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Map of Headley civil parish

Situated in the District of East Hampshire, the parish of Headley today has a population of about 5,700. The parish comprises a number of hamlets as well as the village of Headley itself: Standford, Arford, Headley Down, Barford, Wishanger, Sleaford, Trottsford and part of Hollywater. Current area = 4,862 acres = 1,968 hectares = 7.60 sq miles
The original parish also included Grayshott (until 1902), Lindford and a considerable portion of Bordon (until 1929). The Ecclesiastical parish of All Saints served Lindford and Bordon (but not Grayshott) until March 2002 – since when Bordon became a separate ecclesiastical parish.

This map shows the current Civil parish boundary and also the greatest extent of the parish (marked red) outside these borders. Click here or on the map to enlarge it.

References for further information on Headley

Some of these books are now out of print – contact me for current details.

In addition, there are several excellent booklets published by the Bramshott & Liphook Preservation Society relating to the history of neighbouring Bramshott parish. Contact Tel: 01428 722162.

— plus The Peverel Papers, the nature notes written by Flora Thompson 1921–27 when she lived in Liphook

The following books also relate to areas which are neighbours of Headley:—

Ordnance Survey maps: Landranger 186 (scale 2cm to 1km), Explorer 133 or OL33 (scale 4cm to 1km) and Pathfinder 1245 (scale 4cm to 1km) for the Headley and Bramshott area

Local newspapers:—

Water Mills

Mill wheel at Headley Mill

Mill wheel at Headley Mill (30K)

Headley Mill has been said to be the last commercially working water mill in Hampshire.
Notes by Mr. F. W. Simmonds of Rowledge: It has a breast-shot wheel, new in 1927 and until recently worked daily to drive modern animal and poultry food machinery. Above are four pairs of the old style mill stones, which are kept in working order and occasionally started up to demonstrate the ancient craft of milling. Nearly 4 ft. in diameter and 10 ins. thick, each stone scales about 15 cwt. The upper stone has to be perfectly balanced and adjusted to run close above the nether stone and the works as a whole form one of the most complete and latest sets of stone grinding machinery as it was before this system finally succumbed to the more efficient steel rollers.
Headley Mill is owned by Messrs. J. Ellis and Sons Ltd.

There is a scale model of Headley Mill at Haslemere Museum

For information on this and other water mills in Headley parish, see:—
• an extract from a proposed book by John Owen Smith (yet to be published)
• an article by Joyce Stevens

(For information on local paper mills see Alan Crocker's article)

CONTACTS IN HEADLEY - News - History index

Headley Parish Council
Clerk to the Council - (01428) 713132

All Saints' Church, Headley
Rector's secretary - (01428) 717207

The Headley Society — "Respects the past, but also cares about the present and looks to the future"
Not just an Historical Society - but keen to promote and encourage forward-looking plans within the parish of Headley which will be of lasting benefit to present and future generations.

Headley Theatre Club — your local amateur dramatic society

Headley Village Hall — welcomes you for your social functions

Other contacts
For a full list of current contacts for groups and organisations, see www.headley-village.com

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Descriptions of Parish Pipe Rolls 12101670 Victoria County History of Hampshire c.1911
Spellings of Headley Ludshott Manor Court Rolls 1400–1833 Broxhead manor history
Church Registers Valuation list of 1822 Wishanger manor history
Rectors Poll of 1836 Survey of Tithing 1552
George Holme Tithe Map of 1846 Lay Subsidy Rolls 1586
W H Lavertynotebooks Tithe Apportionment of 1846 Hearth Tax in 1665
W H Laverty – Holme School Book Enclosure Map 1855 Poor rate in 1705
Minutes of Headley Parish Council Enclosure Award 1859 Poor rate in 1848
Parish Magazines 1872–1954 Census 1841 & 1851 Part population in 1761
All Saints' Church in 1935 Census 1861 Rent-roll 1774
Catholic Churches Census 1871 Directory of 1793/8
Quakers in and around Headley Census 1881 Directory of 1855/7
Perambulations of Boundary Census 1891 Directory of 1859
Boundary changes Census 1901 Directory of 1865
Footpaths & Rights of Way Census 1911 Directory of 1871
Workhouse 1795–1870 Electoral register 1913 Directory of 1878
Workhouse Riot 1830 Electoral register 1957 Directory of 1889
Headley Grange Surnames in 1851 Directory of 1895
Headley 'Treasures' Trades in 1851 Directory of 1896/7
List of Barns Papermaking 18/19th century Directory of 1899
Archives School exam list 1885 Directory of 1903
Headley Miscellany Street names Headley/Kingsley 1890 Directory of 1907
Headley's Past & Present in Pictures Baptisms 1540 to 1901 Directory of 1915
Scrapbooks Marriages 1539 to 1851 Directory of 1922
Surname Interests Burials 1539 to 1901 1922 Rural Development Enquiry
Millennium celebrations Monumental Inscriptions Directory of 1931
Jubilee celebrations Wills index 1571 to 1857 Directory of 1935
WW1 list Confirmations 18731895 Directory of 1939
WW2 list Henry Fauntleroy 17841824 Celebrities
Canadians 1941–1943 Cobbett's Rural Rides 1822&23 Barford Mills (by Ted Croucher}
First Series OS maps Ludshott Common/Superior Camp Water Mills
Maps: Then & Now    

'Headley, The Story of a Hampshire Parish, 1066-1966' by JS Tudor Jones (1966):—

This book, now out of print, has been republished in A Headley Compendium

Headley is a parish with a long history but, as in the case of very many isolated settlements of Saxon and later times, very little is known of its earliest days. The first known reference is in the famous Domesday Book, which William the Conqueror, who came to England exactly 900 years ago, caused to be compiled. Says Sir Winston Churchill, "The history of many an English village begins with an entry in Domesday Book".

Entry for Headley in the Domesday Book (13K)

The paragraph in Domesday relating to Headley (where it is called Hallege) in translation is as follows: "Earl Eustace holds five hides in Hallege which were assessed in the time of King Edward as three hides. They were held by Earl Godwin, and are reckoned as part of Sutton" (Sutton refers to Bishop's Sutton, in which Manor Headley was then situate).
Earl (or Count) Eustace III of Boulogne, had a son, Count Eustace IV. He married Mary of Scotland, and their daughter Matilda married King Stephen, and so the Manor became Crown property in 1136. Subsequently the King exchanged this Manor with his brother, Henry de Blois, Bishop of Winchester, for Merton Manor, and the Priors of Merton became the first known patrons of the living. [There is some doubt about the sequence of events given here – see Timeline]
The curtain now closes on the parish for more than 100 years [but see entries in Winchester Pipe Rolls from 1210] and it is not till 1314 that the name of the first recorded Rector appears. He was GEOFFREY DE HOVILE, and he was succeeded in that year by WALTER DE BROLNESBOURNE. Presumably Geoffrey was a Prior of Merton: at any rate his successor was presented to the living by the Priory, who remained patrons till the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1538.
Walter de Brolnesbourne was succeeded by ROBERT (surname unknown), for it is recorded that in 1368 JOHN PODISDONE was instituted priest of the Church of Hethleghe in succession to Robert on the presentation of the Prior and canons of Merton. In 1377 THOMAS DRAPERE, a sub-dean and penitentiary of Exeter Cathedral exchanged livings with John Podisdone and in 1380 THOMAS AUMENET rector of Beaumond exchanged with Drapere.

It may be convenient at this stage to enumerate a list of Rectors

W. H. Laverty, Rector of Headley 1872–1928

We have transcribed his notebooks here

The Rev. Wallis Hay Laverty was, like many of his predecessors, a Fellow of the Queen's College, Oxford. He was one of the University's leading mathematicians, and a distinguished career in this branch of learning seemed assured to him. But he fell in love, and as all Fellows at that period had to be bachelors (there being no married quarters in College), another position had to be found for him. Fortunately, the living of Headley was then of some value, and so in 1872 he became Rector and his almost historic incumbency did not end till he died in harness in 1928.


Someone who came to Headley soon after his death sends a few notes about this exceptional man...

Wallis Hay Laverty on graduation (9K)

Wallis Hay Laverty

"This brilliant young mathematical Fellow of Queen's wanted to get married when it was not permitted, and therefore decided to be ordained. He had no vocation in the ordinary sense, but he was intensely conscientious. The village could set their clocks by him, setting out to visit on his bicycle at 2pm, or maybe 2.30, and he visited every house in the parish twice a year. The visits were brief ones and he often left tracts about such things as sleeping with open windows etc. He could not face sick visits, and used to send the daughters to visit the sick with baskets of eggs and more tracts.
"No Bishop was allowed in the church and no churchwarden in the vestry! The Rector pocketed the collections and paid all the bills, and such was the esteem in which he was held that no one had any doubt but that he was out of pocket."

A photograph in one of the parish registers shows him as a small man who normally wore a knickerbocker suit and a black or speckled straw hat, and, at any rate in his later years, a grey beard.
In eleven volumes of notebooks (now transcribed) which Mr. Laverty left containing short biographies of his parishioners, there are many instances of the practical help which he gave to those who had met with misfortune.
These notebooks are now in the Surrey History Centre, Woking (Headley being in the Diocese of Guildford, Surrey) and are available for inspection there - Ref: PSH/HED/24/1-11.

See the notebook he kept from 1872 in which he tried to understand the documents relating to the foundation of the Holme School, organised the expansion of the school to include an Infants Room, and started an Education Council in the parish.

The Registers - List of Registers and Indexes

The Headley Registers are among the oldest in the land. Fearon and Williams in their Hampshire Registers quote Headley's earliest entry first of the illustrations they give, from "delightful little paper books". In 1538 Thomas Cromwell issued his famous Injunctions of which the twelfth reads: Item, that you and every parson, vicar or curate within the Diocese, shall for every Church keep one book or register, wherein ye shall write the day and year of every wedding, christening and burying made in your parish for your time, and so every man succeeding you likewise, and also there insert every person's name that shall be so wedded, christened or buried.
In those days it would take some time before these Injunctions were circulated and observed, especially in such a backwater as Headley, so it is interesting to note that the first entries, below, are at such an early date.

Note appended to Register No.4 – Marriages in Headley under the Commonwealth.
There are no marriages entered in our registers between June the 1st 1648 and 1654. In 1654 there are entries such as:
Page 4 – The Bands of Matrymony between John Boxall and Catherine Corff both of Heathly were published three Lord's Daies (the twelvth, the nynteenth, and six and twentyeth daies of November, 1654) in the Church according to the Act.
This particular notice is followed by:
Page 5 – John Boxall of the parish of Heathly in the County of Hants, yeoman, was maryed unto Catherine Corffe of the same place, singlewoman, aged 20 years, by Edward Heighes, Esq., one of the Justices of the Peace of this County in the presence of divers wittneses as appeared by Certificat under the said justice's hand and seale upon the 4th of December, 1654.
Otherwise there are no entries but of Banns (of which there are 4 or 5 a year) until in 1658, when the marriage is "by the minister of Heathly." The last of the 'Bands' is in 1660 (page 17).
During the same period, 1648 to 1662, Births and Deaths are recorded instead of Baptisms and Burials – first Baptism page 20, first Burial page 22.

A brother of the late Lady O'Brien conferred a great boon on the parish by transcribing all the entries up to the year 1927, and, in addition, the Registers are indexed (the Marriages for 420 years, the Baptisms and Burials for 270 years). These are available for inspection in All Saints Office, Church Centre, Headley during opening hours - (01428) 717207 for information.
Note that microfiche copies of the original parish registers (65 fiche in all) have been purchased from Hampshire Record Office, and are held in the Headley Archives. Contact for further information .
See List of Registers and Indexes held in the Church Office.

The following places are mentioned in the early registers, the figures showing the earliest date at which each is found: Almshouse 1612; Alton 1614; Erverd (now Arford) 1620 and Erford 1623; Barvarde 1562 and Barford Mill 1614; Bevells 1603; Binsted 1618; Brydge 1568 and Bridge 1591; Bordon Lodge in the Forest 1567; Broxed 1585; Chirte 1613; Evelye 1576 and Eveley 1593 [note also Ivele and Ineley]; Farnahm 1572 and ffarnam 1574; ffrensam 1551 and Frensham 1579; Grashott 1564 and Grayshott 1584; Hasellmere 1597; Hatch 1594; Heath House 1555; Hedley Hill 1587; Hedley Wood 1599; Herne 1582 and Hearne 1618; Hilland 1596; Huntingford Bridge 1562; Lindford 1632; Linsted 1576; The Lodge 1591; Mathewes 1606; Moorhouse 1563; Sanders Green 1567; Seamans (now Simmondstones) 1584 and Symons Green 1564; Slaford Bridge 1563 and Slaforth Bridge 1568; Stanford 1583; Streame 1619; Tratsworth 1627; Trotsford 1563 and Trotsforthe 1566; Wyshanger 1563.

Spelling of Headley
The name Headley derives from the Old English Haedleah meaning 'heath clearing' [Source: The Place-Names of Hampshire] and over the centuries has been found written in various ways [see also Pipe Roll entries]:

Population of Headley
(from various sources) – see also Burial Statistics and Inhabited Houses


350 (estimate)


700 - see part population in 1761


800 - from burial register










1,265 (census) - see 1841 census


1,420 (census) - see 1851 census




1,320 [1,450?] (census) - see 1861 census


1,581 (census) - see 1871 census


1,600 'including 100 at Grayshott' [WH Laverty]


1,628 - see 1881 census


1,783 'including Grayshott' [WH Laverty] - see 1891 census


2,497 (census) including 666 at Grayshott
[1,831 excluding Grayshott - WH Laverty]
Note: Some of this rise due to (unknown) number of people now in Bordon Camp - see 1901 census


Grayshott split off, civil parish formed 30 Sep 1902


7,576 (census) including 3,740 in Bordon Camp & 1,050 other occupants of Camp [2,786 excluding these - WH Laverty] - see 1911 census


4,888 (census) including 2,018 in Bordon Camp [2,870 excluding these - WH Laverty]
Note: Drop in overall figure due to decrease in numbers at Bordon Camp


Lindford & Whitehill split off


Note: Reduction here due not only to loss of Bordon Camp population, but also other parts (eg. Deadwater, Lindford) which were moved to the new Whitehill parish




3,010 [2,800 also given in a different source]


4,144 [4,754 also given in a different source]


5,329 [5,479 also given in a different source]


5,607 [5,646 and 5,691 also given in different sources] - see 1991 census statistics

2001 5,459
2011 5,613

Burials in Headley through the centuries

Another way of getting a feel for the population changes in earlier centuries is by considering the number of entries in the Burial Register over the years. The table below shows number of such entries in each 50-year period from 1551 to 1900:—

1841 Census

This was the first census in the country for which the name of every person in the parish was required. We have put Headley entries on-line sorted by surname, but we also have it on computer in original sequence - please contact for further information.

1851 Census

The second census for which the name of every person was required, and extra information was added compared with that of 1841, eg. place of birth and relationship with head of household. We have put Headley entries on-line sorted by surname, but we also have it on computer in original sequence - please contact for further information.

1861 Census

The third national census. We have put Headley entries on-line sorted by surname, but we also have it on computer in original sequence - please contact for further information. We also have a photocopy of the original sheets in the Archives.

1871 Census

The fourth national census. We have put Headley entries on-line sorted by surname, but we also have it on computer in original sequence - please contact for further information. We also have a photocopy of the original sheets in the Archives.

1881 Census

The fifth national census - this is available nationwide in computer-readable form, thanks to the LDS project, but some of the information there is of dubious quality. We have put corrected Headley entries on-line sorted by surname, but we also have it on computer in original sequence - please contact for further information. We also have a photocopy of the original sheets in the Archives.

1891 Census

The sixth national census. We have put Headley entries on-line sorted by surname, but we also have it on computer in original sequence (along with some entries from across the Surrey border) - please contact for further information.

1901 Census

The seventh national census. We have put Headley entries on-line sorted by surname, but we also have it on computer in original sequence - please contact for further information. We also have a photocopy of the original sheets in the Archives.

1911 Census

The eighth national census. We have put Headley entries on-line sorted by surname, but we also have it on computer in original sequence - please contact for further information.

1991 Census statistics

Population = 5,607
- age 0-4 = 374 (6.67%)
- age 5-15 = 909 (16.21%)
- age 16-64 = 3,478 (62.03%)
- age 65+ = 846 (15.09%)

Total dwellings = 2,046
- Owner occupied = 78.25%
- Council/Housing Assoc = 15.05%
- Privately rented = 6.70%
- Detached = 65.29%
- Semi-detached = 11.73%
- Terraced = 16.85%
- Flats (purpose-built) = 5.77%
Average household size = 2.70 people

Car ownership (households): with no car 11.63%, with 2+ cars 52.15%

Trades in Headley, 1851 - History index

Aside from the pervasive Ag Lab, the main wage-earning occupations of the parish in the 1851 census were as follows (showing number of entries, and adding together Apprentices, Journeymen and Masters of the same trade). Note in particular the significance of papermaking in the parish at the time:

Inhabited Houses in Headley - History index
Taken from Mr Laverty's publications of 1922 and 1926 et al:—

Date Deadwater &
Hollywater &
The Village &
The Down
Hearne &
The North
Grayshott Total
1899 93 60 189 88 120 550
1901 91 60 206 74 148 579
62 208 78 excludes Grayshott from here on 441
1904 93 64 238 79   490
1906 131 73 253 79   536
1910 183 73 273 78   607
1914 193 74 285 79   631
1918 200 72 292 74   638
1920 211 75 297 80   663
1922 233 80 308 83   704
1924 251 90 326? 87   754
1925           783
1926           821
1927           832
1928           855

Pubs in Headley - History index
In the area of the original parish of Headley, there were at least eight pubs:—

New Inn (Sleaford); Royal Exchange (Lindford); Robin Hood (Standford); Royal Oak (Hollywater); Holly Bush (High Street); Crown (Arford); Wheatsheaf (Arford); White Horse (which became the Frensham Pond Hotel). Of these, the Wheatsheaf closed in 2000, the New Inn in 2001, the Robin Hood became Whiteley's in 2009 and this closed in 2014.

There was also once a pub called the Bank of England which, we think, was at the fire station cross-roads in Bordon, but seems not to have lasted for very long (did the Army close it down?); and there was a Red Lion at Standford. There may have been others in the past.

Surnames in Headley, 1851 - History index - Surnames in Burial Register

Top ten surnames in 1851 Census:

Fullick 71 (5%), Shrubb 49, Burrow 42, Coombes 39, Marshall 36, Belton 35, Chandler 35, Barnett 27, Harris 27, Knight 27. [Note: the top 6 were also the most common in the 1841 census] but note also that the top ten most common names over the years 1539-1851, according to burial records, were: Baker 116 (3.2%), Morar (and variants such as Moorer, Atmore) 90 (2.5%), Valler/Voller 88 (2.4%), Harding 73 (2.0%), Knight 55 (1.5%), Shrubb 54 (1.5%), Boxall 50 (1.4%), Matthew(s) 50 (1.4%), Marshal(l) 46 (1.3%), Newman/Numan 46 (1.3%)

Top ten surnames in 1891 Census:

Fullick 68 (4%), Chandler 59, Burrows 48, Harris 46, Coombes 45, Glaysher 43, Cane 38, Marshall 36, Shrubb 35, Smith 33.

All surnames in alphabetic order showing number of occurrences in the 1851 census
- 196 different surnames - total population 1,424

Aldred 5, Attfield 4, Ayling 2, Aylwin 5, Baker 12, Balchin 2, Ballantine Dykes 1, Barker 1, Barnett 27, Bartholomew 2, Batchelor 1, Bayley 3, Beldham 2, Belton 35, Benham 6, Bennett 2, Berry 2, Bettesworth 9, Blackman 6, Blanchard 4, Bone 1, Borough 3, Bowden 4, Boxall 19, Bridger 14, Brown 8, Budd 1, Burchett 2, Burrow 42, Cade 2, Cane 17, Canning 3, Carpenter 9, Chalcraft 5, Challen 1, Chandler 35, Channell 2, Chase 6, Chiverton 2, Clear 4, Collins 13, Coombes/Combes/Combs 39, Cooper 6, Court 1, Courtnage 17, Couthard 1, Cover 12, Cox 1, Craft 1, Crawt 8, Curtis 8, Davies 1, Dawes 5, Daws 1, Deadman 8, Denyer 2, Eade 3, Ealand 1, Edgell 4, Eggar 5, Elstone 6, Etherington 7, Ewsters 1, Faithfull 1, Farr 1, Fast 3, Fisher 5, Flip 1, Flipp 1, Foot 1, Ford 5, Frogley 1, Frost 5, Fullick 71, Furness 1, Fyfield/Fifield 26, Gale 7, Gamblen 4, Gardner 10, Gates 6, Gauntlett 13, Glaysher 15, Goddard 1, Gregory 3, Grover 3, Hack 7, Hale 1, Hampton 8, Hapeley 4, Harding 15, Harris 27, Hayden 10, Haynes 1, Heather 9, Hernaman 1, Hill 5, Hipkin 1, Hoare 1, Hockley 2, Holden 1, Hunt 11, Huntingford 7, Inwood 1, James 6, Jeffery 6, Jetton 4, Keeling 5, Keen 2, Kiddle 1, Kinshott 1, Knight 27, Knott 2, Lambert 4, Langford 3, Langrish 5, Larby 1, Lasham 2, Lawes 3, Lawrence 6, Lemmon 9, Lickfold 8, Loe 15, Lynch 7, Mansell 4, Mant 2, Marden 9, Marshall 36, Martin 4, Matthews 13, Meadman 4, Meador 5, Meeres 2, Messingham 13, Mills 12, Milton 1, Moore 8, Newell 8, Norris 1, North 13, Older 1, Over 5, Page 1, Parfect 18, Parker 2, Pennicott 2, Petar 6, Petworth 1, Phillips 2, Philps 7, Pickett 10, Piggott 6, Pink 7, Pook 5, Powell 8, Puttick 3, Randall 3, Restall 1, Richardson 9, Robinson 19, Roe 2, Rogers 4, Rooke 23, Shrubb 49, Slade 6, Small 1, Smith 26, Spier 2, Stacey 2, Stapley 10, Steel 1, Strugnal 7, Styning 1, Suter 2, Sutton 6, Swan 3, Symonds 2, Taylor 15, Tilbury 12, Triggs 13, Trusler 1, Tuckey 8, Upperton 2, Voller 6, Wakeford 11, Walker 1, Walls 3, Warner 5, Warren 16, Weeks 5, Wells 1, West 9, Wheeler 6, White 5, Whiteley 8, Woodbourne 6, Woods 18.

Hearth Tax, Michaelmas (29th Sept) 1665 - History index

Hearths chargeable in Headley:
Tompson Mister Albery (Rectory) 6, Martin Widow 3, Stillwell John 4, Boxall Richard 1, Martin John 3, Baker John 4, Matthews Henry & Mills John 4, Barden Roger 3, Norris William 3, Albery William 2a, Moorer William 3, Morten Nicholas 3, Vallor John senior 5, Swanne Nicholas 5, Gill William 3, Heath Thomas 1, Crich John 4, Vallor Robert 4, Vallor Robert junior 1, Vallor Henry 4, Lock Henry 1, Gates John 1, Gill Abraham 3, Baker Henry 2, Fish Widow 3, Bettesworth William 3, Huntingford John 1, Bucknell John 1, Baker John 3b, Lee Richard 3, Randoll John 2, Baker Nicholas 1, Baker Nicholas 1, Jennings Nicholas 3, Harding Abraham junior 3a, Caplen Widow 2, Frost John 1, Baker William 1, Hounsome John 4, Hardinge Robert 3, Matthew Thomas 1, Channell William 3, Page George & Williamson 4, Brooter William 3, Varndell Robert 3, Harding Abraham senior 3, Bellinghurst John 1, Moore John 1, House John 1, Valor Widow 1c
Notes: (a) = down; (b) = taken down; (c) = overcharged
Entries = 52, Hearths chargeable = 129

Hearths not chargeable in Headley: Larbee William 1, Mill Thomas 1, Hunsom Widow 1, Robinson John 1, Newman John 1, Robinson Edward 1, Dutton George 1, Robinson Widow 1, Banister Thomas 1, Holt John 1, Baker Thomas 1, Figg Robert 1, Hunt Peter 3, Moorer John 1, Shrubb Richard 1, Shrubb Edmund 1, Shrubb Anthony 1, Shrubb William 1, Perryne Widow 1, Combes Peter 1, Farr Abraham 1, Norris Daniel 1, Kitch Thomas 1, Hunt Joan 1, Page Thomas 1, Turner Edward 1, Smither Isaac 1, Giles Old 1, Baker Christopher 1, Denier John 1, Fuller William 1, Albery Robert 1, Smither William 1, Hedger Nicholas 1, Mahew John 1, Grice John 1, King Christopher 2, Barden Roger 1, Lock Henry 1, North Farm 2
Entries = 40, Hearths not chargeable = 44
Total entries in Headley = 92, Total hearths in Headley = 173

Hearths chargeable in Broxhead:
Fauteleroy Mister Moory 10, Lee William 3, Kellzill John 4, Ayley Thomas 1, Locksum Francis 2, Greensell Francis 1, Channell William 1, Hebb John 3, Albery John 2, Newman Edward 1, Corfe Richard 2
Entries = 11, Hearths chargeable = 30

Hearths not chargeable in Broxhead:
Childs Lawrence 2, Stillman William 1, Viccary Thomas 1, Nichollson John 1, Albery Thomas 1, Farly Henry 1
Entries = 6, Hearths not chargeable = 7
Total entries in Broxhead = 17, Total hearths in Broxhead = 37

Total entries in Headley + Broxhead = 109, Total hearths in Headley + Broxhead = 210

Lay Subsidy Rolls, 1586 - History index

Lands: Edmond Fishe 4, Wm Norris 4, John Scutt 40s, Robert Martine 40s, Wm Vicarye 40s, John Newman 20s, John Balden 20s, John Somer 20s
Goods: Wm Hardinge 6, John Warner 10, Richard Dickenson 8, John Baker 6, John Figg 6, William Gill 3, Elizabeth Valler widow 3, John Page 3, John Whitley 3

Broxhead Manor records (+HRO catalogue No.) – History index

Court rolls 1457-1459


Court rolls 1465-1466


Court rolls 1552-1599 (non-consecutive)


Court rolls 1599


Notes relating to tenants (on rents, etc) 1602-1633


Court rolls 1617-1628 (non-consecutive)


Court rolls 1602-1633 (copies, with other records)


Court rolls 1636 survey book


Court rolls 1636 survey book (copy)


Court rolls 1639


Court rolls 1655 (with court of survey)


Court rolls 1678 (2 rolls)


[I tried to read 25M75/M8 once, without much success! - JOS]

Parish boundary changes in Headley since 1894

Note at this time, surrounding parishes were: Bramshott, Selborne, Kingsley (in Hampshire) and Frensham [and its tithings Churt, Dockenfield and Shottermill] (in Surrey) – for other details of neighbouring parishes see below

Note that the ecclesiastical parish of Headley still includes Lindford but not Grayshott. The boundaries of the civil and ecclesiastical parishes have coincided more closely since March 2002 than they had during the 1929–2002 period, but there are still several points at which they diverge significantly. See map and notes on this.

PS. If you feel confused about the difference between civil and ecclesiastical parishes, you are not alone! As a tailpiece, it is interesting to note that the Ordnance Survey now has records only of civil parish boundaries, not ecclesiastical ones - it seems that the Church Commissioners are the only people who have records of the latter. Even incumbent clergymen can be confused as to who precisely lives within and without their domain!!

Neighbouring Parishes at the time of the 1851 Census:

Lists of the parishes bordering on Headley, and on Headley's neighbouring parishes
from due North, clockwise
in Hampshire unless otherwise stated

Headley: Dockenfield (tithing of Frensham, Surrey, but in Hampshire until 1895); Frensham (Surrey); Bramshott; Selborne; Kingsley.

Bramshott: Headley; Frensham (Surrey); Linchmere (Sussex); Fernhurst (Sussex); Woolbeeding (Sussex); Linch (Sussex); Stedham (Sussex); Iping (Sussex); Trotton (Sussex); Rogate? (Sussex); Selborne. [Note that its common border with some of the Sussex parishes was only a few yards long!]

Selborne: Kingsley; Headley; Bramshott; Trotton? (Sussex); Rogate? (Sussex); Liss; Greatham; Empshott; East Tisted; Newton Valence; Hartley Mauditt.

Kingsley: Binsted; Dockenfield (see above); Headley; Selborne; Hartley Mauditt; East Worldham.

Frensham (Surrey): Farnham (Surrey); Elstead (Surrey); Thursley (Surrey); Haslemere (Surrey); Linchmere (Sussex); Bramshott; Headley; Dockenfield (see above); Binsted.

Registration District for Headley:

1837-1846 Farnham
1847-1869 Farnborough
1869-1974 Alton

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