Mr GRAIN of Petersfield, is the agent. The buildings were insured by Mr CHALCRAFT, the owner. It is to be hoped the amount for which the property is insured will be sufficient to cover the loss. It is now a little more than seven years since a fire of such magnitude occurred in the neighbourhood, and then, singular, to say, it took place upon the premises of a similar character. At that time no engine was at Haslemere, and Midhurst, a distance of 8 miles, had to be reached, the engine coming in much less time than the present on from Haslemere. [from Hampshire Post]

p.476 CHANDLER Miss, Dressmaker at South View in Headley Fields is his (LOUCH's?) housekeeper 1917 & BRINKMAN E Mrs, a niece, came 1919 he being a bit dotty. Another niece, Miss J LOUCH, 13 Stanhope Place, St Leonards on Sea wrote to me about him ?.?.1919 - see p.1983.

p.477 FILLMORE Chas (born 16/11/1843) & Rosanna (QUINTON) & family
Schoolmaster. Occupy school house. Came here about 1868 and here still Dec 1880.
For wife's sister see p.471.
Very tidy man, sings a comic song rather well.
The intrigue below was written in spite probably. It is from the Hampshire Post of Dec 18, 1880.
Came to the school 1868; a teacher since 1865. Examination for certificate 1863. PT at All Saints N.S., Southampton. Trained at Highbury 1863/1864.
Parchment certificate in 1867.
- Ada Amelia 4/10/1868
- Eliza Anne 6/3/1870
- James George 4/12/1871
- Charles Edward 1874
Clara R FILLMORE allowed to go up for certification from Wimborne, St John N Sch? Dorset in April 1896.

p.477 Press Cutting (from Hampshire Post, published Southsea) Dec 17, 1880. See p.480.
HEADLEY. An Entertainment was given in the National Schoolroom on Monday evening last … Everything passed off very well but our correspondent thought that the two pieces rendered by Mr FILLMORE were in rather bad taste and not in unison with the rest of the programme.

p.478 FULLICK John 2/3/1856 & Charlotte WHITING* née 1855
Live together (1880) with his father (George)
Banned Xmas 1880. [at Lindford see p.321]
Banns asked on intervention of Mrs PETAR.
They pretended they were married elsewhere.
He son to p.321, brother to p.320.
She daughter to p.479.
They were married 22.1.1881. She then 22.
Went for a while to Lindford Lane, back to father in October 1882.
He (Nov 1887) living with parents, she ? at Bank with a son of Mrs C HEATHER p.271 (informant: his mother)
She living (1889) with - see p.902.
* Illegitimate: Edith Elizabeth WHITING b. 28 Oct 1880?; bap 1 Jan 1882.

p.478 Press Cutting dated April 1884: Charlotte FULLICK, wife of John FULLICK, was charged with assaulting Ann GROVER, wife of George GROVES (sic) at the New Inn - Fined 20s.

p.478 Press Cutting dated 1887: Drunkenness at Headley - John FULLICK, who did not appear, was charged with bad language etc. Fined 4s plus 6d costs or 14 days imprisonment.

p.478 Press Cutting dated April 1884: John FULLICK, George WHITING and George COOMBES charged with being drunk at the New Inn 7th April 1884. Fined 2s 4d and 7s 8d each.

p.478 Press Cutting dated April 1884: George GROVER was charged with beating Charlotte FULLICK at Headley 7th April 1884. John FULLICK deposed to seeing defendant knock his wife. The Chairman said it was a disgraceful case to the landlord and all concerned.

p.478 Press Cutting dated February 1885: An inquiry was held at the Royal Exchange into the body of infant FULLICK death by suffocation by overlaying or convulsions. John FULLICK had had 2 pints of beer and Charlotte FULLICK and her mother 3d of gin between them. At 5.30am the mother called John FULLICK and said that the baby was having a fit. John PLUMMER, a surgeon, said that death was caused by suffocation probably by overlaying but that the symptoms were the same as convulsions. A statement was made that the parents were possibly drunk but the Coroner said that there was nothing whatever in the evidence to support the statement that the parents were unable to look after the baby because they were drunk.

p.479 WHITING George & Sarah (STILWELL)
Said (SPEAKMAN) to be living Christmas 1880 at Baigents Bridge (see p.689)
Used (1872) to live at Deadwater east.
Buried illegitimate grandchild 25/7/1872 (Edwin George aged 10 months - my first funeral).
In 1898 lodging at Elijah NORTH's, Lindford.
See pedigree p.18.
Clearly sister to Dan HARRIS' wife p.223.
[He, of the EADE style, came 19/10/1885 to show me letter for adv agents concerning money left by BARRYMORE a housekeeper, supposed to be his mothers sister.]
According to my old book, their children were (corrected by Births book):-
- Jane 1851
- Alfred 12/3/1854 - banned Xmas 1880 to Louisa BOULDEN
- Charlotte 16/8/1857 - see p.478
- George}These two at home out of work 31/12/1884
- Albert 1865}
- Edith 1873.

p.480 CAMPBELL James (born 21/12/1811) & Sarah (GABEL)
My churchwarden living at Hilland, west end of farmhouse.
This his second wife.
1st wife was sister to WARREN Bros stepmother, see p.670.
The son of a chandler, he married his first wife with some money and took public houses and having a pleasant manner increased the value of properties and then sold them.
The 2nd Mrs CAMPBELL also had money. Their income is principally from London house property.
I go many walks with him.
He dresses like a gentleman; she fattish.
See p.684.
A great friend who occasionally came down was Mr T W ELLIOTT (hairdresser "professor BROWN" of Fenchurch Street).
His obituary notice is here stuck Dec 1882. The Miss GABEL in the notice appended is Mrs CAMPBELL's sister.
Press Cuttings: Reporting on the funeral of Mr T W ELLIOTT, Inquest into the death of Miss Elizabeth GABLE, etc.

p.481 ROGERS William (born 5/1/1844) and Martha J (RENDALL) born 4/6/1843 & family
He died 15/6/1919.
Grocer and baker at top of High Street. Has very strong objection to C.S.G.A. and other stores and (?writes me abusive anon letters)
Was in choir but left. A churchman but comes more regularly to usual when there is mischief brewing.
For assistant see p.491 and see p.540.
For his chairmanship of Foresters see p.620 also p.535
His father p.232.
Agent for GILBEY 1890.
Their housekeeper 1920 Miss CLARINGBOLD
- Ernest - see p.1918
- Rennie Ross 1871 - see p.1290
- Annie Sylvesta 1873
- Laura Lynda 1874 - m. 21.6.1898 Edward Conway ALEXANDER, 24, confectioner of Aldershot
- Leonard Lothian 1876 - died 3 Sept 1957 (shot himself after selling the shop)
- William Rufus 1878.

p.481 Press Cuttings:
PETTY SESSIONS. Tuesday. Felony. Henry GOODYEAR, a shopman, in the employ of Mr J ROGERS, grocer, Headley, was charged with stealing 4s. 6d. from the till, on the 2nd and 3rd inst. Mr Rogers having suspected the prisoner's honesty marked certain bronze and silver coins which he put in the till, and afterwards found that the prisoner had disposed of them in the public-house opposite. The prisoner, through his solicitor, pleaded guilty, but had a good character previously, and the prosecutor not desiring to press the charge, he was committed for two months' hard labour. [February 1882]
HEADLEY. Forestry, Court "Forget-Me-Not" A.O.F. held its second anniversary on Tuesday [July 1884]
PETTY SESSIONS, Tuesday … Licensing Session. This was the annual Brewster Sessions; and all the licenses were renewed. A new license to sell spirits and wine for consumption off the premises was granted to Mr W ROGERS, shopkeeper of Headley. [Sept 1890]
ALTON. Appointment Of Overseers. The Magistrates on Tuesday last, appointed the following Overseers: … Headley, William ROGERS and George WARREN jun. … [April 1891]
HEADLEY. A lamp, lit for the first time on Sunday last, has been presented to the church by Mr W ROGERS of the High Street. Another has been put up near the Post Office at the expense of Mr W GAMBLEN; and these two, with the one set up by Mr H WARNER at the Holly Bush Inn, were a great comfort to those going to church on Sunday evening. [Oct 1890]

p.481 Loose Piece of paper:
Court "Forget-me-Not" Lodge, No. 6942
1st Anniversary on Tuesday, July 3 1884;
Engineer's Band, & "Robin Hood" & "Little John" mounted;
A spacious marquee; behind Court House'
"We were sorry to finish so few visitors in the field kindly lent etc to witness the sports and other amusement so well provided by Brothers ROGERS & SPEAKMAN.
We may remark, en passant, that this being the first anniversary of the only society of its kind in the village, it would have been well for those who had been so kindly invited by its members to have given some encouragement by their presence at the dinner and thus have supported an able Chairman.
19 members, surplus £17
Loss, on the day, will not affect the Court.

p.481 Loose Piece of paper:
Mrs Walter FULLICK (Harriett) married here in 1875.
Children born in Blackmoor according to 1891 census
- Emily Ann, born 25 October 1876 - may be Mrs ALBURY
- Walter, born 2 April 1878 - [Confirmed 1893]
- William Charles, born 31 May 1880 - Died 1913
- Augustus J, born 25 May 188_ - Married here 1907 Lucy Knight
- Letty Harriett, born 17 Dec 1884 - Mrs MacCarthy
- Fred. Edward, born 28 Sept 1886 - Died 1915 - Killed in World War
- Herbert T, born 6 April 1892 - In Dragoons in 1908.

p.482 PARISH, Major General & Mrs (Charlotte née CLOETE) & adopted child
Henry Woodbine PARISH, C.B. living at Oaks.
She daughter of a Boer and an English woman.
Adopted child is Helen Lindsay CALLWELL, one of five daughters of an officer whose wife died. Mrs PARISH has taken charge of her, a pretty child.

p.482 Press cuttings dated April 1893: DEATH OF GENERAL PARISH. Major General H W PARISH, C.B. on the Retired Full Pay Lists, late 45th Foot, who died recently at The Oaks, Headley, aged 69 years, joined the Army March 9th 1839 …

p.482 Four-page Letter to "My Dear Laverty" from W PARISH, Gladstone House, Southsea, 5 Oct 1889 - "I ought to have sent you the Tithe Rent before and quite forgot it when Mrs HAHN was here …"

p.483 CLOETE Graham
Staying autumn and Winter 1880 at Oaks.
Brother to Mrs PARISH. Nephew to Colonel (now General Sir Josias) Cloete who quieted Natal in 1840 and son of the late Judge Cloete (then a member of the legislative council) who was then sent as 1st Commissioner. See Pall Mall Gazette Jan 8, 1881.
Had never before been in England.

p.484 LAWRENCE Amos
Lives in Grayshott Bottom. (Broom maker in 1881 census)
Same set of cottages as Maria BELTON (dead) and POOK p.608
Banns with Eliza BELTON were asked in 1850 when suddenly mother was confined of Benjamin (p.485). So marriage did not take place. (Benjamin BELTON age 31 'Handicap: blind' in 1881 census)
Amos undertook the charge of child and has taken care of him ever since. Information p.525. To be distinguished from Tinker Bill, p.329.
Cousin to Joseph LAWRENCE p.859.

p.485 BELTON Benjamin 12/5/1850 [died 21 Jul 1881 aged 31 (CML)]
A cripple living in Grayshott Bottom.
For his history see p.484.
His mother among our BELTONS (see Pedigree p.1517) is the Eliza born 1811 who in 1833 had Henry Belton p.957.

p.486 Letter from Rev Laverty 15 June 1892:
The trial of Levi and William BELTON on the charge of setting fire to a piece of common on the Grayshott Road is to take place at the end of this month. The boys declare their innocence and many believe that a mistake is being made and it is of the utmost importance that the evidence should be subject to searching cross-examination. For the Law Expenses a sum of 10 guineas is required, and donations are asked towards this. Donors are understood as not in any way prejudging the case but only as helping to secure a fair trial for the boys. Kind donations may be given to the bearer or sent to Mr Laverty.
Donors listed. See Press Cutting p.492.

p.486 BUTLER Henry - Downlands
Only press cutting included.
Press Cutting dated Nov 1881: BUTLER v BUTLER & CROSS (or CROSSE) - regarding divorce.

p.487 CHANDLER Keziah (1/4/1800 at Frensham, née MARSHALL)
A widow living near Deadwater bridge.
Widow of William (born at Frensham about 1805) who died 1879.
Only son Timothy, 21/11/1837, was lost 22/1/1873 in the wreck of the Northfleet.
"Lady" Allen got them £4 from the fund.
Mother to Mrs WHITING p.370 (Deadwater) & to Mrs … of Selborne whom I saw at Mrs WHITING's on 31/12/1883.
Grandmother to p.420 & p.426, Wm & Fred WHITING.
[He was brother to p.488]
She living 11/5/1886 with daughter Mrs WHITING and as regular now on. "Had her here to make her comfortable" says Mrs WHITING and puts her arms behind her & nayes: "Betsy I spoke civil to you" says to the old woman.
They were married 10/12/1825 at Headley and had issue:-
- Elizabeth 28/6/1829 now Mrs WHITING see p.370
- Ellen 6/10/1831 - married 8/5/1852 to Francis WHITE.
- Sarah 3/4/1833
- Timothy 21/11/1837 only son - see above.
- Eliza 25/12/1839.

p.488 CHANDLER Richard & Martha (FYFIELD 19/5/1811)
Used to live at Deadwater Bridge opposite Red Lion.
Was brother to William (see p.487). A lath-splitter. Was for 5 years a foreman to Mr LAMBERT before Mr DYKES came; Mr LAMBERT 'as good a man (& better than) any you can find - "Talk about these Methodists -!". When Mr DYKES came Mr L said to CHANDLER - "Ah! Mr DYKES is coming; he'll be able to do more for you CHANDLER than I can for he's a rich man." Mr LAMBERT never interfered with anyone and I've heard a good account in that way of you sir. You never interfere with anyone do you?"
All this in 1873, since when both have passed away. Transferred to in long book for 1845. Pedigree p.372.
They were married 13/5/1832.
- Stephen 28.3.1833 - Buried 10.10.1835
- Marner 14/10/1835 - Buried 29/12/1835
- Alfred 10/9/1837
- Amelia 27/1/1843* - At Hollywater with illegit. son Sept 1922, see p.373. Keeps Walter S house in 1916. p.1737.
*Child William Herbert Hutton CHANDLER baptised 1/7/1877, buried 12/12/1877
- Julia 13/7/1845 - see p.489
- Walter 18/2/1849 - see p.489.

p.489 CHANDLER Walter, 12/2/1849, & Julia 13/7/2845 (his sister)
Lives at Deadwater, unmarried.
House kept by sister (Julia - see p.488)
Nice civil young man.
Mr MARTIN of Friary Brewery Guildford wrote for his character November 1881.
Julia lived a little while in 1881 with p.267. Both now Jan 1882 gone to a PH out of parish; afterwards 1884 returned and took Horrick's Farm on Lindford Common (there in 1886).

p.489 CHANDLER Amelia in 1903 with son Marner CHANDLER at Hollywater [said to have had three children (of whom two died)] come from his brother's house on Passfield Common - the brother's wife being dead but the mother-in-law, Mrs CARPENTER being still there.
(Referring to above) This should be Amelia CHANDLER has come 1922 now with a son Marner CHANDLER to Hollywater.

p.489 Press Cutting dated Feb 1886: SCHOOL BOARD CASE.
Walter CHANDLER was charged by Mr C D MOODY, the attendance office of the Liphook School Board for employing at Headley on the 2nd inst, Daniel SHRUBB (see p.250) of the age of 11 years without having obtained a certificate of his school proficiency. Mr CHANDLER admitted the charge saying that he employed the boy out of charity. The bench pointed out that the education act was passed not for the benefit or to the prejudice of the parent, but for the advantage of the children. They would not inflict a heavy penalty but defendant must pay 1s fine and 11s costs. On defendant's application he was allowed a week in which to pay.

p.490 HOARE James né 29/5/1827 & Harriet nιe RADFORD (RALPHS in marriage reg?)
Proprietor 1881 of Crown Inn Arford. Mr CAMPBELL first knew him "years ago".
Brother to William p.216.
They were married 26.1.1856, he being a widower and his first wife being sister to the second.
He died 1912. She died 1913.
One daughter is Mrs WILLIAMS of the Park. The other is Caroline GRUBB. She married a widower with two daughters. Her own first child died. She had a second on Dec 2, 1899 at the mother's. Her husband in Farnham Union, dying of cancer.
James HOARE is called Shig-Shag because he was born on Shig-Shag day seemingly so called because people on this day climb the 'Shig-Shag' at Selborne. "Some people" Mrs HOARE's son "call it Oak Apple Day". [Oak Apple Day or Royal Oak Day was a holiday celebrated in England on 29th May to commemorate the restoration of the English Monarchy in May 1660 (AV). Shig Shag was another name for Oak Apple Day or a term applied to those who did not wear the traditional sprig of oak on Royal Oak (CML)]

p.490 Press Cutting dated Sep 1884: Drunk on Licensed Premises - C BURROWS was charged with being drunk on licensed premises at Headley on August 25th. BURROWS was in the bar at the Crown Inn where he was making a great noise. Police Constable LEGG went in and found him very drunk, and with beer before him. The landlady was trying to light his pipe. He called the landlady's attention to his condition, and the officer left and returned in about half an hour. The landlady was then standing at the door; and when she saw him coming, she put the defendant out , and he staggered away home. … The defendant, who pleaded not guilty, called Mrs Emily COOK, a shopkeeper, who was very uncertain as to the date. She admitted, in cross-examination, having complained to the Police about the bad conduct of the house several times, and had written a letter to the Superintendent during the month of August this year. Mrs MOORE, with whom the defendant lodged, was also called but could not tell the date of which she was speaking. She knew she had some beer with the defendant at the Crown Inn. The case was dismissed.

p.490 Press Cutting dated Feb 1886: HEADLEY - DANCING. At the termination of the season of the dancing class, the Foresters of Headley gave their final 'long night' at the Schoolroom. … Refreshments of a non-intoxicating character were provided from the Crown Inn.

p.490 Press Cuttings dated Jan 1891: HEADLEY - Entertainments at the Schoolroom (Mr WHITAKER of Headley Hall in the chair); and the first Tradesmen's Dinner of the season, at the Crown, Mr WAKEFORD in the chair - also Jan 1891.

p.491 THORPE (Robert Worden & wife Emily Ann with 2 children in 1881 census)
ROGERS' (p.481) new man 1881 living at old Little School with p.441.

p.492 BURROWS Luke (b. 10.2.1851, bap. 2.3.1851) & Kate Georgina (BELTON) & family.
Live up in the Gypsy's Cottage, Beech Hill.
She came from Hearne and lived as a single woman at Plaster Hill. Came to me while in FW (family way) with third illegitimate child. She said Luke BURROWS was father. "Is he going to marry you?"- "Time he did Sir".
He brother to Mark (p.225); 1st cousin to Mrs William (p.228); son of Mrs James BELTON (p.224) by her first husband.
Her father was James, son of Edward & Charlotte p.525.
Illegitimate Children:-
- Levi, 1875
- William, 1876
- Thirza Anne Burrows BELTON, 7/4/1878, see p.1408
They were married 14/7/1878.
- Lucy Caroline 7/3/1880.

p.492 Press Cutting dated July 1885:
LUKE BURROWS, Headley, farm labourer, was summoned for the non-attendance of his child at school, it having only attended 19 hours in six months. Case was allowed to stand over.

p.492 Press Cutting dated Sept 1890:
A DEFECTIVE WATER SUPPLY - Luke BURROWS, of Headley, was charged with allowing a new house to be occupied before he had obtained a certificate from the Rural Sanitary Authority as to the sufficiency of the water supply. The defendant pleased guilty, and promised to complete a well already commenced as soon as possible. He was fined 2s. 6d. including costs.

p.492 Press Cutting dated 8th April 1892: LIPHOOK - FURZE FIRES IN EAST HANTS
Sunday was a day of conflagrations in East Hants. The first fire broke out at 8 o'clock at Ludshott Common, and burnt by Waggoners Wells down to Headley, destroying several hundreds of acres of furze and trees. It was nearly midnight before the fire spent itself. The second broke out about 9 o'clock on Bramshott Common, the property of Mr Henry C BUTLER, and continued its course in the direction of Hammer, burning about 100 acres. At midday the most serious of any broke out at Forest Mere, the residence of the late Sir Henry COTTON; and the wind blowing nearly due east, the flames spread with great rapidity over Weavers Down, down towards Greatham. The fire covered thousands of acres; and furze and knots of trees, which in some places were very dense, were quickly consumed. Of the total ground covered about 900 acres is the property of the Commissioners of Woods and Forests, and rented by the War Department. The fire also traversed about 70 acres of the WILDE Estate, about 20 of Mrs MONEY-COUTT's, about 20 of Captain CARDEW's, about seven of Mr W R SMITH's, and about four of Mr James HEWARD's. Fears were at one time entertained that the Wilde, the residence of Mr Robert HENDERSON, would be touched by the flames; but by the aid of a large body of beaters, the fire was kept away, although the summerhouse, some distance from the residence, was demolished. The fire raged in proximity to Lord SELBORNE's property; and three-quarters of a ton of hay near the Temple at Liss belonging to Mr John KNIGHT, was destroyed. About 60 men of the Royal Engineers from Aldershot arrived at the scene from Aldershot in the evening; but the fire on the War Department land being extinguished, their services were not required. Although during the night the effects of the fire considerably abated, it did not finally die out till about 1 o'clock on Monday morning. The dense clouds of smoke and large volumes of flame were conspicuous for miles round. Mr Superintendent MILLER from Petersfield and the Superintendent, with a staff of Police, from Alton, were engaged in investigating the causes of the various fires on Sunday night and Monday. Two men* were arrested on Sunday night in the neighbourhood of Headley by Sergeant MEARS who caught them in the act of firing the furze.
*WHL note at side: Levi & William BELTON. See p.486 for WHL letter.

p.493 Pedigree of some BURROWS

p.494 WOODTHORPE Edmund & Rosa (Rosina Sarah in 1881 census) (HAHN) & family
Live at Grayshott House. An architect. Brother to the late town clerk of London. [He was the son, not the brother, of the former town clerk of London, Henry Woodthorpe (1780-1842) - Source: John Odling-Smee]
She sister to p.495.
A sister of Mrs WOODTHORPE married (his first wife) Sir Kingsmill KEY.
K J KEY (Kingsmill James) below is Sir KEY'S son by his third wife. See p.1854.

p.494 Press Cutting undated, assume 1886 - Hampshire Post: OXFORD v CAMBRIDGE - K J KEY and W RASHLEIGH achieved the most remarkable batting performance at Lords yesterday ever recorded … (KEY got 143 runs - but in 1887 he got 281 for Oxford v Middlesex)

p.494 Press Cutting dated May 1947: LAUGHTON. On May 18 1947 at 5 St James's Terrace, London, NW8 after a long illness, Anne Kate, for 40 years the beloved wife of Herbert Furnell LAUGHTON, formerly widow of Edmund WOODTHORPE, FRIBA, and daughter of the late Benjamin WARNER, aged 82.

p.494 Press Cutting dated May 1947: Marriage? WOODTHORPE - HINDMARCH. On May 17 1947 quietly in London, John Frederick WOODTHORPE son of the late Edmund WOODTHORPE of Grayshott, Hants, and of the late Mrs Herbert F LAUGHTON to Neita HINDMARCH, daughter of Mr and Mrs J HINDMARCH of Gateshead, Co. Durham.

p.495 HAHN Theophilus Sigismund & Helen Manfield (WALTERS) & family
Live (1873-…) at Headley Grange.
Independent gentleman. Brother to p.494.
Mrs H a relation to Sir Beaumont DIXIE, Sir BEAUMONT's Mother being a Miss WALTERS.
[Sir Beaumont Dixie's mother was Marie Catherine Walters (1817-1902), Mrs Helen Maxfield Hahn's second cousin. The Walters family was very large and spread out, and I doubt that Helen knew (or even knew of) her second cousin. See The Family of Walters of Dorset and Hants, published privately by Frederick Walters in 1907. Martin Walters, who died in 1926, was Helen's brother and Charles' uncle. Source: John Odling-Smee]
A cousin (Col. SHARP) lives at Holybourne - uncle to Rev John KEY p.896.
March 30, 1926 died at The Pavilion, Bognor aged 87.
?? Bro: Martin (this line possibly associated with Press Cutting† below)
- Charles Theophilus Headley* né 1870 - Married 1897 Marion FORRESTER of Sydenham.
- Emma Mary née 1872 - married 1902 George Smee ODLING. She died and Gordon married Amelia CASSON at Guildford. He died March 1926 at Guildford.
*Archdeacon in South Africa

p.495 †Press Cutting dated Sept 1930: Death - HEADLEY (late HAHN) - On Sept 16, 1930, in London. Charles Theophilus Headley (formerly Archdeacon of Damaraland, South West Africa, only son of the late Theophilus HAHN of Headley, Hants.
[Charles had changed his surname from HAHN to HEADLEY during World War I - Source: John Odling-Smee]

p.495 Press Cutting dated May 1886: HOLYBOURNE - A BOY KILLED AT CRICKET. Briefly recorded last week the death of a lad named William Charles BLANCHARD who had been killed during a game of cricket … 'Accidental death' recorded at Inquest.

p.496 HARDING Alfred (1829) & Mary (1828)
Live at little house in Whitmore Bottom. Formerly there lived with them their daughter and illegitimate granddaughter p.497.
Ground round house belongs to PHILLIPS
Worked (?from 1872) up to 1878 for Mr PHILLIPS.
Sacked 1878 for drunkenness.
Information as to wife's name and age from Mrs CLARK.

p.496 See also p.1860 (not sure which entry on p.496 this line belongs to)

p.496 ALDERTON George Albert né 1868 & Emily Honor [Crossed out=>TRIGGS] HARDING born 25/1/1872, d. 11.2.1919.
A daughter of opposite (p.497) and came here about her mother's funeral in 1918 and said she used to live in little house below the Barracks.
Also entered p.1171 (more detail)
Both she and he died of 'flu' in Feb 1919 leaving 4 children:-
- Archibald Albert George, 18/2/1897
- Ernest Cecil, 12/2/1899
- Marion Caroline, 27/2/1902
- girl.
These are quite possibly the 'Pikesleys' who Flora Thompson mentions in 'Heatherley'

p.496 Letter from WHL dated Dec 7th, 1883: Alfred HARDING of Whitmore having lost a cow solicits donations towards repairing his loss. Contributions may be entered on the next page and may be given to the bearer or sent to me. W H LAVERTY
[Donations list on reverse of letter]

p.497 TRIGGS Albert & Susannah (HARDING) & family
(Sections of this entry written in red ink in the book - this page is a proper muddle!! - see photograph)
Emily Honor HARDING born 2/6/1872 (Mrs George ALDERTON, see p.496)
Used to live with her mother p.496.
Then on Beech Hill. Now (1881) out of parish.
Kings Moor Villas, Stone Hill in 1911 census
They were very angry at the burial of Albert* without service.
In 1912 Mr COE's information was family above average & ought to have done well.
Albert ?husband is now at CRAWTE's Farm
- Levi & his wife (the widow of CARPENTER live in Hindhead. esjolt (drinks)
- Alice - ? in Canada
- Minnie - Mrs MULLARD lives in Hindhead (see opposite page)
- Alfred - ex-army; at EVERARD's, Hindhead
- Allen - Mr COE's under-gardener since Aug 1904. esjolt (drinks) & ejsuz (dirty)
- George - with mother. esjolt (drinks) A caddie 1914
- William - ?the one in the Army
- Archibald - with mother at GODFREY's garden 1914 - p.1857
- Rose - to go to Beacon Hill Laundry
- Reggie - at school, then at Golf Links 1914.
They were married 24.12.1874.
Children of Susannah before marriage:—
See also p.1860 (where this page has been written more clearly)
- *Albert HARDING born 17/12/1873, buried 14/2/1874
- Emily Honor HARDING born 2/6/1872 - see p.1171. She became Mrs George Albert ALDERTON (see p.496 above)
They were married 24/12/1874
Below we have combined info from the duplicated entries for their children on this page:
- Levi, 6/6/1875 (the widow of CARPENTER) live in Hindhead. esjolt (drinks)
- Alice, 31/1/1877 [a child of Alice, Edith Mary Alice TRIGGS, baptised 4/10/1896] - ?in Canada
- Minnie, 15/3/1879 - Mrs MULLARD lives in Hindhead (see opposite page) (inf: in 1912 Mr COE)
- Ernest William, 2/4/1881; died in 1889 (see Cutting below)
- Alfred, 22/12/1882; ex-army; a gardener to Mr EVERARD, Hindhead (inf: in 1912 Mr COE)
- Allen, 10/5/1884; an under-gardener to Mr COE, since Aug 1904 (inf: in 1912 Mr COE). esjolt (drinks) & ejsuz (dirty)
- George, 3/6/1886; baptised 15/8/1886. With mother. esjolt (drinks). A caddie 1914.
- Herbert, 16/5/1888; died 1889
- William, 3/1/1890 - In Army?
- Frederick, 1892; died 1892
- Archibald P, born 3.11.1894 in Churt; baptised 6.1.1895 - with mother at GODFREY's garden 1914 - p.1857 - he only income 1912 of the family
- Rose circa 1896 - Beacon Hill Laundry 1912
- Reggie - at school; 1. golf caddie at links in 1912, 2. Beacon Hill Gardens in 1912.

p.497 Press cutting dated March 1889: HEADLEY - Sudden Death of a Child. An inquest was held at Whitmore Vale, Headley on Thursday evening by the coroner (Mr H WHITE) on the body of Ernest William TRIGG aged 7. Alice TRIGG aged 12, sister of the deceased, deposed that he had not been unwell beyond having a cold. At 7.30 on Tuesday morning witness was in the same bed as the deceased when he said "I want some drink" and got out of bed to get it. He put on his clothes and while walking across the room, fell and did not speak again. Mr Charles PLUMMER surgeon of Headley said that in his opinion death resulted from syncope [fainting and loss of consciousness can be caused by dehydration, diabetes, heart condition etc]. The Jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.

p.498 FULLICK Lizzie (Elizabeth) 5/5/1844
Lives at Headley Park. Keeps house for p.443.
A daughter of Charles the woodman who used to live first house on left across Lindford Bridge.
Sister to Edward p.636 and to Walter p.500.
Niece to old (Grayshott, with CANE) James VOLLER p.365.
[see FULLICK pedigree p.835]

p.499 GAUNTLETT Andrew (21/4/1853) & Frances Elizabeth (COOMBES 12/10/1856)
Live at Moore House, north end.
He son of Pickett's Hill (p.433). She daughter of Tom (p.433).
She had illegitimate child* by deserting soldier.
Pedigree p.2030.
*Frances Elizabeth COOMBES, baptised 21/6/1876; buried 2/8/1876
They were married 9/10/1880.

p.499 Letter from WHL dated 9th April 1894: Mrs Andrew GAUNTLETT begs for kind help to enable her to replace a young cow which she has just lost of the value of £5. Kind donations may be given to the bearer or sent to Mr Laverty and may be entered on the next page. W H LAVERTY. Donations listed on reverse.

p.500 FULLICK Walter (b. 11.7.1850, bapt. 18.8.1850, died Feb 1932) & Harriett (TRIGGS, b.24.12.1853).
Live at Hollywater Clump, though the new house is really out of Headley parish. The old house lay right on the boundary line.
Brother to Edward (p.636) & to Lizzie (p.498)
Nephew to old VOLLER p.365.
She dau of George TRIGGS (p.861).
See FULLICK pedigree pp. 502 & 835.
They (1887) gone & Mrs FULLICK's sister (FISHER) p.850 now there.
They were married by me 4.12.1875.
25.10.1876? Emily Ann * - Mrs ALBURY (24 Blackwater died 1920)
2.?.1878 Walter (c.1893) At Enfield married
31.5.1880 William Charles (abscess Nov 1 1888) died 1913
24.5.1882 Augustus J (see p.40) m. Lucy KNIGHT at Deadwater
17.12.1884 Letty Harriett - at home 1916
28.9.1888 Fred Edw - killed in War [iron cross in Headley churchyard]
6.4.1892 Herbert Henry Triggs bapt 10.7.1892 - gone 1908 into ?Dragoons (Royal Dragoon Guards) - married Ellen Sophia TUDOR at St Bartholmews, Haslemere, living Dulwich.
A love-child-niece-of-him Emily Martha - sponsor in 1903. Born ny [new year?] 1877. Emily's mother (sister to William) now FOULKES & Emily goes by name of FOULKES & was married 1904 to Fred Albert FULLICK.
Her child Lucy ALBURY née 9.12.1915, living 1922 with her grandmother?
Lodger 1905-1907 Alfred STAPLETON - painter. He still there 1916, but 1919 gone to Mrs STANNARD. In 1923 had OAP signed.

p.501 FULLICK James & Charlotte (BRIDGER née HARRIS)
Live near Huntingford Bridge.
Brother to John FULLICK (the late) - 1st cousin to various FULLICKs - see p.502.
Works for Mr WATTS.
Very like his brother John to look at.
She first married in 1830 to John BRIDGER who died 1859
Sister to Daniel HARRIS [see pedigree p.820]
Was left a pension of 5/6 a week by one PHILLIPS (of Saunders Green) ?father-in-law to Mr WATTS; which was paid to her by Mr WATTS to her death. She was unable to find anyone to live with and went to the Union. See also Q.88.

p.501 "Mrs McCARTHY" a capital servant "married" a Scottish soldier who turned out to the already married.
She is still living, I think, at William FULLICK's in 1928
Her child Fred Charles FULLICK born 1.8.1919, baptised 14.9.1919.

p.502/503 Pedigree of FULLICK - and p.834 & 836 (& Parish Mag for Apr/May 1900)

p.504 MARSHALL Thomas (17.3.1884) & Charlotte (HEATHER)
Coal merchant and wood dealer living in the village.
Formerly lived behind WINDUS' Pond.
Her mother *(Mrs COOMBES) lived with her 1873.
He brother to Wheatsheaf MARSHALL p.435.
Sister to Henry p.505 & to Charles HEATHER (p.271) Lindford & to Mrs BARRETT's p.241 2nd husband & to paralysed William.
Sold 1881 and small piece of garden to F Charles BARNES p.116
His eldest sister's eldest son is ALDRED p.583. He expected the cottage on T.M's death in 1893 but it went to the housekeeper Mrs SMITH p.317.
They were married 17.1.1835
Sarah 31.5.1835 married 12.12.1857 to Jonas SHRUBB. She died 29.4.1859 [See p.286]
* Charlotte née 1812 was one of 8 children of William & Maria HEATHER. William disappeared & Maria had 2 more children "by one BELDHAM"; Henry & Fred, & then remarried to a son of William COOMBES, remembered by Charles COLLINS, this in 1909, when he was a boy as of the same shape as Thomas 1813 son of William.
& son in 1902 married Anne HAYDEN (p.456).

p.505 HEATHER Henry & Mrs [crossed out => WINDIBANK] HICKMAN & 2 children
Living 1881 in Holly Bush stables
Came begging ("for a shirt") Feb 14, 1881 - Seeming half drunk
"Had been to work at Sevenoaks, broke his arm, and sent home to his native parish."
Half-brother to Mrs Tom MARSHALL (p.504) and to Charles HEATHER (p.271)
Living temporarily Nov 1884 at late KEMP, Lindford Chase - (still there Oct 1885)
Mrs W "a nice, tidy, hardworking woman" - But she is really a married woman - WINDIBANK is her maiden name - Her name and that of her 2 children is HICKMAN
therefore to be 1st cousin to Mrs WAKEFORD p.620.
Her mother Mrs WINDIBANK (born 16.2.1809, has had 8 children, of whom 2 alive in 1897) is in Union & came in summer 1892.93 to stay for a few weeks with daughter.
One child born 1880 died 11 July 1890 - The other is a boy, a good deal older.
She left HEATHER Nov 1891 to live with son.
Cutting: Spring 1887 - Petty sessions Tuesday - Before W Wickham Esq.
(Chairman) M G Knight Esq., A F Jeffreys Esq., J G Wood Esq., and Captain Stephens.
Alleged Theft at Headley - Henry HEATHER of Headley was charged with stealing six teaspoons and six sheets, the property of John PULLEN [WHL says should be FULLICK] of the same parish. Mr G Goodwin, solicitor, of Winchester, appeared for the prisoner. The prosecutor said that with the permission of the Bench he would like to withdraw the case. After some discussion, the Magistrates decided to dismiss the case if sanctioned by the Prosecutor with whom the Clerk was directed to communicate.
WHL note to cutting: This probably young Henry HEATHER living with Mrs J FULLICK.

p.506 LLOYD David & Mary & family [LOYD in 1881 census]
Live at Lindford Lane next to Mrs SHRUBB - Been there 2 years [this is Feb 1881]
Girl Emily (little sallow-faced Miss PETAR) came Feb 15/1881 to ask for a signature about brother going to sea. In it he is described as a "Congregationalist".
Came from Kingsley, surly woman - an invalid
Visited them Spring 1880 but did not learn their name.
Till October 1881 (for 18 months) had lodging George GARDINER p.554
Went October 1882 "to Brockbridge", came back to Lindford Lane in November 1982.
She the 2nd wife
One girl born in Kingsley about 50 years ago is now (1925) Mrs BIRMINGHAM p.2000.
c.1860 Emily
c.1870 Annie - in serv at Mrs COVENTRY's (1891) - not christened
Wife of son 28.2.1886 not churched or christened by Aug 1911.
One girl Mrs KIND? married to sergeant & living Pickering Dec 1909.

p.506 Letter to WHL (undated): Green Park, Kingswear, Near Dartmouth, Devon - Dear Sir, I have had in my service as nurse for several months a young person names Elizabeth LLOYD coming I believe from your parish. She answered my advertisement & I took her without a character. Circumstances have arisen the last few days which make me anxious to find out more about her. We never considered her more than a labourer's daughter but since leaving my service a few days ago, she has informed people that her father is an auctioneer & she only went to service to get away from a step-mother, also that she has a sister in Guildford married to a General SAUNDERSON. I should be most obliged if you can as early as convenient give me any information as to her character, in what station of life her parents are & if respectable people. I need not ask you to treat this matter as strictly private. Hoping you will forgive my troubling you. I remain, yours truly, A M HAMPTON. [WHL comment: Not answered as having left the service.]

p.506 Another Letter dated 21 March 1887 for reference for Elizabeth LLOYD.

p.506 Loose sheet?: Children of William BARNETT
William - m. Jane WOODS 6.8.1837
Eliza, bapt 28.3.1819, m. Charles CHANDLER 21.7.1838
James (by Oaks) m. Mary COLLINS 3.6.1839
Sarah, bapt 30.9.1821, m. Stephen GATES 3.5.1841
Lucy, bapt 26.9.1824 (allotment COOMBES) m. Daniel COOMBES 2.11.1841
Mary, bapt 23.1.1827, m. Thomas CANNING 10.4.1850
- these following very feint …
George, bapt 21.9.1832 - comment too feint to read
Martha, bapt 19.7.1829

p.507 BRIGHT George (21.10.1839, but Mrs BRIGHT says 1829) & Letitia (COOPER) p.508 [In censuses as DRAPER]
Live at small house east of BRITTON's Bank.
Old Mrs BLACKMAN (p.270) once told me that BRIGHT, at Bank, beat his wife. Thought she meant BRITTON.
Mrs SUTTON the grandmother came to me for wine for Eliza (aged 18) in 1882.
Mrs SUTTON told me they had 8 children.
Most clean looking woman; dau Eliza (ill June 1882) respectable looking girl. Married to policeman in London & now (Nov 1884) has daughter.
He (June 1882) away at work at Guildford.
Right is DRAPER (too feint) Nov 1882.
See p.478 for the New Inn row.
Nephew to Mrs WARNER p 385 [See pedigree p.96]
George's father was John DRAPER who married Elizabeth WOODS (Lindford Bridge) in 1834. George was born in 1835. The mother died in 1847 without further children entered. Perhaps the father went away and the mother lived with "BRIGHT". George was brought up at Lindford Bridge.
Attachment to this page:
BRIGHT George & Wife - written in 1871
George James 14 - 20.12.1857 - all below christened as DRAPER
James 12 - 24.12.1859
Joseph 10 - see p.945
Eliza 7 - 3.7.1864 [bur. 2.2.1899 Frances Eliza DRAPER/BRIGHT age 31]
Alfred - bur. 26.9.1868 age 17 months
Fredrick Ernest 1 - 5.6.1870
Edith Selina, bapt 7.1.1883.

p.507 Letter to WHL (Aug 9, 1890) Adelphi Stores, 73 Strand, [London] WC - Dear Sir, I am about to engage Emily BRIGHT as cook and she referred me to you for her reference. She informed me that her last situation was the Lion & Lamb, Farnham, Surrey, and that the family have gone abroad. [They're still here in 1891 census!] I shall be glad to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Yours respectfully, A J WHALLEY.
Another letter dated 9 May 1890 asking for reference for Kate DRAPER. WHL replies: Dear Madam, The DRAPER family are known to me as holy and respectable but of course I am not able to give any definite account of Kate's work etc in a house. We have from time to time found the girls placed where they have given satisfaction.

p.508 BRITTON John (né 6.10.1832) & Sarah (COLE) & family
Was in new house near Bank of England - of the gypsy kind. [In censuses 1881, 1891, 1901]
Broke his arm at Alton 29.10.1881 - fall from the steps of his cart.
Saw very intelligent-looking dau (15 or 16) Nov 1884. [Charlotte]
He wants (Nov 1884) to let house on lease - taken a small farm out of the parish.
A nephew BUCKMILL (aged ?15 months) died Oct 8, 1885.
Father to p.901 & to p.1310.
She sister to p.1180.
She died Sept 1918 at Oakhanger & he came back Oct 1918 to Somerset Avenue.
He died 5.2.1921 - buried at Blackmoor where wife buried.
Daughter in 1920 née 1870. [Sarah]
Written on following page (p.509):
Was told Jan 1890 by Mrs VERE that John BRITTON and his brother-in-law made a profit of £46 from a single load of holly which they took to London Xmas 1889. Holly berries were exceedingly scare this Xmas and only a few small twigs were sent for Church in December. This £46 was nett profit even after paying £4 odd for 'stealing' the holly.
Told also at the same time of a gypsy (?AYLES) who had made £21-10-0 by 'sticks'. They get gorse and furze roots etc about 1 foot long, boil them and take them to Whitechapel. They boil for a week. Then get 18/- a gross for these sticks; which are then spliced on to other pieces of stick and become walking sticks.

Cutting dated August 1891: Assaults - Richard WHEELER was fined 30s including costs for assaulting John BRITTON at Headley on July 30th. The complainant had a shocking black eye; and the assault was most cowardly and unprovoked - James VINDEN was summoned for assaulting Henry HOARE, at Alton on July 25th - the case was dismissed.

Cutting dated March 1886: Frederick CULVER of Kingsley aged 13½ years was charged with committing a criminal assault on Elizabeth BRITTON 11 years of age at Headley on March 15th - The prisoner was committed for trial at the next court of Quarter Sessions - Bail was accepted.

Cutting dated July 1881: William MATTHEWS licensed hawker of Headley applied that John BRITTAN (sic) should be bound over in surety to keep the peace he being in bodily (sic) fear from defendant's violence. Several witnesses were called. The Bench ultimately stopped the case announcing that they considered it a trumpery one. The complainant asked what he was to do and reminded the Court that the defendant had violently assaulted him upon a previous occasion since which he had repeatedly threatened him, adding that the Court was anything but a court of justice and that he supposed his annoyances would not cease until he had taken the law into his own hands.

Cutting dated March 1885: Quarrelsome Neighbour - John BRITON (sic) was charged with assaulting William MATTHEWS. Mr Godfrey appeared for the prosecutor and Mr GODWIN for defence. There was a cross-summons. Prosecutor said: I am a dealer and I live at Deadwater, Headley. On February 4th I was coming home in a trap from Petersfield market. I saw the defendant in the road in a trap. When I came up he pulled his coat, waistcoat and hat off and said to me "you ___, can you fight now?" He tried to pull me out of the cart. No blows were struck. He said he would kill me, that he could do it - and meant to do it. James SMITH and George COLLINS gave similar evidence. In the evidence on the cross-summons BRITON said that when he came up to the defendant, the defendant's son stopped his horse. He got out and asked what he did that for. His father and mother who were behind in a trap, came up and abused him. Mrs MATTHEWS told her husband to take the butt end of the whip and beat his brains out. He (the complainant) was not drunk. Mrs BRITON gave corroborative evidenced. Both cases dismissed.

Cutting dated March 1887: Petty Sessions, Tuesday - Before W WICKHAM Esq., (Chairman), and M G KNIGHT Esq - Serious assault at Headley - John BRITTON and William BRITTON, father and son, were charged - the latter with attacking Frederick MATTHEWS and the former with aiding and abetting. A counter charge was also made by John and William BRITTON against Frederick MATTHEWS (p.606) alleging that he drew a knife. This charge was first heard and then the Bench proceeded with the other case before giving their decision. The two BRITTONs were defended by Mr GODWIN, solicitor of Winchester. In support of his charge against John and William BRITTON, MATTHEWS called Daniel HARRIS, an old man living at Headley, who deposed that on February 23rd near his house, he saw William BRITTON knock MATTHEWS down, the latter falling on his face by the side of the ditch in the road. Witness saw John BRITTON put his foot on the middle of MATTHEWS's back when he was down. John BRITTON did not kick him, but he said "Kill the ____!" William BRITTON kicked MATTHEWS from 15 to 20 times. Witness could not tell whether the kicks were hard, as he "never felt on 'em". They appeared to be hard kicks. Witness did not see a knife, but he heard John BRITTON say that MATTHEWS had drawn a knife, and that he had been trying to find it on the common, but had not succeeded. Afterwards he said he had found it. Witness denied that he had told John BRITTON's wife that her husband stood by the wire fence all the time the quarrel was on. Mrs JETTON, wife of John JETTON of Headley, deposed hat she had heard William BRITTON challenging MATTHEWS to fight. MATTHEWS said he would not; but that he should summon BRITTON if he struck him and call Mrs JETTON as a witness. He did not hit them. This was about 15 yards from her door. Subsequently W BRITTON kept aiming blows at MATTHEWS' face; and the latter tried to keep them off by fencing to and fro with a stick. Britton then called to his father, and said "Stop the ___; don't let him go. Kill the ___, don't mind his stick." W BRITTON then knocked MATTHEWS down with his fist; and as he was falling kicked him behind. Witness was frightened and called to her father-in-law: "There will be murder done surely." The two BRITTONs followed MATTHEWS up the road, when he tried to get away; and W BRITTON kicked and hit him all the way. When her father-in-law called to them they left him. She did not see MATTHEWS draw a knife; nor did she see him strike either of the BRITTONs. He only tried to run away. She denied having spoken about it to Mrs TAYLOR of Lindford; and she never told Mrs TAYLOR nor Mr BOXALL that J BRITTON stood still under the rails all the time. For the defence, Mr GODFREY examined the son in favour of the father, and the father in favour of the son. William BRITTON (the son) deposed that he and MATTHEWS met in the road and fought. His father stood all the while underneath the wire fence, and did not come and put his foot on MATTHEWS. John BRITTON (the father) deposed that his son and MATTHEWS fought as two men usually fight. MATTHEWS kicked his son and his son kicked MATTHEWS. MATTHEWS drew a knife. After a few remarks from Mr GODWIN, the Chairman said that the quarrel was evidently commenced by W BRITTON; and as the evidence was not sufficient to prove that MATTHEWS drew a knife, he would be discharged. There was, however, apparent animus shown against MATTHEWS by the BRITTONs, who had given him into custody causing him to be in prison a night. The Bench considered that a very disgraceful assault had been committed by William BRITTON and that John BRITTON had aided and abetted in the same. They would have to pay a fine of £1 12s each including costs.

And there are other cuttings, along a similar theme, relating to the BRITTONs!

p.509 SMALL George - lodging Feb 1881 with George HARRIS p.446 [Whitmore Vale]
Came there early 1881 from Churt.
Feb 23, 1881 dying of consumption - message thro' them from Alexander Feb 22/1881
He died 26 February and was buried in Churt.

p.510 SUTER William (senior) b. 25/2/1817 & Miss Edith SUTER, b. 1858
Live at Standford Mill - foreman
Churchman tho' Warrens are Dissenters
Wife Eliza buried 1871.
Home kept by daughter Edith who was christened in 1874 at the age of 16.
Father to William SUTER opposite page.
Showed me (with PHD) first time over mill in January 1874.
Clerk (& Founder) of Standford Friendly Benefit Society which came to grief in 1884.
See Annual Statement 1880/81.

p.511 SUTER William (Junior) & Mary Ann (SUTTON) 3.6.1855
Live in Street: south end of 3 cottages [now again one house, "Suters"]
Son of p.510.
Dau. of p.377; sister to p.409 & to TILBURY's wife.
A hitch about their marriage: Mrs TILBURY came in the night before, when it was my Alton day. I undertook only to marry at 8.30. They were disgusted. I asked why they had not given me more notice. Didn't wish it known - but it turned out afterwards that, except myself, everyone knew of the fixture several days before.
With them 1881-1882 afflicted Jane SUTTON.
Married 25.6.1879
Only child Percy b. 7.2.1886, p.2034 [This is Joyce STEVENS' father]

Cutting dated September 1889: FIRE - About half past 3 on Sunday afternoon a fire was observed in an out-building belonging to Messrs WARREN Bros at Stanford. Every assistance was rendered; and the Fire brigade at Alton having been communicated with, they, with their engines were quickly on the spot. But all efforts to save the building and its contents proved futile. All was done that possibly could be to put an end to what, but for the timely assistance of those present, would have proved a serious conflagration.

p.512 COOMBES [COOMBS in 1881 census] William & Lucy (née BRAMLEY of Liphook)
Live at Hollywater on the allotment ground.
Brother to Peter (p.220) and Edward (p.410) and Mrs Charles FYFIELD (p.147) & Mrs Robert BURROWS (p.432).
Ground that his house stood on was allotted to allotment wardens but it was neglected, so it became his property.
He died suddenly leaving his wife - still here Oct 1881.
Their house burnt down on Jubilee Day, June 21 1887.
Colonel MAUD started subscription with £5 (see Petition below)
Sons at home, June 1887, unmarried - William, John, James.
Written on previous page: Children of COOMBES:-
William COOMBES, died 1919 aged 68
John COOMBES, died … aged … (not filled)
Mary A SHORT, (née 13 Aug 1856, by certificate from Somerset House 1924)
Eliz HOARE, née 1860; m. Frank HOARE 14.6.1884?; in 1919 Whiteway Lodge, Arundel Park
James COOMBES, né 1869.
Continuing on this page:
*William "SHORT"'s mother keeping house in 1893 for her brothers says she married 1891 to SHORT at Brighton and left him in 2 years (she wears no ring) & grandchild born 1882 - see p.226.
Petition dated July 12 1887 headed Headley Rectory, Liphook - On the 21st June last, the cottage at Hollywater owned by Mrs Lucy COOMBES, widow, (and occupied by her and her 3 sons) was with nearly all its contents burnt to the ground. The sons lost their clothing, tools, wheelbarrows etc and bedding estimated by them at £30. The sons propose to set to work themselves and restore the thatched roof of the two buildings and the floors which were burnt. The materials will cost from £15 to £20. Lieut Colonel MAUDE has given £5, Mrs MAUDE 10/-, Mr Samuel DIXON 5/-, and about 2 guineas has been collected in smaller sums. Any donation will be gratefully received, and should be entered on this list, and may be sent to Mr Laverty. A total of £22.7s was collected.

p.512 Cutting dated Tuesday 30. 1. 83 - Petty Sessions - Tuesday 30.1.83 - Before Messrs W WICKHAM (chairman), J G WOOD and A J SCOTT - Gun Case - William COOMBE labourer of Hollywater was charged with carrying a gun without a license at Hollywater on 11th December. Serg. W SCOTT deposed that on December 11th he was on duty at Hollywater. He saw defendant and three other men in a bye-lane, defendant carrying a gun. When he saw witness he went in Mr GREENAWAY's rick yard and came back without the gun. The farm house was about 50 yards away and the lane is a public thoroughfare. Witness told him to fetch the gun and he did; it was loaded and capped. Defendant said it was his gun and that he had no license. Defendant said he had sent for his license that day, but it had not come. He had no license last year. The Chairman told defendant that he was liable to a penalty of £10; he would be fined 30s and 9s costs.

p.513 WEEKES [WEEKS in census] James (5/2/1835 - see p.2106) & Anne (CHANDLER) & family
Live at Lindford Bridge on left
Short man bought my carrots Xmas 1880
"Went to take her some coal on 15/2/75 because pay & little tithe & had child baptised" Sic
She nice (good-looking) women
In March 1878, Clara, 4 months old - with very little (light) hair
I think illegitimate nephew of Henry W, p.514
Her brother (late a butler but hurt his leg) living with them end of 1874. Saw him working at LANGFORDs 21/11/1894 - slim chap after the SPEAKMAN type.
Married 21/11/1857 and have had children:
- Jane (Anne in register, father's occupation Smith) 1/1/1860 - p.1004 (Mrs Charles MOSS) ?the one at Mrs PRICE's 1884 - A Parlourmaid really been having £13 as (too feint to read)
- Sarah Ann 25/1/1863 - married Walter SMITH 1887 - see p.822
- - Herbert George [John?] 6/3/1881 illegitimate child of Sarah Ann - see cutting - a 2nd [Sidney?] in July 1884.
- Elizabeth M 5/11/1865
- Charles 2/2/1868 - ?the one at Mrs PRICE's 1884
- Caroline Fanny 5/6/1870
- William 1/12/1872 - see p.1314 - married 26.12.1900 Alice HEATHER (see p.271)
- Emily 30/11/1874 - Mrs MERRITT p.1370
- Clara 6/1/1878
- Rose Annie 5/12/1880
- Frederick 1/1/83 - see p.1422
Cutting: Affiliation - Charles LANGDEN, formerly a policemen stationed at Holybourne, was summoned by Sarah WEEKES, a single woman, to show cause why he should not contribute towards the maintenance of her illegitimate male child, born in Alton Union on June 13th of the present year [1881]. Mr Godwin, solicitor, of Winchester made an able defence; and after a patient hearing the Bench were of an opinion there was not sufficient corroborative evidence and the case was dismissed. The complainant admitted that this was her second child.

p.514 WEEKES [WEEKS in census] Henry (25.10.1829) & family
Widower living at Bordon Inclosure
Private baptism Jane* on Aug 17 1872 called by Louisa STRUGNELL p.248 - child in convulsions, not expected to live and died 19th.
She was sister to Mrs Arthur HEATHER p.559 and to John GROVER p.428 and Charles p.1218.
He uncle (illegitimate) of James WEEKES p.513, brother to Charles p.515.
An accident to him in 1881/2 from which he is still a cripple on club in 1884.
He married Emma GROVER (13/9/1843) on 24/10/1863 (She died July 1875). They had children:
- William born 6/3/1864, buried 19/8/1866
- John 4/2/1866
- Charles /6/9/1868 - ?m. 25.12.1897 Minnie Jane KINGSHOTT (he a Widower in Mar Reg)
- Sarah 6/2/1870, died Farnham Union 29/1/1894
- *Jane 17/8/1872, buried 24/8/1872
- dau born 30/6/1875 - unnamed.

p.515 WEEKES [WEEKS in census] Chas (4/5/1823) & wife (Sarah)
Live on Deadwater allotment ground in corner.
Brother to Henry (p.514) and Uncle (illeg) to James (p.513 and p.2106)
No children in Bull's Book.
"Married old Mrs CHANDLER" Inf: Hori C's mother
After wife's death lodged with Daniel COOMBES p.240, so Xmas 1891
He died Feb 1892.

p.516 FORD James & Jemima (WOODS born 2.8.1824) - I gave her 2/- in 1901
Live at Washford, corner of allotment ground
She sister to Hannah (p.517), Aaron (p.272) - 1st cousin to Daniel (p.249) & Mrs ROOKE (p.348)
She slithy.
See WOODS pedigree p.96/97
William 14.7.1850
Rosetta 14.7.1850 - m. 2.9.1873 to George FISHER‡* p.451
George 1855 - see page 2 - for George's alleged perjury see p.601 & the appended leader from the Alton Observer of 21 Jan 1882 (regarding the definition of the law on poaching)
Laura 19.12.1860 - Mrs KINGSHOTT p.89
Harvey 1863 - now married & lives with mother - for his allotment purchase see p.184 - see p.967.
[Crossed out=>William Herbert 1866 - buried 1.4.1867]
‡ A FISHER child (Lizzie) lives 1887 with Mrs FORD, dau of Rosetta and her name is FORD.
* He killed on the railway (? within a year after marriage).

p.517 WOODS Hannah (4/6/22)
Single woman living at Washford
She sister and 1st cousin as on p.516
Sister to Mrs FORD ? (and very like her)
She slithy and talks biblical
Very well furnished parlour Dec 7 1884
Crippled with dropsy, cannot move out of chair - home smells.

p.517 Children of Edward and Harriet DEANE - see p.527
- James born 5/6/1872 - d 1873
- Edward William 26/4/74 - married (at Grayshott) GF DEACON 1917
- Jesse 27/9/1876 - married c.1890 Amy WOODGER p.526 - Hearne Vale 1928
- Alice 26/10/1878 - Mrs HAMBLIN c.1893 - at Portsmouth in 1924
- Frederick 6/11/1891 - Parish Houses 1928
- Laura 15/7/1884 - Mrs HULL, died 1916
- Arthur 15/6/1887 -married Ruth 1909 & came to Parish Houses
- George 22/7/1889 & returned home from Canada 1914
- Edith 5/2/1892
- Charles and stillborn twin 1/8/1895.

p.518 BELTON Stephen & Harriet (COVER) & family
Came to Hearne in Spring 1881
"Thought I had got them out of the Parish & Mr ALDEN [ALLDEN] (p.519) goes and brings them in" - Mr BETTESWORTH (p.597)
She daughter of William COVER p.573 niece to widow SHRUBB p.423
Now (Nov 1888) at Barford - came begging - 6 children at home
See also p.930.
They were married 20/4/1872
- Ellen 1874, James 1876.

p.519 ALLDEN William & Eliza (ALLDEN) - married 8 May 1878
Our new farmer at Stream, Mich 1880
For stealing potatoes case, see p.229.
Left us Mich 1890 to go to Puttenham - back again circa 1909 at Kingsley
A stroke ante 1927 and still in bed Mich 1927 - would like to be buried somewhere in Row 17 (ie the West row of) the North churchyard (see letter - died December 3rd 1927 aged 77, buried in plot 17-41)
Son Joseph Henry got commission in the War & was killed 1917
5 sons and a daughter.

p.519 ALLDEN Sam - youngest son of above, to be married 1920 & coming to Earley, Lindford.

p.519 Letter to Laverty
[Malt House] Kingsley, Bordon, Hants,
September 24th [1927]
Dear Mr Laverty
Your were quite right about the place chose in the Churchyard. No special site was chosen, but somewhere in the West run of the new Churchyard. Thank you so much for troubling about it.
Yours truly

p.519 Cutting dated 1883 - Headley - Vestry Meeting - A vestry meeting was held at the Parish Church on Monday, the Rev WH Laverty in the chair. Mr CAMPBELL and Mr BETSWORTH were appointed Churchwardens. The other officials nominated were:- Guardians, Mr Andrew WARREN and Mr BETSWORTH; Waywardens, Mr G WARREN junior and Mr ALLDEN; Overseers, Mr WARREN and Mr ROGERS. The Assistant Overseer (Mr SPEAKMAN) applied for an increase of salary; but the question was adjourned for a month. An organ fund has been established in the Parish, and the appeal on its behalf is being liberally responded to.

p.519 Cutting dated Nov 1882 - At the opening of the Court the following protest was handed to the Judge, who concurred in the reasonableness of its application and promised to forward it to the Government.
To the Right Honourable Sir J C BOWEN Knight, He Majesty's Justice sitting at the Winchester Assize November 1882.
May it please Your Lordship,
We the undersigned summoned to serve on the Petty Jury of this Court and being all of us without exception, belonging to the County of Hants, beg and most respectfully lay before your Lordship the manifest unfairness to our County in being called to find jurors to try the cases brought before this Court from the neighbouring Counties of Wilts. and Dorset and to submit that in our opinion those Counties ought justly to supply their fair proportion of jurors on this or any other occasion.
Should this matter not come under the province of your Lordship's jurisdiction, we humbly trust that you may still favourably entertain the justness of our complaint and support us by placing the same in the hands of those whose duty it is to see we are fairly dealt by. We have the honour to be, your Lordship's humble servants, [signed by 44 gentlemen of the jury.] - Mr ALLDEN was one of the Jury.

p.520 FULLICK James (19.1.1819) & Sarah (née RANDALL, b.2.12.1821)
He died 8.2.1904; she died 10.3.1895
Live up high steps near LICKFOLD
Out 29.1.1874 when I called.
Wife daughter of old RANDALL p.623
He 1st cousin to various FULLICKs - see Pedigree p.502
He went raving mad (gone to the Union) Jan. 1881 (see below)
They were married 22/8/1841 and had children:-
- George 1841
- Emily 15/10/1843
- Eliza 12/10/1845 - married 8/10/1870 Benjamin CHANDLER p.623
- Matilida 5/3/1848 - married 21/11/1868 Thomas HOWICK p.638
- James 14/4/1850
- Fanny 9/5/1852 - in 1921 Mrs TIBBLE 14 Hillside, Slough
- Elizabeth 27/8/1854 - this dau. Married to Walter LICKFOLD by whom a child (boy) before marriage and a girl 1891
- Anne 1/1/1857
- Mary Jane 10/3/1861 - Mrs FRANKLIN (p.522) husband died 1896 - children in B&B - afterwards Mrs George (Charles? - see p.93) STRUGNELL
- Alice 8/3/1863
One daughter is Mrs BARNETT (p.1405)
A son George died 1906 within a day or two of the anniversary of Mr DYKE's death, and it was noted because George & LANGFORD were carting in coals on the Good Friday (early) in 1872 & the butler came out - "Hush! He's gone." "Who's gone?" said Shibe (George was always called Shibe). "Mr DYKES." "Where's he gone?"

p.520 Cutting - Petty Sessions - Tuesday
Before Mr W WICKHAM (Chairman), Mr J G WOOD and Mr M G KNIGHT
George FULLICK, of Headley, was summoned to show cause why he should not contribute to the maintenance of his father. The Defendant said in answer to the Chairman, "I don't see how I can. I help to keep my mother now." Mr HARBOR, relieving officer said: "The Defendant's father is an inmate of the Alton Union, he formerly lived a Headley. Defendant was a single man and his wages as a carter were 14s a week. He had another brother away. The Chairman to Defendant: "You understand, you are a carter at Mr LICKFOLD's and a single man. Your father is chargeable to the parish." Defendant: "Do you think I can afford to support my mother and father too? I know I can't." The Chairman: "It is for you to show why. Do you mind saying what your wages are? You are not obliged to." Defendant: "I have 15s a week. I give my mother 8s a week and pay the rent. My mother only earns 8s a week, and then she must work all the week." Defendant afterwards said he paid over his 15s a week to his mother and she gave him back a few shillings. In the winter his mother only worked half her time. Mr HARBOR said if the Bench accepted his statement, he must ask for an adjournment to produce the mother as a witness. Defendant said he was willing to support his mother, but could not keep his father as well. The Chairman: "What do you mean by saying you gave her 8s? Do you give her all your money?" Defendant: "Yes, and what we don't want we use. I think it very hard. My father previous to going into the Union was a great expense to me. We kept him nearly a year." The Chairman: "Did not Mr LICKFOLD help to keep your father?" Defendant: "No sir." Chairman: " Did Mr LICKFOLD not marry your sister?" Defendant: "Yes. But he did not help us." Mr HARBOR: "Did your father maintain himself on his savings?" Defendant: "No sir, because he had none." The Chairman: "We have taken into consideration that you have supported your father when ill, and your mother since. We shall not make an order now, but may later on if work gets better and your earn £1 a week."

p.521 PACEY Charles (1829) & Jane (née BOXALL 24/12/1839) & family
He baptised at Frensham 19.4.1829 - son of James & Susannah PERCY (sic) - born they tell me 26.3.1829.
She bapt 9.3.1840 - asked for and got OAP 1906
Live at [Crossed out=>Land of Nod] Hearne
Came Spring 1881 from Elliot's Farm
Has cart and works for himself etc.
Miss I'ANSON wrote about them being in C.C [clothing club]
Son of p.677, not very kind to the old lady
Sister to Mrs CANE (p.364) and Mrs HARRIS (p.450)
See pedigree p.1284
Angry Xmas 1880 because no interest in C.C. on account of irregularity.
Married 17/1/1863 as PEACEY
- Jane 1861 - Jane Maria baptised 18/5/1862 - adopted child
- Eliza 1863- now Mrs ELSON p.121
- Ellen 1864- now Mrs G MARSHALL p.808.

p.521 Cutting dated June 1884
J DYKE v PACEY - Claim for a quantity of wearing apparel supplied by plaintiff a draper of Alton to defendant a carrier from Headley to Alton. Mrs W TRIMMER appeared for the defendant. Mrs PACEY said she had never had any goods from Mr DYKE on her own account but what she always paid for at the time. She had often brought in orders from the country to Mr DYKE and delivered the goods. Mr DYKE said the goods were for herself and he had purchased two sacks of potatoes of defendant as a set off. Defendant said she had sold plaintiff the potatoes. The Judge asked Mr DYKE why he had not summoned defendant's husband. Mr DYKE "I always understood man and wife were one." His Honour, laughing: "Oh no, this account has run over eight years. Defendant can plead the statute." The plaintiff was ultimately non-suited.

p.522 PINK John & …
Strangers - came Spring 1881 to Cook's Farm - came from Batt's Corner
Youngish good looking woman (? with tongue)
Some young children - ? where christened.

p.522 STRUGNELL Charles & Mary J (FULLICK often written FRANKLIN) - see p.93
Living 1912 and previously at Deadwater (MATTHEW cottage)
He applying 1924 for OAP
She mother of below, also of:

p.522 FRANKLIN William & … (MILES)
Married 1921 living in Hogmoor Lane
She sister to policeman MILES.

p.522 TUCKER John M & Edith Alice (FRANKLIN)
Married 15.12.1906 and come 1912 to Deadwater
She daughter of above
He died Dec 1? 1932.

p.523 BELTON widow of Edward (Jane BOXALL) & children
Live at end Fullers Bottom, MOORE's house (p.574)
In his life first at Fullers Bottom, then by Wheatsheaf, then at Land of Nod.
He died early in 1881.
"Out Aug 29 1872 when I called, called 9.2.1874 with BGL" [Bessie Geraldine LAVERTY was his wife]
He was son of old Mrs BELTON, Waggoners Wells (p.525) & brother to Mrs ELSTONE (p.524)
"Called July 2 1873, out been away 6 weeks, Mrs BENNETT's father does garden - away thatching - sleeps there in the barn".
Widow now (1884) in Churt. Saw her April 1884 at house of p.524.
See pedigree p.1511.
- Edward
- Henry
- Mary - had child Aug 1880 by JETTON p.460
- James Thomas 1867 - buried 1.4.1871?
- George John 7.3.1869
- Emma 5.3.1871
- William 27.4.1874 - buried 13.3.1875
- Maria 11.11.1876.

p.524 ELSTONE (ELSON) widow Louisa (BELTON b. 28/9/1828) & children
Live at Style House, Hearne - late ROOKE's (p.303)
In husband's life-time at Waggoners Wells where husband William hanged himself owing, it is said, to having received notice to quit.
Aug 27, 1872 was digging potatoes "Bad Crop" - used to supply Mr DYKES with ferns.
She daughter of old Mrs BELTON (p.525); sister to Edward (p.523) & Mrs John ALDERTON
They married 29/5/1854; he died 1877
- Eliza 2/7/1854
- Mary 25/10/1857, bur. 26/9/1858
- Jane 13/2/1859, bur 16/11/1861
- Esther 25/8/1861 [Bertha? - see Mrs PAGE in 1891 census]
- Henry 31/1/1864, m. 1/11/1884 to Eliza A PACEY (p.121)
- William 2/6/1867
- Louisa 1869 - m. 4/12/1893 to Samuel CRANE, salesman of Barnes.

p.525 BELTON Edward (21/6/1801?) & Charlotte (BELTON) & daughter
Very old people living at Wagners Wells (Waggoners Wells)
Parents of Edward (p.523) & Mrs ELSTONE (p.524), also of Mrs John ALDERTON
Old man "Piles"; old lady "good nutcracker features"
Both (she particularly) very feeble in 1881
She sister to Mrs BURCHETT (p.368)
27/8/1872 was chopping wood & had been cleaning.
Dau asked me for old man's "Birthright" (Nov 1883) meaning baptismal certificate.
See pedigree p.1511
They were married 18/5/1828
- Louisa 28/9/1828 (Mrs ELSTONE)
- James 29/8/1830 (see p.492)
- Harriett 24/6/1832 (Mrs John ALDERTON, Churt)
- Jane 25/1/1835;
- Edward 2/10/1836 (see p.523);
- Sarah 16/6/1839, bur? 9/3/1863;
- Frances 6/2/1844, bur. 17/2/1844;
- Maria 18/3/1846 - now (1890) living in School Road, Grayshott - in 20th cent. paralysed, d. 1906 in Alton workhouse.

p.526 HALL Charles & Ann (WHEATLEY)
Came Spring 1881 to Plaster Hill, north end (p.277)
Came from Batts Corner
"Young Hall" Mrs SNELLING called hid son 1884
Middle aged woman said in 1884 "no children - minister had been to visit them"
Son (with 5/- bicycle) had been ill in summer of 1884 (Frederick born about 1869).
Sister to Mrs Mark BARNETT p.593
For a son (Frederick) see p.1657
Probably "Charles Hall WHEATLEY" son of Anne WHEATLEY born 22/7/1863, baptised 23.8.1863 is a son.

p.526 DEANE Jesse (1876) and Amy (née WOODGER 1886)
Military Police living 1912 at Bracken Lodge
Next line unclear

An older boy Gordon born at Brighton 14.10.1910
Child Una Jessie baptised Churt 5.5.1912.

p.527 DEANE Edward & Harriett (COURTNAGE) & family
He son of Eliz DEANE, bapt Frensham 12.2.1843
Live at new house on Barley Mow (below ALDERTON's).
Up to Lady Day 1881 at lower Parish House Bottom.
Wife is sister (same mother) to Mrs ALDRED (p.528), dau of old COURTNAGE (p.300), sister to Charles (p.529) & Henry (p.530).
Parents to Arthur below.
Her elastic … (can't read the rest)
He son of an Eliza DEANE, never married - can't find birth c.1842 at Shottermill, but at Frensham baptised 12.2.1843.
They were married 25.12.1871 (Marr Reg says his father is Edward DEANE)
- James 1872, bur 22.11.1873
- Edward William 1874 - m. at Grayshott Gertr Florence DEACON 9.6.1917
- Jesse 1876
- Alice 1.12.1878 - Mrs HAMBLIN (in 1924 at Portsmouth)
- See p.517 for more children here
- Edith 1892 - (to have illegitimate baby Summer 1919 & again 1924) - married farmer named Walter BONE at Plaster Hill who died Dec 1932.
List better on p.517.

p.527 DEANE Arthur & Ruth
Married 1909 & come Oct 1909 to Parish Houses
Frederick p.1850.

p.527 DEANE George & … & 1 child
Come 1914 from Canada - son of above.

p.528 ALDRED widow (Eliz MARSHALL 19/12/1830) & family - born just after Michaelmas, see p.325
Lives at Parish House Bottom off I'ANSON's Road
Daughter of Mrs COURTENAGE (p.300) before marriage
Half sister therefore of Charles COURTENAGE (p.529); Mrs DEANE (p.527) and Henry COURTENAGE (p.530)
She was sister of BARKINs first wife (p.319)
Has had a large family.
He died of encephalitis in 1875
Was brother to Stephen (ALDRED) (p.585) and Mrs SHRUBB (p.331)
Out hopping 3.9.1872 when I called at Fullers Bottom (retired)
Mother to Fred MARSHALL p.427 by John MOSS who had Eliz COOMBES in trouble at some time; and married Eliz COOMBES
She was married 6.3.1853 to Charles ALDRED who was baptised 6/2/1831 and buried 19/2/1875
- Arthur 18/5/1853 - Buried 3/10/1854 (scored through)
- James 1/7/1855 - a son of this James is on p.1349
- Henry 14/2/1858
- Sarah 16/9/1860 - Mrs Sam NORTH (p.174) and in 1902 Mrs HURLOCK p.1460
- Harriet 7/6/1863 - Buried 25/11/1864 (scored through)
- William 4/6/1865 - Buried 8/3/1867 (scored through)
- Alice 7/7/1867 - Mrs James NORTH p.175
- Charles 1/8/1869
- Walter 1/8/1871 - Buried 2/12/1871 (scored through)
- George 30/3/1873 - [His platform experience p.290] and see p.1344
- Also illegitimate Fred MARSHALL 11/11/1849 - see p.427 - his father was "John MOSS" who came again after Mrs ALDRED when both widowed.

p.529 COURTENAGE Charles 28/1/1844 & Anne (née BELTON 21/1/1844) & family
Did live in lower Parish House Bottom, but he died 1881, she having previously run away*
Son of old COURTENAGE (p.300) and therefore brother to Henry (p.530); Mrs DEANE (p.527), Widow ALDRED (p.528)
She did not 'put into' Mr DYKE's clothing club, "Mrs DYKE refusing unless husband went to church."
*She died 1925 at Walton or Weybridge
They were married 8/11/1862
- Walter 30/8/1863
- Charles 3/6/1866
- Mary J 3/1/1869
- Albert James 2/4/1871 - Buried 31/12/1872
- John Vandelow 29/6/1873 - see p.888.

p.529 Cutting dated January 1884
Trespass - Walter COURNEAGE (COURTENAGE), George MARSHALL (p.654) and William MARSHALL were each fined 5s and 4s 3d costs for trespassing with ferrets on lands in the occupation of Mr Darcy WENTWORTH (p.136) Wishanger Lodge, Churt in the parish of Headley.

p.530 COURTENAGE Henry 27/6/41 and Charlotte (née HORN or HORNE) & family
Live at lower Parish House Bottom
Son of old COURTENAGE (p.300) and so brother to: Charles (p.529); Mrs DEANE (p.529); Mrs ALDRED (p.528)
Married to a soldier at Climping in 1860 - "Next day found he had a wife and children" - soldier is John MOONEY. Banns twice published 14th & 21st September 1862 by M G MARSDEN.
I married them at last in 1887
Have met old Mrs COURTENAGE (p.300)
Unclear line linked to the following
- Henry James Courtenage HORNE 1863 - a little excited - concerned in stabbing case - see p.932.
- Fred Courtnage HORNE 27/1/1866 (baptised COURTENAGE)
- Alice HORNE 1871 - p.1384
- Laura COURTENAGE 1875 (Died 1878 on return from harvesting - buried 21.8.1878)
- also there lives with them the nephew John VANDELOW (p.529) 29/6/1873 and
- John BARTHLOLOMEW (p.102)

p.530 Cutting dated April 1884
Henry CORDERAGE (sic) of Headley was charged with being drunk and disorderly at the Wheatsheaf Inn, Headley on 7 April. Police-Constable LEGG disposed that he saw the defendant outside the inn, where he was making a noise and wanting to fight a young man. Witness told him to go home, but he refused. The defendant was fined 1s and 15d costs.

p.530 Cutting dated January 1884 (see also p.384) - Stabbing at Headley
Henry COURTENAGE (20) labourer was charged with unlawfully wounding Frederick FALKNER (p.381) on January 5th. Mr TICKELL (instructed by Mr E GODWIN) prosecuted and Mr MATHEWS defended. The prosecutor said that he was in the parish of Headley on the night of Saturday 5th, and going in the direction of the village at a quarter to at night (sic) in company with three young men named FROST, GAUNTLETT and GODWIN, witness leading horse. On the way he heard a voice crying out murder. He tied his horse to a post while the others ran on in the direction of the cries. When he came up he saw FROST on the ground and a young man named HOLDEN wrestling on the road with GAUNTLETT. The prisoner was coming at GAUNTLETT and witness coming between them, the prisoner came at him. He pushed him away three times and the prisoner's sister cried out "stab him Harry." Prisoner caught him round the back and struck him in the left breast and immediately ran away. About ten minutes afterwards he found he was stabbed in the left breast. He went to GAUNTLETT's house, but could not get his coat off because it pained him. When he took his clothes off next morning he found a hole through his waistcoat and shirt over the wound made in his breast. He was still under the doctor's care.
William MOORE, (p.574) another young man, said he was at the Cricketer's Arms that night paying his club money, the others were there also. He was present at the affray in the road before FALKNER came up. A lad named SHRUBB was crying murder, because HOLDEN had him on the ground and was knocking him about. When GAUNTLETT and FROST came up, GAUNTLETT said to HOLDEN "don't hit a little boy". Prisoner then went at GAUNTLETT and at FALKNER when he came up. The girl said "stab him Harry" and witness saw the prisoner draw a knife out of his pocket, open it, run at FALKNER and strike him twice in the breast. He then turned round and said to his sister "I have done for him" and both immediately ran away.
Cross examined "I did not speak anyone about the knife till the police came to me some days afterwards. It was not because I was afraid I should be suspected myself. I also stated it before the magistrate at Alton. The sergeant of police said that when he approached the prisoner he said he could not help it, as he had had knife open and FALKNER came at him like a mad man and rushed against it. The prisoner was found guilty and sentenced to six months hard labour.

p.530 Further long Cutting - less clear

p.531 MOORE George Edgar (born 1860) and Mary Ann (WRIGHT)
To live in Knight's Cottage in the village
To be married 13 June 1881
He son of John MOORE p.574.

Lodging 1905-1909 at Henry COURTENAGE's - he doing jobbing gardening and labourer's work.

p.532 PETAR Mrs Rosa Walker & children
Owner (as trustee for children) of Headley Wood Farm. Formerly governess in the family, married the son. Her husband's father (butcher Petersfield) bought, and her husband (Edward) worked it as a Gentleman farmer. She the daughter of a country solicitor.
Has 1881 (see extract) a big lawsuit on about nothing (ie an important issue but should not have gone into the lawyers hands. Case for arbitration.)
For SWANBOROUGH see p.25.
Children are: 1870 Edward Tooth; 1871 Rose Ethel; 1875 Constance Eleanor.

p.532 2 large Cuttings

Her laundry in ROOKE's old cottage, Whitmore
Mother to Mrs BELTON (p.Q34)
Note made in 1911: They were James & Sarah (née LAWRENCE) and had a number of children of whom: Fanny (p.664); James in Shottermill undertaker
Came here twice while in Grayshott - buried here.

p.533 Cutting: Haslemere - Robbery of Clothing.

p.534 SCAMMELL Albert John
Millers at Bramshott Mill - Their bread cart well-known in Headley.

p.534 Three Cuttings about Weights & Measures contravention by SCAMMELL.

p.535 KENYON J & …
The new landlord (Aug 1881) at the Holly Bush. Took over from J Upperton.
An old soldier who tells good tales.
He died and she married RUDKIN foreman at Grayshott.

p.535 Large Cutting re setting up of 'New Forester's Court' at the Holly Bush.

p.536 VINEY John Henry (‡ see below, p.537) and Emmelina (TRIGGS, bapt. 16 Jan 1859) & one child*
Young people living in new house on Beech Hill
He son of VINEY p.442
She daughter of TRIGGS p.466
Golden wedding 22 Dec 1927 (therefore m. 1877).
John Henry is right; asked him 13.10.1884 (both father and son are John Henry)
Parents to Cecil p.960
Pedigree p.1231
With them is living in 1894 Agnes HALL (one of Mrs VINEY's sisters married a HALL)
Agnes HALL born 1874 - daughter of Richard HALL 29/1/1835, a coachman see p.1156
married 27.2.1897 at Bishop's Waltham to William George DOWSE (Born 1870) son of George DOWSE a builder. (Marriage is in the Headley register and to Walter George DOWSE, bricklayer, of Bishop's Waltham)
At 'Budleigh', Standford in 1911 census
*Percy Gilbert 2/10/1881, Grenadier Guard killed 1916.
For Frank & Mrs BUDD see p.1497
Daughter Elsie Winifred married 1909 to James Wilfred ROYLANCE (in army)
Living with them is Gordon TRIGGS (bapt. 11.12.1887), 2nd child by Captain GULLEY of Eva TRIGGS, sister to Mrs VINEY. The captain had 2 establishments and Eva loved him and cared for no-one else. Her elder girl was born about 1876 when she was about 20, but when she was enceinte with their 2nd child the Capt deserted her and would make no provision. Eva's friends knew nothing of it until this desertion, but thought she was a nursing governess and then dressmaking.
Gordon broke his leg (Dec 1891) running after the cat. The elder child is becoming (1891) a dressmaker.
See p.467.

p.537 ‡ VINEY John Henry (see above) né 31.10.1857, son of John Henry & Charlotte (née WHEELER)

p.537 HACK James & Sarah Anne (BARKER) baptised 2/1858
Young people living in Fuller's Bottom
She daughter of p.319
He brother to Mrs MARSHALL p.438
[Entered also on p.407]
She came 9/3/1882 to show me her marriage certificate, saying I had called to see it - but I told her no! I never interfered with private affairs.
Father to p.1760 and p.1985
Daughter (Kate) "Cicely" née 1899 - married 26/12/1927 at the Congregational church to a soldier - Earnest George CATTRELL [GATRELL] - born 1.1.1858, bapt 11.2 1858
Made a will for her (Mar 1927) which BELCHER and I witnessed leaving all household effects to (I think) daughter & granddaughter.

p.538 LICKFOLD Walter (1843) & Eliza (FULLICK 27.8.1844) & 2 children
Live at Headley Mill Farm
She dau of James FULLICK of Standford p.520
The father John Fulbrook LICKFOLD was tenant of glebe, and so was son for a while
Replied to blind queries when came early June (came end of May 1918). No OAP - not applied as income just sufficient - £10 from 1104 ??? £20 from ??? with (indistinct)
Nov 1920 same answer as above - not applied. Did not think of it & forgot that the limit was raised.
Went blind about 1894, he told me in 1924.
Before marriage, Frederick 1872 (see p.539)
They were married and have since had
- Eliz A Eugenie bapt 5.6.1881 (since dead)
- John Edward né 20.9.1885 (see p.539)
Tenant of Sir Archibald Macdonald. His father John was tenant of the Estate for a while. Walter went blind 1894. Sons: Frederick 1872-1935; John 1895; dau, 1881 who died.
Frederick m. Cicely JENKINS; John m. May TAYLOR (teacher at the Holme)
Old John came 1827 to Rogers shop, went 1835 to the Wheatsheaf, and in 1845 to Headley Mill, which was built for him[?]

p.538 Cutting dated Sept 1881 - Liphook - Farm Sales - includes property of Walter LICKFOLD

p.539 BOXALL Jack (John) & Esther (ROOKE) 15.5 1853 & 3 children
Live at Grove's Cottage, Lower Barford Road (inf: dau of Mrs MATTHEWS) came there in 1881
She daughter of old John ROOKE p.304
Sister to Mrs JAQUES in Headley
- Minnie née 7/8/1883 Barford
- Sarah Ethel née 9/2/1886 Barford
- Edith Isabella née 8/4/1889 Hollywater.

p.539 LICKFOLD Frederick James (July 1872, died 1935) and Harriett Cicely (JENKINS)
Married at Churt 11/2/1920 after death of his mother.
Son of p.538.

p.539 LICKFOLD John Edward & Mary Frances (TAYLOR née 14/7/1886)
Married (? at Droxford) Xmas 1919 after death of mother
She for many years teacher in the Holme school - p.1554.

p.540 GOODYER Henry & wife
Mr ROGERS' (p.481) new man (1881). Lives at Long Cross. No family. In same employment before he came as THORPE (p.481)
Like Mr SPEAKMAN (something) to look at.
Wife very respectably connected.

p.540 Cutting dated February 1882 re Henry GOODYER robbing Mr ROGERS shop. GOODYER given 2 months with hard labour.

p.540 LICKFOLD John & Anna (note made 1920)
Father to p.538
Came 1827 to ROGERS' shop in Street (and was an eye-witness there to the Riot of Nov 1830)
Went 1835 to the Wheatsheaf
And in 1843 Headley Mill was built for him.
See further information at page 148 of Book 2.
See MI=226.

p.541 GREENAWAY [GREENWAY] Samuel & Emily (CURTIS 19.11.1828)
Farmer at Hollywater. High-renting landlord (2/9 for ordinary cottage eg. those at end Hollywater on left).
She sister to Richard & George CURTIS (p.614 & p.615) & to Mrs George WARREN (p.672)
Has built his house across the Allotment Recreation Ground.
Had up two young BARTHOLOMEWs (p.103) for shooting a horse of his. Not proved.
Mrs GREENAWAY died in an asylum at Virginia Water, March 1932.

p.541 Cutting dated Dec 1881 - A Juvenile Horse Stealer - James COOPER, scarcely 10 years of age, was brought up from the Workhouse charged with stealing a horse value £8, the property on Mr S GREENWAY. Outcome: the boy was sent to prison for 5 days and then to a Reformatory for 5 years.

p.541 Two other short Cuttings c.1890 - about GREENAWAY letting his horses stray.

p.542 KINSHOTT [KINGSHOTT] John and … & 1 child
Live in narrow lane at Hollywater
She daughter of CANNONs p.414 (inf: Mrs John HUNT)
Cottage belongs to Mrs John HUNT
Probably a relation (at all events) of the Mrs James KINSHOTT* who lived at Hollywater when I came and who 8/8/1872 was making puddings - and leered round uncomfortably. Lived before 1872 in Bramshott.
This last mother to Mr Harry HEATHER p.156 GV.
Written sideways: *She sent 14.4.1923 an O?? d. of p.539
Mrs Esther BOXALL was Esther ROOKE and was baptised here on 15 May 1853 (dau of John ROOKE buried here in 1891). John & Esther ware married elsewhere . Came back in 1881 with 3 children & had 3 more baptised here 1883, 1886, 1889. In recent years I have lost sight of them, but can safely answer "Have they resided in UK for 12 years since they were 50" in the affirmative.

p.543 SOUCH John & Jane (not to be confused with LOUCH)
Live at Hollywater public house - used to keep the Bank of England PH
Didn't seem altogether pleased to see me 20/8/1872
By HARBON's list all children born before 1863
Father & son and dau heavy but pleasant
John (son) married 25/4/1886 to Harriet GLAYSHER see p.189.
Wrote 8.10.1884 for the recovery of 10/-wrongly paid on inhabited house duty in 1883.

p.544 SPARKS … & … (ELSTONE)
Live at Hollywater (just in Bramshott) - young people
Son of p.244
Came for loss of house in 1880
She daughter of ELSTONEs p.417
He died end of 1881 and was buried Bramshott
She now (Nov 1884) living at Hollywater - Bramshott side.

p.545 GAUNTLETT James & Anne (DRAPER)
Old people (small farmer) at Hollywater
Cousin to Mrs PILGRIM who did live there
Place belongs to them
Parents to p.548 (and see p.549)
He dead and ?William GAUNTLETT living with mother (or grandmother)
They were married 21/4/1829 and had children - James 28.6.1829 - see p.548.

p.546 COURTENAGE George (14/7/1822) & Sarah (COLLINS née FYFIELD 6/3/1803)
[Crossed out=>Live at Hollywater behind SOUCH's]
Widow living at* Lindford with Mrs FYFIELD (p.252)
*Since Feb 1883 living with James CHANDLER (p.342) at Hollywater - "couldn't abide the swearing at FYFIELD's"
Saw her 18/3/1876 about tithe - had been there a month
House belongs to Gipsy GRIGGS
Brother to John (Gipsy GRIGGS) and Charles (p.300) & to Mrs BELTON (p.224)
Sister to old FYFIELD (p.564)
They were married 23.4.1853
She was first married to Henry COLLINS 20.8.1826.

p.547 COURTENAGE John & Philadelphia (BOXALL)
[Crossed out=>Lives on Beech Hill Allotments ground]
She now dead - with daughter at Wheatsheaf
Parents to Mrs James MARSHALL p.653 and Mrs ROE p.579
She married, her husband alive.
Her name ?Philadelphia
Brother to George & Charles (p.300) and Mrs BELTON
She buried 3/11/1881 (plot 12-48, dropsy, age 64) when these came to the funeral her husband and their children.

p.547 Cutting dated 1884 - Drunkenness at Headley - John COURTENAGE was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Headley on 1st July. Police-Constable LEGG deposed to seeing the defendant in the road very drunk. Witness with difficulty got him near home, where he threw himself on the ground and began to swear. In defence, the defendant said he had only had two pints of "four-penny" and it had overcome him. He was fined 1s and 5s costs.

p.548 GAUNTLETT James (28/6/1829) & Mary Anne (MATTHEWS)
Middle-aged farmers (small) at Hollywater
Son of p.545
She relation (1st cousin) to James MILLS (p.656) & Mrs Edmund BETTESWORTH (p.597) whose mother was Frances MATTHEW
See ANNETT pedigree
Neither James GAUNTLETT or his wife had either brother or sister.
They were married 27/12/1856 & had children
- James 29/7/1860 see p.2056 - contrar to mother? - married to John EGGAR's daughter Emily Anne p.556
- George 23/11/1862 - very steady - married 1/3/1887 to Amelia BOXALL, daughter of Charles.

p.548 GAUNTLETT Percy John, son of James (above) & … (DUKE)
Married 22/11/1913 at Alton and living at Standford Hill
She 2nd youngest daughter (Fanny May?) of p.1059
Now 1915 on Hollywater allotments
After war separated. She in ?Hogmoor Lane.

p.549 GAUNTLETT widow Hannah (TRIGG born 4/9/1825)
Lives at Hollywater in Allen's Cottage near old GAUNTLETT's see p.545 & p.548
Abraham GAUNTLETT died June 1866
Now (1883) married to … ROE and gone out of Headley
House occupied by son George (see below)
Sister to Mrs UPPERTON p.465 (and like her)
They were married 8/4/1844 and had children:
- George 10/8/1845 - p.46
- Jane 24/10/1847 - mother to William George 1868 - afterwards Mrs SMITHERS p.948
- Mary Anne - 25/10/1849 - ill a long time, died 15/3/1876
- William 4/1/1851
- James 19/3/1854
- Walter 25/5/1856
- Harriet 26/2/1860 - see p.948 - housemaid's knee Nov 1862
- Thomas 27/9/1863
- Eva Elizabeth 1/7/1866
See TRIGG Pedigree p.1231.

p.550 BARRATT George & Mary
Live at Hollywater opposite old PIGGOTT
Mr ALLEN's shepherd [inf: BETTESWORTH]
Came from Kingsley, probably in 1871
One daughter (Rose) is pauper lunatic in asylum
She "cousin" to Mrs COX p.595
- 1860 Rose
From Bull's Book, I learn:
- 1862 Sarah
- 1867 William
- 1870 Tilly.

p.550 BARRETT (BARNETT?) William & Harriett
Had children at Huntingford Bridge
- Mary 1821, Anne 1823, Thomas 1825.
A daughter of Thomas came over from Rowedge & looked round on Easter Monday 1919.

p.551 TILBURY Timothy & Charlotte (HAMMOND) & son
Keep a shop at Barford
Son to old Mrs TILBURY that died
19.3.1873 at door did not ask me in.
Saw her in bed 19.10.1881, a woman friend minding the shop for her
& niece Beatrice DOPSON (probably some relation to p.1171) in April 1886 banned April 1886 to William GLAYSHER.
She sister to Mrs SMITH (WOODGER) p.203 & to Mrs LARBY of Churt - see p.203.
William 15.6.1862 not quite right & on mother's death (1892) to aunt SMITH, Plaster Hill.

p.552 OTHEN Samuel & …
Live (probably not in Headley)
Did live at Blacknest.
Boy came begging 20.10.1881 saying that they had been in Hollywater a fortnight. In the afternoon I went down but found no trace.
Mrs OTHEN [inf: Mrs PIGGOTT of Hollywater] used to attend Mrs ALLEN's women's meetings.

p.553 HOWICK William & Leah
Farmer at Lindford
Was busy (20.8.1872) in making a rick.
Very ill some time do. DYKES never came to see him much.
One daughter Rachel, now Mrs POTTER (p.463)
Another Mrs LEONARD who kept a Liphook shop (Mary Ann, m. John Henry LEONARD 23 Apr 1878).
- Maria 27.3.1859
- Sarah Leah 4.3.1866
- Rachel, now Mrs POTTER (age 25 in 1881 census).

p.554 GARDINER George
Gone Oct 1881 to New Inn
Lived for 18 months previously at Lloyd's p.506
Came for Rector churchwarden's certificate 24.10.1881
Brother to Jane (at Trottsford married BURROWS) p.431.
Cutting dated 1884 - Drunkenness & gaming at Public House - George GARDENER, landlord of the New Inn, Headley was charged with permitting drunkenness on his licenced premises on April 7th.

p.554 GARDNER George & … & family
They call it Gardner
With family came to Lindford Laundry in early 20th century
Mrs G's brother married his WHITING daughter of p.478.
- William George Silvester GARDNER (married in Wales) killed at Mons 1914.
- Kathleen E GARDNER (15.11.1896) married Bertram CANNONS (CANNINGS) p.1716. To p.414 He killed in France. To p.416.
- Lily May GARDNER married Samuel GORDON K.O.S.B.
died 3.5.1899 - see p.2063.

p.555 DAVID Charles (b. 18.7.1829) & Jane (EGGAR b. 20.2.1833) & son Edwin Charles (in our choir)
Live on the Green in the old Little School.
She sister to John EGGAR p.309
She used to go to school in this very building. Her brothers went when the school was 1st open.
Aunt to Mrs SMITH p.556
Sister (I think) to Mrs William GAMBLEN Guildford
Married 20.10.1861 - Golden wedding 20 Oct 1911.
Living at The Laurels in 1911 census

p.556 SMITH … & Alice Ann (EGGAR, b. 18 Sep 1859) & 1 child (not born here)
Keep shop in village. She niece to Mrs DAVID p.555 & EGGAR p.309
Mrs SMITH (his mother) lives with them.
Daughter of Edwin EGGAR that did live at Standford Post Office - see p.309 & Q.145
& in whose name the shop is.

p.557 SMITH Mrs or COOK
Lives with son in village (arrow to p.556 above)

p.556 & p.557 Pedigree of Headley EGGARs (some of the lines are not clear on this page, so relationships shown below are a best guess)
John EGGAR p.309, natural son of Bentley gentleman who died and left him £10,000. John E was using trowel when news came: ' no more of this,' said he and retired there & then.
Married Sarah:
- Sarah* 18.1.1818 - had dau Sarah Eggar Frogley, who never married but left money to "any child belonging to me" some 2 years before Mrs SMITH was born , and the Will was disputed by Mrs DAVID & Samuel EGGAR but Mrs SMITH got it. (See Times Wed 15.3.1905 & local papers)
- Andrew 3.9.1820
- John 4.12.1825: m. 1856 Anne PINK - see p.309 for his Will etc.: had Emily Anne 11.9.1859 (Mrs GAUNTLETT see p.548); James John b.1861, d.1861
- Samuel 31.8.1828: m. 1855 Esther BENHAM
- Edwin 3.8.1828: m. Anne ___, lived at Standford PO - had dau Alice Ann 18.9.1859 Mrs SMITH see p.556
- Jane 31.3.1833: Mrs DAVID - see p.555
- William 31.12.1837: buried 25.3.1838.
* Johanna was Mrs W GAMBLEN of Guildford. (Not sure what this line relates to)

p.558 STAPELEY (STAPLEY) Samuel & Mary A (WINDIBANK) & family
Live in the village behind Crown
He works away & returns home on Saturdays (carpenter in 1881 census)
See p.1407.
- William 15.4.1849
- Noah 26.1.1851
- Owen 17.10.1852
- James Henry 24.12.1854
- Frederick 31.5.1857 - in 1874 had been in service at Brighton but had rheumatic fever
- Mary Ann 13.10 1859 - m. 1/5/1880 Henry CROCKFORD, miller of Dockenfield
- Albert 2.11.1862
- Walter William 7.5.1865 - for a time our servant
- Thomas Sam 5.7.1868
- Frank Richard 7.5.1971 - see p.1407.

p.559 HEATHER Arthur & Kate (GROVER) & family
Live in the village east of Crown
Our laundress 1880.1881.
The cottage belongs to Mr WOODTHORPE p.494.
Son of p.425.8
Sister to the late Mrs WEEKES p.514 & John p.428 & Charles p.1218.
Pedigree p.999.
They were married 18.11.1871 & have had children:
- William Ernest 1873 - see p.1886
- Albert Arthur 1874 - married 30.1.1897 Minnie GATES p.354
- Clara 4.2.1877
- Alice 1881
- Fred.
Widower at Chapel House, Headley in 1911 census

p.560 BURROWS Agnes (24.4.1839 HUNT) widow of seaman & children
Husband Charles, a seaman whose leg had been amputated and who d. 18 Oct 1876 age 41
Live at Arford in front of Sophie PAGE p.233.
She was first person I married, 1.8.1872.
Took them 3.9.1872 marr: lines (no charge)
Her family at one time in better position.
Her uncle has tombstone in churchyard
Charles BURROWS (according to Mr C) son of Standford widow B (p.595)
She says 1913 she was born on a Sunday in March 1839 - this would be either 10th or 17th, but she says March 13 or 14.
She was married 1.8.1872 to Charles BURROWS, a pensioner (Captain of the Forecastle was his rank), and had children:
- James Adam 1873 - for papers on this boy's extension to Greenwich Hospital, see a foolscap envelope in attic [crossed through with words 'Now taken up']
- Jessie 1874 - now 1884 gone to the orphan home, St Michael's Road, Portsmouth - in 1911 census Assistant Matron (Royal Seaman and Marines Orphan Home) - in 1922 Mrs DURRANT, 78 Lawson Road, Southsea.

p.561 WEST A
Postman from Greatham in the mornings
Lives at Greatham but while here in a small house behind Mrs SPEAKMAN p.424
Afterwards at Fellmongers
Now (Sept 1898) in the Parish Houses
Arrives here at 8am, leaving again at 6pm.

p.561 Letter from WHL dated 14 Aug 1890: A WEST, who carries our letters to & from Greatham, finds that the heavy burdens (up to 35lb) so often put upon him owing to the Parcel Post are wearing him out. He wishes therefore to buy a donkey & cart to carry his parcels when they are heavy. Kind contributions for this purpose may be entered here & given to the bearer or sent to me. W. H. Laverty, Rector of Headley
5/-; 2/6; 5/-; 2/6; 2/6; £1; 5/-; 2/6; 2/6; 2/6; 5/-; 2/6; 2/6; 2/6; 2/-; 5/-; 10/-; 5/-
= £4-4-6d collected.

p.562 ELSTONE Edward & Elizabeth (BLANFORD)
Live in the village in Mr KNIGHT's house, front of p.298
She sister to a clergyman, Rev William West BLANFORD
The clergyman once helped me. Very low church.
He a tradesman. Built FRASER's house p.453.
Uncle to Robert p.1737.

p.563 COVER John & Emma (FYFIELD) & daughter
Live [crossed out=>in the village behind SPEAKMAN's Arford Cottage] up Barley Mow Hill
She sister to FYFIELD p.342, aunt to Mrs GATES p.534, sister to widow BURROW p.565, daughter of p.564 who lives with them.
Son of a Charles COVER by marriage register (I found in 1895 that he illegitimate brother to Mrs William SMITH p.317; this would make his name really RALPH, but "he does not know it."
First cousin to William MANT p.65
They were married 6.2.1858
- George 23.1.1859 - p.566
- Mary Anne 5.7.1863.

p.564 FYFIELD James (13.7.1799)
Old man living in village with daughter p.563
Father to Charles p.347 & widow BURROW p.565.
Has broken his leg once - very grumpy.
Perhaps shortsighted.
Grandfather to Mrs GATES p.354.
Brother to Mrs George COURTNAGE p.546.
He was married 7.11.1824 to Eliz GAUNTLETT. She was buried 24.4.1869.
- William 20.2.1825 - buried 28.3.1825
- Louisa 23.7.1826 - see p.565 (BURROW)
- James 20.1.1828
- John 28.4.1830 - buried 3.5.1835
- Mary A 7.3.1833 - buried 3.5.1835
- Emma 9.10.1835 - see p.563 (COVER)
- Charles 29.4.1838 - see p.347
- Alfred, a private in 33rd Regiment died 12.5.1880 of Enteric Fever at Lucknow - ill from 9.5.1880 to 12.5.1880 - see p.347. Buried at Lucknow Military Cemetery. His No. was No.1184 Private Alfred F, 33rd Reg.

p.565 BURROW widow Louisa (FYFIELD)
Widow living in Parish Houses
Daughter of p.564, sister to Charles p.347 & Mrs COVER p.563.
Mother to Mrs GATES p.354, cousin to Mrs HEATHER p.425.
For her brother see p.126.
She was married 3.10.1846 to Charles BURROW who was buried 10.2.1865.
- Harriett 20.12.1846 - see p.354 (GATES).

p.566 COVER George (applying 1928 for OAP) & Sarah (née 30.1.1844) & child Augusta
(I am told 1925 they were married at Keymer and Augusta there baptised.)
Hurst Lodge
Son of p.563 who lives with him in shed?
Formerly lived in Fellmongers
Real name RALPH (see p.563) though he does not know it
Augusta passed certif. Teacher in 1902
2nd & 3rd went as teachers into Surrey (not sure of context of this line)
& married end Oct 1910 at Chiddingfold? to William Ernest BELCHER, a postman - see p.2078
Living 1927 & before at Beech Hill Farm
& with them her/his sister Mrs MARCHAND, née March 1828 or 1829
The sister is the eldest and Mrs COVER the youngest of a large family, all except these two dead in March 1903.
She died Feb 1914 & buried at ?Hurstpierpoint.

p.567 LANGFORD James (19.5.1822) & Mary Ann (WHITE née 26.11.1827 TOWNSHEND)
'Mary Ann' is Mary Jane in all censuses and in Marriage Register
Live at Deadwater. Wife (2nd wife) does sewing.
Brother to Mrs TRIGGS p.466, uncle to James T p.467.
Was 9 years in the Army (at Hong Kong, etc) then 7 in the Navy (including Crimea)
Only child by 1st wife married Dec 1913
This daughter Clara Eliz: married a John HUNTINGFORD, eldest (illegitimate) son of Mrs BURRELL (p.603), and one sickly child of this union lived long time with the LANGFORDs. This child bridesmaid in 1894 (born 17.10.1874, Mary Eliz.),
First wife Sarah was buried 16.8.1857.
He was married to Mary Ann 16.2.1858 (6.2.1858 in Marr Reg)
No children by 2nd marriage.

p.568 PARFECT widow Mary (CHALCRAFT)
Lives on way to parish House Bottom (Rose Cottage in 1881 census)
At times lets lodgings
At one time a teacher at Headley school.
And in 1872 etc. kept a dame's school.
He a brother to late p.215 (see pedigree of PARFECTs p.359)
Went 3.4.1873 to see about son (Walter) going to St Bartholomew. I'ANSON had sent order & sent word. This son now 1881 at Rogate.
She was married 2.1.1845 to William PARFECT (born 6.10.1810, bapt 12.12.1862) & had children:
- William 30.11.1845 - lived 1880 in Guildford
- Walter 28.7.1850 - married 1878 to Clara PARFECT, our nurse (she died Dover way Aug 1928 - she was Clara PATTISON)
- Edgar - our gardener 1879-1880.

p.569 PHILPS Louis
Bachelor living at Barford.
?Brother to Mrs COLLINS p.612
16.7.1873 brought water for Mrs HARRIS p.449.
Pleasant little old man
His father owner Plaster Hill Farm - see p.295.

p.570 COOMBES widow Harriett (16.3.1828 BELTON) & family
Live in Fullers Bottom
Met her 29.8.1872 at Mrs BURROWS (p.228) when she lived in FB, Mrs BURROWS having a bad foot.
Had nine children by 1872 - 2 married.
In Aug 1872 one in service, coming home 'laundry to hand' - only 4 places in 6 years, therefore 'good girl'
Husband of one of the girls (this in 1872) been away harvesting, not heard from him for more than 2 months.
Mother to James p.571, Sarah p.572.
Her mother Jane WHITE was married 1825 & perished 2.2.1855 in deep snow between Headley & Grayshott.
One brother of widow COOMBES was Shiner James BELTON a prize-fighter, & another George was drowned in Waggoners Wells.
She was married 22.5.1849 to William COOMBES (bapt 31.10.1824, bur 25.4.1878) and they had children:
- Sarah (Jane) 22.7.1849 (bapt in Grayshott, reg says 'Jane, corrected 1896', actually Sarah) - marr 1.4.1871 to Thomas AYLING & __ to James PALMER - see p.572
- Emily 13.7.1851 - marr 1.4.1870 to James BERRY - see p.1373
- Betsy 26.3.1854
- James 5.10.1856 - see p.571
- Jane 5.6.1859 - marr (?to Henry STONE on 15.10.1881, she aged 22)
- George 26.10.1862
- Edward 7.5.1865
- Kate 6.10.1867
- Nancy 6.3.1870 - Mrs PARFECT
- Harriett 27.7.1873 - Mrs BETTESWORTH, marr 1910 at Frensham.

p.571 COOMBES (COMBES) James (5.10.1856) & Annie (AYLING)
Live in [crossed out=>Parish Houses] Fullers Bottom - 'well seeker' in 1901 census
Son of p.570, brother to p.572.
His housekeeper 1921 is his cousin Mrs ENVIS & in 1924 (& before) his daughter Rose SHRUBB wife of Eli Edward SHRUBB marr 26.5.1922.
With them lodging Oct 1890 his brother Edward COOMBES.
With them living 1888-1890 Peter ALDERTON, son of old George p.312 who did live with his sister Mrs BOXALL.

p.571 Cutting dated 9.3.1883 - Game Trespass - James COOMBES and William GILL, two labourers, pleaded guilty … for trespassing on common land in search of rabbits in the parish of Bramshott. …

p.571 Letter from WHL dated 3 Oct 1891 - James COOMBES having lost a pig worth a pound asks for help to replace it. Kind contributions should be entered overleaf and may be given to the bearer or sent to me.

p.571 COOMBES Herbert Henry & Lucy Maria (COOMBS)
Son of above living 1926 at AYLWIN's, Headley Down.
I gave her a car order to go to Alton for confinement. Married Selborne 28.6.1926. Re-entered p.2038.

p.572 PALMER James & Sarah (AYLING née COOMBES)
Came to sister's wedding 15.10.1881
She daughter of Mrs COOMBES p.570
Down in my book as: Sarah AYLING, 1 child; married 1.4.1871 to Thomas AYLING; came 20.1.1872 asking for help - bad haunch - always lived in Headley - illegitimate daughter Eliz: Ann COOMBES.
She sister to p.571.

We have tried to pull the following sections together, relating to the descendants of Joseph & Sarah WHITE - they are written across two pages (p.572 & p.573) of the book and are in some confusion

p.573 COVER William (10.7.1809) & Anne (4.4.1819 at Binsted WHITE)
Live at Barford
Father to [some crossings-out here] BELTON p.518
In 1872 Eliza† had Evil (is this the 'King's Evil'?)
She sister to widow SHRUBB p.423.
They were married 2.11.1839 and had children:
- James 3.1.1842 - bur 22.3.1844
- William 24.9.1843 - died at Churt 4.1.1910
- James 25.12.1846 - marr Eliza† KING 3.7.1869 (& had Fred 4.8.1872?)
- Eliz: 1.9.1850 [crossed out=>see p.585]
- Harriett 31.12.1854 - Mrs BELTON (p.518)
- Anne 18.10.1857 - bur 5.4.1858
- Charles 18.8.1861 - marr 6.10.1888 Eleanor WHEELER, mia to CRAFT p.625, grand-dau to Mrs SMITH p.203.

p.573 Pedigree of Joseph** WHITE & Sarah (surname unclear)
- she sister to Mrs Jane GREEN 'who made the Will'
Their son Thomas married Anne BAKER (see below) in 1814
Cross-lined with comment 'see p.1559'
Children (shown in more detail on p.572):
- Mrs COVER (see above)
- Thomas of Woodbourne - his dau Mrs George WHITWELL, Binbrooke PO, Ont, Canada wrote Mar 192?

Written at bottom of p.572
WHITE Thomas* & Anne (née BAKER)
- William 1.7.1815 at Binsted
- Mary 2.3.1817 at Kingsley - Mrs SHRUBB p.423
- Anne 4.4.1819 at Binsted - Mrs COVER, see p.573
- Thomas 11.2.1821 at Kingsley - Woodbourne, Ont, Canada in 1898
- Dan 30.3.1823 at Kingsley
- John & George (twins) 9.5.1825 at Kingsley
- Daniel ?.?.1829 at Binsted.
*This Thomas WHITE was born 2 Jan 1792, the son of Joseph** & Sarah WHITE and was baptised at Selborne 25.1.1792 by Gilbert WHITE. He was married to Anne BAKER at Binsted 20 Nov 1814 (by licence) .

Two letters from WHL, seemingly randomly placed here, asking for money for:
John CANE of Lindford Chase for loss of a 'valuable cow' (12 July 1883)
Edward COOMBES for 'the misfortune to lose his horse' (11 Nov 1884).

p.574 MOORE John & Harriett (ELSTONE)
Live in double (detached) house between Parish House Bottom and Barley Mow Hill
Son of old MOORE, Parish Houses p.396
Called sometimes MOORE, sometimes CHURCHER, his father being a love-child
Lived till 1881 at Fullers Bottom upper end
Children in 1872 "go to Grayshott school"
Baptised child privately 16.1.1873, received it 26.1.1873
?She sister to BURROWS first wife p.361
Parents to p.531
Annie now has hysteria and lives away
With them lodges James BURROWS p.104.
- George Edgar 1861 - see p.531
- Annie 1863 - whose daughter OULTON lives here 1895 aged 14
- William 4.11.1866 - 37 Field Battalion RA - see p.530 about 1887
- Felix Albert 7.3.1869 - bur 19.5.1869
- Walter 7.3.1869 - bur 15.5.1869
- Marian 12.3.1875 - Mrs Fred FIGG p.811
- Jesse 1.10.1876.
Husband & wife 'died within half an hour of one another' 16.3.1898 [MI=1131]

p.574 Cutting dated Xmas 1883 - The Education Act - Orders were made on the following defendants that they must send their respective children to school regularly:… Charles MISSINGHAM of Headley, … John MOORE of Headley … [Comment from WHL: Reported by Mrs Henry COURTENAGE. Her revenge because Mrs MOORE's son was principal witness (in the stabbing case) against Mrs C's son.]

p.574 Cutting dated Oct 1884 (and corrected by WHL) - Harriett MOORE of Headley was charged by PC LEGG with being drunk in the village at five in the morning on the 20th September. He found her leaning over a gate asleep and when he requested her to go home she abused him.

p.575 ALLDEN (ALDEN) George (b. 9.8.1824) & Mary (YOUNG) & daughter
Farmers on Beech Hill
Out 29.8.1872 when called
Works on roads with cart & horse
Emma was apprenticed to Dressmaker
See p.279 for his turfcutter's row
Nephew in some way to Thomas BURRELL p.603
ALLDEN's aunt (& all family) are ALDREDs
Brother to p.1035 (Deadwater Hill)
- Fred 1852
- Emma Jane 24.2.1860 - "Fussy" - see p.360
- Harriett 24.5.1863 - bur 26.5.1866.
His sister (I think) Mrs MAXTED p.361.

p.576 LOE Daniel & Mary (16.3.1828 SHRUBB)
Live at Hearne Cottage
Out 4.7.1873.
Sister to Mrs GLAZIER p.290, Mrs Sam MARSHALL p.654, Andrew SHRUBB p.655.
He Mr BETTESWORTH's carter.
A brother of hers (in some college as servant? in Scotland) died in 1881. Exercised because "telegram to be delivered by post did not arrive till next day." Concerning this brother George SHRUBB, Mrs H Knowles Creed of Rutland Cottage, Isle of Cumbrae, Greenock wrote May 1882 asking for the name of a local solicitor to look after the property for Goerge's widow. George SHRUBB had been recommended to her by Mr DYKES "many a long year ago."
They were married 8.1.1848:
- Esther 21.5.1848 - marr 6.1.1866 Richard WOODS - ?died 1928
- James 11.11.1849 - bur 13.5.1851
- George 18.4.1852 - marr 2.8.1880 Eliz: M PRATLEY p.119
- Sarah 24.6.1855 - marr 4.6.1881 James KEEN
- Henrietta 1.1.1857
- Mary 24.3.1861 - Mrs WOODGER (see p.577) - at Hearne Style …
- Daniel Andrew 17.4.1864 - marr Sep 1884 Marie Johane Augusta HARMANN, a German. He a gardener at Chertsey - he and wife buried 26.1.1927.
[For the assault on her, see p.322].

p.577 HILL William & Ann (née STACEY)
Live at Grayshott - broomsquire & shopkeeper: "William Hill licensed dealer in tea"
He inclined to drink - she much older than he
Aug 27, 1872, she making bread, so stayed not
On 18.5.1874 went into shed opposite where he was making brooms - promised to come to schoolroom service, which he does
Uncle to Stephen BOXALL p.578
Mrs HILL was probably born in Frensham
They were married in Thursley.
Hill Road in Grayshott is said to be named after them.

p.577 WOODGER George (né 2.2.1856) & Mary (née LOE 5.3.1861)
Married 9.7.1887 - see Pedigree p.1367
Live at Hearne Style. Brother to William p.260
Her sister Sarah is Mrs James KEEN married 1881
Suffered from rheumatics since 1886 & gave 2/- in 1916 for use of Bath chair.
He son of Richard & Mary Anne WOODGER (née HAMMOND)
Born at Red Hearne or Frensham 2.2 1856.
I sent 30.9.1912 for certificate
Died 23.2.1928
No children.

p.578 BOXALL Stephen & Anne ROE (or COOMBES)
Live at Grayshott below Park Lodge
He nephew to HILL p.577
On 27.8.1872 saw Mrs with large hat picking sticks
Mother? to John ROE p.579
With them lives a niece named CLAY whose father is dead & mother gone to service [with Prof. John Tyndall at Hindhead in 1891 census]
Another CLAY is with another BOXALL in Bramshott (by CANE's p.364)
She died 1887& a young woman named EAMES* began to keep house, & still does so 1890.
Sister to Mrs MARSHALL (Whitmore); dau. to Irish Will - still there 1894
- John ROE 1854 (see p.579)
- Eliz BOXALL 1863;
- William BOXALL 6/10/1867 - marr 1895 Lile Geneva EAMES* and died on return from Ashanti Feb 1896. She had patriotic pension & marr James MOOREY p.608
& the orphan
House kept 1898 by Mrs CLAY.
At bottom of p.579: Lile Geneva's daughter by BOXALL had a daughter now Mrs RENNIE wife of a sailor at Portsmouth who came about funeral (Dec 1935) therefore Frank Belton MOOREY (or POOK).

p.579 ROE John & Phoebe Ann (COURTNAGE or BOXALL)
Come to Grayshott schoolroom service
Daughter of "Mrs John COURTNAGE" p.547
He son of Robert ROE (p.578 & marriage register)
Married by me 22.2.1879
& as widower to Mary Jane POOK 17.07.1886?

p.580 FOLEY Hon Fitzalan
Builder & Proprietor of large house Broxhead.
Second son of late Lord FOLEY, brother of present Peer.
Himself afterwards the Peer [Fitzalan Charles John Foley, 6th Baron Foley (1852-1918)]
His house sold to Mr Ulick BURKE, then to Sir David BARBOUR*, then to the War Dept as General's house at Bordon.
*Sir David Miller BARBOUR (1841-1928) was a senior administrator in India, Finance Member of the Indian Viceroy's Council under Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, writer on monetary issues, and Irish loyalist.

p.580 Cutting dated Nov 1884 - FOLEY summoned for not paying rates.

p.580 HUTCHINGS Alfred James & Kate (FULLICK)
Have come (1904) to late COVERs, Barford with a boy born in 1900.
Married 12.12.1896 & have since lived in Churt.
He under-carter (& steward) to Mr PRITCHARD.
She daughter of p.582.

p.580 HUTCHINGS - come 1919 to Barford.

p.581 FLOWERS … & wife
According to 1881 census, Charlotte (widow) and daughter Anne
Have charge of Lushington Laundry, Lindford [Inf: Mrs COLLYER p.212]
She stammers a little
Went there 16 July 1884 & saw her & Mrs PIGGOTT (p.621) & Mrs HAYDEN?
Saw also (same day) the new drying room.
With them live girl WARREN who comes to church & keeps company with young HAYDEN p.456.

p.582 FULLICK Henry (18.9.1833) & Martha (SHRUBB) & family
Come from Field House m(Churt side) to Rook's Cottage, Hearne
He son of the old people of Cook's Farm - see p.315
Brother to Mrs CANE (p.326), Mrs George FYFIELD (p.279), Mrs James SMITH (p.314)
She daughter of old Eli SHRUBB (p.311); sister to Mrs Peter COOMBES (p.220), & to William SHRUBB (p.316) & to Edward SHRUBB (p.331)
She very like her sister Mrs Peter COOMBES. "10 in family"
Described by Alexander as "very nice people"
Away from Headley 1870-1881.
For FULLICK pedigree see p.836.
They were married 24.12.1853 and had children:
- Andrew 21.5.1854, bur 2.10.1854
- Samuel 13.1.1856 - see p.871
- Mary Ann 12.7.1857 - Mrs HOWARD, dying of consumption at Woking 30 Nov 1889; her illegitimate child Lily HURST now 1890 lives (and has lived) here.
- Martha 2.1.1859
- William 23.9.1860
- John 15.12.1861
- George 27.12.1863 - see p.1291 - marr 1910 Louisa RICHARDSON
- Arthur James 7.5.1865
- Frederick 3.5.1868
- Ellen - Mrs James CROUCHER (son Fred bapt 3.1.1904 at Churt) - "Miss E FULLICK" who is missus
- Kate or Harriett - Mrs HUTCHINGS, see p.580
- Flossie - born about 1880?
- James - marr 1901 Jane GALE.
Note: some birth dates and names above do not tie up with the censuses

p.583 ALDRIDGE (or ALDRED as in census) William & Jane (MOORE) & 7 children
New people come (1881) to Plaster Hill, south end [Inf: Mrs George FYFIELD p.279]
Now 1884 on Barford High Road
The people that were at Field House.
She came 29.8.1882 for clothes for jane for whom Mrs HOOKHEAD obtained place.
Parents to Mrs WHITE p.141.
No relation to other ALDREDs.
She (at all events) from Petworth.
He eldest sister's son to Thomas MARSHALL p.504; brother to George p.1427.
- William 1863 - calling himself William ALDRIDGE of Royal Sussex Regt - came 8.3.1893 to have pension paper signed: 4d per d quarter; 2d per d annually - served nearly 8 years
- Emma 1864 - Mrs TURNER (he Charles)
- Jane 1867 - Mrs Arthur WHITE (5th child in 1896)
- Henry 1870 - came 15 Jan 1887 to ask to go for a sailor (ie. to become a sailor, I assume)
- Charles 1872 - came 27 Oct 1891 with form to enlist
- Ernest 1875
- Alice 1878 - marr 27.10.1900 Fred Albert AYLING, 22, of Grayshott, not Christened or registered here though born here (though this denied 16.3.1896 by mother) - "Christened at chapel to avoid the 1/6d charged at church"
… dates are as given me by Mrs ALDRED in 1896, but my memory very bad.

p.584 HARRIS Charles & Mary Jane (EVANS)
Young keeper [crossed out=>come to Bulls Farm] now at land of Nod (west) about. 1881
"No children alive"
Came from Wales (orig. from Shropshire)
- Alfred William, born Bulls Farm 20.11.1881
- Ernest Sidney John, born Land of Nod 27.7.1883
- Thomas Edward, born Land of Nod 22.7.1890.
Then they went away & panelled & in 19__ Mrs HARRIS came to Hammer Lane & he became keeper at Hilland - with son Thomas Edward.

p.585 ALDRED Stephen (8.8.1841) & Eliz (COVER) & family
See p.325. She baptised at Linchmere 15.7.1834.
Live at Barford on mill narrow lane.
"Uncomfortable woman to get on with" 16.7.1873
Baptised baby in Dec 1872, buried May 1873.
Shoemaker, etc.
Brother to the late Charles (p.528), & Mrs MARSHALL or SHRUBB (p.331)
She daughter of [crossed out=>p.523] Thomas.
They living 1908 at Vict. Terrace, Knaphill.
COVER pedigree on p.1575.
They were married 7.3.1863 & had children:
- Stephen 7.10.1866
- Edwin 5.1.1868
- Elizabeth Ann 2.4.1871
- Henry _.12.1872 - buried 1.5.1873.
The correspondence (or some of it) relating to the girl Elizabeth's leg etc is in an envelope (9"x6") in attic with Parish papers. Cross-written "now torn up"

p.586 ALFORD William & Elizabeth (ROSE) & family
Tinker living on Standford Hill
Never married. Came to church but spent the money at the Holly Bush [Inf: Mr CAMPBELL]
Mrs ALFORD died 1907.
Never married, so children are really ROSE:
- Sophia
- Eliza
- Johnnie
- Mary A 7.6.1868
- Rose 1.1.1871 - Mrs OSBORNE - 4 children in 1907; husband out of work, had 5/- in Aug 1907.
- William 29.6.1873.

p.586 Cutting dated 1887 describing the Service of Thanksgiving for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.

p.587 ADAMS George & family
Widower* living at Chase Farm, Standford.
Came from Bramshott early in 1875.
Eldest girl (goodlooking) keeps house.
Some of the children come to school.
Recommended to go & see them by Canon CAPES (rector of Bramshott)
Father to p.1097.
- Albert 1869.
* Some mistake as child William George, son of George & Sarah, bapt 5.3.1882.
Wife Sarah is certainly there in 1881 census, and another child Edith born in Dec 1883.

p.588 ALDERTON John & Harriett (née BELTON 24.6.1832) & family
Live in Churt Barracks & pay a little tithe*
Son to old master ALDERTON (p.312)
"Got 7 children" one at service (3 out of 10 dead)
Was baking 13.3.1874 when called.
"Out of 12/- a week, pays 1/- for rent, 10/8d for flour, then has 4d left for schooling" 13.3.1874
*For others similarly situated see p.628
He buried at Churt 25/2/1904, age 77
She buried at Churt 15/3/1907 "age 78", address: Pinewood Cotts, Tilford Rd, Churt
Before marr
- Matilda BELTON (now GROVES) p.283
Married 10.7.1854 & had children:
- Jane 27.4.1856 - now Mrs James CANE, p.346
- Frank 1.2.1862 - marr 1884, see p.54
- Maria 4.6.1865
- Charlotte 1866
- James 1869 - marr 1899, see p.1259 - R.H.A.)
- & others.

p.589 BRIDGER Joseph & daughter & granddaughter
Farmer living at Hatch House, Lindford
Agent to Mrs PETAR.
Daughter had illegitimate child (Eleanor Elvina, Feb 1876)
Father to Mrs HARDING p.474, Henry BRIDGER p.475.
Uncle to p.1011.
Mrs BRIDGER was a MOSS of Conford - buried 6.1.1872 aged 61 [MI=155, plot 3-42]
He was married to Anne MOSS & they had children:
- Henry - see p.475
- Ann 18.2.1844 - Mrs HARDING p.474
- Mary 14.4.1850 - see p.1402 - mother Feb 1876 of Eleanor Elvina.

p.590 BONE George & Elizabeth (LANGRISH) & family (also on p.662)
Horse farmer & cow doctor at Lindford
Very dissentful. He pleasant.
Strong chapel-ites. Headley chapel.
She teaches in Chapel Sunday School
Send their children "anywhere but to Headley" - this in 1873 [when they used to go to Mrs PIGGOTT's p.662]
Some relation to CUMMINGS children p.130.
Their children are:
- Ellen 15.6.1862
- Agnes 6.11.1864
- Edith 1868, buried 31.8.1868
- Naomi 1870, buried 19.1.1872.

p.591 BUDD William (d. 21.3.1926) and Mary (TILBURY, d. 8.10.1922)
Live at Standford. Came from Conford 1874.
Children not baptised [Allenites?]
She sister to TILBURY that was our gardener, & to Mrs COTTON p.905.
His mother ("Mrs BUDD of Liphook") sister to old POOK p.665.
Took them 15.7.1884 Mr POOK's funeral card
She also sister to Mrs William Ernest CHANDLER p.1065.
He brother-in-law to Rose SMITH (Mr CARPENTER's servant) as she married Jack BUDD (see p.332).
- Mary Ann 1872, marr William CHANDLER p.1067, died 1919
- William 1875 - see p.1075, died 1918
- Ruth 1877
- Kate 1879 - Mrs SAMPSON p.1470
- Jessie 1882 - Mrs BULLOCK p.1595, afterwards Mrs MACDONALD
- Henry 1885, died 1918
- Grace Hannah 1887 - Mrs JONES*, she died Jan 24th 1917 aged 30 while JONES serving in France
- Jack 1888 - died 1922
- 1892 - lived 2 hours
- 1896 - lived ? hours
- Dorothy Eliza 1898 - marr 1.1.1923, Mrs CARTER p.2006.
*His sister Edith JONES sent a cross (MI 581) for grave ???? time, eg. April 1919 (Hazleden, Dallington, Heathfield, Sussex).

p.592 BARNETT William & Jane (née 13.10.1816 WOODS)
Old people living at Standford.
Bad leg. Run over by WARREN's horses 1864 or 1865.
Call 27.12.1873 to tell call for blanket Jan 1.
Brother to Mrs Stephen GATES p.594.
Father to Mark (arrow to p.593)
He died & buried dissentingly, May 1884.
They were married 6.8.1837 & had children:
- William 18.11.1837 - marr 30.10.1858 to Frances GAUNTLETT
- Mary J 13.10.1839
- Reuben 2/6/1844 - marr 1869 Eliza BUDD p.1084
- Thirzah 27.6.1847 - marr 1873 Andrew SMITH, formerly living at Hollywater, see p 95.
- Mark (arrow pointing to p.593).

p.593 BARNETT Mark & Emily (WHATELEY) (WHEATLEY) & children
He born 24.12.1841, bapt 23.1.1842, died 1924, bur 22.3.1924 at Beckenham
She born 23.2.1843, bapt 16.4.1843.
Live at Headley Wood
Son of p.592
Woman nice but inclined to queerness in head, particularly at childbirth (see letter below)
Children baptised by "poor Mr DYKES"
Sister to Mrs HALL p.526.
In 1918 she (Emily) at Trimmers Cottages, Oakhanger Common, Bordon.
They were married 10.10.1868 & have had children:
- William Charles 5.9.1869 - a soldier coming for month's holiday Nov 1882 - Sgt of the Permanent Staff 3rd Northamptonshires received end May 1907 the silver medal for "longservice & good conduct" not a single entry being against him in his 20 years service.
- Walter 5.11.1871 - marr 1898 (actually 3.4.1899) Alice CARPENTER, 26, who died 26.7.1901
- Eva 1875 - m.24.12.1894 Charles Henry Newport HAWKINS, 25, pensioner
- ___ 1881
- Annie Helen b. 7 Jan 1884
- John b. 10 Jan 1886, Bayfields Road; bur 29 Nov 1886 age 10 months.

p.593 Letter from Rosa B PETAR to WHL dated 3 Feb 1882 - My Dear Mr Laverty, How very kind of you to give my little girls such a nice book. They are delighted with it. Thank you very much. I am so glad Mark BARNETT has taken his wife to Alton. I always feared she would do herself or family some injury. She was not fit to be left alone at times. With kind regards to yourself and Mrs Laverty.

p.594 GATES Stephen & Sarah (BARNETT) & Adeline
Live at Standford (old post office) south end.
Inf: her brother p.592
She gone to hospital Nov 1877 (Inf: BARNETT) & living with them (arrow to Adeline) & her husband.
Brother to James p.344, uncle to George p.354, Stephen p.607.
They were married 3.5.1841 & had children:
- Stephen 8.8.1841
- George 25/12/1844
- Mary 24.7.1847
- Susan 26.9.1852
- Fanny 18.11.1855
- Adeline 28.8.1858 - marr Henry MOSS, see p.59.

p.595 BURROWS widow Elizabeth & son Jim & Mrs COX
Live at Standford
Sister-in-law to Hen-Woman p.231.
Just able to get to Headley & back
Was left with seven to bring up
Mother [crossed out=>according to Mr CAMPBELL] of late Charles seaman p.560.
She now dead and house kept by Mrs COX (one of her two widowed daughters). Mrs COX cousin to Mrs BARNETT p.550.
Housekeeper 1895 Mrs SETTERFIELD , see p.968.
James BURROWS and Elizabeth EVANS (aunt to Mrs TUCKEY p.669) were banned 1824 & had children:
- James, oldest, born in Churt or Frensham
- John 29.10.1826 - soldier dead in 1895
- Elizabeth 28.12.1828 - bur 4.4.1895 "Mrs COX"
- George 5.6.1831 - a soldier
- Hannah 14.4.1833
- John (crossed out) perhaps Charles 31.8.1834 - see p.560
- Sarah 25.3.1838 - Mrs HASELTINE - died Liphook Apr 1894.

p.596 BURROWS Richard & Anne (WHEELER) & family
Live at end Lindford Chase on left.
Paper for pig to them on 17.12.1879
Large family. Dirty.
Son of old George p.231 - see there for relations
She sister to p.120.
- Thomas (TWB) - age 10 in 1871 census
- Harriett 1866 - now Mrs GLAYSHER p.193
- Sarah 1868, bur 1.1.1869
- Ellen 1869
- John 1871
- Owen 1872
- Anne Maria 1873, bur 1.6.1877
- Godfrey 1876.

p.597 BETTESWORTH Edmund (6.10.1819) & Mary (née 21.2.1807 MILLS)
Farmer living at Bayfields Farm.
No children. Churchwarden.
Agent to Mr PHILLIPS of Grayshott Hall.
She sister to William MILLS p.619 & James MILLS p.656.
He a relation to old Mrs FYFIELD p.278.
He cousin to Mrs William MILLS p.619.
He died 1885, she 1896.
Girl Eliza LAURENCE (LAWRENCE) lives with widow
whose brother Welcome (this is his real name) lodges with Henry COURTNAGE & whose other brother lives in Whitmore (p.1084).
Welcome LAURENCE now 1894 on Stone Hill & said to be about to be married, as on p.1119.

p.597 Cutting dated July 1885 - Funeral of a Churchwarden - On Monday the remains of Mr Edmund BETSWORTH of Bayfield Farm were interred at Headley churchyard. The deceased, who was 65 years of age, had been a very useful man…

There follow two unnumbered pages:

Headley Parish Council accounts March 31st 1901 to March 31st 1902 (an amendment of a printed copy of the previous year's accounts)

A letter (to WHL?) giving reasons for two double inductions of Rectors in the history of Headley: William COX in 1596 & 1626; and Robert DICKINSON in 1818 & 1822.

No further pages in Book 5.


Transcription of Book 5 completed as follows:—
pp.400–449 The Priestleys
pp.450–499 Ann Viney
pp.500–549 Freda Line
pp.550–599 Jo Smith

Book 6 (dated 1881) + Index 1 by surname at p.700

Unnumbered page at start of Book 6 headed "Central"
Headley - Pages 602-627
Hilland (& Grange) - Pages 628-641
Fuller's Bottom - Pages 642-673
Parish House Bottom - Pages 674-707
Beech Hill - Pages 708-723
Parish House Bottom - Pages 724-741
Parish Houses Road - Pages 742-757
Barley Mow Hill - Pages 758-773
For Arford and Long Cross, see III Pages 514-579

p.600 & p.601 missing on microfilm

p.602 BAXTER John & Mary
Farmer living in Headley Chase. Pleasant
Communicants both husband & wife
Niece (aged 34) married 23.10.1873 by licence to Edward FIELD.
House belongs to Henry KNIGHT.
Never had any children (Inf: SPEAKMAN).

p.603 BURRELL Thomas & Anne (HUNTINGFORD) & family
Live at Lindford (commencement of Lane)
Gets living principally by Horse & Cart.
Gave them wine every Monday in Winter 1874, 1875 he being ill with rheumatic fever.
Good looking woman.
Eldest John HUNTINGFORD (born before wedlock) married Clara Eliz. LANGFORD p.567, one child Mary Eliz. being born in 1869; the child (or one another) being sickly, lived long time with the LANGFORDs.
Uncle in some way to George ALLDEN (Beech Hill) p.575.
- George 1853
- Ellen 1857, now Mrs MACDONALD, wife of a sailor abroad 1889-1891.
- Harriett 1861 (St Vitus, Feb 1876 to St Bartholomew's)
- Fanny 4/6/1871 - now Mrs Charles KNAPMAN. Churched here 20.1.1895. See also p.1089.
With them lives a deserted child Emily KEEN or ROBERTS
Written to about her Jan 1882 by Mrs BARNARD, Pilcot, near Winchfield, Hants who tells me (Feb 2) that she has now been adopted.

p.603 Letter from WHL dated 12 July 1889 - Thomas BURRELL has lost a cow worth £7 to £8. In his enfeebled state of health this is to him a most serious loss and he appeals for aid to enable him to replace the cow. Donations should be entered overleaf and may be sent to Mr Laverty or given to the bearer.

p.604 BARNETT Edward & Frances (HILLIER) & family
Live Elliott's Farm - he a bricklayer
"Church people" - she used to clean church
"Dirty Mrs BARNETT" - he drinks
Daughter of old HILLIER (arrow to p.605) - agreeable.
Mrs came for coal 13/2/1875.
He brother to Mrs HOLDEN (p.384).
Went 2/7/1873 to ask about name of child whether Dorothy.
The widow came back in 20th century to Hollywater and married to or living with Reuben AYLING & having now left with her two of Ayling's grandchildren, a girl and boy TRIGGS (their mother dead & father remarried & skidaddled)
- William John 3/2/1867
- Charlotte Maria 1/11/1868
- Ernest 1871
- Kate Dorothy 29/6/1873
- Sarah Eliz Alice 1876
- Emmeline 7/12/1879
- Naomi May & Constance Ruth (twins) b. 9.5.1885 - of the twins one is Mrs RENOUF the other is Mrs POWELL.

p.604 Cutting dated Jan 1886 - concerning petty session re game trespass - William Barnett.

p.605 HILLIER William
Sometimes lives with daughter (arrow to p.604)
Went & came back March 1880
There in 1881, gone at the end of 1881
Has a daughter at Hindhead, Mrs WINCHESTER, a widow
Not a bad old man. Died Jan 1882.
Also there is said to be a daughter Sarah who married & went abroad. Query Mrs YEATES whose child Sarah Jane born 7.7.1867.
They are all Churt people.
Can this be connected with p.108 & p.109?

p.605 POWELL George Benjamin & Constance (née BARNETT arrow to p.604) & 1 child
Nov 1908 at next Andrew GAUNTLETT's
One of the twin BARNETTs. He ex-ASC.

p.606 MATTHEWS William (b. 20/4/1833) & Rhoda (née 20/11/1834 AYRES) & family.
Rhoda born Petworth Fair Day 1834 at Balls Cross - bapt Petworth 30.11.1834.
Live on Deadwater Hill. Gipsy-ish.
William & Job got school prizes March 1877 & generally attentive to school attendance.
See p.508 for his quarrels with BRITTON.
Assault by EADE see p.472.
- John 1854 or 1855
- Eliz
- Edward
- Fred
- Phoebe 1865 - see p.1013 (Mrs Fred COURTNAGE)
- William 1866 - see p.171 & p.958
- Alfred 1868 - died 1870
- Job 1870
- Rhoda 1872
- Fanny 1874 - married a butler named ALLEN. She widow with 1 child (born 1901) in 1903.
- Thomas 6/5/1877 - wounded 1917
- Emily Louisa 5/1/1879.

p.606 Several newspaper cuttings and learnèd notes relating to court cases involving William MATTHEWS

p.607 GATES Stephen & Evelina (née 30.3.1852 MILLIS) & children
Shoemaker living upper end Parish House Bottom
She to Xmas 1881, sewing & infant teacher
Son of p.344 & ?brother to p.354
See p.634.
Were married away in ?1879.
Lodging with them is (Xmas 1881) William LAWES (p.685)
Allowed under act 39(t)3 by letter from Department of 23rd April 1878 [Headley EAW Hampshire 3665]
See p.684.
Children by 1st wife Evelina MILLIS:
- Cyrus Stephen 24.8.1879
- Evelina Sarah Eliza 6.3.1882 - not living Headley
- William James 12.4.1884
- Annie Louisa 16.6.1886
Children by second wife, Mary Ann ETHERINGTON (who received OAP from 3.8.1923):
- Alfred 21.9.1889
- Alice 1.10.1890 - in 1924 Mrs Alice MARSHALL, 19 Lyme St, Camden Town, NW1.

p.607 AUSTIN William Thomas & Emily (MATTHEWS) & 2 children
Married 1904. She deserted about 1906 & 1909 living at home (arrow to p.606).
Together again in 1920.
- Reginald Nov 1904
- Gladys 1905
- boy 28.2.1921.

p.608 POOK James & Eliza (MOOREY) & children
Live at Grayshott below I'ANSON's Lodge
Mrs P from Frensham - brought Annie to be priv. baptised
Eliza MOOREY's "proper name" Eliza ROOSHAM
With them Stephen COOMBES p.609, & in same set of cotts. LAWRENCE p.484
Mrs P died 1894
Before marriage:
- James MOOREY 6/2/1870 - m. widow Lile Geneva BOXALL (see p.609)
- Annie MOOREY 1/1/1873 - m. 26/10/1892 to Edward Albert GARNER, 26, painter
They were married 1874 & have children:
- Alice POOK 1879, bap 8.2.1880, d. 1889
- Beatrice POOK bap 5.6.1881.

p.609 COOMBES Stephen (b. about 1823)
Lives with POOKs
"Promised to look after Eliza MOOREY (p.608) & now looks after her eldest boy" (Inf: BETTESWORTH).

p.609 MOOREY James (23/12/1869) & Lile Geneva BOXALL (née EAMES) p.578
Had children:
- Jim BELTON 11/9/1900
- Jack BELTON 11/1/1902
- Frank BELTON 19/2/1903, d. 1915
- Ernest BELTON 12/3/1904.

p.610 CHANDLER Charles (4.7.1819) & Harriett (née 4.9.1824 BLANCHARD)
Keep a shop at Lindford.
Husband shoemaker, works for GAMBLEN
She was "20 years a servant in London"
Two boys in choir when I came
Hori (bad sight) worked a while for Mr ROGERS p.481
Good church people
Andrew good-looking - rather some to bow-wows
She sister to James BLANCHARD p.335
He cousin to Charles CHANDLER p.341
Died of paralysis 16 Oct 1895 age 78. Uncle to p.81.
They were married 1.1.1857:
- Andrew 31.1.1858 - connection with Foresters p.535
- Hori 25.12.1859 - died
- Elizabeth 16.3.1862.

p.610 CHANDLER Andrew & Elizabeth (his sister, 1901 census)
Live 1903 (& before) in Arford.

p.611 CLEAR Mrs Jane & Mrs Jane KINGDON (née WHEELER).
Farmers at Trottsford Farm.
Saw old John 22.8.1872; very like Ward Hunt in 'Vanity Fair' for 11.3.1871.
On 22.8.1872 hoped I should bring Mrs Laverty and hoped we should know what children are.
With them now lives niece Minnie LOE née 31.12.1861 (she died April 1936 - MI 1143).
The farm (1881) in Mrs KINGDON's name.
John Clear LOE (né 1864) brother to Minnie, son of John Fuller LOE, was married here 23 Jan 1895 to Mary Aline MURRAY (née 1867), dau of James Benjamin MURRAY architect.
Jane WHEELER (née 5.9.1832) marr 1.9.1859 to Thomas KINGDON (she recorded in Marr Reg as Jane Wheeler CLEAR, father John CLEAR, yeoman)
Kate _____ marr 5.12.1860 to John Fuller LOE (who died in 1878?)
John George CLEAR (né 15.4.1840) - bur 14.3.1848 - "brothers and sisters dear, weep not for me." [MI 47 - actually says: "only son of John and Jane CLEAR" - "Parents and sisters dear / grieve not for me / as in life I received / every kindness from thee; / and as death relieveth me / from sin and pain / do pray that in heaven / we may meet again"]

p.612 COLLINS Louisa (née 18.12.1809 PHILLIPS) & sons
Live at Huntingford Bridge Smithy
Came out 23.8.1872 to carriage to see Bess.
Husband Daniel (died 1875) born in house.
She came from Petersfield.
Her father lived at Plaster Hill (see p.295)
Sister to Louis PHILLIPS p.569
Mother as below.
Mrs Stephen* (Milly below) was DYKES' & our housemaid
Charles† is the present support of the family.
They hold the Headley Street smithy.
Had sofa & chair given on 75th birthday.
- Charlotte 7.1.1834 - marr 2.12.1864 John KNIGHT
- Stephen b. 8.5.1837, bapt 7.6.1837 - marr Milly DISNEY* - said 1914 to have been made widower (very feint writing, and unclear which line it refers to)
- Anne Louisa 25.12.1840 - marr 18.11.1863 to H BRIDGER p.475
- George 1.11.1843 - died of consumption May 1871
- William 10.9.1848 - has fits
- Charles† 18.5.1851 - see p.1402
- Kate 7.5.1854 - now married, ?Mrs COLE (see p.1534).
See COLLINS pedigree p.845 & p.849.

p.613 COPPER Henry & Elizabeth (VINCENT) & family
Live at Barford.
He works at RIPPON's mill p.651
Mrs pleasant; Don 16.7.1873 alarmed boys
Came with RIPPON.
Girl 16.7.1873 went to I'ANSON's school
She died 1910, when he went to son at The Moorings, 167 St Augustine's Rd, Southsea.
- Elizabeth Mildred (age 18 in 1881 census) - Mrs YOUNG, wife of a butcher. The butcher let a knife slip in 1908 (early) & cut an artery in his leg & died in an hour. The 2nd boy YOUNG né 1896 is with COPPER in 1908, a great reader.
- Caroline 2.12.1866, bur 2.7.1867
- Henry 5.9.1869
- Frank 4.6.1871
- Alfred 1873
- Amy 6.8.1876 - unmarried at mother's death in 1910.

p.614 CURTIS Richard (12.12.1838) & Louie (Louisa) (KNIGHT) & baby
Headley Street Church Gate - keep the shop.
Brother to George p.615 & Mrs GREENAWAY p.541 & Mrs DENNING p.77 & Mrs George WARREN p.672.
Richard & George (p.615) are the 'Bros' of the shop.
Great supporters of the Dissenting interest.
Change ready money & low prices.
She dau of Henry KNIGHT p.640.
His purchase of SHRUBB's cottage p.576.
Son of Richard CURTIS & Mary PIM p.825.
They were married in 1879? and have two children:
- Richard Henry 1.11.1880 - see opposite (p.615)
- Marion May (the elder of the two).
A governess Min LEE married 1911 to Lynton WARREN p.672.

p.614 Letter from Mr GAMBLEN to WHL dated Sunday morning, 4 Oct 1891 - Mrs CURTIS ask if you will please allow the 8 o'clock bell not to be rung this morning as Mr CURTIS is to be taken away at 9 o'clock and if he hears the bell he will know that it's Sunday and will start off to Standford.

p.615 CURTIS George (16.4.1843) & Miss Elizabeth (née 19.3.1831, bapt 22.4.1831)
Brother & sister living at Standford
Brother & sister to Richard (p.614) & Mrs GREENAWAY p.541 & Mrs DENNING p.77 & Mrs George WARREN p.672.
When mother died, property was divided.
He one of the 'Bros' of the shop (p.614).

p.615 CURTIS Richard Henry & Winifred (De LAUNAY)
Son of p.614. Marr 8 May 1919 (by licence) at Ryde by Rev Hugh Le FLEMING.
He was then Lieut in 8th Hants, afterwards Capt
& his mother was living at Deeplin Cliff, Shanklin.
She (Winifred) was 2nd daughter of Mr C J De LAUNAY, Hermitage, Ryde.

p.616 CURTIS James & Jane (she age 58 in 1881 census; d. 25 Feb 1890 age 70)
He born 6 Oct 1824, died 24 Nov 1916
Church people keeping shop at end of village (Shop opposite Wheatsheaf, Arford)
This his second wife
Ellen was a servant here for a short while after Mrs JEFFRIES.
He son of a Dr CURTIS, past Drs in 1794 & early 19th century.
Ellen's children afterwards living there
-- Kathleen JEFFRIES teacher in school
-- Muriel JEFFRIES went as child's maid to India Oct 1919 with Mrs WATSON of B
In 1918 they gave up the shop to Mr & Mrs BOHANNA p.1838.
- Mary Jane, b. 26 Jan (1858?)
- Ellen Maria 1860? - marr JEFFRIES p.276.
I think this pedigree is incorrect - see the print.
There follows a short and speculative family tree, below which he says:
See another pedigree on p.1957.

p.616 Cutting dated 12.2.1924 - Generations of Doctors - The CURTIS family in Alton …
Without saying it, WHL implies that James CURTIS above was of this family.

p.617 CHANDLER George & Anna (MILLS) & family
Live at Lindford near bridge
He a miller, & he & sons (William & Alfred) in the choir
2nd boy (Alfred) got spine growing out
Mrs ALLEN gave Alfred a sort of stays
She dau of James MILLS p.656. See HARDING pedigree p.129.
Brother to Tom p.627
[Crossed out=>Cousin to Fred p.296?]
He son of p.36 (Mrs LEMON).
- Charles 5.6.1864, bur 9.8.1870
- William James 3.6.1866 - see p.917
- Alfred 4.10.1868
- Herbert 7.1.1872
- Edith 31.5.1874 - m. 20.4.1896 Frederick George TANNER, farmer of Denmead
- Frank 1.7.1877.

p.618 LANGRISH Walter (b. 16/2/1836, bapt 16.2.1836) & Elizabeth (POWELL) & family
Small farmer (yeoman really) Saunders Green
Brother to William p.645
There is also a governess Miss _____
He used to wear spats, so the lane from his house (Tignals) to Hearne was called Spats Lane.
He was buried here 11.1.1906
She was buried here 26.1.1914.
- Walter Henry 1871, bur 28.6.1872
- Frederick Walter 1873, called Fred
- Elizabeth Ann, 10.6.1875, called Bess.

p.618 WATTS James & the misses
Farmer Dockenfield - died 1901 or 1902
Wife, I think, sister to Mr LANGRISH
Place (Great Holt) now bought by Major Boyce COMBE, a son of Pierrepoint.

p.619 MILLS William & Bessie (Elizabeth Ann)
She born 3.5.1825 (he age 61 & she 57 in 1881 census)
Live at top of Petar's Lane, bottom of Curtis Lane.
He brother to Mrs BETTESWORTH p.597 & James MILLS p.656.
She cousin to Mrs BETTESWORTH & so some relation to William the broker at Alton.
Aunt of wife's in Selborne "with millions of money"
Long story: wife somehow done out of it, and aunt & cousins have it all.
Called 31.12.1873 with BSL & ASL
The place is called Huntingford & belonged to old James BLANCHARD (p.335) & was sold at his death.
They were married 1872 - no children.

p.619 Letter from Mrs MILLS to WHL dated 14 Nov 1885: Dear Sir, I write this to ask you if you will oblige me with the Certificate of my dear husband's death & burial as I wish to take it with me going to prove his Will as the Exexutrix, and will you also kindly look at the Tithe Map and see if you can find Latch Field (Plot No.332 is Latch Moor), as I was not willed to it in my husband's presence at Mr DOWNIE's office on the 28th of April 1882 and a gentleman from Alresford was there. I shal feel truly obliged Sir if you will see to this at once for me. I would have seen you about it but have not been able to get about much lately.

p.619 Cutting dated Dec 1886 - Re William MILLS deceased - (after a printed copy of his Will leaving everything to his wife): I take this opportunity to say that I have in no way given my sanction to any one thing being sold that belonged to the late William MILLS , my deceased husband, and any person having any property belonging to the said William MILLS is to deliver the same into my charge by the 20th December 1886 in the first place, and afterwards to my solicitor AFM DOWNIE Esq, High Street, Alton.
Joyce STEVENS writes: This Will was witnessed by my Gt-grandfather and Grandfather (SUTER), 5/5/1885.

p.620 WAKEFORD Frederick & Elizabeth (WINDEBANK) & child
Headley Street (opposite the Holly Bush). The butcher.
Brother to Mrs HOGSFLESH, Liphook
Son of the bigger Liphook butcher (for whose death in Jan 1875 see announcement (Cutting) in paper)
Inclined to be very pleasant & agreeable.
The sister Mercy WINDIBANK banned with William PAYNE of Bentworth in Sep/Oct 1882 - see p.505.
Father to p.1904 (Jim WAKEFORD & Allie m. 1921)
They were married & have 1 child (1881): (The following list rearranged according to 1891 census)
- Albert Frederick, b 1881?, died 1936
- Henry James, b 10.7.1884 - married Miss ARTHUR - one girl Rita (now BEAVEN)
- Cecily, b 27.7.1886 - marr KING
- George Wilfred, b 20.5.1888, died 29.10.1905?
- Robert Cecil, b 13.3.1890 - married HD PETTIT Nov 1935.
For connection with other WAKEFORDs see p.1610.

p.620 Cutting re. starting the Foresters - see p.535.

p.621 PIGGOTT Mark (24.8.1826) & Maria (WOODBOURNE 27.10.1832)
Live at Lindford
Husband works for the LICKFOLDs p.538
Special grievance: machines
Two of husband's brothers in Australia
Went to see (10 Aug 1872) about Charlie for choir
George died & tombstoned by choir (MI 200)
Children good at school considering distance
Brother to James p.337 & the late John p.662 & George p.694 & Dan p.695
Uncle to Walter p.161
She (1884) works at Lindford Laundry.
They were married 12.11.1851:
- Mark 22.2.1852, bur 2.2.1858
- James 2.3.1854 - dead before 1922
- William 20.7.1856, died June 1922
- John 3.4.1859 - alive in 1922
- Charles 17.1.1864 - alive in 1922
- George 7.9.1866 - died 20 Feb 1878, see above
- Walter 5.6.1870 - alive, see p.1406
- Lucy 1872 - died, see p.1387.

p.621 Cutting dated Feb 1891 - Fancy Dress Ball (the first of the kind in Headley) - Aunt Edith (SUTER), aged 33, in evening dress [wrote Joyce STEVENS].

p.622 I'ANSON Edward & family
Live at Grayshott Park
An architect of 7A Lawrence Pountney Hill, EC
The son has the business in 1903 in particular with Mr HASELHURST.

p.622 I'ANSON - Many cuttings - d. 1888. Buried here. President RIBA. Established and carried on at his own expense a school at Grayshott. JP and FGS. Memorial window placed in church by his children 1891, St Paul & St Barnabas (Heaton, Butler & Boyne) next to window in memory of his first wife and daughter. Mr WOODTHORPE (p.494), his great friend and neighbour, was first president RIBA and died a few weeks before.

p.623 CHANDLER Benjamin & Eliza (FULLICK)
Live at [Crossed out=> Linstead Farm House] Deadwater Allotment, next RS GARDINER
There formerly lived with them her grandfather James RANDALL (went into Union Mich 1878)
She dau of James FULLICK p.520
Son to Mrs Eli p.269
Brother to Mrs William FYFIELD p.277 & Mrs WALKER p.93.
They were married 8.10.1870:
- Ruth 1876
- Benjamin George 1872
- Edith 1874
- Minnie 11.12.1876.

p.623 Letter from WHL dated Aug 1892 - Mrs Benjamin CHANDLER appeals for help towards replacing her daughter's clothes (worth £3 to £4) which were all destroyed in the fire at Mr DAVID's (The Laurels) on the night of August 22nd. Kind contributors are asked to enter the amounts overleaf and give the money to the bearer to bring to me; when an order will be given on some draper for the girl's benefit. £3 received.

p.624 PRICE Harry & Belinda & Moggy (daughter Alice Ann age 26 in 1881 census)
Crabtree House
Retired Gas Rate Collector. Old.
Inclined to be cantankerous, though always now pleasant to me.
A handy old man.
Died 17 March 1884.

p.625 CRAFT George & Jane
Live at Headley Park Mill
Keeper to Sir Henry KEATING p.626
Mrs pleasant - no children - never enjoys good health
House smokes - special grievance
Been there since 1871 or 1872
Use to house keep for Sir Henry K
Keeps bantams
She died (at Churt) January 1882
She was a WHEELER aunt to Mrs COVER p.573 & her sister-in-law Mrs WHEELER has since (this is 1901) come over once a week or so to do for him & take his washing.
Possibly Mrs ROBINSON's sister from jumps for she is now a widow.

p.626 KEATING Sir Henry Singer & Henry
Live at Headley Park
Retired judge
To south of France in winter
Sir Henry KEATING enclosed the Free Piece which was still open in the Ordnance map of 1869; one of the men being William HACK as he told me in 1912.
16.6.1883 Henry KEATING married Elinor Erskine, eldest daughter of Major General Sir E WARD.
From a Cutting: He died 1 Oct 1888; wife died 1864. Both buried in Kensal Green cemetery.

p.626 BARNES Mrs Hannah (one dau Ada)
Housekeeper to Sir Henry KEATING
Now ditto to Mr WRIGHT p.117 (a missing page)
Sister to Miss JOCELYN p.1161.

p.627 CHANDLER Tom (11.7.1847) & Eliza (MORGAN)
Live at Headley Mill across water
Helpless with an enormous family
Big-eyed children
Lucy sharp in 1874 "Like to go to school?" "Yes! & know ABC"!
Brother to p.617 "my brother Tom"
He "42" in 1889, so only 17 when eldest boy born
She dau of Henry & Eliz MORGAN, bapt Kingsley 8.3.1846
I got Certificate for her Oct 1914.
- Walter 5.3.1865
- Mary Ann 3.6.1866 - marr ???
- Harriett _.7.1868, bur 11.4.1868
- Lucy 7.11.1869 - baby in 1890.1891, took the place in Haslemere where MA vacated manager
- Clara 1872 - Mrs EAST, 6 Albion Sq, Stepney SE in 1891. 'Clara Grace' when died 1907
- Florence 1874 - Going Dec 1889 as servant to Mrs LICKFOLD, Headley Mill. In 1891 on Aldershot streets but soon aff again. See letters below.
- Thomas Frederick 1875 (1.2.1876)
- William 3.6.1877
- Edith 1.10.1878 - see p.2017
- Alice 2.5.1880
- Eva 1.5.1881
and another 2 by the 1891 census:
- Elizabeth 30 Jun 1883
- Rose 6 May 1888

p.627 Letter to WHL from Society for the Rescue of Young Women & Children, 79 Finsbury Pavement, London EC, dated 29 Jan 1892 - We have received a young woman today named Florence CHANDLER 17 from Aldershot. She states that she is well-known and her family to you & that you gave her sister a character to get a situation in London. The girl tells a strange story that she came away from home with parents' approval and wish and they knew she had only 2 or 3 shillings in her pocket, not enough to come to London, and fell in with the lady who lives in Aldershot who placed her under our care. We should feel so much obliged if you will tell us all you can about this girl and her parents.
WHL's reply (in draft): I am sorry to get your letter concerning Florence C. I had a letter about her in June 1891 from the Aldershot refuge saying that she had refused to stay. I saw the parents who have had a very large family to [support] on poor wages & the result was that after some little time Florence was said to have a situation in London; & I was so informed by one of younger sisters only a few days ago. I fancy the parents have no control.
There is also a letter (4 pages) to WHL from the Aldershot Refuge about the same girl.

p.628 COOPER & family
Son to old Mrs COOPER p.295. (Same as p.1126?)

p.628 MULLARD & family, see p.283 [she a HARRIS, pedigree p.162]. (This line crossed out)

p.628 HARRIS James & family
This one on p.584?
Live in Barracks Churt side, Whitmore Bottom [See also ALDERTON p.588] & pay a little Tithe; an acre of Mr ANSELL's (in this parish) being divided between them.
MULLARD gone, and in their place KINSHOTT (née ALDERTON).

p.629 CHANDLER old & Anne
Lives up in Mr ALLEN's yard
Wife was on West's Charity (Christ's Hospital) as a descendant of WEST.
She died in 1877.
He now that HOWICK (p.638) is gone is gardener.
Father to the two Mrs ELSTONEs (p. 103 & p.417)
Came out of Bramshott Nov 1874 to Hollywater.
Got the £2-10-0 for her in Oct 1875
Went 13.10.1875 with Mr CAMPBELL to take it.
?He went to one Mrs ELSTONE in 1885.

p.630 COLE Thomas & Mary
Lives at Simmonstones. New farmer 1880
Brother to John (p.631). Uncle to p.633.

p.630 Cutting dated 1884 - New hops. - The first pocket of Farnham hops arrived in the Borough on Friday morning, consigned to Messrs W.H. & H. Le May, hop factors, 68 Borough High St, London. It was of magnificent quality and was grown by Mr T COLE, Headley, Hants, and sold by Messrs Le May to Mr J.T. Best, hop merchant, Paddock Wood at £18 18s per cwt. (1884).
Thomas COLE of Simmonstone; John COLE of Field House; George COLE of Bayfields Lane (wheelwright).

p.631 COLE John & son (Frederick James) & son's wife (Mary Jane) [John not there in 1881 census]
Farmer at Field House
Father & brother to p.633
Brother & nephew to p.630.

p.631 MARTIN Percy & Eliz (CHANDLER) & children
Baker living at Lindford Chase in 1915
She dau of p.627.
Before marriage:
- Florence Eliz: née at Aldershot 3.12.1901 - Turned RC in 1921 on her marriage with a Dublin Fusilier, Aiden Moses WALCH.

p.632 MATTHEWS John 1790-1875.
Hilland (the old shop)
Now dead.
Used to live here when I came.
Tombstone to him in churchyard (MI 198)
Brother to p.634 lives by himself but used to have his nieces (children of his brother Charles) & Mrs Andrew ALDERTON Q.137.
Pound keeper, see p.1805.
Remembers Nathaniel BAYLEY the schoolmaster died 1798.
Was at school under him 2 or 3 years.
Father used to teach one end of room , son at other.
Best school miles around, children used to come from all parts.
Uncle to p.405 & Mrs BLANCHARD p.335.

p.632 PIGGOTT (PICKETT in 1891 census) Daniel, né 1830 May Day
Lived with COLEs p.633 & worked for PRESTON p.985.
Now at Brooke Lodge
& come back 1912 to live with COLEs.
Wife (née Esther FULLICK, Mrs COLE's sister) died circa 1890.

p.633 COLE George (21.11.1846) & Fanny* (née FULLICK 29.4.1846)
Live in Bayfields Lane
Wheelwright from WOODBOURNE's at Kingsley
She sister to Mark p.221 & Fred p.258 & Mrs HALE p.242.
[See pedigree p.502 & p.837]
(Inf: Charles MILLS p.656)
Dissenters distinctly, but agreeable.
Also 1899 & before Adeline DAVIDSON (granddaughter - dau of Minnie) - really COLE & illegitimate, mother is married since to a DAVIDSON (see p.635) as informed by her mother. Sgt Arthur John G DAVIDSON who was living with his wife end 1900 at cottage on Broxhead.
- Minnie Lavinia 1871
- Emma Matilda 1875
- Edith Flora 1876
- Eleanor Gertrude (Nellie) 1886 - marr 1910 at New Cross
- Amelia Caroline 1889 - marr 1912 Leon JEFFERIES p.276.
For list of children & Will see p.635 (moved below for convenience here):
Children of George & Fanny COLE
- Minnie Lavinia _.7.1871 - Mrs William DAVIDSON
- Emma Matilda _.7.1875 - Mrs Robert Thomas WARE
- Edith Flora _.9.1876 - unmarried 1916
- Charles Christopher 4.4.1879 - died 1883
- Eleanor Gertrude 13.4.1879 - Mrs Ernest ELTON
- Amelia Caroline 13.7.1889 (day before her aunt Mrs HALL) - Mrs Leon Stanley JEFFRIES.
Will 1917 of George COLE:
Should wife survive all my estate & effects … the sole executor.
Otherwise: to dau Edith £50 & all household furniture & rest to be divided equally among the 5 daughters, with Edith sole executor.

p.632/633 Stories of Fanny* FULLICK: She was given 1/- as a prize by the schoolmistress Mrs BAYLEY for writing. As she had always heard you should put money in the Bank, she 'put it in the bank in Curtis Lane' and never saw it again. W GAMBLEN tells me he did the same with some coppers in his own garden, but soon learned the mistake & recovered them.
Mr DYKES used to punch the children with his stick. One day MRS COLE dodged back and Mr DYKES (a heavy man) fell sprawling, & Mrs COLE (Fanny FULLICK) ran home. Next day Mr DYKES was for thrashing her, but the schoolmaster said no (?Mr FURNESS). Mr DYKES very angry hit the master with his stick & the master pushed Mr DYKES. Mr D gave the master notice. "Certainly," he said, "I would rather break stones than be your schoolmaster."

p.634 BENNETT Mrs Sarah (née MATTHEWS) 1796-1885
Old lady living at Hilland.
Formerly there lived with her Miss MILLIS (now GATES) p.607
Good churchwoman. Really very old.
Pupil teachers and stray Parsons lodge here.
Mrs BENNETT married twice [Inf: SPEAKMAN]
Used to live at Bramshott House
Some relation (aunt) to Mrs BLANCHARD p.335
Died 1885 & home taken by daughter Mrs Sarah E HARNETT.
(Mrs HARNETT marr to 2 brothers, or perhaps housekeeper to 2nd.)
Aunt to p.405, Henry MATTHEWS of Whitmore.
See pedigree of MATTHEWS p.1864.

p.635 ETHERINGTON George
Widower living at Moore House.

p.636 FULLICK Edward (25.12.1830) & Esther (SHRUBB) & children
Live at Lindford. Pay a little Tithe.
Husband 20.1.1873 at work on branches for burning.
Son of the old Woodman that was (see p.498) & nephew to old VOLLAR (VOLLER) p.365, & now 1878 the Woodman.
Brother to Lizzie p.498 & to Walter p.500.
[See FULLICK pedigree p.502 & p.835]
She oldish like Mrs CAPES (something) in the face.
- Edward Charles 1871 (called Edwin at school)
- son (Frederick A) 1876
Her father married 3 times.
He was John SHRUBB, bapt 9.19.1803, bur 30.5.1853 -
- Marr 1826 Charlotte DEADMAN, d 1832
- Marr 1834 Sarah CHANDLER, d. 1838
- Marr 1838 Lettice TRIGGS, d. 186_.
Mrs FULLICK is dau of last. Her father died when she was 13; then went away from home, 1st to Mr LANGRISH, then to Andrew WARREN where she was long time.

p.637 GARDNER Richard Samuel (b. 14.7.1840, d.1918) & Emma (BUDD b. 17.11.1840, d. Jun 1926) & family
Live at Lindford Chase
Now (1882) the Glebe Tenant
Distinct Allen-ites
Went about putting Rail to Footbridge 31.3.1875
She went to school with (although older than) Mrs BRINDLEY p.298 (written diagonally)
Tenant also of the Allotment Ground
GARDNER is right (spelling) by his printed bills (eg 1883)
Parents to p.157.
He went blind at end, of glaucoma.
Sister to the transitory BUDD p.1058.
He born 14.7.1840 at Binfield, Berks, son of Francis & Jane Eliza (née DEVERELL), a farmer.
By Certif: SR3164 from Gen Reg Office Somerset House received 2.2.1907 - He and four other children (he youngest but one) were baptised at a chapel at ?Tetsworth.
- Richard Samuel 1862, d. 29.12.1884
- George 1867 - marr 1885 see p.157, d. 1926 in London of cancer
- Anne 1868 (the Mary A in 1881 census?) - Mrs TAMEN, a widow at home 1918 - p.639
- Adelaide 1869 - mother of May Dorothy* b. 23.2.1892 - see cutting below. Now Mrs BURROWS (not sure if this last comment relates to Adelaide or Anne)
- Rhoda 1871 - the 1st born in Headley. Mrs ROGERS, see p.1290
- Thomas William 1874 - marr to Louie FULLICK - see p.1289
- Bert (Birt) 1875 - marr 24.9.1898 to Harriett BRINDLEY - see p.1289
- Frank 1878, died in Bramshott June 1926
- James Herbert - see p.1382
- Alfred 1884 - see p.2008 (1st baby when married 19 years)
*May married Xmas 1914 a son of Sam BURROWS of Conford.

p.637 Cutting dated Nov 1885 - Adelaide GARDNER, who had recently been in the employ of Mr FJL BLACKWOOD of Downlands, Liphook, was charged with stealing a large quantity of wearing apparel valued at £30, the property of her master. Some of the stolen property was found concealed in the prisoner's bedroom and some was found at her father's house at Headley. The prisoner, who pleaded guilty, was sentenced to two months imprisonment with hard labour.

p.638 HOWICK Thomas & Matilda (FULLICK 5.6.1848)
Liva at Standford, old farm, north side
Gardener to Mr ALLEN
She dau of p.520
Gone autumn 1880 as Mr ALLEN reduced wages
The garden is worked by old CHANDLER p.629
Returned temporarily Xmas 1891 while carter ill & away.
They were married 21.11.1868
- Annie 2.1.1870
- William 1874.

p.639 JEFFERY Mary (29.9.1819) (variously JEFFREY or JEFFRIES in censuses)
Lodges with George FULLICK , Lindford [Crossed out=>Mrs CANE p.415 & then BOXALL p.274]
Met her 1881 & FULLICK's dau (p.321) coming from mill
Doesn't seem to associate much [Inf: BAXTER p.602]
Never been married.
Niece of (& used to live with) schoolmaster BAYLEY.

p.639 TAMEN Anne, widow (husband died 13.8.1913)
Keeping house for Mrs RS GARDNER (her mother) p.637
Has two children:
- a girl (whose husband died April 1923) - Mrs WILTSHIRE & 3 children, trying to get child into Railway School May 1923.
- Samuel James, commonly called 'Bob', coming home Nov 1919 from Mesopotamia

p.640 KNIGHT Henry (1805) & daughter (Annie)
Carpenter & builder living in the village (corner at Arford)
Brother to TIPPER & Co p.641
Father to Mrs CURTIS p.640.
See pedigree p.824.
Mr Henry KNIGHT is said to have made a deed of gift of his property to his children so as to save legacy duty. Some of copurse went to 'Fred' who predeceased him. On this it is said that Mr Henry KNIGHT himself had to pay legacy duty, it being left back to him.
He married Jane PARKER and had children:
- Frederick 18/1/1834
- Louie - now Mrs CURTIS p.640
- Ellen 3/11/1844 - now Mrs ALLDEN & gone away to Aldershot - see p.365
- Annie 17.12.1846 (see p.641) - in 1903 unmarried living at Bowcot with Miss Alice Amelia ANCELL b. 27.5.1883, bapt 10.12.1907. With Miss K (Annie) Nov 1913. Miss ADAMS p.1621.
Mr Henry KNIGHT, Mr John LICKFOLD & Dick FULLICK's father were born same day of same month (in different years) & used to have a drink together on that day.
Henry KNIGHT died 4/1/1903 age 99.

p.640 Cutting dated April 1885 - Headley - A 'Penny dinner' has been established here by the Rector (the Rev WH LAVERTY) and, the first in Hants, it bids fair to be a success. An old barn near the school room has been remodelled by Mr Henry KNIGHT, builder, and Mr FITZ, ironmonger of Farnham. Pipes have been placed around the room and other appliances for personal comfort and convenience have been added. The dinners opened on Monday last, when 75 persons sat down; on Tuesday there were 57; and on Wednesday 87; and all heartily enjoyed the meal.

p.641 TIPPER Sarah (née KNIGHT) and KNIGHT Betsy
Live in the village
A firm of two sisters who keep a shop
Sisters of Mr Henry KNIGHT p.640.
See pedigree p.824.
Francis TIPPER was buried 26.7.1864. There is a stone in the churchyard B42A (MI 145)
She died 6 Nov 1886 - buried at S14 (S13 in records, at MI 201).

p.641 KNIGHT Miss Annie & Miss Mary Ellen JARRUM
Live 1909 at Hillside.
Miss J came end 1908 & fell at once with measles. Came from Leicester.
p.642 KNIGHT William & Emma (née JEFFERY 18.4.1832 at Frensham) & family
Miller at Standford Corn Mill
Children used to go to Mrs John PIGGOTT's p.662
PHD here goes a-fishing
Parents to p.41 (James, Deadwater allotments)
She a widow in Taylors Lane in 1903 with her Kingsley widow sister Mrs HUNTINGFORD and her son John.
They were married 14.6.1851:
- James - see p.41, Washford
- William, 24.6.1855 - see p.970, widower Standford
- George, 11.4.1858 - father to p.643 - married Charlie FYFIELD's stepdaughter Harriett MOORE & died suddenly (haymaking) 5.7.1923.
- Sarah A, 8.3.1863
- Emma, 2.9.1866
- John KNIGHT, 7.3.1869 - marr Hilland cook with widowed mother.

p.643 SMALL Joseph & children
Live at Grayshott
Comes on Sunday to take my pony while I am at Grayshott schoolroom
The "master Small" of my early clothing club days
His wife Annie bur. 27/1/1869 (WHL mistakenly wrote 1868)
- Marion, 5/5/1861 - marr 30/4/1883 to William HARRIS p.115 - son Robert Percy bapt. 7/10/1900
- Sarah A, 5/1/1863 - bur. 24/2/1864
- Kate 4/12/1864
- Minetta 5/4/1868
Joseph innkeeper at Holly Bush in 1871 census.

p.643 KNIGHT George & Alice Mary (BIGGINS) & 1 child
Married 14.1.1922 & to live at Standford
He grandson of William K (p.642)
With them 1926 lives her father William BIGGINS - see p.1809.
died Oct 1931 (not sure who).

p.644 BARNETT William & Frances (GAUNTLETT)
Fullers Bottom (Hilland Cottages) now gone (not sure if this line belongs here)
Married 13.10.1858
- Lavinia Kate 13.10.1861
- Harry 6.12.1868.
Sister to p.678 & p.433.
Came as carter from Picketts Hill while SMITH (who was here) went to Frensham to take CHIVERTON's place; he, CHIVERTON, moving to BARNETT's place at Picketts Hill.
Glad to come down (wife) nearer to school & 'chapel.' Wants to be in Club, though only 2 children at home.
Child born dead 27.6.1875. Very bad.
She sister to William (Picketts Hill) p.433.
He still alive & seen by C COURTNAGE in June 1914.

p.645 LANGRISH William (5.2.1828) & Matilda & family
Ex-farmer living in Curtis Lane (Curtis Farm in 1881 census).
Used to farm Stream Farm
She brought up in London, born in Headley.
Their friends live (some) in Twickenham.
Brother to p.618 (Walter L)
The youngest boy shows artistic talent.
- Mary Ellen 5.9.1857 - died LD (Lady Day?) 1926 at Stream Cottage, Middle Bourne
- Mary 23.1.1859 (Marianne in census)
- Katherine Anne 10.6.1860 - marr 7.11.1883 Edgar BEALE (there is a cutting describing it) - one of their daughters married a nephew of Min PARKER, went to Australia & died circa 1919 under chloroform? at dentists
- William 1.12.1861
- George Ernest 17.9.1863 - died in Canada, April 1922.

p.646 MAIDMAN William & Mary Ann (MILLS)
Live at Simmonstones
Go to Churt church
Name (this 23.8.1872) should be MEADMAN.
"Generally out" (this 23.8.1872) "home to clean."
Sometimes spell Symmondstones with 'd', sometimes not.
See opposite (p.647)
Pedigree p.1676.
They were married 3.5.1845:
- Stephen 1.2.1846 - marr 1872 Eliz WOODGER
- Anne 30.4.1848 - bur 1.8.1848
- Ellen 23.12.1849
- Kate 5.9.1852
- Charles 27.9.1857 - see p.1979
- Mary Ann 1.6.1861
- Rachel 18.4.1864 - m. George PAINE 24.12.1881.

p.647 MARDEN Stephen & sister Amelia
Bachelor at the White Horse (PH) Frensham Pond
House been in family since before 1800.
Water belongs to WILBERFORCE family
Sir Charles DILKE's brother comes to fish.
Went 14.9.1872 with PHD & BGL (ie. Mrs LAVERTY) to fish.
His mother was then alive.
Perch easy to be caught here.
The carp in our pond came from Frensham.

p.647 MAIDMAN William & … (ALDRED) & 3 children in 1916
New chauffeur early 1916 to Llanover.
Grandson of William MAIDMAN opposite (p.646)
See p.1676 for pedigree.
Brother to Mrs Alf FULLICK, Headley Park.
I called 8.4.1916 when he asked for PM
She "daughter of Arthur" (too feint).

p.648 PARKER Robert (1809-1901( & daughter
Farmer at Wishanger Farm.
Son gone off, married badly*.
Used to farm 800 acres under Mr PHILLIPS (p.649)
Now only got a part (about a quarter).
His wife was Elizabeth ROGERS née 1813 at West Meon
Sister to Professor ROGERS MP
Died & buried at West Meon.
- Alice Mary 1.1.1855 - died at 36 Nelson Rd, Southsea 22.3.1942
- *Robert George Vining 31.10.1855.
We have the full story of this in Headley Miscellany Vol 3 in an article written by his gt-gt-granddaughter in New Zealand entitled 'A Scandal in Wishanger 1876.'

p.648 PIPER Thomas married Eliza PARKER
They lived at Saunders Green in 1835 & Martha Ann was baptised 14.5.1835.
They then moved to Tilford Bridge & application was made in 1852 for baptism of a son born in 1837.

p.649 PHILLIPS John Rouse & Elizabeth & son
Live at Grayshott Hall
He founder of Swindon Refreshment room
Father of Frank p.650
Owners of large Headley property.
No daughters. Sons are:
- Hawtin
- Frank p.650
- Walter Tawney - at home - see p.919.
Died 2nd May 1882 aged 66. Carved stone Reredos erected by the family in Headley church in his memory.

p.650 PHILLIPS Frank & Catherine F (TAYLOR)
[Crossed out=>Fullers Bottom (south side) …]
Live at the Land of Nod.
He son of p.649.
She from big house in Frensham.

p.651 RIPPON Edward & Emma (HALCROW)
Live at Barford (Flock )Mill.
Daughter at home July 1873 but would not take C.C. (clothing club) as she was going from home.
Pretty and Chatty.

p.651 Newspaper Cutting - Edward RIPPON. To rag merchants & dealers. The best prices given for all kinds of woollen rags at Barford. Flock & Shoddy Mills, Headley near Liphook, Hants. E. Rippon, Proprietor.

p.652 LAWES (LAWS in 1881 census) Widow (Ellen ENSELL) & sons.
Her husband was James LAWES.
Live on [Crossed out=>Deadwater Hill] Hollywater.
Used to live in the village.
Roughish lot. Widower GATES (p.376) now lodging here.
His father James LAWES married 1814 Sophia SMALL
They were married 17/2/1855. He died Feb 1868 aged 41.
- William 7/10/1855 - see p.685
- John 23/8/1857 - see p.456
- Sarah J 18/12/1859
- Eliz 1/6/1862
- James 1/1/1865
- Henry 1866 - Married to a stranger (see p.478 for the New Inn row) here for a short time in 1893.
Short family tree of Jeremiah ENSELL sketched on this page.
Jeremiah shown to have had 3 daughters:
- Ellen (see this page)
- … (Mrs CLAY) son James CLAY p.1617
- … (Mrs BERRIMAN) son Kate CAINE p.1598.

p.652 Newspaper Cutting dated Dec 1884 - TRESPASS - John LAMPORT and George SINGLETON were charged with trespassing in search of rabbits on December 5th, on land belonging to R E WEBSTER Esq.Q.C. The defendants said they were not poaching; they were fox-hunting. They were fined 2s 6d and 8s costs each - Frederick GAUNTLETT and John LAWES were charged with a similar offence. The former was fined 10s and 10s costs; and the latter 1s and costs.

p.653 MARSHALL James* & Charlotte (COURTNAGE or BOXALL) & 1 child
Live (to end 1881) in P.H.B. (Parish House Bottom) corner of I'ANSON's Road (now Headley Hill Road).
Applying Xmas 1881 for Wheatsheaf.
Work for ROBINSON (p.369) the Thatcher. She washed a short time for us, bad ironer.
She dau of Mr John COURTENAGE (p.542). He son of the Wheatsheaf (p.435)
Now (1884 and previously) landlord of Wheatsheaf.
*Got certificate May 1821 from Somerset House of James MARSHALL né 9.1.1847.
They were married 15/8/1868
- Matilda 7/11/1868 see p.888 (now Mrs COURTENAGE)
- James MARSHALL died Feb 1933.

p.653 Newspaper cutting dated April 1884 -"Permitting Drunkenness" - James MARSHALL, landlord of The Wheatsheaf, charged with drunkenness and permitting it - fined.

p.654 MARSHALL Samuel (30/7/1837) & Hannah (28/3/1841 SHRUBB) & family
Live at Parish House Bottom (further end R.)
"Not in Bull's Book"
Sister to Mrs James GLAYSHER (p.290) and Mrs LOE (p.576) & to Andrew SHRUBB.
Brother to George (p.438) & to Mrs SMITH (p.307) Hearne.
Son to p.331 by 1st husband (transported)
Immense family. He tipples but good worker. Worked for a year for Mr BETTESWORTH.
For his school fining p.350.
Harry is at Reformatory Eling, Southampton (1888-1890).
She aunt to Mrs LARBY p.1322.
They were married 25/1/1862
- George 20/7/1862 - see p.808
- Will 24/4/1864 m. Esther KINGSHOTT 1885 - now on Quarry see p.895
- Edward (age 5 in 1871 census) - m. Eliza Alice LAWS see p.830 - his game case see p.604
- Harriett 7/5/1868
- Samuel 2/10/1870
- Harry 25/3/1873 - The housebreaking case of 1889 (see cutting below); terminated in a sentence at the beginning of July of 2 wks imprisonment and 5 yrs at Eling Reformatory.
- Ellen 27/8/1875
- Sarah 3/3/1878
- Frederick 28/3/1880.

p.654 Newspaper Cutting dated May 1889 - Housebreaking at Headley - Henry MARSHALL, aged 16, fish hawker, was charged with entering the house of Charlotte KNIGHT of Headley and stealing a box containing two florins, a brooch and two small boxes on April 9th. … the prisoner had bought jam, etc, at Charlotte TILBURY's shop, Headley, tendering a florin for payment. He was committed for trial at Winchester.

p.654 Newspaper Cutting dated Nov 1889 - Fatal Accident - The death of Samuel MARSHALL was reported. He was working on top of a hay rick when he fell and the prong of his hay rake pierced his head.

p.655 SHRUBB Andrew
Lives at P.H.B. (Parish House Bottom, now Beech Hill Road) this end of Brother's house.
Bro. to Mrs Sam MARSHALL (p.654), Mrs James GLAYSHER (p.290) & Mrs LOE (p.576).
He is a Butcher & Gardener.

p.655 LANE William (died 4.2.1919) & Mary Anne [Amy in 1911 census?] (YIELDING née 20.7.1873 near Horsham)
She and the RAWLINGS in 1927 in a bungalow half in Headley & half in Bramshott.
Living 1st Barley Mow Hill, then Hollywater.
Niece to p.569 quod vide.
- Mary Ann bapt 17/10/1884 at Wey Hill p.657. Mary Ann née 1884 to William MATTHEWS
- William bapt 2/2/1887 at Farnham (born 24.4.1886)
- Edward bapt 26/7/1889 at Pirbright
- Joseph bapt 2/7/1893 at Bishops Waltham. Joseph LANE and son living 1920 with Flor JOHNSON p.1730.
- Louise bapt 15/8/1897 at Liss
- Amy bapt 1/12/1901 at Alton - Mrs Charley RAWLINGS - baby privately bapt 8.8.1927
I got for them the Baptism of Birth ??? Registers
- Edward born 25/5/1889, bapt 26/7/1889 at Pirbright - they described as Travellers at North Camp.
I married (they had been living together) from van in PARFECT's Hollow.

p.656 MILLS James & Harriett (née 4/4/1821 HARDING) & son*
[Crossed out=>Fullers Bottom (north side) …]
Live at Saunders Green.
Father & son are carpenters. "Used to live at Lindford. Damp. Came up to try & save lives of 2 youngest‡ No good"
He brother to Mrs BETTESWORTH (p.597) & to William (p.619).
Parents to Mrs CHANDLER(p.617) & Mrs PICKETT (p.161)
His father the last Fellmonger [prepared skins for a tanner] at the Fellmongers (Inf: Mrs LEMON).
They were married 25/10/1840
- Anne 18/7/41 - now Mrs Geo CHANDLER (p.617)
- Charles Harding* 17/11/1844 - lives 1903 there (unmarried) by himself
- Jane 30/7/1848 married by me 15/8/1872 to W PICKETT - see p.161
- William‡ 10/11/1850 - Bur 10/3/1870
- John‡ 2/11/1856 - Bur 2/5/1870.
See HARDING pedigree.

p.657 MARSHALL William & Harriett (WOODS Born 17.1.1834) & family
Live at Standford. He comes to church (Information Sexton)
Not of either the Headley or Hollywater MARSHALLS (p.1279, p.1281) but imagined rather from Selborne. In old days worked at Mill.
Pedigree p.1277.
Ultimately all the family except this William went away with Mr KNIGHT of Eveley.
- Charles 8/3/1857 ?at home 1914.
- Jane 13/7/1862 ??banned 1886 to W J PALMER.
- Alice 1867 - d.1895 Had Cod Liver Oil 21.3.1893
- Edith 1873 ?at home 1914
- 28.5.79 died.

p.658 MATTHEWS Old
[Crossed out=>Fullers Bottom (north side) …]
Owner of low house on Beech Hill. Seldom here now.
Father to (arrow to p.659).

p.658 MATTHEWS Joseph & wife.
Son of above, retired, & live 1905 at 3 Passfield Cottage (Miss ELLAM's)
Came Nov 1905 for me to write to (arrow to Miss ELLAM) to allow them to stay on. Miss ELLAM is housekeeper to a late landlord of the "Anchor" Hotel.
For Joseph's shooting case see p.659.

p.659 MATTHEWS Charles & Phoebe (DEAKINGS)
Live in Caravans on Beech Hill. Wanderers. Pleasant People enough.
Son of (arrow to p.658).
He & some 4 children came Autumn 1893 (she having died) into van near Edward COOMBES, together with a married niece Mrs LANE with her husband & 4 young children - see p.655.
Living Spring 1910 in vans at Deadwater on Andrew GAUNTLETT's road are I think Charles MATTHEWS (p.659 & p.1593) & two daughters, one Mrs VINEY (not married to VINEY (& VINEY deserted her Feb 1915) & the other (?a widow) Mrs CASTLE see p.1593.
- Caroline 4/12/1870
- Joseph 22/3/1874
- Elizabeth -/-/1876
- Phebe Sarah Jane 1880 - shot dead at Petersfield Fete, June 30 1884 (see report below).

p.659 Newspaper Cutting - The Fatal Occurrence at Petersfield - Verdict of Manslaughter - Inquest (at the Crown Inn, Petersfield) on the body of Phoebe Sarah Jane MATTHEWS, a child nearly 4 years old, who was shot at the 'Oddfellows' & Foresters Fete on Monday. Jury adjourned to the Dolphin Hotel.
Charles MATTHEWS, a hawker living at Headley, who identified the body as that of his child, was the first witness. He said he travelled about at fairs and fetes with a toy stall and a "high striker" to try strength. His brother Joseph MATTHEWS, who lived at Haslemere, travelled with a shooting gallery, swing boats and gingerbread stall. They carried on business independently one with the other. His brother was sole proprietor of the shooting gallery.
Phoebe went round the back of the shooting gallery and was accidentally shot in the head and died. Her uncle Joseph was charged with culpable negligence and arrested on a charge of Manslaughter.

p.660 KEMP William & Emma Jane (CANNONS) & children
[Crossed out=>Fullers Bottom …]
Young People living at Lindford Chase (in small house near Edward FULLICK's p.636)
She dau of p.414, sister to Mrs John CANE p.415
Banned at Blackmoor April 1880.
Came (in f.w. [for work?]) 21/12/1881 to say that husband out of work in Selborne - they had come here and could get no work. Gave her 2/6d in groceries.
He nephew to Mrs COLE (p.462)
Came 26/4/1884 to ask for strengthening stuff to small boy whose knees were giving out & had to have operation. Gave her 1/- mutton & reminded that children had not been Christened. She said Christened at Blackmoor before they came, which won't do.
They were married -/5/1880.
- William early 1881 (Frank in 1891 census)
- Ernest early 1882.

p.661 TRIGGS George* & Anne (BOXALL Born 24.5.1832, Bapt 17.6.1832)
Live at Lindford Chase
She sister to Mrs Harriett GROVER (Kingsley).
Went with Mr CAMPBELL 15/2/1875 mistaking it for the moment for James WEEKES (p.513)
Saw Chapel Rules on Wall.
Her father used to live in Headley Street in the 1st house down the lane.
He NOT brother of John p.466.
Parents to Mrs Walter FULLICK p.500
She 1st cousin to Mrs Aaron WOODS p.272 as Mrs A WOODS told me - see p.827.
They were married 1/2/1849.
- Mary Ann 10/3/50
- William 14/3/52 - dead by 1900 & daughter Emily Ann TRIGGS (b. 6.12.1876) makes her home here
- Harriett 22/1/54 - Mrs W FULLICK p.500
Parents to wife newcomers 1887 to Clump House.
George BOXALL [son of Elizabeth (Mrs TRIGGS' sister) by Charles FYFIELD (p.347)] bapt. 2 Dec 1866; died in Cornwall 7.4.1889; brought up by Mrs TRIGGS, his mother having died when he was 18 months.
* George is "One day older than Noel WAKEFIELD" & N.W. was baptised Xmas Day 1830, but born (as told 1905) 17.5.1827.

p.662 PIGGOTT Mrs (Martha?) - see pedigree p.1419
Lives in Bramshott; is communicant here.
Widow of old John who was for years WARREN Bros' Bailiff.
He was brother to Mark (p.621), James (p.337), George (p.694) & David (p.695).
In 1873 she kept a school to which the KNIGHTs (p.642) & BONEs (p.590) went.
[Was this where Gran went and learnt a few French words? - Joyce Stevens]
See pedigrees (p.697). Aunt to Walter (Robin Hood) p.161.

p.663 NORTH Samuel & Elizabeth (EVANS) & children
Live at Headley Wood Hatch
"Three children died in 3 weeks of fever."*
One girl now (1874?) at Mr PARKER'S.
Son of old Mrs Dinah NORTH (p.291)
Brother to Mrs GLAYSHER (p.288.).
They were married 16.4.1848:
- John 1.4.1849 - bur 5.1.1865*
- Martha 27.4.1851 - bur 12.8.1870
- Sarah 4.3.1855 - bur 19.1.1865*
- James 1857 - bur 30.12.1864*
- Harriett 23.10.1859 - to Asylum 1878
- Samuel 22.9.1861 - see p.174
- George 22.2.1863 - bur 23.5.1877
- Joseph 1.2.1865 - see p.916
- William 6.10.1867 - see p.950
- Elijah 2.7.1871 - see p.1057
- Henry 1875 - see p.1057.

p.663 Cutting dated May 1890 - Maintenance - Samuel NORTH and William NORTH were ordered to contribute 1s per week each towards the maintenance of their aged father, now chargeable to Alton Union. … Both defendants told the Banch they neither would nor could pay unless they had regular work.

p.664 Gone but some Shoe Club remaining.
Fuller's Bottom (north side) near west Pond (east cottage).

p.664 COOMBES Richard & BELTON Mrs (née Fanny CARPENTER p.533) - Live together
- 1. By James BELTON 'Shiner'
- 2. ditto (by James BELTON)
- 3 By COOMBES - Alice bapt 7.11.75 as below
Red notes in 1911. (Not shown in red here)
COOMBES from Hollywater, BELTON from Whitmore.
Mr James BELTON gone abroad? or dead? [Crossed out=>& Mrs married? to Charles COURTNAGE]
Mrs confined March 1875. Bother about Baptism. Got together godparents one afternoon (Bapt being in evening)
See also Q.34.

p.665 POOK William
Lives at Standford. Had a fit in 1881.
Once worked for us (very slow).
Died in Union June 13 1884.
Uncle to William BUDD p.591.
Took POOK's Funeral card to Mrs BUDD.

p.666 SMITH Mrs
Lives at Prospect Hill. Was housekeeper to the late rector of Bramshott, Mr BELLAS.
Property belongs to the Miss DRAKEs* (as were) "orphans left coming from India; Mr BELLAS very fond of children; therefore he took them"
"Finds it (this 2.1.1874) lonely".
For her nephew keeper Albert BUDD see p.971.
A letter 24.5.1892 from the Rector of Barkham, Wokingham saying her friends anxious as not having heard recently. Replied that cleaner & better cared for since arrival of nephew - & that a letter to nephew would probably secure particulars.
*In 1892 there are: (very feint)
- Emma TURNER ?????? widow (p.934?)
- Flora F ??????.

p.667 SHRUBB William & Martha [Crossed out =>PARFECT] DEADMAN (or COLE)* & children (see p.359).
Live in Parish House Bottom.
To be met every Sunday afternoon (going to chapel?)
House their own. ?She sister to Coffee PARFECT p.360.
He now 1890 died & child Grace with her.
Married 16.4.1859:
- Ruth 14/8/1859 - p.1386
- Grace 8/12/1861 Now Mrs Charles ALDRED - Nov 1890 at Mrs BENHAM's - applied Jan 1883 for Mrs Frank PHILLIPS housekeeper place
- Edith Nora 27/12/1863 - "Niece to Coffee PARFECTs" (p.360)
- Albert 1/4/1866
- Augustus 5/1/1868 - died 1905 '71
- Martin Henry 1871 - m. 27.5.1899 Alice BONE, 23, who died - see next page.
- Annie Lydia 1873.
In 1905 one dau is Mrs G WILKSON of Hale, another is Mrs EAVIS Conford.
Albert or Martin died also in 1905.
* In 1871 & 1873 Mrs SHRUBB Christian name was given to the Registrar as Deadman & Cole respectively. (Does WHL mean surname here?)

p.668 TUCKEY widow Mary(MESSINGHAM)
[Crossed out=>Fullers Bottom (Retired)]
Lives in Parish House Bottom.
Mother to (arrow pointing to James TUCKEY p.669)
Old James (a nice old man) was a long while on the roads.
They were married 30/4/1826 & had a considerable family:
- James 8/2/1829
- William 17/7/1831
- Mary Anne 9/3/1834
- John 10/7/1837 - m. 24/1/1863 to Frances GARDNER - see p.1040
- Charles 7/6/1840 - Buried 8/2/1844
- Sarah 12/2/1843
- Henry 10/1/1847.

p.668 SHRUBB Martin Henry & Edith Alice* (NASH née GOODYER)
Live now (1911) in Cover's Cottage, Barway
Married 27.5.1899 to Alice BONE who died.
Remarried 1911 to dau of GOODYER (p.1428)
3 NASH children: (some of this following info a bit unclear) - see p.1991
- one a boy Fred John né 12.10.1897, son of son of (written on bottom of next page - very feint) John & Edith NASH, nι at T????
- 2nd Ernest Edward NASH 4.1899 - at the Shaftesbury School, Bisley, Woking
- 3rd Arthur younger - p.1991.
Her first service at William ALLDEN, Stream.
Miss LAMBTON, Redfield, Winslow, Bucks wrote June 1912 about Arthur NASH.
*Ruth SHRUBB is in asylum.

p.669 TUCKEY James (b. 10.1.1829, bapt 8.2.1829) & Ellen (EVANS of Kingsley, niece to Mrs BURROWS p.595)
Live in Parish House Bottom.
Son to widow TUCKEY. Brother to p.1040.
They had children:
- Anne, Michaelmas 1851 - bapt at Kingsley
- Emily 27.7.1856 - now Mrs Alfred HAYDEN - he died Sept 1913 at Thursley - her application for OAP (I signed the paper) in June 1926
- William 19.1.1862, died 1902 - m. Emily PRATLEY.

p.669 Cutting dated Oct 1890 - No Licence - Alfred HAYDEN was charged with carrying a gun without a licence at Selborne on August 22nd. Pleaded guilty, fined 2/6d and 5/- costs.

p.669 Letter from WHL dated 28 April 1892 - William KEMP has been seriously ill with pleurisy and has gone with one child to his mother's at Eastbourne. It is now thought better that his wife and other child should also go to Eastbourne. The expense of moving them and their furniture will be about £2, which after KEMP's long illness they are unable to find. Kind donations should be entered overleaf and money given to the bearer or sent to me. Please turn over.
Back of this shows donations: Rev W H LAVERTY 5/-; George H PRESTON 2/6d; Mrs I'ANSON 2/6d; Mrs GREENWAY 2/6d; A F PARBURY 2/-; E COOMBS 1/-; W J PHILLIPS 2/-; Mrs HAHN 2/-; Total £1-3/-

p.670 WARREN old Mrs Lydia
[Crossed out=>Fullers Bottom (Retired) west cottage]
Lives at Standford with Andrew WARREN.
Is stepmother to p.671 & p.673.
Is Bible Christian
Come to Communion Xmas 1880.
Is sister to Mr CAMPBELL's (p.480) 1st wife.

p.670 Mem: That early in 1892 the school room (built by Mr PANELL) on Standford Hill was burnt. It was not used then (& had not been for a long time) as a school-room; but for the storage of waste paper.

p.670 Newspaper Cutting dated July 1891 - re Description of dredging mud from Bramshott Paper Mill pond, by a sort of chariot.

p.671 WARREN Andrew (born 12.10.1821?) & Harriett
Lives at Standford, near Headley Mill. [Reynolds House].
One of the firm of Warren Bros; the others being George Roe WARREN (p.673) & a semi-lunatic Charles WARREN.
Brother to George Roe (p.673)
Father to Henry (p.674)
Uncle to George (junior) p.672
There lives (1885) with them a kind of protégé Willie WARD.
Andrew was a pillar of the community and paid for the organ in the Methodist Chapel [Marion WARREN].

p.671 Newspaper Cutting dated Nov 1891: WARREN On the 16th instant at Reynolds House, Standford Liphook, Harriett, the beloved wife of Andrew WARREN aged 74 years. Just entered the 50th year of marriage.

p.671 Newspaper Cutting dated April 1886: Headley All Saints church was very nicely decorated for Easter Sunday by the ladies of the district and the service was full choral. At the Easter Vestry all the officers, with one exception, were re-elected. The Rev. W H Laverty is a Guardian with Mr Andrew WARREN.

p.671 Newspaper Cutting dated Nov 1883: "The Carriage of Parcels" - South Western Railway Co vs WARREN Brothers.

p.672 WARREN George (junior) & Sarah Jane* (CURTIS) & child.
[Crossed out=>??? Lane Cottage (between Fullers Bottom & Arford)]
Live at Standford House.
Oppositious chap.
He son of George Roe (p.673) nephew to Andrew (p.671) cousin to Henry (p.674).
She sister to Rich & George (p.614, p.615) & to Mrs GREENAWAY(p.541).
*70 by May 1915 - William Henry CHALCRAFT item 72.
They were married (at chapel) _/_/80
- George Lynton Curtis WARREN 15.2.1881 - educated Alton - L.Cpl Volunteered 27.01.1907 - applied 1909 for commission in Aux. Forces - Married 1911 to Min LEE (formerly governess to May CURTIS p.614);
- Eliz Annie née 27/8/1882 epuuz (dotty) Died 1906;
- Percy John né 1/11/1883 ??? Nov 1 (as also p.614?).
*Sarah Jane CURTIS bapt 8.11.1846; died 1926.

p.673 WARREN George Roe
Widower living at Standford; one of the firm of the "Bros" see p.671.
Bro to Andrew (p.671), father to George (p.672), Uncle to Henry (p.674)
Great (dissenting) speaker and preacher. Lectured once at Headley school on paper.
For Law case see p.671.

p.673 Newspaper cutting dated Aug 1891 - re William Edward WARREN of Iping. Bankrupt. Used dishonoured cheques thinking he had plenty of money. Certified insane. Brother understood to move him to an asylum.

p.673 Newspaper cutting undated - re bankruptcy of John Chalcraft WARREN of Iping.

p.674 WARREN Henry & … ?(BRECKENDMAN) & child.
Live in Bramshott, near the mill.
Son of Andrew p.671, nephew of G R (p.673), cousin to Geo (junior) p.672.
Said to be the most churchy of all, but?
Henry was the hunting shooting fishing 'black sheep' of the family and eventually became a rep for a Brewery; not sure how that went down with the local Methodists! I think he must have lived at the Mill house which is in Bramshott Parish. Henry's son went to Canada when quite young; his grand daughter lives now in Vancouver. [Marion WARREN, Feb 2013]

p.674 Newspaper cutting dated May 1891 - re railway accident in which H Warren of Liphook was injured.

p.674 Newspaper cuttings - re Controversy over election to Guardians. Otter hunting - Lindford Bridge - Standford - Bramshott - Frensham.

p.674 Newspaper cutting dated Mar 1891 - re New Bridge over river at Passfield organised by the Waywardens, WH CHALCRAFT & H WARREN.

p.674 Newspaper cutting - re Bramshott Provident Friendly Society Fete.

p.675 BELTON Jane Sarah 23/3/1856
An inmate of the Union.
Proper name Sarah Jane FROGLEY, a dau before marriage of Harriet FROGLEY by a sweeper, one William BELTON who used to live at Hollywater.
Dirty people very. See Q.52.
William BELTON, 14 Railway Terrace, Feltham, Middlesex wrote 27.3.1895 to Mr Andrew WARREN for news of his brother *John BELTON, who went to Australia many years ago. We, of course, know nothing.
Children of original John (bur 8.3.1828) & Eliz. BELTON were
- Richard 1813
- Catherine 30.5.1819 Grayshott,
- John* 29.9.1822 Grayshott
- William 5.11.1826 Grayshott - see Page Q.52.

p.676 GARDINER Charles 1864
[Crossed out=>Arford (Cottage behind Pond) south side Pond Road]
A half-sharp inmate of the Union, a nephew of Mrs SHRUBB p.294.
His mother Ellen (née BELTON) died in 1871.
His father John G died in Union in 187_.
They used to live in Headley Street
A family tree drawn diagonally under this.
See pedigree p.1517.

p.677 PACEY Susannah, born 1801
An aged inmate of the Union.
Told me 9/4/1878 when she lived at Barford that WOODGER (p.260) had been very kind to her.
Husband James died in 1874. She had a little property & when that failed she went into Union. She came 1875 from Churt side.
Has lost the use of her left hand. Old Mrs ROBINSON (p.281) used to go in the morning to help her "just on her ground".
Mother to p.521.
Special grievance was that Dr WOODS charged 8/6d for attending to her hand.
In 1902 I found at Frensham her child Anne born 4.6.1826 & Charles born 19.4.1829 see p.521 & told Mrs Chas PACEY of this latter.

p.678 GAUNTLETT Henry 14/2/1836 & Emma (COURTNAGE) & family.
[Crossed out=>Arford (behind Pond) north side Parish Houses Road (north cottage)]
Live now at [Crossed out=>Standford] Lindford.
Known as "Harry GAUNTLETT", formerly living at Hearne, in the village, & on White Hill.
Now Jan 1882 quite one of the Eveley Lambs.
Brother to p.433 & p.644 [Inf: Henry GAMBLEN].
Mrs chatty & agreeable - knew me 27.8.1872.
Saw no children. He in garden. This at Hearne
out on 4/7/1873.
Mrs WAKELING (p.1312) had of old been present when Harry threw & hit his mother badly.
They were married 13/10/1860
- Harry 13/10/1861 - bur 27/5/1863
- Fred 6/12/1863 - "quoicadivo" - See p.652, p.341, p.942
- Sarah A 1/9/1867
- Jesse 6/3/1870
- Amelia 1876.
One dau married to a Liphook man 2.10.1897; ?at Alton or at Chapel - one dau is Mrs TILBURY p.1382.

p.678 Newspaper cutting - re Frederick GAUNTLETT "a disordly customer at The Cricketers, Passfield Common, Bramshott"

p.679 PARSONS Miss
Lives at Standford. Mrs ALLEN's Bible woman.

p.680 PLUMMER Dr Charles J & Mrs Francis M (PLUMMER)
[Crossed out=>Arford (behind Pond) north side PHB …]
The new (1880) Doctor at Standford House. Bought Dr WOOD's practice.
He married his cousin.
Succeeded by Dr ANDERSON p.1331.
Dr WOODS had married a South American, very dark, & a daughter of theirs came to see me Aug 1926.

p.680 Newspaper cutting dated Jan 1883 - re Children's Treat at Headley School. Description of Nursery Rhyme tableaux. Sounds excellent.

p.681 CANE John 12/11/1843 & Mary Anne (née WHITE or HARRIS April 1843)
Live on Barford Higher Road (late Mrs PACEY's )
Lives next door to brother James CANE (p.346).
Son of late Richard p.305.
She dau of Daniel HARRIS (p.223) [Inf: Louis PHILLIPS]
HARRIS pedigree is on p.162.
Living Jan 1913 with married dau Mrs BENHAM, Wylde Green, Liss
and living May 1918 with son at The Malt House, Tilford & uncomfortable according to letter from Mrs BENHAM, 2 Ward Cottages, Ham Street, Ham, Richmond, Surrey.
They were married 8/10/1870
- Geoffrey Benjamin 1/10/1871
In 1919 end H CANE is at Beagley Cottage, Tilford but the mother has been in Farnham Union a year; she died 2.10.1919.

p.681 CANE Henry & Sarah Ann (JORDAN)
Son of above living 1906 Cliff Cottage, Barford.
Married 1904 to a this Churt Vic: servant.
Living 1908 in Hammer Lane.

p.682 WHITE William & wife (Annie)
[Crossed out=>Parish House Bottom (opposite to Pond Cottage)]
Live at Grayshott next HILL.
Drinks. He found dead Nov 2nd/1887 on Huts road & taken to Huts.
Daughter's illegitimate child (aged 14 months) buried Dec 3/1889.

p.682 Newspaper cutting re his death. Called Didley WHITE.

p.683 SMITH or WOODGER James & …
Live on Beech Hill up Barley Mow Road in Mr BETTESWORTH's cottage.
?A son of p.203 & brother of p.260.

p.683 LAWES Fred Joseph 1895 & Edith
Came Feb 1919 to Deadwater Row
?Newly married.
She came from same place as Mrs GILLETT p.1684
Son of p.685.
Went to Kingsley & sponsors 13.11.1921.

p.684 COLLINS Miss Elizabeth 16.11.1798?
[Crossed out=>Parish House Bottom (Rose Cottage)]
Old lady living at Hilland in part of Farm House.
Cousin to Daniel COLLINS (the late) (p.612)
Sole remaining Trustee of the Hilland Property.
With her lives Mrs LOE (p.692)
I wrote out a will for her March 1882 by which she left £10 to Ann LUFF, Hillside, Frensham; £10 to M. A. TRENNY 14 Waterloo St; £5 to Evelina MILLIS (p.607); £5 to Kate Ethel BRIDGER (p.475); and to Mr CAMPBELL (p.480) £5 for his expenses; and all the rest of the property which, he explained, it is intended that he should divide in equal shares among the children of Henry & Anne BRIDGER (p.415). The object of putting it this way being to secure it to the children even against the father.
(See COLLINS pedigree p.844).

p.685 LAWES William died 31.8.1928 & Mary Ann (MILLIS) died Jan 1937 & baby.
[Crossed out=>Unmarried lives in lower PHB lodging with Mrs GATES (p.607)]
Son of p.652
Has one of the allotments.
Lives now in Moore House.
She one of Mrs BENNETT'S granddaughters, a very presentable young woman.
Her father William MILLIS there in 1905 & wants to be buried next to Mrs BENNETT.
See MATTHEWS pedigree p.1864.
- Ada 1882 died 1883
- William 1885
- Alice Mary 1886 - see below Mrs LAMPORT
- Henry John 1888 died.
- George 1889 - see p.1876 - married Daisy BERRY.
- Edith 1893
- Fred Joseph 1895 - see p.683
- Albert Edward 1898
- Beatrice Anne 1901 - Mrs MAJOR p.1893
- Alfred 1902 p.2000.
He 1st cousin to James CLAY p.1617 & to Kate CAINE p.1598 See ENSELL pedigree.

p.685 LAMPORT Harry & Alice Mary (LAWES)
At Hollywater early 1909
He brother to Mrs CHANDLER (p.917); she dau of above.
Bought & came 1910 to Linstead Farm. For children see B&B.
Built themselves a house in 1931 on footpath from Belmont to Hayden's Farm (and then all the bungalows down Church Lane).

p.686 SKIDMORE Mrs Ann
House keeper at DERNER's House (Heath House, Beech Hill in Burial register - they buried plot 5-23)
When I first came Mr Thomas & Mrs Mary Dowling DERNER lived in the White House on the hill to the East from here. They died & the lawyer in charge put Mrs SKIDMORE to mind. The house (going to ruin) has never been let.
A note on this case made in 1899 will be found on p.1242.

p.686 Newspaper cutting dated May 1882 - Found Dead - An inquest was held at Heath House in this parish on Saturday … on the body of Ann Skidmore who was found dead under the following circumstances. Deceased who was 84 years of age had lived in the house alone for the past nine years and in charge of it, being occasionally visited by children. On Moday the 22nd ult. Mrs COURTENAYE (COURTENAGE p.530), according to custom, left a loaf of bread with deceased who told her she would be down on Tuesday. She did not however call, and on Thursday Mrs COURTENAYE sent her son to the house with some coals. The boy on looking through the window saw the deceased lying under the table with the dog sitting on her leg. The evidence of Dr CJ PLUMMER showed that death probably resulted from apoplexy, and that some slight bruises found on the face were caused by falling from the chair. The jury returned a verdict in accordance.

p.686 Hand written letter relating to above? - difficult to read but seems to be asking someone to come and deal with the body: …must be gott to day to bury her she is turned all over she will stink els and I do not no what to do for it coffin will you come up to Heath House instantly for we do not lett her remain here any longer without it coffin and you must come up to us at Mrs Irish I have stopd at all up as it … out and I not having Mr Anthony across will you … Mrs Courtenage and Mrs Belton to come at once as we do not no what to do with her.

p.687 BAKER Thomas & Sarah
Live at New Inn Turnpike House
Formerly at Sleaford Farm (for 22 years?)
She with one eye blind.
They were not at home 22.8.1872 and have since lived in Kingsley, but came here in 1881.
He ill 1883 (of the Baxter Type somewhat) & died.
In 1889 a granddaughter Caroline married a Goliath BRITTON (see p.901). The granddaughter's mother (the granddaughter illegitimate) being in the Union.
Mrs Sarah BRITTON now gone with (1890) Goliath to Blacknest.

p.688 HURDLE
[Crossed out=>Par H Bottom (High Fullers Bottom)]
Live at Moore House.

p.689 WHITING (Alfred & Louisa Maria in 1881 census)
Live at Baigeants' Bridge next p.479.

p.690 POTTS Ira & Emma & 1 child.
[Crossed out=>Par H Bottom (High Fullers Bottom)]
Live at Alexandra Park, in old Baker's shop.
Mrs WAKEFORD p.247 came for signing of a paper 4.1.1882 she being the widow of a soldier John William Gunner RA. I unable to sign it because she must sign it before me.
He retired gunner R M A with a pension. She rather like Mrs FORD (p.518) and has a pension for the Crimea.
(Ira is one of David's mighty men: 2.Sam xxiii.26. See also Sam xxiii 38 1ch xi 28 &40 & 2.Sam xx 26).

p.691 Newpaper cuttings - re the funeral in Odiham of the Rev Thomas Grey CLARKE Mar 1891. Also re Proposed Railway and A Vestry Meeting .

p.691 COVENTRY Henry Halford né 24.2.1834 & Materin & daughter (Gertrude, b, in Denmark) by 1st wife.
Gentleman living at Lindford.
Bought a small place from HARDING (p.474)
He English she a Pole? (Russian in 1881 census) Her son John & overleaf.
He lived in Russia but (had to?) leave.
An engineer. The great Doctor Halford was his mother's uncle.
A son Thomas COVENTRY died 30.6.1928 (in Times).
If the marriage of Lord COVENTRY with the beautiful Miss GUNNING were proved none because of a previous marriage in Austria (which some speak of probably without reason) HHC's nephew would be the Peer and HHC the heir.
See HHC's commentry on treading the bounds of the parish in 1890.

(Written on p.690) After Mrs COVENTRY's death house let to
NOAD Mrs Mary Ann & dau Florence Marion & sons (Percival Henry & Frank Rhys)
Daughter now Mrs ELFORD
A companion 1908 Miss Edith Dawson ROBINSON who married one son & died.
End of 1909 Mrs ROLLS is companion.
Percy & Miss R met at a sanatorium & in 1908 married in Cornwall where he had taken (for outdoor life) the work of a chauffeur. They had one child Eliz. Dawson NOAD née 11.4.1910. Mrs Percy NOAD died in St Austell 10.6.1910. Temp Capt. Percy NOAD R E (T) died at Swallowcliffe 3.7.1918. Application made Oct 1918 for pension for little girl; now living with grandmother. Captain NOAD had married again.

p.692 LOE Mrs
[Crossed out=>Par H Bottom (High Fullers Bottom Road) The Corner]
Lives as companion to Miss COLLINS (p.684). Formerly lived with Mrs PARSONS, The Vicarage, at Selborne.

p.692 COVENTRY John V & Elina
Son by Polish wife of HHC (p.691)
He died Jan 1918 & 4.7.1919 she remarried to
MAGILL Capt Rupert & Elina "Ella M"
son of Rev John MAGILL Essenford Rectory Co. Louth.
Married Inniskeen Church, Co Monaghan (from an announcement of Marrige-to-be; The actual marriage not seen in paper) & permanent address (Nov 1919) of Mrs MAGILL is 4 Willow Bank, Kingston, Co Dublin.

p.693 FORD George & Caroline
Old man living at Bird's Nest. Formerly a game keeper. Very very fond of shooting. Venerable looking party with white beard.
Paws off Pompey! She does all the work.

p.693 Letter dated 2 Mar 1883 from Edw. J ALLSON to WHL about his someone who died in St Bartholomew's hospital.

p.693 Letter dated Saturday evening 10 Mar 1888 from C FORD to WHL: … Mr I'ANSON and his son Mr Edward most kindly consented to become Trustees to my late husband & myself & hold the Tithe deeds of the property I derive my Annuity from I tell you this in confidence which may account for my anxiety. I am glad Mrs PETAR has a good tenant for the dear old Bird's Nest the place is very dear to me. I have not heard of Mras PETAR for some time, do pray excuse me writing so much I feel I am writing nonce with many thanks, I am dear sir, respectfully yours, C FORD.

p.694 PIGGOTT George
In union non compis mentis.
Brother to Daniel (p.695) Mark (p.621) John (p.662) & James (p.337).
See Pedigree on p.697.

p.695 PIGGOTT Daniel 20.1.1811
Living at Headley Mill
Baker to Mr LICKFOLD (p.538)
Brother to George (p.694 above).

p.696 MARSHALL Chas & children
Parish House Bottom (S. side) on map 76a.

p.696 MARSHALL Charles b 20/2/1842 & Jane (MOORE) b 7/1/1844, m 13/10/1862
- Eliza 7/8/1864 see p.931
- William 3/11/1867 see p.911
- James 4/9/1870
- Richard 29/6/1873.
Daughter of the MOOREs of Style House - Hearne p.396.
Saw her at cottage door evening of Oct 22/1875.
Often see her at her mother's at Hearne. Pleasant.
She died 1878; was sister to Mrs GAUNTLETT (p.433)
House kept by Eliza (1881).
He son of Wheatsheaf MARSHALL (p.435), uncle to Mrs "Bob" BLANCHARD p.171.

p.696 Note on headed paper "Headley Rectory Liphook 31 Jan 1890
"James MARSHALL has had an accident by which his Cart & Harness are very much broken and his young horse considerably damaged. He appeals for help to enable him to repair his loss. Contributions may be given to the bearer or sent to Mr Laverty and should be entered overleaf. W H Laverty" List of payments followed on the next page

p.697 Part of Pedigree of PIGGOTTs.
John PIGGOTT 1.12.1764 bur 4.5.1845
Lucy WHITE _/_/1780 bur 25/11/1849
married 9.4.1801 and had children:
- John 30.10.1801 - see p.662
- William 3.4.1803 - died in Workhouse 1872
- Sarah 24.2.1805 - Mrs TAYLOR, bur 29.8.1840 - TAYLOR died in Workhouse 1867
- Stephen 26.4.1807 - for whose son Walter see p.161
- James 25.2.1809 - see p.337
- Daniel 20.1.1811 - see p.695
- Martha 20.4.1817
- Charles 22.11.1818 - m. 1.12.1842 Anne BITWELL of Eveley; emigrated to Australia 5 Jul 1852 [Inf: Trevor Henshaw]
- Richard 29.11.1820 - m. 21.7.1844 Susannah HARRIS - in Yorkshire 1848; emigrated to Australia on the Duke of Wellington 18 Jul 1849 with George & Harriett GARDNER [Inf: Trevor Henshaw]
- Harriett 15.10.1823 - Mrs CARPENTER
- Mark 24.9.1826 - see p.621.
See also p.1419.

p.698 DOREY … & housekeeper & 1 child.
Live at south end Moore House.
Came there from Kingsley Mich 1881.
Middle aged. Housekeeper is Mrs FROST p.21.

p.699 LONG M and Harriett (née PARFECT 19.3.1854)
Keep the shop in the village which formerly was Mrs PARFECT's (p.215).
Harriett (PARFECT) the wife of a soldier. Both young. See p.215.

Transcription of Book 6 completed as follows:—
pp.600–649 Carole Wilson & Jo Smith
pp.650–699 Colin & Jennifer Mitchell

p.700 to p.797 - Index by Surname: showing Surname, First name, Location, Page No. See notes to Book 12.
Note: no Q numbers used in this Index.

Book 7

p.800 Not sure which pages in which book the list here relates to:
West Central:
Lindford - pages 402-411
Lindford Chase - pages 412-455
Lindford Bridge - pages 456-473
North Central:
Broxhead - pages 472-473
Lindford Lane - pages 474-487
Curtis - pages 488-489
Headley Wood etc - pages 490-503
Bayfields etc - pages 504-513
Arford - pages 514-571
Long Cross - pages 572-579.

p.802 WHITE Timothy
A chemist etc at Southsea & Landport
Owner of Alexandra Park & of certain 4 villas in Blackmoor.
Cutting showing 'Special Prices for September 1887.'

p.802 Cutting undated: Highway offence - For riding without reins in the parish of Headley, George HETHERINGTON, in the employ of Mr Timothy WHITE, was fined 2s 6d and costs or, in default, seven days imprisonment.

p.803 BLAINE Delabere Pritchett
Come 1884 or 1885 to Fowley for 5 years.
Tenants of TRISTRAMs.
Cutting dated June 1886 - A marriage is arranged between Captain Henry PORTER, 7th Royal Fusiliers, eldest son of Mr Aylmer PORTER of Cranbourne Court, Windsor Forest and Mary Constance, third daughter of Mr Delabere Pritchett BLAINE of 129 Cromwell Road and Fowley, Liphook.

p.804 VINCENT C.E. Howard Esq & Mrs (Ethel Gwendoline) HV
Took furnished Aug 1886 "Headley Hill" from half sister-in-law Mrs VINCENT (p.17)
Howard was a politician, as well as an author and the cartographer responsible for producing decorative and colourful maps of Queen Victoria's Empire; in the parish magazine of November 1886: "The Howard Vincent map of the British Empire has been kindly presented to Headley School by C.E. Howard Vincent Esq C.B., M.P." Ethel Gwendoline wrote detailed accounts of her trips and her encounters with foreign lands and had a number of books about her travels published during the 1880s and 1890s. [Judith Kinghorn]
- in 1886 Vera a girl of 3.

p.805 NORMAN Lt.Col. Luke & Mrs (EDWARDS)
Took furnished (Aug 1886) Arford House and then took it unfurnished.
Lt.Col. of (Irish?) militia.
With them living for a time Miss WALL & afterwards Miss EDWARDS, Mrs N's aunt.
p.805 Cutting dated Jan 1888 of an Entertainment in Headley.

p.806 DARWALL Capt.
Rented Eveley (p.177) 1886 for 3½ years.
A friend of Mr D'Arcy WENTWORTH p.136.
Henry COTTON (p.905) came into this country with him.

p.806 Cutting dated Sept 1887: "Game Trespass - James WOODS, aged 19, was charged with wandering in search of game on land belonging to Captain DARWALL at Headley - The defendant was fined 5s."

p.807 LEUCHARS Edgar & Rosina Sarah Matilda & family
Married 14.4.1880
Telegram "Leuchars, Kingston-on-Thames"
Building (1880) a "summer house" at Grayshott
Now (1890 & previously) lives there
Principal person to obtain a Telegraph office in 1890.
Youngest child Alice Janet b. 21.8.1893; marr. 5.4.1921.
Rosina died 17.3.1947 aged 89.

p.807 Cutting dated 1890 - NEW TELEGRAPH OFFICE - Telegrams are now received for transmission at the Grayshott Post Office. By residents at Hindhead & vicinity this is much appreciated.

p.807 Cutting dated Jan 1891 - Mr E LEUCHARS in cast of 'Popping the Question', a farce, at Headley National Schoolroom.

p.807 Cutting from the Times 8.4.1921 - KNIGHT:LEUCHARS. On the 5th April at St Albans, Hindhead by the Rev. H.R. Huband, Rev. A. Simms and Rev. M.R. Bethune, Lieut Michael Richard Thomas KNIGHT, Royal Navy, HMS Danae son of the last Commander Maurice KNIGHT, RoyalNavy, and of Mrs KNIGHT 13 Beaufort Gardens, Chelsea to Alice Janet, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs Edgar LEUCHARS of Whitmore Vale House, Hindhead, Surrey.

p.807 Cutting dated Oct 1889 - LIPHOOK - Working Men's Club at Hindhead - For the purpose of providing nearby entertainments, and for the improvement of its members, a room has been erected in the neighbourhood of Hindhead. It is situate at Greyshott, an outlying district of the parish of Bramshott. Amusements of various kinds will be started and the room will be supplied with daily and other newspapers. Lectures and entertainments, vocal and instrumental music, together with improvement classes in elementary subjects will be introduced. For the purpose of carrying on this work an influential Executive and Committee have been appointed. The President is the Rector (the Rev W. Capes M.A.); Vice Presidents, E.B. I'Anson, Esq, F. Jackson, Esq, A. Macmillan, Esq, J. Mowat, Esq, A.J. Whitaker, Esq, Dr. Williamson and C.F. Virtue, Esq; Treasurer, K. Leuchar, Esq, Librarian, Miss I'Anson: Secretary, Mr.G. Clark; Conductor of Meetings, Mr. Williams: Committee, Mrs Capel, Mrs Leuchar, Mrs Macmillan, Mrs Mowat, Miss James, Miss Land, Miss Woodthorpe and Messrs. J. Cresswell, Deadman, Evans, Gould, Hardwick and W.F. Woode. Several names have been entered as members; and any lad 14 years of age is eligible for admission, and should apply for further particulars at the Clubhouse or of Mr. Williams, who will gladly receive any suggestions as to subjects proposed for discussion, or needs of special instruction.

p.807 Cutting from the Times: On May 17, 1947, at Grayshott suddenly, Rosina Sarah Mathilda, dearly loved wife of the late Edgar LEUCHARS, of Whitmore Vale House, Hindhead, Surrey, aged 89. Funeral provisionally at 2.30 pm tomorrow (Tuesday) at St.Albans, Hindhead.

p.808 MARSHALL George and Ellen (PACEY)
Live in the Parish Houses
He eldest son of Sam p.654
She daughter of PACEY p.521
Parents to p.614 & to below.
Marr 24.7.1886.

p.808 MARSHALL W. John & Rose Alicia (STEEL)
Né & née 1892 and 1896
Married Dec 1919. Son of above. Daughter of p.1207
Different to p.911.
Away 1927 & viewing at Barford Cottages.

p.809 COOMBES Edward 17.10.1858 & Mary Ann (BURROWS) died Oct 1937
Live with Mrs MOORE or CHURCHER (p.574)
He son of Edward p.410
She daughter of Fred p.391
She & children went for 3 days into Union during harvesting (at Chichester) - better now, this Oct 1890.
Parents to Patty & mother & daughter at Devon Cottage p.1975.
Fred p.812.
Rewritten on p.2084.
Child Rose COOMBES née 25.7.1905
Should be in Standard IV & is only in ii.
No progress. Very frail & deaf.
Perfectly good. No benefit at school.
Died 1927 - see p.2084.

p.809 Cutting dated Jan 1239 : Petty Sessions. Assault - Edward COOMBE, labourer, was charged with assualting Harriet COOMBE of Headley on December 31st, and was fined 15s including costs.

p.809 CHESHAM William James & Harriett Isabel (COOMBES née 5.5.1900)
Married 10.6.1918.
She daughter of the above - see p.2084.
Mr CHESHAM hurt 12.8.1926 in semi-overturn of motor vehicle at Holly Bush.

p.809 WREN Henry John & Ivy Selina (COOMBES née 1.12.1908)
Daughter of the above. Churched 19.12.1925.
See p.2084.
(NB: Marriage registered 2 qtr of 1925 so date probably inaccurate)

Servant to Capt Darwall p.806.
Come from Devonshire
Boy John Henry at school Oct 1886.

p.810 & p.811 Notes made 1918 on people who have been omitted (just the FIGG & ALBURY entries)

p.810 FIGG Martha
Died of cancer at Hollywater aged 51, Dec 1895
Mother of (arrow to Alice Matilda below).

p.810 ALBURY James and Alice Matilda (FIGG)
Dau of Martha above. She died (away) in a nursing home at Hurstpierpoint 13 4 1903.
He gone from Hollywater & esjolt (drinks) & died in Bramshott suddenly end 1904.
He son of Edward p.98.
- Alice Martha Matilda 29.5.1898
- Walter James 3.1.1901 - died
- Gladys Mabel 8.4.1902 - see p.1488. Baptised Bramshott Aug 1911. In London married in 1928.

p.811 FIGG Fred James & Miriam (MOORE)
Married 25.12.1896. Daughter of p.574.
No relation to opposite (p.810)
- Ann Mary b. 8.6.1887
- Alfred Arthur b. 13.8.1898
- Fred George b. 11.7.1900
- Miriam Rose b. 9.12.02 (at Bramshott) married 10.2.1922 at Thornaby-on-Tees to Samuel GREY.
GREY Samuel (British Legion) came for help 14.5.1927 - then living at Tryphena COOMBES.

p.811 BALLS
Cook to Capt Darwall p.806
Come from Devonshire
Boy at school Oct 1886.

p.812 Frensham Pond Club (not sure if this is a page heading or a lone entry)

p.812 COOMBES Frederick (20.5.1896) & Marjorie (WOOD)
Sponsors 11 April 1924.
Live at Passfield
Son of p.809 & born 26/5/1896.
Been sponsor once or twice.

p.813 BURGESS John
Coachman 1886 to Colonel NORMAN p.805

p.814 COTTON Sir Henry & Lady
Live at Milland
"Lord Justice" Cotton.

p.814 Long cutting undated, but Monday 2nd March (see below) occurred in 1885 - Parish of Bramshott Boundary - The matter of defining the boundary of the parish having been left in abeyance since last spring, it was resumed on 18th inst. The great number of years that have elapsed since the bounds were trodden has resulted in the spread of many erroneous opinions as to where they really are. So much is this the case that many errors, some very great, have appeared in the Ordnance map. The first of these errors in the Ordnance Map is the line running through the enclosures. It should issue from the Forked Pond enclosure, 35 chains 70 links from the SE corner which, when measured, determines the boundary to be the centre of a stream entering the enclosure 1.17 chains E of the point shown in the Ordnance Map. Having found this error, the line of crosses passing through the enclosure will have to be rectified. The next error is in making the slight angle in the line at a point outside the enclosure; whereas the angle is at the point of exit. The third error at this point is the inclination of the line crossing the flat to the edge of the enclosure. The Ordnance makes this angle one of 85 degrees, whereas it should be 89 degrees. This angle having been struck, a cross was dug on the N side of the road from Liphook to Greatham at the point where it crosses the boundary, 19 paces E from the centre of a small stream. The next cross in this straight line is on the S side of the N bank of the piece 718 (Ordnance Map), three or four paces W of a large willow tree. The third cross is on the tumulus before mentioned, two paces below the one cut last spring. The line continues thence to a point 1.90 chains from the county boundary, and 7ft from the fence of Sir Henry COTTON's enclosure, between the fence and the "sheep way," being parallel to the former for some 130 yards. The length of this line as measured by a tape is 53.72 chains; and its termination is at the upper end of a small trench. At this point the line turns at an angle of 80 degrees nearly due W to the upper end of Swallow Bottom, This point used to be indicated by a large holly tree, of which there is now no trace (probably due to the great fire some years ago). Mr W GAUNTLETT, farmer, an old inhabitant living at Fowley Hatch, remembers this fact well; and it was from him that this information was gained by Dr PULLEN-BERRY and by Mr George GAUNTLETT on two different occasions. Mr GAUNTLETT being now too infirm to go to the spot and indicate it exactly, the point was not marked by a cross; but it was approximately arrived at by the bearing of the point before mentioned, the bearing of the "oak tree" (of which more presently), and the bearing of the "four parish stone." From this point the line goes to an old cross marking the point at which the "four parish stone" stood. This point was easily found from further information gained by the same persons from Mr GAUNTLETT. Mr GAUNTLETT informed Mr George GAUNTLETT that near the corner of Liss enclosure there used to be the "four parish stone," from 20 to 30 yards to the left of an old road leading from Fowley to Liss enclosure, looking towards the west. This stone stood in a little dell. It was destroyed; and a deep cross was subsequently cut in the spot where it stood. To Dr PULLEN-BERRY, Mr GAUNTLETT said this little dell was some 8ft or 10ft wide and used to have grass growing along the bottom. Its length was some little distance; but he could not say exactly how long - quite 20 yards. The cross was a very deep one; and Mr GAUNTLETT thinks it should be found, because it ought not to be grown out yet. The stone was some 3ft in height and was destroyed by some stone-diggers. The map shows the distance of this stone from the "oak tree" to be some 49 chains. Armed with this information , the old cross was easily found, though nearly grown out. Its position was found to be 2.67 chains from the N end of a little dell where the old road crosses the end of it, and 3.90 chains from the centre of the road from Langley to Blackmoor at a point opposite the entrance to Liss enclosure at its upper corner. The dell has a grassy bottom. The boundary goes in a straight line from this cross to "The Oak Tree," passing through iron Burrows Bottom (as described by Mr W GAUNTLETT to Mr George GAUNTLETT and Dr PULLEN-BERRY), which is the larger of the two oaks near the end of a belt of Scotch firs standing to the NW of the road from Grigg's Green to Langley; distant some 49 chains. In the Tithe Map belonging to Mr CHALCRAFT this point is called Crouch House Corner. Thence the line goes 8.90 chains to Upper Crouch House Corner; then 3ft RH to SW corner of piece No.4 (Ordnance Map); then inside the hedge in the ditch; then outside pieces Nos.5 and 9 to 3ft FF in the coppice, to a point 1.26 chains from the centre of the bank dividing 5 and 9; next N through the Fall [Fail?] piece 8ft from the centre of a road, and 3ft TF outside Lower Crouch House Field (No.8 Ordnance Map) to the gate post. From this point our boundary is disputed by the Trotton Overseers. The Tithe Map in Mr CHALCRAFT's possession shows that from this point the line goes to Bowle's knoll 12.35 chains. Bowle's Knoll is no longer so called; but the point is 13.40 chains from the oak tree. This point is found to be at the summit of an eminence now called the Nursery (No.11 Ordnance Map). At this point a cross is cut. From this point a straight line to the boundary stone in the wall at the corner of the woodshed of a house at Hearsey's Corner, now inhabited by Thomas ROBINSON , is claimed by the Bramshott Overseers as the boundary. This line cuts across Sir Henry COTTON's cricket field, leaving part in each parish. Mr W GAUNTLETT states that the boundary passes through Crouch House, close behind Sir Henry COTTON's house, to Hearsey's Corner. The Trotton Overseers, however, state that this is wrong. The boundary, according to Mr CHAPPEL's map which was made by a person named ADAMS of Petersfield, well-known by old inhabitants of that town, is as follows: From the gatepost at the corner of Lower Crouch House field, it continues to follow the fence to a point at the corner of Crouch House garden; thence in a straight line to a point 17.90 chains from the gatepost and 17.80 from the NW corner of piece No.1 (Ordnance Map). This point is 3.80 chains NW from the "Oak Tree." Thence straight to a point in the county boundary 8.40 chains WSW of the second county boundary stone from Sir Henry COTTON's enclosure on Weaver's Down. Thence ENE along the county boundary for 26.77 chains to a point 4.12 chains beyond the next county boundary stone. Thence in a straight line to the stone at Hearsey's Corner. This makes a total of, roughly speaking, about 85 acres claimed by both parishes. From Heasey's Corner there is no further dispute concerning the Bramshott-Trotton boundary. It passes the centre of the ditch at the bottom of Goldering's coppice to a cross on the bank, bounding Reedy coppice, 3.28 chains from the S corner of Goldering's coppice, passing N of large oak tree and bank. Then 3ft TF outside the Jowley [Fowley?] Estate to a T-shaped cross at the NW corner of Wheatsheaf Common. The broad arrow shown in the Ordnance Map in the bank of Peakmore is on a gatepost that is buried in the bank. There is a right-of-way through the bank at this point into Peakmore. It is now blocked up; and three birch trees planted in the spot the gateway was. A boundary stone is planted about 40 paces E from where the road to Langley leaves the road to Forest Mere, formerly called Folly. A little beyond this point the boundary is half-way up the bank; distant 95 links from a large oak tree at the corner of a fir plantation, on the opposite side of the road. From the NW corner of Wheatsheaf Common, the line turns across towards the railway along the W side of a low bank , to a cross near the second large birch tree. From this point it follows a line to a stone placed between two roadways on the S side of the railway, passing through a large chestnut tree. From this stone to another on the S side of the London road, and then along the N edge of a bridle-path 4.90 chains leading to Admiral Bottom. At this point the Trotton-Bramshott boundary ends; and the further perambulation was postponed until Monday, March 2nd. … On this day the Rector (the Rev W CAPES), Messrs CHALCRAFT, (Overton), P MOWATT, H WARREN, HOGSFLESH, FEWTRELL, E GAUNTLETT, CHAPPEL (Trotton) and MARSHALL (Rogate), Dr PULLEN-BURRY, the Rev HC STOKES, Messrs Humphrey BARLEYCORN, ARTHUR, CHAPMAN, H & T OVERTON and others lent their assistance; and the juveniles, whom it is hoped may assist at some future date when evidence of the past shall be required, were Mr MOWATT's two sons, Alfred GAUNTLETT, Thomas HOGSFLESH and Charles HARRIS. It was found that certain foolish persons had endeavoured to obliterate marks made on a previous occasion - no doubt in the hope of giving trouble to those who might subsequently desire to find them. But owing to the exact record kept, there was no difficulty in going straight to the desired spots, when their folly was at once seen, and it afforded some amusement to those whom they hoped baffle.
(The treading seems to have been to the western end of the parish, not the Headley side. Sir Henry COTTON's enclosure is mentioned, hence the inclusion of the cutting here. Mention is made of 'the four parish stone' which used to be near the corner of Liss enclosure, 20-30 yards to the left of an old road leading from Fowley to Liss enclosure, looking towards the west. An cross was later cut because stone was destroyed.)

p.814 KEMP Charles & Nellie Maria (WALKER)
Married here 22.12.1910.
Came back to Reynolds May 1920.
At Reynolds as gardener & housekeeper in 1911 census
Son of Colin (below).

p.815 KEMP Colin & Mrs Caroline (died March 1936) & children
Live in Headley Street
"Carpenter, builder & undertaker"
Son of KEMP builder of Whitehill
Brother to Mrs PRESCOTT p.1229.
Brother to Martin p.1673.
Father to Charles (above) & to George p.1968.
A daughter born 17.9.1885, she churched but child not Christened at the time (here at all events).
They were married (date not entered) & have children as in B&B.

p.815 KEMP William Colin (d. July 1937) & Edith Mary
One child (?William Frank HALL) born (date not entered, but age 9 in 1911 census) before marriage.
She servant to Mrs McNAB, then to Mrs GUY.
Lived in Parish House Bottom, now 1905 at Elliotts.
Son of above.
1927 and long previously in Fullers Bottom.
Came 8.8.1927 with papers to legitimise the boy, but they had to be signed before JP.

p.816 HORLOCK Frank & … & family
Live at Stream - came Feb 1887
Brother to Mrs James TRIGGS p.467.
He said by ALLDEN to have a brother a clergyman in London; & she to have a sister married well, but query.

p.817 BONE Walter & Caroline (Harding)
Live at Hollywater in late John ALLEN
Married end of 1886
Came April 1887 to "½ Bap" baby*
Miserable looking
Something like the PACEY girls.
He born 1864, she 1865
Walter perhaps = to p.1440.
* Frank bapt.22.4.1887.

p.818 POCOCK … & wife & 3 children
Live in the shed-y house in Grayshott Bottom.
A pensioner "Been in London"
Came himself about 1882
Wife & children came autumn 1886.
[Inf: little girl thin-faced resembling William SHRUBB's (Hilland) child].

p.818 POCOCK … & wife & 3 children
Newcomers to Wishanger 1903.
In chimney house at Stream.
She knew me in 3.1903 when I called.

p.819 CROTT [CRAWT?] … & wife
In young SEVIN's house at Grayshott
[Inf: one of CANE's daughters]
From Huts.

p.820 & p.821 Pedigree of HARRIS [see also p.162]

p.821 TILBURY - lived in this [ie. Suters] end cottage and was WHL's gardener, and whose children were called TILBURY - was married under the name of BELTON [to gran's sister Sophia? - Joyce Stevens] (Can't find this at p.821 on microfilm)

p.822 SMITH Walter (25.10.1861) & Sarah Ann (nιe WEEKES or WEEKS, bapt 25.1.1863)
Live in Headley Street.
Married May 1887 (she having had 2 illegitimate children, see p.513)
Son of Mark SMITH (p.226)
Daughter of James WEEKES (p.513)
See WEEKES family p.2106.
- Herbert George WEEKES, 6.3.1881
- ??? WEEKES July 1884.

p.823 HERMISTON Robert & Mrs Elizabeth (RUTHERFORD)
Blacksmith at Simmonstones
She daughter of Robert RUTHERFORD p.145.
They call it 'Symonston' (both born in Scotland in censuses)
Eldest girl below.

p.823 COOPER … & Margaret (HERMISTON)
Married at Alton Reg Office about Lady Day 1901
Living at Hearne.
He a plasterer; she eldest dau of above.

p.824 & p.825 Pedigree of CURTIS, GAMBLEN, KNIGHT, PIM, SLADE, WARREN
Information as to widow CURTIS marrying GAMBLEN from Mrs George GAMBLEN p.457.
Mrs George GAMBLEN's grandfather was a shoemaker travelling for jobs. He married widow CURTIS who had a son Richard by her 1st husband. This Richard CURTIS ran away in the night with Mary PIM the daughter of the papermaker; ultimately becoming reconciled to the old people; & had the working of the Standford paper mill. He (Richard CURTIS) built and lived in Standford House where George CURTIS (p.615) now lives. His son Richard (b.1797) m. Harriet WARREN. There was only one son who survived the GAMBLEN/CURTIS marriage, viz: James the father of George p.457. George GAMBLEN born at Norman's workman's house.

p.826 & p.827 Pedigree of BLACKMAN

p.828 CLARKE Frank & Mrs
New (1886) landlord of Frensham Pond Inn
Very tidy people.

p.829 HOLDERNESS R.F. & Mrs & Miss
Live in part of Hilland Farm
Miss Maud H is our children's governess.
Once well off - but ?Stock Exchange.

p.830 MARSHALL Edward & Eliza Alice (LAWS)
Son of Samuel p.654 qv (underlined)
He 1905 a Militia Pensioner separated from his wife & children. I had a letter Jan 1905 from her from Harpenden, saying he not now supporting her.

p.830 Cutting dated Feb 1887 - Petty Sessions, Tuesday - Before W. WICKHAM Esq. (Chairman), A.V. JEFFREYS, Esq, & Capt STEPHENS. Trespassing on Oakhanger Common - Edward MARSHALL, labourer, and an old offender, was fined 5s and costs 10s or, in default 10 days imprisonment, for trespassing in search of game on Oakhanger Common.

p.831 New Inn (or Headley) Club
Some loose financial accounts for June 1886.

p.832 POWELL … & wife & …
Lindford Chase Road
Came from Liphook. A plumber.
Invalid wife
Slight muddle about girl's school prize - 1st prize (I think) given to 2nd girl.

p.833 CRAMP Samuel (1827) & wife & children
Took 1887 the Shop (late OLIVER) in the village
Lost nearly £100 and died in August 1887
They came from Hastings, 4 children married.
Wife very young when married.

p.834 & p.835 Pedigree of FULLICKs (continued from p.502) [Also in Parish Mag issues of Apr-May 1900]

p.836 & p.837 Pedigree of FULLICKs (continued from previous page)

p.838 & p.839 Pedigree of CLEAR

p.840 & p.841 Pedigree of CLEAR (continued)

p.842 BUNGAY George & wife Mary A
Lindford Corner, near Royal Exchange - where Tizzy TAYLOR was.
Came there in 1887.

p.843 BUNGAY Samuel
Living 1890 with Brother (above)
Broke his leg on day of Foresters Fete 1890
7 months in infirmary in Union
(Cottage Hospital end scarlet fever patients)
Younger considerably than brother.

p.844 & p.845 Pedigree of COLLENS [COLLINS]

p.846 BROWN George
Newcomer 1887 to Robin Hood
Father to Mrs WEST, p.861
In 1893 Mrs Margaret BROWN has gone off to Mrs WEST's at Milland - Husband says 'to be kept from drink' & house kept by a niece called FIGS [FIGGS] who "comes to see you sometimes".
Wife died (gap for date) and he remarried 12.1.1901 Martha Jane WILTSHIRE nιe GODDARD.
The 2nd Mrs BROWN's daughter Mrs Hills is on p.1383.

p.847 CRADDIGE Jim
Gamekeeper 1886, 1887 to Mr WENTWORTH.

p.847 Notice issued 1887 by Mr PATEY (p.63) & M General PARISH (p.482) as to the poisoning in the woods of valuable dogs; Mr PATEY losing a black poodle; Gen PARISH a St Bernard. £5 reward.

p.848 SMALLBONE Ernest Inkerman wife & 2 children
Live 1887 at Fellmongers.
Come as painter to Grayshott House.
Wrote Sept 1887 wishing to take part in harvest Thanksgiving.

p.849 LAWRENCE William & Sarah & child
Live in little house opposite HILL's at Grayshott.
She churched (little & young) 2 Oct 1887.
He died [before 1891 census]
She banned Mar 1893 (marr 22.4.1893) to Arthur James FULLICK & child born.

p.849 Pedigree of COLLENS [COLLINS] (continuation from p.845)
Descendants of Daniel COLLINS 1809 p.612.

p.850 FISHER Charles & … (TRIGGS)
Come (1887) to Hollywater Clump
She sister to Mrs Walter FULLICK p.500
He brother to p.949 & p.1088.

p.850 FISHER Charles & … (TRIGGS)
Came 1887 to Hollywater Clump
She sister to Mrs Walter FULLICK p.500
Brother to p.949 & p.1088.

p.851 VERE and wife & 2 children
Newcomer to HOWICK's 1887
Wife very stout. Churchman.

p.852 HILLS (HILL) Edward & sister(?) & 3 children
[Crossed out=>Lindford Chase Road (north side) 2nd from crossroads]
New farmer at Bayfields 1887.
Widower with two sons and a daughter of 15.
For his WENTWORTH row see p.136 & below.

p.852 'Begging' letter from WHL March 1896:
Edward HILL, late of Bayfield's Farm, desires the kind help of neighbours and friends in providing him with a horse in place of the one which has just died. He is one of the many sufferers from the depression, and until better times must support himself by hire-carting, etc. Contributions may be given to the bearer or may be sent to me, and entered overleaf.

p.852 Cutting: Nov 1897 - Two charges of trespass on HILL's land, both withdrawn.

p.853 WOODS Mark (27/10/1844) & family
Were living to 1887 at Sleaford
Son of Daniel p.249
Gone to Binstead (Binsted) end of 1887 to a cottage he had kept on.
Tidy people, but he going blind.
Helped him 1887 to go to Eye Hospital.

p.853 Letter dated 10 Jan 1889 to WHL from Gardner's Trust for the Blind:
Dear Sir, At the request of Miss LUSHINGTON of Kingsley, Alton, who is interested in the case of a man Mark WOODS who has recently become blind, I write to ask whether you will kindly send me at your earliest convenience a copy of WOODS' certificate of Baptism signed by yourself, as he is about to enter a Blind Asylum and before doing so it is necessary to produce such certificate.
WOODS is 44 years of age.
Yours faithfully, Henry JOHNSTON, Secretary.

p.853 Cutting: March 1892 - Young incendiaries - Benjamin WOOD, aged 11, and his brother Alfred, aged 8, were charged with having set fire to gorse at Headley, on land belonging to Ulick J BURKE, Esq, JP, on March 5th. … The elder boy confessed that he and his brother had done the mischief with matches which they had taken from their aunt's (p.250) house. Both were taken into custody and brought to Alton Police Station. This was on Saturday, and they remained in custody until the following Monday when they were taken before a magistrate and admitted to bail. The father is a blind man and the boys were supposed to be attending on their father at the time they did the mischief. They were discharged.

p.854 TANNER
Lived on quarry.
Workman on the water cress bed
Renter said to be Lavister (?Burry).
His daughter Mrs VINCENT with 2 children staying July 1900 with Mrs Henry COURTENAGE
Came to school treat at Mrs WESTMORE?.

p.855 COOMBES George & Mrs Sarah (formerly YOUNG) née BOXALL
Lodging 1887 at Grayshott with Mrs YOUNG p.160
Banned to her 27.11 1887 thus: "Sarah YOUNG widower to George COMBES spinster both of this Parish" (this was the notice sent to the clerk).
She sister to Mrs John CANE p.364, Mrs PACEY p.52, Mrs HARRIS p.450.
She died (buried, age 55) 18.2.1890.

p.856 JOHNSON & wife and 2 children
[Crossed out=>Lindford Bridge Road (this side Bridge)]
Mr WHITAKER's butler - lives Land of Nod - there before Xmas 1886.

p.857 OSBORNE John & Maria & children
Mr WHITAKER's coachman
Lives Land of Nod - there before Xmas 1886.
- 1880 Ada - m. 21/12/1901 Churt to John HARRIS - wrote me July 1917 for date of baptism of youngest children, from Glen View, Beacon Hill Road, Hindhead.
- 1884 Elsie
- 1887 George Victor 11/12/1887 - see p.1694
- 1890 Florence May 2/2/1890
- 1893 Mabel Violet 8/10/1893.

[Crossed out=>Lindford Bridge Road (this side bridge)]
Live in double cottage Barford High Road
"Son of Mr PUTTICK of Haslemere"
See p.2025.

p.859 LAWRENCE Joseph & Mary (née WELLS 8 or 9 Oct 1835**) & Miss Rose PANNELL*
Lives on Hollywater Hill - the only house up there in the parish. Broom Cottage in 1911 census
About 1868 use to be at Grayshott Park
A brother still (1893) at Grayshott, Churt side
Cousin to Amos p.484
He died 1898.
*Miss PANNELL or PANNEL is a niece I think - she came to do chairs 24 June 1912 - married MORRIS & lived at Arford - died Sep 1927 aged 62.
**but in Oct 1922 Miss PANNELL (now Mrs MORRIS) told me that 23 Sept is right & this probably right & she (Mary) still alive (aged 90) in Sept 1925 & by no means bedridden but doesn't know people well.
Joseph Lawrence died in 1898 (at White Hill, age 72)
Mary Lawrence died in 1926
Mrs PARKER lodger there 1897 - formerly a Blackmoor nurse.

p.860 PAGE Thomas & Bertha (ELSTONE) followed by Kate (HALL)
Live 1897 and previously at Standford Hill
She daughter of John ELSTONE (p.417)
He illegitimate son of Mrs HACK p.207 and grand nephew of Hen-Woman p.231.
She died (cancer) 1906; & in 1907 he banned to Kate HALL of Milton.
His son is Thomas Arthur PAGE, wheeler 1915, A.S.C.
(& before) 1922 wheelwright at Lindford.
A son of Kate HALL is Edward Thomas HALL - gone Nov 1919 into Med Transport.

p.861 WEST Charles and Fanny (BROWN)
Live at Hollywater
Daughter to Robin Hood (p.846)
Now (Mich 1890) come to Headley Mill Lower House
Children - 2 born Milland (Charles & George); 2 born Bramshott (Jane & Lewis, these not to school) - all born before 1894 - go still to Conford School.

p.862 PERCY Walter and Alice (SHEAD born 19.3.1860) & 4 children
Coachman 1887 to Mr BURKE (at Broxhead House)
Went away I think in 1900 - see p.1266.
She wrote from Bramdean, Alresford, asking to give character of Leonard (this in 1907)
- 1883 Leonard (in 1891 census they have a Leonard aged 2 years)
- 1886 John (not with them in 1891 census)
- 1889 Bertie Walter (age 7 in 1891 census)
- 1890 Arthur Clifford (age 4 in 1891 census).

p.863 BEDWELL Sam
Lives with PERCY - ?groom - formerly in the house (presumably BURKE's house).

p.864 DIXEY George & wife Sarahann (born in Sible Hedingham, Essex - 1891 census)
Head gardener 1887 to Mr BURKE
Lives in "BRITTON's cottages"
She does the laundry work
Maud May DIXEY (their daughter) born October 1880* very clever at fancy work and should compete at Flower Show.
Inclined to fits
Accident January 1891 and cut forehead to bone against ironing stove.
*Prepared by Vicar of Blackmoor and confirmed 18.5.1895 at Blackmoor.

p.865 PLUMB Isaac (born in Sible Hedingham, Essex - 1891 census)
Under gardener 1887 to Mr BURKE
Lives in the Lodge
Married 2 June 1888 to Mary Ann GOLDING
His son? (grandson on 1891 census) William (born 1879 in Sible Hedingham, Essex - 1891 census) confirmed 18.5.1895 at Blackmoor.
(Isaac 63 & Mary Ann 49 died within a month of each other in Mar/Apr 1897).

p.866 Col Ulick J. BURKE JP & family (wife Edith E & 3 daughters in 1891 census)
Bought (1887) Broxhead House.
Came from "Willey Place" Farnham.
Made JP in Jan 1891 (see p.35)
For house haunted idea, see p.218.

p.866 Cutting dated Dec 1890 - Servants' Ball - The tradesmen and others of Headley responded to an invitation by Colonel & Mrs BURKE at Broxhead House on Monday night and enjoyed themselves to a late hour. Excellent cheer was provided by the occasion.

p.866 Long Cutting dated Dec 1891 - Alton - Lady Patronesses' Ball - lists in alphabetical order the people attending at the Alton Assembly Rooms, including the BURKEs. Included a Mr B.J. Byng STEPHENS.

p.867 CLAY (George & Anne? - a Beatrice Emily CLAY was baptised 12.2.1888 to them)
At Lindford Laundry "Looking East"
Young people married in 1887.

p.868 EDWARDS William Charles & Mary Margaret (WEST)*
Schoolmaster 1886-189? (not here in 1891 census)
PT at Oxford then Winchester Training College
Excellent musician
Married Miss Mary WEST, an assistant teacher who came from Arford (born in Oxford, 1891 census)
Married I think in 1891 when master in IW.
Hanged himself 1908 (Oct 23) at Framfield, Sussex (see cutting)
*Born 15 Aug 1866 (48 in 1914); married 17 Aug 1891.

p.868 Cutting dated Oct 1889 from the Hampshire Post - Hobbledehoys at Meetings - written in defence of 'the Rector' by 'A Villager' whom WHL identifies as Wm EDWARDS (in reply to a previous letter - see p.896).

p.868 Cutting dated Feb 1890 - Headley Ball - Mr EDWARDS was at the piano.

p.868 Long Cutting dated 26 Oct 1908 - The Framfield Tragedy - Pathetic story at inquest - Verdict of "suicide while temporarily insane"

p.869 BLAKE J Bezer
For some years Sanitary Inspector for this district
Stout goodlooking man.

p.869 Cutting dated December 1887 - Funeral of Mr J Bezer BLAKE.

p.870 KEMP Fred
Lindford Chase Road
In the new (1888) houses
Carpenter Joiner Undertaker Painter Glazier Paperhanger, etc.
A relation to Mary GAMBLEN p.459.

p.871 FULLICK Samuel (13.1.1856) & wife
Live at Barford Upper Mill.
Son of Henry who works for Mr RUTHERFORD of Hearne - see p.582
She formerly a cook at Mr ANSELLs, The Jumps, Churt.
Nov (1899) come to Whitmore (late Irish Will).

p.872 WINDUS Mrs Elizabeth
At Kirklands. Enlarged it at considerable expense from a small cottage.
Mother to (arrow across to p.873).
Wife (voluntarily separated) of William Edward WINDUS (a banker & 'minor poet').
Mother to Miles WINDUS who, with his wife, visits occasionally.
He ('sleeping partner') of Chatto & Windus, publishers. She also owned Arford House where her son Edward lived, before moving to Greeba Castle, IoM.

p.873 WINDUS Edward & Mrs … & children
Lived at Arford House - which belongs to mother (p.872)
Now living at Greeba Castle, Isle of Man. He died very suddenly in 1888.

p.873 Cutting dated March 1888 - 'Awfully Sudden Death' of Mr WINDUS in Greeba Castle in the Isle of Man.

p.874 HARDWICK George Edward & wife Louisa
[Crossed out=>Lindford Lane west extremity)]
A pensioner carpenter living temporarily at Grayshott working at Grayshott Hall.

p.875 FULLICK Albert & wife Mary nιe BURNINGHAM & 8 children
Came new (1888) to Baijeant's (Baigents)
Married by me in 1878 (April 13th, he a soldier of the 20th Foot)
Came 7.7.1888 for mutton (confinement)
See p.989 (which is the same).

Insurance agent living at Mrs HOLDEN's.
Came August 1888 to complain that he having made a complaint of pudding for another lodger is now always greeted with 'Pudding'; and to ask me to stop it at all events from the 'Works', meaning Belmont now in building.

p.877 DODD Isaac
Building (November 1888) on PETTAR's Allotment.
Said to be Roman Catholics.
(DODD certainly and probably the Isaac of p.184.)

p.878 SIMMONDS … & … & daughter
[Crossed out=>Lindford Lane]
Live at Mr KNIGHT's middle new cottage, Barley Mow Hill.
(Understands evidently the Beer Trade)
London Address - 15 Hendon Lane, Finchley N.
Went in 1889 to Grayshott and died in 1890 (inf: Mrs ROBINSON).

p.879 OVERTON Alfred & Mrs Charlotte (COVER née 12 March 1845)
Bought house behind the Crown. (Still called 'Overtons Cottage' in the 21st Century) Copyhold, and I saw documents.
She dau to Mrs PINK p.361.
He ? a gnitteb (betting) man.
A great son who goes by name COVER. She was born in a house now pulled down on the tongue of land belonging to Shottermill which stretches nearly to Waggoners Wells. Her father was accused of shooting at a keeper and went into penal servitude when she was a baby. See p.1575 for this and COVER pedigree.
She died July 1921 having torn up the Will which left money to her son H COVER & made another (executors Neal & Beck) leaving money to charity. Hard on son as he had advanced his mother money - as he wrote July 1921 from 43 Sun Street, Birkenhead.

p.880 AYLING Fred
[Crossed out=>Lindford Lane]
Gardener 1888 to Col. NORMAN
Lodger with BINGEN (coachman).

p.881 FLEMING Ellen & daughter
New people November 1888 at Lindford Laundry
Son a soldier sent remittance October 1888
Soldier married, wife in service at Southsea
One child in the country and one here?

p.882 DAVENPORT Thomas (John in 1891 census) & wife Charlotte & 4 children
[Crossed out=> Lindford Lane (centre N side road)]
New gardener at Headley Hill (1888)
Brother to the Nurse Sarah ("1882 Charlotte VINCENT came to The Chalet, or Headley Hill as she preferred to call it, without a husband or parents, but with her surviving child Elsie and a servant named Sarah DAVENPORT" - Judith Kingshott)
A sister (Elizabeth) cook was married 27.11.1884 to William JACKSON ('Gentleman's Servant') & died in 1903 at Martin Homes, Barby, Rugby.

p.883 MACDONALD A J & … & children
Rich Diamond Merchant living 1888 at Milland House.

p.883 Cutting dated May 1888 - Liphook - Gallant Rescue by a Young Lady - The bronze medal of the Royal Humane Scoiety has been awarded to Miss Ione MACDONALD, aged 13 years, eldest daughter of A.J. MACDONALD, Esq, of Milland House, Liphook, for saving Miss A ARTHUR, aged 22, in Portsmouth Harbour. Jumped overboard fully clothed from her father's yacht to rescue the lady.

p.884 CASSON Colonel B T & Mrs Emilie Ethel & 2 children
Live (1888 and previously) at Conford House
Lt. Col. of the Yorkshire Militia
She sister to Mrs SAUNDERS formerly of Pound Cottage & to Mrs SEYMOUR of Bramshott.
Roman Catholic. Primrose Leaguers.

p.884 Cutting dated Spring 1888 re 'an entertainment laid on by Col. CASSON in the National School-room at Headley.

p.884 Cutting dated March 1891 re Col. CASSON's resignation from Regiment on 7th March.

p.884 Cutting dated 18 March 1943 - obituary of Emilie Ethel, widow of Lt-Col B T CASSON of Conford, Liphook, mother of Wilfred CASSON and Amelia ODLING-SMEE. Committal at Bramshott churchyard.

p.885 SEWELL Reverend D
Warden of New College, Oxford
Descendant of former Rector.

p.886 KNIGHT Charles and wife (dead?) & 5 children
Came March 1888 to New Inn High Cottages N
Says sometimes comes to church
Bad back (at bottom)
Came for relief (not given) 17/1/1889.

p.886 TURNER Ernest (6/12/1881)
Still unmarried 1917 - Has paraplegia
Is secretary to Working Man's Club and in choir & correspondent for Hindhead Herald.

p.887 TURNER James & Jane (LANGRIDGE) (both from Uckfield in 1891 census)
He gardener to Hilland 1889.
Kate admitted G.F.S at Godalming Jan 1892.
Listed children:-
- Ada - née 24.7.1871 - in same place 1884
- Kate - born 22.12.1873 - confirmed - m. 24.12.1898 to William Powerscourt BRISTOWE, 27, of Aldershot, Officer's Servant 6th Dragoon Guards
- Percy - né 16.1.1875 (see below)
- Lily - born 12.9.1877 (not confirmed) - confirmed 1893
- Alice - born 13.5.1879
- Ernest - né 6.10?.1881 - see opposite (p.886)
- Carl Arthur - 7.4.1883 - died 24.9.1916 at … of spotted fever.
- Stanley Herbert - 1.12.1884 - bur. 16.3.1896 aged 11
- Ella Anne 29.8.1891 [was she Phyllis's mother?]

p.887 TURNER Percy (16.11.1875) & Alice (MOSER?)
Son of above, living on Stone Hill.
She servant to Mr W T PHILLIPS and remarried 25.12.1917 to Joseph HILLMAN Australia R.O.D. R.E. - She went to Australia arriving there 31.1.1919.

p.888 COURTENAGE (COURTNAGE) Charles* (bapt 3.6.1866) & Matilda (MARSHALL born 14.9.1868) & children
*B&B says né 15.3.1866, he says 10.3.1866 - I gave him 2/6 % …
Live (October 1889) in low Fullers Bottom (front)
She daughter of James MARSHALL p.653
Went first of all to live Hindhead way.
He son of late Charles p.529 and nephew to Henry p.530
Parents to Mrs William TRIGGS p.2050
Began work here (Rectory) 17 Jan 1903 (1904 crossed out) - he says 1903 in 1921 - I gave him 1/6 in 1925, 2/- in 1926.
They were married 18.6.1887 and have:
- Cyrus George - 9.10.1887
- Phoebe Ann Philadelphia - 6.10.1889 - see p.893.
- Ernest & more of their children see below (moved from p.890)
Living with them his young brother John Vanderlow COURTNAGE who cracked a walnut during my Lent Lesson on Sunday evening 7/12/1890.

p.890 Pedigree / marriage dates of COURTNAGE children - see also p.2097
- Phoebe Ann Philadelphia - m. 1908 Albert SMITH - Fullers Bottom
- Percy John - m. 1910 Emily FYFIELD - Fairview
- Matilda Charlotte - m.1915 William TRIGG - with m-in-l (see p.2050)
- Richard Albert Edward - m. 1921 Dorothy MARSHALL - at baker MARSHALL's
- Mary Louisa - m. 1922 Ernest Cecil ALDERTON - away
- Ernest - Irish cook at Oaks - ALLSOPP's.

p.889 COURTNAGE Ernest Harold Thomas & Margaret Mary (O'DONAGHUE)
Son of p.888
Married a Roman Catholic girl in 1923 he brought back from Ireland. He became cook at Oaks & was in Clothing Club.
They now (1923 end) living in Wh…
and in 1928 at ALLSOPP's where was born Alan Stanley Grapey.

p.889 Cutting dated November (no year, probably 1952) - The Last Over - Old Cricketer's Passing - Report of death of Charles COURTNAGE aged 84 years. Worked for 3 rectors: Laverty, Ridley & Tudor-Jones. Great cricketer, groundsman, umpire.

p.889 PARISH Admiral and Mrs W (LONGMAN née 8.1.1818)
For her sister Mrs HAMMICK see p.2074
Have bought (1889) The Firs
Brother to Major General PARISH p.482.

p.889 A niece of Mrs PARISH whose engagement was in the Times 29/11/1923 is Sibyl 2nd daughter of Mr & Mrs C J LONGMAN of 27 Norfolk St, London & Upper Hall, Brayling.

p.889 Cutting dated 22.10.1908 - Obituary of Mr Fredrick William LONGMAN who died in Horsham in his 63rd year. Had been paralysed for 40 years.

p.890 AMOORE Charles
"AMOORE & BUDD" have rented March 1889 HUTCHING's business.
Bachelor at present (Light).

p.890 CROOK Harry - a Reservist at 6d a day - came 4/3/1990 to have his paper signed. He gives his address as AMOORE & BUDD. He "travels in different things" but his occupation in paper is "labour". Has a wife & 4 children at Winchester.

p.891 BUDD Alfred William
"AMOORE & BUDD" have rented March 1889 HUTCHING's business.
Bachelor.. Smart youth (dark)

p.891 Cuttings dated Jan to March 1891 - Bankruptcy of Alfred William BUDD - The bankrupt, a very young man, commenced business in 1889 in partnership with Mr Charles AMOORE, a draper now of Bognor. As the business was not large enough to support the partnership the latter dissolved in June 1890' and the bankrupt continued to carry on the business.He took over all the assets and liabilities at the dissolution and agreed to pay Mr AMOORE £30 as his share. A number of the debts on the books, which the bankrupt had estimated at their full value, had proved to be bad as, owing to the failure of the hop crop, the customers were unable to pay. … it appeared he had gone on giving credit to persons of humble stations in life who had previously run up large accounts. In one case a cowman owed as much as £18. He himself owed money to Beale (Frensham miller), Kingham (Farnham grocer), Lickfold (Petersfield miller), Burgess (Godalming grocer), etc. Now carries on a similar business (grocer, baker and pork butcher) in Headley (Arford) for his uncle. … The debtor was allowed to pass his examination.

p.892 KING George & …
[Crossed out=> Bird's Nest Farm]
[Crossed out=> Ford]
[Crossed out=> Has been a gamekeeper. Very fond of his gun. Left church because when he first came he says I omitted to return his salute coming out of church. However when my wife & I went to call on him he received.]
Came 1888 with brother (Arthur, next entry) as builders, etc. Built Belmont for us on ¼d F (Farthingfield).

p.893 KING Arthur - came with brother (George, previous entry).

p.893 SMITH Albert & Phoebe Ann Philadelphia (COURTNAGE) & family
(Only entered here in 1924 - then in Fullers Bottom)
He came to Bordon in 102 R.F.A.
She daughter of p.888.
- Matilda Amelia
- May - 19.1.1913 called 'Darlie'
- Maidie - 23.2.1914
- Ronald - 16.5.1916
- Dorothy Victoria - 29.12.1917
- Charlie - 5.10.1919.

p.894 (see also p.311) SHRUBB Eli (bur. 23.5.1881 aged 83)
Headley Wood Farm Cottages, called Lock's Farm - now pulled down.
Wife died 15.10.1875 (Mary aged 77).
He has been a very successful pig killer, but (see p.492) a hard drinker.
Son William.

p.895 MARSHALL William (24.4.1864) & Esther (KINSHOTT) (KINGSHOTT)
Live now 1885 in Whitmore Bottom.
She a great beggar - goes about with a child (very dirty)
He out of work a deal at times - son of Samuel p.654 - bro. to George p.808, Edward p.830.
Afterwards at High House next door to William & Fanny EAMES, then below Mrs HUBBUCK & 1918 at Mount Pleasant.
- 1886 William George - d. of wounds 1917 leaving widow Dorothy
- 1888 Samuel - 1918 at Broadmoor Asylum; d. there 22/1/1926
- 1890 Eliza - d. Frensham 1891
- 1892 Albert Charles - killed in action 1917
- 1894 James - sent a Denscin Paper Nov 1923 from 14 Lower Galdeford, Ludlow, Salop
- 1898 Leonard
- 1903 Fred Henry "Harry" - broke leg 1918
- 1905 Emily (?Ivy) - married & died in India.

p.895 Cutting dated Sept 1889 - Burglary - William FARMER, labourer, was charged with burglariously (sic) breaking into and entering the house of William MARSHALL, stealing a suit of clothes valued at 17/6d and 2/6d in money at Headley. The prisoner had been a lodger at MARSHALL's house.

p.896 KEY Rev John K
Missionary in Central Africa
Took my work Sept & Oct 1889.
Had a missionary meeting 30.9.1889 - see cutting below.
Son of Sir Kings. KEY Bart - nephew to Mr HAHN p.495 & Mrs WOODTHORPE p.494.

p.896 Cutting dated Oct 1889 - Hobbledehoys at Meetings - To the Editor of the 'Hampshire Post' - Sir, I wish, though the medium of your paper, you would help me to enter a protest against the behaviour of certain young men who attend the meetings held in the School-room of this parish, for the purpose of 'having a lark', as they term it, but much to the annoyance of those who wish to derive instruction and entertainment. Being a working man, I have to seek for amusement etc when the opportunity presents itself. This, during the winter months, is not too often in this quiet place. But when it does, I and others are not allowed to enjoy ourselves as we otherwise should, owing to the presence of some half-dozen illbred youths. I was at a missionary meeting last night; and being only a working man I had to sit near the rabble. I dare not say a word for fear of the running fire to which I should be subjected by these hobbledehoys during the week. I do hope something will be done to stop this nuisance. Ours truly, 'A Working Man'. Headley October 1st, 1889. (See a reply p.868)

p.897 CARTER Thomas & Mrs Anne & children
The new gardener (1889) to p.898 at Eveley.
The two girls short-sighted. Lily died. (Gravestone in churchyard says Elizabeth Mary died in Nov 1903)
Father and elder girl stay to H.C. 17/11/1889
Mrs CARTER died 18.2.1919 and he returned to live partly with son at The Garage, Headley Park & partly with daughter Mrs BRADSHAW, Epsom.
May Aug 1919 in place at Shamley Green & Mrs BRADSHAW has taken a business Aug 1919 at The Laurels, Newdigate, Dorking , Surrey.
- Richard* (son) - [Crossed out=>At Torquay] Afterwards with Mr GLADSTONE
- ?Annie (dau) ?19 - dressmaker at Mr CURTIS
- Fred (boy) ?14 - helping father
- Lily (dau) ?12 - still at school
- Elizabeth Mary (born 1878) - PT in school 1895 - see p.1362.
*Richard's? dau Violet May born 25.5.1903; with old people from a baby.

p.897 Cutting dated May 1891 re concert given in the School-room by the children in aid of a School Museum. 'This, the first concert of the kind given in Headley was, from every point of view, a success.' (The programme is detailed, including Lily CARTER singing 'Which') 'The children sang with a smartness and care which showed careful training; and the recitations were most intelligently rendered. The action songs of the infants were appreciated; and much credit is due to their mistress (Miss WEST). Miss L BECK's rendering of "The Fisherman" was perfect. During the interval the prizes gained by the elder scholars were awarded by Miss CB I'ANSON of Grayshott. The Chairman heartily congratulated the Master (Mr CH BECK) and the teachers and children on the success of the concert, and thanked Miss I'ANSON for her kindness in distributing the prizes. The Rector (the Rev WH LAVERTY) moved thanks to Mr WHITAKER for presiding.'

p.898 SMITHES John Tatham (b. 2 Nov 1825, d. 23 Apr 1903) & Mrs Eleanor Frances Jane (b. 1 Sep 1829, d. 27 Dec 1909) & 7 children
Bought Eveley 1889 Enlargement occupied some months. 'Unoccupied' in 1901 census.
6 daughters and a son.
Been a wine merchant. (Children born in Portugal) Well off.
Bought (1899) Headley Mill and Lower House Farm, including 55½ acres of land, from Sir Archibald Keppel MACDONALD for £2,500 [RJ Ellis in 'A history of Headley Mill']
- Helen Mary, aged 29 in 1891 census, died early (2 Jan) 1928 [MI=1118]
- Alice Tatham, aged 29 in 1893 when marr in Headley to John Land TEAGE, merchant of Oporto
- Gertrude E, born 1 Feb, aged 25 in 1891 census. I do not now write. In London 1928, 2 Chepstow Mansions, London W2
- Mabel Davison, aged 22 in 1891 when marr in Headley to Frederick Pinckard COLES, stockbroker of Notting Hill [Marr Reg]
- Marion H, aged 20 in 1891 census - in Devon 1928
- Archibald C, aged 12 in 1891 census - 'effectively disinherited by his father in a codicil to his will dated 17th February 1903' [RJ Ellis in 'A history of Headley Mill']
- Eva (not in 1891 census for Headley) - in Devon 1928.

p.898 Large Cutting dated Jan 1891, including portrait of the bride, reporting the wedding at Headley of Miss Mabel Davidson SMITHES, fourth daughter of Mr John T SMITHES, to Mr John COLES and providing lengthy guest list as well as wedding gift list. Honeymoon in Paris. 'A merry peal from the bells' [all two of them! - Joyce Stevens].

p.899 COXON John Stovold & Mrs Leah Annie & 4? Children (5 in 1891 census)
Agent to the Prudential Insurance Co.
Lately come out of Bramshott (1889)
Living in the third of Mr KNIGHT's new cottages up 'Genl. PARISH's hill'
"She better than he" WWC.
At Curtis Farm in 1891 census.

p.900 HOARE George & Agnes & children
[Crossed out=>Headley Wood Lane (E Cottage)]
Come 1889 to Headley Mill Lower House with the new Headley Mill farmer Mr TURVILLE (p.938)
Entered our CC December 1889 by advice of Mrs Arthur CHANDLER (p.299)
Children were:
- Bertie
- Annie
- Lizzie
- Jessie
- Another girl.

1925 has young Goliath's shop east of TRIGGS
& in 1927 KING taken BRITTON on ??? ????.

p.901 BRITTON Goliath & Caroline (BAKER)
Married and went to live (1889) at New Inn Turnpike
He son to p.508
She illegitimate grandchild of p.687
Now gone to Blacknest (1890) landlord of Jolly Farmer
Came back 1904 to Sleaford Refreshment Room.
Cab Proprietor (own account) at Deadwater Hill in 1911 census
Young Goliath BRITTON ?married 15/2/1921 to Rose LEE.

p.901 Various cuttings dated 1890 & 1891 re drunkenness at the Jolly Farmer and keeping a dog without a licence.

p.902 HEATHER Henry and FULLICK Charlotte, Mrs John (WHITING)
Living together 1889 at Bank of England, Broxhead
He son of p.271
She daughter of Mrs WHITING p.479
She wife of p.478 and niece (& rather like in talk & look) to Betty Longstocking p.223.
For her assault on Mrs WALDEN see p.943.
She questioned 11/10/1890 whether any chance of going back to her husband. "Well," said she, "HEATHER doesn't drink and he sees we have food. Mr FULLICK's not like that. I said to Mr FULLICK would he have me back and he says 'No', then I asked he to get a reverse (sic) and he won't."
On Poaching - see p.86
One family were
- Mrs Dan WINTER p.223
- Charlotte
- Sarah WHITING p.479
- Tom
- etc.
November 1894, four children alive
- 1/1/1882 Edith Elizabeth
- 1/1/1882 George
- b. 27 May 1887; bap 11 Jan 1891 daughter Caroline - now Mrs NELSON (soldier ) married 1908
- b. 24 Jul 1890 son Harry.
See opposite (p.903)
Mrs John FULLICK having died, I made a will for him, dividing his money equally between Harry, Albert & Maud, giving the premises and furniture to Maud and the rest between Harry & Albert.

p.903 GATES Susan born 4/5/1869
A friendless and ½ sharp living 1890 with p.902 (Henry HEATHER)
Formerly living with the John FULLICKs
Then in the side street.
Been 4 months at end of 1889 with p.187
Gave her 3yds flannels Jan 21 1890
[Probably the daughter of James p.376.]

p.903 HEATHER Harry & Maudie (WARNER)
Son of Henry HEATHER opposite
She daughter of (daughter of) p.131, sister to below.

p.903 SMITH James Duncan and Daisy May (WARNER)
Sergt RE, son of a boiler maker
Married 1919
She sister to abpove & to p.131.

p.904 GLAYSHER Thomas, born 10.12.1832; baptised 13/1/1833
Widower living in own house at Barford
Brother to Mrs Jonas SHRUBB (Ellen) p.286
"Was a shepherd boy"
40 years in draper's shop
Fell in love over counter with Captain's sister (older than himself) and married her.
The captain very kind "Been very saving"
Think it would be good if someone would write his history "to give away."
Died 1913 leaving nothing to his old brother Charles, but something to others and residue (£200 to £300) to Mrs Jonas SHRUBB for life - then to her daughter Minnie for life - then to 2 of the 3 sons of Mrs Jonas.

p.904 GLAYSHER Andrew
Brother to above Thomas
Ron Ridden 1906 living with Mrs Jonas SHRUBB.

p.905 COTTON Henry Bickford & Ruth (TILBURY)
Mrs PLUMMER's new man February 1890
Married at Bramshott 22/2/1890
She sister to Mrs BUDD (p.591) & Louis TILBURY
He formerly with Captain DARVALL at Eveley p.806 and subsequently with LEUCHARS (p.807)
First noticed COTTON at our flower show in 1887 when he rode one of the competing ponies.
Now (1904) in own house at Stone Hill.
Fly Proprietor in 1911 census
- Richard Henry né 1894 or 1895 - discharged in War from Worcesters ?flat feet - called up again 1917 RFC.

p.905 BURN Robert B and Florence Ruth (COTTON) married 1915
She daughter of above. He died 1924.

p.906 DOLAN William & Caroline & children
(DOLAND in 1891 census)
[Crossed out=>Bayfields Farm]
Come 1890 to Baigent's Bridge South from Binsted
Entered CC Club
- 1877 Annie
- 1880 Willie
- 1883 Harry
- 1887 Rosie.

p.907 ALBURY George & … (COOK)
Came 1890 to Baigent's Bridge (North) from ?Binsted [Inf: DOLAN above]
No relation to present ALBURYs
She to Farnham asylum November 1891
He 1st cousin to lawyer A of Midhurst.
His father let the family down - he enlisted but did not serve long enough for pension - came back to England, saw this woman at Chatham (?on the streets) and married her. She no nothing of house keeping, and daft. [Inf: Mrs K].

p.908 COLLYER Harvey and wife Eliza Sophia (BAKER) and child Harvey George (born 1885)
Young people came 1890 to Laundry Cottage, Lindford Common (son to p.212).
In lieu of George CHANDLER deceased
He born 4/12/1863, she born 8/2/1858
One child only, a boy Harvey George born 1885
Applied 1927 for OAP & began in 1928.
She known to Mrs Ernest PARFECT's father as the Epping lady (born Dunswell, Essex on 1891 census).
Mrs COLLYER died … rest unclear.

p.909 PARBURY Arthur Francis & family
New tenants (1890) of Arford House.
Mrs (Anna M) & 6 children under 13 or 14. [only 5 on 1891 census].
Eldest boy J Dennis (see extract below).

p.909 Newspaper Cutting dated July 1890 - The Royal Counties Show at Winchester:
Class 70 - Heifer above 2 but not exceeding 3 years of age, highly commended, Arthur Francis PARBURY, Arford House, Headley.

p.909 Newspaper Cutting dated Jan 1892 - Mrs PARBURY played piano in Headley entertainment.
Sir R WRIGHT, chair at entertainment. 44th under the management of WHL.

p.910 NORTH Joseph & Minnie (COOMBES)
Now 1889/90 live at Headley Wood.
He son of p.663. She daughter of p.254
Son Walter Stanley see p.1924
Daughter Lily Jane now Mrs Eric FISHER
Daughter Ivy 1910 married soldier …
Feint writing follows referring to children.

p.910 BRINDLEY Charles Bennett and Sarah Eliz (NORTH)
He son of p.298. She daughter of above.
Married 1918 and working for Capn BRANSON.

p.911 MARSHALL William & Fanny (EAMES)
Live at Hearne
He son of Charles p.696
Now one out of Parish
She daughter of John EAMES p.1044
Returned 1893 to Whitmore (Mrs CRAWT's)
Dismissed by Mr MOWATT because he did not turn out to help put out fire.
I got him two cotton elastic stockings Sept 1913.
Register No. at C.S.G.A. was G7953 3/9/1913
4/3 + 2d porrage.
- Nelly May EAMES*, 25/8/1886 - Mrs DOWLES - he killed in War
- Charles, 24/3/1889
- Walter John†, 15/9/1891 - different to p.808
- Arthur William George, 15/4/1894 - died 1896
- Jim, 19/9/1896 - at Stagdene Cottage 1926
- Richard, 11/4/1899 - p.2007
- Mary Jane, 3/4/1901
- Douglas, 3/8/1903.
* Got from Somerset House, January 1921, Certificate of Birth of Mrs DOWLES born 10/9/1886 at Hindhead School House, Shottermill - full name Nelly Margaret Stratford EAMES mother living at Gothic Lodge, Fairfield, South Kingston (Domestic servant) - ref no of certificate SR 4236 & outsent letter of 24.1.1921 is 4236/221.
† This 'Jack' MARSHALL (p.2004) and Kathleen NEWTON married 1915 - living 1917 at Parish House Bottom - no children.
Further feint writing at bottom of page, starting with: Clarence George BROWN … and ending in …Northampton.

p.912 GUNNINGHAM William & Lavinia Maria
Man (1890) to Miss I'Anson
Came as servant to Oaks in 1889 - a row over our recommendation
Now 1890 have Mr John WILLIAMS (p.964) as lodger.

p.913 MARSHALL John? & Esther?
New lodge keeper (1890) to Mr VERTUE.

p.914 VERTUE Charles E. & Mrs Ada C & …
The buyer (1889) of Grayshott Park
She RC and with money. He an inspector of schools.

p.914 Newspaper Cutting dated Dec 1890: Serious fire - On Saturday a disasterous fire took place at Grayshott Court, the residence of CE VERTUE Esq. It appears that about noon, the servants being at dinner, the gardener and under-gardener, working upn the lawn, discovered smoke rising from part of the roof. Thereupon they rushed into the house and gave an alarm. The servants at once proceeded upstairs and discovered that the upper rooms were on fire. A fresh draught being thus created, the house was soon ablaze. Such assistance as could be rendered was soon obtained but, the house being within its own grounds and situate some distance from other residences, little help could be rendered and water, owing to the severe frost, was scarce. Messengers were swiftly despatched to Haslemere and Farnham for their respective engines and appliances. The Haslemere Brigade were the first to arrive, but the fire had so raged that only the shell and mid-walls were then standing. Strenuous efforts were made to save the outbuildings. The loss to Mr VERTUE who, with Mrs VERTUE, was from home at the time, will be considerable, the furniture being antique and the other surroundings of a unique character and not to be replaced. Grayshott Court was formerly residence of late Mr E I'ANSON, by whom it was built. It was bought from his executors at a cost of several thousand pounds by Mr VERTUE who has added considerably to the original building. It is conjectured that the fire was caused by some timber projecting into a flue. We understand that the whole is fully insured. So sudden was the outbreak that the servants lost all their belongings, and but little furniture and old china was saved. Mr WHITAKER (of Grayshott Hall) in addition to valuable assistance and advice, gave hospitality to the servants.

p.915 ANSELL Daniel widower
Gardener 1890 at Grayshott Park
Wife died. early 1890. Anne Elizabeth ANSELL, 53, of Grayshott Park, bur. 5.4.1890
Married Anna Maria BOWERS, 37, of Caversham 21.2.1892 at Headley.
Daughter Julia, 26, m. 11.11.1894 Henry George WATERMAN, 25, gardener, of Eltham.

p.915 Newspaper Cuttings in same issue, dated Apr 1891: 1. Sir Frederick POLLOCK has been appointed a member of the Labour Commission…; 2. Fir Grove School: The children attending this School were, on Thursday last, the recipients of some useful little presents from Mrs CASSON and Mrs VERTUE, distributed to each scholar by Mrs CASSON, together with a liberal supply of buns. Furhter prizes for attendence were given by the Rev Father DOLMAN and Mrs BURBEGE. These prizes were drawn for a number of the children making a goos average attendance; and the lucky ones obtaining the highest award were Mary DOBSON (DOPSON), Headley and Frances WEST, Firgrove. Mary DOPSON eldest daughter of Arthur & Harriett DOPSON of Parish House Bottom in 1891 census.

p.916 SAINT CLAIR William Henry & wife
Live (1889) at Pound Cottage
A retired Major - risen from ranks.

p.916 WHELAN James Richard & Frances Margo (née CHANDLER) (was RAMSDEN)
RAMSDEN killed in War and widow married. See p.917 below.
Had child Richard born 6.9.1921.
She churched but baby baptised as RC.

p.917 CHANDLER William James & Annie (LAMPORT)
Live on Headley Green. In 1891 census at Huntingford Farm; 1901 Lindford Crossroads, 1911 Taylors Lane, Lindford.
Son of the late George p.617
She is a relation to the late Mrs BENNETT p.634
Children born in 1889, 1891, 1893, 1896, 1899, 1903
Her brother married Alice LAWES, see p.685.

p.917 RAMSDEN Richard & Frances Margo* (CHANDLER)
Daughter of above. Had child Alan Gordon 11/05/1917.
See also p.916 above.
*See UTTING p.918 for source of name.

p.917 CHANDLER Percy & Charlotte Elsie (COX)
Son of above.
She churched (boy) 9/2/1920.
Formerly at Headley Park, a servant there.

p.918 UTTING Miss
New teacher 1889 at school
Lodged at first with Mrs HERRETT (BENNETT) (p.634)
After her death, with CHANDLER p.917
In 1893 a child oF CHANDLERs was christened Charlotte Margot after Miss UTTING.

p.919 PHILLIPS Walter Tawney (né 16.7.1850) & Elsie Mary Caroline (JAY)
Bought 1889 and did up Hilland. (Phillips Close & Phillips Crescent, situated where Hilland Farm used to be, were named after this family)
Bachelor still in 1890. Son of p.649.
Was engaged to Miss Ethel PATEY (see p.63) See correspondence p.55 for story.
Married Miss JAY 29/11/1894 & had:
- Daphne Helen, b 4 Nov 1895
- John Rouse, b 8 Dec 1896 - RFA.
Daphne married Major L ROBINSION RFA - one child Oliver living at Pound Cottage
Baby girl born & died 1931.
John engaged to Sept 1932 to Miss WALLER - according to cuttings married Stephanie
Walter died December 1937
John died of wounds 23 Apr 1943 in North Africa.

p.919 Newspaper Cuttings re the death of Lt-Col John Rouse PHILLIPS MC RA, only son of the late WT PHILLIPS, Hilland, Headley - died of wounds 25 April 1943 in North Africa - husband of Stephanie, Honeypools, Shipley, Horsham, Sussex.

p.919 Newspaper cutting dated Nov 1891 - Headley - The Institute - A public meeting was held in Headley National Schoolroom on Friday evening to inaugurate the Headley Institute. The chair was taken by Mr AI WHITAKER of Grayshott Hall. There was a good attendance, the gentry and the inhabitants generally being fairly represented, and the frequent applause showed thorough appreciation of the work in hand. Secretary Mr BECK, whose idea it was. The Institute provided for "Instructive recreation for the 6 days of the week" which seemed sadly neglected. Would not rest content till a permanent building was possible, with a public library and news and other rooms. 'No less than' 42 members were enrolled and 20 'honorary' members.

p.920 HAMMOND Charles & Mrs Mary Ann
Live at cottage right away on Stone Hill Fullers Bottom.
Came there in 1887 or 1888
Her birthday is January 24th.

p.921 List of locations in Headley and page numbers which cover them (not clear which book this refers to):
For Barley Mow Hill - IV p.766 - p.773
For Parish House Road - IV p.742 - p.765
For Parish House Bottom - IV p.676 - p.741
For Fullers Bottom - IV p.642 - p.671
For Hilland - IV p.630 - p.641
For Headley & School - IV p.602 - p.627.

p.922 FRASER Mrs Mary (died 1923) & Cyril Edward
Widow of a ch: ch: man Henry Seymour FRASER who formerly lived at The Chestnuts.
Was his mother's maid?
Cyril her son né Feb 1859.
She now (1889) in bed a good deal though said to be very well. Qu esjolt (drinks)
Cyril married Miss Maud Emily CALVERT and living 1903 at Heatherbrow, Headley Hill - see p.1381.

p.922 Newspaper Cutting dated June 1891 included of report of cricket match where Headley 'won an easy victory' against Stodham Park. The Headley team included the following players:
C. E. FRASER (not out, 41)

p.923 MacCARTHY Madame
Lady help or keeper for some years to Mrs FRASER (see p.922 above) up to 1890
Said to have had Irish losses
Very bitter against the G O M ('Grand Old Man' = William GLADSTONE).

p.924 SHELDON Robert Peel
A bachelor living (1889) on Barley Mow Hill in the first of the 3 new cottages build by Mr KNIGHT (p.640)
An engineer by profession - apparently not now following a profession.
Put up the monument to 'an honest man' James BARNETT who died 1898. 'Peasant of this parish' on tombstone No.253, plot 10-17.
Was reminded of him by a line in the Times of 18/3/1925.

p.925 MURROW John Henry Gray & Mrs Alice Catherine and children Yorick John & Francisca Alice
Living 1890 in new house 'Dulce Domum' on Headley Common.
Lived 1888.1889 in Barley Mow Cottage.
He a photographer? or rather part proprietor of a China Newspaper (he was born in Hong Kong)
September 1891 became collector-salesman for Singer Nifty Co; then living at 7 Rosebury Square, ????y Avenue, Clerkenwell.

p.926 LEMON widow Sarah [née FULLER and afterwards ROBINSON] m. 22.11.1846
See p.259.
Used to live at the Bank of England, then with her daughter Mrs WHITE at Rock Barn I.30.
At Fellmongers aged 80 in 1891 census.

p.927 COVER Reuben (d. 1903 aged 75) and daughter (Alice in 1891 census)
Widower living in own cottage in Parish House Bottom
Wife died 1889 (daughter of Mrs Mary Ann MOORE* p.396)
See pedigree p.1575.
The daughter above mentioned married, & another daughter Elizabeth? (used to mend our surplices) & a grandson Percy GROUT† living with him in 1895.
*Mary Ann MOORE bapt 3.8.1827, died Barley Mow Hill in July 1889 'aged 60'
†Married (this in 1923) & lives Shottermill - very tall.
Reuben is said to have had 3 sons:
- one Andrew COVER & his wife came to look after Miss COVER, Beech Hill in June 1924
- & there is mention made of a daughter Eliza COVER.

p.928 PATEY Miss Jane
Lives at Sunnybank (opp The Chestnuts)
Sister to Mr PATEY p.63.
A literary lady commonly called "Aunt Jane"
Great at getting up Shakespeare Reading Societies.

p.929 TUCKEY William & Emily (PRATLEY)
Live in Parish House Bottom
He son to p.669
She daughter to p.378 & p.352 and sister to Mrs George LOE p.119
Father to p.1635.

p.930 BELTON Stephen (bapt 12/11/1843) & Harriet (bapt 13/12/`1854 née COVER); married 20/4/1872
- Ellen, b Sept 1874, bapt 4/10/1874
See also p.518
He son of Richard & Jane - see pedigree p.1517.
Went to see her 5 o'clock October 21st 1874 - two very wet days 20th & 21st so went out when showers stopped. Very fat like her sister (the cripple) V.840. Pleasant child with fat face and large blue eyes.
Used to live at Beech Hill. Now N.26 on map. (What map is this?)
Stephen is brother to Mrs Charles COURTNAGE and both children of Richard & Jane p.1517.

p.931 GLAYSHER William (1859) & Eliza (MARSHALL)
Live in Parish House Bottom (with her father p.696)
He the son of James p.290
See pedigree p.1459
In 1925 her uncle Sam MARSHALL (the one-eyed) was there.

p.932 COURTNAGE Henry James Horne & Sarah Jane (WHITE)
Live in the Parish Houses
She had boy Gilbert John WHITE before marriage - in fact came from Union with him.
Married in 1889 here.
She came, I think, as housekeeper to p.422 when his wife died (but I am not sure)
She sister to Mrs Welcome LAWRENCE p.1119
He died and she married Fred COLLYER, son of p.44.

p.932 Letter from R A Record Office Woolwich dated 26/3/1892 concerning her brother.
"R A Records M2. 40147: Sir, I regret to have to inform you that No. RA 77308 Driver John Henry WHITE of the 50th Light Field Battery was accidentally killed at Rawal Pindi, S India on 4/1/1892. Nothing further is known. The immediate cause of death was 'rupture of the heart.' Any communication requesting the balance of the deceased soldier's estate should be addressed to the Under-Secretary of State for War."

p.933 WITHALL Arthur
Lives at Parish Houses (1890)
A maker (or seller) of tubs.

p.934 TURNER Mrs
Has one of Mr KNIGHTs two cottages in Arford, but is ready to cook at Crabtree.
Came as servant to Oaks but disagreed.
There is an Emma TURNER age 50 (unmarried) born in Reading, entered twice in the 1891 census, once at Prospect Hill and once in Arford.

p.935 RAPLEY R & wife & daughter
Came 1889 to Woodthorpe's cottage in Arford
Daughter said to go with George HOLDEN p.384
Kept once the Passfield Public House.

p.936 GAMBLEN James (b. 10.3.18??) & Mary (b. 18/7/1862 JONES)
Live at Long Cross - married 1889
Son to p.457
She was parlour maid at Mr BURKE's (p.866)
Now 1892 he & she at Wheatsheaf.
- daughter Mrs BARLOW p.1805
- daughter Mrs WILLIAMS p.2019
- son Albert James (see below).

p.936 GAMBLEN Albert James (b. 4/9/1892) & Lily May (WOODROW)
Son of James above. Married 1919
- Pearl Eliza first child, born 18/10/1920.
Has taken on Henry G's tenancy of the Glebe.

p.936 GAMBLEN Harry George & Julia
Son of James above. Married 8/7/1892 to an RC at Grayshott
Living 1922 at Mayfair; 1925 at Lindford Bridge.

p.937 ABBOTT Richard Young & Elizabeth
Come 1890 to the Chapel House
? of the David Stamp, but he big - Dissenters?
Voted against closing Mr BURKE's footpath Nov 1890
Goes across at times to west of Ireland
His 'old father' is father-in-law to Rector of ?Annadown
Thinks Irish crossing far worse than long voyage.

p.937 BLANCHARD William Charles (b. 1896) and Lily Louise (b. 1892 WOODROW)
Son of p.1375. Building on Fullers Hill (Oak View, Beech Hill in 1935 Directory)
Married Xmas Day 1924
This Lily WOODROW and that on p.936 are said to have no relation to one another
This one a daughter or g-daughter of Keeper WOODROW p.192.

p.938 TURVILE [TURVILLE] William and wife Jane M
New farmer 1890 at Headley Mill Farm.
One of the Worldham TURVILLEs - but they do not think so much of him.

p.938 BLUNDY John Thomas and wife (BARTLETT)
Married 1915 or 1915
He son of p.941 esjolt (drinks), and she daughter of p.1613
Come 1919 to Hollywater Bridle Road
4 children - 2 older girls at school 192x
- Girl née 191_
- Girl née 191_
- Girl née 192_
- Matilda Caroline born 21/5/1924
- Boy né 1927.

p.939 Mrs ROE Eleanor J (in 1891 census: age 67, unmarried, born Bombay)
Coming 1890 to Mrs WARRENs Enlarged Cottage on Standford Hill
Has George Roe WARREN's name but no connection. Said to be churchwoman.

p.939 In Church Ministry 'Gleaner' 1.10.1906, page 157 account of mission under BLUNDY Jim (son of p.941)
Sung Ki + Ching-ho = Hants in size
Only there JB + catechist + 2 Christians & there is a society for the prevention of missionaries.
JB has sold 1,400 Gospel portions
In same 'Gleanor': Jim BLUNDY died at Hong Kong Hill before the marriage of John T (above).

p.939 TAPSON Miss AHM
Is going out to Fuh-Kien
Fiancé to Mr J BLUNDY.

p.940 SUTTON William & Eliza Jane (CURTIS) & child Marguerite Annie
Live at High Hollywater.
She dau to p.343; he grandson to p.338.
Both worked for Dr PLUMMER (p.680) up to 1890 when dismissed as she in family way.

p.940 TURNER Arthur & Sarah Ann (née 1868 BLUNDY) & 2 children, girl & boy
Came to look after her father when the mother died 1911.
A jobbing gardener.
She died April 1915 at Froxfield. Buried here.
Her girl died soon after the grandmother.

p.941 BLUNDY Henry (b. 5.7.1839) & wife Sophia Matilda (b. 8.2.1844) & children
New tinker (1889) come to Deadwater.
Poor but cleanish.
The boy a communicant & girl confirmed 1890.
He son of James & Rebecca and born at 'Woodstock' (probably Woodside) Merton [subsequently said to be Woodstock near Reading] while his parents were travelling.
I to obtain certificate at Somerset House.
With them lodges from 1906 onward BROAD, né 1.2.1831, who got 2/- old age pension. He came into Lt country as father of Mrs ____, Whitehill shopkeeper.
Parents to:
- a son who, as BLUNDY & Son, traded in 1915 as corn merchants in Billingshurst
- one son Jim a Chinese missionary - see p.939
- Sarah Ann, née 1868 or 1869 - see above (p.940)
- Kate 11.7.1878
- Martha 13.6.1879 or 1880 - m. 1903 James GATCUM
- Rebecca m. 22.10.1898 Charles STUBBINGTON, 22, bricklayer - live at Conford
- John Thomas - see p.938.
They were married 2 Sept 1861 (he being then full age)
He son of James BLUNDY, grinder.

p.942 BUDD William George & wife Mary (née 20.12.1827* BARNARD)
Had a shop at Headley Mill
& now (1890) another on Petar's Allotment
& now (1893) on Deadwater Hill.
Formerly farmer paying rent £225 + TRP £70.
Has sisters well-to-do
They married 9.10.1862.
Her nephew ____ BARNARD staying there October 1916 - long talk with wigmbln
Has been in mvobujd btzmvn (lunatic asylum)
Looking after his aunt's property.
*On this day in 1889 Mrs BLACKMAN's 1st husband died, buried Xmas Day (George FOARD, see p.2).

p.943 WALDEN John & wife Emma Jane & children
New crowd come to Broxhead
Ejected (for overcrowding) from a Harding cottage Greatham
Came begging all over village 24/06/1890.
I gave her order for 2/6 when 'Bless You' in quite professional beggar line
Left the parish again before the end of 1890.

p.943 Newspaper cutting dated May 1990: A Trumpery Charge - Charlotte FULLICK (p.902) was charged with assaulting Emma Jane WALDEN at Headley on the 9th May. Both parties reside in the parish, and the quarrel arose in consequence of the defendant having said something derogatory to the character of the complainant. The Bench fined the defendant 1s and ordered each party to pay their own costs.

p.943 Newspaper cutting dated June 1990: Affiliation - At the Magistrates' Clerk's office in Alton … George WOOD, seaman of HMS Asia was brought up in custody (having been apprehended on board his ship at Portsmouth) toi answer the complaint of Emma Jane WALDEN, a single woman residing in Headley, who stated that he had not complied with an affiliation order made upon him on 15th November 1888, there being due to her in respect of the same the sum of £1.13s. The defendant admitted £1.9s being due but said that he was unable to pay…

p.944 DIBLEY Daniel & wife & children
A Dartmoor pensioner living at Lindford
Came home each month to cash his pension of 19/- (with 6/- extra 3rd month) making, I suppose, £12.12.0 a year.
Form of certificate: I certify that Dan DIBLEY is living and so to the best of my knowledge and belief is a person entitled to a pension as late civil guard in the office of Dartmoor Prison. Dated at Headley this last day of ___ 189_
This is an advance for the month here put.
This was about 1890.

p.945 DRAPER Joseph & Frances Eliza (GALE)
Live at Lindford
Son of p.507, daughter of p.238.
She often called Mrs BRIGHT; bur 2 Feb 1899 age 31, Deadwater, consumption.

p.946 CUMBERLAND Mr & Mrs & family
A schoolmaster who in 1890 holds Harding's new house in Lindford for holiday purposes. For his daughter see p.1919.

p.946 DIETZ Fred Walter Francis
Living at Hatch House
I signed a paper for his pension Nov 1927
?Nephew of Jonas SHRUBB.

p.947 WARNER John (6.2.1859) & Mary (LEMON)
Live at Hatch House, Lindford Bridge West side
For him see p.385, she daughter of p.355,
They were married 21/11/1889
Children of John & Mary:
- Edward John Augustus, b.15/7/1897, d.1912
- Eric George Centurion, b. 1/01/1901, d.1915 (named Centurion as born beginning of century)
She died, and he married Eva (TAYLOR). She daughter of James TAYLOR, Lindford Common, p.266
Child of 2nd marriage:
- Leonard James 23/6/1909.
WARNER gave up the farming Mich 1926 but still lived in the house with

p.948 GAUNTLETT Fred & Harriett (b. 26.2.1860 GAUNTLETT)
Live at [Crossed out=>Lindford (one of GAUNTLETT's houses)] Standford Hill (late Miss PARSONS)
Married no relation. Son of p.678
Was bricklayer at Belmont 1888
She daughter of widow Abraham GAUNTLETT p.549, therefore niece of Mrs UPPERTON p.465.
Servant November 1891 Ellen YOUNG, SFS for Shottermill, born 1879.
Came back August 1903 to Tulls Lane with 5 children
- 1889 Winifred May
- 1890 Lilian Maude
- 1891 Daisy Olive
- 1892 Jessie Gertrude.
Additional unclear lines written obliquely on page: Elsie married as Mrs William SMALL end 1913 to a son of Ben SMALL p.1350.
She (Harriett?) in Fullers Bottom 1906 separated from him and living with a widowed sister Mrs SMITHERS née 25/09/1847, supported by illegitimate son of William George GAUNTLETT born 1862.

p.949 FISHER Henry & Sofia (WHITE) died February 1937
Newcomers 1890 to Hollywater Beer Shop
Banns asked June 1890. She of Blackmoor, he brother to p.850 and p.1088.

p.949 This entry not made until 1928.
BRAESHAM John HP & Louisa C (FENN) & 2 sons*
Living 1928 & some years previously at Sleaford.
He an engineer in Camp (Banns called in 1901)
- John Hilton Edward Pole b.20.10.1884 - bapt. Kingsley
- Patrick Glendower Pole b.7.11.1909 - bapt. Bordon.
The latter passed into Woolwich Aug 1928.

p.950 NORTH William
[Crossed out=>Arford Post Office]
Bachelor lodging with Mrs MESSINGHAM p.205.
Contribution to father's relief p.663 and below.
Brother to Sam p.174. Son to Sam p.663.

p.950 Cutting dated November 1891: William NORTH ordered to pay 16/- arrears plus 12/- costs to the Alton Board of Guardians for the care of his father.

p.951 PALMER
I think this is the name of Mr CHRISTIAN's coachman, September 1890 at the Land of Nod
[Inf: Mrs "Keeper" HARRIS]

p.952 & p.953 Conjectural pedigree of GATES.

p.954 GATES Frank and wife (Louise in 1891 census?).
Arford late Mr SPEAKMAN's.
Coming October 1890.
She a "friend" of Mrs Henry COURTENAGE.
"Second hand clothes" seller.
For distinction we call them "GAITES" being Londoners.

p.955 SECCOMBE Roger Frederick and wife Elizabeth Anne (née MAIN).
Young couple married July 1890 living at Lindford at late BONE's the farrier.
"Accountant" at WARREN's Mill.
- Cuthbert John Roger né 12 May 1891.

p.956 MARSHALL Charles and wife [Martha].
Barford Cottage at Upper Mill.
Young couple came there as butcher Mich 1890.
Son of [Crossed out=>Shant at Churt?] Pride of the Valley
"Mother died just after last Jumps Club" - this said in 1890.
She [Martha] daughter of a Welsh non-conformist Minister. Came as servant to Churt (lady's maid).
Children not baptised.
Three children by end of 1896, when they went to Pond Inn. dbou dppl boe ejsuz (can't cook and dirty).
One of the children is Mrs CLARK who in 1915 lives at Heathcote Road and has heart disease and asthma. See p.1715.

p.957 BELTON Henry born 1833 and Emma (WHITE) and family.
Came Michaelmas 1890 to George COOMBES, Stony Bottom.
She a cook and charwoman, therefore useful
Came from Bramshott. Two daughters married here:
- Eliza in 1894 to Thomas CHEESE
- Emily, 18, on 3.4.1899 to Charles George HARRIS (p.448)
- Harriett banned 1899 to William MOOREY (daughter Kate Blanche baptised 2 September 1900) [P Mag]
Half-brother to Benjamin p.485 (same mother, different fathers)
James Henry BELTON buried GRAYSHOTT 30 May 1908 aged 74 years.
Died in Haslemere Hospital therefore the above.
See also info p.135/7 in JH Smith's book 'Grayshott' - Dr COLECLOUGH tried to poison their collie dog, as also reported by Flora Thompson in 'Heatherley'

p.958 MATTHEWS William and Marian (WHITE).
[Crossed out=>Arford (W Side) Back to back tenements (front)]
At Deadwater, over bridge.
Married at Alton, Michaelmas 1890.
Son to William and Rhoda p.606.
For his fining see p.171.
She used to attend fairs.
- July 1891 child not here registered or baptized? (William age 9 in 1901 census, born at Solderton)
- 1893 Hilda May baptized 23 April 1893.

p.959 HYSLOP George.
Has a shed on "Petars' Allotment" - for plan see p.185.
"Brings timber from London sometimes; must cost him a sovereign every time he comes" (Henry COOK).

p.960 MILLS Thomas Charles.
[Crossed out=>Arford (W Side) Back to back tenements (back)].
Had some of "Petars' Allotment" p.185.
"Came down and worked at night, caught rheumatism and died" (Henry COOK)

p.961 SCOTT Lionel and wife Kitty born 3 March 1859 (no children)
of Chertsey. In Mr BROYD's new house at Grayshott, Summer of 1890.
His own house at Chertsey rebuilding.
Now 1900 at Stonedene, Stone Hill.
They married (she 20) while he an undergraduate at Cambridge 6 February 1879.
Also ?Miss INGHAM. Also her mother Mrs MORGAN.

p.962 LOVELL Miss.
[Crossed out=>Arford (W Side) Cottage S of Arford Cott].
Lives in Chapmans' new house at Grayshott.
[Friend of Miss JAMES]. Came in 1890.

p.963 CRAFT William and Catherine (SNELLING).
Live at Grayshott E. Came from Bramshott. Married Summer 1890.
She daughter of Mrs SNELLING p.92.

p.964 WILLIAMS Mr John
The Reader 1889-1890 at Grayshott. (1891 census: student of theology, born in Anglesey)
Lives in School Road, North end, the house being kept by William GUNNINGHAM p.912.
Pays no rent to Miss I'ANSON!

p.964 Cutting dated August 1890: Correction of previous report wrongly suggesting that Mr WILLIAMS gave the cup for tug-of-war contest; in fact he was only one of several contributors.

p.964 Cutting dated June 1891: Opening of new Hindhead Mission Church. Site given by Miss I'ANSON. Building by WHITAKER. Many other names with full description of church. (Which was the precursor of St Luke's)

p.965 SQUIRE Sarah and WELLS Edith Susan.
The 1890 Grayshott schoolmistresses.
Live in William CRAWT's house p.388.
Sarah SQUIRE took charge of the Grayshott school on 7 April 1890 [Miss Hannah JONES having left 30 March 1890].
Edith Susan WELLS assistant under Article 50, February 1889.
Appointed to Grayshott School 30 March 1890.
Born November 1870. Engaged to p.1031.
Apprenticed in Sheering National School Harlow Essex.
Transferred to Headley, March 1891 and left Headley January 1894 as we require certificated mistress now for infants.
Her sister Kate WELLS born 6 September 1874 P.T. here from 1 January 1891 to 24 July 1895 and went to Salisbury Training College.
She died end 1925 so Mrs BECK told me.

p.965 Cutting dated October 1891: Entertainment under direction of Rev Laverty held in the schoolroom. Detailed description of the performances, with names of performers.

p.966 FORD
[Crossed out=>Arford? Cottage]
Gardener (1890) at Grayshott Park.

p.966 FOARD James (b. 25 Jul 1883, Deadwater, bapt 14 November 1883) and Ida (YARNEY).
Son of Harvey (below). Married at Farnham 1907.
She granddaughter of Aaron WOODS p.272.
In 1924 she in Park Prewett and the four girl children gone to Yeovil under ????? of S.P. cruelty children.
He and the other children in BLUNDY's enclave.
Kathleen F died April 25 1934 aged 14.

p.966 YEOMANS Alfred Charles and Elsie (FOARD)
daughter of p.967 live at Standford 1925.

p.967 FOARD Harvey (1863) and Mary (HILLYER) and children.
Live at Deadwater with his mother Jemima see p.516.
For his "Petar Allotment" see p.184. Nearly paid for in 1890.
For her font and altar superstition see p.174.
She daughter to p.996 (which one?) and sister to Mrs BRIDGER. Coachman or gardener to Mrs BUTLER, Liphook.
Parents to (below) Mrs GARRARD; & Mrs NASH, Mrs KILBURN, Mrs YEOMANS p.966.
- James, 14 November 1883
- Anne, 8 March 1885 - Mrs KILBURN, Standford married 17 April 1911
- Ellen Dorcas, 12 June 1887, bur 3 Oct 1889 age 2
- Lydia Emily, 12 May 1889 - Mrs GARRARD (Percy Edward) married 1909
- George, 19 October 1890.

p.967 NASH Fred Arthur and Winifred (FOARD)
married 1 October 1919 daughter of above and living 1925 in 1 Courage's Cottages.

p.968 WALKER Jonah (30 September 1849) and wife Serena Wilgress (née PIPE 1854) & six children.
[Crossed out=>Arford Longcross Road]
Late Mr STEPHENS coachman (Liphook)
She died 1892 after birth of seventh child.
He remarried to Mrs DANIELS formerly cook at Eveley and winner of home industrial prizes.
Mrs DANIELS' sister, Mrs A SETTERFIELD*, became housekeeper to James BURROWS p.595 after the death of Mrs COX in April 1895. * She applied for parish relief April 1896.
Mrs A S being a widow with a half-witted daughter. Applied for parish relief April 1896.
- Herbert Wilgress, 4 April 1879 - many years in choir and married a WEEKES
- Athelstan W, 24 August 1881
- Ernest Noel W, 25 December 1883
- Mildred Serena, 17 November 1886
- Jessie Wilgress, 27 December 1888
- Lionel John, 12 September 1890
- Serena Lucy, 22 March 1892.

p.969 PHILLIPS James and Sarah (LOW).
Living at Standford Hill (late Miss PARSONS).
Working for Mr ALLEN.
Child Elizabeth Sarah died of croup November 1890 while I in Burnley. Service by Mr ALLEN.
She sister to James LOW (Hollywater) p.1097.
- Samuel George, 30 December 1892 - Not baptized
This possibly he who married Miss SMALL (p._). Was abroad many years and met me in churchyard 30 August 1926 going to place flowers on Mrs SMALL's grave.
Probably an older brother born before, James PHILLIPS came to work for Mr ALLEN. (James PHILLIPS in 1901 census age 15)

p.970 KNIGHT William (24 June 1855) and Jane (WINDIBANK).
[Crossed out=>Arford Longcross Road second behind Arford Cottage]
Live at Little High Cottage by Headley Mill Farm.
Son to Miller KNIGHT p.642.
She sister to John WINDIBANK p.191 (the "WINDIBANKs of Conford").
November 1898 came to Standford.
He a Shepherd age 45, she a Paper Bag Maker at Paper Mill age 42 in 1901 census.

p.971 BUDD and wife and family. (Albert BUDD age 42 at Prospect Farm with aunt Jane SMITH in 1891 census - he born in Bramshott - his family not there)
Came 1890 to Saunders Green.
Nephew to Mrs SMITH p.666 (son of sister) and came to look after her from Reading way (paid by Mrs VALENTINE).

p.972 FOWLER Dr and family.
Live at Liphook. Died 1890.
Brother to the head of CCC (Christ Church College) Oxford.

p.972 Cutting: Obituary of Dr FOWLER,. November 1890

p.972 Cutting: Death notice of Canon J FOWLER, brother of Dr FOWLER,. 1945.

p.973 ALLEN Albert (né circa 1859*) & Elizabeth Jane (née 1851) & children
Living at Stone Pit 1890.
Not the same as the John of p.179. *Born 5.6.1859 at Crookham, Crondall, son of Samuel (labourer) & Ann ALLEN (née VOLLER) by a certificate from Somerset House 1911.
Entered C.C. (clothing club) December 1890.
Nephew to Mrs BUDD p.1058.
Married 29 June 1878 (he told me in 1910).
A year after his death Mrs ALLEN went to Ruth (see below):
- Ruth M, 1879 - Mrs REEVES, Matlock Villa (1912) Queen's Road, Farnborough
- Albert Edward, 1881 - married our house maid
- Ada E, 1884 - at Ruth's 1912
- Annie Laurie, 1886 - still in service 1916.

p.974 DAVIS W E … C.E.
[Crossed out=>Longcross (Middle Tenement)]
A purchase of acre plot by Stone Pit.
Wrote January 1891 (to know if any T.R.C.): from W E DAVIS C.E., c/o W E MARTIN Esq, Great Brompton, Madley, Hereford.
Said by some to be architect, by others tradesman
Really (I think) civil engineer.
Building (1891) a kind of bungalow.
Address in Jan 1897: 8 Highwood Road, Tuffnall Park, London.

p.975 DALY Reverend J J.
Roman Catholic priest at Woolmer.

p.975 Cutting dated June 1890: Announcement that Rev DALY will be remaining at Woolmer as his health has improved.

p.976 BURBAGE Mr.
[Crossed out=>Longcross ??? ???].
a Baker of Liphook.

p.976 Cutting dated June 1890: Report of meeting of Alton Board of Guardians with various statistics and names. Mr BURBAGE supplying Headley and Kingsley workhouses with bread.

p.977 BECK Charles Henry (born 4 November 1862) and Daisy (SHEPHERD) and son.
The new (1890) schoolmaster. [Crossed out=>bachelor].
Not so good an organist as Mr EDWARDS, but better choirmaster.
From Birmingham. Entered on duty 14 April 1890.
Married in 1892. Certificated in December 1884.
Formerly PT at Duddeston, Birmingham.
Framed at Saltley, D Certificate Drawing.
- Dorothy Ada b. 26 Feb 1894, School House
Also Mrs Hannah BECK his mother born 1838.
First wife d. 5 Oct 1894
For his second wife see p.1233.
Resigned school 1923.
Resigned organ January 1925.

p.977 Cutting dated August 1890: Choir outing to Isle of Wight.

p.977 Cutting dated August 1891: New surplices and cassocks for choir.

p.978 ANSELL William and family.
[Crossed out=>Chapel House]
Lived till 1890 at Devil's Jumps, Churt.
Owner of considerable property in Churt and of some cottages at Barford. Would subscribe to nothing.

p.978 Cutting dated November 1890: Sale for over £6,000 at auction of 380 acres of land and property in Churt, Barford, Hindhead, Frensham and Headley (some properties listed).

p.979 PULLEN BURRY Dr H B and family.
[Crossed out=>For Curtis Farm & Vale p.488]
The Liphook doctor 1890.
Of the PULLEN BURRYs near Worthing.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had meetings with Pullen Burry in 1898 according to this website.

p.979 Cutting dated October 1890: Report of Dr PULLEN BURRY giving evidence to a House of Lords Committee on child life assurance.
Also description of annual outing of employees of Messrs Warren Brothers Standford paper mill to Portsmouth and Southsea.

p.980 NEWMAN White and family.
Kingsley farmer (of superior kind) farming 188? to 189? Headley Wood.
Son Alfred (married) lived at Headley Wood till 1890.
Went on father's death to father's farm.

p.980 Cutting dated End of 1890: Kingsley - Obituary of Mr White NEWMAN. List of those attending funeral.

p.981 FELL Reverend Dr and Mrs and family.
Vicar of Worldham.
Called wickedly "The Worldham Flea".
Clever, intelligent man.
Died early in 1915. Obituary in Times 16 January 1915.

p.981 Cutting dated August 1890: The Curate and his Lodgings - Report of County Court proceedings arising from a dispute between Dr FELL's coachman and the curate of Worldham.

p.982 ERLE Sir William and Lady Amelia (WILLIAMS)
Late Chief Justice.
"Lady ERLE's father (Rev. Dr. David Williams, Warden of New College, Oxford) was refused by Mrs L's grandmother; what relation is Sir William to me?"
See further details of his life.

p.982 Cutting dated November 1890: Report of naming of new lifeboat at Swanage after late Sir William ERLE. (Other reports also).

p.983 OVERTON Captain William Henry and Mrs (Marianne) and family.
Live at Frimstone Lodge, Liphook.
Made Justice of the Peace in 1888 or 1889.
The son curated with me in 1889.

p.983 Cutting dated December 1890: Report of entertainment at Headley school. Various names, including three Mr OVERTONs.

p.984 FORSYTH John W.
Newcomer in December 1890 to Frensham Pond Inn.
Obtained his licence same day as our schoolroom licence in December 1890.

p.985 PRESTON William C and George H.
Newcomers December 1890 to Stream Farm.
From Scotland. Luggage detained owing to strike on North British Railways.
Nephew to G L BERTHON, Vicar of Romsey.
"The elder Mr PRESTON found dead in bed. G H PRESTON then went away and died at Reading." Mrs George COLE January 1910.

p.986 MESSINGHAM Henry and Mary Ann (HUNT) and child.
Live at Hollywater, carrier etc. (In 1891 census with her parents)
Son of George p.352.
She daughter of John p.245.

p.986 LOVEGROVE Edwin John & …
Been in Army Medical Service 21 years.
Has two children:
- boy born 1906,
- girl Evelyn Victoria born 1902, married 1921 p.2015.
In Mrs MATTHEW's cottage, Deadwater, 1914.
Son of Edwin p.987.
Died January 1936.

p.987 LOVEGROVE Edwin (born 1840) and wife Maria (born 5 November 1835)
New foreman to Stream 1891.
Lives in centre of Moore House.
Son Edwin John a sponsor January 1892, called Edwin after father and John after Grandfather.
Second son
LOVEGROVE Alfred Arthur and Harty (WHITING)
Married 1903 at Registry Office.
She daughter of Fred p.426.
In Lindford Lane.

p.988 CHEW Charles Samuel
New person 1891 at Lindford Chase (late HARRIS).
Married Harriet Helena, who d. 26 Feb 1894 age 26; Lindford Chase; childbed, one of the twins (stillborn) buried in the same coffin, plot 9-24, Stone No.259 - surviving twin Samuel John aged 7 in 1901 census.

p.988 Cutting dated November 1891: Report of election of six committee members of the Institute, including C CHEW.

p.989 FULLICK Albert and Mary (BURNINGHAM)
Came L D (Lammas Day?) 1891 to Stream (Moore House).
Son of old George p.321.
(Girl with Roy face)
Sister to BURNINGHAM p.235.
Probably same as p.320. Same as p.875.
Eleven children (including illegitimate) living.
One born 24 December 1891.
Eldest 16 in March 1891:
- Matilda Anne BURNINGHAM, 2 April 1876 (illegitimate)
Albert and Mary married 13 April 1878
- 1879 son Thomas George, born 9 June 1879, died at Binsted
- 1880 Edith H
- 1881 Albert Harry
- 1883 William E
- 1884 Gertrude M
- 1886 Sarah Jane
- 1887 Frederick J
- 1888 Ernest Edwin
- 1889 Alfred George
- 1890 Rosa E B - Mrs VASS - Lost her husband July 1915 in the war. Wrote November 1919 for father's birth certificate from Clifton Lodge, Anstey Road, Alton, Hants.
- 1892 Arthur Thomas.

p.990 MARDEN Stephen
New people came 1891 to late William VINEY's.
Come from Churt.
Perhaps the same as now (1894) at late Louis PHILPS at Barford.
The son of William (carpenter) of Churt and have four children.

p.991 BERRY.
An old man living (1891) at Standford Robin Hood.
Came for relief July 1891.
Says wife died at Bank but there is no record.

p.992 GAWTHORNE Robert and wife.
Pensioner living under and working for Mrs O'DELL (Hilland Cottage).
Came 1891.

p.993 PRICHARD Edward Crosse (né 1850) and Mrs Annie F (née STARTER)
Solicitor of "Crossman and Prichard" London at 1908.
Bought in 1891 ANSELL's four acres at Barford High Road and wanted (November 1891) to divert footpath and now (1892) has done it.
Living at Llanover (on what is now Hammer Lane) in 1901 census - he absent and she (age 47) has her mother (widow aged 78) Ann G STARTER staying.
16 Theobald's Road, Gray's Inn, WC.
Mrs P's brothers are doctors and one came down to see William HARRIS before he died at end of Century.

p.993 Cutting: Announcement of death of Charles Edward Crosse PRICHARD aged 57. The Times, 25 January 1908.

p.994 GEORGE Walter & wife & three children in 1891.
Newcomers in August 1891 to Curtis Farm.
Groom, etc to Mr AYLING (p.995).
Plain woman, front teeth lost.
Children born about 1884, 1886 and 1888.

p.995 AYLING William Budd & wife Augusta Kathleen (née DENNETT) and family.
New farmer Autumn 1891 at Headley Wood. (In Ferndale in 1901 census)
Came from Liss, where owners once.
Have taken by pew opener's instructions the seat in church formerly occupied by Mrs PETAR.
Four children in 1891.
His first cousin Annie AYLING at St Mayo rets with some of the sisters.
Their governesses 1892 Miss ENGLEFIELD, in 1983 Miss JONES, Miss BROWN p.1087, etc.
In 1897 a domestic Edith Mary BALCHIN born 1875 (confirmed).
Child no.5 is Edgar Philip, baptised 14 August 1892.

p.996 HILYER or HELLIER (HILLIER) Edwin, wife Ann, daughter and son.
Came to Lindford Chase Autumn 1891 from Bramshott.
Semi-invalid daughter who needleworks.
Originally came 1872 from Dorsetshire and except for short interval done dairy for CHALCRAFTs since. Parents to Mrs Harvey FOARD p.967.
Son tried January 1892 for choir. (Mrs CAPES recommends) Could not sing much.
Farm apparently called Downgate Farm.
Edwin died 1906, buried near tower. Ann died 1904, buried near tower.
Daughter Emily ??? girl 1892.
Two unmarried sons living with them in 1901 census: Ernest, 27; & Frederick Thomas, 21.

p.996 HELLIER Fred Thomas and Minnie (MOORE). 1888 et ante.
m. 23.12.1902.

p.997 WATTS … and wife and Florence.
Very small new house on PETAR's allotment FB (Fuller's Bottom).
Came there to live June 1891.
Occupied before water supply.
She pleasant, pleased with Florence's progress at school.

p.998 & p.999 Pedigree of HEATHER family

Transcription of Book 7 completed as follows:—

pp.800–849 John Bebbington
pp.850–949 Freda Line
pp. 950999 The Priestleys

Book 8

p.1000 Letter to Gladys (Laverty) from MG Ballantine Dykes dated 26 Nov 1950. 'It was carved by a working man in Bridekirk, self-taught. Bridekirk was Mr B-D's first living in Cumberland and was the gift of his mother.'

p.1000 Letter to Miss Laverty from Frances Maidlow, 11 Jan 1951 (same address as above letter): 'Miss Dykes is delighted that you are pleased with the chair' [Presumably the one that was in the vestry, and now sold - Joyce Stevens] 'Tudor-Jones wrote such a nice letter saying that he had given a lecture to the choir boys that it belonged to a rector of 100 years ago'.

p.1001 Notes from the Parish Magazines 1872-1906
There then follow several pages with three columns: Event, Date, Donor.

p.1001 Postcard of Chestnut Tree in Spring 1951. Planted Sept 1891 by WHL, J KENYON (Holly Bush) and F WAKEFORD to mark spot where stocks once stood.

p.1002 CROW Henry Went.
Enclosing land across valley from WATTS & DAVIS on Stone Hill Estate (1891 end).
"London gentleman"
Mr FULLER (See next page) superintending enclosure.
Land formerly bought by "HILLS" and resold.
On 1894 voting list: 61 Earlham Grove, Forest Gate, London E.
A late address: Grove Lodge, Wanstead E.
Land up for sale 1907.
Sketch of plots Lots 1 to 6 and LS Cott.

p.1002 HUNT John (né 17 April 1833) is another Stone Hill proprietor.
On 1894 voting list: 134 Peckham Park Road, SE
Now (1900) resident at new 'Lilac' Cottage with 2 daughters
He being shaved Oct 1900 when I called.
He doesn't acknowledge himself as Do (ditto?) in 1913.

p.1002 WARD … & … (HUNT)
Married dau coming next to father end 1911
Using Laburnum Cottage as weekend cottage.
He to do with London Waterworks.

p.1003 FULLER John & wife Maria
Builder settled on Stone Hill Estate.
Cheery little man , FULLER & Son, pleasant wife.
Thinks estate progress very slow.
Lives in small house, built large one and one shanty by end of 1891.
Has let (1894) two houses & is building one new for himself.
Wife died 1902, and house kept 1904 by Miss GIBSON.

p.1003 FULLER (Jnr) and wife Elizabeth (née TREWEN)
Married at Kingsley chapel 1896.
She governess or lady help at George WARREN's.

p.1004 MOSS Charles & Jane (WEEKES) & children
Live at Deadwater. Married 1887.
Steady fellow. Son to p.297; dau to p.513.
Bessie born in Bramshott.
Winifred Kate born here, but not Christened
Gardener to Mr STEPHENS, Redhouse
Moved to Mayfair 1931 from Headley Street.
See WEEKES family p.2106.
- Bessie 5.1890 - in 1915 Mrs RALPH
- Winifred Kate 6.1891 - Mrs SMALL (brother to William p.1692) 1920 at Llanover
- Charles James 8.2.1893 - 14875 Duke of Cornwall's LI - killed in Flanders 1915, acting Corporal
- Rose Mary 1895 -
- Daisy Ellen 1897.

p.1005 GATCUM Alfred & Jane (FRY) & family - she died about Xmas 1922 at Wrecclesham
Newcomers 1891 to Hearne - 9 sons & 2 daughters
She hairless - rheumatic fever twice
One daughter at Lord Cheshire's
Both at home 14.1.1892 (one or both G.F.s and has letter from Queen (on Jubilee?))
Children all eyes. Born 1870-1890. List in B&B.
One born about 1872 on Board Wages to 1.4.1892
The other Lizzie 1875 to Oaks for week & comes Fourless? Liphook? temporarily Feb 1892.
Eldest son* remained at Wrecclesham. *Alfred John FRY - born 19.2.1870 before marriage. He marr. 13.6.1896 Ellen FYFIELD?
She could not get on very well with children or others being a bit masterful.

p.1005 GATCUM Charles Richard & Maude Agnes Adelaide (HIBBERD) m. 29.9.1900
Live in Fairview Terrace in 1903.
He son of above - she nurse to James? BEWSHER.

p.1006 RALPH George (né 1858, d. Oct 1923) & wife Mary Ann (née 1853) & 3 children
Newcomers 1891 to Headley Wood Hatch.
3 children 14.1.1892 & one very shortly.
1906 in Lindford Lane; later in Parish House Bottom (Rock Villa).
She 5 years older than he.
Trouble 1927 with her OAP.
He came about OAP on 15.8.1928.
- 188? - died
- Louise 1883 - dead
- William Reginald 1886 - married
- Frances Emily 1889 - now 1906 Mrs Thomas JAMES* & in 1914 Mrs James COOMBES
- Frederick John 1892 - see below
- Ada Caroline 1896.
*William Harold JAMES ("Willie JAMES") né 12.11.1906, bapt 9.12.1906 [see below for death in 1943]
John William JAMES at school in 1923.
And in 1914 on Barley Mow Hill as Mrs James COOMBES, son of p.809, p.2095.

From WW2 Roll of Honour for The Friends of Newark Cemetery
JAMES, William Harold
Rank: Leading Aircraftsman
Service No: 1195564
Date of Death: 24/05/1943
Age: 36
Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Memorial: Newark Cemetery
Additional Information: From The Bungalow, Headley Bordon Hants. Died after accidentally falling in front of a lorry and being run over on the Fosse Road Winthorpe. Died at Newark Hospital from multiple injuries the main cause being a fractured skull. Stationed at RAF Winthorpe.

p.1007 RALPH Frederick John & Edith
Son of above - married Nov 1922 in Ireland.

p.1007 GLAYSHER George (10.1.1864) & Emma (MIDWINTER) & 2 children
Come 1891 to late Institute.
He son of James GLAYSHER p.290.
She from Gloucestershire
Dressmaker. Miss EI says ton doog (not good) but succeeded well.
He gardener. Afterwards successful gardener to the Park (Sir RS WRIGHT).
Two children and one coming Jan 1892. Her mother there Jan 1892.
Daughter Ellen SEELEY (m. 1910) wished 1916 to be a conductor in place of Arthur (her husband) called up but was not strong enough.
Daughter Minnie JACOB (m. 1912) died at Winchester early March 1920.
Parents to Arthur G, p.2002.
- Henry James 1892.

p.1008 & p.1009 missing on microfilm, but subsequently photographed.

p.1008 ROBINSON … & … & family
Taken Dec 1892 HUTCHINGS' shop in village
"Not the business he led to expect"
Lived 4 years at Capr
Been ill 3 weeks out of first 5.
Hopes to pick up.

p.1008 ALDEN Percy
Warden of ?
Has taken (1896) Wagners Waggoners Wells Cottage.

p.1009 WAYMARK John & wife
Newcomers 1891 end to Hollywater
She very pleasant (about 50?)
He formerly at Griggs Green PH.
Now working for Mr SMITHES
1 daughter only - she in service.

p.1009 MOSS John & wife Alice G & 4 children (he notes a 5th in 1898)
Come 1896 assistant to Standford blacksmith.
- Frederick G (aged 12 in 1901 census)
- Ernest A (aged 8 in 1901 census)
- Dora Emily, b.23.1.1898.

p.1010 CANNINGS (CANNING, CANNONS) William & Charlotte Alice (DAWDY)
Live at 'Ironmongers' Hollywater.
He cripply son of p.414.
She daughter of p.176.
They like CANNING or CANNINGS better than CANNONS
He crippled in great fire in Woolmer Forest, 20 Aug 1864 (see Bow Bells Almanack for 1868 where date is given).
They had 2 sons, the elder in an idiot asylum, the younger (in 1913, when grandfather died) in the Army and doing well I was told.

p.1010 KERSLEY … & wife
New Eveley carter 1896 - came from Selborne.

p.1011 MOSS William & sister
Come 1892 to GAUNTLETT's new house at Lindford (GAUNTLETT having gone to late Charles TAYLOR)
Sknird (drinks). Bought out by brother at Conford.
"Brother" sraews (swears), no living with him.
1st cousins to Mrs AJ HARDING (p.474)
A sister of hers (much older) married a master tailor in the 1st Dragoons. She a widow and a grandmother.
Distant relations to p.1036.

p.1012 CLINCH … & wife
Tenants 1891 of Pound Cottage.
Come from Bramshott. Let lodgings.
Advertized "strong respectable country girl" aged 17 under name of Mrs CHURCH & got many answers. See letter below.

p.1012 Letter dated 1 Feb 1892 to WHL from JJ LOWMAN, churchwarden of St Saviour's Church, Poplar, London - Sir, In Daily Chronicle of today an advt appears as follows: "General - Situation required for strong respectable country girl age 17 years, wages £6 - Mrs CHURCH, Headley Hants. Can you kindly inform me if you know Mrs CHURCH and the girl to be respectable persons. Our last servant has just left us to be married - she was a country girl - she was with us five years. Your kind information will be regarded as strictly confidential and private. Thanking you in anticipation. I remain, yours truly, J J LOWMAN.

p.1012 DICKS … & wife & 1 child born 1896
New young shepherd (Mich 1896) to Rock barn.
Finds it rather lonely. Came from Winchester way.

p.1012 CHURCH … & Muriel Harriett (née 21.3.1892)
Two sisters servants here (rectory?) 2nd decade 20th century.

p.1013 COURTNAGE Frederick & Phoebe (Febay) (MATTHEWS)
Live in Parish Houses, Lindford (Parish Houses in Arford in 1891 census)
He son of p.530; she dau of p.606.
Married 15.5.1886.
- Frederick Thomas born 10.4.1887 & 2 others.
- Archer Thomas age 5 in 1901 census.
He d. 14 Oct 1931 aged 66
She bap. 10 Jul 1866 at Rusper [Ref. Robert Matthews]; d. 28 May 1935 aged 69.
With them in 1903 a girl (½ servant) Henrietta BOXALL née 26.9.1893. She married 1913 to JH McCURDLE, 46th RFA.

p.1014 WHITCHER James & Leah (WRIGHT)
Butler at Grayshott Hall (1891).
Live in the last of the new cottages by Bull's Farm.
Married end of 1891. She dark, tallish, pleasant.

p.1015 CHUCK Walter Livings
Living with CHAPMANs (1891) p.1016 & p.1017
Banned 1892 to Annie May PARKER of Barley, Herts.
The CHAPMANs came from Barley, Herts.
Assistant carpenter. Brother to p.1016.

p.1015 DICKENS (DICKINS) James & Patience (GREGORY)
Single man keeper, lodging with HERMISTONs p.823.
Came from ?Leicestershire. (1901 census says Bedford)
Married 11.2.1903 a servant of Mrs PARISH.
He being now Head Keeper living at Land of Nod.
Her brother Harry GREGORY p.2002 lives with them end 1903 & also her niece … WATSON from Cambridge, born about 1895.
Another brother F GREGORY had an RN paper signed March 1923.

p.1016 CHAPMAN Ernest Henry & Isabella (née CHUCK) - see JH SMITH 'Grayshott' p.107
With brother [Walter] carpenter, etc., at Grayshott & before 1890.1891
Works also with brother Oliver (p.1071).

p.1016 CHUCK H.R. & wife
New builder 1903 in Arford - brother to Mrs Ernest CHAPMAN.
Mr CHUCK was undertaker and for very many years Churchwarden in Headley and lived in the Corner House at Arford following Henry KNIGHT who d. 1903. [Joyce Stevens: To the Ar and Back]

p. 1017 CHAPMAN Walter Gillman & wife Emily (REVELLE)
With brother [Ernest] carpenter, etc., Grayshott & before 1890.1891.
Now (1892.1893) has post office, etc.
Brother to p.1071.
He was the employer 1898-1900 of Flora THOMPSON (then TIMMS). He stabbed his wife to death on 29th July 1901 as she bathed their 5th child, a baby, and was committed to Broadmoor.

p.1018 BOOKER Harriett (about 1860) & Annie (Nellie) (about 1871)
Sisters 1891 at Lindford Laundry. Very steady (inf: Mrs Harvey COLLYER).
The elder got married June 1894 when some rowdy people for 2 or 3 month then Mrs TARRANT - p.1147.
[The writing above is quite clear, but I don't understand the sense!]

p.1018 COX Mrs & Mr
Come 1896 to Grayshott, South Road, north side
A socialist & schoolmaster.

p.1019 BURROW William
A brother to Mrs George GLAYSHER (p.292)
Son to p.293
who was burnt to death Dec 1838. Just short coated, they under a bank burning rubbish, he put his foot out to stamp on it & before sister Anne BURROW could fetch assistance was half burnt. [Not entirely clear from WHL entry who was burnt]

p.1019 HEWARD … & wife (née LICKFOLD) & son Walter*
Newcomers to Hollywater 1896 out of Bramshott.
She oldish & clean in fact sister to Walter LICKFOLD p.538.
Married & away she says before 1872 when I came.
Came to Hollywater as tenants of Mrs GARDINER (née CHANDLER), but could not make it answer.
She must be either Emily LICKFOLD bapt 18.2.1829 or Sarah LICKFOLD bapt 19.9.1830, buried 5.1.1900.
?Coming 1908 to late CANNINGS.
[written on previous page with arrow to this page - sense not entirely clear] w died & widow carried on her daughter went to Scotland with Mrs (Major) HOPE p.1991 & married.
*Walter HEWARD early in 1898 got a GARDINER girl (Mary) into trouble & married her at a Registry Office & now living next GAUNTLETT.

p.1020 ALDERTON Henry & family (6 children)
Widower came out of Leicestershire 1891 to Barford. (Ivy Cottage, Arford in 1901 census)
Brother to Peter (p.571), son to William (p.312).
6 or 7 children:
- Albert George (see p.1171)
- Cissy b. about 1873 (eldest) at home Apr 1892
- Charles 1875 (see p.1347)
- Gertrude 1877 (v. short)
- Miriam 1880
- William 1882
- Adeline 1884 (youngest).

p.1021 POULTON (or PAULTON) Alfred & Esther (GRAY) & children
Travellers (Hawkers) here Feb 1892 on Broxhead.
Inquest over one of twins.
She holds Licence, therefore not married. Perhaps referred to p.1044.

p.1021 Cutting dated Feb 1892 - Sudden Death - The Coroner held an inquiry at the Royal Exchange touching the sudden death of the infant male child of Alfred POLTON, labourer. Mr CJ PLUMMER, surgeon, stated that he had made a post mortem examination of the child, who was 5 weeks old, and found death to have resulted from convulsions due to improper feeding. The child weighed under 4lbs and was not sufficiently nourished, but he could not say there was neglect. There was food in the stomach, apparently a solution of biscuit.

p.1022 UPEX William & wife Rebecca
Newcomers 1892 to Grayshott - collector for Life Insurance (1891 census says Prudential Agent)
Brother to p.1136.

p.1023 WIGAN Percy Frederick & friend*
Newcomer to Grayshott 1891.1892
Gentleman; in fact soon after ordained to Bramshott curacy.
Wrote to me July 1893 from Chisholme by Hawick N.B.
m. 30/4/1895 Catherine Frances Mary HENSLOWE
* Friend is … SMYTHE - ?reading to orders.

P.1023 SUTTON George (14.1.1844)
Living en garçon at Hollywater Jan 1897
Came round to various houses begging (when Mr HAHN gave him 2/6d)
Plausible speaking man.
Had eczema(?) in 1892 or 1893 and has been in Union.
Said to be more of a talker than worker.

p.1024 PARKER Mrs
Bought 1892 SMALE's cottage at Grayshott [The one on S. side of Haslemere Rd]
[1891 census: SMALE, Frances M, Head, Single, 62, Retd Governess]

p.1025 FOSTER Rob & wife
Carpenter Grayshott Hall 1891.1892
Lives in one of the new cottages by Bull's farm.
She apparently a little cheap.

p.1026 BEWSHER Samuel & Eliza Copperstone & family
Owners of Crabtree.
Bursar of St Paul's & owner of the Preparatory School (Colet Court).
See also p.1025 (for some obit. cuttings re their daughter Dorothy, killed by enemy action Feb 1944 and others)

p.1026 BEWSHER Fred William DSO, MC & Varda (GRAY-DONALD)
Son of the above. This his 2nd wife. She dau of Lt-Col G GRAY-DONALD R.E.
They married in Jerusalem.
He commanded the Palestine Gendarmerie.

p.1026 BEWSHER James & …
Brother to the above & headmaster of Prep. School.
Live 1902 in Sam's Lane End house.
In Times 30.5.1924 was death of his eldest dau Margery aged 34 years after an operation.

p.1026 Many cuttings - Death 28/4/1915 of Mr Samuel BEWSHER, founder of Colet Court, Hammersmith, one of the largest prep schools in the country. Bursar of St Paul's. Colet Ct began 1881 with 3 or 4 pupils in a snowstorm. 4 to 500 boys, staff 30. His brother James headmaster for 42 years. Large & handsome buildings he (Sam) provided. Sam's dau? killed 1944 enemy action; her son aged 23 killed on active service 1943.
NB. St Paul's School near Cathedral founded by Dean Colet 1510 for 153 boys = traditional number of fishes caught in the miracle draught. In 1891 Lord Selborne = governor.
Sam's son Fred was pupil and later Bursar of St Paul's. Famous OBs of Colet: Dr Temple; G.K. Chesterton; Compton Mackenzie; Lawrence Benyon?; Vis Wolmer; Rev P.B. Clayton.
James BEWSHER (see photo) died 1936.

p.1027 WHITE Walter J & Mr WHITE snr* & Miss McKENZIE
A bachelor occupying (1892 & previously) "Billy's Lookout" at Wishanger. See p.383.
A hop merchant. Various housekeepers.
Asked 7.11.1892 if Mrs WARNER still housekeeper & totally servant - "Oh! No! Miss McKENZIE is here"
(Ada WARNER, unmarried, age 20, was there in 1891 census)
Housekeeper 1894, 1895, 1898 Miss BARNET.
* Father was Charles William WHITE of BAKERS, WHITE & MORGAN of Hibernia Chambers, SE who died at The Nook, Belmont, Headley 16 June 1894 aged 69.

p.1027 Cutting dated May 1891 - Meeting of Conservative Association at the Holly Bush Inn - WHITE mentioned among others.

p.1028 GREENWAY K & family
Newcomers 1892 to Oaks . Came from Leamington way.
Son Lionel read the lessons 1891. Son Harry now (1892) reads them.

p.1029 STOCK Walter?
Has 1892 part of BARRETT's "H Grange" at Grayshott.
In 1901 census Walter Albert & wife Agnes Emily STOCK are at Oakleigh Villa, Lindford.

p.1029 EVANS Miss and Miss MARSHALL
New laundry women 1896 at Miss LUSHINGTON's laundry, Lindford.
Miss E from lord Onslow's laundry at Guildford. Miss M from Portsmouth.

p.1030 BUDD … & … & 1 child
Newcomers 1892 to "Irish Will's" - strangers.

p.1030 PATERSON Andrew & wife
New tenant 1896 of Royal Exchange. (Directory of 1899 says Alex PATERSON)
Scotchman. Hardly looks up to that rough place.
Large Scotch dog.

p.1031 SWEETMAN William George (b. 28/8/1858)
(Appointed here 6.4.1891)
New Assistant Master 1891
Good voice - lodges at Mrs William VINEY's, Rose Cottage, Arford in 1891 census (this rather down inside)
Engaged 1893 to p.965* but subsequently married to Florence W by whom children:
- Leslie 22 Feb 1904
- Dulcie Joan 9.4.1906 (spine weak).
* Married to Miss WALKLING & in 1907 at Treborough School House, Washford, Somerset, 1,000ft above the sea; & in 1923 about to retire from school work, he being then at Bridge House, Higham, Colchester.

p.1031 Cutting dated Dec 1891 - about an Entertainment in the School Room - "this is the 43rd entertainment which has been given under the management of the Rev WH Laverty." William SWEETMAN sang 'Come, Birdie, Come'.

p.1032 MOSS Joseph & Emily & children
Lives in Arford. Under & afterwards (1891) sole gardener here. (Rectory?)
Son to p.297.
- Emmie - b.21.8.1883
- Joseph Thomas - b. 28.10.1884, bapt. 14.12.1884
- Henry - 12.10.1886; 20.3.1889
- Philadelphia - 27.12.1888; 10.3.1889
- Bessie - 19.11.1890, 29.3.1891
- William - b. 9 May 1892, Barley Mow Hill
- Ida Mary - b. 13 Feb 1894, Barley Mow Hill
- Lizzie Octavia - b. 8 Dec 1896, Barley Mow Hill
- Herbert Jack - b. 13 Jul 1899, Barley Mow Hill (1901 census).
He died (18 Aug 1905, age 41, at Stone Hill) & she in Sept 1906 married a youngish soldier named … ABISS at Alton Registry Office.

p.1033 LARBY … & wife & 1 child born about 1885
New cowman (1892) at Stream.
Man had Rheumatic Fever at Farnham Mich 1891 & did not work until Feb 1892.
Only child died in Farnham Xmas 1891.

p.1033 TRUSSLER Thomas & Louisa (STRUGNALL, bapt 24 Oct 1852) & 7 children
He died May 1937.
Live at Woodview, Hollywater. Came from Conford.
Sawyer, works with father.
She dau to George STRUGNALL p.248.
- A son Thomas married 1915 to Matilda SMALL - see p.1722.
- A dau Edith (dark) married to Wilfred TILBURY (p.2002) RMLI about Xmas 1929. In 1922 at KNOX Lodge. (See p.1382)
- Alice had baby Oct 1920
- 1895 Ellen - Mrs Jack Edward NORMAN; child Arthur Jack né 19 Sep 1921; child Fred Edw né 19 Dec 1922.

p.1033 BROWN George Henry & Ruth (TRUSSLER, dau of above)
Married 20.1.1917.

p.1034 WARNER Ada - unmarried housekeeper 1892 at 'Billy's Lookout'. See p.1027.

p.1034 GARDINER (GARDNER) … & wife
Coachman & Housekeeper 1896 to Mr PRICHARD at Barford.
Come from Edgware. She young & pleasant.

p.1035 DEWEY … & wife & family
Young man from Blackmoor (living at Hollywater)
New coachman (1892) at Headley Wood.
She quite young with babe in arms. Some relation to p.1052 (William HOARE)
Working 1892 for Mr SMITHES
Brother to p.1098. Son to James, landlord of Prince of Wales.

p.1035 OTHEN (HOTHEN in 1901 census) William & Harriet (GROVER)
Come end 1896 to WHEELER's on Deadwater Road.
[Crossed out=> Brother to George p.575]
Her son (before marriage) 3240 Private Henry GROVER, Royal West Surrey Regt, was killed 29 Oct 1897 at the Sempaghar Pass in NW India. (See 'The Third Salisbury Administration, 1895-1900')
Her mother Eliza 1901 at Trottsford - see p.1326.

p.1035 Note enclosed relating to OTHEN, but too feint to read.

p.1036 MOSS Henry and wife
Married 1892 & living at Lindford.
He working for father at Conford.
She till Xmas 1891 Schoolteacher at Conford.
Seems pleasant - went home until lately.

p.1036 DEWAR Mrs Margaret (NORMAN)
A laundress 1896 at Oaks.
Married by licence 4.9.1894 to John DEWAR (she being RC) at the Presbyterian Church in Tipperary (Minister the Rev John HOLME).
He a soldier, unkind & practically deserted her.
Child John James born 4.6.1895, christened 11.8.1895 by me.

p.1037 PAGE
My former pupil from Mrs LUSHINGTON's
Now learning farming at Wishanger.

p.1037 GARLAND … & … (née HALE)
New postman 1896.7 Alton to New Inn
Has Xmas 1896 taken old Pike gate "only as a day-rest" 1/- a quarter.
Married & 2 children Dec 1898.
She at gate-house 17.12.1898.
Niece to HALE (late at Headley Wood) - p.242.

p.1038 KINGHAM … & wife & 3 children
Newcomers (2.3.1892) to Barford High Road (at late TILBURY's)
From Churt. She biggish.

p.1038 LEGG Mrs
Housekeeper 1897 to James BARRETT p.356.
Sister to Mrs W HEATHER p.425.
Came as servant to Miss HADLEY.

p.1039 BRIDGER
New Prudential agent (1892)
At Mrs George LOE's, Parish House Bottom.
Wanted to lodge with widow HOLDEN - offered 2/- a week to include firing, bed, washing & vegetables - Mrs H would not do it for less than 2/6d & then only if she had two.
Preaches at Lindford Chapel.

p.1039 WHITE William & Thirzah Hannah & 10 children
Come March 1897 from Hammer to Hollywater
Said to esjol (drink); but she tidy looking.
Afterwards at Stone Hill
TIDBALL (p.1490) lodged there & married a daughter (Agnes Mary, see below).
For children see below* & (better) in B&B.
In 1919 at 1 Hazelhurst, The Avenue, Grayshott.
With them old Jack EAMES - see p.1044.
With them on Stone Hill a married son:
WHITE William & Charlotte (DICKS) & boy DICKS.
* Children of William & TH WHITE:
- Charles, in 2nd Hants - killed in the Barberton Railway accident Easter Day 1902 - m. with one child Charles Baden Powell WHITE né about 1902 - wife in 1917 Mrs W STEVENS, Gossine, Hitchen, Herts.
- Warden, d. 1895
- Edward, d. 1890?
& alive in 1902 are
- Frederick, b. 1878 - 25 Abbey Road, Port Talbot, S Wales in 1917
- Agnes Mary, b. 1879 - Mrs TIDBALL, Hill Road, Farnham (1917)
-William, b. 1883 - 2nd West Surrey
- Maurice Herbert, b. 1887
- Daisy, b. 1889 - Mrs SUTER, 20 Bridge St, Six Bells, Abertillery 1917
- Eva Laurie, b. 1890 - Mrs BROWN
- Joseph Robert, b. 1891.

p.1040 TUCKEY John (10.7.1837) & Frances (GARDNER)
Brother to James p.669.
Married 24.1.1863 to Frances GARDNER & had children:
- George GARDNER 1863
- Charles 1865 - d. 1865
- James 1867 - a sweep in Wimbledon
- Harry 1869 - d. 1885 (here) - at the time of the Christening the mother mentioned some name, either a queer one or indistinctly, & Mr DYKES refused it - so they called the boy Harry.
The mother died 1870 in childbirth.
She sister to Mrs CANNINGS née OLIVER (p.414) - Mrs CANNINGS born before wedlock.
The father lived with someone at ?Wimbledon and had 2 children or more.

p.1041 GRIFFITH Miss
The new (1892) Grayshott teacher. "Can act". Acted for us Xmas 1892.
Went away L.D. (Lady Day?) 1893. Address: 16 Bristol Street, Hulme, Manchester.

p.1041 DENYER William & … (née GAUNTLETT) & family
Come from Bramshott 1897 to Hollywater.
She sister to Mrs KNIGHT p.1091.
With them her mother Mrs GAUNTLETT & 4 children:
- 1892 boy - Jan 1897 to Firgrove
- 1893
- 189x
- 1897.

p.1042 COX William G & MA STILLWELL
Newcomers 1892 at Pound Cottage.
Boy makes loud remarks at passers.
[Crossed out=> She said to be niece to Sally COOK p.37]
She came from labourer's family at Shottermill - it was a servant who was related to S COOK.
A daughter born 22.5.1893.

p.1042 DEE Arthur & Martha (BUNCH?) & family
Newcomers 1897 to Taylor's Road, Lindford.
Some children afflicted?
Two deaf & dumb girls: Annie born 1876; Elizabeth born 1881 & see p.1387.
& her mother Mrs BUNCH born 9 May 1820.
See more detail on p.2054.

p.1043 MILES Frank & Rebecca
Living 1892 at Jim GAMBLEN's house p.936.
Mr ROGERS' baker.

p.1043 LEMON - is this the George & Augusta LEMON at Stone Hill in 1901 census?
Come with woman & boy from 'the Straits' 1897 to Headley Wood Hatch.
Said to be no furniture in the house.
Woman's husband said to have fallen
died in 1895.

p.1044 EAMES [Crossed out=>John & wife] Mrs née BAKER & son
Come Oct 1892 to Whitmore (late 'Irish Will')
Parents to Mrs William MARSHALL p.911 & William EAMES p.1377.
1893 John said to be away from there & only mother & son - see p.1039.
The EAMES have lived apart since ?1880 & before.
He much older than she.
She half-sister to KINGETT p.1053.

p.1044 EAMES William (son of above) banned April 1896 to Rosa Gertrude Eleanor TRAVEL said to be "dau of servant of Italian Gentleman"
Put to nurse with Mrs GELL's (p.1047) aunt BAKER in London; came down to help Mrs GELL's mother at Shant (Crossways Inn, Churt) - ran away (or sent away??) from here to tent of PAULTON (p.1021) the bottle jack; whence ran away to Mrs EAMES.
Well educated? - see p.1377.
Living on Beech Hill with 3 children in 1901 census.

p.1045 RIZZELL … & wife & 2 young children
Come Sept 1892 to late TILBURY (Barford)
Was BAKER & STURT's - now set up for himself.

p.1045 SWAN Charles Robert & Helen
A Jeweller, come 1897 to John Edwards FULLER's on Stone Hill.
Called 27.4.1897, saw Mrs, a tall daughter & four other children.
The girl in 1917 Mrs WISE* with children & another Mrs BROWN & 1918 the third unmarried.
*A daughter (or d-i-l) Eveline M Swan wrote 30.12.1925.
The sons are SWAN Bros, Hatton Garden of whom Sydney B (married Aug 1918) is (1917) Capt 2nd Gloucesters & MC 1917 or 1918; Joseph is (1917) Lieut RGA (killed in action 1917); Ernest died 1924.

p.1045 JARRAD Mrs, widow of policeman - is SWAN's servant Easter 1921.

p.1046 CHANDLER George & wife & baby John born 22 Sept 1892.
The (Spring 1892 coming) coachman at Billy's Lookout.
Came in from near Farnham.
In service with Mr John BARRETT.

p.1047 GELL John W & Eliz (née CHUTER)
Now at new cottage at Wishanger.
Keeper. Married in 1892 (?Churt).
She dau or sister of [Crossed out=> Pride of the Valley] Shant (Crossways Inn, Churt)
She & 2 children spotty
(see p.1044 note)
- John William, b. 2.7.1892
- George, b. 30.8.1893.

p.1048 SMITH William & Mary Ann (BURROWS)
Now living at Moore House (north end).
He son of Mark p.266. She dau of Charles p.229.
Went to Binsted & returned Autumn 1892 & came to Stream Cottage 1912.

p.1048 PLOWMAN (?Harold) & wife (no family)
New (1897) landlord of Pond Inn.

p.1049 HOLLENBY Miss; PAYNE Miss
Churt teachers come to COPPER's at Barford - Mich 1892.

p.1049 MERRETT William & wife Mary Ann (MASTERS*) & daughter. (MERRITT in 1901 census)
*as I judge from burial of her brother Edward MASTERS aged 65 in 1899.
Taken 1897 the Yew Tree Cottage at Washford.
She very deaf. He one arm, a carpenter, & I think his wife says esjolt (drinks).
The daughter lived with a young lady who left her all her money ('thousands').
There are 4 sons all out.
They came from Blackmoor.
Dau engaged to young Stephen p.1092 & married to him and went into Midlands. He died Sept 1926.
One son p.1370; another below, p.1048.
William MERRETT's father? Henry MERRETT died at The Butts, Alton, 3rd or 4th Oct 1896.

p.1048 MERRETT Edward & … (STONEBANK)
Lived at Lindford (Rosemount) & sold it to DAWSON.
Went 1908 or 1910 to Canada.
Son of William p.1049.

p.1050 FUNNELL Fred Henry & Mary Ann
Live at SMALE's, Grayshott 1892.
Gardener, 'not likely to stop'
Child christened at Grayshott 6.11.1892.

p.1050 KNIGHT - groom 1897 at Grayshott Hall.

p.1051 TURNER Jesse & wife Lucy & family
New 1892 carter? At Curtis Farm House.
7 children, one 14 yrs in London?
in 1893 one 5 months.
See list in B&B. [what is this B&B?]
Left in Oct 1894 & house taken by HAYDEN.

p.1051 BRIDGES Harry - the groom?, lodger with above.
- who will keep in wit HAYDEN now that HAYDEN is coming here.

p.1052 HOARE William & wife [Emily?]
People born in the 1830s now (1892) come to cottages on Hollywater Hill.
Brother to James (husb. to Thirzah) p.111.
Some relation to DEWEY p.1035.
She a talking old lady afterwards moved to Allotment Path when in 1895 came three MATTHEWS children.*
Only daughter died in 1895 of her second child, partly of grief "to find her husband (her 2nd husband) a married man"; she had her first child by him. The baby died; & these three are dau's children by her 1st husband.
* Go to Blackmoor, eldest C.W. born 1882; Eliza 1884; Charles Ernest 1885 - at least these are ages at 12.10.1909 in Paupers' Book.

p.1053 WARUM … & Mrs
New cowman (Nov 1892) at Curtis Farm.
Mrs TURNER (p.1051) came to me Boxing Day 1892.
She died end of 1892.

p.1053 KINGETT George & wife (née SHOTTER) & 4 sons
Come 1897 to late Lewis PHILLIPS, Barford
All sons at work.
On garden and I did not disturb when I took a schedule 1897.
Came from Shottermill or near there.
Married in Hammer about 1871.
One son has fits (the eldest) George b. 1871.
He half brother to Mrs EAMES (p.1044)
esjolt [drinks]
She aunt to Mrs FURNESS (p.1074) & died 1898. Buried at Shottermill.

p.1054 MERRITT … & wife & family
New groom (1892 end) at Headley Wood
A little untidy I should say.
Husband's mother (who is also her stepmother) used to live with them.
1885 - boy & girl twins
1888 -
1891 - boy.

p.1055 BONE Thomas & family
Come Xmas to Moore House, south end
She née BONE then BLUNDEN.
Came from Worldham.
He married twice & she married twice.
Walter born about 1874; Evie born about 2.1879
4 children, one Lily born about 1882; a girl born about 1886.
p.1055 HOUSE Robert Edward & wife Jane Rebecca & her sister
Taken (April 1897) St Catherine's.
Came from Southsea (rent about £45, which we think too much).
Herbert Edward né 8.4.1898
Sent for his birth certificate in 1919 from 510 George Street, Wardstock, Ontario, Canada.

p.1056 HURDLE Walter James & wife Alice
Young people come Xmas 1892 to shop in Arford.
He short; she bigger, just confined Jan 1893 of 2nd child, daughter.
Very feint line: Mrs H's niece Florence married Geo GALE.
[Children in 1901 census in Fullers Vale: Walter James 9, Alice Emily 8, Florence May 6, Albert Edward (Victor in bapt reg) 3, George Cyrus 1]

p.1056 SMITH George W & Louisa & family (2 children: Frederick G & Ada L)
Living 1897 over the Huts stables at Grayshott.
She née MOOREY
Her sister Ellen N MOOREY's illeg. child bapt Mar 1900 & Ellen had another child at Union Dec 1902.

p.1057 NORTH Elijah (né 2.9.1871) & Annie [Anne Maria in 1901 census] (COOMBES) & child
One child (at Sleaford, high little cottage).
He son of Samuel p.663.
She dau of Fred HEATHER [or COOMBES] p.254.
Lived together before marriage. I asked Mr HARBOR (Registrar) to call upon them & put them in the way of obtaining a Registrar's Certificate. He determinedly refusing, I applied to Somerset House who wrote him that he must help me in the matter. In the end he gave them the necessary papers when she registered her illegitimate baby.
[Children in 1901 census at Deadwater: George 8, Fanny Elizabeth 6, Wilfred James 4, Dorothy 3, Elijah 1 & Minnie Louisa b. 19.2.1902]

p.1057 ATKINS Ernest (né 1891) & Dorothy (NORTH) - married 20.9.1919
Living with the above in 1920. She dau of above.
With them lives her brother Henry NORTH.

p.1057 NORTH George & Lilian A TAYLOR (née MAURICE)
Married 24.12.1919 - son of above. She deafish.
They in 1923 end in Heathcote Road No.5.

p.1057 GASS Alan W & Alice (NORTH) - married 2.4.1923.
Live near her parents 1926.

p.1058 BUDD George (né 29.9.1845) & Harriett (ALLEN née 22.9.1840)
For a short time (1892) at No.2 Deadwater Row.
Brother to Mrs RS GARDNER - p.637.
2 sons, one married; George aged 16. 2 daughters: both out.
She has bad eyes and wears shade.
He (1892) working at Aldershot where much building going on.
She & "Anne (Small née) Corps" p.1351 in service together at Dr COBB's of Frensham.
Went to Hendon Road, & then outside parish.
He now (1898) at Hearne - thought his birthday was 8.9.1845, finds it is 29.9.1845.
Was working for Mr KNOWLES at Thursley - now Mr K's foreman here.
Written diagonally: He originally under SUTER at Warren's Mill, then undergardener to Sir H COTTON, then gardener to KNOWLES at Thursley 1893 to 1900, then bailiff here at Hearne. See page Q67.
She was Harriett ALLEN (aunt to p.973), dau of John & Martha ALLEN (née CROP), née at Crondall (Crookham) 25.5.1840.
If the same as page Q.67, I visited 20.1.1873 & gave eldest of (3 small children) a blue pencil - "chatty & nice with ??ear eyes". Husband was working for Mr WARREN. Sofa in room & therefore very tidy cottage - children George, Mary & …

p.1059 MORGAN Godfrey Harrison & wife Louisa & child Ethel Amey
Come mid Feb 1893 to the south but one of GAUNTLETT's 4 cottages, Lindford.

p.1059 DUKE Frank & wife Fanny & 7 children*
Come to Hollywater, May 1897.
Formerly at Bramshott Mill.
Tidy little woman.
* three children, then - 1887 Nellie; 1888 Mary; 1891 Minnie née 3.6.1891; 1894 May.
One married 22.11.1913 at Alton to a GAUNTLETT son of James Jnr.
[Children in 1901 census: Frank 15, Ellen 14, Mary 12, Fanny May 10, Millie 7]

p.1060 WOOD Mrs Annie (née ATTWOOD)
Has the new cottage in Standford Hill.
Husband comes sometimes.
Her brother's child (ATTWOOD) christened 12.3.1893.
106 Lansdowne Road, Clapham - May 1897.

p.1060 BREWSTER Mrs & daughter
House cared for by (or let to) Xmas 1895
A professional nurse & widow whose family is now grown up except [this daughter]
Complains that hospital nursing has cut up the other work in London.

p.1061 BAILEY William Henry & Emma (THOMAS) *
In charge of late TAYLOR's cottage, Lindford.
Vicar wrote me & I went to them; but they do not care to "go further with it".
Owner of the cottage is ROWLEY of Alton.
* Ernest John Pim bapt at Bulford 29.1.1893.

p.1061 COLECLOUGH John Arthur & Mary Lois
New Dr (MR Coll Surg Eng) building 1897 at Grayshott.
Kathleen Mary bapt 24.8.1897.
See info p.135/7 in JH Smith's book 'Grayshott' - Dr COLECLOUGH tried to poison the collie dog of BELTON p.957, as also reported by Flora Thompson in 'Heatherley'

p.1062 OVERALL William & wife
In 1892 at Jim G's [GAMBLEN's p.936?] cottage (Long Cross).
Working for JW VINEY Jun
Now 1894 gone to Beech Hill.
One little girl (? a niece) in 1897.

p.1062 O'CALLAGHAN (Father) - 'g' not pronounced - priest at Mr VERTUE's 1897.

p.1063 COLLINS - owns house built (1892) by Fuller.
At Grayshott on right beyond ROBINSON.

p.1063 MARSHALL George (31.7.1836) & wife Dinah (BERWICK)
Come 1897 to own cottage by Arford Pond.
Bro-in-law to Mrs STAPELEY.
He born a fortnight before Headley church fire - his mother (in the absence of her mother) ran out with him (from ?Parish House Bottom) to see it, so that would make his birth 29.4.1836, because the fire was 12.5.1836.
Illegitimate cousin of 'Wheatsheaf' see p.1279.
Her son alive (I think called BERWICK). He like father usually called Bant MARSHALL.
Dinah applied for OA Pension Sept 1909. [died 2 Apr 1910]
He died April 1913 [Sept 1913 on gravestone, MI=533]. See p.325.

p.1064 BEAVES young & wife
In last house on right beyond Butcher & Wigan (a zinc house) at Grayshott (1893).

p.1064 BEAVES - in last house but two (1893) beyond Butcher on right, at Grayshott.

p.1064 BEAVES - in part of "Headley Grange" at Grayshott (1893).

The three [BEAVES] are in 1901: Henry is senior, Henry J.R. is junior, ? - on Pelican Road [only 2 families in 1901 census, in Oak Cottage].

p.1065 CHANDLER William Ernest & Eliza (TILBURY) & 1 child
Come March 1893 to late Henry Miss, Standford.
She 1st 3 months 1893 with broken breast with 1st baby - William Richard né 1893 married May 1923 (p.1749) to Annie Eliz RUSTELL - "missing" for a time in the Great War.
Sister to Mrs BUDD (p.591) to Mrs COTTON (p.909) and to Mr TILBURY.
He from Farnham, family in Bramshott.
He cousin to Andrew Walter CHANDLER p.1067.
He & Walter building 1896 2 cottages on Stone Hill.

p.1066 TEGWELL James & wife Sarah & 4 children*
Come (Jan 1893) cowman to Headley Wood.
Lives at back part of Curtis Farm House.
Had twins (of which one Mar 1893 can't walk fully, something the matter with leg); and then another.
* 1890 Sarah Kate & Florence Annie
* 1892 Henry James
* 1893 William Charles.

p.1067 ALDRED Charles & Ellen (DAWES)
Live at 'Chapel Window' house in Headley Park.
Married about May 1892 (banned here)
Dau to William (p.99).

p.1067 CHANDLER Andrew Walter & Mary Annie (BUDD)
Ellen Eliz (on a separate line - not sure to whom it refers)
Building 1896 a cottage East View on Stone Hill.
He cousin to William Ernest p.1065.
She dau to p.591; formerly servant at Headley Grange.
In St Thomas' early 1914 for "malignant disease" - she died & he remarried Pinehurst servant.
At baptism 11.11.1917 one of the sponsors was Mabel GREEN servant at Bayfields.
Mrs ALLEN Eliz CHANDLER's niece.

p.1068 BOWLE Richard & Eliz
A "Ranchman" in part of Barrett's house (Grayshott) 1893.
Child christened 5.2.1893 (born 1891)
Will shortly leave again for America.

p.1068 GRAY Henry & wife Anne Sophia & 2 children*
New gardener (1897) at Headley Hill [with CALVERT at Heather Brow].
Came from Sutton.
Afterwards went to Burnside where in 1913 his wife died & son was driver fro GAMBLENs.
* Boy 1887 I think (this 1923) Henry William - later engaged to Rectory maid ALLEN - ?banned 1911 to Lucile Margery.
* Baby 1897 Annie - née 10.12.1896 - c/d [confirmed?] 1911
* Ethel Ellen Lily 4 Dec 1901 - c/d [confirmed?] 1916.

p.1069 CHALCRAFT William
The Postman Alton to New Inn.
Takes (1892.1893) no interest in Fl. ????
Lives, when here, at old Turnpike House.

p.1069 TRIGGS Mrs - come 1897 to Baigents Bridge from Whitmore;
mother to BONE & wife 1897 at Baigents from Whitmore.

p.1070 CHALCRAFT Wm & Mary (EVANS)
Undergardener (1893) at Grayshott Park.
Lives (1893) at Miss SMALE's (next ROBINSON)
Child christened 10.3.1893.

p.1070 CHARLWOOD Charles Caleb & niece Miss JELLEY
A saddler at Grayshott. Building 1897 North Road.
A John CHARLWOOD has a Pettar Allotment - see p.184.

p.1071 CHAPMAN Oliver & wife Sarah J
Live at "Addison's", Grayshott
Brother to pp. 1016 & 1017.
Plays harmonium at Grayshott church.
She was buried 14.4.1908 - died of haemorrhage of brain (sudden).
He became Grayshott postmaster in 1901 after his brother Walter murdered his wife - bur. 1 Nov 1933.
Children in 1901 census:
- Harold, 18, joiner [married Annie SYMONDS (p.1076), the assistant to Flora Thompson at Grayshott PO]
- Berthold, 15, apprentice joiner.

p.1071 ENGLAND William
Widower with housekeeper Mrs WEBSTER.
Come 1897 to Stags Dene.
Also Miss BAKER is there.

p.1072 CAMPBELL Mrs
New occupier(March 1893) of HEATHER's (p.32) new house - the more westerly house.
Lady-like person.

p.1072 MICHELL Mrs & Mr YORK (of Oliver, Kinnan & York)
Mother & son about 1897 to take Oaks.

p.1073 [All crossed out=> CAMPBELL - Come 1893 to B…d's house. Gardener to Miss JAMES]

p.1073 WARD Jesse & Maria
She owner of Glen Lea, Hindhead & of a little land down Mill Lane.
He (1893) temporarily in the eastermost of George HEATHER's new houses.

p.1073 CHEVERELL Frank & wife Ellen & 5 children
New labourer for Mr AYLING come from Wiltshire to Curtis Farm Oct 1897.
One boy at work.
Pleasant & says "communicant".
Albert (?smart) b. 2.10.1879
Frank b. 2.8.1887
Lily b. 17.12.1892
George b. 30.9.1894
Wilfred b. 13.2.1896.

p.1074 FURNESS George & Alice (SHOTTER, 1874)
Banned 1891. Now at WATTS' Stone Hill.
Formerly a trainee etc at the [Holly] Bush.
He left her or she him; & she went to Horsham to live with …
Died 1895 of childbirth & buried here by request of W.W.C. [Canon CAPES?]
She niece to Mrs KINGETT p.1053.

p.1074 LOW (or LOE) … & wife & family
1st tenants of DEADMAN's cottage on Whitmore Hill.
North Country.

Two 'travellers' living in Wm CROTT's [CRAWT's?] late cottage, Whitmore
Formerly fish travellers.
p.1075 PASSINGHAM Henry & family
Live at KNOWLES' Hearne house.
He working Sept 1896 for junior VINEY.
Sons working for CHANDLER & BUDD.
Lodged for a time at John MOORE's.

p.1075 PASSINGHAM Fred & Rosetta (SMITH)
Son of the above, living in Arford.
Married 14.7.1900 - she dau of James p.307
One son has 2 silver ribs.

p.1075 BUDD William & Alice Mabel (PASSINGHAM)
Dau of above - son of p.591.
Married at Alton day before birth of eldest child.
He died in 1918 partly from exposure in the trenches.
Son William Henry died 18 July 1934.
Two daughters married.

p.1076 SYMONS [SYMONDS] Mr (John) & Mrs & family
Gardener at Miss James' house, Grayshott [actually West Down in Hindhead]
Moved from Cheshire Nov 1892. Temporarily (1893) at BROYD's [where was this?]
Building a house for themselves out of Headley [Fir Cottage, Hazel Grove, Hindhead].
This is the family of Annie SYMONDS (Sarah Annie b. 29.9.1879 in Liscard, Cheshire) who assisted Flora Thompson in Grayshott Post Office 1898-1900. Flora calls her 'Alma Stedman' in 'Heatherley'
Annie m. 12.1.1910 Harold Oliver CHAPMAN (p.1071) and they ran the post office in Beacon Hill for 43 years. She died 29.6.1969. (Inf: her daughters)
Annie had a sister Eleanor SYMONDS: doa. 28/11/1892; dob. 21/11/1882; dow. 17/4/1896 [Grayshott School register]

p.1076 GRADAN - coming 1897 to DEDMAN's new cottage on Whitmore Hill.
North country man.

p.1076 LEACH Mrs - superintendent Grayshott laundry 1892.1893

p.1077 TAYLOR PF & wife & 1 child
Come for winter 1897.8 to NORTH.

p.1078 FLETCHER William Henry & Annie F
Coachman 1892.3 to Miss I'ANSON.
Lives in north of two "school cottages"
Living in Miss JAMES' cottages in 1900 [2 Whitmore Cottages in 1901 census]
She laundress to He??? C???? & 3 others.
With her 2 girls - One boy, since 1895 a soldier (1900 in India)

p.1078 CHRISTMAS … & wife
Young people from Alton
Coming Xmas 1897 to Thomas GLAYSHER's new cottage at Barford.

p.1079 COLLINGWOOD Fred William
A child (born 1892) who died 1893 - visitor at Grayshott Laundry.

p.1079 WRIGHT Mrs & daughter
New people (summer 1897) at Lindford Laundry.
Dau is youngest of 8 or 9 children.
Pleasant - Came from Henley-on-Thames.

p.1080 VINEY Joseph (b. Clerkenwell 10.8.1865) & Annie Julia (BORLEY, b. 1864)
Live at Beech Hill next to brother p.536.
Son to p.442 - brother to p.536 & p.1081
Works for brother.
Married 3rd Qtr 1892 in Fulham, & have son Frederick Charles Philip 14.5.1893 - died of consumption 19.5.1899.
Annie died of consumption 27.4.1899
Joseph remarried to Alice Maude HILL (her residence at time of marriage was Woking, his Beech Hill, Headley) at Headley 7.6.1902.
They had 2 children: Joseph Hugh b. 2.6.1903 and Leonard Percival Lester b. 26.1.1905.
Joseph (senior) died in 1930, Alice Maud in 1953.
After 2nd marriage lived in Grayshott
- 1902 Jubilee Terrace, Grayshott. [Inf: Ann Viney]

p.1081 VINEY William (b. Clerkenwell 17.12.1862) & Alice Mary (SMITH, b. 1864) & children [1901 census]:
- Henry William, 12
- Bertie Joseph, 10 - killed in action 31.5.1916, noted on the Headley War Memorial
- Christina Alice, 7
- Reginald George, 5
- Leonard Stanley, 3
- Daisy May, 8mths.

Married 1st Quarter 1888 Registration District Southampton.
Live at late Mrs William PARFECT's [Rose Cottage Arford]
Son to p.442 - brother to p.536 & works for brother
She former domestic at Rectory.
William committed suicide, he drank carbolic acid, was buried in Headley Churchyard 5.9.1916.
Alice Mary died in Croydon 1957. [Inf: Ann Viney]

p.1082 McINTOSH Miss Moira
Maid (1893) to Lady WRIGHT.
Wrote Sept 1893 to thank me for H.C. Bk

p.1082 FOOT C A
New tenants (1897) of late CANNINGS, Hollywater.

p.1083 MULLARD Henry James & wife Ann
Coming Oct 1893 to Barford.
Eldest (illeg) son of Mrs Peter ROOKE p.303.
She a cook.
At late WOODTHORPE's house Sept 1893.

p.1083 WATTS Richard (né 1836 to 38, d. 1923) & wife Sarah Ann née 9 June 1827 (no children)
Coming 1898 to BROMLEY's new house in Fullers Bottom (Ferndale)
Been 44 years in North London Railway (has pension) & has a beautiful testimonial (a Book).
[Retired accountant age 64 in 1901 census]

p.1084 LAWRENCE Davy & wife Kate
Come Mich 1893 to Whitmore (late TITFORD's) (Inf: Mr Eli CHANDLER) married 1893.
Brother to p.597.
1901 census:—
Margaret May, 7
Florence Ellen, 6
Leo, 1

p.1084 STILLWELL [STILWELL in 1901 & 1911 censuses] Jesse John & Jane Louisa (BARNETT née Jan 1869) & 2 children (1 a baby in Jan 1898)
Come new Nov 1897 from Passfield next BRENNAN's at Hollywater.
He a wheelwright at BAKER's - p.1204.
Had triplets at end of Mar 1900 which lived 1 day, & his sister Mrs Wm CANE had twins Aug 1900.
She dau of Reuben BARNETT (son of William of Standford) - p.592
This Reuben m. 1869 Eliza BUDD - she died 1898 Liphook way.
She sister to Henry BARNETT lodging at HOLDENs & sponsor to HOLDEN in Mar 1900.

p.1085 BARNES James & wife & "Jimmy"
Newcomers (Mich 1893) to Royal Exchange
She described as 'too stout to work about'
Jimmy (born 1883) only child.

p.1085 MANSEL … & wife & wife's sister & children
New policeman autumn 1897.

p.1086 RAWLINGS Henry & wife & family
Gipsy on one of the Broxhead "fire-places"
Lost a child - buried here.
I think the one now (1898) there is Moses RAWLINGS.

p.1086 SWAYNE Henry George & wife (SAVAGE?)
New baker 1897 to Mr ROGERS.
Young wife & 4 young children.
Have been living on Passfield.
In 1928, Henry S & his wife have votes & also son John né 1905.
Another son -
SWAYNE Edw. Frank (b 1895) has a vote but at The Thatched Bungalow, Hollywater.
(written on bottom of p.1087):
Children of Henry George & Emily SWAYNE
Arthur George 1892 - child bapt here. Haslemere B&B?
Fred William 1893
Edw Frank 1895
Elsie 1897 - Mrs EE NASH, Ferndale Terrace
Richard Martin 1899
John 1905

p.1087 BROWN Miss M - come Oct 1893 as governess at Headley Wood - p.995.
Recommended (Pastoral Letter) by WHC PERCIVAL, Vicar of St Peter's, Southampton.

p.1087 BARNETT Richard (né 7.3.1839) - son of Mrs HOLDEN'S (p.384) sister.
Ne'er do well - makes home with p.384.
Dangerously ill in Romford Union, Essex, May 1896.

p.1088 FISHER John & Eliza (BRIDGER)
Newcomers from Liss to Hollywater (house on left up Hurrock's Hill)
Brother to pp.850 & 949.
From Liss; she had been 9 years in service & Nov 1893 had tea-pot [what does this mean??].
Married April 1893.

p.1089 HAYTER William & Mary Margaretta (née 4.5.1846) - married elsewhere 20.6.1869.
Newcomers Mich 1893 to Lindford Lane.
Several children - 2 sons at work, 2 children at school.
One son William Henry married Fanny KNAPMAN nιe BURRALL - she died & he in 1903 with parents.
Another married Minnie DEE - p.2054.
See below (written on bottom of p.1088):
- Mary Roseanna HAYTER m. 25.12.1894 to Ernest Henry DAVIS - in 1912 she some internal troubles.
- Ellen Eliza HAYTER m. 27.7.1895 to Charles SMITH
- William Henry HAYTER m. 24.12.1898 to Fanny KNAPMAN - she dead.
- Charles HAYTER m.18.10.1902 to Minnie DEE - p.1887.

p.1089 DOCKRELL [DOCKRILL in 1901 & 1911 census] William & wife Mary
- she died Feb 1927 & was buried in Churt.
New coachman end 1897 at Mr PRICHARD's [at Llanover Stables, Barford in 1901 census].
Came from Gloucestershire.
Middle-aged people. No children here.
Then went coachman to Miss HULSE.
Then went coachman at Winchester & 1917 (War Time) taking round milk at Headley Down.
1st grandchild (dau's child) born 1920 WEIGHTMAN.
WEIGHTMAN Harold & Ethel Mary (DOCKRELL)
- dau of DOCKRELL. Her child bapt on Stone Hill.

p.1090 SIMMONS … & wife & boy
Come Dec 1893 to Th. S. G's cottage, Lindford.
He in employ of Mr HODGSON of Haslemere, until the Baring smash [in 1890]; then in that of Mr BAIGENT of Worldham; now proposes butchering.

p.1090 SIMMONS … & wife - came July 1896 to old school at Hollywater.
Came from London Feb 1896 to Whitehill.
She talks with London accent.
She ?about 30 ?no connection with above.

p.1091 KNIGHT Arthur Henry & Ellen (GAUNTLETT)
Banns being asked (Bramshott) Dec 1893
Coming then to No.1 Gauntlett's Cottage, Lindford.
Shoemaker living in Headley High Street in 1901 census.
"Arthur Knight had his cobbler's shop (where Suter's garage is now), where he made and repaired boots and shoes. He used to hold a store of tacks in his mouth when nailing on a sole (and so was a good listener) and, when hand-stitching, he quickly made a hole through several layers of leather with his sharp bradawl. Then, with a length of waxed thread in each hand, he pushed it through from both directions and pulled it tight." [Joyce Stevens in To the Ar and Back]
He works at SHILL's (p.1092)
Child Bessie born (not christened) 12.2.1895
Sister to Mrs DENYER p.1041.
With them live Horace LUFF, at school 1893.
She died 1903 & house now kept by HASTED Jane (née 17.3.1873) his cousin & ?sister to our once cook.
a G.F.S. girl;- a Congregationalist.
& 12.3.1905 a H KNIGHT married Jane HASTED.

p.1092 SHILL - new bootmaker 1893 in the Street. Father at Whitehill.

p.1092 STEVENS Joseph (né 17.6.1841) & wife [Elizabeth?] (née 7.2.1846) & son & dau
Married 17.2.1873.
Come Xmas 1897 to Standford Farm
Bailiff for 6 years to Lord Selborne.
Son engaged to p.1049 (this son at Birmingham, died Sept 1926)
Another son at home - Arthur, married 1909 (so told 1921) - she née 24 June 1885
Arthur ret. as bailiff 1915 to Maj Boyce COMBE & end 1922 took Holly Bush Inn.
Daughter married by me to Greatham blacksmith (Frances Mary, 25, m. 14.2.1903 to Albert John TOOP, 26, blacksmith of Passfield)
Signed 24 Aug 1916 for old age pensions.

p.1093 MOORE David (né 2.10.1832)
Caretaker (end 1893) at late Henry COURTNAGE.
Once had cholera very badly
Widower & Stranger - caretaker for Mr ALLSOPP
Father to below (John)

p.1093 BENNETT John & … BONIFACE
Come Xmas 1897 to Prospect Hill
?Bachelors (been to Agricultural College)
"Come here away from PH [public house?]"

p.1093 MOORE John & Susan & family
Son of above coming Oct 1909 to Cole's shop
His sister Mrs Agnes Mary COLE died here March 1915.
Parents to p.1977. See also p.1409.

p.1094 YERBY - Schoolmistresses 1893 at Grayshott
Louisa Anne YERBY aged 31 in 1893 (born 9.11.1862)
Alice Evelyn YERBY aged 19 in 1893 (born 18.7.1874)
Appointed 8.4.1893 both under Art.68
And same ages again in 1895 Form IX.
[1901 census has them in President Cottage, sisters]

p.1094 DANIELLS William & … & family
New constable 28/1/1898 in Arford.
He well recommended by Bisterne Parson the Rev FS WALKER.
She esjolt [drinks]. Boys well behaved.
Fred William (left school) …something about 'confirmed at Bisterne'
Percy Thomas
Norah - 1894
Edward George - 1897.

p.1095 RAY - living winter 1893-94 in Deadwater Allotment (late BUDD) the largest house.
Gipsies. Husband & wife & son (?of 15).

p.1095 SAWYER … & wife (married 1896)
Newcomers May 1896 to DEAS
Live in upper floor of west UPEX house.

p.1096 GREEN … & … & 5 children
Landlord Frensham Pond Inn Xmas 1893
Children: 2 at school, 3 older. [inf: Mrs Henry FULLICK]

p.1096 BELL - at new bungalow (1896) Stone Hill
Came to church Aug 30th 1896 - I called 7.11.1896 & found 4 ladies, one French.

p.1097 LAW James & Eliza (née ADAMS) & children
Newcomers Xmas 1893 to Hollywater.
She dau of George ADAMS p.587.
Brother to Mrs PHILLIPS (Standford Hill) p.969.
She the deceased wife's sister & therefore not married.
She married 21 June 1906 to a constable named MUNDY & living in Aug 1906 at 19 Stanley Road, Springbourne, Bournemouth.
By first wife:
- 1880 son, servant to Mrs ALLEN
- 1887 son
This the 2nd wife & by her
- 1889 son
- 1891 son
- 1893 son.

p.1098 DEWEY James & … & 2 children
New tenants at HUNT's (Hollywater) Nov 1893.
Brother to p.1035 - son of landlord of Prince of Wales
Rather nice woman.

p.1098 GUY Mrs Bessie & Miss
Building 1898 ('Sunnyside' in 1911 census) east of Mr SCOFFIELD - a friend of Mrs SCOFFIELD p.1225.

p.1099 MOIR, The Misses - Come to late Miss LOVELL's
One sister been an invalid from rhem: fever since 1886?
The other teaches LEUCHARS' children & sometimes WATSON's.
Miss Moir died Feb 1932.
[Note: Thurs 10 Mar 1898 "Poor Miss Nellie Moir died" - Diary of Winifred Storr]

p.1100 POLDEN … & wife & 1 child
Newcomers 1894 to Standford Flour Mill, opp. Reynolds Farm
Came from Ringwood where name is common.

p.1100 WELLER Miss - Governess
WAKEFORD Miss - Lady Help
- at Headley Wood, March 1898.

p.1101 MacRAE Mrs & 2 daughters
New laundresses (1894) at Oaks. From Scotland.

p.1101 MULLARD James & wife - came 1/1/1898 to Crown - she disagreeable
Licence transferred Aug 1903 to following (Wm EDDEY)
Asked for reference in July 1906.

p.1101 EDDEY William & Alice Kate
Came July 1903 to Crown - she young & fresh complexioned
Afterwards a fishmonger & shopkeeper at Beech Hill
Came June 1917 for references to go into milk (mills?).

p.1102 O'DELL Mrs - Widow of Army doctor (son in Army).
Living 1894 & 2 or 3 years previously at late Mrs BENNETT's, Hilland.
Said to have died 1927 or 1928.
Letter: Feb 27th 1894 - To Rev WH Laverty: Dear Sir, Mrs O'DELL wishing to become a member of the Victorian Club for G??????? desires me to apply to you for references …

p.1103 ROGERS "shepherd" & wife & family
Come Mar 1894 to Rock Barn - shepherd to Mr BARRETT
Elder of 2 babies is "poor cripply boy"
Only 2 children in 1895: b 1892 (boy) & 1893.

p.1103 AYLING George & wife Sarah & boy & girl (rest of children away)
Came Spring 1898 to Thomas GLAYSHER's new cottage at Barford.
Parents to Mrs James COOMBES (Fullers Bottom)

p.1104 FARMER
Young unman: gardener at Grayshott Hall - lives in the "Bothy"
Came about 1892, went Xmas 1894. Born about 1872, from near Alton.
In his place JETTON.

p.1104 FRY Albert Edward & wife
Young couple gardener 1898 at Wishanger.
She (Mar 16th 1898) came to be confirmed.
Hilda May born 8.5.1898 & baptised Frensham.

p.1105 HALL Charles P & Mrs
Purchasers 1894 of Arford House. Have lived in Java.
He died 1896 on last night of voyage from Java from overdose of chloral.
She remarried & in 1923 is Mrs STEWART TAYLOR, Albert Villa, Keats Green, Shanklin IoW with a son grown up.
Their tenant Madame Van de VELDE - see p.1240 [Wife of a Belgian diplomat, and daughter of the Italian Ambassador to Berlin]

p.1106 SAUNDERS George & wife Amy Sophia (POTTER) & 2 children
New (1894) at Holly Bush - publican
She a widow with 1 child by 1st husband (Frederick STEADMAN b 1887 - spelt STEDMAN in 1901 census) & 1 child (baby) by 2nd (Ivy Irene SAUNDERS b 1894).
Wife's mother Mrs Charlotte POTTER lives with them but sleeps at one of Mr KNIGHT's cottages in Arford.

p.1107 PATRICK Mr and Mr & Mrs EDWARDS
Come 1894 to Fuller's new larger house - they carpenters?
She proposes to have summer visitors

p.1107 PAGE Herbert William & family
Tenants 1896 of Headley Cottage
MD (Harley Street) took Cambridge MA 1871
Surgeon to Hessian Regiment - Examiner for etc.
Home to be occupied mainly by Miss Ida PAGE (born 1878) and her companion Miss FJ STAVELEY.

p.1108 JOHNSON Miss & friend
Coming 19.5.1894 to Fuller's smaller house
? About 24, glasses, pleasant - short and with vascular disease of heart.
A women's-emancipation woman.
Companion 1905 Miss IBBOTSON.

p.1108 KILLICK Joseph Judge & Minnie (MARSH?) & children
Coming to Cole's 1898 to sell fish & meat.
- 1893 Elsie Marion
- 1896 Ronald Judge
- 1898 Wallace - died 1899

p.1108 HAYWARD Stanley a lad come to above 1911
recommended by Rector of Ockley, Dorking.

p.1109 HURDLE … & Mrs
Come (1894) to Butlin's house at Bank. People of 30 to 40.
He fair & "does all the house work"

p.1109 HEWLETT (aged 70) & young wife - married 1897
Landlord 1897-98 of Pond Inn [presumably Frensham Pond?]

p.1110 BLACKMAN William & wife Lucy & baby
New (1894) coachman to Arford House. She untidy when I called 21.5.1894
Has come from Winchester.
1893 - Baby (only child)
1895 - Ellen May

p.1111 ALPE, Mrs & son & dau
Coming June 1894 to Pound Cottage - said to be " A Bannister" [two n's underlined]
She daughter of Florence Margaret - separated from him, a Barrister who died 1897.
Married 1898 to an actor named BARRY.

p.1111 SMITHERS … & wife & children
Woodman to Mr WHITAKER - come 1898 to Stream Cottage from Mr Gathorne WOOD's.

p.1112 KNIGHT George (né 1844) & Lucy (CANE - p.241) & 1 child (William 1891)
Live at Selborne
He a widower* when he married in 1888.
First child died.
She at home (p.241) July 1894; somewhat estranged(?) from husband.
They living 1902 & previously at Lindford [1901 census at Oakleigh Villa].
He father to p.1340
With Mrs KNIGHT 1916 Hilda LAWRENCE p.1212.
*1st wife Dinah FULLICK see p.835, ½ cousin to Mrs GAMBLEN p.457 & Mrs GALE p.???.

p.1112 BEARD James Thomas
Lodging 1898 at Mrs Dick FULLICK's (p.322) on Barleymow Hill
Came into this country as working for Mr DAVIS p.974.
Married Martha KNIGHT, p.53.
Dau is Mrs CASWELL.

p.1113 SMITH Alfred & Mrs & etc
London ex-policeman in one Harding's new houses behind Mr ROGERS'
House called Holly Bank or Holly Cottage.
Pension of £1 a week.
B?????s 1893.1894 Illustrated London News
Letter from Mr Henry BROWN on Sarah as if per housemaid August 1894.
Daughter Emma Louisa, 26, m. 25.12.1894 to John COLE, 32, widower, baker, of Lewisham.

p.1113 HOWE - Journeyman 1898 for Mr FULLER p.1003.
Lodging at Charles MOSS (Beech Hill) p.1004.

p.1114 BOYELL [William Richard] & [Annie F]
Come 1893 to Hindhead Hotel - came from Punch Bowl Inn.
[He bur. 14 Jul 1902, Headley, age 61, Monumental Inscription No.215]

p.1114 CHIVERTON Mrs & son (Levi, born 1865) & grandchild (a married dau's child Violet May - mother dead BIGNALL, father deserted; had 4 children, 2 are at Crondall School)
Come 1898 to work for STEPHENS (p.1092) - rather untidy
Aunt (I think) to p.234
She died 1901 buried at Blackmoor.
May went to an aunt in Midlands & house kept 1902 by Mrs BALCHIN (born about 1835 or 1836 - husband alive but drunken and impossible - 8 children grown up).
Levi CHIVERTON 1913 at Ann FULLICK's
Cousin to new (1913) CHIVERTONs p.1675.

p.1115 GRIFFIN Fred & Mrs & 6 children
Come Sept 1894 to late Murrow's (Stone Hill)
He away all week.
They lived in Leytonstone - scarlet fever, etc, so moved
F GRIFFIN 69 Fore Street EC
"Inventors Commercial Medium" is his idea for helping poor inventors; so I.C.M. is name of house.

p.1115 OLDERSHAW Thomas Henry & Agnes (CHUTER)
New butcher (1897) at Grayshott
Child Elsie Blanche baptised 3.4.1898

p.1116 GILES … & wife & 2 children
New underfarmer come (Oct 1894) to Reynolds.
Little woman - came from Ripley
She 1st cousin to Mrs FAIRMINOR p.1216.

p.1116 Cutting: Photograph of dedication of the Coronation lych gate in June 1953

p.1116 A scrap of yellow paper torn from a sale poster and scribbled in pencil:
i want to go home now
i want to have my money
Ever Week to bye my
Vittles myself i Wants
some Apple pie An
puding to eat
i Wants Daniel to Come
i Wants to bide up Headley
and a note in another hand: 'Written by a half-imbecile pauper in Union'

p.1116 Cutting: Cartoons of golfers (at Blackmoor?)

p.1116 Cutting: Poem - Between you and me and the lamp-post by Marion St.John WEBB

p.1117 HILLS Miss - a new young teacher at Churt.
Lodging Oct 1894 with ERMISTONEs (p.823) & see p.1015.

p.1117 HIGGINS Miss Laura & Clara (sisters) - lodging house keepers (1897) Grayshott - formerly nurse to Mrs JEAKES' baby.
Not very well off - lodgings don't let well, Aug 1900
These the two probably who have come 1927 to ROGERS' house (It'll do) behind Arthur HEATHER.
Clara Dorcas HIGGINS applying 1928 for old age pension - Gladys signed it.

p.1118 STILLWELL [Jesse John] & wife [Jane Louise] & 2 children [at Hollywater, spelt STILWELL in 1901 census]
Come 1894 to PHILLIPS' rebuilt Fullers Bottom cottage East
He Conford bricklayer - she 6 yrs servant in Bramshott to Mrs EDWARDS p.1107 & now working there.

p.1118 HUNT Wm & wife - machinery man 1898 at Grayshott Laundry
- she (6.4.98) in family way - Cyril Gladstone b. 10 May 1898

p.1119 LAWRENCE Welcome & … (WHITE)
To be married Oct 1894 & live at Stone Hill.
She unmarried with 5 children*
He brother to p.597.
She sister to Mrs Henry COURTNAGE p.932.
One boy Thomas went 8.3.1907 in "Empress of Ireland" [to Canada]
In the Parish Houses is her mother Mrs Lucy WHITE, born Sept 11, 1818? (nearly blind) & her brother George William WHITE (p.1368), a pensioner (who gives father as Cornelius WHITE in 15.4.1899 Marr Reg).
- girl working at mill - Edith married 2.3.1901 Henry CRESSWELL p.1326
- at Alton, 16 or 17, born about 1877 - see p.180
- girl not all there - born 1879
- Tommy, to Canada 8.3.1907 - born 1884
- boy, born 1890
Pedigree p.2010.
Ellen WHITE married Sam SMALL p.1524
Emma WHITE living at "Mrs Edmund WOODTHORPE's" in Arford & engaged to a WARNER (p.350) & married at Alton Nov 1922 to Harry WARNER son of George p. 1327.

p.1120 AUSTWICK Miss Annie - born 28.1.1871
New teacher 1894 for infants - Entered in duties 15.10.1894 - certificated Dec 1893
Formerly TT [trainee teacher?] at Basingstoke Board School.
Returned Mich 1902 to Wishanger Farm (to be Mrs BARLOW) with her future husband; he a nephew to a Mr FAULKNER who has placed them in the farm & with Fred Wm & Eliz FAULKNER & child or children. See p.1116.

p.1120 NAISH Miss - about to have cottage built on Stone Hill (in 1897 or 1898).
Saw her March 1899; had invested all her savings & the tenants had knocked it about much.
She a cook-housekeeper.
"Allen" told her she would get good interest.

p.1120 PEARSON - New assistant (1910) at Wishanger to Mr FAULKNER.

p.1121 BERRY George (né 4.9.1841) & Ellen (née 1856) & children
Live at (late GR BRIDGER's - came Oct 1894) over the water at Headley Mill; now belonging to Mrs SMITHES.
Was widower with (6 or) 8 children - she has had 11 of which 3 have died - 3 come to school.
Came from Fernhurst & remember Mrs VINCENT.
She killed by bicycle in 1911. Daisy married 1921 to George LAWES.
Father to Arnold p.2036.
Appeal: George BERRY has suffered a very grievous loss, one of his cows having died last Tuesday evening. He and his wife are very industrious, sober people who have brought up a large family; and any contributions towards replacing the cow will be gratefully received. They can be sent to me, or given to the bearer. W.H. LAVERTY, June 30, 1900. Total of £10.5/- received.

p.1121 FAIRMINOR Albert John & Bertha Eva (PATRICK) - at Grayshott in Apr 1898
- perhaps the one in S. end of late Michael Moore (1900)
- child Daisy Eva bapt. April 1897
[Spelt FAIRMINER in 1901 census]

p.1122 WEST George & wife [Susan]
New shepherd come 1894 to Hearne - "come from Hammer" & son (see below)
He died 1912?

p.1122 WEST Robert G & Nellie (JEWELL)
Married at Newbury March 1913 - son of above.

p.1122 HOY [Benjamin Charles & wife Mary Ann] - new fishmonger 1898 at Grayshott
- Mrs HOY his mother lives 1898 at Barnett's, Headley grange [Emmeline J, moved to Grayshott by 1901 census?]

p.1123 HAYCOX Charles - lives 1893 over stables at Grayshott Hall
- in 1894 service voting list.

p.1123 NASH William - at Grayshott Apr 1898 (probably same as p.1229)

p.1124 KENT William (né circa 1842) & wife [Mary? - Ina in 1911 census]
Come 1894 to Moore House - engineer and drives the [stationary] engine
Parents to William p.1492

p.1124 HEATHER - smaller fishmonger (vice BROWN) - at Grayshott in Apr 1898

p.1125 KNIGHT Frank & wife & children
New Bailiff (1894) at Wishanger - came from Froyle - fond of engine driving
Drove the engine 9.4.1895 when KENT (p.1124) ill.

p.1125 READ Edgar John & Eliz - paisites, at Grayshott Jubilee Terr, Apr 1898

p.1126 COOPER George & wife [Elizabeth - 1891 census lodging at Wheatsheaf]
Came here some few years before 1894 as gardener at Oaks.
Now 1894 jobbing about. Live just under Barley Mow Quarry.

p.1126 EDWARDS Mrs - in Jubilee Terr, Grayshott Apr 1898
- now 1898 lodging at MADGWICK's

p.1127 WEBB George & wife [Martha Catherine] & 2 children - butler to Mrs John PARISH [Williamina], Beech Hill.
Lived for a year or two this side the Chestnuts - now (1894) gone to Beech Hill.
Girl (Dolly) [Emily Mary in census] had bad eyes.
Started boarding house at Sakubona, Headley Down. He died.
One Mr SETON lodger there a good deal; sent £2 Jan 1928, £1 for me, £1 for charities.
Mrs WEBB died Aug 23rd 1933 - Dolly died 1931? - son George married & lives at Hindhead.
[George was my father's great friend - Joyce Stevens]

Mrs WEBB's sister a QUINLIN [Rosetta Maria] cook to Mrs PARISH, Beech Hill - died at Beech Hill, Nov 28th 1934.

p.1127 "Lancelles & Tinkner" - have Apr 1898 bought Upex' Beer Business.

p.1128 LITTLE Mrs [Sarah E - 1891 census] - housekeeper (1894 & previously) at Grayshott Hall.

p.1128 SCOTT - in Stony Bottom Apr 1898, but he only took the house for INGHAM Miss.

p.1129 CORNISH George & [Bertha] (née LITTLE), dau. of p.1128
Set up shop at Grayshott in 1894 in Nos. 1&2 of Mrs Parker's row of 5 on N. Rd.
In 1898 her sister Miss [Margaret?] LITTLE set up with Miss NETTLETON in Mrs Parker's row of 6 on the S. Rd. as dressmakers.

p.1129 DULY - undergardener Grayshott Court 1898 - she nice, not very young.

p.1130 BANGS Alfred & Mrs Emma [he a widower Market Gardener in 1901 census]
Dressmaker (1894) at Grayshott, No. 5 (ie. west end) of Mrs Parker's five.
He a gardener, and they have shop No. 4

p.1130 WIFFEN G.F. & Kate Alice (née GOODWIN)
Lodging 1898 at Stokes, Grayshott
- he butler at Moorlands - child christened Feb 1898.

p.1131 COXHEAD Edward & wife [Alice May] (b. 1864) + 3 children
Plumber at Grayshott - formerly in Barratt's large house, now (end 1894) on S. side Huts Road.
Wife (1896) looks much younger than 32.

p.1131 GOFF Edmund - coachman at Grayshott Court.
Family 2nd at Sir AKM's
First baby Spring 1898 - Catherine May born L.D. 1898.

p.1132 MITCHELL Henry
Branch (butcher) from Haslemere on south side of Huts Road (1894)
New shop 1897-8.
She (1898) dying? of Breast Cancer.
Have sold Haslemere business.
One son Henry (age 20) in V.S. She is nice & looks about 30.
[Sillick: Henry Mitchell, son of Mark Mitchell of Holmwood, died June 1920 aged 63. Came to district in 1881 - set up as a butcher in Haslemere - moved to Grayshott in 1893.]

p.1132 EARL - holiday holder of Waggoners Wells Cottage
- he a master at Tunbridge School.

p.1133 PUTTICK Thomas & Son - painter at Grayshott 1894 on south side of Huts Road
Another 1900 in same block as Charles JOHNSON - this Frank Puttick
Frank's wife [Eliza] died end July 1928 at Beechanger Cottages age 67.

p.1133 ADCOCK or BUDD - in one of Barrett's houses Apr 1898 - rather a sjq [pig]

p.1134 COOPER - gardener to Miss CROUCHER, Grayshott
Lives 1894 on south side of Huts Road.

p.1134 LEVETT Loftus Albert & [Alice, née SMALL]
Ex gardener to Miss STODMAN - has part of one of Barrett's Cotts 1898
Alburey [Aubrey] born 31.7.1900
[This is The Ferns, where Flora Thompson lodged in Grayshott with Mr & Mrs "Parkhurst"]

p.1135 GLAYSHER Mrs [Mary Ann] (née MOORE-ROBINSON)
Dressmaker at Grayshott. Lives (1894) on S. side of Huts Road
dau. of John MOORE of Whitmore
Widow of William (son of Frank) who died 25.9.1890 - see p.287.

p.1135 BOWERS Frank & [Fanny in 1901 census, though he not there] (née HARRIS)
Come April 1898 to Barford
She dau of George HARRIS, niece to p.450 - 3 children (2 at school)
Her mother ETHERINGTON of Stream p.449.

p.1136 UPEX - taken 3 new (Oct 1894) shops at Grayshott on S. side of Haslemere Rd. Brother to William p.1022. Living 1894 in Broyd's house. [Note: in 1901 census as Outfitter & clothier - Jonathan and Mary B]

p.1136 MILTON Andrew Thomas & Nancy Elsie (STAPLES)
Manager of (late) UPEX Beer Business 1898 - just sold to Lascelles & Tinckner.
[Wife is Mary E in 1901 census]

p.1137 MOORE Mitchell - living 1894 in one of Barrett's houses at Grayshott, E from Hotel.

p.1137 WHITE Mrs - has taken (1898) Crisps Boarding House
Has bro: & nephew coming from Australia, not been successful in Australia.

p.1138 ENTICKNAP William & Mary (BLANCHARD)
Carpenter living (1894) at Grayshott on Huts Rd (S. side) above Barrett's entrance
- he formerly at Mrs LEUCHARS.

p.1139 PLIMPTON [PLYMPTON] Richard T. (not MD) - a (bachelor) eye doctor living at Grayshott and at 23 Lansdown Rd, Clapham Rd, SW
Living there during 1895, his sister Mrs SMITH (a widow) whose dau. Sylvia aged 2 or 3 died 24.2.1896 and was cremated.
Now (1896) moved to UPEX new house on other side of road.
[He died suddenly Dec 1899, age 45, while on duty at Middx Hospital
His sister, Mrs Plympton Smith living at Hurstmere, gave land for Village Hall in his memory – 'Grayshott' by JH Smith, p.121]

p.1140 SANDELL John - carrier (1894) at Grayshott, living in Dr PLIMPTON's lodge & looking after the house.

p.1140 JORDAN Mrs & daughter
New (1899?) laundry woman at Lindford. She has 3 children alive (one dead)
The 'baby' is a boy born about 1890 who has St Vitus Dance.

p.1141 JOHNSON - a coachman to RUSSELL living on S. side of Huts Rd beyond Barrett's entrance.

p.1141 MacGRATH Miss - lodging (1898) at HARDING's, Lindford.
Visiting Mrs ALLEN.
Susan Elizabeth MacGRATH, dau of Joseph MacGRATH of Ontario Terrace, Dublin.
Married 20.4.1899 to Mr SOUTHALL - p.1222.

p.1141 BRODIE Mrs - a patient of unsound mind at Mr ALLEN's, Standford Hill.

p.1142 PANNELL - has set up 1894 Branch Shoemaker's business at Grayshott
- 1st house on N. side, Haslemere Rd.
The agent is 1899 LONGHURST

p.1143 HANNANT - just come 1894 ?from Portsmouth - ?shy or ?uncommunicative
Benjamin son of Robert & Mary HANNANT bapt. 7 Apr 1901 [P Mag]

p.1143 MORLEY - living at Grayshott in 1898 behind Mrs PARKER's shop No. 6.

p.1144 HALE James & Mary (SIKLES?) - son of Sam p.33, living at Grayshott on Haslemere Rd (1894)
With new wife (née Mary AIKLEY) at Charles HARRIS in Whitmore Nov 1897.

p.1144 BOWLER … & wife (née HAMPSHIRE) & 5? Children
New groom (to Mr KNIGHT) at Stream (Apr 1896)
Came from beyond Guildford.
Boy Albert Francis 6.11.1890 at Land of Nod in 1903.
With them lives her mother Mrs HAMPSHIRE born about 1816 - she said 22.2.1811 when I asked in 1890.

p.1145 WELLS James Anderson, wife [Emily Louise] & 5 children
Gentleman living at Grayshott, last house S. side Haslemere Rd. Children go to Mr TURL's school. Lodged several summers at UPEX p.1022
From the diary of Winifred Storr: Wed. 22 Feb 1899: 'Jack went to Turles but came back again directly because it is there monthly Holiday. Gave Anderson Wells boy a lift in our cart.' - Fri 8 Dec 1899: Mrs Anderson Wells giving an at home. Exquisite theatricals, most awful fun. 6 Turlites there.

p.1145 HALE Daniel & wife [Flora M] - son of Sam p.33 - living at Grayshott in Apr 1898 in Jubilee Terrace - married (in London) to CRISP's parlour maid.

p.1146 LUFF … & wife
Come 1894 (hop-picking) to Lindford in house lately occupied by Mrs COLLYER.
From Whitehill - some relation to LEMON & to Colin KEMP & BELTON (Whitehill).
?Relation to HOARE - p.1091
"No work Feb 1894 to hop-picking" - we? must mean drink.

p.1146 ROWE - coachman 1898 to Dr Lyndon.

p.1147 TARRANT Mrs
New head of Lindford Laundry Oct 1894
For many years at some London laundry home; then tried a business & ?failed.
See p.1018 for assistant.

p.1147 HOWARD - living 1898 in Deas' Cottages in Stony Bottom:- "Deas' man"
Young - finds it (4.1898) very dull.

p.1148 BRACKNELL George & wife Eliza Hant?
At Headley Wood hatch in 1894.
She said to be short & surly - no children.

p.1148 STILLWELL - in DEAS' new (1898) cottages in Stoney Bottom. Several children. Banned from there in 1900 were: Frederick Meadon FROGLEY, bachelor & Sarah HARWOOD, spinster [married 9 Apr].

p.1149 COVER? Mrs - Langworthy
Newcomer to late TILBURY's on Barford High Road
Keeps with her gates locked - I could not get in 6.11.1894.
Says husband has gone with keeper for good of health & will be back in Spring of 1895.
Is in asylum (or at best deranged). Used to think this country as a jail.
Tilford she was born in; went to school with Misses CLAYTON, then at 14 went to China.
"Aunt to Lile Geneva p.578"

p.1150 MUNDAY Sidney (né 1837) & Mary Ann (née 1840) & son (John James, single)
Come Nov 1894 to BELTON's house at Bank.
Came to countersign paper for club (injury to eye, better) 4.1.1895
Sidney MUNDAY served with writ by Mr GAMBLEN (under direction from Mr MACINNES?, son of the Bishop, a solicitor at Petersfield) per rent etc.
Her brother's sister Mrs BEWERS [Ellen BOWERS in 1901 census] (blind) with Mrs LINGLEY - p.1185.
[1901 census - Fruiter manager in Grayshott]
MUNDAY applied Aug 1913 for OA Pension.

p.1151 LANGTRY Albert Sims & Anne Elizabeth & 2 children
New baker at Mr ROGERS, Xmas 1894.

p.1151 PHILLIPS? … & wife & son & dau
New keeper 1898 at Land of Nod.

p.1152 SUTTON John Henry & Mrs Amelia & 1 child
Came to Arford Cottage Jan 1895
Labouring people come into money.
1901 census - John H & Amelia; 1911 at Hawthorne Cottage

p.1152 WALTON Frederick of Lincrusta fame, 1/4 Holborn EC
New tenant (1898) of Belmont.
See Wikipedia entry

Building a new house (Jan 1895) Stone Hill.
Wife & child still in Winchester
He & 2 sons only here Jan 1895.

p.1153 DUFFET - Coachman (1898) at Belmont.

p.1154 DALGLEISH [Janet] Mrs - Cook/housekeeper 1895 at Headley Park.

p.1154 MUSGRAVE - come Apr 1898 to Mrs BUTLIN's Bank Cottages.
She confirmed the day she came 27.4.1898.

p.1154 MUSGRAVE - came? 1928 in (front) No.1 Tidbolds.

p.1155 GRIFFITHS George & Alice - new come (1894) to Pond House.

p.1155 WILSON - a new gipsy at Broxhead, Apr 1898.
Not always like this. Boy comes to school.

p.1156 DAWSON - Poultry breeder come Feb 1895 to Prospect Hill.

p.1156 HALL Dick & Clara Elizabeth (née 12.9.1852 TRIGGS)
Living 1898 in Fullers Bottom - sister to Mrs John VINEY - p.536
She baptised as "Kate Eliz."
See pedigree p.1231.

p.1157 WINCHESTER Edward Fernley* & Sarah Maria (née POOK)
*Entered in birth list No.Lxx as Furnley.
Come 1895 to James POOK's at Grayshott - she is sister to James POOK.
- Kate Rebecca bapt. 31/1/1892
- Walter 1893 elsewhere [see 1901 census]
- Maggie Jane bapt. 3/3/1895

p.1158 PARHAM Frederick Samuel & wife [Ellen Jane] & children
New gardener 1895 at Headley Hill
Recommended by Rev GHS ATTWOOD, rector of Bishopstone, Warminster
- in choir and a great help.
4 children born about 1888, 1889, 1891, 1894 - see below.

p.1158 BELL Fred & Charlotte (VINEY) & family
Living 1898 in Fullers Bottom - sister to John Henry VINEY p.536 - dau of p.442.

p.1158 PARHAM Percy Arthur & Mabel Emma Evelyn (EVANS)
Son of above - she dau of Roland EVENS of Mitcham
Married at Mitcham end of 1922 & lodging at Miss MADGWICK's on Stone Hill & afterwards at AYLWIN's
She clerk originally in Letts' Diaries in Strakers (I think)

p.1159 WITT Miss [Lydia] - new dressmaker (1898) at Grayshott.

p.1159 TRIGGS William (né 17 Jan 1846)
Widower keeping (1895) Fullers Bottom shop
Ex-sailor, died 27 Nov (Mar?) 1928 - living at Mrs J.H. VINEY's
See pedigree p.1231.

p.1160 OAKLEY Samuel - come (1895) to Grayshott - carpenter living in new house (1896) next to Blacksmith - she [Laura] very nice & pleasant to talk to.
- Laura Lavington OAKLEY, 21, m. 7.9.1897 to William Gibson LITTLE, 35, secretary.

p.1160 YOUNG Samuel & Annie (SHOTTER) + 2 children
At Grayshott 1897 - she is sister to Mrs FURNESS, bur. 1895 - see p.1074

p.1161 EVANS (Apr 1895) to Grayshott between COVER & ROBINSON.

p.1161 JOCELYN Miss - housekeeper Lindford 1898 - sister to Mrs BARNES p.626

p.1162 STOKES - new (1895) Grayshott grocers shop.

p.1162 CLEGHORN Mrs & Mrs SHEWAN? her mother & 5 children
At Lindford April 1898 - cousin to Henry GAUNTLETT.
He an engineer in Merchant Service and away. 3 children go to Miss LUSHINGTON's

p.1163 STOKES Rev - curate 1895 and for some years previous to Bramshott - & to 1898.

p.1163 BROMLEY Michael John & wife [June] & 2 dau & 2 sons
Owner of the Stone Hill Estate & building 1896 a largish house - Kenton House.
Worker(?) of Kenton Arms in London. [Retired Licensed Victualler in 1901 census]
His wife's mother Mrs RANDALL [Martha] staying there Nov 1896; not dressed enough to see me 7.11.1896 when asked
- living there now (1901) permanently. Born 6 March 1813.

p.1164 BARNES … & … (née WINCHESTER - see p.1165)
Come 1895 to Grayshott - she the deceased wife's sister.
- a child before "marriage" called WINCHESTER
- the child b. 1896 registered as BARNES.

p.1164 STANBRIDGE … & family
New workman 1899 for VINEY - living at BELL's cottage.
- has been better off, gilder's shop.
3 sons born 1883 & earlier - 3 daughters born 1885? & later (2 eldest had diphtheria).
Would like to make foreman etc.

p.1165 WINCHESTER [William] - come 1895 to Grayshott
- another (1900) in same block as Wm JOHNSON - this is Wm WINCHESTER.

p.1165 WARR Mrs Fannie - has 1898 three of Mrs PARKER'S shops in Grayshott.
Letter forwarded to me by Rev C. H. KEABLE of Wrecclesham (June 1898) from her asking him to buy needlework. "A little longer and then what I have been struggling for all these years will be accomplished (the bringing up of my large family by needlework, etc). I often look back and wonder I have got thus far without income, health, husband or anything that other people have to fall back on; and do feel I have 'stuck' to them through great difficulties." She doesn't ask for money, but to buy.
I was told in 1924 that her start was that she was housekeeper for Mr ALLSOPP who built Allsopp's Cottages (Beech Hill Road), - and that when he was killed on the railway he left his money to her.
Fannie WARR was no doubt the "Madam Lillywhite, Milliner and Costumier, Baby Linen and Real Lace, Lending Library (frequent boxes from Mudie's), Stationery and Artists' Materials" mentioned by Flora Thompson in 'Heatherley'.
She died 2 Mar 1915 & was buried 5/3/1915 at Grayshott - also on the gravestone are 7 children: eldest daughter Bertha d. 6 Nov 1946; baby John d. 21 May 1951; son Cetawayo d. 15 Nov 1984 aged 101(!!) & his wife Millie 5 Oct 1984 age 94
Cutting: Times, May 1946: Major P.E. WARR DSO MBE of the Parachute Regt. and Miss M.E. GYSIN engaged - he is the elder son of Mr & Mrs W.A. WARR of Hindhead.

p.1166 KENWARD Edgar Chas & [Ann]
Come 1895 to Grayshott next PO - gone away again by June 1895 and YOUNG from Hammer come
[but KENWARD back again in 1901 census, at Fir Croft, occupation Gardener]
Perhaps = KENWORTH p.1221 (says Laverty)
Child Edgar Ger. Valentine KENWARD b. 14/2/95 & not christened.

p.1166 SAWKINS Alfred George & Emily Hilda (BROWN then HURLOCK p.1406)
Emily married William J HURLOCK 23.1.1915,
then married Albert G SAWKINS 24.3.1921, with child coming soonish.
One child before 1st marriage (Ethel Victoria BROWN, m. soldier named Robert)
- she had another in marriage, another after HORLOCK killed.
One of the 2 children in 1921 with an aunt Mrs F DACE, 3 Harding Cottages, Eton Wick, Windsor.
Lived in Wheatsheaf Cottage till 1928 working for Curtis Farm, then (working for McANDREW) went to Lindford Lane.
[She was at school with me - Joyce Stevens]

p.1167 DEAS [Frederick]
Building (1895) grocers shop at Grayshott opposite, higher up than Walter CHAPMAN.
Married summer 1897 to sister of Mrs Chapman - she v. young-looking when called 4.1898.
[Frederick DEAS m. Florence May REVELLE at Petersfield in Jul/Aug/Sep quarter 1897-St. Caths index; but not in St Peter's marriage register]
Marriage certificate from Petersfield: 21 July 1897, Frederick DEAS 25 bachelor, grocer, Headley (father William George DEAS, grocer) and Florence May REVELLE, 21, spinster of Liss (father Henry Kirk REVELLE, contractor) - witnesses Walter Gillman CHAPMAN and Emily Revelle CHAPMAN. In 1901 census Florence's birthplace is Bristol.

p.1167 BROWN Thomas & wife Emily Hilda?, see p.1166 (BIRMINGHAM) & 8 children
Come 1898 to Baigeants - she delicate-looking - she's said to be rather gmjhiuz (flighty).
One (dau) of 21 (parlourmaid), one younger, one boy just working; 5 small.
[Thomas BROWN married to a Matilda in 1901 census]
One daughter Annie Jane BROWN had child 12.12.1900 named Edwin Arthur Charles & a second Lily Violet née Nov 1905.
Another Edith Annie BIRMINGHAM married 1905 at Kingsley to a Bedford Regt. Alfred PIGGOTT.
Harriett Clara married George GROVER - p.1592.
One son is James Frederick - Territorial 6/2 Hants;
- another is George Thomas & né 24.4.1896 - see p.1889;
- another Wr Wm Geo, married Daisy COURTNAGE.

p.1168 DOWNER … & … (née MELLS) + 2 children (1892 boy; 189?)
New coachman 1895 at Grayshott
- she petite, niece to mineral water MELLS at Liss.

p.1169 PERRETT Serg James & wife [Kesia]
A "sergeant" (17/6 a week) of Marines - come to Ironmongers' (1895 L.D.)
She dead 1907 - he remarried Mrs Mary Ellen WARNER?
Was on same ship once as my father, John Nicholas LAVERTY N.I.

P.1169 CHIVERTON - come 1898 to Trottsford on Common.
Brother to Picketts Hill.

p.1170 GOODWYN … & wife & 1 boy
Come to Barford Upper Mill (April 1895) - strong London accent - a Pensioner.
Formerly at Frensham then at Mr Allan CHANDLER's Swiss Cottage in Whitmore.
Lost only girl (aged 16 mths?) in Mar 1895 - still sorrowful 24.4.1895 when called.
A new baby girl born 24.11.1896 to replace.

p.1170 WALLS William, bapt. 25/12/1829
Lodger 1898 (& 4 years previously) at Whitmore with TITFORDs - blacksmith.
Attended Headley school (from workhouse) - ran away from workhouse; afterwards saved money and apprenticed himself to a blacksmith (inf: Mrs TITFORD, Mar 1898)

p.1171 DOPSON Newman Abraham (né 1841) & daughter (see * below).
Come 1895 to cottage near Barford stream - come from 'Pride of Valley'
Lately lost wife (this in April 1895)
Probably some relation to p.551. Brother to Arthur p.436.
Fond of old dog as found on Mrs D's body.
* Dau became Mrs BOYCE end of 1910; & he gone to look after imbecile nephew (born 1893) whose father died in 1910.
Newman's father William was small farmer who left his sons money; but Newman lost or spent his.p.1418
[Living with son George at Barford in 1901 census]
Note on bottom of previous page: Newman Abraham DOPSON still alive May 1926 - very ill - then aged 85. Wife was buried in Churt.

p.1171 BOYCE William George & *Alice Elizabeth (DOPSON)
Married 26.12.1910 - child Isabel bapt. Churt 6.7.1912.

p.1171 ALDERTON Albert George & Emily Honor (née HARDING 25.1.1872)
Come 1898 to keep house for old HARDING in Whitmore. Also entered p.496.
He son of Henry (p.1020); she dau of Susannah (p.497).
Both he and she died of 'flu' in Feb 1919.
Children: Archibald Albert George, 18.2.1897; Ernest Cecil, 12.2.1899; Miriam Emmeline, 27/10/1902; a girl.
The eldest boy lives 1920 at CRAWT-Brothers old cottage with Ethel Lilian BAGNELL & had a child Lilian Vera BAGNELL née 31.5.1920.
[I believe Albert & Emily ALDERTON were the 'brother and sister' on whom Flora Thompson based her 'Pikesleys' in Heatherley - JOS]
Notes from Mike Russell, Jan 2005:—
"I have birth cert. for Miriam ALDERTON born Barley Mow Hill 27 Oct, died 26/12/1993 and she was indeed baptised 1903 in Grayshott as you suspect. She worked and lived in at the Grand Hotel Folkestone Kent, married Ernest Waller b. Shoreham in Folkestone 1921, had 2 daughters."
"I have pictures of Emily H. and Geo. ALDERTON (in uniform, may be a mock up for picture)"

p.1172 WARD James George - born 31.10.1860
Appointed 8.4.1893 Master at Grayshott School
Formerly T.T at Wandsworth, & married 1894 a Wandsworth mistress.

p.1172 HUBBUCK Edw [Edward Frinneby - Elect. Reg. 1900] né at Lewisham & wife Harriette Edith (JARDINE) née 5 Nov 1867 at Percy St, London; died 24 Feb 1934 - sister to Emily Maude (see p.1173).
About to build (end 1898) next Mrs CALVERT's on Headley Hill [Pinehurst, became Benifold later] see p.1186.
He died [August 20 1901, see impressive monument in All Saints' churchyard].
Governess 1909 is Miss Cath. MATTHEWS (musical)
3 sons (doing their little bit in the war in 1915) & 1 daughter; & I signed for her to have a passport (to go to war if necessary) 20.9.1915
Her mother Harriette Julia JARDINE died 18.8.1916 at Bognor & was buried there.
The son is tutor in a Bognor establishment. Her sister Sylvia is opposite (p.1173)
He has also bought HARDING's cottage behind ROGERS' shop.
The holiday tutor is Mr SALTER.
[No mention of Geoffrey? - Joyce Stevens]

p.1173 HUBBUCK Sylvia - helps much in choir 1927 & previously. Her monomark is BM/DSKM.

p.1173 HUBBUCK Roderick Jardine - m. 14.9.1928 to Kathleen Mary Cecilia BUTLER.

P.1173 STROTHER Emily Maude - sister to Mrs HUBBUCK (opposite, p.1172) living 1922 at Westfield, Killinghall, Harrogate.

p.1173 FARJEANT - 4 brothers & 2 sisters - building (April 1895) house on Stone Hill, west of BUCKINGHAM's. From Haslemere.

p.1173 HALL … & wife - Just come (end 1898) to HARDING's at Lindford.
Landscape gardener & Lodgings - Nice I think.
Had lost magpie day I called 9.11.1898.

p.1174 BURT … & wife & 6 children
Come Mich 1895 to Headley Wood Hatch
Slatternly (small) rather when called 27.4.1895.
[BURT Edward & Emily & 7 children at Grayshott in 1901 census]

p.1174 FOGDEN W.J. of Haslemere - purchaser (1898) of Nore View - a general draper & outfitter.

p.1175 BOXALL Henry Samuel & Minnie Rose - come 1895 behind UPEX confectioners shop - now over to other side - a gardener.
- child Violet Minnie christened 1.9.1895

p.1175 TAYLOR Abraham & wife - he died July 1895, buried here.

p.1176 HANCOCK Charles & Mrs
Buyer of house occupied by Miss LOVELL & in 1895 by Miss MOIR.
Bought 1895 an adjacent piece of land 20ft x 200ft for £55, or about £600 an acre [noted as very large].
Buyer also of house beyond Miss LOVELL'S
A barrister, town house 125 Queens Gate (Rt in 1906).
House (new) is called 'Firlands Cottage' - see also p.1276?
Only one son (at Merton in 1906)
His one dau Gladys betrothed (Times 9.10.1906) to Alfred, son of Prof FS BEESLEY.

p.1177 BROWN Arthur Edward & wife & children
Come 1895 from London to last house on S. side of Huts Rd, Grayshott
Dirty & untidy rather.

p.1177 SOLE … & daughter - Living 1898 at Deadwater Row
She has lmfqupnbojb (kleptomania)
Went to Mrs J BUSHEY, then to KNIGHTS (Wishanger) - now Nov 1898 at Crown.

p.1178 STEPHEN Rev & Mrs - she sister of Mrs ROGERSON's husband
- came 1895, curate to Grayshott - lodging May 1895 at Mrs GLAYSHER
- I left a card (they out) 7.5.1895

Come Nov 1898 to Billy's Lookout
Irish with Irish servants.
[At Wishanger Lodge in 1901 census?]
3 sons - twins Richard & Lee - younger boy Roger died in France
- Richard Cressy né 28.3.1887 at Norton Manor, Presteyne - educated at Wellington. Trying for 5th Middlesex? in 1906.
- Lee né 28.3.1887
- Roger - died in France
Cutting: BINGHAM-NEWLAND - On Feb 23, 1959, in hospital, Arthur Lee BINGHAM-NEWLAND of the Manor Hotel, Hindhead. Funeral private.

p.1179 BROOKES Charles & wife
Caretaker 1895 to Mr DAVIS p.974
Good talker & pleasant.

p.1179 BACKHURST John & wife [Elizabeth] & son CARPENTER
Came 1896 to Barford
- she a widow of CARPENTER of Simmonstones with 5 children (all 1896 grown-up)
- no children by this husband
Called by neighbour Bakus or Baycus
CARPENTER was, I think, brother to p.533.
dau Alice CARPENTER married 1899 Sweet Walter (p.550?) & died (heart) 26.7.1901.

p.1180 COLE & STACEY
3 vans on Broxhead early 1895
1. To south: Is STACEY (née RAWLINGS) & Nathaniel
Had up for stealing money from William HARRIS, Hearne.
2. Middle: Is young COLE
The older Mrs COLE was probably RAWLINGS having run away from a publican of that name. His son COLE married her daughter Freedom RAWLINGS. His dau COLE married her son Moses RAWLINGS.
Nat STACEY married a sister's dau of Mrs RAWLINGS (a COLE) and had some nice furniture when he came here.
3. North: Is older COLE, who is brother to Mr J BUTTON - p.508
dau Olive COLE was confirmed 18.5.1895
4. In Jan 1896 is a very small hut with a STACEY - brother to Nathaniel.

p.1181 WYNNE Richard & sister
Purchaser (1895) of Bayfield Farm House & some 30 acres
Wrote Mat 1895 from old house, Lingfield.
Their servant in 1898 & a long while Florence SMART - see p.1952.

p.1181 STACEY Harry & wife & 1 child
Under shepherd Nov 1898 at Barford.
She deaf.
Came in 21.11.1898. I called next day.
Only chance that on same opening [I suppose he means page in his book] as (arrow pointing across to STACEY on p.1180)

p.1182 JUDKINS John Lucas & Mrs [Isabella] - born 15.3.1831, marr 6 Jan 1858
& RAMSAY Mrs [Isabel C] & children.
Old people & married (widowed) dau.
Come June 1895 in house next to FRASER's (Hurst Cottage). Would sing tenor in choir.
Well recommended by Mr GM RAE, vicar of (Emmanuel Vicarage) West Dulwich, SE - see Letter included after p.1183.
Son in 1902 became collector of taxes,
She died Dec 1911.

p.1182 BARR Muriel - daughter of another widowed dau is with them (JUDKINS) in 1897-1898.
She died Feb 1906 (age 20)
Her sister died in Scotland 25.1.1924 having been in Russia
Another who paid Mrs JUDKINS visit is Edith Mabel BARR? to whom I gave a hymn book (often in choir) in Aug 1927.

p.1183 HAWES Mr - Came 1895 to the Nook from Southsea.

p.1183 RAMPTON Nelson & wife née NEWELL
New (1898) shepherd at Rock Barn.
He (reservist) went to Africa in 1899. Came home, time expired, March 1902.

p.1183 NEWELL … & … née PRIOR & children
Parents to the above. Come Mich 1902 to Rock Barn.
A quite small child (I think 2 children)
At Trottsford in 1904 with her mother (born 21 Nov 1824 Mrs PRIOR - she told me in 1907)

p.1184 FROST C [Samuel on 1901 census] & wife [Alice] - young people come June 1895 Grayshott - hairdresser & tobacconist.

p.1184 LOWE - come 1896 to this side STOKES' at Grayshott.

p.1185 LINGLEY Thomas & Emma
Newcomers 1895 to Alexandra Cottage, Deadwater Hill
Relation or friend of MUNDAY (p.1150)
Has been a "contractor" & greengrocer near London, but rheumatics drove her away; & Xmas 1895 she is better.
Her sister Mrs [Ellen] BOWERS (blind) lives with her; Mr BOWERS was brother to Mrs MUNDAY - this the connection.
She born 1826 in Bromley - blind since 1883 - dau of "labourer" - widow (in 1876) of Brewers' labourer - no income or children. Applied 1896 to Rev William HETHERINGTON's charity to aged Blind, Christ's Hospital - but must 1. reside 3 years in parish, 2. not be labourer.
[Herbert Fry's Royal Guide to the London Charities 1917 - Hetherington's and other Charities for the Aged; 1774; Christ's Hospital, 26 & 27, Great Tower Street; To provide pensions of £10 each to men and women, natives and residents of England, above 55 years old, and above the journeyman class, who have been totally blind for one year, have never had parish relief, and whose income does not exceed £20]

p.1186 TRIM … & … & family
Came summer 1895 to Royal Exchange
Late cowman at Miss LUSHINGTON's - daughter Florence godmother Sept 1895.

p.1186 BUTLER Miss [Mollie] - come 1898 to Croft Cottage
Friend of Mr HUBBUCK (p.1172)
Married in 1902 to Colville EYRE-CRABBE of a Highland regiment.

p.1187 SEARLE … & … & family
Newcomers (Mich 1895) to Nore View - went away Mich 1898.

p.1187 SEELIE William Robert & wife [Jessie] & …
Building 1899 an iron bungalow on Deadwater Hill.
Private address: 17 Gate Rd, Brondesbury, NW
Business address: 3 New London St, Mark Lane.

Cutting: 2 loves too much - Alleged excuse of wife on murder charge - "This 19-year-old girl came to the conclusion that she had such a love for her husband and such a love for her baby that she could not carry on with those two loves together" Ethel Victoria ROBERTS charged in Newport Monmouthshire with murdering her 3-weeks-old boy. [Undated]

No further pages in Book 8.


Transcription of Book 8 completed by Jo Smith

Book 9

p.1202 GAUNTLETT Mr … & Mrs …
& WINCKWORTH Mrs (sister to Mrs GAUNTLETT)
Came autumn 1895 to Kirklands.
Mrs WINCKWORTH said at P.O. "Rector has not called - there is ten shillings for him when he does; (this on 5th)"
Called 23.10.1895 on return from Littlehampton. Mr G & Mrs W pleasant and at tea.
Presently in stormed Mrs G: "Why did you let him in; go out again; Here have I been weeks without your coming; I was never so insulted."
The sister carried her off; & the old man apologised & I came away.

p.1203 ROGERS John Warrington
Mrs & two daughters (1 lame)
Sub-renters of the Nook for winter 1895-1896
A married sister (Mrs BEREFORD) was at Littlehampton same time as we (Oct 1895).
He in 1872 Oxford University List as Hon. MA of Magadalen Hall and Solicitor General of Van Diemen's Land.
November (1895) QC and retired judge.

p.1203 DUDMAN Abraham & Mrs Jane & Esther MORLEY
Newcomers to Hendon Road (Oct 1898) - Petar's allotments.
She called "niece"
Have been small farmers I think.

p.1204 BAKER H & wife
Newcomers (wheelwrights etc) to Standford
Michelmas 1895 in late Falkners house.
- Walter born 7.9.1888
- Herbert born 14.8.1883.

p.1204 BAKER Harry
?Son of the Simmonstone farmer Q78
?Road surveyor, Frensham
In 1920 address Red Cottage, Frensham.

p.1205 BALL … & wife & …
New labourer (Michaelmas 1895) at Standford
Has taken Henry CURTIS' House.

p.1205 WILLIS George & wife Lydia
New shopkeeper at Lindford.
Have been publicans. mfu jo? (let in?)
Servant George KNIGHT's eldest daughter neé MESSINGHAM.

p.1206 ALLCOCK Robert, né 14.1.1841 & Ellen*, née July 1838 (in Ireland according to 1901 census)
Pensioner came 1895 to High Cottage at Hollywater (Has it all)
Afterwards at cottage south west of Royal Oak.
In 1914 has 1/- a day army pension Rifle Brigade (has Atlantic Medal) & ?10/- a week for the two - OAP.
Joined Rifle Brigade soon after Indian mutiny and left unfortunately after serving 17 or 18 years.
*Took one of my distributing papers - "Anything about bishops?" says she; "No" says I; "Bishops, Dukes & Brewers, a bad lot" says she.
She died 1924 & 20.10.1924 he remarried Lucy Harriet KING, a good deal younger (from Alton)
Was living at 33 Butts Road, Alton.
She had an illegitimate son in 1895, William Gathorne KING
doing well in Canada in 1924, married with two children.
She gone 1927 to live with a sister Mrs R??? WOODMORE, Catherine Terrace, Sunny Hill, Newport IoW.

p.1206 CAMBELL Miss and 2 Misses HIDE
1898 at home lately occupied by Mr JEAKES at Grayshott.

p.1206 STEEL Albert James né 1903 and Edith Mary (neé LAKE 1888)
Son of p.1207. A bricklayer's labourer
[Married here Feb 1927]
Brother to p.808
- Phyllis Dorothy Mary baptised 6.4.1928 in Churt pm (parish magazine?) .

p.1207 STEELE George & wife Alice née POOK & 2 children
Newcomers 1895 to Lindford
He works at Grayshott and allows her 5/- a week.
Came for some help December 1895.
She daughter of James POOK of Grayshott and they now 1917 come to "Louis Phillip's" Barford.
Same as below.

p. 1207 STEEL George & Alice neé POOK
Middle aged come 1917 to "Louis Phillip's" Barford (Waterside Cottage)
Had two children buried at Grayshott, one burnt (Edith May bur 27 Mar 1899 age 5, accidentally burnt in mother's shawl; Frances Matilda bur 3 Nov 1900 age 13 months, convulsions)
Same as above.
Parents to p.818 and p.1206.

p. 1207 HALSTEAD George & wife Kate & family
New plumber (1898) at Grayshott.

p.1208 BALCOMBE … & wife and family
Live at Dr ANDERSON's late house
Came end 1895 from near Bramshott Church
Musical and good church people
A sign writer? and some of them once at the post office, Liphook.

p.1208 FRY Joseph & wife Lucy
The owner of a house at Grayshott or perhaps "Mrs FRY" is owner,
and now (1898) living in it.

p.1209 CHAMPION … & wife & 1 boy (?aged 3)
Came Michaelmas 1895 to Deadwater Hill.
A dealer; and maybe leaving again Dec 1895.
She a Londoner, and finds Headley dull.

p.1209 CLARKE George John & Frances & family
A London Board Schoolmaster
Now (1898) living at Selborne View, Grayshott.
Buried (1898) one of his sons here - Arthur John, bur 10.8.1898 aged 23, internal abscess, plot 16-33, stone No.291.

p.1210 BARLEYCORN Mrs & daughter
Laundress end 1895 at Oaks.

p.1210 KEMP William & Mrs
do: (=laundress at Oaks?) April 1896
She laundress; he "old and little good"
Gone 1897 to WATTS' at Stone Hill.

p.1211 SMITH Andrew & wife & …
Gipsies; stickmakers
Living Christmas 1895 on Edward COOMBES' land, Barley Mow.
Changed post office order for £5 odd received for sticks.

p.1211 BARNES
Newspaper man living 1898 at the back of Mrs PARKER's run of 6 on the South Road at Grayshott.

p.1212 SANKEY Major & wife
* LAURIE Mr & Mrs
Landlord and manager of Pond House for the last 5 months of 1895.
He 8 only home in Dec 1895; she esjolt (drinks).
Mrs H (of S) doesn't think it can pay.
She lost licence in 1896 and died.
Her niece was engaged to the GIPPARD who fell under train at Doncaster in 1896.
One Hilda LAWRENCE at Mrs George KNIGHT's 1916, p.… (arrow pointing to right)
* The five children under name LAWRENCE (see p.1213 below) at Miss PATEY's house in August 1896 and one godmother to Mrs R Ross ROGERS' baby.
Eldest 18, (An older one at Pond Inn).
This house kept early 1897 by Mrs WATSON.

p.1213 LAWRENCE … W & … & …
Live 1913 (and before) at Greencroft Lindford
Boy confirmed 1911
His sister Miss LAWRENCE wrote 1913 end from 57 Humbert Road, East Putney, SW saying she had written and didn't have a reply.

p.1213 BONE Edith
Servants at Beech Hill
Had H.C. cards Christmas 1895
The latter pale faced & WEBB's niece.

p.1213 JONES Tom
Come (1898) to the North cottage of the 6 which form Jubilee Terrace, Grayshott.

p.1214 KNOWLES Yalden & Mrs (née Ada BAKER)
Live at Thursley
Purchasers 1894 of Bayfields and Oaks.
Bayfield House and 30 acres sold 1895 to p.1181 (Richard WYNNE).

Living (1898) at North cottage but one of Jubilee Terrace, Grayshott.
"Son of the Churt policeman".

p.1215 KNOWLES Walter & wife
Come in 1895 to Prospect Hill.
No connection with page opposite (p.1214).
Came as sub-tenants of DAWSON p.1156.
Formerly master of Uxbridge Grammar School
"Has paid Dawson a high price".
They went Christmas 1896 and house taken by:-
p.1215 BRIDLE
At Prospect Hill for a while.

p.1215 Slips of paper saying: 'Heath House' and '1202 to 1387'.

p.1216 FAIRMINOR … & wife (neé KNELLER)
New late winter 1895 at Eveley.
She first cousin to Mrs GILES p.1116
Came from Selborne, not long married.
With the lives "Mr KNELLER", her father labouring on the Estate.

p.1217 MOSELEY Lewis? & wife Jane?
New coachman January 1896 at Eveley
Bitten early January 1896 in head by horse.

p.1217 JUDD William Henry & Harriet Matilda
"STOKES' Baker" living 1898 at South end of Deadman's Cottages on the Whitmore Valley Hill.
Married 4/6/1900 to Harriet Matilda GILES, Grayshott - [P Mag].
Daughter Florence aged 5 in 1901 census - born in Melbourne, Australia

p.1218 GROVER Charles* né 19.3.1846, bapt 12.4.1846, d. 21.1.1921 & wife Martha née VOAKES 22.4.1845, d. 22.2.1925
Live at 4 Chimney House, Stream.
Children all grown up, youngest married.
Used to take many Φ prizes
Married Binsted girl Martha VOAKES.
Married September 1865 (therefore golden wedding 1915)
Brother to John (p.428) and Mrs WEEKES (p.514) and Mrs Arthur HEATHER (p.559)
Daughter Ann VOKES married 1906.
*issued certif. for (supposed) O.A.P. April 1914
Charles GROVERwent dottier and dottier, and at last just before Christmas 1920 was removed to Farnham Asylum where he died suddenly 21.1.1921.

p.1218 PARKER Henry? & Mrs Annie?
Autumn 1898 at Broxhead Lodge
She (born in the 1850s?) formerly servant at the Warren.

p.1219 GLAYSHER William & Beatrice (DOPSON) & 2 children (*see below)
Live at 3 Chimney House, Stream, Standford.
Lived for a while in Headley, then went into Frensham near Henry FULLICK's
Has two children only left
She a good talker.
He son of George & Jemima
He died January 4, 1928.

p.1219 *GLAYSHER Albert George & Sarah Rose (HARRIS)
Son of above, married 22.1.1920
Come from Grayshott to Barford 1922.

p.1219 HALLEN Stanley B & *Delia B (GLAYSHER)
A daughter married 1922 and living at Stream.
He son of Plaster Hill.

p.1219 SEWARD
Police (1898) at Grayshott
Lodging at "Jim MOORE's".

p.1220 BRAMLEY MORE Rev & family
Live at Lindford (1895)
He now an Irvingite
Miss Edith BRAMLEY MORE acted for me.
House looked after by Miss CUTLER.

p.1221 JEAKES Rev James Malcolm & wife Agnes Burdon & baby Maurice M
New curate, end 1895, at Grayshott
Both tall & sensible-looking
Left 1907 & succeeded by Mr A E N SIMMS.

At Grayshott Dec 1898, last house on North road
Perhaps same as KENWARD p.1166
Now in houses of CLARKE's, Grayshott.

p.1222 YEOMANS … & wife
New publican beginning 1896 at Royal Exchange, Lindford.
Complains, like the rest, of the rough set.

p.1222 SOUTHALL William & 2 daughters
Widower come Christmas 1898 to Standford Hill.
Goes to the Iron Room.
His father? knew Mr ALLEN's father?
'Scripture-talking' man, with kfxjti optf (Jewish nose)
Many years in South Africa.
On April 20, 1899 married Susan Elizabeth MacGRATH (see p.1141) at Standford Hill Chapel.

p.1222 Press Cutting: SOUTHALL-MacGRATH - On the 20th Inst by licence at Standford Headley Hants, William SOUTHALL of Moorside, Standford, Headley Hants, to Susan Elizabeth youngest daughter of the late Joseph MacGRATH, of Ontario, formerly Dublin.

p.1223 HUTCHINGS … & wife & child
New shepherd Mich. 1895 at Rock Barn.
Child born in 1894 (I christened I think)
Came from Dummer near Basingstoke.

p.1223 HOUNSOME Frank Mells, born 10.4.1869, & Edith Amelia (BARNES) 18.3.1871, & 4 children.
He is the new Under Bailiff (Dec 1892) to A I WHITAKER.
Lives at Hearne Farm
Cousin to William TRIBE p.1641.
The Wishanger HOUNSOME going March 1928 to Woodlands in Bramshott.
Children - all small, 3 girls, youngster a boy:
- 1892 Edith Amelia
- 1894 Mabel Harriet
- 1896 Dorothy Blanche
- 1898 Frank Mells
- 1900 Gladys Muriel.

p.1224 BRIDGER William J and Kate Ethel
Brother and sister now "foremen" to Mr J BARRETT
Came in November 1895.
Children of p.475.

Assistant at CURTIS in 1898.

Come 1913 to Stonehill
He and his wife and his mother and brother.
She daughter to p.1225.
Come to H.C. 15.6.1913
In 1923 he bought Swinstead and put in a relation (p.1291) as harness maker and boot repairer and Mrs MASSEY went (p.__) to Stapdene Cottage.
Come 1925 to Walcot.

p.1225 SCHOFIELD or SCOFFIELD Mrs … & his sister
Building Xmas 1895 a new house ('Walnut' in 1911 census) on the Grayshott road above VINEY's
Mother and aunt to a London linen draper, one of them in not good health.
Mrs SCHOFIELD born 14.3.1826, doesn't look it.
The sister some 8 years older.
See (arrow to p.1224 above).
Died Sept 20th 1932.
Her son-in-law Charles Harrison VENNING* is to build a good house on the Grayshott Road and at times occupies Mr BELL's bungalow.
Miss VENNING now 1904 occupies this & her grandfather born August 13th 1825 comes there.
*Secretary I think to Local Gov Mutual Guarantee Society "Lambert House", 10 Ludgate Hill, and living 1918 at 51 Castleton Mansion, Barnes, SW13. See also p.1227.
Written on p.1227:
Some children Mr VENNING p.1225:
- Lilian Catherine née 1894 - Mrs PARKINSON in 1917.
- Hatty - Mrs Richard BEARD in 1913.
Mrs VENNING's brother married a Miss or Mrs CLOSE, B's (Mrs Laverty's) milliner at Twickenham. She came here and recognised B. She died at end of 1926.

p.1226 ARCHER … & wife & family
New master (Jan 1896) at Churt School.
This is 2nd wife (she teacher in Aft early)
Some children by first wife.
With them lodges (cf p.1362) one of the assistants Miss READING "from near Farnham".

p.1226 HURLEY F & Mrs (no children)
Came as master of Churt in May 1900.

p.1227 HOWARD George
Lodging January 1896 at Stephen GATES, Fullers Bottom.
Helped with Captain WHITAKER Jan 1896.

p.1227 HEADERLEY/HEDDERLEY John Purver & wife Eliza Jane
On north road at Grayshott, near Boundary Road
She buried here 16/9/1904 aged 53 - liver, plot N16
He died at Grayshott 11/12/1907 aged 51 and ?buried Grayshott.

p.1228 HARPER Mrs & daughter
Coming to new house built Jan 1896 by Mrs VERTUE.
Formerly at the cottage in School Lane, Bramshott.
RC, a widow, one daughter married.

p.1228 BARKER Benjamin? & … (née HALE)
She daughter of Daniel HALE, living on N. Road, Grayshott, not far from Boundary Rd (1899).

p.1229 PRESCOTT William and Tiny (KEMP)
To live at Mrs SUTTON's, Hollywater
when arrived in Spring 1896
She sister to Colin p.815
He coachman and gardener to Miss HOWICK.

p.1229 NASH William & Fanny
Live 1899 at the Larches (late UPEX), Grayshott.
Possibly same as p.1123.

p.1230 & p.1231 Pedigree of TRIGGS
Parents of Matthew TRIGGS were William and Hannah CARPENTER and not Hannah TUCKEY (which WHL does query). William was baptised in Stedham and Hannah CARPENTER in Chithurst; they married in Chithurst. [Note from Ann VINEY]

p.1232 ROKE William John & 2nd wife, Sarah NORMAN & children*
Came 1896 to [crossed out=>Moore House] Stream Cottage from Guildford
He son of old ROOKE p.348 (with new spelling). She tall.
Brother to Mrs George MARSHALL (p.438 & p.1241) afterwards ALBURY
She wrote 1923 from Normanhurst, Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford for his O.A P. Certificate.
*4 at school March 1896 (1st wife's)
Children of this marriage
- 1896 May Ethel, baptised 3/1/1897
- 1904 Son
- 1913
These all the children of 2nd wife as she wrote me in 1913.

p.1233 BLAXILL Amy, born 5/9/1865
Appointed teacher 16/5/1893 and served till 31/7/1899
In main school, and leaving.
Married (as his 2nd wife) Mr C H BECK p.977 and came back as head of Infants Department 23/3/1903 and still serving summer 1923 when Mr BECK retires.
Operation in 1909 for large fibroid tumour of the uterus.
Uncertificated to 31.7.1897, afterwards certificated.

p.1233 STEVENS
In one of Barrett's Cottages, Feb 1899.

p.1234 SKINNER … & wife and 2 children
New gardener to Mr WHITE (Wishanger),
Come early 1896 from Stroud
2 children of about 4 and 2 in 1896.

p.1234 JOHNSON William & wife (Caroline, in 1901 census? - he a painter)
Young people in one of Barrett's Cottages at Grayshott Feb 1899
Possibly brother to p.1235 (?same as below)

p.1234 JOHNSON William & Florence
Barber 1908 & for some years at Grayshott
Beech Hill, Headley in 1911 census
- child died and buried here; and next baptised here 13/2/1908.

p.1235 JOHNSON Charles T & Mary A
In one of Barrett's Cottages, Grayshott, 1899.

p.1235 MAYNARD Leonard Stanley (consulting electrician) & wife Alice and one baby Arthur.
Come 1896 to "Robert BURROWS" Parish House Bottom.
Son of owner (see below), ie buyer from "Robert BURROWS".
She born in Jersey and goes over sometimes.

p.1235 MAYNARD ?Henry George and ?Ann Maria née 6.4.1838
Come to Headley 1909
Their daughter is now (1921) Mrs Edith Maud BRICKHILL & is near Durban; she having married a South African who came over for the war. [Weston met them in 1942 - Joyce Stevens (Weston was Joyce STEVENS' husband who joined the RAF and died on service in South Africa in 1942)]
- girl born 8.1895
- boy born 9.1896.

p.1236 GREENSLADE … & Rosa Kate
New at Grayshott 1896, next beyond MITCHELL's
She churched 17/5/1896.

p.1236 MADGWICK Thomas? & Julia?
New at Grayshott 1896.

p.1236 MADGWICK Mary
Died at Headley Down, 28/10/1924 in Ivy Cottage, Seymour Road, where she had been living some years.
Took Holy Communion to her on day of death.
Buried at …
Sister is Mrs Kate KING, Northcote, Ashfield Road, Midhurst.

p.1237 CRISP the Misses
New boarding house 1896 at Grayshott
Formerly for a year at house this side of TURLE's school.

p.1237 ONSLOW Mrs
Widow (lady) & family, come 1896 to Grayshott
Connected with the Guildford Onslows.

p.1238 FROST Harvey & wife Mary & family Helena M & Daisy Elizabeth
Young labourer come 1896 to Grayshott between Mrs WINCHESTER & ROBINSON.
He died of consumption in Oct 1896 aged 34 - buried plot 3-24.

p.1238 CHEESEMAN & wife
A gardener come 1896 behind the 'Beer' UPEX
Had to leave some other place.

p.1239 SHAW
Have 1896 part of Mrs BURKE's house, Grayshott [not GBS?]

p.1239 GOMBELL
In one of BARRETT's Cottages, Feb 1899
Some such name. On waterworks.

p.1239 SHAW né & née circa 1879 & 1899
A Canadian with girl wife come 1919 to ALLSOPP's North.

p.1240 Madame VAN de VELDE.
Tenant 1896 of Arford House,
Daughter of Italian ambassador to Berlin.
Wife of a Belgian diplomat.
Author of: Random recollections of Court & Society; Cosmopolitan recollections; Doctor Greystone; French fiction of today.
A constant visitor is Bret HARTE.

p.1240 Press Cutting undated: Sunday Evenings in St John's Wood: "… The most noticeable of the company was the tall wife of the Belgian Minister Madame Arthur VAN de VELDE …" - "… Bret HARTE came to London in 1878 and made one of his first appearances in Mrs TRUBNER's drawing room where his head of thick white hair and fresh-coloured face were often seen …"

p.1241 MARSHALL George 24.1.1847 & 2nd wife Harriett (ROOK afterwards COLLINS) 19/10/1839 (or 12.10.1839 she said in 1919 - privately bapt 19th, therefore 12th probably right)
Live at Hollywater
George's ancient history on p.478.
Widower (see p.438) married a widow (in 1893)
Brother to Sam (p.654) & Mrs SMITH p.307, son of p.331.
She daughter to John ROOKE (p.348); sister to p.1232.
She had no children by 1st (COLLINS) marriage or by this (MARSHALL) marriage.
Of his first marriage there are surviving:
- James William 1.6.1876 - dead
- Fred 29.12.1878 - a sailor to May 1896, sent 8/- a week to his step-mother. Allottee's Bill No.502799. Nov 1902 married.
He died & she remarried 1911 to Thomas ALBURY - see p.340.
With them live a 99/100 witted Emily COUSINS, now Mrs BUNCE(?) p.1485
at Alton
whom (when?) Mrs MARSHALL brought up.
In the 1901 census a George & Ann MARSHALL live in Primrose Cottage, Headley, with Emily COUSINS. They are the right ages to be this George & Harriett.
Also in 1899 "little Billy HAWKINS" and his mother (really HANKINS) whom Mrs MARSHALL took out of the Union.

p.1242 NUTLEY Miss
Miss I'ANSON's maid 1896
Taking place of Mrs WARBURTON who left in Aug 1896.

p.1242 SEARLE Mrs (widow) & 4 children
A laundress 1899 at Grayshott.

p.1242 SEARLE Edward James ('Ted Cyril')
Mrs HALE's lodger in 1903 who came in for £10 and clock.

p.1243 BUCKLAND Alfred & Emily & children
A constable here in the 1890s
"Sonnie" the eldest boy in 1899 at W ROGERS.

No relation to above.
Shopman, etc., for Mr DEAS
Lives 1899 down in Stony Bottom.

p.1244 DIMSDALE Alice Mary & LAWS Katherine Misses
Joint owners 1899.1900 of Grayshott Laundry.

p.1244 UPTON Mrs
Forewoman 1899 of Grayshott Laundry.

p.1245 BUDD Thomas & wife Mary Ann
Young people 1899 in Deadman's Cottages, at Grayshott
She confined in 1900 on anniversary of marriage - first baby Lavinia (Rose in 1901 census)
He a carpenter.

p.1245 WRENTMORE William 27.11 and Mrs Marguerite 25.11
('WRE' is right spelling)
Newcomers (1899) at Prospect Hill.
Have been in Africa .
They married in 12.5.1896
"Dollie's" birthday Nov 29th.
Well-known poultry farm at Prospect Hill. Wm WRENTMORE (valuable W's patent Club Rearer?) 1899.

p.1245 Press Cutting (very dark) about sale of the poultry farm?

p.1246 FREE Miss & WING Miss
New teachers in 1899
Lodging Spring 1899 at William BLANCHARD's.

New postman (replacing WEST) from Janury 1899.
He and WEST exchanged duties.

p.1247 BARTHOLOMEW Albert & Ruth (BUDD) & child
Come to Tulls Lane 1899. Left and ?returning 1904.
She daughter of Mrs BUDD (Tulls Lane)
He son of Mrs WARNER p.1430.

p.1247 EDWARDS John & … & children
New keeper 1899 at Land of Nod for Captain CLERK who rents shooting for 3 years
- girl 1891
- boy 1892.

p.1248 & p.1249 Heath House [Beech Hill according to Bur Reg] and the DERMERs - see p.696
A letter came 24/3/1899 from Mr A. Dermer Martindale, 74 Coleman Road, Southampton St, Camberwell SE, enquiring as to Mr Thomas DERMER (his uncle): to whom I wrote:
I buried Mr Thomas DERMER of Heath House on 19/8/1872 when I had been here less than a month and I buried his wife on 11 January following. They are both buried in one brick grave of which I have a record but there is no monument to it (plot 5-23). It would seem that there is no certificate of burial.
After their death, Heath House was neglected for a number of years. I remember we believed that a niece was the heir and that her interests seemed neglected and that she was not well treated but that may have been wrong. Heath House was left to go to ruin, a Mrs Ann SKIDMORE living there until we found her lying dead (having been dead two days) on 25th May 1882. (Date fixed by the printed account on p.686 and by the day of death entered in the Burial Register.)
The inquest was held on the Saturday 27th, and she was buried on 29th and I issued a certificate of burial same day, presumably to Mr Anthony who acted throughout as the solicitor.
The house was subsequently sold to E.B. I'ANSON Esq., 7a Lawrence Pountney Hill, London EC, who would probably be able to tell you Mr ANTHONY's address. I think that Mr ANTHONY's address was (No.6 and afterwards) 24 Martin's Lane, Cannon Street, EC.
It was always understood here that Mr & Mrs DERMER had no children.
A similar letter written 5/12/1912 to (?another) Mr Alexander Dermer Martindale (?son of above) 58 Melrose Avenue, Mitcham, Surrey.

p.1250 AUGER William & wife Julia (née 20.4.1834)
GPO Pensioner now (1899) on Stone Hill behind Mr ENGLANDs (Moor Cottage in 1901 census)
She formerly Julia CAYLEY, widow.
Has a pension payable by Kinsey Ade & Hocking, 9 Bloomsbury Place, Bloomsbury Square, WC.
as sent 15 Oct 1907 to Messrs K&G, 9 BP WC - I have seen Mrs Julia AUGER alive on this date … WHL.

p.1250 CLARKE … & wife
Newcomer 1899 to Nore View
He is a jockey, lame from fall & been in bed lately, some 5 months from ?blood poisoning.

p.1251 FLINT … & family
Come March 1899 to Curtis farm House
Came from near Farnham
Two children are Harry & Glenrose (girl).

p.1251 NAGLE Richard Patrick & wife Amelia? & 3 children
Gardener 1899 to Mr NEWLAND, Wishanger p.1178.
Irish (one child is Molly, born ?1894, the other younger one James in 1900)
NAGLE is right spelling.
People have some difficulty in understanding them
Going to Mr BRANSON'S in Tunbridge Wells (p.1719) in March 1919.

p.1252 PARKER George & wife & children
Come 1899 to late policeman's in Arford
She ojdf (nice). He working April 1898 at Frensham
Blacksmith by profession.

p.1252 RALPH Henry & family
Came very end of 1898 to Lindford Lane
She sturdy. He nephew to p.1006.

p.1252 WELLS … & …
Gardener 1920 at Reynolds. Living Deadwater.
She sister to Mrs COOPER.

p.1253 CANE Walter & Agnes E (STILLWELL)
Come to Lindford Spring 1899
Then married. He son of John p.415
She of Bramshott; sister to Jesse John p.1084
[Jesse John had triplets & Agnes E twins in 1900]
She died 1917 (Feb) while he at War
He unable to get home for a fortnight afterwards
He remarried 1920.

p.1253 COOPER Thomas Edward & wife (Alice Emily born 1875 or 6)
Gardener to Mr CLARKE p.1250
Come to village in 1899 with Mr CLARKE
Came from Hambledon
Joined 1916 Royal Berkshire Regiment
Sister to Mrs WELLS (p.1252).

p.1253 BAILEY Jack
Her (Alice above?) brother, living with them 1902 & working at Hilland
Her father Aaron BAILEY né 6th April 1847 living with her here 1926.

p.1254 EAMES Thomas & wife
Live at late James TRIGGS June 1899
Married May 1899 - she of Petersfield.
He brother to William, & Mrs PARK, & Mrs W MARSHALL.

p.1254 STILEMAN Edgar Croughton & wife Annie Maud
Live 1899 at GAUNTLETT's house, Lindford
Has some share in WARREN's Mill. Afterwards agent for Mr SMITHES, Eveley, & lived at Forest Lodge.

p.1254 Newspaper Cutting - STILEMAN - On March 12 1951 at a nursing home, Annie Maud (Shrimp) widow of Edgar Croughton STILEMAN of Shortheath, Farnham, aged 89. Interment at Green Lane cemetery.

p.1255 NOYES Mrs Ester & children
Servant (1899) to Mrs BUTLER p.1186
Husband separated
The children (Emily & Bertha) live with Mrs HALL (p.1173) the gardener's wife.

p.1255 KNIGHT Arthur
New coachman in 1899 at Mrs PARISH's.

p.1256 & p.1257 Pages headed 'Nurses'

p.1256 BELL Sarah Ann, nurse, came June 1899
Lodges at Mrs John COVER's
Paid for mainly by Mrs PARISH, Mrs SMITHES & Lady WRIGHT.

p.1256 BROADIS nurse, came Mar 1902
Lodging at Mrs Tom GARDNER's
She married James GLAYSHER end 1902.

p.1256 BARROW Mrs
Came Dec 1902.
Wife of a Dr jotbof (insane) in Australia
& with her in 1903 lived her widowed sister Mrs GRAHAM.

p.1256 SIMS nurse & sister (invalid)
Lived over Tailor's shop, Fullers Bottom
Went end 1908.

p.1256 BECK nurse AMC
First that lived at PO, came Jan 1909
Certified midwife. Afterwards at beech Hill.
Her brother's address is 2 Green Hill, Romsey, Hants.

p.1256 TODRICK nurse
First at White House
cvame early in 1913.

p.1257 RUSSELL nurse
Lives with Mrs JUDKINS
Came out 1914 - left May 1916 & returned later, I think for a time & waited for a month or so on EMD.

p.1257 HORNE nurse
With Mrs JUDKINS - came May 1916.

p.1257 CLARKE nurse Elizabeth
Lived for a while at Mrs JUDKINS then at Mayfair (Mrs KINGDON)
Came Xmas 1916. Irish RC.
Took up EMD about a month after her fall & was most kind & attentive.
Née 10.2.188? or 11 Feb.
This going on 11 Feb 1922 & after
In 1921 she married James GILBERTSON.
Died in hospital at Southsea, 11 Feb 1950 - buried Headley.

p.1257 CURRY nurse
Lives at Mrs Arthur GAMBLEN's in Headley Fields & left at end 1925.

p.1257 O'REILLY nurse
Came end 1925 & lived first at SOUTHCOTT's p.2005.

p.1257 REEVES nurse
Was a Camp nurse long before the War - did private practice during the War - & afterwards ? at Camp again.

p.1257 STACK nurse
Once here (? for a short while)
Became nurse at Bordon Camp.

p.1258 OSGOOD … & wife & boy
Temporarily at old school Hollywater, summer 1899
From Canada. Artist or literary.
Had operation for tuberculosis of face(?) Aug 1899. To go again in October.
said to be son of vicar of Froxfield.

p.1258 HINDS Miss
At late Mr LOWRY's, Grayshott 1899
A brother of hers went to Jersey to help D GODFREY.

p.1259 LAYCOCK Mr William F & Mrs Ellen H
1899 at late COLECLOUGH'S, Grayshott
They call it Arundel House ('Nutshell' in 1901 census, entry next to 'Hindhead Chase')
Mrs SHEPARD (née LYSTER) died there 1899
?A stockbroker who has ?lost money.

p.1259 ALDERTON James & Minnie (TAYLOR)
Royal Horse Artillery recruit, called Oct 1899
Married 30.9.1899 to Churt girl
Live at late KINGETT's (Barford)
House temporarily retained by her sister Mrs DOPSON* (Alice TAYLOR married Fred John DOPSON 7.10.1899)
He son of John p.588
She sister to p.1301 & daughter of Daniel TAYLOR, once Field House.
*DOPSON ??? to the 2 Mrs GLAYSHERs.

p.1260 SMITH Horace Walter & Ann Eliza
An ex-policeman come Lady Day 1899 to late HARRIS (Langdale's) in Whitmore.
Grandchildren Edith Henrietta & William E with them in 1901 census
Edith was a post office clerk, witness to the Chapman murder in 1901

p.1260 MOOREY William & Harriett (BELTON)
Live at late HILL's, Stoney Bottom
Banned here 1899
He son of the MOOREY on the Bramshott side
and brother to Hori & Lucy (née TIGWELL) whose child (Louisa Blanche) was baptised 1 Jul 1900.
Their own daughter Kate Blanche was baptised 2 Sep 1900 [P Mag].

p.1261 BARNEY Percy & wife Jane & 4 children (Arthur, Louisa, Stephen & Ivy Isabel)
Come Sept 1899 to Hollywater
Injured 1891 at Mill; now a pedlar
She came Nov 1899 for a pig-paper.

p.1261 Letter from WHL, November 1899 - Mrs BARNEY asks me to write this paper that her husband may appeal for help to replace a sow which he has lost. He has lived at Hollywater in this parish only since September, but I hear a good report of him. He used to do mill-work, but 8 years ago he had an accident which incapacitated him from mill-work, and he now earns his living as a hawker. He has four little children. Any help given should please be entered on the other side; and may be sent to the Rectory, or given to the bearer.
(Total of £2-7-0 collected)

p.1261 WRIGHT Miss & Miss RUST?
Newcomers Nov 1899 to Lindford Laundry
WRIGHT has one eye wrong (aged about 25).

p.1262 SPEARPOINT Percy & wife Anne & child Florence
Workman for _____ or late GRIFFINs Jan 1900.
Note in 1911: Wife went blindish after birth of another child. Then they lived in Parish House Bottom (Fairview Terrace in 1901 census). Then went about 1907 into Bramshott and kept a tea shop. Came back in 1911 to Blundys lane, Deadwater and opened another tea shop - and he deserted. She was refused outdoor relief by the Petersfield guardians. Titherington wrote about helping her Xmas 1911.

p.1262 THORNTON Louis Edmund & wife Agnes Roselle (born in Port Adelaide, Australia)
Purchaser Jan 1900 of Holly Bank.

p.1263 CALLENDER Frank & wife
Temporary residents at Grayshott where child (Frank Ormiston Goring) born 10/9/1899
Moved by Feb 1900 to Hazel Grove, Hindhead.

p.1263 CHALLEN George Henry & wife Ester Maud
New butcher Feb 1900
Son of Henry CHALLEN of Harting.

p.1263 BARKER Henry John & … & 5 children
Bought CHALLEN's business 1921.
Sister to p.1908.

p.1264 BALFRY Lionel Milton Spearpoint & wife Edith Mary & 2 children
Come 1900 to Parish House Bottom, selling newspapers.
Brother to p.1306 & to below.
In 1915 come near 7 Thorns Camp (the WW1 camp on Bramshott Chase) & have 5 children:
- girl